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Welcome everyone to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you who signed up in the past two weeks while I was in England and France.  As most of you know, I was in Henley-on-Thames for an all day workshop extensively covering not only requesting Benevolent Outcomes, but also other tools you can use to make your life more gentle, with less stress, more success, and less fearful.  We also did a guided meditation so that the workshop participants could ask questions of their own guardian angels.  Henley is a beautiful place where they have all the rowing “regattas” and there were people out on the river rowing even in the cold and windy conditions during our workshop.  As I arrived back in Dallas in the late afternoon yesterday, I haven’t had a chance to have the photos processed yet, but I’ll have them next week for your viewing.  

I requested a large number of MBO’s (Most Benevolent Outcomes for our new subscribers) during the trip.  I now always request MBO’s for the safe arrival of my luggage, for getting through the Security line with no problems, and for sitting next to an interesting person on the plane.  I always travel business class if I have enough mileage to upgrade, and on the Continental Flight to London from Houston, I did just that, but the plane was not full and there was no one next to me.  That allowed me to “spread out” with things in the seat next to me, and there was no sound of someone eating while I went to sleep after taking a Melatonin (vitamin that helps you sleep if you are not familiar with the name).  Plus it was easy getting up to go to the restroom without having to climb over someone else in the middle of the night.

I requested a MBO to easily find Val Stoner at the London Heathrow Airport, and had stood there waiting at the coffee shop for less than 5 minutes when she arrived.  I stayed at a very nice Bed & Breakfast in their largest room Val had arranged.  The B&B was only a one block walk to the railway station, where on Thursday I went to Windsor for lunch with one of my DVD company clients in the UK.  I had to change trains twice and requested MBO’s for getting to the right train.  At each of the two stops there were kind people who directed me to the correct track.  I even sat near a gentleman from Philadelphia who’s a “head-hunter” living in Windsor and a lady going to a play that was headed for the West End in London.  They directed me in the right direction to Don Beni’s restaurant.  The waiters sing there.  Fun place if you are ever in Windsor visiting the castle.  On the way back I was OK with the first change, but arriving in Twyford, I wound up following a sign saying Henley, but it was incorrect.  There was NO ONE on that platform to ask.  Then suddenly out of nowhere two ladies appeared, inspecting some construction work on the platform.  I asked and they said that the train was on a different platform and pointed to the train already sitting there.  I thanked them and ran up the stairs, over the bridge and down to the platform, thinking they might close the doors any second.  They didn’t until 3 minutes after I entered the train car.  Now THAT was a Benevolent Outcome!  

We had a great time, as I mentioned, in the workshop and I had requested a MBO for that, and had everyone request it too.  Then on Sunday Val and her husband Jim took me to the London City Airport for the flight to Nice, France.  I naturally requested a MBO for the drive, as we had to go through the middle of London.  We arrived in plenty of time.  I really must publicly thank Val for all the work and friendship.  She’s a great lady and a catalyst for Benevolent change in the United Kingdom.  Mine was the first workshop she arranged in the UK, but she has several more in the works.  There’s already talk of me returning to Henley next October before my normal film distribution trip to Cannes.  If there’s anyone else that would like to sponsor a workshop, let me know soon, as I must plan months in advance.

I’ll write more on my trip to Cannes this time in next week’s newsletter. 


Erika from Australia writes:  I have been reading your articles and some first chapters of your book, The Gentle Way. I found your website and my hubee Michael and I have enjoyed what you have put on it very much and signed up for your newsletter.  You may have addressed this question as I haven't read everything yet, I have ordered the book from a website in the U.K., as there is no charge for shipping.

