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·    MAY 10-25

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Libya SignSince my last newsletter, the UN Security Council voted yesterday to establish a no-fly-zone over Libya to protect the civilians from more slaughter.  I think our Benevolent Prayers assisted, but BP’s are not as easy to get immediate feedback on as are requesting MBO’s.  I ask you again to say this Benevolent Prayer OUT LOUD:

“I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and assistance of all the people in Libya to keep them safe and to assist them in their change to democracy, thank you!”

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GlobeI publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  Please keep in mind that this is an interactive newsletter.  It relies on questions from you, and participation when you’re asked to say a Benevolent Prayer for something happening in the world.  I encourage you to send in questions of a GENERAL nature, which I can ask Theo or Gaia.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Earthquake 1(3/14/11)  Gaia, will there be another major quake near where the 9.0 occurred in Japan, such as an 8.0 or so, or is that all for that particular coastline, with aftershocks of 5.0 to 6.3 or so?

Yes Tom, there will be another major earthquake in the very same coastline region of Japan, as the earth is still settling in this area and they will have one or more higher intensity aftershocks.

Will there be another tsunami?

Yes, although not quite as high as the previous one, but it will be significant.

This then leads me to ask Gaia, originally you said a major earthquake would occur to the northwest of Tokyo.  Will this still happen in the near future, or is the major earthquake near Sendai all that the souls of Japan approved?

Good question Tom.  Yes, there will be this major earthquake in their near future, as they, the souls of Japan, have given me to the go ahead to move this particular fault line.  It is under heavy pressure now, and with the next major aftershock, it should cause the fault line running near Tokyo to release. 

You said this will be quite soon?

Yes, in their very near future.

Japan MapSo I want to make sure I’m not interjecting here Gaia.  There will be a major movement near Tokyo and there will be another major quake in that same coastline area?

Yes Tom.  You are receiving me correctly.

Will the closeness of the moon aid you, or has it already aided you in moving the crust of the earth?

It has already aided me Tom, but certainly when it reaches the point closest to the earth in the coming week the gravitational pull will assist me in moving the crust there. 

Has Uranus’ move into Aires assisted you, or do those planets –Jupiter included, have a much less significant role?

They do assist me Tom, but not to the extent the moon and it’s position assists.  Still they do contribute—and not so much as they move from one sign of the Zodiac to another, but more how close their orbit takes them in relation to the earth.

(3/15/11)  Gaia, I wish to verify my reception last time.  Have the souls of Japan said yes to having another large quake and tsunami off the coast, plus the movement of the fault line near Tokyo?

Yes, Tom.  There you have it.  I will cause the large earthquake off the coast of Japan sometime in the very near future, and the tidal wave or tsunami will engulf the coast again, and although it will not be the height of the previous one, as I said before it will be significant, meaning  2/3rds to ¾’s the height of the previous one.  And yes before your next question Tom it will be along the same general area as before.  As there will be nothing to impede its way, it will obviously go a little farther inland than before.

Regarding Tokyo, as I said before the souls of Japan have approved not only the next movement for the coast, but also the fracture or movement of the fault line nearest Tokyo and on farther to the south. 

Will this earthquake or series of quakes be at the magnitude of the 9.0 earthquake which was registered along the coast Gaia?

Not quite Tom, but certainly above 8.0.  In that range you see.    Yes you are receiving the numbers correctly Tom. 

Will parts of Japan drop into the sea?

Yes, but not so much Tom, as again this is inland from the coast a bit.

Will this one cause a tsunami?

Yes, it too will create a tsunami, but not to the extent of the one created along the coast to the north of Tokyo. 

Evacuation MapHow will the coming quakes affect the nuclear reactors?

Certainly Tom, several will be put out of commission and there will be a radiation hazard throughout parts of Japan. 

So it will affect more nuclear plants besides the ones already in trouble?

Yes, several more I regret to say. 

Speaking of these reactors, it was reported yesterday that 50 workers remained at the Fukushima plant knowing that they may receive lethal doses of radiation.  What sort of balancing are they doing?

