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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Allan writes from Denmark:  Now I've read the forecast on the winter, that it should/could be a fierce one this year, now could you please ask Lady Gaia (Mother Earth--I call her Lady Gaia) just how long this winter goes on?  What is the forecast for the rest of winter?  There is a snow-blizzard coming early next week, very unusual, but how long will this winter last?  The forecast of this summer in Scandinavia, how does that look like?  I live in Denmark and we have seen probably the worst summers these past 3-4 years, much rain and winds, so how does it look this year?

DenmarkI added in North America and Europe to my questions.

Gaia, will Scandinavia continue to experience a late winter and if so when will it end?

Scandinavia will have winter continue for a little longer, Tom.  That was, as I told you before, that parts of North America and then parts of Europe would see winter conditions lasting longer than normal.  But all winter weather systems should be gone by late April or early May.

What is the outlook for spring and summer in North America, Europe and Scandinavia?

Wetter than normal in most sections of North America and Europe, Tom.  There will be drought conditions in California and across the Southwest, as I need this as part of my cycles.  Canada and the upper U.S. will see stormy weather well into the summer and this will spread over to Europe and Scandinavia.  There will be a slightly higher count of tornadoes, with typically a few of them quite large, as this releases much negative energy for me.  There will be tornadoes in places, which don’t normally experience this phenomenon.

The Midwest of the U.S. will experience some heat waves this summer, along with regions to the south.  Again, I am increasing the temperature of the world, Tom, so that the ice will melt at a much faster rate than your scientists have predicted.  This year they will have to adjust their predictions.  Dry conditions with periods of rain will bake the southern U.S., which will result in an active hurricane season later this year.


Wyoming Mountain and lakeCarol writes from Pennsylvania: I'm reading Robert Shapiro's "Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery." I already do other exercises and don't have time to do all the gestures he suggests in his book to help mountains, cities, lakes, deserts etc.  Would you please ask Theo if doing absentee reiki on these places would help?  With my family, I place their names on paper or photos between my hands and send healing.  So I assume I could do the same for these lakes, mountains etc., or would using the photos of the lakes or mountain be more beneficial when sending reiki healing?  I thought other reiki practitioners would be happy for this information as well.  Thank you for your worthy newsletter.  I love it.

Gaia, would doing “absentee reiki” on mountains, lakes and streams help them?

Certainly, Tom, this action by any of those reiki practitioners would be most appreciated by the souls, which inhabit and are the caretakers of those mountains, lakes and streams.  This is not understood by very many humans, but I have whole cadre of souls who assist me in running this planet.  These are newer souls who are learning what it takes to run a planet, so sending energy to them would be most appreciated by all.

Lhotse MountainOn the surface Gaia, it would seem you run everything.

Yes, but that is not correct, Tom.  Life is much more complex than most humans are aware, and there is not only my spirit, but those which inhabit and work with me, plus all the beings we have previously discussed such as the fairy empire or clan, and a number of others.  Creator knew I would need assistance with such a complex world so the call went out and all these souls responded.

When you say you have a cadre of souls assisting you, would there be a soul just for a mountain, or would it be a whole mountain range, as I would think they would have a much greater capability than to take care of just one mountain or river or lake?

Quite so, Tom.  These souls are multitaskers and yes there are exceptions, such as Mt. Shasta or Mount Everest, but even the souls, which take care of these, do have other duties.  So fragments of themselves may take care of one mountain or a range of mountains let’s say, but they have other fragments overseeing other mountains, lakes and streams for me.  They are multitaskers, as I said, so they have the capability of handling many things for me.  And, yes, to answer your question, these would be considered younger souls who are also on a faster learning curve due to the complexity of this world and the many beings that live not only on the earth, but also within it.


SinkholeLee writes: Tom, it seems almost every week we are hearing about sinkholes opening up in places that I never thought had sinkholes! Is this a normal occurrence that is just getting more air time or is this a result of the rising waters?

Gaia, are sinkholes appearing more because of rising sea levels, or for what reason?

No, Tom.  They are appearing because of shifting underground water levels.  There is much activity going on beneath the surface, which your scientists have not yet been able to determine—only guess at.  Another example is the flow of lava, let’s say, from one region to another.  Again, you do not have instruments yet to detect these movements and changes.  This will come in the future.


I think someone asked me about this on Facebook, but I can’t find it.

Gaia, what is the probability of the major earthquakes in Japan happening Fig Trees Japanbefore the end of April?

Again, almost nil, Tom.

What about before the end of May?