When requesting MBO's as a couple in a situation together how do you go about this, have you got any thoughts about this? I know you say them for yourself and I understand they work this way but when you are in a restaurant and you say it together for your meal etc how is it best to do this in your experience. ????
I have been doing them since I read the article last Friday you wrote in The Living Now in Victoria Australia. I read the article on the train going to the city and after I read it I didn't want to read anything else in the magazine.  And I started saying them for my evening of doing Angel readings at a city function, I whispered them behind my hand as I sat next to the window. I actually enjoyed the readings more than normal and we all had a good time. When I had to work out the money with the hostess I said an MBO for the amount, as I wasn't too sure what to charge as things had gone over time. So I said a figure to her and then went to the toilet saying another MBO for the pay and she gave me even way  more than I asked for which I had thought was high enough. I went home and said to my hubee guess what I got paid for the evening for 3 hrs work, and he was amazed. It was a good feeling and a good first MBO.
My next one was for A Sunday event I was hosting at my home and I said a general MBO for it , well Saturday night the guy running the event rings and can't make it and suggests we cancel and I ended up agreeing even though It didn't feel too good doing it and disappointing the people who were attending. I sent a message to 2 friends and told one about an event on the next day a Universal Insights Expo, which I had seen a flyer for a few times that week and someone I knew who was starting a healing centre was going to have a stand there. So I said another MBO for going to this myself and the best time the next day and wow what a time I had I ran into 2 of my friends who had been coming to my event and all of us instead were at this expo!! I had a great time talking and seeing all the stands and there on my friend’s stand who had the healing centre sat the woman who was so disappointed about my event  cancellation so it had worked out well for her and all. My hubee and I had a good outing and enjoyed ourselves.
So I learnt that what I thought by saying the Most Benelovent Outcome can mean anything can happen even that appears bad, but there is a higher plan up there. It took a while for me to let go and forgive myself and Adam for canceling the event even though there was a most benevolent outcome. I have said a whole lot more MBO's too many to write here and have had various outcomes. I am enjoying saying them, even though I do have a lot of other things I do and say that I have learnt as tools over the years.
By the way are you on facebook as I don't go to Myspace, and maybe you want to check out as you can do a great My Page there and post blogs which thousands get to read, I am there if you want to see mine just search my name. By the way I don't usually write this much only a paragraph at a time. I have a pretty good angel who is my spiritual master and I talked to your Theo while reading your newsletter and he said yes he knew of him they had met and I was well taken care of with my spiritual teacher, guide, master, dream teacher, Guardian Angel all rolled into one. It was interesting to hear him answer he knew my guide who is the spiritual leader of Eckankar Sri Harold Klemp.  
IF you want to use what I have written feel free.  Thank you and I hope you have time to reply and had time to read all this !

For Erika and anyone else out there that have not read all the book, I have a chapter on Benevolent Living Prayers as I call them now.  These benevolent requests are for when you ask for someone else or include someone else in the request.  A whole different set of angels responds to these.  You say, “I ask ….” instead of “I request…”

I am not on Facebook yet, just Myspace.


 Peggy writes:  Hearing you talk about requesting MBO's has changed our lives here in Ohio.  We're having some major construction work done on our home so I requested a MBO for our carpenters' work day.  Before they left that day they remarked that they didn't know what happened but their work just flowed effortlessly and they got so much done!  I told them I asked for a MBO for them.
I told my husband Joe about MBO's and he was so excited about trying this.  We both do it every day now and throughout the day for everything--it's a wonderous feeling to know none of us are alone in this journey.  This past Monday Joe asked for a MBO prior to leaving for an out of town 2-day workshop he was teaching.  His fellow teacher came in to work that day horribly sick--so Joe said he could handle the class all by himself.  His co-teacher has 16 years experience--Joe is a new teacher with 8 months experience in teaching weatherization techniques.  8 months ago he was milking cows at an organic dairy and working at Wal-Mart.  Our area is so economically challenged and it took him 2-1/2 years to find his present job.  Everything was on the line with this class.
The class turned out so great--his 27 students all wrote great reviews of their experience with him.  His new bosses were so impressed that he was willing to handle this class by himself and that he did so well.  Joe's confidence has soared and his future looks bright with this company and in this new field.
I do upholstery and continually ask for MBO's on every piece of furniture I work on.  I was so behind in all my orders because of a recent move we made and all the construction work going on around here.  Now I'm completely caught up and once again feel professional, on-time and excited about the magic of creating beauty with great workmanship.  I was assisted in clearing the back-log by my angelic helpers.  Thank you Tom, for sharing this incredible awareness in so many of us!

