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NewsletterWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


EwokInteresting comment from Gaia on dreams in one of my sessions this week. She said I could request an MBO to not be scared of any beings I see in my dreams, as I have been told repeatedly that we all go to other worlds at times to help solve problems for other societies. But, in our dream state, they are converted to humans since we would be frightened of many of the different types of beings we assist. So I pass this along if you wish to request a similar MBO as I bet we’ll see some really interesting beings in our dream state.

It appears we’re still headed to Eastern Ukraine separating and become somehow affiliated with Russia, as we were told several weeks ago. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


I'll call him Norm writes: What historical event will occur on the “four successive 'blood-red' eclipses”?Blood Red Moon

Gaia, will there be anything special to occur after four blood red moons?

No, Tom, this is an old wives tale. Certainly I am continuing the movement I ramped up, shall we say, along the west coast of the Ring of Fire. As you noticed yesterday, there were some larger earthquakes along this line.


Jesus Wife PapyrusDiane writes: I'm sure you heard about the “Jesus Wife” manuscript… Some say it’s false and others say it’s the real thing. OK, Theo, which is it? Real or fake?

Theo, is the “Jesus Wife” manuscript real, and if so what was it is discussing?

It is real, Tom, as has been determined already. They were discussing female disciples and it was being pointed out that Jesus’ own wife was a disciple.

Jesus and DisciplesBob writes: Tom: An Easter question that I don't think has been answered before. I understand that Jesus had a substitute on the Cross. Why? He could easily have died and resurrected as the traditional belief holds. I don't get it. Your source's insight is appreciated. Thank you, once again, for your consideration.

Theo, why did Jesus have a substitute on the cross as he was seemingly quite capable of resurrection?

True, Tom, but there was a variety of reasons. Pontius Pilot did not want a martyr for the Jews at that time. And then there was the practice of leaving the corpses up on the crosses until they were rotted and eaten by animals. Quite a grisly sight to anyone who could view them. Had they taken his body down for burial they could have been arrested. Instead, he was instructed to leave and not come back. And that brings us to material we have already covered where he and his family traveled to India and back before leaving for France.

If you wish to read more about what I’ve received about Jesus, in the SERIES section at the bottom of this newsletter you’ll see all the newsletters listed containing information I’ve received.


Mike writes: Surely this isn't the "free energy" we're waiting for, but perhaps one of the baby steps in between then and now...

Fuel from SeawaterGaia, are there any dangers to earth from extracting CO2 and Hydrogen from seawater?

No, Tom, at the present time, extracting those two from seawater will not appreciably harm me. Certainly, if billions of cars, as an example, were converting seawater to power, the cars, then, yes, that would be a problem, but with this limited use, it will not be. And to answer the question forming in your mind, there will be other, better free energy devices soon to arrive so that this will be a moot point.

Still, in your explorations of this solar system this knowledge might come in handy one day. This is another on a long list of ways to generate power, just as you discovered thousands of years ago on the Atlantean continent where they used crystals to power everything. This, too, will be rediscovered in the not-too-distant future, and will remain one of the ways to power or generate electricity.

So, to summarize, don’t worry about this method as long as it stays limited in its use.


Helen writes: I thought the fifth focus would be a more benevolent life for us all. Please explain why some souls would not be ready for an easier life? Would these souls have their next life in the “past” where it was still the third focus to continue their learning?

If the areas that are to be hit hard are areas where souls are not yet ready for lives in the fifth focus, then would these areas be places where, currently, there is a massive amount of suffering happening on a soul level? If this assumption is correct then, if an enlightened human is able to pick up on that, can that person know where the catastrophic events take place?

Reincarnation CycleI know that we are not supposed to know where these events would take place, but I was just wondering if such an enlightened person would have that capability to “zero in” on the sufferings of souls in a concentrated area (and therefore avoid that area)?

Theo, am I correct in understanding that soul fragments can jump back and forth with lives both in the third and fifth focus for the soul’s learning?

Yes, you mostly have it, Tom. It does not matter where your particular life is now. It could be in the 4500 era and the next life could be 1820. It all depends upon what you need to learn. Keep in mind, Tom, that all of your lives are taking place at the same time, even though they seem to go sequentially. Even the circumstances of those lives can change drastically between one to the next.

