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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  For our new readers, this is the most diverse newsletter out there, as we cover subjects that YOU ask about!  I ask questions and receive answers in what I call “active meditations,” from my own Guardian Angel Theo and Gaia, Soul of the earth.  Gaia is now saying she’s building up pressure on the California and Mexico coast to begin some major tremors in December to January.  If you live in this area you may wish to pay close attention below.  She says they will be similar to the series of quakes, which are still continuing in Chile three weeks after the major 8.8.   Now for this week’s topics.


See last week’s newsletter heading JOB AND BIRTH. 

Eileen in Ireland writes:  Tom, I gave birth to a baby girl, Poppy Lily on Sunday morning, 11:23 am, 14th March. The birth was all natural, without any medication. I said the benevolent outcome prayer and was in labour for 2 hours 33 mins, a quick delivery, all I could have hoped for. I managed on gas and air, and 10 minute into that I said to the midwife that I did not need any epidural. Giving birth the natural way was a total new experience for me and I am glad that I got to experience it once in this lifetime. My previous two deliveries I had medication.

Many blessings.  Expect Great Things Always because Great Things are always on the way.  God Bless.

And I’m sure everyone who reads this newsletter sends lots of white light and love to Eileen and Poppy Lily. 


Tryggve writes:  Hey Tom and thanks as always for a great service to humanity.

I've just got a small comment that I wish to share to your readers and that is: CONSPIRACY THEORIES - STOP BELIEVING IN THEM!!!  Conspiracy theories offer nothing but fear and illusions. True teachers (like Mr. Tom) don't give teachings that generate fear. Being paranoid is not the answer to anything.

I don’t request you to post this but it makes me so sad to see people clog their vision with fear, I've been there myself. Just say to your self, "I don’t believe in that s… because it doesn't help me."

PS. I haven't thanked you for the questions about Gaia that you answered, I'm working on a music project that involves a guided meditation down to the core of the earth using song, it will be performed soon and your answers were of great help to create it.

Tryggve is referring to the February 13th newsletter ( )


Gaia, will the USA have an average tornado season with 1,600 or so tornadoes, below average, or above average?

Yes Tom, you will have a little below average tornado season this year again, as you had last year.  I don’t need to release as much energy as I have in some of the previous years, so your tornado season will be less, but certainly there will be the destruction of homes and buildings in the path of these tornadoes.  And there will be loss of life as there always is during these events, as there are soul contracts for lives to be lost in these events. 

Will the loss of life be average or below average due to these tornadoes?

It will again be below average, but not a lot, as there will be several of these tornadoes that will plow through populated areas of cities, Tom.

Will you keep the El Nino effect through next year, or will the water temperatures return to normal off the west coast?

Good question Tom.  These weather patterns will stay more towards the El Nino effect and weather patterns, as I wish again to create weather for the southern region of North America Tom, and right now this is my only way of accomplishing it.  Therefore, the El Nino effect may lessen a bit, but the weather patterns will remain dropping down to the south along the west coast and then following more or less the route they took during this winter season where there was copious amounts of rain for these areas. 


Gaia, did I receive this correctly that you previously stated you would begin to move the plates along the southern California region towards the end of this year or the beginning of next year?

Yes, you received me correctly Tom.  I will begin to move the areas near the fault lines as you call them in late December to perhaps early January.

What will be the magnitude of these earthquakes?

Certainly they will be in the 7.0 range Tom.  They could be higher in fact, but it depends on how much pressure I can create from the south from the movement of the plates near Chile.  These will be significant earthquakes Tom.

How many will there be?

Once they begin to move Tom, there will be a series of movements similar to those in Chile.  Again, this will start an exodus off the west coast that I desire. 

Of course, Gaia, you did say you were going to have these movements before in 2008 and then you backed off due to our soul’s pleadings.  Might this not happen again?

Yes, there is that potential, but it is very small in comparison to 2008 Tom.  There are soul contracts here for a number of people to experience these earthquakes, and I have delayed it as best I could allowing for much to be accomplished in your country.  But I still must proceed with my timetable and goal of bring water to the desert areas.  But I suggest you proceed cautiously to acquaint people on the west coast about provisions and such that you have written about before.  Those that heed your advice will fare much better, even though they will have little or no warning. 

Will you move the New Madrid fault line in the next year or two?

Yes, there will be some movement, but not as much as there will be on the west coast.  Again, I’m not trying to do this all at once Tom.  I’m simply beginning the movements.

(March 19) Gaia, in the upcoming quakes for California, you’re not planning to have any of the coastline drop into the sea are you?

No, I’m not planning at this time to drop any of the California coastline into the sea.  There will just be a series of severe earthquakes, which will cause massive destruction.

The epicenters will be in or all in Southern California?

