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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


This newsletter is just a little shorter, as for some reason (probably the Easter Holidays) I had fewer questions emailed in this past week.  So do you have a general question that everyone would like to know the answer to?

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some really interesting topics.  Theo talks about Inspiration, the 12 mathematical system, autism, energy templates and more!

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I’m sure they are now, or will be soon, available on other Ebook services.  Some services take a few days to post.  Here is an update on a couple JUST RECEIVED this morning from my publisher:

·    iTunes: "Your books are in the iTunes approval queue.  Apple has been known to take anywhere from 7 - 21 days to move books out of this step.  They were submitted 04/06/2012 and I will keep you up to date on when this moves onto their iBookstore."
·    Google: "The Gentle Way II is in the process of going live.  While it is on their store right now, they haven't fully integrated the ePUB with the book.  I am still unable to add The Gentle Way to my account and have sent another email to them to get this cleared up.  I will send you updates as they become available."

Have you forwarded this newsletter to a friend recently?  As I don’t advertise (since it’s F.R.E.E.), I rely on YOU to let people know a truly diverse newsletter is sent out each week that helps separate what’s true from bogus claims. 

Global TeleclassTwo weeks ago I sent out the first announcement about my next Global Teleclass, which will take place on April 26.  Topic will be CONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA, My “Brother on Another Planet.”  One of the links to the website to sign up did not work, so here it is: .  Click on “Free Teleclasses” and then “Personal Development.”  I’ve only presented this information once before to an audience, so this should be interesting for anyone having an interest in UFO’s and ET’s.  Let your friends know.

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


InspirationalTheo please explain Inspiration a little more.  You and Antura have said that we are veiled in order to come up with better ways of doing things than societies who are perhaps millions of years ahead of us in technology.  What I don’t understand is why are they not able to tap into what we tap into when we are inspired, as it would seem easier for them to do this than it is for earth people?

Good question Tom.  Yes, you are inspired when you come up with better ways of doing something and yes they do have the capability to be inspired on other worlds as you are.  But when you reach a certain point, you no longer think there are possibly other ways of accomplishing the same thing, or do it better and more efficiently than you are already doing it.  You basically become complacent. 

This is what has happened all across the universe.  As someone looks at a method of doing something or a device used to accomplish some work, they just accept what has come before and ignore the fact that there might be a better solution. 

So I think one of the points you were asking about Tom is where this inspiration comes from, and certainly it comes Universedirectly from Creator who is pleased and will be even more pleased in the future you see, as earth humans devise better methods and devices through inspiration.  That’s why the earth experiment is working so well now. You are veiled and must reinvent everything the other societies did millions of years ago, but along the way you have already come up with different ways of doing things and different devices; and you will do this much more in the future, as you will see some method or device used by another planetary society and you’ll figure out how to do it in your own way perhaps more simply and easily than it is being done right now across the universe. 

Creator has Its mind available to tap into anytime you wish through what you call inspiration.  You have the power of the Creator available to you every day of the year Tom, and your society will make great use of this resource, I can assure you, as I am able to see your future, which is changing constantly as you as a society are accomplishing things at a much faster rate than even the best probabilities took into account.  Your people will leave a great legacy one day Tom and will be admired by everyone who comes into contact with you. 


MathematicsTheo, when will we convert to the 12 mathematical system, if ever?

Yes, this will come about when you begin working with your ET friends, who will show your mathematicians the benefits of the 12 number system. This will not occur for some time—certainly over 25 to 50 years Tom, depending upon your progress, but it certainly will cause great debate among these mathematicians as they explore the use of the 12 system. 


Cynthia writes:  I would really like to know why the sun is changing so much and putting out more radiation at this time.  Global WarmingOur atmosphere really is getting hotter from it.  Can you ask the sun what is going on?

Sun, are you putting out the same radiation or more?

Yes Tom, the same radiation.  It just seems like more due to the solar flares—the CME’s as they are termed.  If I were to put out a lot more radiation, I’m afraid all those beings having a life not only on your planet but others would be “cooked” I believe the term is.  So your warming is conducted by Ms. Gaia.  I only add to the cocktail shall we say. 


DFW Metroplex TornadoesGaia, I would think there were thousands of prayers said during the tornadoes in the DFW Metroplex besides the 25 or 30 from people who read my Benevolent Prayer on Facebook.  Can you comment?

Yes, certainly Tom.  And yes there were prayers said not only from your FB readers, but from hundreds of thousands of others Tom.  It was one of the better times I’ve been aware of so many prayers being said.  That was the major reason there were no deaths, as there was a great energy created of protection. 

