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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.  I also post on TWITTER

April 16SPECIAL EVENTS COMING:  Please mark your calendars right now for Saturday, April 16.  I will be doing a webcast again with my producer Cindy Belmonte.  You will have a chance to ask questions and I’ll answer them live for one-and-one-half hours.  See more details at the bottom of this newsletter.  

Just this week I scheduled a workshop in Roundrock, Texas, just 16 miles north of Austin on Saturday, June 10. 
June 11Anyone in that area mark your calendars.  More information below under the Appearance heading.

I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Japan 7.1Gaia had previously told me in the March 19 and 26 Newsletters that Japan would quake again “in their near future” and Puerto Rico would experience a significant earthquake in a little over six months.  Earlier this week there were “swarms” of low level earthquakes in Puerto Rico, and nothing had happened in Japan, so I thought I should recheck what I had received.  This is what I received on Tuesday, April 5, before the hefty 7.1 quake off Japan on Thursday (which was 49 kilometers deep and did not create a tsunami). 

Gaia, did I make a mistake in reception regarding a major quake for either Japan or Puerto Rico?

No Tom, you did not mis-receive me.  As I stated before, Japan will have another major quake along the coastline with a smaller, yet still significant tsunami, which will in turn cause the lower faults to explode or spring apart.    “Soon” in my context would be within a short time of several months, but certainly less than six.  I will not give you a finer time line than that Tom for obvious reasons.

Puerto RicoRegarding Puerto Rico, yes they are having swarms of smaller earthquakes today, but this movement will not cause or be the forerunner of their major quake at this time.  Again, I have said a little over six months in time.

One last question.  What about the radioactive water being dumped into the ocean?  How are you handling this?

Yes, Tom.  It is greatly dispersed you see, but not completely.  They have a fine mess on their hands and they must solve the problem.  I could, but I won’t do it all.  They have to correct their mistakes.  That’s part of their and your learning process.  Humans are very ingenious and will find a way, although there is damage that will take quite some time to recover from, especially with the next quake and tsunami.


Congo VolcanoDiane writes:  Can you please ask Gaia about the Nyiragongo volcano!  When will this erupt?

Gaia, will the Nyirangongo volcano in the Congo erupt in the near future?

The Nyiragongo volcano will erupt very soon, Tom.  I have been moving magma and the pressure is building you see, so anyone in the area should heed this warning and leave.  Of course, that will only happen to a certain extent and there are soul contracts for people to transition when the volcano erupts with great force I might add. 

Again I will repeat Tom, that this volcano in the Congo will certainly erupt and very soon I might add.

You can read more about this volcano at .


Carbon CycleDiane also asked:  Also what about the Carbon dioxide that we pump into the air that is now seeping into the ocean and slowly acidifying them...what will happen for the future with this occurring?

Gaia, what about the carbon dioxide seeping into the oceans.  How do you handle that?

Yes, I am able to convert this, you see.   Your scientists have not explored this aspect of the eco system Tom and I would advise them to do so   They will find a fine balancing going on under the oceans.  I will not give away how I do it.  It is up to your scientists to have their Wow” moments in their discoveries—although this will not happen for some time, as it is not being studied well enough at the present time  you see.


Solar SystemAnd Linda’s last question:  You answered my question about the planets affecting us......but now I have to ask further.  Why do they influence us and how?

Gaia, what else do planets in our solar system do besides exert gravitational pull Gaia?

A good question Tom, but it would require almost a treatise to answer.  For your readers lets say that each planet can also exude energy, and it can reflect it as the rays of the sun and the solar energies reach them they absorb what they need and allow the rest to either past by or are reflected as needed elsewhere, such as earth.  Planets are much more complex than your scientists have surmised and drawn conclusions from their studies Tom.  These are, after all, ensouled with the souls who take care of them and regulate these energies.  It will take some time for your scientists to realize this Tom, but it will happen in the future, especially after you begin traveling to Mars and see what a complex world that is—much more so than your scientists have speculated.


RaphaelMarie writes on Facebook:  According to the Qur'an, it says that on Judgement Day, Raphael will blow his trumpet, waiting for a signal from God, the first blow, will destroy everything and so n so forth.  So could this happen in the future?? Thank you Tom for answering my questions.