Excellent question Tom.  These brave people are balancing lives where they had taken a number of lives in the past through their actions.  This will almost completely balance those other lives you see, and though they may die a painful way or manner, their souls were quite happy to have this chance to balance you see.

So how many people died in the first major earthquake and how many will perish in the second round of earthquakes including those near Tokyo?

Yes Tom.  Certainly the death toll will be over 30,000 for the first major quake and tsunami and the second will be an equal number or perhaps slightly higher.  Even though many buildings are fitted to resist movements in the capital and other cities, the great movement of the earth will take many structures down, causing a great loss of life—and may I remind your readers Tom that each of these souls has chosen this for balancing purposes and for the experience for their souls’ benefit and knowledge.  Your souls must have experienced this one or more times during your earth lives and these people knew this before birth you see. 

Japan Nuclear PlantAre the problems Japan is having with the nuclear plants at this time a warning not to use nuclear power to generate electricity, or for some other reason?

Good question Tom.  Yes, it is a warning but the warning is to force countries around the world to better protect facilities and to phase out old plants or retrofit them with new versions.  And yes, the story you saw of the smaller reactors, which can service 20,000 homes is another way to go, as these are quite safe with many built in safeguards.  I’m not saying to not use nuclear power Tom, as this is part of your learning experiences until you adapt more energy devices, which will one day completely take over for these plants.  There will be free energy devices or perpetual energy devices, which will be made public, and these will be much better obviously than the plants.  But there is a natural progression which is speeding up now which will allow funding for this, where in the past they were blocked from doing so by the power companies.  Fear will overcome greed you might say. 

How many people will be affected in Japan by the meltdowns, and will this fallout reach the North American Coast?

Yes Tom, several thousand people in Japan will have radiation sickness due to the failure of not only the ones on the coast at present, but also others. 

And no, the amount of radiation released into the atmosphere will not affect the population on the North American west coast.  They are reacting, shall we say, in fear.  Certainly there might be a small level of increase, but nothing your bodies can’t absorb, for as you saw on the TV yesterday Tom, your bodies absorb radiation all the time with no real effects.

Did the Comet Elenin assist you in moving the earth near the Japanese coast?

Just a tiny bit Tom, although you thought I would say not at all.  Again I am able to utilize the services of not only the moon, but the position of the planets too, and there are major aspects coming, which will assist me again in moving the earth. 

Let’s say a Benevolent Prayer Out loud for the people of Japan:
“I ask any and all beings to keep safe and assist the people in Japan in recovering from the earthquakes and the nuclear plant disasters, thank you!”

If you wish to read a touching story about survival in Sendai, I recommend this blog:

MAY 10-25

St. GermaineCat emailed and asked about the St. Germain channeling in the Golden Light newsletter stating California would quake in the period of May 10-25, so I asked Gaia about this.

Gaia, St. Germaine channeled through someone that California will shake between May 10 to the 25th.  Have the souls living in California given the go ahead for any major movements there yet?

Not at this time Tom, but they will see movements there this year, so you could say they have given their approval, just not on the time table channeled by that person. 

So I assume there will be a build up of pressure there during the coming months?

Yes, Tom.  Scientists will see the connection between one part of the earth and another, especially along the Ring of Fire as they call it. 

So again it is my understanding that there will be no major movements along the California coast during the next 3 to 6 months.  Am I understanding correctly?

Yes, you are.  Again, I will move California – parts of it anyway—this year, upon final approval of your souls I might add. 


NoisePatricia writes:  My daughter, has been getting loud, piercing noises in her ear one or two days before an earthquake, this wakes her up at night as it is VERY loud, then her ear hurts for a couple of days after, the latest was the Japan quake and then another just as severe one today.  Is this forwarning of another large one closer to where we are?
These have been affecting her for the last two years whenever there is one anywhere around the North American continent but not nearly so severe, it seems the closer they get to us the stronger they are. Could you ask Gaia about this?

Theo, Patricia’s daughter seems to hear loud piercing noises in her ear prior to earthquakes.  Why and what range does she have?

