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SuccessWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Update on Voting:  I would like to thank everyone who voted for me for Best Self-Help Health & Happiness MagazineAuthor for the Health & Happiness Magazine.  I won the award!  The publisher said they received not only votes, but whole messages from those who voted.  I sincerely thank you, and remind you I requested a MBO. 

For my German speaking subscribers and your friends, you might not know that my first The Gentle Way book was published in Germany. Here is a link to the book on Amazon’s German website: It has also been published in Greece and is available in most English-speaking countries.

Light Technology is about half-finished with translating my first The Gentle Way book into Spanish.

I have been asked for everyone to say a Benevolent Prayer out loud for the dolphins:  "I ask any and all beings to assist the dolphins so they are no longer slaughtered in such places as The Cove in Japan, thank you!"  

I have a new article about Gaiam TV, which I sent to a number of regional and international magazines. Title is “GAIAM TV: A Spiritual Streaming TV Network,” and is posted on my website at

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


When I published this in the February 1 newsletter, there had been no rain for the West Coast in months, and now they are having several inches of rain. Again, Gaia (the soul of the earth) says our brains will say this is a coincidence. Here are the questions and answers on February 1:

Mud clean upGaia, if we say a BP for rain for California and all the western parts of North America, does that interfere with your cycles?

Not in the least, Tom. I will allow some rain to fall in these drought-stricken areas, as they are called, in order to show you the power of Benevolent Prayers. It will not be sufficient to end the drought, but will demonstrate the power of these requests. So I will allow, say, one or two inches of rain as that does not disrupt the cycle that much. So yes, you can compose a BP for every one of your readers to say and see what occurs.

Here is the Benevolent prayer I asked everyone to say:

Let’s ALL say this Benevolent Prayer out loud please: “I ask any and all beings to bring gentle rain and snow to all the portions of North America experiencing drought conditions, thank you!”

THREE WEEKS LATER (farther out than weather forecasters go with their prognostications) the whole West Coast received two to five inches of rain. As the news programs noted, they would need another 15 inches of rain to just come up to about normal.

What I’m trying to show you is the power of these AUDITORY prayers. Therefore, when I ask you to say others below, please add your voice to, hopefully, thousands of others!


Theo, what is the probability of an armed conflict in Ukraine at this time?

CrimeaNot as high as you would be led to believe, Tom. The Ukrainians know they cannot stand toe-to-toe with the Russians, the Russians know this, and the rest of the world knows this. There will be actions taken by the European Union and other countries, including the United States, to make it costly for Putin. Some will be effective and some will not.

Russians in CrimeaIt would be best if your diplomats keep demanding that the people of Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine make the decisions on whether to align with Russia or Western Ukraine on their own—at the ballot boxes. This way everyone saves face shall we say and there is no bloodshed. You can have your readers say this in a Benevolent Prayer. So far, your efforts have prevented war, and another BP will move them along to a negotiated settlement. Put the question in the next election in May that they were going to have to elect new representatives and a new president. If you do and they do what I have suggested, the probability of war in Ukraine will continue to be very low.

Let's ALL say this Benevolent Prayer out loud and share with your friends: "I ask any and all beings to keep all the people in Ukraine safe and to find a peaceful democratic solution for that region, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"

[Quick update:  I asked everyone on my Facebook page to say the above BP yesterday, and today CBS News said that Crimea may vote as to whether to align with Russia or Ukraine in ten days.  Be sure to keep up the good work everyone!]


As you read a couple of weeks ago, I found out I was supposed to speak with Adama, head of the group from Lemuria that migrated to Mt. Shasta, California thousands of years ago. I decided to just begin asking questions instead of going from a prepared list, so the first part is as close to a normal conversation as you’ll see here.

AdamaOK now I wish to speak with Adama.

Adama here, Tom. Good morning.

Good morning or day to you, Adama. Nice to make the connection again I suppose.

Yes, I’ve been waiting for this day for some time. As you heard before, your higher time line selves have already been in touch, so it is good to make the connection with you.

Great. Sorry I was so slow.

No problem, Tom. You are admired for your willingness and determination to cut through the energy levels we will call them.

Where have we met before? Was it all non-physical or did we actually meet in person in times past?

