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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Newsletterworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Don't ForgetAPPEARANCE:  Next Tuesday, May 5, 7:00 pm, I will be speaking to the Arlington, Texas Noetic Society.  This is my first appearance in several months, so anyone in the DFW Metroplex is welcome to attend.  For more information email Elin Jacks at  I will be signing books.  Topic is THE CASE FOR TELEPATHY.  Naturally I’ll touch on The Gentle Way and my other books. 

Speaking of books, as I write this I submitted the first half of my book manuscript Atlantis & Lemuria—Their History (tentative title) to my publisher.  I hope to send the second half by this weekend.  Thanks to everyone who submitted questions on these two ancient societies during the past seven years!!  It’s at 45 chapters, plus a Forward, Glossary, and four Appendixes.  My publisher already has an editor working on it. 

Have you listened to my interview on Richard Sutphen’s radio show yet? If you missed it, you can listen to it at This was the first time I discussed my upcoming book on Atlantis and Lemuria’s history.  We covered a lot of ground.

Sedona Journal of EmergenceThe “Sedona Journal of Emergence” also interviewed me for a Podcast in February. It was just now posted at As you probably know, I have a monthly column there where they choose MBO and BP stories to run from all the ones in the past month in my Blogs. So, the story you send in for my weekly Blog has a chance of reaching over 50,000 people worldwide!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Nepal EarthquakeGaia, what is the probability of more 7.0 or higher earthquakes in populated areas in the next 12 months?

Quite high Tom—well over the 80% you were just thinking—more on the order of 90%.  The earth’s crust is moving and although it would seem that a 7.0 earthquake in a populated area would be fairly remote, it is not in the coming 12 month period.

Will there be multiple quakes?

Quite so.  As you saw, the 7.6 earthquake in Nepal was followed by a 6.7 after shock, plus many smaller ones.  The earth you could say is a living body in its own way Tom, and it stretches and contracts due to many reasons. 

Is Nepal in for another earthquake in the 7.0 or higher level?

Yes, I know you thought the major movement there is done with only aftershocks, but it is not.  I would not recommend anyone traveling there in the next few months, unless you have to, such as doing aid work and assistance. 

EarthquakeWill any populated area elsewhere in Asia have a 7.0 or higher quake?

Yes, another location will. 

Will North America?

No, not in the next 12 months Tom. 

What about Japan?

Again, not in the next 12 months, but if you were to lower that figure a little then I would say yes.

Turkey has been volatile in the past so is the probability there?

It’s quite high Tom--over 80%. 

Earthquake DamageCan I assume we can eliminate Europe from the conversation?

Yes, at this time. 

What about India?

Not up to the 7.0 level, but they will feel any more large ones taking place in Nepal. 

The death toll is over 5,000 as I write this; will it approach the 10,000 mark?

Yes, there are other areas in Nepal Tom where every structure was destroyed or heavily damaged.  We again return to soul contracts, and many or most of the thousands of people will have checked this off their bucket list of experiences. 


CremationThis question came from Sandy.

Theo, will there be other methods of funerals in the future besides cremation or burials?

The tide is towards cremation, as burials are quite expensive, and many families cannot afford the large expense of burial.  No pods or trees as suggested in the article will usurp the other two.


Philip writes:  I remember reading a newsletter that said "Big Pharma" will Big Pharmafall after a documentary movie is made about it. Is the BOUGHT movie the movie your guides were talking about?

BOUGHT—The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma and Your Food

Theo, will the documentary “Bought” have any real positive affect?

Not as much as the producers would hope Tom.  It is but one brick in the wall shall we say.  There will be other documentaries and TV exposes which will add other bricks to use the same analogy.


Robert writes:  Are you aware of this: Congo’s ticking time-bomb – one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world?

Gaia, what is the probability of the Mt. Nyiragongo volcano in the Congo having a major eruption in the next 12 months?

Small at this time but rising within the next two years Tom, so for this year less than 10% at this time but rising to 60% to 70% in the next two ensuing years. 

The volcano in Chile is erupting now.  Will this continue for some time or how long will it be before it quietens down?