Theo, in the Qur’an it states that Raphael will blow his horn at God’s command and all before it will be destroyed.  What was the writer of this receiving and does it pertain to anything happening today?

No Tom.   This was written, just as the Bible was, for simple people living in harsh conditions.  The writer was trying to convey how powerful these spirits are to an uneducated audience where these words were spoken, and for a long time not written down, so they have a tendency to be melodramatic if you will. 

This will not happen in your future, just as many events will not come to pass in the Christian Bible, it is the same with the Qur’an.  It is better for those who follow the teaching of Mohammad to concentrate on his speeches promoting love and gentleness.


IlluminatiShe asked me to change her name so Gina writes:  I was recently emailed a video entitled " Don't watch this film "  it essentially outlines the birth and development of the ' Illuminati ' since 1933.  It covers events both created , and conspired, and what the Illuminati Goal is.  The ending is disturbing, although the main body of information seems important, and information that we need to be aware of.

My question is have we changed the course or outcome of our lives, our planet ( and so changed the outcome of the ending of the movie ) by our evolution into higher consciousness?   Thank you, as always, for all that you do.

Theo have we changed the course of outcome as compared to what the Illuminati desires it to be?

Yes, Tom.  You are firmly on your way and they have not be able to slow you down one iota—and  in fact you have accelerated this process.  They are fighting a losing battle.


Earth Changing Heather writes:  I know you have covered some things about the 5th dimension so I'm sorry if this has been asked. Could Theo comment more about what our everyday lives will be like in the 5th dimension?

Will we still have the typical five-day work week and crazy schedules we have now or will families spend more time together for example.  And what about as we enter old age? How will life be for the elderly that seem to be so alone now.  Will they have more of a purpose in their lives?

Theo, please describe some differences between 3D and 5D.  Will we work, or will we not have to? What a bout family and friends and old age?  How fast will changes take place?

We could go on for hours on this subject Tom, so let’s cover some short answers to your questions here.  At some point in your development in the 5th dimension you will find it easy to subsist without working should you wish, but you will become very bored if you choose this path.  It will not be very fulfilling and you soul will not make much progress.  Family and friends will become more important to you than the pursuit of the proverbial dollar.  That is a fact.  Life will become easier for all of you.  You will certainly begin feeling a lightening of spirit.  Old age as you call it will be a much more gentle time now with many fewer ailments to make your life miserable.  These changes will not come overnight, but will slowly seep into your consciousness. Enjoy the ride would be my best suggestion.


Daily PrayerI’ve had several people ask me this in the last couple of months, so I thought I should get some clarification from Theo:

Theo, why is it best to say the Daily BP daily?

Yes, Tom.  It does need to be said daily, as it corresponds to your daily activities in other lives where you choose to hurt someone physically or mentally in another life.  This prayer goes out instantly to those people and their families and friends, so the act of saying this has immediate results.  It is not a prayer that can be said once and forget about it.  It is a reminder to you that your actions are making an impact as we speak. 

You can find the Daily Prayer at .


Vicki writes:  I am a subscriber to your weekly newletter and use MBO's and benevolent prayers
Solar Windseveryday.  My husband also is an avid user.  We say MBO's for everything with some amazing results.  We look forward to your emails and to the news you share every week and find the use of MBO's to be life changing for both of us and our friends who use them as well.
 As a result of my interest in new age topics I receive a lot of email and would like to know your thoughts and if possible, Theo's on the attached note on Tom Kenyon’s message from the Hathors.  The suggestion is to utilize solar winds to assist with our ascent in consciousness.

Theo, can you utilize solar winds to accelerate ascension?

You can, but it requires a higher level of knowledge and understanding than the majority of people you reach Tom.  If they stick to requesting MBO’s and asking for BP’s that will suffice.  Use the KISS principle as it is called.  Simplicity works Tom. 


Spiritual BalanceLydia writes:  Thanks-love your newsletter- forward to others. Please elaborate about 'spiritual mastery before 1st earth life'. Many human life forms here seemed very retarded spiritually (like with cruelty to others and such).