Yes, Tom—she has this acute sense of hearing dating back to past lives Tom.  She may think this is occurring out of the blue shall we say, but it is not.  She has been in earthquakes in other lives and had the same ability.  Here range, although not infinite, does allow her to be able to tune in to almost any major earthquake all over the earth Tom.  She is able to pick up the P waves before the S waves begin.  It’s a natural ability Tom, but was developed during a time when she lived in a highly earthquake prone area and there was no technology, as there is today to better sense the earth beginning its movements. 


Levitating GirlRonald sent me this video of a young Russian girl supposedly levitating.  Being in the film business I was pretty skeptical that it was real but asked Theo.  Here is the link:

Theo, was the little girl levitating in the Russian woods a stunt or real?

Yes, Tom, this was real.  There are people who can do this with lots of practice.  In this case, the little girl’s mother was assisting here, and they were interrupted in the lesson by the man.  Again, this was no stunt Tom.  As your other reader pointed out, she had levitated at some point before in her life.  Yes, it can be taught, and takes a great deal of practice to be able to do this at will. 

I posted this on Facebook and one of my Facebook friends said that she had levitated one time and it frightened her.  If anyone watches FRINGE on TV they had a story about people floating just in the last week or so.  Friend me on Facebook to get updates in the middle of the week. 


VisualizationThelma asked me to check with Theo about visualizing as compared to saying a Benevolent Prayer.

Theo, is saying a Benevolent Prayer more effective than visualization?

Much more effective Tom.  Visualization can be used in conjunction, but visualization is a mental process, while the Benevolent Prayer and/or a request for a MBO is much more effective because it requests spirit’s assistance in co-creating.  As I have told you before Tom, this is the first major step in learning to co-create with spirit. 


Reuters had a story about archeologists in Spain discovering an ancient city in a marsh on the coast.  Here
Atlantis City is the link:

Gaia, is the city in Spain discovered by archeologists the fabled Poseidon central city, or one that perhaps was modeled after the original city but was constructed in an outlying area?

Good question Tom.  This city they have discovered was modeled after the central city, just as here in the United States you have several capitals and even houses or mansions modeled after the Washington DC capital and White House.  Naturally there was a reason for this alignment we will call it in energetic terms.  Let’s let them have their fun in their discovery, but to answer your question, this was not the main city, but a smaller duplicate of it. 

Was it sunk in the tsunami caused by the sinking of the continent, or did the land sink, or was it flooded in a rise of sea level?

A combination Tom, as certainly there was a great tsunami caused by the sinking of the remnants of the continent, plus the sea level rose appreciably. 


Himalayan SaltDenise in Perth, Australia writes:  Can you thank Randy for the high blood pressure cure? I read it in the evening after having problems with HBP for about two weeks, which is unusual for me. I was not on medication and didn't want to go on any either! I prefer natural remedies. Well I read Randy's post and I happened to have some of that salt in the pantry. I was pretty shaky but went and made the sole straight away.

I was thinking that I'd have to wait until morning to get the benefit. Then I thought that it couldn't hurt to take a small piece on my tongue, so I did. Within twenty minutes I was feeling perfectly better! Amazing! I had such a restful sleep too. So a big thank you to Randy!  My BP is still a little high, but I have an infection at the moment and your BP goes up with an infection. I am feeling soooo much better though!

Thanks Randy, wherever you are, as you've helped someone in Perth, Australia. So now you know you have helped someone else. Gives you goose bumps doesn't it?
For those of you who emailed, 2 cm's of salt is about 8/10's of an inch.


I received this information from one of our subscribers:

My sister has been diagnosed with macula degeneration and I found the article below  with information about the nutrition necessary to reverse it as someone has already done so.

I hope this information is useful to someone.