This will continue for several months more. 

In doing so Gaia, I understand it will cool not only that region, but possibly all of earth.  You have said numerous times you wish for the earth to become warmer, so how does this enter into your plans?

It will not affect the whole earth Tom, only that large region Volcano Japanincluding the capital Santiago.  There are a number of soul contracts in play here to experience the effects of a volcano eruption.  Magma in this area has built up through my direction to the point the volcano erupted.  These are long lasting effects on the people in this region of the world. 

Can we expect to see more eruptions in other places, starting with the Ring of Fire?

That is a definite “yes” Tom.  There is the probability of this happening in the 80% range.  This remains a very active fault line around the Pacific, so there will be other volcanoes that will come to life. 

What about the rest of the world?

Not quite as active, but still there will be several that erupt over the next 18 months. 


Snow in CaliforniaSheri in California writes:  I follow your newsletter and I really appreciate all that you're doing for light and love. I have a question about the water levels rising on the coastal areas. I live in Marin County California in the mountainous area and I'm wondering if the water levels rising will affect our area and whether I should consider moving more inland even if I am living in a mountain zone above the water level.

Gaia, how will the rising ocean levels affect not only the California coasts but also the mountains in the interior?

Both will be heavily affected Tom.  The coastal areas will have flooding as the storms come out of the Pacific inundating these low lying areas.  There will also be more rain and in the winter snow for the mountains returning the snow packs to the level before the drought.  This will not be in their near future, but in the next few years.


Carol in New Mexico writes:  There is a controversy over the processed ingredient carrageenan.  Would you please ask Carrageenan Theo or Gaia if the processed ingredient, carrageenan, in canned cat food is healthful for cats, or is it detrimental to the cat’s health?
I really appreciate all you do, and I enjoy getting your newsletter every week.

Gaia, is carrageenan heathy or harmful as contained in cat food? 

It has long term effects Tom.  I would not recommend it, but you should suggest that your animal lovers request MBO’s to find the right diet for your dog, cat or other animal friend.  Then they will be led to the best food for your own animal friend, as each one does have different tastes and needs.  If they do so they can extend the lives of their animal friends just as your wife has done with your two dog companions. 


For my new readers Antura is a member of my soul cluster and was introduced to me in 2008 by Theo.  He’s an ET living on a water planet in the Sirius B Solar System.  You can read much more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ETHere are more questions for him from our readers.

First Contact Front CoverSara writes from Kansas:  Thanks for everything you do with the newsletter, blog, and your upcoming book! I thought of another question possibly for Antura. One night in western Kansas my youngest brother and I were looking at the sky in our front yard. We saw a very tiny light quickly orbiting two very far off stars in an infinity pattern. It was almost hard to see with the naked eye, but I know our eyes weren't playing tricks on us. It was very far away, and the two stars had to have been extremely far apart, but it was moving extremely quick! Was it a ship, or some natural phenomenon? It's amazing what you can see in the night sky when it's so inky black!

Antura, any idea what Sara and her brother saw in the night sky in western Kansa when they viewed a white light seemingly circling two stars in an infinity pattern?

The white light was obviously a spaceship which was giving them a message of infinity.  The spacecraft was obviously nearby and not actually circling the two stars.

Were they abducted?

No, this was just done as another in a long list of sightings to keep people engaged.

Jen writes from Montana:  Greetings from rainy Helena, Montana!

I read that there is a new documentary on Travis Walton coming out and was surprised to see nothing come up about him on your website. He was abducted in the 70s for 5 days and has incredible memories of the experience. It looks like it was the Zetas again, by his description.

Why did they abduct him and will, or have they already, apologized to him, if what he says is true?

Thanks again for all of your answers and wonderful information!

Alien AbductionAntura, did the Zeta’s kidnap Travis Walton in 1975, and are his claims true?

Yes, they were quite true Tom.  That was during the height of the abductions and his is a well-documented story of an abduction by the Zetas. 

Antura, back to suggestions to light a fire under the Russians.    Why was the large UFO allowed to hover and move over Phoenix Arizona and not since then?