And thank you Peggy for sharing some great MBO's!


If you missed Part One, go back to last week’s newsletter.  Theo, as I call him, was the first Golden Light Being to volunteer to be one of our Guardian Angels.  He has great abilities far beyond our third dimensional understanding.  I am constantly asked if we should really be requesting MBO’s for small things, and I can assure you that Theo alone could handle 10 million requests for a parking spot all at the same time without “breaking a sweat.”  Our GA’s serve in love and will JOYFULLY assist you, but you MUST REQUEST THE ASSISTANCE.  

Theo, if our own souls are gaining knowledge from our earth lives, what do you gain or learn from your experience?

That’s a good question.  I serve in love, but I do gain knowledge, which is added to the pot so to speak of all knowledge being gained from your lives and others.  I have seen many thousands of times how difficult it is to lead a 3rd dimensional life with complete free will and seemingly no connection to any spiritual power.  Just the process of you deciding to go in one direction or another is to learn a great deal.  So that’s what I send back to the Creator—knowledge of the day-to-day decisions of people who have completely free choice.  

Does the knowledge you gain also go back to your creator, or does your creator care to receive this knowledge?

Yes, my knowledge goes back to my creator so it can also grow.  I think you suspected that when you asked.  I share my knowledge with all beings that wish it, as they receive in love, Tom.

So will your creator just add to its knowledge or will it somehow use this knowledge someday in another creation?

An interesting point there.  Certainly I can’t speak for my creator, but it has not ruled out creating another universe someday, especially when it sees the success this creator has had with this universe.

I know that we as humans call you Guardian Angels, but in comments that you have made to me, you don’t really call yourself that.  What do you call yourselves?

We just consider ourselves Servants of your Creator in doing a necessary service for him/her shall we say.  We are simply souls with a mission that we volunteered for and that was to assist you humans through very difficult, hard lives.  As you read, there is much anger in the world right now, and for good reason in many cases as people commit violent crimes against each other.  And yes there are contracts, but this energy must be dissipated, which is how Gaia will rid itself of much of this anger through these earthquakes that release huge amounts of energy.

(Much later I would ask)Theo, are you a golden light being?

Yes, in a way I am Tom.  Surprised you with that answer, yes?  

Yes, so what are golden light beings.  It was my understanding that you’re a whole soul along with a little over 1 million others taking care or servicing souls having these physical lives.

Yes that’s completely true Tom.  This work required a little higher level of attainment or knowledge if you will, so the Guardian Angels as you call us that do this duty must be quite skilled.  A newer soul that was just created would not have the knowledge or ability to multi-task the way we must in order to service every single life of all your incarnations along with all the other fragments of souls all at one time.  Calling us golden light beings simply means that we have achieved a higher level of knowledge—that’s all.  

Theo, I was under the assumption (which now I realize I should not have) that after you were created by another creator you were looking for something to do and were attracted to this creation.  Yet now I learn you are much more knowledgeable than a “newbie” soul that would not be capable of handling the servicing of the souls having earth lives.  Where and how did you gain that knowledge?

Yes Tom, I gained this knowledge over a long course of time as you would understand it by traveling to many creations of other creators and gaining knowledge of their creations and what they were doing with their creations.  This sounds simple, but I assure you it becomes rather complex as these creations are beyond your understanding at the present time.  

So would you consider yourself a medium or old soul?

Certainly I would fit into the category of old souls, simply from the experience and knowledge standpoint.

Then I would assume that all the other Guardian Angels as we call you—those million plus other souls are all or have all achieved golden light being status, is that correct?

Quite so.  As you were thinking, only golden light beings may apply was in the job description.  This immediately interested me and the other million plus souls.  This work has been most interesting and challenging of our abilities, resulting in much growth for us too.

