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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.
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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


I have been chastised in the past week by subscribers to this newsletter who also receive the Messages From Matthew and did not appreciate the comments made by Theo last week.  Here are some of their messages:

ChastisedKathy writes:  Tom I have bought 2 of your books and daily say an MBO for clients as I am a realtor and nothing has happened but I have kept on trying I must be doing something wrong. Then when you trashed Suzy Ward I began to really doubt you and your true agenda.  I am sorry you did that, as a lightworker that I thought you were; we don't do that type of thing to others. I have followed Matthew for years and I believe what he says and I feel sorry for you and what you have done. It will be hard for me to believe anything you say from here on out.

Ron writes:  Subject: Attack on other channels
Mr. Moore, I have just read of an allegation, attributed to you and Theo, against another respected channel. If this is not true, I wish you well and I hope you will deny having done so. If it is true, I wish you to know that whatever credibility you and your source may have had, with me at least, and by extension, anyone I speak to, have been severely damaged. Credible sources, in my experience, NEVER comment on or censor other sources.

Again, sir, if these channelings were attributed to you falsely, please deny them and accept my well wishes.

Mary Ann writes:  I just read Steve Berkow's remarks about your comments in the last newsletter about Suzy Ward's channeling of Matthew. .  Do you agree with Steve's interpretation of what Theo told you? Suzy is under attack these days by forces that want to silence her and Matthew. I hope you haven't been used by them. Please let me know.

Then I received this email after I had already meditated this morning:

AshtarMariel writes:  I wish to personally thank you and your Guides for the article in your last newsletter that Suzy Ward has been "compromised" in her supposed channeling of Matthew. I have known this for awhile intuitively and it was confirmed to me by Cmdr. Ashtar, for whom I am a channel. I started to see Matthew supposedly saying things through channel that I KNEW to be false, so I checked with Ashtar. To a few of my friends who have followed Matthew "religiously," I tried to tell them they need to be EXTREMELY discerning with that source, as it has been compromised.  In return, I got a ton of "flack." So, I can only imagine what you are going through now with the long-time fans of Matthew. (I have read some of it online.)

One of my and Cmdr. Ashtar's huge "soapbox issues" is and has been DISCERNMENT, especially since there are SO MANY out there claiming to channel Ashtar, who really are not. Since I am part of Ashtar's soul family and have worked with and for him for eons, I KNOW his energy and can spot almost instantly when a supposed "channel" is using Ashtar's name to spout nonsense, instill fear or promote their own agenda.

It is sad to me and to Ashtar, as well, to see how many of the Lightworkers are being deceived now by false channelings and how many of them are not even willing to examine the dynamics of how somebody with an "agenda" can insert disinformation into an otherwise true set of information, in order to have the deliberate disinformation accepted as Truth. Ashtar's instruction to me is that if somebody asks me about a particular channeling and I know it to be deceptive, then I must tell them the Truth as I see it. This I have done and this has not been appreciated in many cases, but tell the Truth I must, as I know it is with you.

Thanks for being and remaining to be a Teller of Truth!

So here is what I asked Theo on Thursday morning:

Theo, did I receive you correctly about the Messages from Matthew Suzy is receiving?  

MeditationYes, Tom, you did receive me fairly correctly.  When you receive these “thought packets” as we call them, they are interpreted by your won belief system, and as you have told people before Tom, ten people can ask the same question of their own GA’s and receive ten different answers.  That said, you did have an opinion already regarding the messages she was receiving which had been sent to you by your readers.  She is greatly influenced at the present time so that her messages do not always come from her son.  That is a fact, however hard it may be to accept this.  Suzy is a lovely human Tom, and does her best to pass these messages along just as you do. 

But my point that I wished to make when communicating with you before was that anyone’s reception can be corrupted if you do not take steps to insure you receive them properly, which is why I recommended requesting MBO’s as you do before communicating with us to receive these messages solely from your own GA, or other beings on a higher vibrational level.  I realize you stirred up a hornet’s nest when you published the comments I made, and as your readers will see, normally I allow each to make his own decisions.  And that still goes for those who wish to embrace the messages that Suzy receives. 

