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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers from all over the world!  This is the MOST DIVERSE newsletter you will find, as we have stories from people requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) in their lives, plus questions for me to pose in meditation to my own Guardian Angel Theo and to Gaia, the Soul of the Earth. 

I would request that you send in more stories, as I’ll need to write my monthly column for the Sedona Journal of Emergence.  I also use these stories in my weekly Blog for those just being introduced to this simple, but very powerful and effective spiritual tool.  At the bottom of this newsletter there’s a link to sign up to receive the blog.  Keep in mind that for my new subscribers, you can go to my website and read a couple of sample chapters of my first book.  I hope to have two sample chapters of my second book up soon.  Now for the this week’s topics:


Gaia, you quite surprised me with the earthquakes in Baja California and Southern California.  Have you adjusted your time line for the major earthquakes in San Diego and on up?

No Tom, I am not changing the time line for those events to happen.  Again, it’s me moving the plates and fault lines into position to bring the greatest pressure on those areas we have previously discussed, yes the San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco regions of the west coast. 

I noticed that the 7.2 earthquake’s epicenter was in that region of Baja California which you previously said back in 2008 would be close to where you would break off Baja California and allow it to sink into the ocean.  Are you planning for that to happen, or will the coming earthquakes just be large ones like the 7.2 quake in Baja?

Good question Tom.  No, I will not break off Baja California at this juncture—meaning before I begin the movements just to the north. That may come in the future, but not at the present time nor at the end of this year and the beginning of the next.  And yes your idea that this was a warning to those in that region is quite true.  This will cause those millions of people in that region to begin to plan and prepare themselves for the coming large multiple earthquakes which will rock that area in a few months time.  They should consider moving and some will, but the majority will try and stay Tom, which will be unfortunate for them, but as I have explained before, their soul contracts are to experience an earthquake disaster we will call it for their purposes.

Will you have more of these 7.0 type earthquakes in this upper Mexico and lower California area?

Quite so.  There will be a continuing series of these min-quakes with an occasional larger one, but mostly in the desert areas.  Again this is the result of the plate moving on those points and as they release they cause small mini-quakes Tom.

OK. As the earthquakes were felt as far away as Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, will they be far enough away to be a safe haven, or should people travel farther?

My advice Tom would be to travel farther away.  Yes, The Phoenix area will feel the major shocks of the end of the year, but they will be minor in comparison, and there will be some damage to lightly constructed buildings, but that is all.  As you have pointed out previously, with hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming into this city and the surrounding cities such as Tucson, it will quickly overwhelm their ability to care for so many, so the wise people who take your advice should travel even farther – and we’re speaking of Albuquerque, El Paso and especially the cites such as Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio where 100,000 people or more can be absorbed into the area fairly easily, in comparison to a couple of million trying to stay in Phoenix. 

Can you tell me where the epicenter of earthquakes will be in the San Francisco area?

Yes, Tom, lets see if you can receive this.  It will be more on the west side of the Bay.  Yes you have it.  Certainly there will be epicenters up and down that coastline, but the major epicenters will be along that west coast of the bay area.  This will cause great problems for anyone living in the main part of San Francisco and even down to San Jose.  They should migrate to the east, as it will become extremely difficult to move as bridges will collapse cutting them off. 

Have you copied and pasted my EARTHQUAKE PACKING LIST and sent it to your friends in California?  You may save their lives you know.  Here is the link again:


Mitch Bartos in his EARTH CHANGES MEDIA NEWSLETTER ( ) reports: 
The most powerful geomagnetic storm since December 2006 struck the Earth on Monday.  The solar storm prompted NOAA to issue a Space Weather Advisory on Monday ordering all personnel on the space shuttle and International Space Station to take cover in specially designed compartment shields.
Charged particles come in the form of galactic cosmic rays, gamma rays, solar flares, and CME's. The Kp Index measures from 1 (mild) to 9 (severe). Monday's hit measured 7.  On April 3rd, SOHO spacecraft spotted a cloud of charged particles called a coronal mass ejection (CME) shooting from the Sun at 500 kilometers per second. This velocity suggested the front would reach Earth in roughly three days.

Of course, you probably read about the earthquake, which occurred on Wednesday, April 7 near the Sumatra Island in Indonesia.  It was 7.7 on the Richter Scale.  As I have been told previously by Gaia, CME’s help her to move the crust of the earth.

If you want to see how many earthquakes are still occurring in Baja California and Southern California, go to:    I have this USGS page bookmarked.  I suggest anyone living in California do the same.  As you'll read, there have been well over 100 mini-quakes since the 7.2 rocked Baha California and Southern California--too many for me even to count.