That brings me to my next question about our souls.  Were we golden light beings too, or just souls that had achieved at least one life of spiritual mastery before we came here?

You were a mixture Tom, but certainly on average had not attained golden light being status if you wish to say.  Basically you had not gained the experience we had already gained, so this was a chance to be on a fast track of learning a great deal of knowledge in a shorter time frame to use your nomenclature.

So do you have a golden sheen to the colors you emanate—is that the reason you are called golden light beings?

Yes, our colors do radiate a golden light if you will.

Theo when you said I had had lives on other planets were those lives for the most part before my lives here, or after I started having lives here?

A very good question Tom.  Certainly you had a large number of lives on other planets before you arrive here not only for the experience but also to sample who were your ancestors or those that took part in creating the human race with their DNA.  So you were quite knowledgeable on a soul level before you ever set foot on earth for the first time.  

Was my soul a golden light being, or just already pretty old in soul age?

Yes, no your soul was not yet a light being, but has progressed almost to that point thanks to its diligent work both here and with all those hundreds of thousands of lives across this universe.  And your fragment of this soul has contributed greatly along with the other fragments.  Yours has been the most challenging but also the most rewarding part of your soul’s experience Tom.  

So from what you’re telling me, most of those lives were not just spent on Sirius B planets, is that correct?

Yes, exactly Tom.  Your soul wanted your fragment to sample a large number of lives so that you would gain the most knowledge possible before incarnating here.

You said you would continue with your service for 7,000 years in the future and that was a long time.  But compared to the millions of years you said you’ve been here, that is actually a very short time.  Why?

Ah Tom.  The Explorer race experiment had to have a beginning and end.  The beginning was far back before your records began, as your soul and others led many lives over thousands of years so that when you came to this point in time, you would have the ability and soul experience on earth to make the dimensional jump.  After you do that, there will be several thousand years more where you will go to the stars and start changing the way people live in societies that have become stagnant.  That will be your greatest accomplishment.  But it only takes so many thousand years to accomplish this and get this universe filled with many, many diverse people we’ll call them, and then your Creator will be able to move on and you and all the other souls will all join together to become the Creator that will run the universe.  That’s another reason why your souls are having so many lives across the universe.  Your souls will have absolute knowledge of every society and every type of being in this universe, so that there will be no lack of knowledge when you transition.  Your ability to make decisions as a Creator yourself you know, will come from these earth lives or experiences.     

What will you do after your services are no longer needed on earth?

Ah, that is a grand question.  I do have other choices, but I have not been attracted to them yet.  Yes, there are other worlds—one in particular—that could use my services.  So I do have that option.  Or I might be drawn to have earth lives myself, but I doubt that.  So we will see.

Do you act as my conscience?

Yes, in the way that you mean, I do.  We, your guides and me, are always sending you information and feelings to take a higher road or the best road for you, the best path the best direction.  As this is a free choice world, many, many times you—meaning humans in general—do not heed these messages in your ear and proceed down a path that causes you much heartache.  Yet, your soul learns more when you do this, even though you many times pick up great karma in so doing, and that must be taken care of in a future life.  So yes we do seemingly act as your conscience, although this is all part of the service we perform.  “Conscience” is just a label that has been used for centuries.

Theo—It seems at times that you can’t give me advice directly – only as those whispers in my ears.  Is that standard policy for Guardian Angels or just your instructions by my oversoul?

No, I do have my instructions from your oversoul as you call it, but we also have rules that we can’t tell you to go this way and that way in your life.  Yes, when you request a Benevolent Outcome, we can work to make things happen in magical ways it seems.  But for you to ask me should I take this road or that road, we can only whisper in your ear.   We are not allowed to give you this information directly as I’m doing now.  So it is very important to keep your ear or your senses open to what we can urge you to do.  By the same token, we can give you much information that can assist you in your decisions, but we can’t decide for you.  Those are instructions from all of the souls that created this world, or game as it is sometimes called, or experiment.  You must remain veiled and seemingly cannot see the road ahead.    We have been allowed in your case to give you more information than is typically available, as you are needed to assist others to be where they are supposed to be next year and then into the future times.  You act as a human conduit for this information to be presented so that everyone has the same chance to accept it and move away from these areas or reject it and stay.  It is their choice.

