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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


JesusAs Gaia said previously, this week has seen a number of earthquakes all over the world, with several 6.0 and higher.  As I write this today Southern California has had four just today.  I have a LOT of topics today.  I’m really behind on emails, as I’ve had a couple of large projects in my business.  If you don’t receive a response to your questions in three weeks feel free to “rattle my cage” and I’ll see if I let your email “slip through the cracks.” That’s not my intent to ignore emails, but at times I receive so many I am buried.

This weekend is Easter Sunday, one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar.  I have asked many questions about the inaccuracies contained in the Bible, but you can read those by doing searches in the Articles section.  I will repeat again that I’ve been told Jesus was the greatest human to ever walk the earth—not because he is the “Son of God” but because he was the greatest fragment of a soul to ever have a life on earth.  He was, and is, the “Master of Love” in all it’s forms.  He taught us to love everyone, regardless of race, beliefs, or sexual identity.  We should all aspire to love everyone the same too. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


NEW INFORMATION! I think you’ll find most of this you’ve never read before.

GaiaGaia, how many souls are in your cadre of helpers – one million, millions, hundreds of thousands?

Well over one million souls, Tom.

Is it over five million?

No, but close to that number.

Over four million?

Yes, but not too far above that, you see.  Again, they do have multiple duties so there is no need for more than this.

Yes, but it seems that number is extremely high.  Am I receiving you correctly? Over 4 million souls are your helpers?

Yes, quite so, Tom, as keep in mind that this is a training ground not only for the Explorer Race, but also for newer souls who wish to learn how to take care of a planet, so that one day they can move on to ensoul their own planets.  Don’t forget that there are multiple Time Lines so that they are actually taking care of 12 planets at the same time.  Creator knew this is such a unique place in the universe, he wanted to make sure I had plenty of assistance with such a complex assignment, shall we call it.  The souls are able to deal with different frequencies all at the same time.  The learning curve, you could say, is steep, but the souls, which assist me, enjoy the challenge, and naturally we are all there to assist each other.

I assume that’s why there are, and were, various peoples on earth, which recognized there were souls of plants, trees, mountains and lakes, which they prayed to.

Yes, quite so.  Those peoples were more attuned—much more I will add—to the earth than are the societies of today.  But we understand that too.

Besides the multiple frequencies, Gaia, are the souls also spread out over the whole space time continuum, as we are, or have they been in this time loop?

Yes, again your readers, Tom, are being given a slight understanding of the complexity and uniqueness of this planet.  There is no other like it in the universe.


Mt EtnaJean-Marie of Canada asked about this on Facebook.

Gaia, is the activity of Mt. Etna about the same or is it rising in intensity?

No, just about the same but steady, shall we say.  It is definitely not decreasing, Tom, but it does have its ebbs and flows where it may appear to increase or decrease.  This is a good place for me to release pressure, as the land is not so inhabited and everyone stays well away.

What are the probabilities of it really blowing its top in the next year or so?

Very little, Tom.  There will be more volcanic activity, as we have mentioned previously, nearby as that sleeping volcano awakens near Pompeii.

Gaia, is the activation of the nuclear plant in Japan a problem?

Yes, it will shortly become a problem for them, Tom, but as I mentioned before, the workers at these plants will contain them with great effort on their part.


Hillary ClintonJen writes: I don't remember this being asked, but what are the odds of Hillary Clinton being the democratic nominee in 2016? If she is, are the current probabilities that she will win? Love and thanks!

Theo, at this early juncture, what is the probability of Hillary Clinton running for the Presidency and the probability of her winning if she does?

It would be fairly high at this time, Tom.  She is quite aware that the glass ceiling will be broken sometime in the near future, and this will guide her to run for the Presidency.  Regarding whether she would win, probabilities are still fairly low at this time but will probably increase in the future.  As you said, Tom, we’re at an early stage and humans do have free choice.


Carell writes: Do dogs or other pets have parallel lives as do people? Or are they just not as evolved yet?

Theo, do dogs and cats and other animals, birds, insects, etc., have parallel lives too?

