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After my book was published I started receiving emails from people with there own Benevolent Outcome stories. One of the first was from David in St. Louis. He said that he had requested a Benevolent Outcome for getting through a security line at the airport with no problems. When he reached the person who checks boarding passes and ID’s, she opened up a line that had only been used for airline crews and he was the first person through the line. Then he asked for someone interesting to sit next to on the plane coming back from South Africa and had a great conversation with someone that put on metaphysical events. You can read more about this in an article I wrote (Traveling With Your Guardian Angel), which was published several times in regional and international magazines, on the website under Articles and News.

The first time I tried it was coming back from Washington, DC from a bookstore convention. I wound up sitting next to the buyer for a chain of bookstores and was able to show him my book and sell sheet, which resulted in sales. With that success I have requested MBO’s to meet interesting people many times in my travels.

In Cannes, I went to an Italian restaurant in the “Old Port” of Cannes, which is a very picturesque area. I’ve eaten there many times and know that the tables are close together, as is the custom in many French restaurants. I requested a MBO to sit next to someone interesting, but when I arrived I was seated at a table by the wall with empty tables next to me. After my experience with my glasses I related in the last newsletter, two young ladies came in to eat and instead of sitting one table away from me, sat down next to me. We started talking and they were also there for the TV market, and came from Toronto, Canada. The talk eventually led to a discussion about Benevolent Outcomes and one of the ladies, named Jenna, said that her mother had just returned from Sedona! Jenna and her friend Valerie said they would try asking for
Benevolent Outcomes in their meetings. A couple of days later I received an email from Jenna saying that the requests were going great. Perhaps she’ll be more specific in a future email.

I also went to a reception the PBS station in New York has each market at a penthouse that overlooks the whole bay of Cannes. I again requested a MBO to talk to someone interesting, and there were plenty of interesting people there. I eventually went to dinner with five ladies, mostly in South American sales and TV broadcasting. One of the ladies is going to put me in touch with their dubbing service in Argentina and she is going to tell them to give me the same rate they have. Another of the ladies may buy some of my documentaries for their TV channel. Again, I’m trying to show you how many ways there are to request Benevolent Outcomes in your work and life. Make it a HABIT!


I’ve been asked to give you more information about Cannes, France, which I will have returned from by the time, you read this. I’ll also give you another Benevolent Outcome story that happened today (Sunday).

Cannes sits on an ancient coast. As you may have read somewhere, Mary Magdalene and child were supposed to have landed on the Riviera Coast long ago. I have more information about this that I will try and give in an upcoming newsletter.

I’ve been coming here for over 25 years as an essential part of my film and TV distribution business. Over the years I’ve tried to explore around this area and highly recommend that you should allow a minimum of three days in this area if you come to France. There is really a lot to do and experience. Let’s start with a little ferry (takes only 10 minutes or so) to San Marguerite Island, which is very ancient. It also is home to the castle that the Man In the Iron Mask was imprisoned in many years ago (yes the story is true and not a fable). You can actually visit his cell. There are 3 sets of bars on the one window—not round bars but ugly different shaped bars, which do not allow a clear view out the window—obviously part of his visual torture. There are many paths around the island and I understand there are ruins there. I just never had a complete day to walk all the paths. Cost of the ferry is only 12 Euros roundtrip and they run every hour all day.

You can also visit Grasse, which is only a 20-30 minute or so drive from Cannes where you can visit a perfume museum and there are a couple of perfume factories located there that will try and take all you money. Fragonard is the more famous one. And there is also the town of Mougins, which is on the way to Grasse. Again it has cobbled stoned streets and nice restaurants and shopping. There are also buses you can take there—I’ve just rented a car so I could have more freedom.

Each morning I have walked from my hotel, located near the Palais du Festival (where they have the Cannes Film Festival big screenings) to the end of the dock of the “New Port”. This is about a 35 or 40 minute walk (roundtrip) on the large walkway along the beach and the “Croissette” street. It’s a great walk and you can see all the major beach front hotels, the many beach restaurants (I eat in the Goeland Plage Restaurant owned and operated by the same friendly family for many years who do speak English), and at the New Port the huge yachts docked there from all over the world.

St. Tropez is an hour and a half drive (going from memory here) to the east. And as I recall there is a ferry that will go down the coast to St. Tropez too. I’ve only done that one time.

Antibe is right down the road from Cannes (before Nice) and is a neat place with walking streets and a lot of shopping. It also has a Picasso museum there, as he was a resident at one time. There are a large number of his sketches and some sculptures.

Also between Cannes and Nice is St. Paul du Vence. A really neat ancient art town with cobblestone streets and again a lot of shopping. There is a beautiful restaurant there called Colombe d’ Or. It’s not cheap, but worth it for the splurge!

Just past Nice is the old medieval town of EZE. I really love this place, as there are no cars allowed. You just walk up a winding narrow street up and up. Near the top is a restaurant which is great for lunch. You can sit outside, depending upon the weather, and look out over a 1,000 foot drop or more down to the ocean. What a view!

