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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.
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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Obama & BidenKathy writes:  Thank you Tom for using your wonderful gift for the great good. I read this Newsletter and realize that we have been taught and told so many things that are no true. You have helped us to understand it was at troubling times that people needed this guidance. I have learned to be a better person because of the Bible and now you have shown us more of teaching that makes us grow more. The more I read the more fascinated I become.

Now I have a question about Obama. Do you see him doing another term and helping us move into the new dimension. I see a lot of crazy things out of control. I was wondering if this is how it is going to be.

Theo, what are the probabilities of Obama being elected for a second term?

Yes, much higher than you can suppose or project right now Tom.  As you may have noticed, the Republicans really do not have anyone with the intellectual capacity to go head to head with Mr. Obama in any sort of debate.    The Republican candidates will appeal to too small a portion of their party and this will cause them great problems with the general public as they study who they think will do the best job in Washington. 

Therefore I would say at this juncture there is certainly over an 80% probability of him being elected for his second term.  Certainly he and his party have made some mistakes, but the give and take of government will correct these mistakes as he finds compromise with the other party. 

Eleanore wrote to ask me if Vice President Joe Biden would again be President Obama’s running mate.

Theo, what are the probabilities of Joe Biden again being the running mate of President Obama?

Quite high Tom—certainly well over 80 to 90%.  He serves his purpose as a voracious speaker that will hit the campaign trail and deflect or respond to criticism aimed at the President.  This has been done many times in the past, I assure you.  So yes, all probabilities point to him again running as the vice president alongside Mr. Obama. 


Rome ForumLina on Facebook writes:  On the internet there is news that in Italy  and in Rome on May 11 there will be an earthquake. You can ask Theo Gaia or if it is true the news?  Thank you so much for all your wonderful work you do for humanity and the earth.

Gaia, is there any truth to the rumor that Italy will experience a strong earthquake around May 11?

No Tom, there is no truth to this rumor—it is only that.  Certainly Italy will continue at times to have some movement, but at this time I have no plans for a major movement, nor have I been requested to do so by the inhabitants.    So it is only that, a rumor perpetuated by those who wish to create fear and stress, yes. 


Gaia, there is a persistent rumor that Japan will experience such strong earthquakes in the next round, shall I call it-- that half of the Honshu island will fall into the sea.  Please comment.

Tokyo MapYes, Tom.  Again speculation by those who wish to put fear into the hearts of the population.  As I have said before, there will be major earthquakes, which will begin around the same location as the 9.0 quake, but this time it will cause the fault line near Tokyo to rupture and there will be significant quakes all down to the south and somewhat to the north as you have seen.  These quakes will not be at the level of the 9.0 earthquake, but certainly well above 7.0 which will cause a great deal of destruction—and this is all part of the soul contracts of those who chose to live in Japan either by birth or moved there. 

That said, the island or the greater part of it will not fall into the ocean at this time.  There will be widespread devastation, including more damage to other nuclear reactors, but we have covered that before.  But very little land will drop into the sea.  I would highly recommend that those who choose to live in Japan stock up on supplies now.  Notice how hard it is even a month past the 9.0 quake to have sufficient water and food, plus clothing and other necessities.  So a word to the wise, prepare. 


Lake HuronCarol in Canada writes:  Lake Huron on the Canadian side is extremely this year. There was a sink hole discovered in Lake St. Clair. Is the water from Lake Huron going there?

Gaia, why is the Lake Level of Lake Huron so low this year?

Yes, Tom a combination of factors.  It is not due to a sinkhole, as was speculated.  I will leave it up to the scientists to discover the reasons, but yes I will give a little hint.  Do check the water levels of the rivers and streams, which flow into this body of water.  You will find natural reasons for the low level of the lake Tom.    And do not be too concerned, as the level of this Lake will begin to rise with the runoff from the snow from this winter.


Wildfire in TexasGaia, 98% of Texas is in a drought this year.  Will this continue, or will there be a change in the flow of storms to alleviate this condition?

Yes, Tom, there will soon be a change for the better in this area, as you will receive some copious amounts of rains.  It will not be too long before I shift these weather patterns from the north farther to the south to encompass most of the area.  You will at times have even too much rain with the accompanied flooding, as per the soul contracts of those who choose to have this experience in their lives.  It has already been agreed to answer your next question.