Quite so; each of the Time Lines must be populated, and therefore there are parallel versions of them too.


Debbie writes: Please ask Gaia if the loud noises we are hearing in upstate South Carolina are from the earth's crust shifting below us.  The first one was extremely loud like two tractor-trailers colliding, which happens about once or twice at year at an intersection near our home.  We all rushed outside and looked to see if that was the cause, but it was not.  I remembered reading in your blog that sometimes the shifting causes such a sound.

South Carolina Fault MapAlso, we have been experiencing small earthquakes for the past two years.  They seem to be centered between Columbia and Charleston, SC, which has a huge fault line.  Does all this mean that we will be having a major earthquake in our area in the near future? We try to stay prepared for hurricanes and tornadoes, but we have never seriously considered earthquakes.  If this is the case, we need to add a few other items to our emergency preparedness kits.

I love your two books.  They were my Christmas present to myself.  I was so excited about them, I told my Bible study friends, and I know at least two of them that have downloaded them on their Kindles.  Thank you for bringing these gifts to our attention.

Gaia, as there is a fault line running between Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, was it the cause of loud noises heard in the area?

Yes, Tom.  It and the fault lines running off of it were the cause of the loud noises as this area does have a number of caverns which act as echo chambers .  It can be a tiny movement, but, at a place with a giant cavern, the sound is picked up and comes out of the ground much larger.  You can use the analogy of a tiny being with a huge voice.

Gaia has stated a number of times the East Coast will be fairly safe to live, with the exception of rising ocean levels and hurricanes.


Jane near Perth, Australia writes: Since I have great respect for your work and channeling, I would like to ask Gaia’s assistance / advice.

Perth, AustraliaI live in a farming / tourist country town about 1-¼ hrs out of Perth in Western Australia. It’s a beautiful town and a popular getaway as well as a national and international attraction because of the history of the town and the beauty of the heritage buildings.  An international conglomerate, SITA, is intending to create a massive landfill on a productive farm that is on a water catchment area just 18 km out of town, as you drive in from Perth and surrounds.  The farming families all around the site depend on natural ways of supplying / collecting their own water for personal and livestock use and do not have access to city / scheme water once their supplies are polluted / contaminated.  There is also an organic farm just 2 km from the intended site, yet those in authority to not appear to be concerned about any of this.

There is a much better option – besides finding better ways to deal with rubbish generally.  The rubbish can go inland via rail into more remote, degraded areas – perhaps even using abandoned mine shafts – where the water does not drain into our drinking sources.  There appear to be reasons why SITA has latched onto this property and seem determined to proceed in spite of all that is not right about the location.  We are doing our utmost to prevent this from happening, yet I firmly believe we need to call upon the other dimensions as well as Gaia herself to support our efforts.

If Gaia can suggest anything, we would be most grateful because, should this company gain a foothold in our town, the entire Avon Valley (farming and water catchment land) will be vulnerable to more of the same.

Trusting you will publish this in your newsletter, please create a group benevolent prayer on our behalf.

Gaia, will the SITA landfill contaminate the water near Perth, Australia?

No, Tom.  Precautions will be taken so that it does not contaminate the water levels below.  Still much needs to be done to recycle as is being accomplished in other cities of the world.  All citizens should be recycling, and if their city does not, they should demand that their city leaders implement this service and encourage all the citizens in the city to participate.  There will be ways in the near future to identify those who do not and there will be fines for not observing the rules.

Here’s a Benevolent Prayer for everyone to say: “I ask any and all beings to assist in implementing recycling operations in all cities and towns of the world, and to encourage all the people in those towns and cities to recycle, thank you!”


Berkeley Pit MineKathy in Montana writes: I hope you are having a great day.  I have a question for Theo about a pit in Butte, Montana called the Berkeley Pit.  Can you tell me if they will have problems in the future with this pit?  It is starting to slough and the residents are worried.  Thank you so much for all you do for us.

Gaia, is the Berkeley Pit Mine a danger to the people and animals which inhabit the area nearby?

Yes, of course it is, Tom.  They must insist that steps be taken to neutralize the minerals in this water, or their water table will suffer.  There are ways to remove these elements, but naturally the cost is quite high.  The local governments must take action to force the company, which worked the mine, to clean it up.