Faithe writes:  I just read the newsletter and came across the note from "Faith" asking about Macular Degeneration. There are treatments that can halt the progression and even improve vision. My own Dr. McLean in Asheville, NC ...a retina specialist.....has used a treatment used at the Mayo Clinic....where injections are made right into the eye...once the disease has gone "wet". Please suggest to "Faith" that she look for a really good opthamologist/retina specialist and if not in her locale....check in with the Mayo Clinic to see if her condition can be helped. I have AREDS....age related mac deg......dry and my doctors have held it in check since discovered 3 years ago.....a friend has the wet in both eyes and gets these injections every 6 weeks and the progress has been halted along with improved vision. Please tell your lady that it is not a lost cause. Thank you so much for all your good work ....I send you many blessings.


WW II Jewish FamilyTheo, how do you handle a situation in which a life contract calls for someone to be killed at an early age like the one I lived early in Word War II?

I handle it the same Tom as all the other contracts that call for someone to not live to be or die at an old age.  My job is to take care of them until that time and to assist in actually setting up or pushing them along to be where they are supposed to be so that the event will happen.  That may sound a little callous, but keep in mind these are soul contracts and my job is to give aid and comfort as much as possible until the time of death. 

Why did I seemingly wait so long to have a life where I was killed as that child in WWII?

You just had to find the right circumstances for your birth to a Jewish couple where you would not live long.  Yes it did free you of a Karmic debt stretching over several centuries.  But that’s how Karmic debts are taken care of.  It can be done within ten or twenty years or 2,000 years.  It does not make any difference on this side.

I assume I had taken the life of a child at some point in some life?

Yes of course you did.  So you had to suffer the same fate as the child you slew in a past existence.  Remember that everything must balance out and there are lives where you have been a cheat, thief and killer and then there are lives where you were called a saint. 

German SoldierDid I have any Karmic ties to the German soldier that killed me in World War II?

Yes of course you did.  He was the child you had slain in the previous life.  That was a good question, Tom.

So did he incur a Karmic debt in killing me?

Not so much as the Karmic debts he owed for killing all the other people –innocent people with no weapons.  He has much to work off in future lives. 

But perhaps those people also owed him a Karmic debt too?

Yes and no.  Some people did but others had had no relations with him prior to their deaths at his hands.  Naturally he would later die in the war, so that helped a little, but only a little. 

Death BedIs there a way to better prepare for death?

Ah, an age old question Tom.  No and yes.  You can request benevolent outcomes that the death process be easy and peaceful.  A human’s built-in survival instinct is to fight the going, which is why there are souls that you call death angels that appear to comfort and assist the person to understand it’s time to go.  Certainly it helps if the friends and family tell the person that they are releasing them and wishing them a good journey.  But requesting MBO’s for healing, calming energy to be sent to yourself can help and assist the process of transition. 

Do you meet me at my time of passing?

Yes I’m there with many other spirits to greet you and in forms that will be recognizable to you.  You will have a crowd this time like no other.                                          

AngelAre there angels actually assigned or volunteer for death duty or is this simply done by you and my guides?

No there are loving angels that assist in this death process Tom.  There are many jobs to be performed on this side of the veil for you and death duty is one of them, as these angels have great compassion and love and are able to transform themselves into whatever form your belief system calls for to assist in the transition. 

Why is a death angel needed when you’re there anyway?

A good question Tom.  My job is to greet you along with all your friends and love ones.  The angels that handle this duty are experienced in guiding everyone in the right direction so to speak, as your soul will no longer be tethered to your body.  We wouldn’t want you to become lost, now would we (a little humor there)?  So their job is more complex than it might appear on the surface.  They certainly do much more than take on some appearance of a friend you know or relative.

Months later I would ask for more information about the death process.
Theo, I would like to cover the death process in more detail for everyone.  Where does it actually start?

Yes Tom, it’s starts early on actually—weeks in advance.  The or your immortal soul informs you during the dream state or even twilight state if you are incapacitated that it is time to leave your body, so then the preparations begin.  At this point I—your Guardian Angel, am working quite closely with you, along with your guides.

Has the death Angel made an appearance yet, or do they wait until the time of death?