Phoenix has a larger population that will not become hysterical when they see such a large ship in the sky overhead.

Can’t you do the same for Moscow, St. Petersburg, or perhaps another large city in Russia?

A little more delicate, Tom.  Our relationship is such that we can’t make a major appearance like that without clearing it with our Russian contacts.  So far they have been reluctant to agree to something like this.  This is part of our overall negotiations, which may seem to be stalled, but are still quite active.

One last thing--any thoughts of our doing a documentary if the Russians don’t disclose and keeping the first edit without all the more exotic beings on board out of the picture and then the second documentary adding them in after the initial shock is over?

That’s a tricky on Tom and would be down at Plan D or E you could say.  We hope it will not come to considering that action.

OK.  Just throwing out ideas. 


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Moving Truck

Ann writes from Hawaii:  Aloha Tom, still "going through" stuff.  I said MBO's for pricing for storage and a mover, and I got crazy good prices for both within my limited budget at this time.  I’m very grateful. 


Snow in ParkStephanie writes:  I lost my car key while running in the park. I went up and down the trail again and again and couldn't find it. I alerted the park manager about it and said a Benevolent Prayer that my key be found. But I actually never expected to ever see it again. A couple days later I got a call from the park office saying they found my key while plowing snow on the trail!!


Katherine writes:  It was time for me to buy a new car. I asked the angels for Priusthe Most Benevolent Outcome!!!...Requesting sales people of integrity, a good deal, and making it a fun event rather than stressful. I wanted to end up with the perfect car for me. I purchased a Prius realizing my new work will give me more traveling opportunities. The interesting thing was at the first car dealership, we thought it was the best deal yet. We went on to another Toyota dealer, just because I didn't want to buy the first car I looked at, and the deal was even sweeter! I so love and appreciate the angelic help!


Mantej writes:  Manny Pacquiao (36 years old) is considered to be the GREATEST boxer ever!  There is huge excitement for his next fight against Floyd Mayweather (38 years old) on May 2nd 2015 - tickets for the event sold out in minutes! It has already been dubbed the "Fight of the Century."

Prize Fight(1) What is Manny Pacquiao's Soul Interest?
(2) Did he have any interesting fighting lives as warriors or soldiers in his past lives and where?
(3) I hope he does - but will he win the fight again Mayweather on May 2nd 2015?

Theo, what are the soul contracts of the boxers Pacquiao and Mayweather?  Are they warriors exploring another fighting aspect?

That’s exactly correct Tom.  Almost all pugilists have as their soul interest that of a soldier and warrior.  They come from planets with a robust warrior like tendency. 

Will the upcoming fight be even or one sided?

More one-sided Tom, but let your readers who enjoy boxing matches enjoy this one without naming a winner and loser. 


Mantej also writes:  How will the rise of "feminine energy" effect males approach to the dating game?

DatingHow was your attitude and interaction to women while your mother was still alive (therefore she not being one of your spirit guides for "all thing feminine”?)

Theo, will the dating process change in the future with the injection of feminine energy we are receiving?

It will be many years before there are any changes.  Keep in mind that cultures and belief systems are at play here, so there will be a gradual loosening of the male dominance and control as women will more and more demand equal status to men.  This will be a slow but sure change and with it will come more women controlling their dating activities.  Naturally this will change the fastest in the west.  But one day will see this equality between men and women, and I might add never before—never before achieved in the earlier societies.

Regarding not being my guide, keep in mind you're thinking in a linear fashion, so she's been my guide for all things feminine perhaps all my life--at least that's the possibility.  That's the same with my main guide who was my friend and shaman in the 1600s.  As our lives are all going on at the same time, there has to be a piece of us that acts as a guide for thousands of other lives.  I’ll probably ask a follow up question to expand on this topic. 


Blue Tongue DiseaseKathy writes:  Thank you for the wonderful News Letter and your faithfulness. I have a question on a disease called Blue tongue. It is killing the deer up North by Chester Montana. Can you tell me when it will stop and how it started. Very sad so many deer died.

Gaia, why are there so many deer dying of Blue Tongue disease? 

