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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Theo, what is the highest probability for Israel and Iran and their conflict?  Israel-Iran Conflict

Yes, Israel is rattling sabers, and there are great diplomatic communication between the United States and Israel to hold off doing anything rash.  And there are diplomatic communications with Iran from not only the USA but from a number of other countries.  So the highest probability at this time is that cooler heads will prevail and Israel will not attack Iran. 

Percentage probability?

Certainly over 70% to 80% Tom. 


Object near SunSandy on Facebook writes:  Tom, could you ask who it concerns if the sun either has a balloon tethered to it, an anomoly going on, or a space ship fueling up. Thanks.

Mysterious planet-sized 'Death Star' captured on video as it 'refuels' at the surface of the sun:
An orbiting NASA space telescope captured a dark, planet-sized object flying close to the sun on Monday - then extending what looks like a refueling tube into the star's surface.

Sun, have you had any large planetary objects near you recently, and if so why, or is it a solar filament as scientists claim?

Yes Tom.  It is a solar filament as the scientists say.  It makes great “press” shall we say for someone to claim a planetary object was somehow having a tube to suck out some of my energy or substance.  It is a natural phenomenon, but one which the scientists really have no clue to why it happens.  I will leave it mostly for them to discover one day in the fairly far future, but imagine a tornado on earth sucking up what appears on the surface just surface debris, but in actuality has another function of sucking up negative energy.  This would be a similar, but not completely accurate comparison.    


I will say first that I’m not sure on my reception, as there is so much news everyday on the GOP race that it might have Rick Santoruminfluenced my reception, but here goes:

Theo, what are the highest probabilities for who will be the GOP nominee, and I will try and stay out of the way?

Yes Tom.  At this time the highest probability will be for Rick Santorum to be his party’s nominee.  He has a large conservative contingent backing him with a great deal of money and they will wrestle the nomination away.  This would be a 70% probability at this time. 


Phoenix LightSeveral people emailed about the Phoenix light explosion seen on a news broadcast.

Gaia, what the flash of light “explosion” seen on Phoenix TV an ET or natural phenomenon?

Yes, it was ET directed shall we say Tom.  They knew it would be video recorded and would cause people to wonder and search for answers. 

So who was behind it?  One of our known societies or an obscure one?

No, one of the more well known ones, but your reception, as we both know, is a little weak this morning, so let’s have your readers guess.

I was “tripping out” due to the change in time.


Afghan SlainTheo, what is the soul contract of the Sergeant who killed the 16 Afghan civilians?  What will happen because of this violent act?

Certainly this was a soul contract act Tom, as he did have a brain injury, plus a personal crisis in his marriage and too many tours of duty in a war zone.  He finally exploded.  There are others on the verge of committing these same sort of atrocities.  In his case all those people had killed him in a number of other lives, so that balanced, but he will have to balance in the future because his actions affected so many people, where others were killed after the fact. 

Still, his actions did cause the United States to consider what the cost is in repeatedly sending soldiers to war over and over again.  The human persona cannot keep this up indefinitely.  It finally breaks and either they find a way to be killed, commit suicide, or commit an atrocity such as happened in this case.  Much will be discussed and learned here, so he did act as a bit of a catalyst, and fewer men will die in the long run because of his actions.


SantoriniAntonia writes:  Santorini due for an earthquake or volcanic explosion?

Gaia, any plans for a volcanic eruption on the beautiful island of Santorini either this year or next?

No Tom.  Certainly there is some pressure on the vents there, but I have no plans for a large volcanic eruption as I did many years ago there.  When Mt. Vesuvius erupts again near Pompeii, there will be added pressure there at Santorini, but not an eruption. 

Love this island.  Was on a cruise of the Mediterranean and my wife and I rode donkeys from the dock up to the top of the hill.  What an experience!


MontanaKathy writes:  How does it look for any earth quakes for Yellowstone Park in Montana this year and will the summer in Helena Mt be dry. It is so nice and I feel like we don’t have enough snow pack.  Thank you Tom for all you do for us.

