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Welcome to this week’s edition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you that subscribed during the past week!  I might mention a couple of new things on the website .  I’ve written a new article that several regional magazines have said they’re going to publish.  The title is SUMMER OF LOVE, and it covers how to utilize requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) during your dating period and then for the wedding and honeymoon.  Check it out.  There is also a second version of the Benevolent Prayer that might be easier for some people to read.  It’s supposed to be up later today or tomorrow.  

And I just had some good news this morning—a German publisher has made an offer to release my book in German speaking territories in 2010 (naturally I had requested a Benevolent Outcome for this).  I’m sending this newsletter out one day early, as I’m going to a press screening for STAR TREK tomorrow.  Now let’s expand your mind and concepts!


I asked Gaia, soul of the earth, during my meditation:
Gaia, is the new flu virus something to be concerned about?

Yes Tom, it is.  This virus is very nasty and it will become a world wide pandemic to use their words.  Of course, all of your readers can protect themselves by requesting benevolent outcomes to remain safe and disease free now and into the future.  There will be much fear associated with this epidemic and fear attracts, so they might say this request whenever they feel fear creping into their minds.  I also suggest not watching the many stories that will be on TV about this disease Tom.  Again the media will incite fear.  Your readers can stay above this by requesting these MBO’s as you call them, and they can say Benevolent Prayers to have their families and friends protected too.

So here’s the MBO request:  “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to remain safe and disease free now and into the future, thank you!”

And the Benevolent Prayer:  “I ask that any and all beings aid and assist my family and friends to remain safe and disease free now and into the future, thank you!”

And another:  “I ask that any and all beings assist the medical and research personnel in finding a cure for this Flu virus that will be the most benevolent for people around the world, thank you!”



Erika writes:  Hi Tom, thank you for all your assistance.  I just found out that you have a volume 2 of the Gentle way. I have nearly read all of book one it didn't take me long. The newsletters are good for getting more ideas on using them. I was thinking of copying any good ones and adding them into the back of the book.

I said one yesterday for an area I feel blocked in and last night I had a dream where I felt this got unblocked as I experienced a situation and felt things being released in the dream. So now I realize, if I request one it can work on any level in the physical or dream worlds.
Today I rang the people who supply and deliver our fruit and vegie box to us each fortnight and just remembered as I was being put through to quickly say an MBO.  I told the customer service person that our fruit from them has been bad, and I wasn't satisfied; and she gave me 50percent off our next box!  I also found out how to know what’s in our box in advance--a real help for us.

On a weekend outing to do a small job at a shopping centre I asked for an MBO and afterwards I saw how many good outcomes there were; if I said them all here it would take up a page. The job I did went really well with the person and we had a very good exchange that is unusual for people doing her job. A man came up to us in our car as we were leaving asking for some money to buy petrol, so Michael gave him a few dollars and then I saw him at a Ute with the hood up and a petrol can in his hand, so he was genuine.  So they work for helping others also, and I had asked for an MBO for a good car parking space . So I will stop there as it goes on to quite a few other things that occurred.

I have sent out your  last newsletter to my email list I have, called Divine Angel Treasures and put a link with your book on Facebook.  Nice chatting with you like this Tom and thank you for all your sharing you are a generous benevolent soul.

I’m still working on that second book everyone, so be patient.  I will have many stories that you, the readers of this newsletter, have sent me in the next book.  For those of you who are Amazon Associates, you can link my book from your website and make some extra money.  And link the book website on Facebook and MySpace if you wish.  


Helena in London writes:  I left my flat to go to work but decided to go back to get my diary that I needed; in my rush and absent minded after locking up my flat I came out the communal door and put my ruck sack on top of the dustbin shelter.  Unbeknown to me I put my flat keys down whilsted I opened my bag to put the diary in. Off I dashed to work (bearing in mind I had done my MBO'S that morning) (One of my MBO'S was asking that my home remains safe from intrusion etc.. the MBO that you recommend in your book).

 All my day went by, I worked late on Friday evening, so when I locked the surgery up I could not find my house keys. I searched everywhere; one of the receptionists was kind enough to help me search, but we could not find them anywhere. This made me panic; I couldn’t concentrate and started to fear the worse, so Heather, the other receptionist, offered to come home with me.  