Not entirely.  There will be some farther to the north centered around the San Francisco and San Luis Obispo areas. (Note: not positive on that last area. Will ask again.)

So I assume the earthquakes will extend down into Mexico?

Quite so Tom.  They will be greatly affected too.

Where will the epicenters of the earthquakes in Southern California be?

More in the San Diego area but even some up to the Los Angeles area Tom.  As there will be numerous ones, there will also be a wide range of epicenters as I move that land there. 

I’ll ask this question now.  I’m in a quandary as to what to recommend regarding water supplies.  Would it be better to have a large supply of bottled water, or would it be wise to have a water purifier that can handle several hundred gallons per month?

Yes Tom.  I would recommend that they have a supply of bottled water, as the water sources will be few and far between.  Southern California is not like other parts of the Pacific Northwest with lots of running water.  When the water lines are broken, there will be few sources of water for these people.  They will need to move and seek safety away from the coastline, and as fast as they can move away, as these quakes will be similar to those in Chile where one will follow another and so on for days and weeks.  They can always return to pick up valuables when they open the area for that purpose, although it will be sometime before they’re able to retrieve what they can salvage from the ruins of their houses. 

You said, or perhaps I should ask if I had not, that there will be no tsunamis generated by these earthquakes?

I did not say there will be none Tom.  There may be one or two depending upon the location of the particular earthquake.  This is another reason for the people to move away quickly from the coastline with the start of the series of earthquakes.

Will the earthquake you said would happen in Japan this year cause a tsunami?

No.  It will be far enough inland as to not cause one--just massive destruction Tom. 

Why did China not experience a major eruption as I thought I received?

No, they have not.  It was delayed, but again only delayed Tom.  The timing and the pressure I need to create is taking a little time. 

Will we have a large CME--Coronal Mass Ejection--from the sun in the next year?

Actually yes Tom.  There will be one coming late in the year to assist me with these movements. 

To read more about CME’s here’s the link to a story on the National Science Foundation website:


Eleanore writes:  I have a request of you and Gaia.  The gubernatorial race here in FL apparently is going to be decided largely by the positions of the candidates on saving and reclaiming our beautiful Everglades.  It has been of great concern to those of us who appreciate what we have been given and we've been very distressed as to what the sugar industry, etc. has done to it to date.  May we please have scomments on that very important situation and, hopefully, on the outcome?  Thank you.

Guess what?  We had a tornado warning in Vero this evening and it got really, really dark and windy with some thunder and lightening.  Didn't bother me a bit.  I just unplugged my big items and continued working on my MBO list and asked for coverage of the incident.  Turned out fine.

Gaia, can you comment on the gubernatorial race in Florida as it pertains to saving the everglades?

Certainly Tom.  It is wonderful for anyone to work to make this area as it was before, a sanctuary for all types of birds, reptiles and other animals, and for the many plants and other fauna that grow there.  That said, there will come a time in the future when I must flood this area as the ocean levels rise and it will be covered by the sea. 

But in the meantime, again it is in your, and I mean human’s, best interests to work to conserve these areas as it bodes well for your future as the Explorer Race.  If nature—that’s me, takes these wetlands, then that will not be your doing, but destruction by human hands is, so I wish those people well who have concerns for this marsh land, as to love this is to love me, and to honor that is to honor me.

Thank you.  I was’t sure what I would receive on that question. 

Yes I know.  That’s why you ask, yes?

Of course!


Shirley in Australia writes: I just want to say as well, a thank you for your news letters & the MBO's. I borrow some sometimes because they have been what I actually needed whilst reading them so thank you very much.
Can I ask if you could ask Theo as I have also asked my guardian angel and done benevolent requests as well, as to when I will meet my romantic love partner in life for both love and spiritual purposes? Also, I have done a spell casting with a pagan here in Australia & am wondering if such spells are good?  She says that the process of the spell isn't on anyone but left up to the higher good of the Universe and a list of qualities you write out for what you would like in a soul mate /romantic partner in life...I had a long list and a lot of things like honesty, loyalty, chemistry between us, ready to settle down & have a child, healthy, the right age & straight, responsible, fun, positive etc.  She said I had to be specific. I did this spell and wanted to see if it is ok to do this sort of thing. It seems harmless, as she says you follow your intuition on what to do to manifest this sort of true love one is wishing in life. She also says it is very powerful.

Theo, Shirley in Australia wants to know how soon she’ll meet the love of her life and also wants to know about casting spells—benevolent ones. 

Yes, Shirley is anxious and fearful that she will not meet anyone, but her time to shine is coming soon.  She must be patient, as requesting an MBO to meet the love of her life set wheels in motion, but it must be arranged for her to meet this person at a certain time and place.  So tell her not to worry and Expect Great Things each day—say that mantra as you call it Tom.  She needs to go through a little time and preparation and growing herself.