But EQUALLY IMPORTANT, as tens of thousands of people begin doing their own communications with spirit in the future Tom, is to do it with protection, or there will be great problems in reception.  So I think my ability to see in your future and to see how many people will begin to experiment with communicating themselves, outweighed the ruffling of feathers.  In the future—and I’m talking about yes up to 200 years here, everyone will meditate, as you will be at a higher vibrational level.  We on this side want everyone to begin to do it correctly from the very start so that you will have success.  That’s all for now Tom. 


Wave PowerChrissy in Brisbane, Australia writes:  I have been reading your latest newsletter which is full of terrific information. Thanks so much
Someone was asking about wind velocity, which raised a question in my mind. After listening to Kryon recently, he mentioned something about hydro power and the power of the waves being used to make electricity. So I think we should ask the question about that – will man use hydro power and solar power more than oil/petroleum? How nice would it be to use something that occurs naturally, without pollution and that has no side effects to the planet??? I guess we all have to get past the fact that the large corporations just want to suck us dry and charge us big $’s for the use of oil etc. So will we get to the point of cars/vehicles, even trucks, trains and buses, using natural energy to power the vehicles causing less pollution in our life time? Again I want to know if I will see it in my life time as I like to think that we are becoming more civilised and think more about the effects on the land and on people. Something for which to strive.
Also, with the rising of the waters around the globe, apart from it meaning that people will move further inland, does that mean that many islands or parts of the islands will end up under water and uninhabitable? Places like Fiji, Samoa, Noumea, some of the atolls? Basically, will new islands appear or are those smaller ones that we can see on Google Maps, likely to disappear?

TeslaGaia, will wave power be developed as an energy source in the near future?

No Tom, it will not be developed as well or as fast as other sources of electrical power for you.  There are some innovations coming quite soon that will give you cheap energy, without depleting my resources. 

So you’ve said before that wind power will not be as efficient as what’s coming. 

Yes, that’s correct Tom.  These are all interim solutions, but the big breakthrough in energy will naturally be with the development of magnetics.  That is a free energy source, which will not require the heavy expenditure of funds to develop and run as does wave power and even wind power.  Both are inefficient in comparison to magnetics.  And your scientists are on the verge of discovery as to how this works. 

Gaia has said previously that many low-lying islands will disappear as the waters rise two feet in the next four or five years.


OilNorman writes:  I was watching a new show on the BP oil spill and I was once again reminded of a theory I have that oil is really Gaia's blood. it is actually reddish in its natural color and not black as we may expect. Can you get a conformation from Gaia on this, that oil is really her blood?

Gaia, while I’m on energy someone asked if oil is considered your blood and I’ll add in magma, or are those simply 3D thinking?

Yes, Tom, it is much more a 3rd dimensional view that would equate those with your blood.  The old saying of “apples and oranges” would be the best I could relate.  Both of those substances I use in my interior to achieve certain things, but neither would be considered my life blood.  They are simply elements, which can be used by humans in this earth experiment as you reinvent energy sources and will find new ways of using them.  You are after all Tom, as I remind your readers, the Explorer Race and make up the earth experiment. 


She asked me to change her name so Veronica writes:  I come to you and Theo now with a question that MBOs, prayers and lots of meditation can't seem to cut the quiet confusion around me and sadly, in me.

PhilippinesI write to you from the Philippines.  The Philippines has had earthquakes (thankfully not the likes of Japan) and our volcanoes have been quite active almost everyday.

My question/s to you and Theo:  Are these "small" earthquakes and volcanic eruptions leading to the "big one"?  Will the Philippines experience the likes of Japan's earthquake? Or will our volcanoes repeat the Mt. Pinatubo explosion?

Gaia, will the Philippines experience one or more large earthquakes in the near future and please comment on volcanoes erupting there too.

Yes, Tom.  The Philippines will experience some very large earthquakes, accompanied by many aftershocks in the not too distant future—over six months shall we say.  These islands lie over a very active plate system and pressure has been building in that region for some time.  And with that will come some eruptions of active and even a dormant volcano or two. 

