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Welcome everyone to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers to this FREE newsletter!  If you like what you read below, please forward this to your friends.  I’m catching up on emails this week, so you’ll see a LOT of topics!

Some things I’ve mentioned before but will repeat again is the purpose of this newsletter.  First and foremost is to encourage you to not only try requesting Benevolent Outcomes, but to make it a habit.  The results include increasing your awareness, thinning the “veil,” and as I was just told recently—it raises your vibrational level!

But I also want to encourage you to try Meditation yourself, so that you can ask questions of your own Guardian Angels, and any other being in the Universe that might agree to communicate with you.  You should be skeptical of anything that you read, whether it is from me or someone else.  My Guardian Angel Theo says NO ONE receives these messages perfectly 100% of the time.  But hopefully what I put in these newsletters makes you think, and consider concepts and ideas that you’ve never thought of before.


  Theo, Marie asks, what are we to believe, if the Bible is written by men?

Certainly this is a philosophical question Tom.  A fairly short answer would be to be led by your heart and your intuition that your own Guardian Angel attempts to assist you with every minute of the day.  Listen to those “whispers in your ear” as they will guide you.  If you read something that doesn’t feel “right” to you, then reject it and continue with your studies elsewhere.  As I have said before, the Bible was corrupted by those who wished power and money.  One day much of the Bible will be rewritten, as the Vatican archives will be opened and missing passages will be restored, along with missing books that were rejected back in 327 AD.  It will take quite a few years for this to be accomplished, as the passages and books will be revealed in stages, but it will happen, I can assure you.  Until that time, listen to your own Guardian Angel who wants only the best for you.


Charlene writes:  To add to your huge list of successful MBO's (Most Benevolent Outcomes):  I left it a bit late in making reservations for Memorial Weekend.  We are combining a graduation ceremony with a couple days at the beach.  And in Northern California that can get to be rather insane finding a little hide-away if not booked very early.
So my request was to find a wonderful little cottage that didn't break my bank account and was within 1 hour of the beach and 1 hour of where we are to attend the graduation.  
Within two hours of looking online I found the absolutely perfect place nestled in its own little redwood grove 20 minutes from the beach and about the same from where the graduation is going to be.  I continue to stand in utter awe and gratitude!


Vicki in Texas writes:  Thank you for including our story in your newsletter and for the new and improved MBO you suggested.    We drive down to Houston for my husband's cancer treatments and doctor visits.  I am writing you as we sit in the waiting room at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I just used your new and improved MBO's again:  “I ask that any and all beings assist my husband in being led to treatments that will be the most beneficial and most benevolent for him, thank you!”  
I did want to let you know about another mbo related to termites.  We had a termite swarm appear in our jacuzzi tub.  The pest guy with 20 years of experience chasing bugs came to check them out.  He was very knowledgeable and had all these ideas about where the bugs would be coming from.  Both my husband and myself said mbo's for the termite problem.  When the bug guy returned to treat the termites he could find no trace of a current termite problem.  He seems like the kind of technician who always finds the bugs so when he could not find any bugs he was totally baffled.  I know it was due to the Mbo's.  I am hopeful that my husband's cancer will go the way of the termites.  Thanks again for your newsletters, advice and most of all introducing us to Mbo's.

For our new readers, what Vicki said for her husband was a Benevolent Prayer.  If anyone has a friend or relative in the same situation, say this out loud.  This prayer is INSTANTLY responded to by one of one million whole souls, which we call “angels.”  And say that Benevolent Prayer for her husband. 


Lisa writes:  I don't know whether MBO's work the same way that the law of attraction wording does, but I wonder if it would be even more helpful to say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to remain safe and wonderfully healthy now and into the future, thank you!”  This way the vibration of disease isn't invoked at all. What do you think?

I think that’s an excellent MBO to request and encourage everyone to request this.


Jill writes:  My sister sent me the link for your site.  I say my requests for MBO’s daily and realize they have given me great strength.

I seem to have a lot going on around me and unable to 'see the forest for the trees' - crisis in my marriage (sexual addiction), my own alcohol and food addiction, unclear direction and unemployment, no income, an international move in 3 months with no direction as to where we go...

I say the same MBO's daily. Should I change them each day?  I am not sure what to ask for with so much going on. At best I ask for strength and feel I am receiving that.  Keep up the good work and thank you very much!  

