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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. weekly newsletter from around the world.  We’ve been having a lot of people subscribing lately, which tells me you’re forwarding this newsletter to your friends.  For those of you who have received it in this manner, why not subscribe and receive your own copy on the day that I email it?  My Guardian Angel Theo tells me in meditation that several thousand people are receiving a forwarded version. 

Just go to and down at the bottom you can sign up for the newsletter on the right hand side, or if you’re new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s abbreviated) you can sign up for my weekly blogs that have only MBO stories sent to me from all over the planet, or the Podcast of this newsletter if you're too busy to read it each week.  Most of these stories in the blog are excerpts from my second book, The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues, which is now available on  Now for some great stories and questions.


Annette writes:  I want to thank you also for the wonderful advice you have given on requesting MBO's. I have learned that the more I request MBO's and Living Prayers the more in touch with my GA I have become and the faster the answers, blessings and lessons come to me and flow to others (yes I feel it). I look forward to reading your new book.

I’ve been remiss about reminding everyone of the Radiant Effect requesting MBO’s has on other people.  When you request a MBO for your drive to work or to a restaurant, those who are riding with you are in what I also call the “bubble effect.”  And the cars that are in front, behind, or beside you most likely will be in the bubble of energy too that you create! 

And think of all the other times you request MBO’s for relations with others in business and your personal life.  They’re affected to by these requests.  You’re bringing peace to the world just a bit every time your request MBO’s.  That’s how powerful this simple little spiritual tool is.  The more you use it, the more you’ll grow and the higher the vibrations you’ll co-create. 

I have noticed that a number of people just say “MBO” in their benevolent requests, so I thought I should ask Theo about this.

Theo, speaking for just a second about MBO requests, it appears that perhaps some of my readers are just saying MBO’s and not Most Benevolent Outcomes.  Does that make a difference?

Just a little Tom, but actually not much.  You see the intent is there, and that’s what matters to us.  We understand what that person is requesting, and honor it, although it is slightly better to say it completely.  So allow Tom and don’t demand.  We are thrilled to have these people request assistance. 


Jaki on Facebook writes:  I am writing about MBO’s FOR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY. I read one of your current newsletters, the one about the Pay Pal account she have had problem with them. I am wondering how to say a MBO for fraudulent activity ~ not just about pay pal account, but also it can be in for credit cards, bank accounts, and any other accounts or funds, etc. I wonder how do you say with the fraudulent activity a benevolent prayer to stop them and have money return right back in its proper place. Thank you for taking your time and I appreciate it. God bless you.

I did cover this in my first book at the end of Chapter 10.  I quote:
“And here is a danger that seems to have everyone fearful these days—Identity Theft.  So you say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that my personal established identity in all of its forms be safe and secure from harm and from corruption by others.  Thank you.” How about that for taking your power back!”

You only have to say this once, but you can say it every so often if it makes you feel good.


Shannon writes:  I do MBO's every day, for almost everything, and as things usually work out, I assume they are working, but I wanted to share one from last night.  I had a package that needed to go UPS and totally forgot that it needed to be at the UPS office by 4:45.  I decided to start catching up on my email reading and forgot about the time (I was actually reading your latest newsletter) and noticed the package on my desk, it was 5:15. 

I called the UPS store to see if they could still take it, and the customer service rep said it was past time, so then I called some stores near my home to see how late they could take it, but I couldn't get there by their cut off, so I just said, ok, I'll have to contact the customer tomorrow, but I'll go ahead and take it by the UPS store, all the while requesting an MBO for the package to be delivered on time.

When I got to the UPS store, the driver was just there picking up the packages and said he would take care of it....I said thank you's all the way home!!! When I checked on the package this morning, it was out for delivery.  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tool!!  I tell all my Reiki students and clients about it.  So easy, and free!!

The same thing has happened for me many times when we’re running late to drop off a package I’ll request a MBO and catch them before they leave or before the truck is out of the parking lot or stopped on a street nearby.