Regarding the casting of spells, this is an old tradition, and when you are able to request and know about requesting Benevolent Outcomes, it becomes redundant to cast these spells.  But it made her feel good to write the qualities down which she seeks in a mate, so that is OK.    Just remind her that requesting MBO’s is much more effective, as she orders up the services, shall we say, of her own very powerful Guardian Angel whose powers are far beyond those of any spell casting. 


Geoff writes:  I support your thoughts on the need to vocalize these MBOs, with emotion.  I’ve also wondered, however, how this affects those who are deaf and/or unable to vocalize, I guess that’s why you suggest writing the MBO as an alternative.  I’ve had these discussions with others and some have said that they get just as good a result by “vocalizing with their inner voice”.  They said they practice and train their inner voice to be as “loud” or “louder” than their external voice.

This got me to thinking about the nature and true power of the “inner voice”.  If the “inner voice” is sufficient to empower an MBO then it seems that the “inner voice” can empower almost any thought.  This is a scary concept to consider because it means that not only are we capable of empowering our positive MBOs but we are also capable of empowering every single negative thought that comes into our minds.  How about actors who pretend to be sick … do they “junior-create” or “co-create” some form of that disease for themselves in the future?  How do we tell our mind what is to be acted-upon from what is pretend?

Theo, if people use their thoughts or “inner voice” to request MBO’s, what about negative thoughts.  What happens to them?

Yes, Tom.  All thoughts, negative and positive are energy and go out to the universe.  But there is sort of a line that you cross when you positively assert requesting a MBO, as compared to simply having a pleasant thought about wanting something or wishing for something.  The same would hold true if you absolutely desire harm to come to someone.  Then that takes on some karma that must be balanced in the future.  So it is intent that separates the good and not so good thoughts from those affirmations you can make.  Again this is another reason to verbalize your MBO requests, as it gives them more energy than thinking them. 


Geoff writes:  I also got to thinking about something you said in one of those archived radio appearances.  You said something like our soul fragments are able to co-exist simultaneously across space (location) and time.  Is it possible that our current soul fragment coexists in the past, present and future simultaneously?  If that is the case then how does free will affect our future self’s co-existence?  Perhaps that’s answered by string theory, etc.  

Also, if we co-exist in multiple times, can our future self send guidance, messages or signs back to the present self and/or can our present self send guidance, messages or signs back to our past self?  Or, is there something that prevents this from happening?  How would that affect free will?  

Also, I was wondering if we were able to receive guidance from our future self, how would we recognize the signs that were sent back?  I’ve been thinking about that for a few years and just about an hour ago I considered that we wouldn’t have to worry about identifying signs created by our future self.  All we need to do is decide on a sign we would like to use right now and our future self would instantly, or already, know which signs to send us at the appropriate time to guide us.  This would be useful when we are at a “fork in the road” and are having trouble deciding which path to take … like choosing between careers to pursue, food to buy, restaurants to eat at, books to read, etc.  For example, you could say, “From now on my guiding sign from my future self will be a ‘cow’.”  Now, when I’m having trouble deciding which path to take, I would look for anything that relates to a cow (e.g., farms, milk, dairy, white and black color, rural location, etc.).  Perhaps you could get some tips on this from Theo.

I think I can answer this one.  Why would you want to receive guidance from your future self, when you have the services every minute of the day and night of your trusty Guardian Angel and volunteer Guides who are “whispering in your ear,” as Theo calls it, all the time?

I think it’s easier for us in the third dimension to imagine a future self sending messages back to us, or for us sending messages back to a past self, than it is to believe there truly is this enormously powerful spiritual being we call Guardian Angels (they prefer to be known as “Servants of the Creator”).  I’ve thought the same thing in the past before I “rediscovered” Theo.

I suggest that if you have not read my series Guardian Angel 101 starting with the March 28, 2009 newsletter, you might wish to review these newsletters (all listed down at the bottom of this newsletter).  As I’ve said over and over, just say MBO’s for choosing the correct career path, the best restaurants, and on and on.  You’re not making full use of this wonderful FREE tool if you aren’t requesting MBO’s every day for the mundane to the most important.


Pat in Ft. Worth, Texas writes:  I was interested in the comments about the Radiant Effect. My husband and I meditate every night, consciously raising our energy, partly to be a more effective channel for healing energy for others.  We were recently driving a backcountry road in Fort Worth.  In front of us was a pick-up load of teenagers and when we were taking a very sharp turn the truck skidded and began to overturn and then very close to the ground it uprighted!  This was in an instant of time, much too quick to consciously pray or direct helpful energy. 

The impression I got was that because  energy "radiated" out and  assisted unawares.  Until I read the comments about Radiant Effect I didn't really know what to call it. Now the question.  Was this true in this case or a singular blessing for the occupants of the truck?