No, they are still in the background shall we say.  These loving spirits are aware that the person will soon pass over, and they can shall we say analyze you in an instant as to your religious and cultural background—your belief system—and they do consult with us, although this is certainly in a millisecond in your time frame.  So everything is made ready for the individual passing over.  The body is worn out, or, in the case of a sudden death due to war, disaster, or any other type of death where the person does not live to old age, this is all done in your sleep time.  As you have read many times, people have what are termed “premonitions” of death.  This is due to what they are being told during their sleep time.  In many cases it is a relief on a higher level that you are getting to leave, as you have been veiled from knowing your true self for many years.
OK, so the preparations have been done.  Is the next step the day of death, or is there something else?

No, you’re quite correct Tom.  These preparations go on until the day of death, and if it is a violent death, the Guardian Angel makes sure that that person is in the right place at the right time for the death to occur, per that person’s soul contract.  When everything is in place, then we are all gathered for that moment when the person expires.  The loving soul that is one of the volunteers for death duty is on the scene to comfort and accompany the person to the next level.

Tunnel of LightDo they travel on a tone as we do during the sleep or dreaming time Theo?

Yes, exactly, Tom.  At the moment of death, the silver cord, as it is known, releases.  It is not cut, but simply releases.  The death angel leads that person’s soul fragment on and here is where there are the reports of beautiful white lights and a tunnel, as the tone acts in a way like a tunnel, and there can be music or whatever that person needs to become aware that they have passed on and this is not a dream.  In many cases other soul fragments that the person has known will be in attendance to welcome and encourage the soul fragment, and they will appear as they had in, or during that person’s life.  This is especially true for the soul fragment’s own soul group or cluster.  At this point there is much celebration, and the person is guided to an interim location, if you will, where they can rest and regain their strength and orientation, depending again upon their belief system.  There is no time on this side, so this process can last as long as appropriate.  They—the soul fragment—may wish to envision a beautiful mountain cabin, or one on the shore of a beautiful lake or ocean.  Then slowly they become bored with this and it is time for review of the last life and preparations for the next life.

So the review does not come immediately after they have passed over?

No, it’s not necessary, although this process can be almost immediate for some individuals that quickly remember the process.   Each person or soul fragment is different and is treated with loving care by the souls who are assigned to them upon arrival.

Spirit GuidesSo the death soul (angel) is only there for the death process and that is all?

Yes, this is very important and requires dexterity shall we say, as some soul fragments are disoriented and due to their belief systems are not prepared for this process. 

Someone asked what about the benefits to families and our soul when we leave behind a part of us when we die.  Your comments?

Yes this fragment of the fragment so to speak, does remain attached with its biological family, so that there is a connection to the fragment that has gone back to the soul group.  A little difficult to explain to you, but this connection serves both the living and the fragment to keep an eye on the rest of the lives of its children and mates.  It is a way of giving comfort to them that they can feel this presence around them whenever they wish to. 

Does this extend to the grandchildren?

Yes of course, if the person was alive when they were born, they will send loving feelings to these children whenever they wish to receive them on a subconscious or subliminal level.


Brenda writes:  I've been an affirmation student of Florence Shinn and Louise Hay for over 40 years and I enjoy your newsletter very much.  I just want to say I took the liberty of slightly rewriting your daily affirmation in such a way that it popped for me. I have printed out the newer version and it calls to me to be diligent daily.

For your information. Should you wish to share, please be my guest.  Much peace, light and love.


I am a glorious piece of creation.

I have created my current reality, and Now create all of
what I wish to experience in the future.

Therefore, all wondrous things before me are my doing.

TODAY, I choose to raise my awareness.

TODAY, I choose to slow down the aging clock in my cells,
and create divinity in my daily workings.

TODAY, I instruct my cellular structure to vibrate
to my intent and directions.

TODAY, I create a peaceful balance in all things,
everywhere I walk.

TODAY, I create for myself great health, remarkable prosperity,
exceptional abundance,
and many Most Benevolent Outcomes.

And so it is.

Go to and click on SIGNS to see the Daily Affirmation I have there to compare with this one.  You’ll also find the Daily Benevolent Prayer, the EXPECT GREAT THINGS “mantra,” and the REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY! signs you can print out. 


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