Now the probabilities rise, Tom.  The probability would be over 50%.

No higher than that?

Just a tad, Tom, perhaps 55% but less than 60%.

I’ll ask again in a month on the probabilities.

Feel free to, Tom.


AntarcticaGaia, what part of Antarctica was inhabited?

There were a number of towns and cities on this continent, Tom.  There were many that will be discovered in the interior in the future, Tom, as keep in mind the coastal towns and cities existed when the water level was higher.

How many people lived on the continent at its peak?

Several million people lived on the continent, Tom.  It was well populated until the polar shift.  Many died at that time.  Only a few escaped.


Most of these questions on Atlantis are from Jim.

Gaia, please explain more about the Adam man and woman.  They were introduced at an early time on the Continent of Atlantis, but were they simultaneously introduced as different races all over the world, or had they already been introduced?

Man and WomanYes, a good question, Tom.  Adam man and woman were introduced to Atlantis at that early time, and, yes, the same model, if you will, was introduced in other places at the same time as other races.  Before, there were other models, we will call them, which were in existence but did not have the brainpower as did Adam man and woman.  These early models, as you have been told before, were ensouled even millions of years earlier, so that the “kinks” would be worked out on the hominid model while giving souls such as yours an early taste of life on earth.

But the real breakthrough was when the Adam man and woman model was agreed upon by your Federation E.T. forefathers and the master plan went into effect of having different races introduced all over the world at almost the same time.  The other models were left to die out, such as the Neanderthals, as Adam man and woman were given a much greater brain to cope with all the conditions the earth has to offer.

Then was the model tweaked first in Africa prior to its introduction in Atlantis?

Yes, but only by a few thousand years your time.  As soon as the final model was agreed upon then all continents received the new model.

The American Indians were and are red-skinned.  Are they the remnants of Atlantis, or were they just the same red skins, or had the same red skin, as the Atlanteans?

As has been surmised and studied by your anthropologists, Tom, they came from Asia across the then existing bridge and flowed down through North America.  They were not part of the Atlantean survivors.  Keep in mind that the Atlanteans co-mingled and basically disappeared with the people in the Yucatan and other parts of North America when Atlantis disappeared.  This was thousands of years ago, so much combining was done during the years that followed.

American IndianThen, would any of them be descendants of the Atlanteans, who over thousands of years reverted back to primitive ways of living?

No, Tom.  They were created by your E.T. forefathers just as the Atlanteans were.  They did come across the bridge, but there were others that were established across the continent, as the land was fertile and would support a population.  Yes, there were those Atlanteans who fled to the Americas, but more to the South.  The land along the coast was subject to tsunamis.

Where did the white race originate?

In Europe, Tom.  They had fair skin, and quickly had to learn to adapt to the colder, wet climate.

What decimated the American Indians prior to the white man appearing?

Over thousands of years, Tom, they had their own cataclysmic events to contend with, several of which are reported such as the floods that occurred when the tsunamis struck the coastline.  People have lived near the ocean for millions of years, Tom.

How were the homes, apartments, buildings and elevators powered—crystal power?

Exactly, Tom.  It was used for and was their source of power.

Atlantean CrystalWas this free energy or did the people have to pay for its use?

No, it was free, Tom.  Each home had receptors of a sort, which brought in the crystal power generated by the huge crystals.

So there were not cables or lines of any sort to each house or dwelling?

No, you could call it wireless power, Tom.

After the power was received in the dwelling, how was it used for cooking and to light the family room, etc?

Devices were made totally different than today, Tom.  Each device had a mini-receptor to power it.

Were there ever wars over who controlled the crystals, or were they so plentiful it did not matter?

No, that was one of their main contentions—who owned the crystals and it came to war.

Did they use a form of phones to communicate with each other and, if so, I assume it was powered by crystals?

Yes, they did communicate and it was through the use of crystals, as the energy has many bandwidths, you can say.

There seems to be a contradiction in information.  Edgar Cayce said there were healing temples in Egypt, which were used to heal people and the “things.” That would mean they still existed after the 3rd destruction.  Please explain.

Mr. Cayce was incorrect with that part of his reception, Tom.  You were a healer yourself when you came to Egypt, having smuggled out a healing bowl with you.  Eventually the priest system was established and there were places the people could go to receive healings.  The priests had initially been taught by you and your flock how to heal and it became something only the priest class knew how to do, as it could be dangerous for people to try and heal not knowing the proper techniques.  Much was eventually lost over thousands of years.

Gold BarsThe “things” were used for mining.  What did they mine?