May I suggest for Jill and anyone else with any of these challenges you say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for being led to the best treatments for my addictions FOR ME, thank you!"
And as you may have read in my weekly newsletters, you can request a MBO for the PERFECT job for you and the PERFECT place to live.  
On the practical side, I want you to visit and click on Pro-Hypnosis on the left hand side.  After you reach the main page, click on Product by Subject.  There under HEALTH you'll find HABITS/ADDICTIONS.  Read through those and if you can spare the money, buy one or two of them (let that "whisper in your ear" from your Guardian Angel guide you). Also check out the GENERAL HEALING subjects just above, as I see that he does not have one specifically for sexual addiction.  Richard Sutphen is one of the best hypnotists in the world.  My wife used his healing CD when she had breast cancer (she’s completely free now).  I've known Richard for years and had my breakthrough in communicating with my own GA and others at one of his seminars.  

I also should mention that you might have some past life issues, so read up on those CD's that Richard also offers.  Many people have "cured" the present by taking a look at the past.  
And now my Benevolent Prayer for you--"I ask that any and all beings assist Jill in freeing herself from any and all addictions in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!"  I ask that any of you readers out there say the same Benevolent Prayer for Jill.  And thank you!


Tom in Minnesota writes:  Do people have a certain date to die?  If all the people that died on 9/11 had not died in the twin towers collapse would they have died some other way?

Here's what Theo told me about a death I experienced as a child in World War II that I think will answer your question.
Theo, how do you handle a situation in which a life contract calls for someone to be killed at an early age like the one I lived early in Word War II?
I handle it the same Tom as all the other contracts that call for someone to not live to be or die at an old age.  My job is to take care of them until that time and to assist in actually setting up or pushing them along to be where they are supposed to be so that the event will happen.  That may sound a little callous, but keep in mind these are soul contracts and my job is to give aid and comfort as much as possible until the time of death.  
Why did I seemingly wait so long to have a life where I was killed as that child in WWII?
You just had to find the right circumstances for your birth to a Jewish couple where you would not live long.  Yes it did free you of a Karmic debt stretching over several centuries.  But that’s how Karmic debts are taken care of.  It can be done within ten or twenty years or 2,000 years.  It does not make any difference on this side.
I assume I had taken the life of a child at some point in some life?
Yes of course you did.  So you had to suffer the same fate as the child you slew in a past existence.  Remember that everything must balance out and there are lives where you have been a cheat, thief and killer and then there are lives where you were called a saint.  
Did I have any Karmic ties to the German soldier that killed me in World War II?
Yes of course you did.  He was the child you had slain in the previous life.  That was a good question, Tom.

So did he incur a Karmic debt in killing me?
Not so much as the Karmic debts he owed for killing all the other people –innocent people with no weapons.  He has much to work off in future lives.  
But perhaps those people also owed him a Karmic debt too?
Yes and no.  Some people did but others had had no relations with him prior to their deaths at his hands.  Naturally he would later die in the war, so that helped a little, but only a little.  
So all those people in the 911 event had agreed on a soul level to perish at that time.  Otherwise they would not have been there, as there were reports of people that were delayed going to work. 


Janis writes:  I was interested to read about Helena's problem in the surgical clinic as this is similar to where I worked last year. I live in Australia so I'm not sure if the system is the same.

The receptionists and female staff were always under pressure from both the doctors and the patients so when I started in the clinic I also found it a very negative place to work as there was also a lot of arguments, especially between the other women. The doctor I worked for was very kind to me so I continued working there as it suited my long term goals to move near my daughters.

While driving to work I would say MBO's requesting a happy workplace, delightful patients, a calm atmosphere and anything else I could think of. As I'm also trained in healing I would imagine bathing the clinic in white light and pink light to improve the atmosphere. I would also place an energy shield around myself to try to keep out the negativity. In warm weather I would open the front door to try to let in more positive energy form the sea breeze as I could feel all the negative energy blocked inside and it was very tiring and draining for me.
The other problem I encountered was that my doctor employer put patients who did not have private health cover at the end of any lists and made them wait longer for appointments or surgery. Private health cover in Australia is expensive so in effect we were treating anyone poor as second rate even though they are covered under the government health system. The area had many migrants who had come to Australia with nothing and were building new lives as well as elderly people on a pension so I found this difficult as it is against my beliefs.  These patients were often in pain and  would have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment ( there were always appointments available sooner) and another 6 weeks for surgery and I was not allowed to alter this system. If you had private health cover you would be given an appointment in a week if you were in pain and surgery soon after.
The nicer receptionists never stayed long but eventually the bigger group who were not happy had a large argument with their difficult doctor and quit en masse. The new group of receptionists were much nicer and the office was finally good to work in apart from my ethical dilemma of being required to treat poor patients differently. I used MBO's to try and reconcile this and planned to find alternative employment but was injured in a car accident (another car ran into me when I was stationery) and had to stop working. This has removed the problem, not in the way I expected, but I can see in hindsight that my position would not have altered if I had stayed there.