Eileen writes:  Here I am requesting most benevolent outcome again--this time for my husband.  He wants to remain in his current position as cabin crew but today there was a vote and it was not what he wanted to see. All the cabin crew got to vote for their positions and today was not a positive outcome and now talks of compulsory redundancies within the company. What most benevolent outcome prayer could we say.
Also we are expecting our third child this month and I wish for a natural birth free of pain relief medication. What prayer could I say to help bring this about?  Many thanks.  Always expecting Great Things.

Here are some MBO's and a BP for anyone in a similar situation.
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my husband's job, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"
"I ask any and all beings to assist my husband in his work for the PERFECT job for him, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for an easy birth for my child and may it be even easier and pain free than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"

Regarding your husband's job, soul contracts are at play here, so whatever happens when you request a MBO will be the best outcome. 


Colin, who just interviewed me for the April or May issue of his MAGIC OF BEING Ezine in the UK related this MBO story in his March issue. 

Colin writes:  Last week I was travelling from my home in Bristol UK to Coventry in the Midlands, not a very long trip but it did involve a change in Birmingham onto a very busy train which ultimately ends up in London. Many times this train has been so busy I’ve ended up standing in the corridor, not the most comfortable way to travel.

So this time I thought I’d try a request for a Most Benevolent Outcome for this journey, so whilst on my way to the platform to catch the train I contacted my Guardian Angel (her name is Ahrael) and said ‘I request a  most benevolent outcome for my journey to Coventry, I would like a seat and would like to sit next to someone interesting, thank you’.  Tom says the most important aspect of these requests is the ‘thank you’, it’s more than polite, it’s acknowledging that you know your Guardian Angel will do everything that he/she can to help.

So I get onto the train, not the first on sadly because I had not been standing where the door was, so many people got on the train before me. However I optimistically stowed my bag and started to walk down the carriage, past a number of reserved seats, and it quickly became clear that most of the free seats were reserved.  Just as I started to walk back to the corridor I spotted a colleague from work and we both decide to take a chance in a pair of the reserved seats.

No-one came to claim these seats so we both had an enjoyable catch up chat and a comfortable journey,  just as I had requested. To be honest I thought I’d overdone the request by asking to meet someone interesting, but how wrong I was. Tom tells us that he does this for all his journeys and has met some amazing people, often connected with his journey or his business.


Eileen in Ireland writes:  I am here in Ireland and came across an old magazine I had at home called Sedona Journal of Emergence and like your article on Benevolent Outcomes. I have a driving test tomorrow, tuesday and was wondering what would be the Benevolent outcome prayer I could say to pass the driving test.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

For anyone about to take almost any kind of test (school, university, etc.) you can say:
“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my test today, and that I remain calm, and may the results will be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!

Eileen wrote back and said:  Tom, I passed my driving test on Tuesday and am so happy!


Leanne writes:  Can you please ask Theo as to whether their is a spiritual lesson in illness itself? I get this feeling strongly for myself, but wonder if the lesson is learnt, can the disease be eradicated or removed in any way? Maybe we get sick in order to assist someone in our lives with a lesson?? I have had severe and active Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 14 and i can't possibly think what my lesson could be here? I have meditated on this thought many times but don't seem to be able to 
come up with any sort of answer.

Theo, Leanne wants to know the Karmic reason she has had Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 14?

A little difficult to explain Tom.  There have been times in past Asian lives where she –he bound the feet of women causing them great pain.  She agreed to balance the scales this time around by having pains in her joints you see.  She can request MBO’s for healing energy to be sent to her, and this will lessen the effects.  She can also request MBO’s for being led to the best treatments of her condition, and may the results be even better than she can hope for or expect.


Donna writes:  Hi again, Tom, enjoyed your newsletter this week.   My son and daughter-in-law and I have discussions sometimes.  They are on their spiritual path, but they also check out all these websites ie. David Icke etc. I guess these people have their place and they are good "watchdogs", and they were researching the Haiti earthquake and they feel HAARP was responsible for the quake and maybe Chile too.  

I don't know Tom, I just see all the doom and gloom as old energy fighting to stay and I don't get caught up in that stuff, because I have you and Kryon that keep me grounded whenever I start to go off track.   It makes sense to me that Gaia needs to make adjustments, as hard as it is to see,  and I believe if we check out all these conspiracy websites it keeps our vibrations from raising to a level that can make such a difference on the planet.  
Just  interested to hear what Theo and Gaia say about that Tom.