Theo, are we able to energetically pick up on a geographical area where there is suffering or has been suffering, and should we stay away from those areas?

Tom, I know you are thinking about places such as in the American Civil War at places like Gettysburg where thousands of soldiers died in a short period of time.

A person who is really sensitive would not be able to stay in that area very long as their body would begin to overload with images, feelings, fear. Most people are not able to pick up these energy imprints.

But all of you can send white light to these areas where you know great battles have been fought which will assist the land to release these energy imprints. So, you see, there is something each of you can do to assist Gaia.

Not covered above is that if you need to experience a catastrophe somewhere, or a battle, then it’s you GAs job to have you in the right place at the right time.


Theo, explain the metaphor “soup” where I assume you and other whole souls reside. Energy

Yes, it almost has to remain a metaphor, Tom, as it is difficult to understand in 3D or 5D. There is a group energy we all exist in where we are all interconnected. No earthly description can adequately describe this energy field, except to say it is pure love.


Gaia, was the continent of Atlantis sort of long, ending in a tail similar to South America?

Yes, that is a reasonable description of the continent before the second destruction, Tom. It was thicker towards the northern end of the Continent just as South America is today. You may notice that Africa has a slightly similar appearance.

Atlantis DestructionThese questions came from Helen:

Theo, describe the time period 200 years before the sinking of the last islands of the Atlantean continent.

Chaotic would be the best description, Tom. The Law of One and Sons of Belial were at each other’s throats. There were also a number of earthquakes rumbling things.

Did I have anyone following the Gentle Way on the Sons of Belial-controlled islands?

Yes, a few that had learned about it through friends and neighbors. They had to practice it at a lower key so as not to incur the wrath of the radicals.

I had decided to leave, I understand, due to all this turmoil. Was I actually aware that the islands’ days were numbered, or did I just wish to escape all the fighting?

Nile RiverYou were told in your meditations, Tom, that Atlantis’ days were numbered so you began a search for the best place to resettle. What are now Portugal and France was considered, but there were native peoples already which would have created conflicts over the land. Then you turned your attention to a much less settled area, but still at that time very verdant—the African coast. There were smaller villages and towns in that area, but there seemed to be plenty of room.

Then Adama showed up to take you there for a scouting trip and that’s when you made your decision. Then it was a matter of logistics and Antura, who was a member of your staff, greatly assisted.

How many months or years did it take to plan the move, inform every one of my plans, and to give a deadline on making the decision to leave or not?

Yes, it took many months and actually a couple of years. After all, you had to notify around a million people of your plans and they had to decide whether to join you or not. For many, it was a difficult decision because their families did not share the same beliefs as they did, and were all wrapped up supporting one side or the other.

How did I relay the message to all the Gentle Way group?

It was fairly simple at that time. There were several modes of communication, just as there are today, and you used all of them to announce the move.

Was this publicly known to those who were not followers?

Yes, and there was some animosity as you can imagine since they felt you were abandoning the fight. On the other hand, there were many who said “good riddance” so they could take over the houses and dwellings and anything else left behind. There were what are called “fire sales” in modern times.

Nile RiverDid I have a family and did they all go with me?

Yes, you did have a family, Tom, and, yes, they all migrated with you, with the exception of a few more remote relations.

Did Antura travel with me when Adama took me on the scouting trip?

Yes, he was by your side as you wished to have his input.

The “things” were long gone by that time period, were they not?

Quite so, by literally thousands of years. It is hard for people in this day and time, where you only have records going back about 6,000 years, to understand that the Atlantean people existed and flourished for over 50,000 years before they destroyed themselves. This is a LONG time, Tom. As I have mentioned before, there are some scientific developments you have not yet achieved, although there are others where you have already passed them by.


Virgil writes: I've been reading Gerald R Clark's, and Chris Hardy's books on how the Anunnaki of Nibiru more or less engineered some humans for their mining work here long ago, and much of it seems reasonably valid.

MineWhat I don't understand is, how does this relate to the Earth Experiment in which the different races created by the various star systems were located in separate portions of the earth? The authors who talk about the Anunnaki creating some humans don't seem to take into account the placement of other races on the earth. Is this because they're talking about different portions of earth's history which doesn't coincide, or are the Anunnaki authors simply ignoring the way the other races were placed on earth?

