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I received a lot of great emails over the past week, so let’s get started!


I knew that heading will get your attention.

From Lynn in Oregon (Condensed for space).
I learned about you and MBO's from the Sedona Journal over a year ago. I bought your book and also sent it to several friends. I have had so many wonderful MBO's happen, sometimes I am just in awe... I always say please and thank you... One of my favorites is hot tub nights. Our tub is out on our deck, and living on the northern coast, there are a lot of rainy nights. My husband and I go out to the tub just about every Friday-Sunday night. We spend about 30 minutes. Now the chances of it raining, you can imagine, are big. We had to give it up quite a few times the first winters we lived here... Then I started using MBO's. I ask for the sky to be dry above our Hot Tub between such and such time... I give it an hour.... I would say that we have a lot less rainy nights then we did the first couple of winters we lived here and I did not ask for MBO's. I say it was almost 50/50 in the winter here.... Now 95% of the time it is either clear, or just a bit misty... May be cloudy and cold, but we don't care about that! Thank you!!!

I use it just about daily! Lot of little things... I find it seems to work best for the small things to just make life simpler and more pleasant! And I so often find, when it doesn't work, it turns out there is a good reason! Something even better happens. Now that I have your e-mail address, I will remember them and send them to you more often! Thank you for your wonderful book! And sharing!

If you read my book, then you’ll remember the chapter about the Alaskan cruise where the whole group of us asked for clear days for our shore excursions and each day was clear. It was great!


From Frances (Condensed) I just read you article in the April/May issue of Promise magazine (Ohio)—I never knew about MBO's. Can you request a MBO for a loved one, just curious...thank you in advance.

Requesting things for loved ones and others is done a little differently. It's known as a "LIVING PRAYER" and you say it a little differently. You use the word "ask" instead of "request" as a completely different set of Angels handle these INSTANTLY when you say them. As an example, you might say, "I ask any and all beings to assist my loved one (name) to find the perfect job for (him/her), thank you."

You can also say a Living Prayer for people or animals that are in mortal danger that you see on the news. If there is a earthquake in Turkey, you could say, "I ask that any and all beings give comfort and come to the aid of the people trapped in the ruins in Turkey from the earthquake, thank you!" You say any and all beings because it could be a man, woman, child, dog, cat, bird or even an angel that manifests for a short time to assist those people.

I have a whole chapter in my book on Living Prayers with many, many suggestions. If you haven’t read the book yet, you can read a couple of sample chapters of the book on my website at .


Linda sent me a lengthy email about a very strained relationship she has with her son since her divorce. She asked if there was anything she could do, so I asked Theo, and felt his answer would apply to many readers in the same or similar situation:

Theo, Linda in New York asks about her relationship with her son and any advice or perspective you can give her.

Yes Tom. She is having a difficult time. Of course it dates back to past lives when she rejected and did not care for him, so she is having a balancing of karma this life. She can each day send him beautiful white loving light at the start of her day. This will over time greatly assist her. She can also say the Living Prayer that you say each morning, which will greatly reduce the karma. And finally she can request benevolent outcomes for each time she talks to him or meets with him that the results will be even better than she hopes or expects. Beyond that, she can explore those past lives so that she understands his rejection of her. With understanding she can again send all her love to him.

The Living Prayer I say each day is, "I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort anyone that I have ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, or emotionally in any past, present, or future life, and I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort of the families of anyone I've ever harmed in any way in any past, present, or future life, thank you!"

Theo says this will remove much more Karma than we can imagine. He says this is the first life out of over 1,000 that I've lived in which I was "inspired" to say this prayer. And he says to say this one EVERY DAY, which I try to do.

Linda also asked why I hadn’t mentioned saying, “I expect great things today, great things tomorrow, and great things all this week!” Keep in mind that I’m always testing new things—that’s how I found out requesting Benevolent Outcomes works. “Expecting…” seemed to be really working for me on a long-term basis, so I decided I would pass it on, but not before verifying it with Theo. With his positive answer, I put it in last week’s newsletter. If you missed reading it, go to the website and click on Articles and News.

This week I had another verification of this working. Out of the blue I had a call from the new marketing and promotions lady at Light Technology—the publisher of The Gentle Way. She was very excited about my book, as several people who work there, including her, are requesting Benevolent Outcomes all the time. She wants to promote the book more towards the mass market. And this is two years after publication. That’s quite unusual.


Rick’s been working on a screenplay about wrestling, so if you have $3 million or more to invest in a movie, let me know. Here’s his latest MBO story:

I had mentioned before that I paid $1,000 to a producer to read my screenplay and critique it. One of the things he said I needed to do was make the police work more believable (As he was an expert himself). Anyway, I took it to heart. I know an asst. prosecutor in the next county over, but we rarely see each other. I sent an email to the county prosecutor, presented him with my dilemma, and told him that I knew Bill from the gym. He replied that I could talk to the asst. prosecutors, but with some restrictions. I requested an MBO for that email, and got Bill’s email through the forwarding process. I sent him a personal email, but he never replied.