Theo, can you define what spiritual mastery that is required before having earth lives?

Yes, Tom.  And yes we have covered this to a point before.

Spiritual mastery must have been attained in one or more lives before applying to have lives in this earth school.  As I have described before, having earth lives would be like having or taking a masters degree.   But spiritual mastery can be quite different than your concept of it on another planet.  It requires raising one’s vibrational level up to a certain point.  After that is reached, then the soul can apply for earth lives.  It does not mean you have to have been some religious form of a pastor or priest.  It is simply a form of measurement.

Don’t forget that you’re not “goody-two-shoes” every life.  You have to have “balancing” so in some lives you will be a very despicable person as part of your soul’s growth and learning. 



SoulTheo, is my soul group all part of one soul or a group of several souls?

Your soul group is all from your one soul.  You soul created this group for you to interact with each other.  And your soul group interacts with other soul groups so that you can take part at times in each other’s activities.  Complicated, but that’s the basis of how this works Tom. 

I thought these were different souls.

No, you have to have a soul group with extremely close interests and the way that is achieved is to have this as a sub group made up by your oversoul. 

Is there a difference between one’s “higher self” and the connection to your soul group or cluster as you call it?

A good question Tom.  Yes there is to a certain extent.  You have a higher spiritual self that oversees your life, just not minute by minute as we guardian angels, as you call us, do.  This higher self is there to advise and keep your life plan handy shall we say, as you need to be reminded.  Your higher self is part of the soul cluster, but yet is not.  This is a little hard to explain for your reception.  You are able to ask your higher self for advice and receive it, although I am in constant contact with your higher self and whisper these messages in your ear. 

SoulSeveral months later I asked for more clarification.  Can you explain the higher self more to me.  I seem to have run into one or two brick walls when I gave the answer you said or I received that the higher self was simply your soul.  Am I still missing something—an interim stage or connection?

No, Tom.  What I said before is correct for you and others to understand.  Yes, you do always have a connection to your soul, so this connection can be considered your higher self if they wish to look at it that way, but the truth of the matter is that this connection is a connection—not an entity.  It’s not even another in your soul group.  You are a piece or fragment of a soul Tom and therefore have that connection.

So another question about soul clusters.  Does a soul have multiple clusters, and if so how many on average?

Tom, a soul can have thousands of clusters that exist in all parts of the universe where it is having lives.  So numbers would almost be meaningless to you as each cluster is slightly different, but is still connected to the soul.  Your cluster is more or less connected to the earth experience, although you do have lives on other planets to gain knowledge that you can use here. 

So would my soul cluster be the one part of a soul that has had numerous lives on other planets, or would the soul with all its clusters just have had lives on other planets?  It’s a little confusing to me.

Yes, I can see where it would be Tom.  Each soul does designate a cluster to have these lives elsewhere with the goal of having this cluster then graduate if you will to have a number of lives on earth.  The soul can be all knowing, but there are rules or regulations here because life is so difficult, not knowing your history and spiritual being; a cluster would just flounder for many lives, which it does anyway even with all the experiences of other lives on other planets, when they start having lives on earth.  So a good question that I hope has given you a little better understanding.

Are we ever in contact with the other soul clusters?

Not so much, although it would be instantaneous if you desire.  Your concentration is what you are focused on doing and accomplishing, as well as are the other soul clusters of the same soul.  They are like distant cousins.   You are aware of them but they lead their own lives. 

Peas in a Pod(Months later) Theo, I have been under the assumption that all the soul fragments in a cluster are identical in interests, as we are “chips off the old block,” similar to identical twins with identical interests.  But do we somehow all have separate interests even though we are from the same soul?

What a wonderful question Tom. There you have it. Your soul, even though it has specific interests overall you see, has split fragments of itself that do have somewhat different interests in order to gain the most knowledge from all these lives you and the other fragments are living on earth, and the other planets you have lives on in between, where you can use that learning to assist those other cultures.  This is very important to understand what a wide range of interests a cluster of a soul can have in order to gain knowledge and learn.  You are one big happy family when you are all together Tom; but you have many different stories to relate you see, when you are together, and you bring back highly different experiences that you provide to each other and to your soul.  This was an excellent question. 