This is a natural thinning of the herds Tom.  Deer proliferate and if there is a lack of carnivores in the area then I do it myself.  Things will return to normal in the not too distant future. 


Denise writes:  I have another question for Gaia if you would be so kind.  I've recently been doing some clearing work using Judy Satori's energy transmissions and it has made this process so much easier for me.  Her Karma Klear have been especially beneficial for bringing to the surface some of the suppressed memories and negative blocks I've held within me so that they can be cleared with minimal physical and emotional discomfort and I'm also listening to her energy activations.  Her website is here if you'd like to check it out:Planet

Could Gaia please comment on what language she is speaking?  I also wonder specifically how they work to release energy or activate dormant aspects of our brain.  Any insights you could share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for the work that you do and it is always a pleasure to speak with you.  I look forward to reading your newsletter every week and your ever-inspiring MBOs.

Theo, is Judy Satori speaking either a known or perhaps an ancient language in her energy work?

She is tapping into her native planet language Tom.  That is very rare, but that is her soul interest.


Madison WisconsinJanet in Wisconsin writes:  I live about 40 min. southwest of Madison WI in rock county. On Sunday April 19th around 9 o'clock PM in several surrounding cities, there was a noise in the skies. It was very loud, lasted for quite a while and sounded very low.  Airplanes were ruled out, as were meteors. The citizens in several cities heard it at the same time. Could you ask Gaia what the source of this noise was?  Thank you, Tom. I like many appreciate all you have offered to humanity.

Theo, what was the loud noise in the sky near Madison, Wisconsin on April 19 at 9pm?

Again we harken back to those underground caverns and the amplification it provides.  It makes pinpointing the noise very difficult, as it seems to come from one place but does not. 


Cate and her group have been trying to stop the Navy from doing exercises near them.

Naval ExerciseCate writes:  We are a small group that has started many petitions, visited Washington to meant with Congressional Reps, Senators, local politicians, commissioners, newspapers, thousands of letters and emails , sued the Navy, lodged protests, held educational meetings, written letters to the editor, visited with local conservation groups.  I spend on average 6 hours a day on this issue, as do the others in the group.  No One is picking this up, we are stonewalled by everyone. We've been threatened, harassed, made fun of, called Nazi's and terrorists, just because we want to protect the people, animals, and sea creatures.

You have the ability to view this from another variable, and so I'm asking you if the Navy is going to be allowed to get away with it despite all of our efforts.

Theo, what is the probability of Cate’s group expanding or being successful in getting the Navy out of the area?

The odds are slim, as the majority of the people look at these exercises as being patriotic, but also the economic impact.  They should follow he money.


Donna writes:  I would love to hear from you and Theo as to what these images in the mirror might be doing in my bedroom.  I have been filming orbs for two weeks now since my dog introduced me to them (sent you a clip on April 7 through YouTube "Corgi Watches Orbs")[] and since then I have been filming them every night.  I went to film them the other night and took a picture instead and look in the right mirror - there appears to be two entities - you can see clearly the red lips, chin, nose, eyes and blond hair on the right side of the mirror.  And there are many orbs flying around.  Then a second smaller lady is left of the first one and is looking to the right with small lips and nose - I see a black blouse and arm.

OrbTom - I have read your article on orbs and believe my house may be a staging area.  I have since captured still orbs and can see faces of animals.  I am quite excited and look forward to these nightly visits.  Just wondering if I should be doing anything to help and what might the entities be doing here?

Thanks so much - I am an avid fan of yours and read everything you write.  Also listen to your tapings.  

Gaia, why is Donna Patrick seeing and photographing so many orbs and even human forms in her house?  Would it be a staging area?

Not exactly a staging area, but one of a lot of energies—almost an energy station, although that would not be correct.  They are attracted to the energies in and surrounding her home.  When you build on top of a hot spot we’ll call it then you must understand there will be a lot of activity.  She has a rare chance of capturing a great number of photos, should she desire to continue.  They will not hurt her, so she can observe and take photos. 

Why the faces? 

They knew they would be photographed, so they were being playful. 


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