Pamela writes from Arizona: Many Blessings to you.  I stay away from House Homeland Security Committeeall the negative groups and people, but I don't want to be uninformed either.  Can you please ask Theo if there is any truth to this article about us buying 1.6 billion bullets and if this is true what do they plan to use them for? Thank you for all that you do!

Theo, why would Homeland Security purchase 1.6 billion bullets?

The question should be, Tom, who would possibly benefit financially from such a purchase?  They should follow the money, as there are more than one set of hands in the pie, we will say.  People will lose their jobs if an investigation is conducted, and perhaps charges of malfeasance will be added.


This question was asked by an Egyptian Doctor friend on Facebook.

Egyptian ProtestsTheo, what is the highest probability for Egypt’s future in the next two years?

The highest probability, Tom, will be continued unrest until a more secular form of government is agreed upon, so that all its citizens have a voice, and government is not based on the Muslim religion or any other.  Although the United States is primarily Christian, it is as close as any government in the world—although we can add a couple of others to this list—to making sure all its citizens have a voice in running the country.  There are “hard-liners” in Egypt, just as there are in the United States, which only want a government based on their religious teachings.  Their government must detach itself from being based on one religion.  Again, this unrest will continue until those in power are either ousted by more moderate leaders, or they begin to work with all factions.  This is a very difficult soul contract for those who are the leaders at this time.

When would you say a more secular government will finally be established, Theo?

The highest probability, Tom, is that it will take three to five years for this to occur.  Those in power will be quite reluctant to give it away, again because of their deep religious beliefs.  Eventually they will grow weary of the conflict, or more moderate leaders will replace them.

Let’s say a Benevolent Prayer here.  “I ask any and all beings to assist the Egyptian citizens in attaining a government which will represent everyone regardless of their religious beliefs, and may this happen even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


This MBO story and the next one were in last week’s Blog; the full version you can read at, or just by clicking on Blog on the Menu on my website.  You can sign up to receive it each Saturday.

Healthy LivingJohn writes on Facebook: A little update from my MBO experiment from this past winter.  I said an MBO, and posted it here on this page, for colds and flu: "I request the most benevolent outcome to remain in a state of health and wellness this whole cold and flu season, and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect...thank you." And no colds or flu for me this year, I was very happy with that!

Now that spring is here (in the USA) I wanted to post an MBO for allergy season, since mine usually starts this month; anyone interested should say this MBO and see how it goes for you: "I request the most benevolent outcome to remain in a state of health and wellness this whole allergy season, and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect...thank you!"


DeLeah writes: I was in my car this morning and on my way to work the roads were clear.  20 minutes before I was supposed to take my client to work it starts snowing.  I thought, “ok no big deal...” WRONG! It was snow and ice! By the time we left, there was 2-3 inches on the road.  She lives on a huge hill in the glorious mountainous state of West Virginia.

We got stuck in traffic, sitting on a hill for 25 minutes and then slid down the hill, like all the other cars, sideways in the ice Driving on Snowand I am sitting there praying: " I request a most benevolent outcome for my guides and angels to take the wheel and keep myself, my passenger and all cars around me safe with results even better than I could expect or hope for." I ended up halfway down the hill at a stop and felt guided to go down the back road.  I did so and got about a mile, and 300 ft in front of me is a stop sign, and across the intersection three other cars had slid through the stop sign and into a yard.  There were paramedics and road crews there already.

I went very slow and, once again, said the MBO and included Archangel Michael in it this time.  I started sliding and could not stop.  Somehow I stopped before I ran into a brick wall, garbage cans and the stop sign, when by all accounts I should have been in the crash across the intersection.  One of the guys was able to help me straighten out and I took the guidance to take another route and return my client home.  THANK YOU ANGELS AND GUIDES FOR KEEPING ME SAFE!


The questions this week are from Helen, Denise, Jim, and me.

AtlantisGaia, was the Continent of Atlantis connected at any point to North America? What about to Europe or OZ?