On a personal note I think the weather is beginning to change.  I had my front fence, which we had just discussed about replacing two days before (it's old and was barely standing), blew down during a strong storm last night.  I'm glad I went out and said, "I welcome Gentle Rain" twice.  Could have been worse.


Mike writes:  I wonder if Gaia or Theo would like to comment on this...  Or is it just "something our scientists need to discover for themselves" ?

Earth DrillThe article focused on an ancient structure possibly found under the Antarctic ice and a vortex.

Gaia, has a large ancient building or complex of some type been discovered under the Antarctic ice by researchers down there?

Quite so Tom.  There is much truth to this story.  The old saying, you can’t keep a lid on such news would be true here.  You have previously been told that there is an ancient civilization you have never heard about buried under the ice.  This does predate Atlantis and Lemuria.  And yes, they are drilling to discover what in fact is below the surface.  So yes, there is truth in this rumor.  There will be many more secrets discovered under the ice.  In a way it is a time capsule of thousands of years ago when the continents were all one and had not divided. 

I signed off with Gaia, forgetting to ask about the vortex, so I asked Theo.

AntarcticaWas I receiving Gaia correctly about an ancient civilization being discovered under the ice of Antarctica?

Yes, Tom, you received the message perfectly.  There will be some exciting revelations as they can’t keep this story quiet.

I did forget to ask Gaia about a giant time vortex above Antarctica.  True or not?

No, that is not true Tom.  That is just a rumor, with no basis of fact I regret. 


WindfarmDavid writes:  I hope this find you doing well. I am wondering if you might ask Gaia, with all the forthcoming changes, adding in that with everything in a state of flux, and yet to be completely decided, if there are any plans to increase consistent wind velocities so that wind power might become a reliable energy source for the masses (on a localized basis)?

Gaia, do you have any plans to increase the average constant wind velocity so that wind power could become a valuable energy source?

No, not at this time Tom.  It is not needed.  The places where these wind power machines are set up normally have quite sufficient velocity of winds in order to produce electricity for the area.

You do understand that even more efficient ways to produce electrical energy will be put in place in a few years, as this is being studied and researched all over the planet in a race to see who can patent better forms of energy power.  There will be an explosion of ideas presented to the world in the coming few short years, which will allow you to rid yourself of dependence upon oil.  Wind power will not be as efficient as what is coming Tom.  That I can assure you.  As I told you back during the Gulf Oil Spill crisis, this was the impetus needed to force those in government to increase their involvement in this research.  So try and be a little patient and enjoy the announcements as they come. 


Gas Price SignDiane writes:  What will happen with the Oil?  Does Theo see the Oil prices going up even higher?

Theo, will the price of oil continue to rise?

Yes, it will for a while Tom.  The world is in too much of an uproar now, so those who invest in oil futures are jittery and that causes the market to rise.  Naturally there are those who are quite pleased with this as it means millions and yes billions of dollars and euros in their pockets. 

So how long do you see it continuing to rise?

Certainly until into the summer Tom.  Then it will start to ease off and slowly go down, but not very fast I might add.  By the fall it will stabilize, but this is a lesson for all those who use gasoline in driving to find ways to reduce their consumption Tom.  It can be done by driving less, carpooling yes, and certainly as you buy new cars and trucks find those with the highest levels of mileage, or yes hybrids will be extremely popular as they fly out of the car dealerships.  


Time CompressionLee writes:  I just wanted to share a successful contraction of time.  My son overslept and was running late for an appointment.  He had to catch a train, which left in 15 min from when he woke up.  We live 10 min away from the station by car and that's only if the traffic is flowing well with green lights etc.  In that 15 min he had to get dressed, washed up, eat and we had to get the car warmed up, and then drive there.  As soon as I realized what a seeming impossibility this was, I requested from my GA a contraction of time, that we would make the train without breaking any laws and arriving safely.  I said an MBO for me, as the driver, and a BP for my son to make the train with no fuss.  From that time on I made sure I didn't look at a clock. 

After an initial frenzied attitude, my son seemed to calm down, and even told me not to worry (which I wasn't). Every traffic light was green, and I stayed under the speed limit.  I dropped him off, and only then looked at the clock in my car.  We had made it with 4 minutes to spare.