This person has asked me to change a couple of details, including his name, to protect his privacy, so Matthew writes:  This email is just a thank you for putting up your earthquake information.

I live in Anaheim, CA, which is right next to Riverside, so the info you have put up is very enlightening to say the least.   I had known for year's that my time in California was limited and eventually I would probably move to AZ, since I knew we would get big earthquakes sooner or later.   I was a bit in shock when I first read your information from Gaia, but I had to admit my time in CA was soon coming to an end.  I was depressed for about a week... but I feel fine now.   It's like we always think about 2012 and all the earth changes but when it finally really comes down to's still a

Anyway, I plan to move to Phoenix, AZ in I think Oct of this year.    That should give me enough time to get settled in and all that before things really start to shake in CA in Dec. or Jan.   I have friend in Phoenix, that's why i want to move there, so hopefully all will be well.   I really like AZ so I'm a bit excited to move too... even though I'll really miss CA.

Also, other channel's, namely Karen Bishop and Amorah Quan Yin are also talking about how they are getting info from their guides that CA is in for some big earthquakes this year.   So your one voice is starting to join others in a chorus of people who channel their guides and angels, which is a sign in and of itself.  

I also double checked your earthquake information with my own guidance (I used a pendulum and have been using one for year's now, so I'm pretty good at it) and I got the same thing you did... that CA will get some big quakes at the end of the year and it's a good idea for me to move.   So I guess I have my final decision for now.   There's at least one person moving out of CA this year because of your information.... and I hope others follow.

Keep in mind that “Matthew” did his own investigation, and that’s what I want all of you in California to do.  If you “feel” it’s correct to move, then you have several months to accomplish this.  


Heather writes:  Hi Tom, I have a question for Theo about my 5 yr old daughter that is really disturbing us. Last night, we were treating her foot for a wart (like we had been doing for the last couple of days) and she started crying then it escalated to screaming and acting really weird. We were going to let her soak it in the bath and she completely freaked out, shaking and crying and said she was scared of the bath and water. This is a child that normally loves the bath.

She then proceeded to tell us that her mommy and daddy that she used to have (she is our biological child) used to leave her in the bath and let her drown. She then said the dad tried to hurt her foot and this led into a long story about what sounded like a very traumatic past life. As a mother it was heartbreaking to here all of the details but I let her keep talking. I'm wondering if this really was a past life and if her foot hurting may have triggered the memory? If so, when and where did this life take place and what can I do to help her now. I didn't sleep much and still feel very disturbed by the whole thing as she has never experienced any kind of violence or abuse in this life.  Thank you!!  

Theo, Heather’s 5 year old daughter recalled a past life where she drowned and was hurt –her foot.  When did this life take place and what can she do to comfort her?

Yes, Tom.  She did recall a past life.  It was the one just before this one, actually and occurred not too many years ago.  She was drowned after her foot was caught underwater by a branch.  She jerked it so hard trying to free herself that she actually broke her foot.  But it was to no avail.  Therefore she has a very vivid memory of that event.  Here mother should be encouraged to allow her to remember and to remind her that was a past event and will not happen in this life.  At some point in the future this memory will fade, but she may wish to have a past life regression in order to relive the event as an adult and release it from her memory bank for good. 


Thelma writes:  Blessings. I must convey to you that I certainly enjoy and look forward to your weekly newsletters and I have been calling vocally on Most Benevolent Outcomes  and the BP'S daily for my requests. I also keep a daily gratitude journal and in it I include my MBO's and BP's for others and I have been getting most answers especially since I have been adding - the results to be better than we can hope for or expect. I always remember to say thank you since you introduced me the MBO'S in your first book..
My main concern is to make contact with my GA and know the name. I know there must be some contact as I do get most of my requests answered. Can you offer any advise or ask Theo if he has any suggestions for my GA contact. I need help.

I do receive these requests quite often, so I’ll repeat this again.  As I have mentioned several times in the newsletter, I suggest you go to and click on pro-hypnosis on the left side.  Then purchase SPIRIT GUIDES, a 72 min CD that will allow you to contact your own GA and ask that question and others.  It might take several times listening to it to relax and know what’s happening next, but it’s well worth it.
Keep in mind that Theo is not actually my GA’s name, but he says my vocal cords are not constructed so that I could pronounce it.  I would only be frustrated in trying.  He said I could call him Tom, Dick, or Harry, but Tom would be a little difficult in my meditations (he has humor you know).
So if you just relax and say, “What should I call you?” you might get a name “out of the air” as I did. 