But I will say for your people who took the time to say the BP’s it was much greater energy that was created by the same BP being said.  I encourage everyone to say a BP during an event such as this.

Do you have any other multiple tornado events planned for this spring or summer in North America Gaia?

Yes I do actually Tom.  It will take place fairly soon.  And to answer your next question it will be in the southern part of the USA again. 

So I believe Gaia is saying that the exact same BP said by a large number of people created an even greater energy than people saying individual prayers. 


ItalyGail writes:  I wonder about the Immaculate Conception. Was there really an immaculate conception when Jesus was conceived?  We will be traveling to Italy three days in July and first twelve days in August.  Will this be a safe time to travel?

Somewhere back in an old newsletter I believe Theo said Jesus was an immaculate conception. 

Gaia, is Italy safe for a vacation this summer?

Relatively safe Tom.  Certainly there might be some civil unrest, but I don’t have any plans for Italy this summer regarding any earth or volcano movements and eruptions.  It will be quite warm, so those who plan to visit Greecethere should have light clothing and sun screens, but there is much to enjoy in this old country.

So would you say Greece might be the worst country in Europe to visit this summer, or should everyone try and visit there and spend money as tourists to help them?

Exactly Tom.  Visiting Greece this summer will provide needed income, as people will be a little frightened to travel there with the civil unrest, but that unrest will be confined to certain venues and days so it will be quite easy to avoid any protests, as they will be quite publicized before the event.  The tourist spots will have little or no activity—perhaps a sign or two, but everyone in Greece will welcome anyone spending money there during their tourist season.


Melinda writes:  Some time ago I dealt with a person I had found online for entity removal, named Anthony Cox.  He told Violet Flameme that the Violet Flame once was good, but now had come under the influence of the Dark Side.  (words to that effect.)  I told him I was surprised because it had been suggested to me by another “spiritual type person” that I frequently say “I am protected and nourished by the Violet Flame”, and that I always felt good inside when I said that.  He told me that the Dark Side was totally capable of giving me that good feeling to accomplish what it wanted.

Theo, is the Violet Flame from the light?

Yes, it most certainly is Tom.  Claims that it is not are just hogwash.


OJ SimpsonJeini writes on Facebook:  Hi Tom! I didn't see anything in your newsletters about OJ Simpson and here is a new theory with a lot of evidence that his son Jason committed the murders. Would Theo be willing to comment on this case?

Theo, did O.J. Simpson kill his wife or was it his son?

No Tom it was not his son.  He was the mastermind behind the slayings.  Naturally this was a balancing from actions taken against him in a past life, but he did the deed as they say.  His son had no part in it. 


Cynthia writes:  I recently saw evidence that autism is up in the last 30 years almost 700%!!!  And if we don't find out Autistic Childwhat is really causing this, if the trend continues, 50% of the children will be autistic in about 30 years!!!  That is a truly shocking revelation.  Is it vaccines, the sun changing and giving out dangerous emissions, environmental toxins or what?  Or all of these things?

Theo, why are more children autistic?

It’s the environment Tom.  They are subjected to a toxic blend of elements.  Great progress will be made in this area in a short time.  In the future, the gene that causes autism will be found and modified.


Guardian AngelLee writes:  Thank you for all the inspiration that you give us. My question concerns the video. Is this an angel that is seen in the doorway? My heart and reasonably sane mind says yes, but could it be a reflection off of something near by? Either way, the young girl in the hospital bed is improving so that is the good thing! Thank you for taking my question.

Theo, was that the girl’s GA captured on video at the hospital and if so why then and the image portrayed?

Yes Tom.  Her GA did make an appearance and it was done to assure those who cared about her that she was being protected and healed. 

So why that particular viewing and not all the time or someone else?

Slightly complicated Tom but the person needed that healing energy at that time, and those family members needed reassuring too.


Workplace BullyThis BP story and the next MBO one were both in last week’s blog.  Now you can link to them directly from my website at!  So sign up to receive the Blog each week to read other great, inspiring stories!

I'll call this person Lana writes:  Can you suggest an MBO I can do for "bullying" behavior. There is a colleague who really bullies other co-workers and gets away with it often. Not me because I would not accept it and I know I'm not responsible for defending other people as they have their own learning lessons, etc. I do, however, have to constantly remind myself not to think nasty thoughts about the person myself.

I looked for something on the blog but didn't find anything specific. Can you help?

Let's try this one:
"I ask any and all beings to assist and protect all those who come in contact with _________ from any verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, thank you!"
You never know why some people are forced to put up with bullying, so I "threw in the kitchen sink." 