Regarding my development of listening to you or for you.  What is our goal?

Ah Tom, our goal is just that.  You, on a physical level, want to be able to instantly recognize when I speak to you no matter the time of day or not and know that it is me and not your id or mind speaking or saying things.  

Will the final result be that I speak to people and instantly tune you in to give them advice?

In a way, yes.  Not exactly but you will be asked your opinion many times in the coming years, and I will assist you, if you do not shut me out and use only your mind.  

When you or another guardian angel sees that we heard that “whisper in your ear,” does that give you satisfaction or is that a 3d feeling that does not apply to you as a soul?

Good question Tom, actually.  We do have joy that we are able to succeed in getting through to you in that muddled atmosphere where you are caught up in the dramas of the day.  The more you pay attention, the easier it is for us to make known your path and make your lives easier and less stressful.  We try and advise you on everything, but as we have discussed before, this is a free choice world and sometimes –actually many times--humans make choices that are not at the highest level of your purpose on earth.  We do adjust when you make those decisions to veer off of the path you wanted to take before your birth.  

Does your soul Theo resonate at the same vibrational rate as my soul?

Yes Tom, I resonate very closely with your soul, as it is necessary in order to advise you.

But then if you’re assisting a young soul, how is that accomplished?

They may be new souls for an earth life, but they are not necessarily new in the sense of the word meaning just birthed.  As you have heard before, before they are allowed an earth life, they have to have had many lives elsewhere in the universe, because earth school would be equated with a tough university or even master program at a university.  They would be lost if they had not gone through grade school all the way through high school, so that term “new soul" is a misnomer.  

When someone says they are speaking to an Arch Angel, is it really their own guardian angel handling the communication?

Yes, Tom, we are asked to fill in for the Arch Angels, with day-to-day details that must be handled.  They answer the call, but we are the filters to you, according to your question and your contract.  But people believe what they wish to believe, so let them.  

Did most of our souls have lives in other creations before coming to this universe?

Yes, of course Tom.  Almost none of you were recent births shall we say.  You all had been doing many different things and having lives in other creations when you heard about what this Creator was going to do. Everyone recognized how hard it would be, so everyone knew that great growth, as we have said before, would result.  It would be in your terms like applying after hearing about a new job.  

How do I address my oversoul?

It is very simple to address your oversoul just as you did me.  You ask that your oversoul comes through and immediately it will.  I assure you your oversoul keeps very close tabs on you so to speak to see what you choose next on your own and how it connects with your life plan.

Also, why couldn’t an oversoul act as my Guardian Angel?  What is the difference between the two of you?

There is a great difference Tom.  Your soul is involved with thousands if not millions of lives at one time across the universe.  Earth is an exceptional place in comparison to any of these other worlds because it is free choice and you are veiled from your soul knowledge.  It was felt that each individual on earth needs individual attention because of the great challenges you have here in comparison to these other worlds.  Therefore they asked for volunteers on a soul or spirit level and I was one of those souls that volunteered to assist you and many other people in many different lives.  Your oversoul is just much too busy to do what we do on a daily basis.


The following appearances are scheduled and you can sign up NOW by going to the Appearances section of the website:

Dallas 1APRIL 18—DALLAS, TEXAS—Everyone keeps asking when I would do a workshop in Dallas, so here it is.  It’s a one-day workshop, where I will cover first other tools you can use to make your life easier, then the second hour we will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth, plus Benevolent Living Prayers and a number of other topics; and in the afternoon I will conduct first a guided visualization and then a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  Cost is $70.  For more information see Appearances on the website.  

Sedona 1JUNE 15—SEDONA, ARIZONA—A one-day workshop after the Kryon Conference.  I will be doing a similar workshop to the one April 18.  A one-day workshop where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    We’ll have the workshop at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.  Cost is $80.  

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore





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