Actually both, Tom. We have met in olden days, both in your lives in Atlantis and then of course in a couple of lives on the continent of MU.

I’m surprised we would have met during my times on Atlantis. How was that accomplished?

Quite easily, Tom, as I had the ability to visit Atlantis. It was not so much that you visited me, you see. A vehicle was presented to me for my use when I needed it, I would simply put out the call shall we say and one of the ET vehicles would pick me up.

So how did you know about me?

It was quite easy as I tuned into your meditations and saw the good work you were doing, especially in the life you had when you were inspired to create The Gentle Way. That was a very significant life for you, you understand. Therefore I reintroduced myself to you as we had met in a life there once before. As you know, my lives are quite a bit longer than the typical earth live, so I can span generations shall we say.

Lemuria DepictionWere the lives on MU all balancing where I was just the bad guy, or did I have any lives where I would have been classified as a good guy?

Good question, Tom. No, you did have lives as both a good and, shall we say using your language, a bad guy. I understand you still feel a sense of shame, but it was part of your soul contract, but like millions of others, you strayed off the path—your soul contract.

How long before MU sank into the sea did you and your group leave Lemuria?

Quite some time, Tom. It would have been again in excess of 200 years—closer to 300—as I know numbers can be a little difficult for you.

But that would have been well before I was born.

Yes, but again, I do have access to transportation when I need it.

How were you and your people able to be on earth during the time of the Earth Experiment and not be caught up in it, or become part of it, as I think you are the first and only people I’ve heard that were not?

Yes, it was because we agreed to assist those souls who needed to work or study during their sleep time, Tom. We perform a service which you and many others have taken advantage of.

But to also more fully answer your question, we communicated with the Creator’s emissaries who told us this service would be needed and asked if we would be interested in assisting. As Theo and Gaia have told you before, when Creator asks you to do something, you can refuse, but we don’t know of anyone who has.

Lemurian DepictionThen you were on a planet already in this universe?

Quite so. We were small in number, but had these interests and capabilities.

How were you able to be birthed on earth?

It was not immaculate conception, Tom. I and a few others came with human type bodies first and slowly grew the population.

Were you and your people always quite tall?

Yes, very close to the height we have now, which as you know is around 7 feet.

Then you really stood out in the crowd back in the Lemurian days.

Quite so, Tom. It was understood and accepted that we were there for a purpose, and were known as very peaceful people. Most of the population did not understand that we were not some offshoot as there were a number of different looking people during those times.

Mt ShastaHave you and I met physically since you migrated to Mt Shasta?

No, only during your sleep times when you came for our classes.

How did you travel from Lemuria or MU to the shores of what is now California—by boat or spacecraft of some sort?

It was easier by boat and was not so noticeable to the general population. I had already scouted out the area, you could say, Tom, using one of the spacecraft, so I knew where to go and that there were few indigenous people in the area on the route we would take to Mt. Shasta. We were looked upon as holy men and women when we did encounter anyone, who allowed us to pass peacefully.

Did you immediately enter the caves, or did you live above ground for some time?

No, it was fairly immediate, Tom. We did not want to have to cut trees and/or take stones to make houses, so we immediately went into the cave system.

How long did it take you to raise your vibrational levels to where they are today?

Less than 100 earth years, Tom. We were quite adapt at doing that, dating all the way back in time to before we arrived on earth.

I guess I had better stop for today, Adama. I thank you for our conversation and look forward to more in the future.

I know we will meet again, Tom. Keep up your work, as you will find what your are doing will contribute to world peace, and it will happen much faster with you involved.

March 4, 2014: Adama, I would like to clear up a seemingly contradiction in our last conversation regarding visiting me after you left MU, or did you not?

Scout CraftYes, there was some contact, Tom, on a return trip.

How many countries were there on the continent when you were there?

Three primary countries with a couple of smaller ones, Tom. Those three were the most powerful and dangerous and greedy.

How many languages were there?

Several for your purposes, Tom.

More than three?

Yes the number would have been closer to five. Not so many as you might imagine, Tom.