Anyway, last night, I go food shopping, and to steal from Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days”, I was walking in, he was walking out! He said he got that email, wasn’t sure it was me, said he’d be glad to help in any way he could! It took a couple of months, but I guess sometimes we get things when the universe thinks we’re ready for them!


Kelly wrote the following email and I condensed it a little, but I didn’t wish to truncate the message, as I think you’ll find it interesting.

I have an MBO to share with you...actually a double one. I had two medical appointments scheduled for Fri. 4/4. (Being intrigued by numerology, I chose that date purposely as my life path number is 4.) Anyway, I felt I wanted more assuredness regarding positive outcomes of both appointments so I asked for the most benevolent outcomes for both. The first one was a follow up mammogram as I had undergone a stereotactic biopsy 6 months prior where the results were negative....merely calcifications. I asked that the test go smoothly and come out with "normal" healthy results. It did! Now I have another 6 months until my annual screening mammogram. I'll be sure to ask for an MBO again!

The second appointment involved a visit to a new M.D., specifically a liver specialist. I asked for the most benevolent outcome for the visit (to the new specialist), that I would feel comfortable with this new doctor and that I would be regarded as very healthy and there would be no concerns regarding the issue at hand. Well, I immediately knew I liked the place. A little glitch happened in that my primary M.D. hadn't sent my records as planned, but the appointment continued with this new M.D. taking my history and my understanding of the situation/concerns.

The doctor was one of the most thorough I'd ever met/worked with and there was an immediate rapport. (He specifically liked the fact that I work for the same hospital he does, only I'm a speech-language pathologist.) He did find one thing that was curious--my hands are orangey. I'd noticed that myself a month or so prior. His first question was if I ate a lot of carrots. Sure enough--those as well as mangoes, squash, sweet potatoes, papaya, and numerous other high VITAMIN A foods, not to mention the fact my multivitamin contains Vit. A. In fact, I'd noticed over the course of the prior several months that I had been craving/drawn to more orange foods. I interpreted this as being because I was addressing 2nd chakra issues in some way. This M.D. termed my condition possibly carotenemia, which results from excess vitamin A consumption. Well, I was relieved that he felt there was likely no real concern, but he needed to see the blood work and we'd speak over the phone once he did. Although I didn't yet know all I was yet to hear when I left his office, I felt so at peace and assured there was really no concern.

The following Monday, the doctor called me after having received my blood work results and said the minor elevations really don't concern him and he doesn't feel it necessary to do anything at this point but would like for me to follow up in 6 months. So, another MBO with this appointment and, again, I'll be requesting one for the next appt. in 6 months. I want to add, when this doctor took my pulse, he held both of my wrists simultaneously, with each of his hands wrapped around my wrists securely. As he did this, I felt electricity go straight down my fingers to my fingertips. Very faint, but noticeable. I felt "charged". Maybe the angels are working through him in some way; whatever the case, it was a most benevolent day for me.

I'd like to mention also that when I made the second appointment, about 3 weeks in advance, I was told that the only day he had any openings available in April was on the 4th. So I also feel the vibrations of that day were good in general; but the likelihood of there being an opening on my target date intrigues me. I hadn't asked for an MBO when scheduling. I do need to remember to ask more habitually. As it stands now, I tend to remember when I'm driving. I've been getting loads of great parking spaces!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my stories and thank you also for making the public aware of this valuable assistance from our divine companions. Much benevolence to you!


Tamar writes (Condensed): In your last newletter you sent out you wrote about assistant suicide for someone with Alzheimer's, which brings up some questions on my part. After the Terry Shivo case (the husband wanting to let his wife, who was brain dead, taken off of life support, and her parents who sued to keep her on them), I told my kids and husband that if I should ever be in such a situation, that I wanted to be taken off of life support. I even prepared a legal medical release to this effect. I even went so far as told my son that if I have Alzheimer's I wanted him to give me some pills so that I can just pass on since we do not have a cure for Alzheimer's at this time. This request was made for me as well as for my family, so that they wouldn't have to suffer. Now I'm wondering what kind of karma this could incur on them and on me.

Theo, if we instruct our families to take us off life support and /or to give us pills to pass on with Dementia or Alzheimer’s—is there any Karma involved in this?

Not really Tom, as this was a choice long before the event. You do have choices you are allowed to make in each life, and if you choose to pass on in this manner, it really doesn’t need to be balanced in another life in the same way.


I would like to recommend a beautiful angel song on It’s I HAVE A DREAM by Abba. There are three or four versions, but I chose the one that is captioned. Here’s the link: . Enjoy!

Well, I ran out of space this week for more questions and answers from Theo. If you found this newsletter interesting, please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you received my free newsletter, please visit my website and click on Articles and News to read the past newsletters, and you can sign up for it if you wish. As I mentioned above, you can also read two sample chapters of the book, so that you can get started requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life too!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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