Yes, certainly they were used for many jobs, but mining was one of them.  Crystals, gold and other precious metals and diamonds were mined.  Coal was not used at that time.

How long did this go on?

Almost all the way to the second destruction.

Was gold used for anything but decoration?

Yes, it does have properties as a conductor of energy, Tom, and there are healing qualities, which were used in the healing temples of that time period.  It does have other capabilities your scientists will rediscover in the future.

Did the Atlanteans have a form of currency, or how did they pay for items, unless everything was free?

No, Tom, they were an advanced society and people did use a form of currency to purchase everything needed for a home, just as is done today.

Was Florida under water at the time of Atlantis?

Yes, at times during those 60,000 years.  It was low lying and was washed over by the destructions.

When did it become dry land?

After the 3rd and final destruction.

Was the artificial moon used to reflect energy before its destruction, or what was its use?

Yes, it did reflect energy to ground stations, Tom, which had very sophisticated ways of converting the energy to power.


For my new readers Antura is my soul “cluster” brother living a life as an amphibian on a water planet in the Sirius B solar system.  He’s part of a first contact team coming to earth in 2017.  My book about him—CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.—First Contact! will be out this year, as my publisher has put it on a “fast track” for publication.

Fake Alien InvasionNikki writes: I have included a couple of quotes from the article.  But, basically it talks about a “false flag” being created using extraterrestrial invasion.  You have mentioned the arrival of extraterrestrials in the near future, will this interfere?  Does Gaia think this will happen first?  If at all?  Or, just more fear mongering?

Antura, do you see a fake alien invasion occurring, which I have heard numerous times?

No, Tom.  There will be certain people, again wanting their 15 minutes of fame, who will declare this is happening, but in reality, there will be no governments behind this.  Only a tiny portion of humans will be drawn into this conspiracy theory.


Kanti writes: Three weeks ago my fiancé’s Pathfinder was stolen from in front of my house.  We said MBO's non-stop and lo and behold, the car was found in perfect condition with only a few things stolen from the inside!!


MBO BuddyLuzmarie writes: I asked for a MBO to pass my very stressful Educational Diagnostician Exam with a 90 or above and I passed it with a 90! SO grateful!

Many students of all ages have reported great success after requesting a MBO for an exam.  They say they are more calm and score higher than even the best students in the class.


Chrissy writes from Brisbane: Here is an MBO to add to your list for the next time you do your newsletter.

I have been out of work for 4.5 months and over that time, I have applied for many jobs, most of them through agencies.  Of course, times are tough and I could tell that they were tough for the agencies as well.  Each time I applied for a job, they called me in so they could meet me face to face.  It was not hard to work out that they were also doing it tough.

Brisbane AustraliaI would have to say that I was qualified for the majority of the jobs for which I applied.  One of the jobs was with my old company to replace someone going on 6 months’ maternity leave and I didn't get it!! Not because I was not suited but, as it turns out, the person to whom the agency sent all my details was away for a couple of days and they went with another person.  To me that just proved that Spirit/The Angels had something else in mind for me.

While it is hard sometimes to keep positive and I did have a couple of wobbly moments where I almost changed my criteria, I didn't budge.  I asked the Angels for the perfect job for me on the north side of the city - not in the central business district - and with the perfect mix of people.  Someone called me from an agency on Monday of this week gone about a job that I had seen on the Internet several weeks ago.  I met with the consultant on Tuesday and they sent my details to the company who then wanted to see me last Friday.  I was told that I had the job yesterday afternoon.  The person they had in the job had not worked out.  I was thrilled.

In all the time that I was out of a job and looking for the right one, there seemed to be several jobs for which I thought I should have been chosen and was not.  Each time, I had to say to myself that it was not my job to have and that Spirit was working on my request for me.  A couple of times I almost changed the contents of my MBO, but a 'voice in my head' told me that I should stick with what I asked for and that Spirit is working on it.  I think it is harder to stick with something like that than to just give in.

I am looking forward to my job because I KNOW that Spirit has fulfilled my request for the right people with which to work.  I have taken a pay cut as I am changing industries, but I know that this company rewards hard work.  Thank you, Tom, for asking people to help me with my job request.  Thanks to the Angels and Spirit for coming through AGAIN.


OrbsTheo, what is the difference between a blue orb and a green one?

It is a difference in the number of lives lived on earth, Tom.

What about an orb that is flat on one side?