What are Twin Flames?

Twin FlamesYes, as you may have guessed Tom, these are two fragments of a soul that are very closely matched shall we say.  When they incarnate together they can be so familiar with each other that the people know they are soul mates.  It can be such an intense relationship Tom that they cannot live together for very long.  Or it can be that each will be able to read each other’s thoughts and have a very significant life of achievement for them both. 

So these will be two fragments of the same soul and not two fragments of different souls?

Yes, that is correct Tom.  Obviously you can have very meaningful relationships with fragments of other souls over many, many lives Tom, but two fragments of the same soul are formidable indeed.

OK Theo, thanks.  It’s takes a while to figure some of this out.

Of course Tom and you know you are still at the tip of understanding. 

Twin FlamesMonths later I would be given more information after receiving a question from a reader.

Each soul has these soul clusters Tom, and yes there are times when two parts or fragments of the same soul cluster incarnate together.  This can be difficult as your energies match so closely.  Sometimes it is impossible for you to stay together.  But there are other soul fragments that you have spent many lives together and certainly know each other well.  These are from soul clusters that you work together with over many, many lives.  Then it certainly feels like what would be termed a soul twin flame.  But again, I will say there are times when two fragments of the same cluster are together and there is great energy there.

Did the term “Oversoul” come into being to try and describe that there were multiple clusters? 

Exactly, although Jane Roberts (author) could not fully grasp the idea that there are
Oversoul 7 clusters and not a bunch of oversouls overseeing your lives.

Theo—am I using the wrong terminology for oversouls?

Yes, but there was no need for me to correct you, as I knew what you meant from your previous beliefs and understanding.  It is actually your soul and not another portion of your soul that responds.  Remember, you soul can be in a million places at one time if it wishes to, so there is no need to have another portion of itself between the soul groups and itself.  I realize that goes against what you have read in the past, but it’s my job or duty to answer your questions truthfully so that you can learn.

OK, next question.  You have said that the members, as I’ll call them, of my soul cluster are
Nativeteachers, yet it seems that we have experience in many areas.  Expound on that, as in one way I can understand that we need to know how to do something in order to teach; yet in another way I thought we were more of teachers on the spiritual side?

Ah, an interesting question again Tom.  Yes you do have to have these lives as certain types of work in order to teach, but it does all revolve around your desire to show people how to lead their lives and the only way to do that is to walk in their shoes first so that you have an understanding of how they live and work so they know on at least a subliminal level that you know what you’re talking about and not just some priest or religious leader telling them what to do.  This has given your souls great compassion over the centuries.  That’s why you can be advisers to kings and queens and heads of government, as you are considered wise when you make these recommendations. 

How many souls were attracted at first to have earth lives?

More than a few I assure you.   There was a waiting list shall we say from the very first, as keep in mind that there is no time where we are, so that lives could be started or led up and down the time lines so to speak.  You think only in linear fashion and that’s not how it is.  Even a young soul can have a life far into the future and still learn just as young souls learn from having a life in the 21st century.  Then the next life might be in a jungle or forest somewhere.  Each life adds to the soul’s growth and understanding.

Was my soul one of the first to have earth lives?

Yes, certainly.  Your soul cluster shall we say was right up among the first in line.


 ~ of the Soul

Neighbors for life
are what we are,
with ones
that we came back with,
with ones
that came to planet
earth this time.

All hearts can feel
the same things too
in laughter
and, in sorrow.
The things felt in
your heart
I feel in mine.

This is why
we came to earth.
It's what we came
to do.
To learn with other Souls.
It is sublime.

                              All the Souls that you will come in contact with
this time, here on planet earth, the ones that will
make you angry, the ones that will make you feel
love and, compassion and, most of all forgiveness.

These Souls that you meet in life are no accident.
This is the awesome plan of your Soul to make
your Souls progression to where it needs to be.

This was all planned.

Listen to your Soul. It will speak to you from deep
within the recesses of your heart. So please listen

Feel what is in your heart that is coming from your
IT’S UP TO . . . YOU!


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