For those of you reading this in Japan, the Philippines and Puerto Rico, go to my website and click on EARTHQUAKE INFO for a list of the top 20 things to have on hand


Tibetan CaveJoyce writes:  I have been watching the seismic waves and seen the patterns from time to time.  I had not heard of these new earth sounds before.  Would Gaia be willing to tell us what all this means?

Your work is so very special, thank you for all you do.

Gaia, what are the sounds emanating out of the caves in Tibet?

Yes, an interesting series of sounds is it not?    You might call it my breath, but actually the sounds you hear are developed naturally by the air but also by the vibrations of the caves themselves.  Yes, you are having a little problem with reception here Tom.  There is a vibration caused by both air and the composition of the minerals in the caves. 


Sun GazingFrank writes:  With all the radiation in the pacific, oil in the gulf, GMO foods, and food shortages world wide what does Theo think of living on light?  And please specify BOTH: Sungazing and Most Importantly Manna Production from the Pleiadians, brought to us through Christine Day of Frequencies of Brilliance?

It would seem that it would end a lot of wrongs and help us gain a certain sovereignty.  However, I know we all have contracts for our life experience.

Gaia, what is your opinion of living on light—sun-gazing and Mana production?

Both require much study Tom, and are mostly taken up by yogis who can devote their whole lives to this.  It is not for the average person, but I understand some will try and that’s their choice.  If they do I recommend certain precautions and it should be done in the company of those that are quite knowledgeable about the practices.


WiccaSam writes:  Tom thank you for asking the questions for me. Your articles and books have changed my way of looking at life. I was always inclined to do good things, although not always successful. After reading your articles and book I have made this a purpose in my life.

In the Wiccan religion there are witches who claim to have psychic powers, and the ability to cast spells both good and bad. Some claim to be decedents of a long line of witches. Is this ability real or fake, and can it be developed with study and meditation as was mentioned in a previous article about a person who gained the ability to levitate.

One additional question, if a soul fragment had this supernatural ability in a previous life can those abilities or skills be used in this life to start a religion or belief system or effect the current timeline?

As you have said souls can develop Karma as they live a life on earth, which has to be settled in a future life. If this karma is developed in the first half of a person’s life on earth could it be settled in the second half of his life on Earth?

As an example, is someone who is extremely homophobic towards gays/lesbian or other individuals who express themselves differently than the standard stereotype to the point where they do bad things and develop bad karma, can they then settle this karma by becoming gay or a cross dresser in the later part of this life?

If an artificial human like life form is created using robotic technology, no living tissues, will these being be ensouled?

Theo, can Wiccan witches cast spells, and is it similar to the way an apprentice Shaman studies? 

Certainly there are certain things a Wiccan witch can do.  Most people attracted to these arts have good hearts.  They use herbs and spices perhaps much more than say your average Shaman, who uses various hand gestures, chants, and other spiritual rituals to achieve what they have in mind. 

The Wiccans have been corrupted somewhat in their studies over the centuries, so they do not have the power that was available to them several hundred years ago.  Those that follow their heart are able to achieve more than those of say lesser vibration.

JesusCan knowledge from a past life be used to start a new religion or belief system or affect the present timeline?

Certainly there are many examples of this Tom.  From Jesus having lives in preparation for his great contribution, to the Dalai Lama always incarnating to carry on the work for his people, to you reintroducing people to The Gentle Way which dates back, as we have noted before, to your days in Atlantis.  Great people who create these things don’t just happen on a whim.  They have a buildup, sometimes over many centuries.  It all depends upon one’s soul path or contract you see. 

I’ll answer the last two questions, based on previous conversations with Theo.  Balancing can be done at any time, but often there must be balancing in another life, depending upon the transgression.  Even if someone is executed for murdering another person, that does not take him off the hook for balancing the act in another life or lives.  Saying the Daily Benevolent Prayer does help a lot Theo says.  If the person continually humiliated those he or she think “different” or “weird,” even taking on that persona in later life might not completely balance.  I think Theo would say there are thousands of different answers to this question. 

It’s my understanding that robots will not be ensouled—only androids. 