I’ve changed his name so Mark writes:  I have a question for Theo that I've been thinking about for a long time, but never thought to ask a guardian angel for their "take" on it.  I'm deaf, due to damaged  nerves in my ears.   I would like to know if there are any karmic  reason's for this condition? 

Theo, (Mark) wants to know the Karmic reason for his deafness, and I will add to this is this karmic reason you are about to give me the most common one, or are there a couple of others?
A good question Tom.  In (Mark)’s case he did cause another to lose their hearing through his actions.  It was quite a long time ago, but as I have said before, there is no time on this side, so balancing the scales so to speak can happen immediately or several thousand years later.  (Mark) could meditate and gain some more insight into this, as I realize it would be almost impossible for him to have a normal regression.  He doesn’t really need to see this in this life.  He has adjusted well, and suffice to say this is simply a balancing life for him to balance one in which he was not a nice person. 

So is a Karmic reason the most normal reason for deafness, or are there possibilities such as not wanting to hear because what one heard in a past life was so painful?
Yes, that is a much less common reason Tom.  Certainly that can occur, but the majority of the time it will be because of some past action, which caused another to become deaf.  And there are many ways in which deafness can occur caused by another. 

I included this question and response, as I felt it gives you a little more insight about how we “balance the scales” from one life to the next, even if the lives are thousands of years apart.


Pam writes:  What will be the most fuel-efficient outcome for automobiles (trucks, planes, etc.)?   I have read about vapor carburetors that the auto industry has squelched for years, fuel cell technology, etc.   Buck Minster Fuller created a car almost 100 years ago that would get 80 mpg.  We know the technology exist to have fuel efficient, non-polluting vehicles – I would love to hear what Theo has to say about what is going on, and what can we do in terms of Benevolent Prayers for the outcome – what outcome should we pray for?

Theo, what will be the best fuel for cars, trucks and planes?

Yes, Tom, the best fuel will eventually involve magnetism.  But this will not happen for quite a few years.  Certainly more and more vehicles on the road will be hybrids, and along with those there will be advances in battery power for cars to run on electricity.  They will be able to run for longer periods of time.  And there will be advances in the motors themselves where the fuel consumption drastically lowers as people begin to conserve more and demand more fuel-efficient machines. 

All these are stages until you learn how to run machines using magnetics Tom.  That’s not so far off in the future, as tests will slowly be run on these virtual perpetual motion machines.  Oil will fade in its use, although naturally the oil companies will fight this.  It is a losing battle, which they can only slow for so long Tom.


Rev. Pat writes:  Last week I was blessed to be in the Sierra Madra Mountains, state of Guanjuato, Mexico and the city of San Miguell de Allende.  The energy there was remarkable; rejuivinating and energizing.  What is the basis for this.  Also will this area fare well in the upcoming earth changes?  Than you Gaia and Tom for your work!

Gaia, Rev Pat asks why there is so much energy in San Miguel de Allende Mexico?

Yes, this is a special place Tom, with huge deposits of crystals below the area.  This will not be discovered for many years, but certainly those in the area can feel the presence of great energy.  The area is somewhat similar to those crystal caves found in the northern park of Mexico, but yet different. 


Christina writes:  I've been going through your newsletter archives, (which are great, kudos to you!) and came across your story about Jesus. I am thrilled because it corresponds with my book! I went to Saint Marie de la Mer in 2004 as a pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene and put a picture of Saint Sa'rah in my book. I have been digging for the truth for over 30 years and I am thrilled that Theo told you that information on Jesus in France. Although, I am somewhat disappointed to hear that the Rothschilds are descendents of Jesus.

 Did you see "Bloodline" the documentary? If not, I highly recommend it. Below is a youtube video with me talking about my book and St. Sa'rah.   THIS MADE MY DAY. Thank you!

I decided this is a good time to include a verification question.

Theo, I will ask a question previously asked.  Did I receive correctly that the Rothschild’s are descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

Yes, Tom.  You received that information correctly.  Again, they have had lives just like the rest of humanity where karma came into play and the descendents made wise decisions and very unwise ones, as part of their learning process.


Diane writes:  I want to say first that I am enjoying the Gentle Way II.....I'm getting more ideas for MBO and realize like others how things change for the better when you do an MBO.  Thank you!!!
My questions today has to do with religion..........
(1) Did Muhammad really ascended to heaven from the Dome of the Rock?
(2) The Jews can not build their temple on the Holy Spot which is the Dome of the Rock, so what will happen with their prophecy?  Will it ever be built or is it really necessary?
(3) And the prophecy on the Anti-Christ - does that really exist?  Is this person alive
today as they keep saying?