Gaia, it’s reported to me that some conspiracy websites blame HAARP for causing the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti.  Your comments.

Yes, I’m aware of these theories Tom, but as I have said before, it is only my actions that are causing the movement in the plates of the earth.  These types of theories spring up every time a major disaster as you call it happens somewhere in the world.  People would rather blame other people than forces beyond their control.  So to answer the question, HAARP has no part in causing these earth movements.

Then can you tell us if HAARP is causing any sort of disturbance right now, or in the recent past?

Good question Tom.  Yes, HAARP has been responsible for some weather conditions as it disrupts the atmosphere.  That said, at the moment it is fairly quite on their front, so again the weather is mine for the most part as I use the weather systems for my own aims, as we have previously discussed, to bring rainwater to the deserts of the southwest and to make over time the lower part of your continent much more tropical in its atmosphere. 


Sandy writes:  Would you ask Theo if he could tell us what happened to Percy H. Fawcett - the Amazon explorer who disappeared on his last expedition in 1925 with his son and son's friend? Apparently he was looking for a lost city that he had been hearing about and that even Spanish conquistadors wrote about in the 1600s. In fact there are still stories about these cities in that region of South America.
As always thanks for your newsletters- really enjoy reading about everyone's experiences.

Gaia—whatever happened to Percy H. Fawcett, the Amazon Explorer, his son and son’s friend in 1925?

As has been reported by natives in that region, they were attacked and killed by other Amazon indigenous peoples who were afraid of these white monsters as they were called.  These native people had never seen white men before and looked at them as evil spirits to defeat and kill. 

Theo—what about the Lost City Percy Fawcett was seeking.  Does it exist and is it underground?

Yes, an interesting question Tom.  Yes, there are one or more underground cities in the Amazon, but the people who live there wish to remain isolated from the surface people Tom.  So although it would seem like a great idea to find these cities, they are so well cloaked that it will be years before they will make contact.  It will be after you’ve spent some time in the 5th dimensional focus, as they are in the 5th focus now. 


Tamar writes:  I so enjoy your newsletter every week and the many different types of questions asked by your readers.  I am curious to learn and understand better about earth bound spirits.  I know that many of our young children today seem to have paranormal abilities, with many of them being able to see and possibly hear spirits.  I saw a show recently on the biography channel about psychic kids, and how they are really frightened by what they see and not knowing what to do with what they experience.  In one program they even talked about demonic visitations. I thought there was no such thing as demons, so that confused me quit a bit.

I would appreciate it if you could ask Theo about these spirits with a better explanation of what they are and what a person who is sensitive to these spirits should be doing with these encounters and how they can help these spirits as well as themselves.  It would seem logical that if a person is sensitively aware of these spirits, there must be a reason for it.  Also, are there such things as demonic visitations?  Or is this just the person's fear and terror, which interprets the visitation as such?  If they are real, what should be done about these?

Theo, are the spirit encounters children have are benevolent spirits or do they include the earth bound ones too, and if so how are the protected from possession?
Yes, for the most part these are quite benevolent energies surrounding the children Tom.  So they are well protected.  There are times when, due to a soul contract, they do encounter earth bound spirits, which can be quite frightening even to an adult.  So you can imagine how terrifying these spirits can be to a child.  This is part of the soul learning process, which all children, in one life or more, must experience--to see the beautiful side as well as the dark side. 

And there are some occasions, again as part of the soul contract, for there to be a possession, which must be extricated through use of the Cosmic Cops as Dick Sutphen has called them, which we’ve spoken of before.  Again, for the most part, children are protected and though they might see a dark spirit, the child is protected from further involvement.


John writes:  I wanted to know if you could contact Theo and ask him if this article has any truth to it:

Theo, an article claims several Nazis are not dead including Gehlen and Mengele.  It also claims DynCorp is a paramilitary mercenary company with its aim to drastically cut the world population while subjugating the rest through use of Nanotechnology.  What is fact and fiction here?

The fiction Tom is that the Nazis are really dead.  They were not spirited away, although certainly some Nazis, already mostly reported in the news of that time period, were, such a Werner von Braun who was instrumental in moving along the USA’s space program with his rocket research.   The idea that these other henchmen are still alive or even were spirited away is preposterous.  The old saying, “If you tell a big enough lie people will believe you,” comes to mind here. 