Done for the camera, Tom.  It is not for some reason such as it being sliced off.  The orbs—the human soul fragments—have the ability to adjust their shape.  That’s the reason you will see some hexagonal shapes too.  Those are well-seasoned soul fragments.


Nancy writes: For the last 2 weeks, I have felt the energy building like crazy, with Checking Pulseno sign of let up in sight.  Is this energy a build up to the Spring Equinox?  Will we have large energy build ups to each of the cardinal points on the calendar this year?  It’s a normal thing for me to feel some build up of the energy before the cardinal points, but the energy now is beyond what I have ever experienced.  Am I correct in how I am thinking of how the energy is working?  If so, I wonder why these cardinal point are so important..

Thanks for all of the great information you put out there!

Gaia, has the energy in the world been increasing more rapidly this month than in the last two, let’s say?

No, it would seem that way, but there has been a steady rise in your energy levels, Tom.  It’s just more noticeable due to the alignment of the planets, which magnify the rising energy levels.  But a good question.


Phaistos DiscJim writes: The below information on these Phaistos discs seem to not be resolved.  What can Theo say about them?

Theo, what is the Phaistos disc and is it 3,600 years old as estimated?

Yes, Tom, it dates back to that time period.  It will show or demonstrate that people were more knowledgeable than previously thought.  They had an intricate language not yet understood, but progress in that direction is being made.

What is its significance?

It gives you a large majority of the symbols used in their communications.


Clint writes from Nigeria: Many thanks, Tom, for your services.  Please ask Nigeria FloodGaia if there will be another 'great flood' in Nigeria in 2013.  I was a victim of last year's floods.

Gaia, will Nigeria experience another great flood this year?

No, Tom.  There will be localized flooding, but nothing as severe as last year.  That was needed to cleanse the land, and was part of my cycles.


Steven SpielbergMike writes: What is the soul contract of Steven Spielberg, and has he been anyone famous in previous lives, if so can we know whom?

Theo, was Steven Spielberg in the entertainment business in his past lives, and what is his soul interest?

Yes, Mr. Spielberg has spent many lives in the field of acting, directing, staging, Tom.  His keen eyes and sense of story telling was honed over many past lives before the great impact he had in this life.

His soul interest is the performing arts, Tom, in all its forms.  He was an early silent film director before landing this gig, shall we say.

Was he D.W. Griffith?  D.W. Griffith

Quite so, Tom.  He had to have a life with great sets and casts before he was able to tackle such large productions as he has done.

To read more about D.W. Griffith, go to:

Notice that Griffith died in 1948 and Spielberg was born in 1946.  This is an example of lives slightly overlapping, as don’t forget you can have lives in the past or future according to your learning requirements.


N. Korean President & RodmanEleanor writes: In the current newsletter, the issue of North Korea was addressed.  I must say, it didn't surprise me that the new young leader would change things.  My feelings on this are predicated on two things many scoffed at: the visit by Dennis Rodman and basketball.  When I saw that on TV I was delighted and thought certainly positive things would come out of that even though it seemed to be from left field.  As I've experienced before, "they" do have a sense of humor and display it every so often.  Is Mr. Rodman, as unusual as he is, an emissary toward world peace?  Thank you, Tom.

Theo, is Dennis Rodman an emissary of world peace?

Mr. Rodman became an unlikely emissary when he was paid to go to North Korea.  He is a more complex individual than most people give him credit for, Tom, although we certainly can see why it is hard to take him seriously with his style of dress.  Still, for all his faults, or those perceived by others, he was able to crack open the door when no one else had.  Sometimes the most unlikely people can do good things and become a catalyst for change.


Pope FrancisPaul writes: Thank you for the blessing your present life casts upon our planet.  A website by Kathryn E. May ( has put out the information, apparently through her guidance realm, that the Pope is a walk-in.  Perhaps you may provide some insight and further comment as to the solidity of this news through one of your trusty oracles.

Theo, is the Pope a walk-in?

No. Tom, an interesting speculation, but he has the same soul he was born with.


Karin writes: It is in some Hopi Prophecy about the Blue and Red Star Kachina and end times.
NASA Admits

Kachina Blue Star Gaia, another prophecy has cropped up—the Blue Kachina star which some believe is in this solar system.  Your comments?

This prophecy certainly dates back thousands of years, Tom, and is one of those which were nullified after you experienced the Harmonic Convergence.  This star is not in this solar system.  As I have mentioned before, you will discover another planet or two, but the Blue Kachina will not be one of them.  This is another prophecy dredged up to try and keep those in fear who are susceptible to those types of prophecies.  It certainly will not be the last one.


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