Thanks Tom for sharing this technique.  I had total trust in the angels to assist me in getting him there on time.

Thanks again for bringing MBO's to our attention - I've got my daughter saying them now (you used her story about the lost diary in a previous blog). She says them to help her out in her work day.  She works in retail and she says MBO's to bring in lots of sales and pleasant customers.  She's pretty impressed with the results.

John writes and adds:  The contraction of time, or 'bending time", whichever way you think of it, really amazes people when they ask the angels for help with it. I did this once while going to the dentist, and I knew I could not get there on time, I asked to arrive at my appointment time, it was like 4:30 and then I didn't look at the clock in my car... and driving at a normal rate of speed got me to the dentist's office in record time... and as I pulled into the driveway in front of the office... my clock turned exactly to 4:30, it was if I arrived on time by some miracle... and to the second, I was

It also gives you an idea of how easy it is for the angels to manipulate our idea of time. Time to us is so constant and unwavering but in reality, it can be much more flexible than we think and the angels can change it, ever so easily. It does give you an idea of the enormous powers the angels have to change things in our lives.


WiccanSam writes:  I have been reading your newsletters for a few months now and find them very informative and enlightening. This is the first time I am asking a question as I usually come up with a question while driving and thinking about what you wrote, by the time I get home I have forgotten the question. Sort of like dreams if you do not write them down. So as I was thinking of the questions now at home and I decided to write you with the questions.  I have several questions, on completely different subjects:

In one of your articles you stated that the major world religions were seeded in different parts of the world about the same time. Is this also true of the Earth based religions such as Wiccan, Paganism, the beliefs of the Hopi Indians, and other non main stream religions? Are these earth based religions a carry over from past civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria?

There are many people in the world today, and as I understand it have existed in past times, who are transgendered, transsexual, cross dresser or identify as being borne with the wrong sex/genitals. My question is this: Are these people experiencing these feelings and living with this as part of their soul contract or was this a mix up at conception?  

Cross DressingIt also seems that some people do not experience the transgender feeling until they are older (50+). Is there any reason for this?

There have been many advances in the field of genetics and cloning of animals and humans. Will this science develop to the point that we will be able to create a human artificially in the future?

If we do create a human being artificially will it have a soul?

I have been requesting MBO’s for awhile now and have had good success, except for my MBO request to win some money in the lottery. I only request them for good things.  Thanks again for your newsletter and articles.

Theo, were the Paganism, Wiccan, and Indian Hopi beliefs created at the same time as the world religions, or were they leftovers from Atlantean and/or Lemurian times, or from another time completely?

AndroidGood question by your reader Tom.  No these belief systems were not created when the major religions were created and formed.  They really date back thousands of years even before Atlantis and Lemuria to a simple time when men and women were more in harmony with their environments and these simple people could see that the trees and plants and even rocks were embodied with spirit.    But, like all religions, they have been somewhat corrupted over time.    Those religions now days are not the same as they were much earlier in time.

Are transgendered, transsexual and cross-dressing part of soul contracts, and why are some people attracted to this after age 50?

Another good question Tom.  Yes, these are by soul contracts, as certainly it is known before birth there will be these choices as part of the souls learning you see.  In many cases the person has buried these feelings or interests and finally it comes to the surface later in life.  Your souls explore all types of beliefs and living Tom.  There is much to learn by these experiences.  Some are karmic related, but certainly not all.

Will humans be created artificially and ensouled?

Yes, that will come in the future, but on a very limited basis.  And yes these artificially created humans will be ensouled, as again there are many things to learn and can be learned by these humans.


Mars MissionDiane writes:  What will happen to our space program now that it’s about to be shut down?  How will we have more exploring ships going to the Moon or even Mars? Will it be private enterprise or will this be through Russia or China?

Theo, will we continue with the Mars program and how much will be done by the Russians and Chinese in the space evolution shall I call it?

Yes, the United States recognizes it must continue with the Mars program, although it will move quite slowly at times.  It will ask the international community for assistance and that will include the Russians and Chinese, along with a number of other countries.  Certainly there will be developments in the space programs of each of these countries themselves.  Competition breeds innovation and money to spend in this area.  Do not worry if it is first spent by the military. 