Regarding DynCorp, yes they are a paramilitary company and like their competitors they vie for government contracts.  The part about the Nanotechnology has a kernel of truth about it, but so far their efforts to develop this technology are not as far along as others in the field.  Still, they should be watched, as they are capable of actions not in the best interest of people. 

The idea to lower the world population has been around a log time and that’s just what it is -- an idea.  There are a number of companies working on Nanotechnology, but most are working on it for government use or to develop the technology, so that it can be used by the general population one day.  Many contracts, which are started for the government, will have civilian uses that come out of this research. 

The above article is so far out there on the right it can’t see sunlight.  Read it if you wish.  For more information on Nanotechnology go to:   For information on DynCorp go to: .


Pat writes:  I have a question that perhaps Theo could answer regarding teleportation.  Is it possible for us earthbound humans to "think" our way to another location, thereby traveling without the stress of driving, flying, etc.  If it is possible, what do we have to do or be to learn the art, or is it still beyond the capabilities of most of us? 

I've heard that very evolved persons, perhaps yogis or great masters, have achieved this state.  I'm not talking about out-of-body experiences or remote viewing here, but actual physical relocation at will.

Theo, do we have the ability to teleport ourselves, or will we be able to do this in the 5th dimension?

Teleportation is not on the menu shall we say for anytime in the near future.  Yes, there are some individuals who through great dedication and practice are able to achieve this ability, but even in the easier 5th dimension this will not be an option for people for many hundreds of years.   So you’ll have to do it the old fashion way using the normal ways you get from one place to another. 

Theo, will we teleport in the 3,400 time period naturally, using equipment of some type, or not yet?

Good follow up question Tom.  No, you will be using equipment to teleport by then.  Natural teleportation will require an even higher level of existence Tom—a higher level of focus if you will.  So it will be done, but with assistance from machines we will call them. 

So will the teleportation be used only to spaceships, or will it be so common as to go inside a booth on the street and be teleported to another location?

Good question again Tom.  No, the teleportation devices will not be in that widespread use at that time Tom.  Eventually yes, it will be that common, but you will not have achieved or progressed that far during that time period.


Jafra writes:  I have what I think is exceptionally good news for people suffering with digestive problems. I've recently been totally relieved from severe symptoms from my own digestive problems (that had me hospitalized for them in early January and put on heart meds) of a hiatal hernia and acid reflux that were actually causing my heart to go into intense arrhythmia!! (At age 77, this was SCARY.) Within THREE days of following the advice of Sherry Brescia in her "free trial", all arrhythmia and every one of the severe symptoms disappeared completely, and the few lesser symptoms backed way off (and it's only been a 10 DAYS that I've been following her F.R.E.E. advice!).

Sherry is (what I consider) a rather brilliant health researcher by profession and a years-long victim of IBS by life experience who decided to get to the bottom of HER situation. In the process, she not only got to the bottom of IBS, but also of acid reflux, GERD, diverticulitis, colitis, lupus, peptic ulcer, Crohn's disease and a HUGE number of other SERIOUS digestive-related diseases, and the proof? Applying her simple method works quickly and painlessly for ALL of them. Most users of it are soon able to either give up all their "assigned meds" (read success stories) or reduce them greatly soon after.

This no-cost miracle worked for me and hundreds of others almost immediately, and it does NOT require the giving up of almost any food and allows you to eat SPICY foods abundantly(!). Thus, I urge anyone with almost any chronic AUTOIMMUNE disease to check out her case studies on her website to see if there's info there for you. If you desperately need immediate relief, you can start tomorrow with her 4-day starter. You will not be disappointed.

To first read case studies:
To read about her program and get a free starter booklet by clicking on "free trial":

You have no idea how pleased I am to be able to share the amazing results of her life's work with anyone who will listen! Thank you for letting others know about this, Tom.

Keep in mind everyone that when you read about ANY of these methods, always ask yourself if this is for YOU!  Listen to that “whisper in your ear” and your “gut instinct.”  If it feels right, fine.  If not, keep searching. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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