You can also send white light each day to this person.  Some people can’t live with so much light and will leave for another job.


SearchingI’ll call her Ann in the UK writes:  Got an MBO here for you that just happened and felt that I had to write it to you as I've been a bit lazy sending you in other MBOs that have happened over the past few months.

Well this evening I asked my husband to search for our marriage certificate since he was the one who kept it after we got married 3 months ago and I needed to use it the next day to go change my surname at the doctors as I'm currently heavily pregnant and also at my bank as they wouldn't do it unless they see the certificate. My husband forgets things easily (even tells me the same stories over and over again-weeks apart without realizing he's already told me the same story), but he's not losing his mind, it’s just his nature.  Anyway, he couldn't remember where he kept it but reluctantly went to look for it and came back 15 minutes later saying he can't find it.

I was really mad at him for 1. Not wanting to look for the certificate in the first place and 2. Having not been careful enough to keep it safely. Mind you while he was searching for it he asked me to leave him to it to do it on his own, so for him to spend a mere 15 minutes searching roughly and later telling me he couldn't find it just made me want to explode.  All he could say laying on the Marriage Certificatesofa at that point is we'll just order another one, which could take weeks. I just walked away and went to bed. I was so angry at him that I couldn't even sleep so I decided to say an MBO to help me find the original certificate without having to order a new one the next day. Deep down I knew the certificate was in the room he was searching in but just didn't know where. My anger and anxiety of finding it myself was quite high so I made a decision that as long as I was in that bed, all I should be doing is sleeping and not thinking about how angry or anxious I was. So I kept repeating 'its ok, the angels will find it'.

A few minutes later, all the anger and anxiety had suddenly disappeared. I was even OK with the thought of ordering a new copy of the certificate the next day in the morning. After a few minutes, I calmly got up and went into the room where my husband was searching for the certificate. I looked through the first drawer, nothing.  Opened the second drawer and there it was on top of his clothes. How he could have missed it, I don't know. I'm guessing that he didn't even bother looking through the second drawer as it had clothes in it while the others had all paperwork. I said thanks to my angels for helping me find the certificate and teaching me a good lesson of completely handing over control and letting them guide me through anxious times.

Also in the process of searching for the certificate I found a make up brush I lost 3 months ago on my wedding day. Again deep down I knew it was in that room just didn't know where. Asked my husband and he said he hadn't seen it. Asked MBO when I lost it, and today is when I found it. I wasn't actively looking for it but always wished I had it whenever I did my make up. Maybe having my husband not find the certificate was a way for my angels to get me to finally properly look for the make up brush I lost.

Hope you have a lovely day and will try and write my other success stories soon.


CoyoteLynda writes:  It's been a while since I've connected with you although I am an avid reader of your Newsletters and a proselytizer for MBOs!
I have a question about the following, Tom:  Each time I get into my car, I recite a prayer to "...keep all beings free from harm while I am in this or any conveyance..."
Because I live in a semi-rural area, (but with more & more traffic) my main intention is to keep animals, birds and insects safe.  Well, last Saturday, I had dinner and drinks with a dear, old friend (and a great activist and advocate for animals.)  We are two homebodies and is was so exhilarating and exciting just to be out and about.   It was fun! We were having such a good time, laughing and reminiscing...just a goofy -- (but mild- we're over 50) -- girl's night out.
On the short drive home, in the dark and rain with a constant flow of headlights in both directions, on a two-lane road with no shoulder on my side -- a coyote ran in front of me and I was unable to avoid killing her.  I was and am devastated by this, Tom.   My intuition tells me that she was taking food to her cubs, which makes me even sadder.   I cannot get the image of her  - running for her life, in the headlights of the oncoming lane, a dash across my headlights and the sickening thud of her sweet body being hit by my car - out of my mind.
I had not said my MBO prayer before getting into the car to go home after the meal and good time...this makes me sick.
Why did this happen, Tom?  I believe all things happen for a reason and that Nature communicates to us via animals and other phenomena continually.  There is also a part of me that says - there is a Mystery to life and some things we will never know.   Can you help to ease my distress by asking your Guides for some information on this event please, Tom?

Theo, why did Lynda run over the coyote, when she loves all animals and would not want to hurt any of them?

Certainly there was a connection there as the coyote wished to leave earth Tom and knew instinctively to cross the road at just that time.   And her GA accommodated the coyote by having her be at that spot on the road at the perfect time.  So this was not happenstance, although she was mortified when it happened.  She showed great compassion for the passing of the coyote, and that is good for her soul. 