As you move into the 5th focus there will be less and less conflict and more just competition to invent and develop what is needed for these long voyages to other planets and eventually the stars.  You will be aided in small ways by your friendly ET’s who have assisted your governments in the past—it just has not been passed down to the public for the public knowledge yet. 


MatthewI received an email from Lillian this week forwarding a channeling by “Eve” from Matthew, who some of you know from his Messages from Matthew books and the newsletter his mother sends out.  Here is a link to the message from Eve:

In the channeling Matthew claimed that CIA telepaths were corrupting what was coming through his mother.  There have been at least two or three times in the past that I asked Theo about quite far out predictions given her by Matthew and was told that those channelings were for a specific group of people and intimated he had gone off the far end, so to speak.  So I asked Theo about this again.

Theo, read a channel by Matthew through Eve claiming that his mother and others were being manipulated by CIA telepaths.  Your comments please. 

There is a little truth to that claim Tom, but the reality is that this lady has been corrupted more by other spirits taking over than a CIA telepath.  But it was good to point out that people can be corrupted by outside interests or entities.  We protect you all the time Tom, as you have important work to do, which will become even more well known in the future. 

You have a strong will, which assists us and requesting MBO’s to receive the messages accurately certainly allows me to block any outside attempts to influence your reception.  All channels should do this before channeling, and many will in the future. 


EthiopiaSandy writes:  I have been meaning to write you and ask some questions for a while and keep getting sidetracked!

I always appreciate your newsletters.  I noticed a few weeks ago someone wrote about Ethiopia and wondering if these countries were all populated by young souls etc.  Having spent some time in Ethiopia for work and recently having traveled there, I had some questions about the history.  I have always felt a connection there and realize that at one time it had a very developed civilization.

Can you or Theo shed any light on the Queen of Sheba? There is a book written about her that is part of the heritage and a famous trip she made to visit king Solomon. Supposedly when she returned she was pregnant with a son - who became the first King - Menelek I. (This dynasty continued through Haile Selassee, who was the last of the lineage.) When Menelek was 20 - she sent him to Israel to know his father and when he returned to Ethiopia, Solomon sent representatives of each of the 12 tribes with him. 

Sheba & SolomonAmong them was the son of the high priest who stole the Ark of the Covenant, which I think Theo mentioned is still somewhere in Ethiopia today.  I actually visited Axum where the Ark is supposedly housed. Is it really there? or somewhere else? also do you know anything more about the Queen of Sheba?  After visiting I had the impression that the culture was an Earth Goddess culture and the patriarchal religions of Judaism and Christianity must have created a big change. Many of the early "rock churches" in the area appear to have been built where Goddess shrines existed. Was she affected by that?  Would like to hear your opinions on this fascinating part of history.

Theo, are countries like Ethiopia mostly populated by younger souls?

No, Tom.  There is a great mixture, as the old souls may be able to teach the younger souls—either in a Benevolent manner, or through love as one of the bad guys.  Each can learn a great deal from these lives.  All lives must balance may I remind your readers again Tom, and these third world nations as you call them can provide a place to balance and learn just as much or more than one of the western civilized countries.  But I will say, there are many young souls who choose these lives to gain experience, so perhaps the percentage of very young souls will be a little higher in countries like Ethiopia than in say Western Europe or the United States.  Life is simpler there for those young souls, but there must be a mixture of young, medium, and old souls for learning.

Ark of the CovenantCan you give some more information on the Queen of Sheba?

Yes, she was an interesting older soul at that time.  She had a part to play and did so quite well.  She was strikingly beautiful for that time and used her beauty as part of her contract you see.  There are articles about her that are fairly accurate, should you or your readers wish to learn more about her. 

Is the Ark of the Covenant actually housed in Axum, Ethiopia?

Quite so Tom.  It is guarded there by those sworn to protect this relic described before in many texts.  As I have mentioned to you before, the Ark does not have the powers associated with it from the earlier times.  But the actual relic is housed there. 


Judy writes:  Based upon the recent research by a team at Stanford etal, the Y chromosome of all males in their research sample has been traced back to a male ancestor approx. 59,000 years ago.  To our great surprise, is there a true "Adam."  Is the timeline fairly accurate?