I started to feel quite negative thinking “gawd my flats been broken into,” or “the neighbors have got my keys and have gone up into my flat.” Under the circumstances I would have just burst into tears, but for some reason I didn’t. On the way home I started pleading to the Angels for help and I started requesting for MBO'S for help. I didn't care what my friend thought, but she was giggling and teasing me for the things I was requesting for (and she was looking at me in a strange way, but I did not care)!  She probably thought I had lost my marbles.

I couldn’t believe it, as I got nearer to my flat--there sitting on top of the dustbin shelter were my keys!  I just could not believe they were still there as a whole day had passed, and it's certainly a busy street where anyone could have taken them. My God, TOM my requesting of MBO'S had definitely worked for me. I thanked everyone and every thing for my keys and my flat being safe!  WOW TOM, aren’t I sure one LUCKY person? THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANKYOU!  

Heather had her Guardian Angel acting as a Security Guard for her all day!


(Edited for space)  Blake in Hawaii writes:  I answered an ad for a guy looking for a warehouse space to store/ play his drums. I needed a drummer, and I currently rent a warehouse with a studio apartment attached here in Honolulu. (another perfect MBO outcome)....The drummer (Kimo) and I met and he moved in.  He brought in an electronic drum set made by Roland..... a real basic kit--a toy really.  We started to jam just for fun.... He spoke about how awesome my music was.... and that after the first of the year he would have more time, and he volunteered to help me record a demo.

We played (he came over 4 times), Christmas came and he said he would be unavailable till the first of the year. When I hadn't heard from him I called on the 6th... no return call... nothing.

I am jonesing to play at this point and re-requested the MBO for a perfect team to back me up with my music.  Later that day an acquaintance introduced me to a music enthusiast he knew with a my space page with over 28,000 friends. She called me and we talked .... at which time I told her about the drummer issue..... "Would I like to audition my grandson?" he's looking for a band. duh -(he is twenty and has played for 14 years...)  I of course said yes called him and he asked if he could bring around his buddy to play bass.  Instant connection... just add music... we have only had 4 rehearsals (using the electronic drums left behind by the first guy- as the grandson had only a really cheap acoustic drum set he is thrilled to get to play the electronic set which he appears to be a wizard of some sort when he sits down with the kind of enthusiasm I have to play - he loves the music! And he is twenty, what an affirmation of potential for my material....

During our first rehearsal he (apparently clairvoyant) said out of the blue " I don't think the drummer is coming back for his set... he just gave it to you.... new pa speakers and a stereo that moment I felt Kimo make the decision to leave me the equipment and never come back -he has key's....He mentioned his ears hurt from playing... I am hoping that something like that is what moved him to stop playing...

Anyway we'll be recording in the next weeks, I'll send you some tracks.... still have not heard from Kimo, but without his drum set my current band would not have what it would take to do this. How weird a benevolent outcome is that? All kinds of things seem to go like that for me when I hold the faith that IT IS WORKING OUT.

Here is one last thing for your readers to consider: I have basically made all my bills but have not been able to replace an Amplifier that has blown up. (I play through two amps, and have been making just one work for rehearsals)  I have spent many hours looking on line for something I want to buy but have received the thought repeatedly what I wanted to buy and has been designed specifically to fill my needs - but not in the market yet but available soon.

I found the unit yesterday. At a music store that doesn't sell the unit! I explained to the store manager the solutions I needed.... and he seemed very agitated.... after about two minutes of hymning and hawing around he announced he was going to show me his personal unit even though they didn't sell them - available only online - no dealer in the US.  Anyway the unit is being released next week after the NAMM show with what spirit says are the various updates and refinements made since the prototype was released (the manager owns an early unit.) Now I know why I didn't have money to buy something - that I would not have liked! So many MBO's they just start to seem normal! Thank you Tom!


Theo, Annie wants to have your opinion about Twin Flames, please.

Yes, as you may have guessed Tom, these are two fragments of a soul that are very closely matched shall we say.  When they incarnate together they can be so familiar with each other that the people know they are soul mates.  It can be such an intense relationship Tom that they cannot live together for very long.  Or it can be that each will be able to read each other’s thoughts and have a very significant life of achievement for them both.  

So these will be two fragments of the same soul and not two fragments of different souls?