Theo, did Mohammed ascend from the Dome of the Rock?

Yes he did Tom. 

So what about the prophesy of a Jewish Temple being built there?

That will not happen now Tom—at least not in this Time Line.  There would be war, and the Jewish leaders understand that and are pragmatic, thinking there will be a time in the future. 

The question of the Anti-Christ has come up several times in my newsletters.  This was in the September 9, 2009 newsletter:

Theo, a reader wants to know Theo if the anti-Christ will ever be born, or has he or she?

No Tom there has not been an anti-Christ born, although some individuals would almost fit the description.  But since you have raised your vibrational level, that will not happen.  This does not mean you won’t have some very bad characters to deal with, but they will not be at the anti-Christ level.


Shaunie writes:  Dear Tom... I was so pleased to hear that we are evolving so quickly that we skipped 2 generations to elect Obama. I had read elsewhere that we were actually ahead of schedule on Earth. 

Something happened to me in regard to Obama that you may want to share with your readers. During the Democratic Primary... I asked a friend of mine who is psychic about Obama and Hillary.  She saw Obama being raised up on a column of light over Hillary's head.  Then he was given the nomination.

During the general election I asked about my psychic friend how he would fair against McCain.  She paused for quite some time... then she raised her finger and said, "Write this down!" She continued, " I see a lion roaring and that is Bill Clinton. There is a lioness at his side and that is Hillary. On the lion's head is a White Dove with an olive branch in its beak.  The Dove is Obama. He will finish what the Clintons started... and he will bring Peace. And it is all part of the Divine Plan!"

Then my friend stood up and did something she had never done while channeling with me. She said she could not talk anymore... and she went and cleaned house for 2 hours without saying a word to anyone.  This is a very sociable woman who loves to talk and dislikes cleaning house.

When she was ready to talk... I asked her what happened and she told me that she received such a burst of energy from seeing the vision of Obama that she was speechless and just had to do something with all that energy.

(The Dove of course is a symbol of Peace.... but it is also the Christ Consciousness and the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the label and mask that the Patriarchy used to disguise the feminine aspect of the Creator.
Instead of the the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit... It should be The Father, The Mother, The (Sun)Son and the(Earth) Daughter. )

(The female aspect of God is openly acknowledged in the original Jewish texts... but was excluded by Emperor Constantine when he organized the Roman Catholic Church.  The feminine exclusion was furthered during the 400 years of the Spanish Inquisition... when all power was stripped from women.)


Renee in Lake Tahoe writes:  Do you have an update on when or if you will get to have an appearance on the Oprah show?  Any word on that front?  Many thanks again for your efforts.

I hadn’t planned to mention this in the newsletter yet, as nothing may come of this (naturally I requested a MBO).  The Oprah Show contacted us a couple of weeks ago about licensing a clip from the Life With Elizabeth Show with Betty White.  They decided not to buy it (they were running on an extremely tight schedule), but I decided to mention to the acquisitions lady about the two Gentle Way books, and she seemed interested and asked me to send them to her and she would personally give them to the producer to review them. 

I did send the two books, along with sales sheets and publicity (and even the Earthquake Packing List).  I also mentioned how a number of my subscribers had filled out their book form last summer.  So we’ll have to see if anything develops.  In the meantime, there are several message boards on her website, including Oprah’s Angel Network.  If you wish, you could go and tell the people on the message boards how requesting Benevolent Outcomes has assisted you in your life.  The link is:

My wife even said what I was thinking—that the contact with the Oprah Show, even though it did not result in business, was an opening of a door to them about the books.


Christina is writing a book where she needs 100 people to tell her when you received the most love in your life and when you gave the most love.  Email her at if you can assist her. 

She also writes:  Thank you so much for responding Tom. It was my guides who asked me to do this book. Every response I get to the questions about Love is like a blessing. To read the ones I've gotten around the country is so uplifting. It's like a book of Light. I think my guides want me to do it to raise the vibrations of people and the earth.  BTW, I told a friend about your book. He used an MBO to get a hotel room in Miami and got a free penthouse suite!

Now that’s a nice MBO!


JUNE 21—6:00 PM-10:00 PM—SEDONA, AZ—Sedona Creative Life Center.  Jam-packed evening where I go through all the simple spiritual tools you can use every day the rest of your life and conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  For more information and to register:


Don’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is NOW AVAILABLE for delivery on and is IN STOCK!  Here is the link: .  You can also order it by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  It has twice as many pages as the first book.     The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  The first book is also available on  Either or both books can change lives!


For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008
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GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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