Theo, Pat in Ft Worth asks if the incident, which happened recently, where a truck carrying teens almost over turned in front of them was a Radiant Effect, or the teens’ GA’s intervening? 

Yes, Tom, there was a little bit of a Radiant Effect here, but the major action was taken by the teens’ GA’s, who knew in advance that this danger would arise and were there to tip the truck back on its four wheels, as their soul contracts were not to have injuries or death at that time.  Pat and her husband were fortunate to see this in action and to recognize what had just happened instead of putting it down to chance.


I’m having to edit this email due to length.  Cindy writes:  I have 3 children. Twins, boy and girl and one boy older. Now they are 20 and older. When the twin boy was around age 5 he told me one day about ghosts he saw often dancing in the hallway at night. I didn't say I didn't believe him but instead questioned more. For a couple weeks we talked about them. He said they are never scary, but instead linger in the hall between the bedrooms and dance.  He said he sometimes hid behind a chair and just watched them.  He was not frightened at all of them but thought he would just mention to me about them.  So we talked.
I worked with a religious elder couple.  About 2 weeks after my son told me about his ghosts I asked her what she thought. They are Catholic and to my surprise had done years in "casting out demons".  I had never thought about ghosts or demons before, but after hearing her scary stories about how they had cast out countless ghosts/demons from people and homes it gave me chills and I believed totally there was such a thing.  She told me how after casting them out the demons would follow them home and torment them. So we discussed my son’s ghosts.  She asked if they were hostile or anything and I said no.  She said they could either stay and I do nothing, or I could cast them into hell.
I prayed what she said to say.  "I bind the spirits in our house, in the name of Jesus Christ and cast them into hell".  It was 15 years ago and my memory is not dead on, but I know that was the main part of it.
Within 1 hour my husband who worked 1 hour away---called me to say he was on the way to the hospital.  He said for no apparent reason he had burns and blisters from his neck to his shoulder.  He was a supervisor and had not done anything or come in contact with anything and was rushing to the hospital for treatment.  When he came home a few hours later I told him this story and how I wonder if my prayer of binding and casting to hell had anything to do with this.  He was angry with me and said he assumed it was since nothing else could explain his burns.
Now comes my fear.  For 4 months now I have been agonizing about the ghosts that I prayed would be bound and sent to hell.  About the burning of my husband because of what I had done.  Tom..... a child seeing kind ghosts dancing in the hall were now what I believe angels.  That boy was a twin, to a girl.  The dancing ghosts were probably their guardian angels.  Help me know.... did I hurt angels back then?  Did I cast anything into hell?  Who burnt my husband....angels, God or satin?  Tell me what you think and feel.  What do I feel?  I feel they were angels. I have prayed to God and Angels for forgiveness of what I did 15 yrs ago.  What else should I do?
Now, looking back.  it makes me sick of what I possibly did.  I didn't know. and now I say to myself "who did I think I was to bind someone and cast them to hell?"  That was not my place.  And look at the mistake it probably was.

Theo, Cindy is afraid she cast some ghosts to hell in her house and that her husband suffered burns as a result.  What really happened?
Yes, we both know that it’s impossible to cast these spirits into anything resembling her concept of hell.  They were driven away yes, and they did leave their calling card shall we say that they were not happy in leaving, having done nothing wrong.  This was for her benefit to see cause and effect.  From now on she knows to simply surround herself and her family in white light and that is quite sufficient.  And she learned another lesson about giving your power away to other people.  She can also make amends to those spirits by sending them white loving light and wish them well on their journey to light. 

In my second book in Chapter 8 on the Transition of Joy, I related how Joy hit me with my car door just above my eye.  Theo said she didn’t think it was a MBO that she passed when she did.  You’ll have to read the whole chapter for the details.


Mari writes:  I wanted to Ask Theo, if it’s true that angels are born everyday?

Theo, are whole souls we call angels born every minute?

Yes, Tom.  Billions are created every second shall we say for your purposes.  The many universes, which are created every minute, have a need for these whole souls.


Marie also asked:  I also wanted to know if angels can only help you if you’re on the right path?  My friend Sandra says that she can’t really ask for help from the angels at this point, because she hasn't done her part.

Anyone who has doubts about being worthy enough to request MBO’s, pay particular attention to this answer.

Theo, what do you say to people who think they should only request help from their GA if they’re on “the right path?”

These people Tom are being limited by their beliefs.  We Guardian Angels stand ready to assist you at whatever point in time you wish to call on us.  When you request MBO’s as we have repeatedly said, this puts you on a more benevolent path instead of the more difficult one.  So believing that they must perform some service or work before requesting assistance themselves is simply an outmoded religious belief.  Everyone should be requesting assistance from us every day, with no exceptions.  It will put you on the right path and will keep you on the path with less stress and fear. 


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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