Any information your resources might have to help clarify this would be appreciated. I find it very puzzling.

Theo, were the five races placed on earth prior to the Nibiruans arriving, or did they create a race themselves to dig gold or whatever in their mines?

No, Tom. They did not create a race. They were already present and in fairly large numbers when they arrived. These were simple tribal-type people and they easily subjugated them to Slave Minerswork in their mines.

How long did this go on?

Several hundred earth years, Tom. This is why they are on probation with the Federation.

And they fought amongst themselves too?

Quite correct, Tom. And with nuclear-type weapons. They wiped out thousands of humans.


For my new subscribers, Antura is an ET who was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. I’m told he’s a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls it, and has already had 800 lives on earth. He’s an amphibian living on a water planet in the Sirius B solar system, which has over 20 inhabited planets. He’s part of a “first contact” team that visits planets typically several thousand years before they develop space travel.

First Contact Front CoverIn my book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, he relates how they visited a desert planet inhabited by intelligent sloth-type beings, and also the universe next door to ours to see how different it was (he said it was REALLY different!). He’ll be coming to see us in 2017 on one of those big motherships with a crew of 850. I’m supposed to film a documentary on board, so we’ll see if that comes about.

Jean Marie writes: What is that light, Tom?

Antura, the Mars Rover supposedly photographed a light emanating from the surface. I’ll stand aside and let you explain this one to me.

Yes, there was a light there, Tom. How it was generated will remain a mystery for a while as I have been asked not to spill the beans, shall we say.

Not fair! Oh well.

This question came from Helen.

Antura, during the star wars, wasn’t there a fear of being killed? And whatever happened to those billions of souls whose physical bodies died during that conflict?

Exploding PlanetExcellent questions, Tom. Yes, there were many intelligent beings who were aware of the war and those, who were especially vulnerable to attack, lived in constant fear.

When their star systems were blown up and destroyed, and, yes, there was more than one, Tom, they regrouped, shall we say, and were assisted to find other similar planets to reestablish their race. Naturally, not being veiled, that experience left a permanent scar on their psyches. The Explorer Race will one day encounter these people and will be able to assist them in ways you have not discovered yet. That is what I’m told, Tom, as I have no idea how you will help them.

That’s an interesting answer. Here is another service we will perform when we go to the stars—somehow helping those beings whose souls were scarred by the star wars.

Raphael writes: Hi, Tom, Check out:

UFOsAntura, was that a spaceship over Los Angeles March 31 or another light?

Yes, it was Tom. It gave just enough hint for those people interested in UFOs to pick up on it. Naturally, there will be those who will say it was just a passenger plane, but it was not.

Daralyn writes: I have seen a couple of news items on Facebook regarding the Mexican government being willing to disclose evidence of past ET involvement. This link is from one of those. I wonder if they could be a likely country to come forward if Russia keeps on hesitating. Could you please ask about it?

Antura, how will Mexico fit into the disclosure scenario where you say the Russians will be first to open their files?

Yes, it will still be another Eastern European nation who is simply waiting on the Russians, but Mexico will play a part as they are much more open-minded than their neighbors to the north. So, Mexico will be one of the next countries as you have noticed we have been providing them with many flybys.

These questions came from Mantej.

Slane EstateAntura, in 1955 did a scout craft land on Lord Mountbatten’s estate, and if so was it a Federation ship?

Yes, those stories are true, Tom. It was another in a series of contacts with government and influential people. And it was a Federation ship, Tom.

What were the results of the visit?

Not as much as was hoped. He was quite reluctant to proceed and had his doubts as to whether these people were somehow out to subjugate the British citizens. After all, the country not too long before had to fight off the Germans, and now here were these people from outer space saying they would like to have more contact with the UK leaders. The Federation people were passed on to the military people who eventually established a secret section at one of the military bases. This was not what we hoped, but we worked within those parameters.

Lord MountbattenWhen will the Russians announce they will be meeting publicly with the Pleiadians? Months in advance, or just before it occurs, or not until after?

It will be more after the fact, Tom, as they will not want to have issues with crowds coming to look. They will just have the press at their space facility.