Yes, that is correct Tom.  Obviously you can have very meaningful relationships with fragments of other souls over many, many lives Tom, but two fragments of the same soul are formidable indeed.

This happened to a friend of mine.  He and his girlfriend, at that time, were given a reading by Robert Shapiro and they were told they were Twin Flames.  And they could not live together for very long, splitting apart, although their paths continue to cross over the years.  


Diane from Maryland writes:  Tom, I have a question on another topic....What happened to the Templars and their treasures as well as their ships.  Some survived so where did they run to? Did they disappear to Oak Island and did the Freemasons come from their survivors?

Theo, what happened to the Templars?  Did any survive, and if so, were the Freemasons created from that group?

Yes and no Tom.  Some did survive and went into hiding.  Their descendants exist today, some in very prominent positions, mostly in Europe you see.  But they did not generate the Freemasons.  They came later.


Sandy writes:  I was reading in Robert Shapiro's book - Ancient Civilizations - about the Middle East - something along the lines of an attempt by the Sinister Secret Government trying to prevent our ascension - sometime between 1985-7 managed to travel back in time 8500 years or to 8500 BC - and somehow through shamanistic practices created a fold in the energy around Southern Israel. 

According to the channel this tension has lead to the continued problems in the Middle East now spreading to Afghanistan and Pakistan. I think Shapiro then asked - well if its that simple couldn't someone - a more enlightened being - undo this fold? The answer was something about no that couldn't be done - that mankind had to learn to grow through it by sending more love to all who are of different religions etc. (sounds similar to the affirmation you sent recently about dealing with terrorism)

Anyway the impression I got from this was that it was being used as a lesson by higher forces teaching us that in order to overcome this, we all needed to learn how to send love to individuals of different religions than ours and befriend them also. H e also mentioned something about the large number of individuals learning shamanistic practices to help improve the situation.

Theo, Robert Shapiro channeled that the Sinister Secret Government sent someone back over 8,000 years ago actually to 8,500 BC to create a fold in the energy through Shamanic means in Southern Israel that eventually resulted in all the conflict.  Why couldn’t someone else go back there and correct it if this is true?

The story has some truth to it, but again we would have to have a lengthy discussion about this.  A simple answer is that it was left there as part of a teaching tool, since the SSG are humans too.  Had the fold been corrected, they would have gone back again and again.  A war could have been started that would have been much more dangerous for everyone’s future.


Theo, Marie wants to know why the Bible was written as a metaphor or the way it was?
It was written by men but changed drastically as we have previously discussed, Tom in 327 AD.  These were simple people who passed stories down and then they were changed to serve the purposes of greedy men who wished power and riches.


Renee writes:  Do Sirians, Arcturians, etc. have chakras like human beings?  And if so, approximately how many are located just on the body?  Are timelines unique to only planet Earth or has this played out on other planets as well?  Another question on timelines--I understand we are on timeline 6 and there are 12 timelines.  Does this #6 mean the whole world is on the same timeline or is this possibly broken up in what section of Earth you live in?  Another words, say 3rd world countries are on a much more difficult timeline than the US?     

Theo, do the Sirians, Arcturians etc have charkas as we do, and if so are they the same number?

There are as many answers as there are beings in the universe Tom.  Some would have one energy center and others quite a few.  There is not one answer for this.

I’ll try and answer the rest of the questions from what I’ve previously received.  Timelines are unique only to planet earth, as part of the “Earth Experiment.”  Yes, this whole earth is on the same time line, but keep in mind there are very young souls (as far as earth experience goes) with less than 50 lives (some less than 10) and their best lives would be to be in a very simple rural setting where they can “get their feet wet” as Theo says.  They’re overwhelmed in a sophisticated society and flounder. 


Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster.”  As you’ll read below, he’s lived many lives on earth, which has been of benefit to him in this life as an ambassador to developing worlds across the universe.  If you’re a new subscriber, go to my website and under Articles and News go back to the December 13, 2008 issue for Part One.  You may wish to dump these all into a Word file and read from front to end.  Then I hope you’ll send me some more questions to ask him.  I contact him during my “active meditations” as I call them, and what I show how to do in my workshops.  

April 8, 2009

Antura, is your planet in the Sirius Star System known as Orion?