Abraham & IsaacWas Abraham, the father of three major world religions was a factual person, along with Isaac and Ishmael and how many actual years ago was that?

Theo, Yale researchers have traced the Y chromosome back to a single male living 59,000 years ago.  Is this timeline accurate?

Yes, Tom, to a certain extent.  Obviously you go back several million years before that, but for their intents and purposes it does track back to one single individual.  I will not say whom, as that would bring up some delicate beliefs of more than one religion.  So let’s leave it there. 

Was this person seeded by an ET civilization?

Of course Tom.  This individual was the “tweaked” model shall we say that was allowed to flourish after this time.  Up until then there were many options and experiments to find the right mixture of DNA, which would work under the harsh conditions imposed by the earth experiment. 

Did Abraham actually exist, plus Isaac and Ishmael, and if so how many years ago?

Yes, all three did exist and live Tom.  And yes, as the reader supposed, it goes back much further than records would indicate.  Thousands and thousands of years.  Certainly well into the times of Atlantis.  Again, the Jews were nomadic tribesmen, which were ignored as you might ignore simple farmers and tribesmen in Africa today.  You know they are there, but you are much more concerned with those who might pose a threat to you and the politics of the day. 

The story of Abraham was passed down from teacher to student through many generations Tom.  They had no real records of time, so researchers used their best guesses when writing about those times.   



Arch Angel MichaelTheo, what is the difference between you and an Archangel?

More in knowledge and abilities Tom, just as Gaia has mastered some things, these masters are great masters with amazing knowledge and understanding. 

Am I part of the Michael family?

Yes, you are.  You are connected to this family of souls Tom. 

So did Michael birth us originally?

Yes, Michael split or birthed or divided into many more souls eons ago. 

Am I receiving this correctly?

Yes Tom.  Michael would almost be considered the equivalent of a creator.  Instead of a small fragment of a creator Michael in simplified terms would be a larger fragment. 

So how many souls did Michael create or birth?

Yes, several million souls were birthed, as you call it, by Michael. 

You said he would be considered a larger fragment of another creator Theo.  Did the creator also divide into other large parts or was Michael the largest?

Good question Tom.  The creator did divide off two more large parts of itself.  As you know, as there are trillions of creators they have millions of choices of what to do with themselves and this particular creator wished to send large parts of itself out to different universes for its learning and knowledge.  Just as I send back what I learn from being of service here, Arch Angel Michael as you call him does the same. 


Akashic RecordsTheo, please tell me what are the “Akashic Records and where are they located?”

These records are stored in a dimension that is higher – much higher than yours. 

What is their purpose?

So that they can be accessed by souls and even humans at any time, and so that the Creator can review them if It so wishes.  There are records if you will of how the experiment is going or went, when you consider there is no time on our side.  They are constantly being added to, so it is an ongoing project. 

Does it have one soul that assembles these records?

Yes—the Keeper of the Records.  You soul and all the others send these energy thought records—this is difficult to explain in 3d—to the Keeper and they are stored forever.

Theo, when a person is regressed under hypnosis to remember a past life, are they tapping into their Akashic Record or are they just able to tap into memories held at a higher level, or what?

Reading RecordsTom, they do tap into their Akashic records to view a past life.  That is why I’ve said before that the Akashic Records are available for anyone to view.  When a person is regressed they are told to go to the life most affecting the present life, so they automatically—with a little help mind you—find the Akashic record that records a particular life that is most pertinent to the present life.  It’s not so hard—just not done very frequently even by those that have undergone a regression.  You are not meant to live in the past but only in the present.  When the past negatively affects your present then it is good to access a particular record to find the cause and then there is a release as there is a sudden understanding of why their present life is being affected.

Do we often consult the Akashic Records when we prepare for our next life?

Yes, you often do consult these records while you are working on your life plan.  You are able to see gaps in your learning and you see what needs to be balanced shall we say from past actions.  Of course, this is done almost instantaneously.  It is very fast when you need to retrieve the information. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010; OCTOBER 31, 2010
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009, JANUARY 8, 2011, FEBRUARY 12, 2011, MARCH 5, 2011, MARCH 12, 2011, MARCH 19, 2011, MARCH 26, 2011, April 2, 2011, April 9, 2011, April 16, 2011
TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, February 5, 2011.


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