Gaia, will it be a dry summer for Montana and that region of the country?

Yes, relatively dry Tom in comparison to previous summers.  All of that region has not received their normal amount of moisture and will naturally have the danger of forest fires this coming summer.  That’s with my wishes Tom, as I must recycle and fires assist me in completing a cycle so that another one can begin.

Yellowstone was covered previously in the August 27, 2011 newsletter.  Low probability of earthquakes and volcano eruption. 


Theo, according to a book I’m reading there were humanoids on earth for thousands of years before they were ensouled.  Also this author says she saw no spirits whatsoever—no Arch Angels or other types of spirits—just only the Creator or “Source”.  Comments.

Yes Tom, she has selective memory I’ll call it, as this great “all knowing” she experienced was only accurate up to a certain extent.  When she returned to full consciousness these memories were filtered through her mind.  That’s the easiest way I can describe it for you.  The humanoids we will call them were ensouled from the beginning of their existence I can assure you.  All living things on the planet and much you do not consider living things are ensouled.  Yes, all have the breath of the Creator and a piece of the creator contained in them, but they are all each ensouled.


Milton writes:  Would you mind asking the appropriate Angels you are working with if we on planet Earth have with us and Teslahave had with us Advanced Beings who are here to guide us? And was Nikola Tesla one of those Advanced Beings and was he here to show us how to use the Energy all around us and be able to avoid having to use Carbon based fuels? Thank you and Blessings.

Gaia, would Tesla be considered an advanced being or soul, or who would be on the list?

Tesla was an advanced soul from a standpoint of what he accomplished during his sojourn on earth.  That said, he would not be considered a truly advanced soul on say the top 10 list on earth.  That is a rarified number and number of souls with that nomenclature, as we look upon souls in a different light than you do.  We look at how high their vibrational level and quickly tell how highly advanced they are.  You would be on the list although you did not want me to say so Tom.  There are others such as the Dalai Lama.  But Mr. Tesla is in shall we say a different category—a soul with a fairly large number of lives and whose soul specializes in scientific pursuits.

We have “Advanced Beings” to guide us all the time, starting with those Golden Light Beings we call Guardian Angels (and who prefer to be called “Servants of the Creator).”  Just begin requesting MBO’s if you are not already and listen to those “whispers in your ear.” 


Lee CarrollDonna writes:  I just listened the past couple of days to Kryon from San Antonio, wondered if you attended?  I found it interesting in that right at the end, he gave a prediction, something he has never done.  He's always given possibilities and probabilities, many of which have come to pass, but this one blew me away and I hope it happens sooner rather than later.  He never gives time frames as there is no time.
He said a big corporation is going to fall and be held accountable and it has to happen.  He hinted that there is a movie either going to be made or in the making that could start the ball rolling so to speak.   He said it was "Big Pharma".   I got goosebumps, so maybe there is a hope that GMO's will be wiped out, as I consider Monsanto very dangerous, and this has to happen.

Theo is Master Kryon correct that a big Pharmaceutical will fall soon, and if so when will it be—this year or next?

Yes, Master Kryon is correct and it will be in this year of 2012 Tom.  That is the highest probability to answer your next question.


Dennis writes:  I am very delightful to have come across your wonderful website which I was referred to by Christy ____ Jacob Zuma(Global  Teleclasses). I am continuously using MBOs on a daily basis with good results.

Please Tom, may you please help me with the outcome of the elections at the National Conference of the African National Congress (ANC) in December. I would be glad if Jacob Zuma retained the presidency since his challengers seem to be looking at self-enrichment more than serving other people. But this is just my personal wish, what do you foresee?

Theo, what is the probability of Jacob Zuma retaining the presidency of the African Congress?

Quite high Tom.  Certainly over 80% at this moment. 


MeditationEva writes:  Thanks so much for your newsletter. I read it weekly and I appreciate the gentle guidance of your messages.