In the future, she and others who read this can do as you have done and request a MBO to never kill another animal or being for the rest of your life.  You just need to request it.  So may I remind you Tom that this also became a teaching tool for you to impart to your readers that they can request a MBO, which they probably have not thought about before.

So if you wish to not kill another being you can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for never killing another being in my lifetime, thank you!”


Energy VibrationsJohn writes:  I have a couple of questions of Theo when you have the time.
1.  Vibrational Energy.  I have an interest in vibrational medicine, a form of medicine which I understand will become prevalent in the not too distant future - one that combines teachings in body, mind and spirit to focus on a body's expression of its animating life-force of energy and to recognize when that life-force of energy is out of balance (producing decease) and treating the imbalance with pure energy (as opposed to invasive procedures and chemicals).  Richard Gerber, M.D. devoted considerable effort in this area during his life, although as we all know, implementing change in a medical system designed to keep the status quo is a challenge in itself.
The question I have in this regard is, if as Dr. Gerber describes, we are essentially life-force energy contained in the human body (something Theo has referred to in the past) do we communicate in vibrational energy templates as to our spiritual essence, our body's physical health, as well as energy states such as abundance, peace, health (Dr. Gerber's contention), love, hate, evil, fear, etc.  Assuming Dr. Gerber is correct, how is one to learn to recognize and differentiate these vibrational energies and to internally adopt one or more of these positive energies when needed to improve one's health, physical surroundings and needs, aid to others, etc.?
If we are able to differentiate and adopt various energies (and disconnect from others) how will this impact our Soul Contracts in the future?

Theo, do we communicate in vibrational energy templates, and if so how do we learn to recognize and differentiate these energies and adopt / or more to improve health and needs and assist others.  And then how does this impact soul contracts?

Certainly Tom, as your vibrational levels raise now and then in the future in the 5th focus it will become easier to utilize energy for healing and many more pursuits, some you have not discovered yet.  Meditation will certainly aid anyone to connect to their energy more easily and you will learn many more benefits.  I have to be a little vague here Tom, as I don’t want to spoil those “ah-ha” moments as people discover their abilities that they never realized they had.  Part of this especially comes from cocreating with spirit as those who request MBO’s in their lives are discovering.  And if you read these emails sent to you Tom, I know you are seeing them used in ways you had not thought of before.  That’s the beauty of this whole process.  People are going down a road to self-discovery. 

And it naturally affects your soul contracts in a benevolent manner Tom, as these people get in touch with their creative part of their being.   Again, it raises their vibrational levels and makes them more aware. 


UnexpectedJohn continues:  2. Separation of the United States.  This following may be too sensitive an area (given the soul contracts involved) to receive a response from Theo (due to the popularity of your newsletter).  Tom, given the likelihood of a financial crisis for the United States in the future (next 4 to 5 years), what is the likelihood that the United States will default in its obligations, and, if the likelihood of default is significant, what is the likelihood that in response to such a default, that the United States would split into separate mini-sovereign countries as a way to "legally" avoid and cancel the "united" debt.

John, just look at last week’s newsletter for “sensitive” answers to questions posed.  I had 14 people unsubscribe this past week due to those answers, so this one I would classify as low sensitivity.

Theo, what is the percentage probability of the USA defaulting on it’s obligations in the next four or five years and then splitting apart?

Tom, absolutely nil on this time line and virtually all the others you might wish to know.  Certainly you’re not out of the woods shall we say yet, but there are signs of improvement and your country has a long history of overcoming challenges in your path.  Those that cannot compromise in your political arena—your Congress and Senate, will soon be exiting the stage as they are voted out, and as I have mentioned before those who represent their constituency will take their places to guide your country and help guide others in the right direction.  That is one of the benefits of the 5th focus—a mellowing as I have mentioned before, so decisions for the good of the people will be easier to reach. 


Prester JohnDiane writes:  Hi Tom.  Was Prester John a myth or a real person?  Was he Asian or African?

Theo, was Prester John real, and if so was he African or Asian?

Certainly there are a number of accounts of someone fitting this description Tom, so yes there was a Prester John, although the accounts combined the lives of several individuals of different races I might add. 


APRIL 26--GLOBAL TELECLASS:  9:00 PM EDT, 8:00 PM CDT, 7:00 PM MDT, 6:00 PM PDT, 11:00 AM APRIL 27 BRISBANE--  Global TeleclassCONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA.  This will be only the second time I have even presented any information on my "brother on another planet."  To sign up, go to on "Free Teleclasses" and the "Personal Development."


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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