No Tom, it is not.  The Orions do inhabit another planet in our star system, yes, but we are not them shall we say.

Can you give me the name of your planet now?

It would be hard for you to receive at this time today, Tom.  I’ll slip it in one day in our communication.

What material is your city constructed from?

Obviously materials which are native to our planet Tom.  Stone and yes various metals, some of which would be known to you, but overall they would be quite different.  I’m not avoiding the question, but explaining metals that you have no concept of at this period of time would be rather difficult, if not impossible.  Keep in mind that these metals were developed over millions of years, so they are quite complex in their cellular structure.  The stone parts of some of our buildings are more for decoration, although in the caverns below the main part of the city the cavern walls are sometimes used as part of a building.

How long has your city been in existence?

As I alluded to before, several million years Tom.  It is an ancient city by your standards you see?  But we do not tear down structures and cart them off to a trash heap, although that was done even here early in our existence.  The structures are formed with the assistance of the planet and agreement with the planet Tom.   

Does your city ever become dirty?

An interesting and somewhat amusing question Tom.  Yes, the city does need cleaning at times, but is done quite differently using robots and then keep in mind that the surfaces of many of the buildings and even interiors do not collect dust per say.  Again it goes back to cellular structure.  But to answer your question, parts of the city—streets and so on may pick up a little dust but it is easily removed.  

Do you have flowers and plants of some type and variety in your city?

Yes and no.  We do have beautiful plants, but not the flowers you have on earth.  They have their own beauty and are cared for with great diligence and love.

Do you have artists, and if so, what kind?

Yes, certainly we have artists who create although not the same as you, Tom.  As even art has progressed over millions of years and what they work with now is completely different from what artists do on earth.  Very difficult to describe in 3d terms.  

What about musicians?

Certainly we have a number of our people that are musicians with locally produced instruments, some that would me similar to what you have, flutes and such.  Again, there was progression even here and the instruments are quite advanced that they play.

I feel as if I was really struggling with your answers today Antura.

Yes, and perhaps I struggled a little Tom to explain things that would make sense to you at this time.  We can certainly return to these subjects at a later date as you think of ways to ask me about these subjects.  

April 27, 2009

Antura, tell me about what type of robots do you have and for what tasks, and do you have androids?

Yes, a very good question Tom.  No we do not have androids.  Certainly there are worlds that do utilize these beings, but we do not have a use for them here.  We do have extremely sophisticated robots that perform a variety of menial tasks, along with very complex tasks that would be very difficult to explain at this time.  And yes there will be some robots on board the mothership when I come to visit you.

Is there a world either in the Federation or another that has a race of beings similar to the Vulcans in the Star Trek series and movies?

Yes, of course there is Tom.  They were created in your stories to represent those that are already in existence elsewhere.  That’s part of the lore of these sci-fi movies and TV shows for you.  You will feel right at home when you see and visit the worlds depicted in your science fiction.  Again as you know, these stories are written by people who have experienced lives where they met creatures and beings from all over the universe.

What galaxy in this universe have you visited that was most interesting to you?

Yes, the sombrero galaxy would be one that was of very good interest with a large variety of beings Tom.  Each galaxy and each universe has it’s own differences, so when you visit each one, each has its own flavor if you will.  

What type of world was the last one you visited as a first contact?

Yes, a pleasant planet Tom, but quite different from earth.  It was a very dry, desert type planet and the beings were, shall we say, quite different from humanoids.  They were coming to the point in their evolution when we could introduce ourselves, but would still be considered much younger shall we say than earth residents.  Remember, we’ve been in contact with earth beings—of all different types, for hundreds of thousands of years Tom.  So we generally start at an earlier development stage than it would seem from your perspective.  

Were you part of a delegation or individual contact?

Yes, both Tom.  We like to make individual contacts, along with the more group or government or whatever their form of life might be, which has so many differences that it would be impossible to explain to you at this stage, but we’ll work on that in the future.

What is your specialty in these contacts?

Ah, after 800 lives on earth Tom, I do have a gift of gab so to speak, or an ability to work with a large number of different beings.  And those earth lives gave me the ability to make these contacts work and to solve any problems should they arise.


The following appearances are scheduled and you can sign up NOW by going to the Appearances section of the website:

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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore





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