Mike writes: I didn't see answers or questions on these. Watching some of the UFO programming on cable, it was suggested that the Nazis had help from aliens so:
1. Did the Nazis have assistance from any aliens with technology or guidance?
2. Did the Nazi Bell reappear in Pennsylvania some 20 years after the war? The Nazi Bell was described as a time travel device. You did say that the time travel attempts were successful, but met with disaster and were discontinued.
3. Did WWII have different results on any of the other timelines?
4. How close were the Nazis to winning, or greatly prolonging, the Second World War? They were said to have help from aliens, experimented with time travel, and were in the process of developing many weapon technologies.

Nazi Flag in AntarcticaTheo, how much assistance, if any, did the ETs give the Nazis in World War II?

Very little, Tom. This is more of an urban legend we will call it. There is the one instance in the Antarctic we have spoken about before, but that was quickly handled and the errant ETs quickly withdrew.

Why were they even allowed to assist in the first place?

At first, this was just going to be contact with another government just as the ETs are in contact with many governments, Tom. Yes I’m getting this from your friend, Antura. But of course they wanted more and more and this was not allowed.

Theo, did a Nazi bell appear 20 years after the war in Pennsylvania?

No, Tom. Again, that is incorrect.

Were there different results of World War II on different time lines?

No, we have spoken about this before, Tom, and the results were the same on all time lines. The loss of life was far greater on the lower time lines if you can imagine, and it dragged on a little longer, but once the atomic bombs were dropped, it was essentially over.

How close did the Nazis get to winning or at least prolonging the war, and I’ll add, on this time line?

Quite close. You could say even days or weeks, but they collapsed before any of the new weapons could be used.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new subscribers, Antura is my “brother on another planet,” and a member of my soul cluster. He was introduced to me in 2008 by Theo, and since then I’ve asked hundreds of questions, contained in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book which was closed off in January 2013. I’ve continued to ask questions almost every week since then, as he says I will have a second book. You can see my presentation on the book on Youtube. Over 2,500 people have viewed so far! The talk is separated into 15-minute segments. If you have not watched it yet, check it out!


Antura, with the potential war in Ukraine, it would seem the Russians would have moved the disclosure topic to the back burner, shall I say?

Yes, Tom. It does appear that way to us too. We are also attempting, through our contacts there, to bring a peaceful resolution. But this does put another delay in our work with them to make a full or even partial disclosure. It will come, but now a little later than we hoped.

Don writes: I've just finished reading your book, First Contact: Conversations with an ET. Could you please ask Antura something for me?

TelepathyI believe I have spoke telepathically to an alien. I've been told that I am a team member of an alien race that has a spacecraft on the moon. I am a member of this team; my job is to live my life as a human so we can understand them before we make contact. Therefore, I am an alien, somehow in a human body.

I just need to know if this is true or not. I hope you don't think I'm crazy!!

Antura, is Don connected to an ET race with a spacecraft on the moon, and would he be considered a “team member”?

He is connected, Tom. In his case, he is having contacts. As you do, he should surround himself with white light for protection when communicating. Many of the Federation societies are trying to reach out to souls from their planets having earth lives, now that you are almost at 5.0. He should proceed cautiously. I cannot interfere with his soul contract.

This question came from Helen.

Antura, as you and other ETs are not veiled as we are, you do not have the same fear of dying that most humans do, is that correct?

Yes, of course, Tom. We can easily look back on our past lives and know about when we will transition, and even understand when and where our next lives will be. Being veiled, you do not have that capability yet.


Kohl'sThis MBO story and the next one appeared last week in my Saturday Blog, which contains nothing but MBO and BP stories. You can subscribe to it, and it’s always posted to my website each Saturday. Please send me your MBO and BP stories to inspire others to live The Gentle Way.

My wife went to Kohl’s the other day to buy some clothes. The next day she discovered a coupon that had expired the day before, so she requested an MBO, and phoned the store. Before, she had been put on hold for up to 20 minutes, but this time she got right through. Then she was transferred to a national number, thinking “Here I’ll wait for 20 minutes,” but she got right through and was given the discount which amounted to $19.56.


Linda Maria writes from New York: First of all, I would like to thank you for opening your heart and sharing the Light and Wisdom of Most Benevolent Outcomes. May you continue to be blessed as you have blessed so many others. I have started asking for MBOs and my life has changed. I feel more secure and more in sync with the changes in our world and universe. I want to tell you about a particular incident I experienced.