Can you ask Theo or Antura what it is like to not be veiled and be aware of parallel lives, lives in other dimensions and past lives? How practically does one have an awareness of so much information? Can you remind me why we are veiled to our other lives/experiences?

You've mentioned before that newer souls to earth incarnate often as indigenous people or people in developing countries who face challenges to survival. Can you clarify this? I think our indigenous people are wiser and have more depth than us westerners and that people in developing countries are a product of circumstance, namely economic injustice whose souls are as developed as any others.

I am also very fascinated by the information you've shared about our "seeded" evolution with help from ET's over millennia. How many different ET groups were involved in our seeding, and over what length of time (during approximately what ages or years?) I think you've mentioned that different groups influenced the genetic makeup of different races across the planet. Putting the puzzle pieces together!

Antura, since you are not veiled, how often do you tap into your past lives, and perhaps future lives?

Yes, an interesting question Tom.  I only “tap into” my past lives when I have a question that I cannot readily answer, so I will meditate and see if I have encountered the problem before and see how I solved it in a past life, including the 800 or so I have had on earth; but there is no limit to where I can go to find the answer as of course we have both had several thousand lives here on this water planet. 

DNABut this is why earthlings are veiled Tom.  You cannot recall having had the same problem before, and perhaps this time you will discover a better way to solve the same problem—you’re not reinventing the wheel to use this analogy—you are taking a completely different course of action—inspired if you will. 

My understanding is that having a life in a simple tribe gives basic learning about how to exist on earth being veiled.  The personalities are much less complex than those you will find in later lives.  Things move at a slower pace, but there is still much learning going on. 

Theo, how many different groups contributed to our DNA and would you say the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians were the major contributors, or who else would you add to the list?

Yes, those three were the major contributors Tom, but certainly there were a number more from all over the Federation of Planets as they call themselves.  There were many meetings by their scientists to provide you with the best DNA possible for you to survive and eventually flourish in the “earth experiment” being veiled from any knowledge of your true selves.  You could call yourselves the hybrid’s hybrid, or the ultimate hybrid—all done with great love by your forefathers shall we call them. 


Jackie on Facebook writes:  A question triggered by this video that was posted by a friend today: Do we currently have the Energy Fieldtechnology to build a 'force field' of some kind over the capital and other major cities to protect from severe weather? I've heard of this for years from conspiracy theorists and it seems to me that if we do have it, it doesn't work very well. ;-)

Theo, do we now have the technology to build a force field over a city to protect it from severe weather?

Yes and no Tom.  There are force fields being developed, which could do that, but presently are used for other things.  There will come a time in the future when you will control the weather and make sure all areas of the city are safe.


Yuri GagariAigul writes:  Hi Tom, I have a question for Theo, could you ask about what happened to first Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin, is his death was accident as they claim or something else? Thank you.

Gaia, was the death of the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarian an accident?

Yes, certainly there was some questions about his death, but it was an accident.


Carol writes:  The current addition to mobile devices (I-phones, I pads) seems to be in direct opposition to what we have Friendsbeen led to believe will happen in the 5th Dimension. People eat dinner together texting and talking to people other than the person across the table from them. People wander about everywhere so wrapped up in their devices, they don't even see people, notice nature they are just tuned out to reality.  Do you see this changing after December as we move from the mind to our heart space?

Theo, how will we be more connected personally in the 5th when we seem to be less connected in the 3rd?

Yes, it would seem so on a personal level Tom, but these computers and cell phones and such actually are bringing people together more with instant communication.  This will bring the whole world together, not just a few close friends, although this will still be important for social interaction.  You will be able to move mountains shall we say in a most benevolent way. 


This MBO and the next one were in last week’s Blog.  You can read the blogs at, and Woman in Courtsign up to receive it each week—it’s free!

Patricia writes:  I had an almost instantaneous MBO recently. I have a granddaughter that was in jail for a short time and I did an MBO for her that when she went to court that it would turn out better than expected. Well less than an hour later she was released and then when she went back to court a few days later I again gave an MBO that this turn out better than expected.  She doesn't have to go back as the case is closed. It is over with and she is completely free. I am grateful.