I would say to Helena stay there longer and gain experience if she can and then find somewhere else to work. Also most people in the medical profession do not believe in any other healing methods except theirs, so don't talk about it until you know them better.


Steve writes:  You mentioned in your last newsletter to learn more about Time Lines to see the Time Lines series. I want to learn more about this subject and have gone to your website, looked all over and cannot find anything on Time Lines.  Can you help me find this information?

I knew I should have mentioned where to find the series.  Go to the website and click on ARTICLES & NEWS.  There you will find all my previous newsletters.  The Time Line series begins on July 26, 2008. 


Diane in Maryland asks:  Will we ever have the Race conflict in this country that was once predicted?  Where we would have a war within our country of the races killing off each other?  Does he also see where the world might suffer with water and food shortage in a few more years and even here in this country?

Theo, will there be any more race conflicts in the United States?

No, you are finished with those now, thanks to Mr. Obama.  You reached a higher level than expected, as we have noted before.  Yes there are still a large number of racists in the United States, but their numbers will continue to dwindle as they see that those of other races are just as capable and in many cases more capable than they in working at high levels of intelligence.

Will the world suffer food and water shortages in the next few years?  

Yes and no.  Certainly parts of the world will suffer food and water shortages, but it will never become a worldwide event with all suffering.  More nutritious ways of feeding the population will be discovered and implemented Tom.  Humans are quite resourceful, as you’re quite aware.  You will find solutions for all these problems.  You are after all, the solution finders of the universe.  And that’s another reason you will be so successful when you go to the stars and to planets and societies that have become stagnant in their growth.  You will find solutions for them, born over millions of years in finding solutions yourselves while cloaked with no knowledge of your true grand selves.


Patricia asked several questions, which I’m editing for space:

Theo, is Michael Aton Arch Angel Michael and earth his creation?

Absolutely not, Tom.  Earth was created by the Creator of this Universe, and Arch angel Michael was attracted to this creation on the basis that he would eventually join with other souls to take over this universe when this Creator moves on, as we have discussed before.  Michael Aton also is not Arch Angel Michael.

Is Jesus or Sananda’s name Esu Immamuel, brother of Michael?

No, again the ancient soul you know as Jesus was attracted to this creation as we have discussed before.  And that was not his name.

Will dinosaurs return to the South Pole—Antarctica?

No they will not Tom.  

Is Barack Obama part of John F Kennedy’s soul group?

No, but they do have an association between their two soul groups.  They do work with each other.  

Has a second sun been born in this solar system?

No Tom.  This is wild hearsay.

Will future earth movements not be as wild or severe as previously thought?

That’s a question that will go unanswered for now, because your souls and Gaia have not made that decision.  There could be some really severe earth changes and movements in your future Tom, or they might not happen, as they didn’t last October.


Theo, Jean asks what significance was there in Barack Obama being inaugurated under a Mercury retrograde?

In the study of astrology Tom, One day can equal one year, and in this case, he is able to go back and right many wrongs and correct many bad decisions of the past.  Certainly it becomes much more technical after that, and you’ll have some astrologers who read your newsletter expound more on the subject.


Theo, Pepper Lewis channeled Gaia who said that we would have Pod cars one of these days.  Will those come before perhaps having magnetic strips in the roads or will they come after?

The pod cars referred to by Gaia Tom will come in the next 100 years, perhaps a little sooner.  Cars are even now going smaller and more efficient than the behemoths used today.  The pods will at first link to other cars with a driver, but it will quickly be seen that the driving should be more automatically be controlled through the use of computers and such to avoid collisions with other pod trains of cars.  So the computers will be doing most of the driving, as you set the destination into the computer just as you do with the GPS units of today and you’ll leave the driving to the computer which will attach itself to the other pod cars and detach as needed.

When will we figure out how to make Mars verdant again, or will we leave it the way it is?

No Tom.  You will make Mars verdant again, bringing it back to its former beauty when it too had an atmosphere.  Even now there are discoveries and theories as to how it lost its atmosphere, but certainly this will easily take several hundred years to accomplish this.  It will take over 100 to 150 years just for a small colony to be established there, with scientists and such studying the planet on site you see.  Much, much work will have to be done to even reach that point.

Theo, in which century will we earthlings begin to travel to the stars?

Yes Tom.  It will be a long time—much longer than depicted in your sci-fi movies such as the Star Trek movie you recently viewed.  It will not be until the around 3,250, although that date may fluctuate a little you understand, because you as souls have not completely written that page yet, but yes, certainly close to that time period.