No, Tom.  It was never connected to any of the three, but, as I mentioned before, it was quite close to OZ—within 10 miles or so at its closest point.  It was a few hundred miles from the coast of Europe, and, as we mentioned again earlier, it ran more or less parallel to the coast of North America – at its closest point, approximately 100 miles.  The coast of Atlantis was irregular—and I’m speaking about it prior to the second destruction when it broke apart into islands—as it went back and forth over several longitudinal degrees.

Did the Atlanteans have to use line of sight to transmit their power from the crystals, or did the energy bend to the curvature of the earth?

Yes, it did bend, but, as we have spoken before, there was a limit on its strength of signal or beam of energy.  It did have its limitations, which is why there were crystal stations, we will call them, in both Europe and North America.

Was the artificial moon simply used as a reflector, or did it actually have its own power supply, which gave the crystal power more coverage? Or did it simply aid in lengthening the effectiveness of the crystals?

Both, Tom.  It did have its own power supply, we will call it, of crystal energy—the same energy the crystals beamed—but yes, crystals were aimed at the moon and bounced off of it to lengthen the area of coverage.  Again, we return to the crystals’ limitations.  It was a cheap energy source, but was limited in distance.  The same could be said for electricity today.  It is even more limited in its ability to send a current out over a long distance—much less across an ocean to another continent.  So crystals did have some advantages.  But today you shy away from exploring the use of crystals, as many people had previous lives in Atlantis and remember, on a soul level, the destruction caused by its use as a weapon.

Sewage FurnaceI assume the Atlanteans had garbage.  How was it disposed of—in landfills as is done today, or was it disintegrated by crystal power?

Yes, more the latter, Tom.  Again, using this free energy, it was simple to take the garbage collected to giant furnaces powered by crystals and disposed of there.

Did they have a similar infrastructure of water and sewage pipes as we have today?

Quite similar, Tom.

I would think they had sewage disposal plants powered by crystal power?

Quite so.  Some things never change, and one of them is the need to dispose of waste.

Was their system of waste disposal better than the one we use today?

Not really, Tom.  Only in the way the sewage disposal plants were operated with crystal power.

What did the Atlanteans eat as a source of protein? Was it animals, or were they more vegetarians and ate nuts and such?

Here we have a full range of possibilities.  It all depended upon their religious beliefs, yes, but even those who believed in eating the flesh of cows and such would also eat nuts and other forms of protein.  They did not consume nearly the amount of beef your country does on average.  More chicken and fowl.

GardenDid the average Atlantean have a garden, or was that only something for a portion of the population?

No, gardens were quite common.  They were very serious gardeners, as they had more land to cultivate, as even their cities were less densely populated with gardens.  People had more space.

Did they can their food?

Yes and no, Tom.  It depended upon many factors.  The Atlanteans preferred their food fresh, so there were a number of farmers’ markets supplying this need.  Certain items were canned or put in jars where they were stored for use during the stormy winter months.

The Atlanteans never built the pyramids in Egypt, did they?Sphinx & Pyramid

No, this was done long after the Atlantean islands sank into the sea.

Were there pyramids on Atlantis?

Quite so.  Pyramids have been used since the early days of Atlantis.

Bosnian Pyramid of the SunWere the Atlanteans connected to the Bosnian pyramid system, since it dates back almost 26,0000 years?

No, this was another people, Tom, and they were assisted by a group of ETs.

Did the Atlanteans build the Sphinx?

No, Tom, they did not build it.  This is a mystery, which will one day be solved.

How did the Atlanteans construct the tunnels they used, and what form of transportation was used in the tunnels?

Again, crystal power was used in the construction of the tunnels, Tom.

How many miles did they run?

Typically at least 10 miles or more, with the longest connecting to Europe and North America.  They were not welcomed in OZ, so any tunnels found there would have been destroyed.

Theo, was telepathy used more during Atlantean times than now in the present?

No, Tom.  Telepathy was used about the same.  If you would change the question to MU, then yes, it was used to a higher degree than at the present time.  Still the percentage would be low, certainly less than 50% and actually no higher than 20%, and that was before the societies living there started to degenerate.  There were schools that taught their students how to communicate in this fashion.