Car AccidentBelinda writes:  I was in a bad car accident in December and the guy who hit me broke my foot in many pieces.  The first thing I did when I sat in my demolished car was to ask for an MBO that all go well after this.  Because I was on a business trip, everything was taken care of including having the best doctor.

Here is a classic example of why you must make requesting MBO’s a habit by requesting them ALL THE TIME for even the mundane things in life.  Belinda had the presence of mind, sitting in that car in pain and shock, to request a MBO.  Had she not been requesting MBO’s along the way, she would not have remembered to do so in the serious situation she was in.  Keep in mind there are experiences, which are on our soul contracts that may not be pleasant, but we can make them easier through requesting MBO’s. 


Theo, are souls attracted to negativity allowed to have lives on earth, or what lives do they have? Dark Angel

A complex question Tom.  No they are not allowed to take part in the earth experiment by having lives.  They therefore try and influence those people they can and at times do have some success.  The Creator allows so we must allow, although they can be a pain in the neck shall I say. 

So are they growing more positive, or do they remain basically the same?

More or less the same Tom.  Certainly we do send them white light and love, which seems to help them, but they feed off of negativity generated on earth. 


GiantMichael on Facebook writes:  Maybe Theo could be asked if the time of the giants predate our understanding of history or was there some overlap with the Greek and Roman Empires.

Theo, did the Georgia giants predate our recorded history?

Yes, quite so Tom, but they also lived on into the time of your recorded history, but by then they were just attributed to legends, as they only had oral history—not written.


Soul ClustersCan’t recall who asked this.

Theo, how many soul clusters typically work together over time—2, 3, 5, or what?

Yes, the number may vary Tom, according to how many fragments are in each soul group, as I have told you before the numbers on average go from six to twelve fragments.  Therefore the average number of soul clusters working together varies to from say three to four clusters. 


Brenda writes:  Please ask Theo when mediums channel spirits that were never human why do they sound almost to have a Gaelic accent? Do others world’s languages sound more Gaelic? Or is this how the communications gets through the Channelers? I hear the Lazarus channel sounds like this and some others I have also heard.  I also have been told that the spirit cannot channel for very long, as the earth vibrations are so different.  Please help us understand this.  Thank you for all that you do & a speedy recovery for your knee.

Theo, why do many channels speak with a Gaelic or other accent than their own?  Is this just for effect or why?

Yes Tom.  Many times it is for effect, but some people will channel a spirit that has had a life or really many lives on earth and comes through with an accent from a favorite life.  Again, some channels do it for an effect to differentiate what they receive from their normal voice pattern.  It can create mystery and convince those around of their authenticity. 


Ben NeedhamClaire writes:  I do enjoy your newsletters every week. I've searched your site but have found nothing relating to the disappearance of Ben Needham, a UK toddler who disappeared from the Greek island of Kos in 1991 (article from a UK newspaper below).  Would you be able to ask if he is still alive and if he is, will his mother ever be reunited with him?  I do feel for his mother.

Theo, in Ben Needham, kidnapped in 1991, still alive today?

Yes, he is Tom, but he is completely unaware that his parents are not his real parents.  It will be some years before he is able to figure it out and seek out his birth parents.


Antonia writes:  Was there a real Wandering Jew?

Theo, was there such a person as “the Wandering Jew?”

No, this was a story created and then perpetuated by those who wished to malign Jews in general and to cause people to look with suspicion on any Jew they might meet.  Again a story created to divide and cause hatred. 


Andrew BreitbartShe asked me to not use her name for Clarice writes:  Please ask Theo if Andrew Breitbart, a conservative blogger, was assassinated to prevent release of damaging videos he had on Mr. Obama.

Theo, was Andrew Breitbart assassinated for political reasons?

Absolutely not Tom.  Again this is and was a conspiracy theory meant to divide and created by those who wish to divide people.


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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