You would think it would be well before then, as we will be in a fifth dimensional focus, we would be allowed to portal hop?

Yes, but there must be great preparation before then you see, as your star brothers and sisters will not be allowed to turn over the keys to the car so to speak.  You must discover much yourselves, as Creator wants you to find solutions others have not been able to find Tom.  That’s why after the 3,400 AD era life you will go back and have a life in the 2,600 AD era, to help prepare the way.  

So we will wait until we can do it through portals and not the arduous way of traveling say at the speed of light?

Yes and no Tom.  There will be one or two missions that will go to the nearest available star without the use of portals.  Of course those adventurers will never return—at least not on their own.  But that’s a story for another time.

Will our spaceships in the 3,400 AD era be as large as the mother ships that the Federation has now?

No, Tom.  They will be of a smaller variety, but still quite sufficient to do the job of exploring this universe.  The crews will be smaller as you have been told before, but the craft will still be of a size that would be in that Enterprise class, perhaps a little smaller.  But they will not be the giant motherships that the Federation planets have used for many thousands of years.  

How will the space pilots be trained in the 3,400 era.  Will there be one large training facility as depicted in the Star Trek film, or will there be several scattered around the earth?

No, there will be more than one facility Tom—not just one.  But then the crews will be made up of people from all over the earth as depicted in the film.  The crews will be multi-national you see.  

Theo, are most of the 1,000 people living today that have already had lives in the 3,400 AD era or later mostly in scientific pursuits, or is there a wide variety?

I would have to say a wide variety Tom, as there are writers, scientists certainly, but also people in normal walks of life.  After all, you and they are quite veiled from your previous lives, except in your dreamtime, so they may have dreams at times of that time period and lives, but they will be altered to fit today’s concepts and ideas. 


This may be the last in this series for a little while, as I’ve run out of questions to ask my soul brother who’s living a life as an amphibian on a mostly water world in the Sirius Star System.  He’s coming to visit us somewhere around 2017 in one of those giant motherships mentioned above.  Do you Star Trek fans have any questions to ask?  And by the way, that’s an excellent movie—well done on all phases.  I’ll go see it again, and that’s very rare for me.  

May 3, 2009

Antura, I may have asked this one time before, but how do you know which day I will wish to speak to you?

It is quite easy Tom.  I receive this information in mediation, which as you know is much easier to accomplish than in the 3rd dimensional focus.

So to whom are you speaking with?

My own spiritual advisors Tom.  They are not the same as your group of Guardian Angels, which are actually these golden light beings.  We do not need the same level of assistance you must have during your earth lives, which are much more difficult than ours.

Antura, do you excrete waste as we do?

Yes, certainly Tom.  Not in exactly the same way, but certainly a large number of beings do excrete all types of waste.  But to answer your question yes, our amphibious race does excrete waste, but not as often as a person on earth must.

What is the largest humanoid you have ever encountered?

Certainly one race of Cyclops measures around the 15 feet in height Tom.   But there are a number of other races where the humanoids, as you call them, are in that range.  Creator loves variety, don’t forget, and you will encounter very large beings in your space travels and very tiny ones too.  

How large do the reptilians get?

In that same range as the race of Cyclops, Tom.  Very near 14 to 15 feet as I am adjusting for your height measurements.

What other shapes do they have besides humanoids?

An enormous variety Tom, too numerous to list here, but look around you at the reptilians you have on earth and you’ll get an idea of the variety there are.

To verify a previous question Antura, how many planets are there in your star system?

Over 20 Tom.  Quite a large number, which is why there is much interaction between us Tom.  There were just so many planets with life on them. It was only a matter of time until one race after another developed the capabilities of inter-planetary travel.  As they saw the other planets were peaceful, good trade resulted.

May 5, 2009

Antura, when you travel to these other worlds and galaxies, do you have the same problem that we humans will have when we go on extended trips to other worlds of losing days, weeks or months in or at your home world?

Not nearly as much as you will lose, Tom, as we’ve been doing this for millions of years you see, where in that 3,400 AD era it will still be relatively new for you and even using portals, as you will, there will be a loss of days, as remember earth is on a different time system than universal time.  It is extremely difficult to explain with your 3rd dimension concepts, but universal time and earth time work at different rates you see.  Remember, time for you has speeded up, but when you go to the stars, you will be experiencing universal time, which is different.  Therefore to answer your question, yes, I lose a little time, but not too much you see, so if the trip is extended, perhaps I would lose a moth of my time on my planet—not so much you see.  This is the best answer I can provide you at this time Tom, as this is something for a quantum physics scientist and even they don’t truly understand the difference yet, nor will they for a long time to come. 


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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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