Atlantis CrystalsJackie writes:  I finally read the Atlantis series from 2008 and then searched for my questions but didn't see them addressed. I know I'm more science focused, which may be why the question hasn't come up (that I saw) but perhaps you can ask Theo about this when you have the chance? As they are separate topics, I have no problem with them being broken up and covered at different times, though they are in order of interest to me. They are just what came to mind as I read through things today.

1. When I was reading about Crystals being used for so much in Atlantis I was excited. Is it possible to regain the benevolent knowledge of crystal power (rather than their use to harm)? Also, at one point Theo said that those former Atlantians feel a fear toward crystals, due to their bad experiences of the power being misused then. If I don't appear to feel that fear, does it mean I didn't have lives in Atlantis? Or is it a fear I have moved beyond as I grow spiritually?

2. I'm trying to reconcile my understanding of evolution with the idea of races being planted here and then tweaked. I believe the two ideas can coexist, but going beyond that leaves me rather confused. Can Gaia or Theo shed light on human origins? Using DNA we can see similarities between human, neanderthal, as well as other animals. Is this all due to genetic tweaking? It's hard to believe that it is.

3. If the Atlantians and Lumerians were so advanced technologically, why haven't we found traces of this tech? Or have we? In my minimal studies of geology and archeology I never heard of anything from that time period besides clay, stone, and eventually metal work. Nothing that suggests far more advanced civilization. Is it being withheld from us, or just not discovered for some reason?

AtlantisThank you so very much. I had a reading from friends yesterday where they pulled two cards: lightning (power) and revelation. They see me coming into my power more and more, especially with new information/understanding being revealed to me. I believe your writing (and the information from Theo and Gaia) is a major catalyst for whatever is coming my way. I'm so appreciative!

Theo, will we regain knowledge of crystal power to be used in a benevolent manner?

Yes, Tom.  This knowledge will be slowly filtered down, but there will be other energies, which will be even better for your purposes.  But certainly you are recovering your knowledge of how crystals served you in the past.

Please shed a little more light on human origins.

We could write a book on just this one question Tom.  As I have stated before, several of the ET civilizations combined to give you your DNA after much experimentation with all sorts of bodies.  This went on for many thousands of years your time, but keep in mind they had the ability to jump from one time to farther in the future to see how these creations developed and were able to handle themselves.  So much tweaking went on for centuries and centuries.  They did this in consultation with their spiritual advisors who were told by the Creator what it wanted to accomplish, and when the Creator of the Universe comes calling, you listen, and when he asks you to do something, certainly you have the option of not doing it, but you do as the Creator requests. 

Why are there not more traces of Atlantean technology?  Is it being withheld?

Not really Tom.  Keep in mind that this continent existed over 12,000 years ago, and look at what it takes to excavate towns and villages that existed only 3,000 years ago as you have been watching on NOVA.  Everything gets covered in dirt over centuries, so much is hidden below the surface of the earth.  But a few remnants of their civilization are starting to appear, such as the one we have discussed previously in the marshlands of Portugal.  There will be more discoveries, but most will never be found. 

Down at the bottom of this newsletter you can find under the SERIES heading the list of newsletters where I asked about Atlantis.  Then just go to the website, click on ARTICLES & NEWS and find the newsletters, which are all archived there.


Baja California(4/21/11) Gaia, there were a swarm of earthquakes in Baja, California today.  Will they have a large earthquake soon, or are these just your typical movements?

More on the side of normal movements Tom.  I have no plans at the moment for a major movement in this area.  That said, there will probably be one in the future, but only with your souls’ approval I might add.  They know they need to have this event, but it was not approved shall we say. 

So is there going to be any movements—large ones I’m speaking of—in Southern California?

Not at the present Tom, but stay tuned as you like to say.

You also have no plans to move the New Madrid fault anytime soon do you?

No, another place that needs to move, but will not for the present Tom. 


GhostDiane writes:  I got to thinking the other day about Ghosts!  Why do spirits, ghost walk around, haunt houses and don't seem to find peace?
What will happen to them when we go through the next shift?  Will they find peace?  Will they leave and go where they need to go?
The change that will happen how will people who seem to be "behind" and have no clue to Gaia, or spirit guides will react?  Do they go on still with their day to day existence?  Will they care or change?