WoolpitJoe writes: I love the site! I have been reading it for the last 4 months.  I always look forward to Thursdays.  Here are my questions.

Green children of Woolpit.  I read an article in Wikipedia about a green sister and brother found in England around the year 1145.  They had green skin and spoke a language never heard before.  They ate only green food like beans.  After learning English, the sister said they came from St. Martin’s Land, an underground world where the people are green.  What is their story? Thanks.

Theo, I would like to return to the green children of Woolpit, England.  Was the story written about them an allegory about the differences in people who lived at that time, or were they actually from an underground city?

No, Tom, they were not from an underground city.  As you surmised, it was a story about the differences in people.  You thought it might be because of an underground city, and certainly we have spoken about this in the past, but not in this instance.


Janice writes: I have questions about the late Princess Diana of Wales. 

Was she a queen in another life, either of England or another country? If so, Princess Dianacan you say who she was?

Was her tragic death actually part of a plot to have her killed? Who planned it?

Diana had been quoted as saying she was going to die in a car crash.  Did she actually have real psychic/intuitive awareness that this would happen to her?

Thanks for your work.  I look forward to seeing it every week.

Theo, was Princess Diana a Queen before? And was there a plot to murder her? And did she have a vision of her death?

She has not been a queen previously, Tom, but was previously a member of a royal family.  She was also destitute in a past life, so she enjoyed working with those whose needs are great.  There was no plot to murder her.  But yes, she did have a vision of her death, as many people do before they die.  It is simply the soul letting the fragment know it is time to leave.


St Francis of AssisiEileen writes: Tom, will you please ask Gaia if Pope Francis was a pope in a past life, or is he perhaps, St. Francis of Assisi, his namesake?

Theo, was Pope Francis a pope before?

No, but he has been a religious leader in the past, just not in the Catholic religion.  His soul’s interest is in religion, and therefore he, like almost everyone, has sampled several different religions in his past lives.  They all prepared him for this life, where he is taking on some very difficult challenges.


She asked me to change her name so Patricia writes: Tom-I want to dive deeper into a question and answer from Gaia in last week’s newsletter.  The discussion revolved around an ancient ritual of placing seeds in your mouth before planting them.  Two things came to mind: would the foods grown from them be more likely to produce what your DNA needs from them (maybe a certain nutrient)? And the second was: what about menstruation? I Planting Seedshave been called to squat on the land as a way to give back to Mother Earth.

Would there be any added benefit in squatting over the seeds? I know this may all be a little much.

I want to take this moment to share my gratitude for what you are sharing with the world and for introducing me to MBOs.  I recently asked for just the right dog with the right temperament to come into my family.  We got her; although she is 145 pounds, she is a good girl.  I teased with my husband that we had to be a little more specific on size next time.:)

Gaia, by placing the seeds in your mouth does it give you the right nutrients, since the seeds read your DNA? What about menstruating, urinating or defecating on them?

Yes, by reading your DNA, Tom, it does tend to grow the item you planted so that the nutrients more meet your needs.  Certainly this can also be accomplished by mentruating, urinating or defecating on them, but is not needed and could be a little messy in planting them.  It’s just as your readers have seen in any police drams on TV when they swab someone’s mouth for DNA.  It’s that simple.


TeslaPhilip writes: Is Eric Dollard or Patrick Flanagan (or neither) the reincarnation of Nokoli Tesla? Have a benevolent day!

Theo, is Tesla incarnated today?

No, Tom, he is not.  He will return in the future to present ideas, which will be a catalyst for change in your sciences.


Molly writes: Here is a video of a truck on a highway, caught on camera being lifted up by a UFObeam of light and dropped, and the cargo was reported missing, is this video real? Thanks for all you do.

Theo, was the truck which was lifted off the highway CGI?

Quite so, Tom.  Pictures were combined of an actual wreck on the freeway along with not-too-well-done CGI to give the effect of the truck being lifted off the highway and depositing it in the middle of the median.  Again, not the most well-done fake, but good enough for people to question.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013,   


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