When the Pleiadians come, I would assume that each country might be shown some sort of video on the unknown history of their country?

Yes, that will be included, Tom, after several videos have been released on world history during the Russian visit. It will, shall I say, keep the press focused on the visits.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last Saturday in my weekly blog, which you can sign up to receive. Go to to read all of the stories.

Jessica writes: My son injured his foot while playing basketball. It was swollen, red, and bruised. I was almost certain that there was a good chance of a fracture or something torn, but he could put pressure on it while walking, so I hesitated to take him to the ER. (FYI - I’m in healthcare.) I asked him to request an MBO from his GA to assist Boy's Swollen Foothim in the healing of his foot and to return him to good health, and he did. No ice, and no painkillers only an MBO request. He went to bed and, wouldn't you know, when he woke up in the morning, the swelling and redness were completely gone, and the bruising was to a minimum. My son said his foot felt fine! Thank you GAs!

My friend had to put her dog of 12 years down a few weeks ago. This was her baby and I knew it was going to be one of the worst days of her life. I requested a BP for her and her dog before I arrived at the vet. I also said an MBO requesting my GA to give me the strength to be there for my friend during this hard time. I'm a pet lover and I'm saying this in the most respectful way. Instead of this being a "death" in the family, this was a day of celebration and remembrance. We felt love, peace, and warmth in the room while her dog passed and it continued for the rest of the day. Although there were tears, this day wasn't as bad as what it could have been. Thank you, GAs!

I got a letter from my car insurance company saying they were not renewing my auto insurance due to failure to provide renewal classification. I requested an MBO for me to be able to get new insurance and that the process be fast and simple and benevolent for everyone. Not only did I get approved for new insurance with a different company, my new premium dropped and is $100 less a month. Thank you, GA!


PlumberCarol writes: My rental condo had a sewage leak and water went all over the bathroom and in a second bathroom and part of the hall. When my tenants called that they had a sewage leak, the first thing I did was request an MBO. The plumber came and said in order to clear everything, a clean out line would have to be installed as we were too far from the main sewer line to access it.

My tenant felt they could have used a clean out line they found in a closet, which they insisted on enlarging from three inches to four inches. They also had to jackhammer out a closet floor and dig to the sewer line. Turned out my tenant was right, the plumbing company manager came out the next day and refunded my total bill of $3000. I was so happy, my guardian angel Anthony was certainly looking out for my best interests!


Theo, in 3400 you have previously said that all earth people would have blended together and would have a chocolate brown skin appearance, but we did not cover to the best of my recollection eyes and nose.

BoyYes, Tom, as you can imagine, with so many Chinese people to blend in with, earth people will have pleasing, somewhat slanted eyes, but not nearly as much as, say, your typical Chinese person today. And your noses will be slightly less prominent than today, again a softer molding of your facial structure.

What about height?

Yes, taller than today’s average, Tom. Everyone will eat a balanced diet by then, so there will be a little variation, but average heights will be around six feet or so.

Will that be for both men and women?

Actually yes, Tom. The earth has many taller women today and this trend will continue in the next few hundred years.

So, would you say the range will be between six feet and, say, seven feet tall on average?

There you have it—in that range, Tom. Slim bodies and tall in stature—your average earth human.


OzarksLaura writes: I have a video. I have heard about the other underground compounds over the years. Jesse Ventura reported about the situation in his television show last year. Why it is happening is speculative. But the digging, earthquakes, building and banks are fact. The who is believed to be Illuminati and the why is unknown.

Theo, what is the purpose of the huge underground complex in the Ozarks?

Yes, Tom, a whole city, as was speculated, could be fitted underground. It was all part of the belief that another nuclear war would happen some day. When you have a lot of money, you can spend it on whatever you believe. It will one day be a monument to wasted spending, and it will be noted how many starving children could have been fed with the money spent there.


Brigid writes: Something that's caused quite a shock in the UK news is the death of Peaches Geldof, Bob Geldof's Peaches Geldofdaughter, at only 26. Of course, there are the stories of how she was involved with Satanism, the OTO, etc., but what is really behind her death, since there seems to be no conclusive evidence? Thank you.

Theo, how did Peaches Geldof die?

Yes, an overdose I regret to say, Tom.


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