Theo has discussed in the past that ghosts in houses are usually “imprints” from the past.

Theo, what will happen to the spirits that hang around houses after the shift.  As I recall they are sort of imprints, so will the imprints continue?

Good question Tom.  Yes, these imprints will remain for the foreseeable future, as they were imprinted by strong actions or events shall we call them. 

Theo has previously said that there will be millions, if not billions of people on earth who will know nothing of the shift to the fifth focus.  AFTER it happens they will slowly see their lives become easier and with less conflicts. 


Annette writes:  During a meditation, I was given a vision and guided to a Katchina. I was told that I am from Cloud Katchina Family, a Hopi belief of Star Beings.
Could you ask Theo to explain the Katchina, Star Beings and Guides as they relate to each other and us?

Theo, who or what is the Katchina Cloud Family?

Yes, a separate group of souls Tom, which acts as guides for certain peoples.  They are benevolent in nature. 


SowetoDonna writes:  I very rarely remember dreams, but the one the other night  I did remember.   It seemed to be near my waking stage, I dreamed I was in the Soweto Massacre, and though I wasn't killed I was very damaged.

When I was awake I thought why "Soweto".  I've heard the name but never gave it a thought so I googled it and it apparently happened in 1976.  So I thought it can't be past life because I was here.  So my question is, would it be a soul fragment or someone contacting me from this time?

Theo, why did Donna dream of the 1976 Soweto Massacre as it was called?

Yes, We have discussed the aspect of lives happening at the same time, and I have mentioned that they rarely cross paths.  This is a very good example Tom of just that.  She, or he died in that event.  Then she incarnated at a slightly earlier time for this life.  Again, because time is an illusion for you, it is possible to have two lives going on at the same moment in time.  It can also give your soul the opportunity to experience the same event from two completely different points of view.


Jude writes:  I want to thank you for your newsletters I read them every week and also read your book.  They are very helpful.

Could you please ask Theo about Elizabeth Clare Prophet's book "Fallen Angels". She says that these fallen angels that have taken human bodies to destroy the Sons and Daughters of Gods is this true. Also in the bible I read that Jesus use to cast out evil spirits from people.  Thank you for the service you are giving to us with your channelings.

Theo, were there actually Fallen Angels who took over human bodies to destroy the sons and daughters of Gods?

There is a kernel of truth to this Tom, but overall it is mostly legend.  This story is meant for a certain group of people with a certain belief system.  Therefore each must decide whether this story has merit to them or not. 

Did Jesus cast out “evil spirits” from people?

SalomeYes, Tom, he was quite capable of exorcizing spirits that attach themselves to people, even in his day.  Nowadays it can mostly be done through MBO requests, but as you have noticed there are times when I have advised someone to call in the Cosmic Cops as we have called them if someone has attracted these low level vibrational beings. 

Theo, while on the subject of Jesus, why was I allowed to incarnate as Salome, whom you said was one of Jesus’ female disciples; you have also said Jews incarnate again and again as Jews to act as the fulcrum?

Good question Tom.  You were allowed to, as it was known from a higher perspective that you would have many lives to carry on his teachings—at perhaps even as high or a higher level than his other disciples.  So there are always exceptions to rules you could say if there are long-range benefits to do so. 


UniverseTheo, how many universes had you visited and learned about before arriving here?

Good question Tom.   Yes, I visited literally hundreds of universes and had countless discussions, as you would term them with the creators of those universes.  You understand that visiting a universe and learning about it can be done on my level at the speed of light to use your analogy.  And yes there were some that I lingered on more than others to answer a question you were going to ask.  Some were simple creations and others even more complex than this universe Tom.  And that’s hard to give you that perception, as you have not explored this universe yet to see the many wondrous differences it has to offer you.  But visiting each one gave me more knowledge and understanding, and that is the best way to describe it in 3D terms. 

Did you do any other work before acting as our GA?

Yes, I did some work, which would be difficult, if not impossible to describe in 3D terms.  But most of my concentration was in learning about the differences in each universe. 

And finally, if you haven't seen the T-Mobile Royal Wedding, it's a must watch!


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, February 5, 2011.


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