If you continue down the road (or by train) you’ll arrive in Monte Carlo. A great place to visit for the day. It’s about one hour by car and a little more on the train, depending upon which train you take, as some make more stops than others. You can get off in Nice and walk around, and then hop back on the next train to Monaco.

Of course, I haven’t even touched on the great restaurants in Cannes, although because the dollar is so low right now any place you eat is pricey. Last night I had dinner at the very first restaurant I ever ate in 25 years ago—La Brouette. They have a fixed menu price of 40 Euros ($60) and it INCLUDES: glass of champagne when you arrive, salad, terrine pate', saucison, a jigger of vodka with one of the dishes, choice of several main entrées, virtually all the wine you can drink, and a desert. The first time I came here 25 years ago with a friend who worked for me at the time (and later went into the missionary service) he became so inebriated that he had to hold on to the walls walking back to our hotel. Thursday night I ate with three friends at La Petit Maison. They have a fixed menu price of 32 Euros, but it does not include drinks. It is a very pleasant place to eat. Freddy’s at the Old Port is a great place to have Paia. It comes in a huge pan that they place on a metal holder in the middle of the table, and everyone dishes from there—yum-yum just thinking about it! (Note: I was taken there for dinner last Wednesday night by a lady I've known for over 15 years and her new Fiance. It was as good as I remembered.)

Also a neat street to eat on is the Suquet. It goes up a hill from the Old Port and is a narrow street lined with every type of restaurant you can imagine. This was the entrance to the castle, and it is narrow to make it easy to defend. You can walk to the top of the street and visit the church there sitting above the city.

Virtually everyone in the hotels and restaurants speak English, as they have tourists from all over the world, and English is the second language for most of these visitors. If you ever decide to go, email me and I’ll give you hotel suggestions depending upon what price you wish to pay.

Today during my walk back from the New Port I had two meetings right on the walkway. Of course I had requested a Benevolent Outcome for my walk. The first one was a previous client who has bought from me before for Japan and Thailand. This time I was able to interest him in documentaries for a client in Vietnam. Then I met with the publisher of a magazine for whom I’ve previously written about our business and he offered to send a 3-minute trailer of one of my documentaries to 7,000 buyers completely free. Naturally he’s hoping that I will be so successful with that one I will do more of these and pay a fee.

Then I had a business lunch on the beach. The wind was blowing 17 to 30 miles per hour, as we will be having some rainy weather later this week, but they have glass walls to protect you. After lunch I had a meeting, I thought, at 2:30 pm. I requested a Benevolent Outcome and arrived on time, and spied a guy that I’ve been working with on a deal for India. It just has not happened yet. Then I discovered that I had read my schedule wrong and it was actually 3:00 pm, so we wound up having a full meeting. Then the Scandinavian company showed up and I had a very productive meeting that appears should result in some business. These were all nice Benevolent Outcomes.


Are our pets part of a group soul?

Yes that is correct. This soul has fragments of itself just as your soul does. These are all fragments—these animals—of one soul.

Are there separate souls for dogs and one for cats?

Yes, because of their interests--just as your soul when it was created--had immediately a certain set of interests.

So when we request that a dog reincarnates, are we getting that fragment of the soul, or do we just get another fragment?

You do get that same fragment if you request it Tom. Naturally I’m involved in that request and pass it along to the appropriate authorities, which is an amusing way of saying I ask that soul to allow that fragment to return to your lives. So as you can see now, that soul has millions of pieces of itself embodied at any particular minute of time, and to answer your question, it is the same soul providing all those fragments throughout all time. Amazing isn’t it?

Quite so. It’s hard to fathom or imagine that a soul can have that many lives on earth.

But it is so Tom. Again, that soul was attracted to this creation and offered to provide the fragments needed to be pets and certainly there were other souls for other types of animals involved too.

(Note: I had always heard or read the explanation that animals had “group souls.” I think this explanation Theo gave is not only consistent with what we’ve been learning about the enormous capabilities of a “whole soul,” but also gives us more understanding of how a soul can ensoul millions of beings at any given moment. I think the explanation given before about “group souls” was sufficient then, but now that we’re reaching a higher vibrational level we can understand more and perhaps not reject such information as too impossible.)


Please tell me what are the “Akashic Records and where are they located?”

These records are stored in a dimension that is higher – much higher than yours.

What is their purpose?

So that they can be accessed by souls and even humans at any time, and so that the Creator can review them if It so wishes. They are records if you will of how the experiment is going or went, when you consider there is no time on our side. They are constantly being added to, so it is an ongoing project.

Does it have one soul that assembles these records?

Yes—the Keeper of the Records. You soul and all the others send these energy thought records—this is difficult to explain in 3d—to the Keeper and they are stored forever.

Do we often consult the Akashic Records when we prepare for our next life?

Yes, you often do consult these records while you are working on your life plan. You are able to see gaps in your learning and you see what needs to be balanced shall we say from past actions. Of course, this is done almost instantaneously. It is very fast when you need to retrieve the information.

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Have A Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore


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