New York Target StoreI was shopping at Target for a new microwave oven because my old one had stopped working. It was extremely heavy for me to even place it in my huge cart. As I left the cashier, I called my mom to ask her fiancée to pick me up (I don't drive, I live in New York City). My mom said he was not available and I hung up feeling a bit lost. I knew there were taxis outside the store entrance sometimes, but I started getting upset. I remembered about MBOs and said one three times because I was panicking.

I live in a walk-up apartment with no elevator and my apartment is on the second floor. I asked to be sent an angel cab driver with a van that would help me with the microwave. Well, as I stepped towards the exit, the microwave still in the cart, a man was there and asked me if I needed a ride. I told him I needed a van. He said he had one and picked up the microwave, put it on his shoulder and I followed him to his van.

He was so very nice and even took my microwave up to my apartment door! I was so grateful to him and of course to my GA and Guides who helped us connect! And this is the clincher. His name was Angel! Tears came to my eyes.

Again, I thank you for your generosity of spirit and look forward to reading your books, which I will be purchasing ASAP.


Lee writes:  I am sure you have many asking questions about this, so I am wondering, just how close or far off are they in this black hole theory?

Gaia, does our universe exist in a giant black hole?

Giant Black HoleNo, we cannot call it that, Tom. It is truly the void of space. Where the universe has structure, although your scientists are just now discovering this, the actual void of space between universes also has its own structure. It’s as if it were a canvas where the universes are painted upon it would be one analogy, Tom. Certainly way above even your scientists’ understanding at this time.

Then would the Creator of Creators have established this canvas, or was it some other being who created the void?

Ah, that is something for your quantum physicists to perhaps discover one day.

I could see them one day analyzing the space between universes, or at least looking at the data from one or more Federation Planets, but I don’t see them learning this on their own.

Yes, your reception is a little off this morning, Tom, and although I appreciate your desire, this is a discussion that could take hours. So, for your purposes, let’s say that it will be quite a learning curve when they begin to explore beyond this universe.


Chaga FactsSherri writes: I have a question about Medicinal Mushrooms.... specifically, Chaga Mushrooms. How did they get here and what is their purpose? I have personally used five medicinal mushrooms from the Adirondacks and hand them out to anyone willing to try them. My question is: are they the cure-all for all diseases? Thank you.

Gaia, does the Chaga mushroom cure all, or mostly all, disease?

Certainly it does have great healing properties, Tom, and scientists would be wise to study it and its DNA structure. Saying that it cures all disease is a little too broad, but they will be, yes, astonished on what it can cure.

Here is a link to more information:


Jamaica BeachArthur writes: Your emails and blog mean so much to me I can hardly wait to receive them. Thank you so very much for your unending help and love for us all.  I have a question for Theo, or whomever you wish to ask.

I was born in Jamaica in the West Indies, but left nearly sixty years ago. I have always hoped to return one day, but corruption and crime has turned a veritable paradise into a cesspool of suffering for the people. There seems to be no difference between politicians, police, military and criminals. Is there any hope this will ever get better or will the island be swallowed up by the rising sea?

In the 16th century a massive earthquake sank Port Royal which was then known as the most wicked place on earth. Whatever light you can shed will be most appreciated. Thank you, Tom, many blessings to you.

Gaia, when will Jamaicans obtain a democratic society and free of most crime?

Montego Bay JamaicaYes, Tom, it does seem like slow going in some of the Caribbean Islands as their pace of life is slower. And yes it is generally because their souls are younger in terms of earth lives. They live on an island so that they can all interact together as they learn many things that can be learned during a life on an island, but with contact with the outside world depending upon their growth.

Therefore, to answer your question, it will be many years before they are actually able to raise their own vibrational levels to the extent needed to be a democratic society free of crime and corruption. It will come, but not as fast as perhaps some of your readers who have ties to Jamaica would wish.

Would you say in excess of 25 years?

That’s the highest probability at this time, Tom. Even going out as much as 50 years as, keep in mind, these are soul contracts at play here to learn how to obtain peace and stability. There are a number of people who are having balancing lives where they are playing the bad guys and they must slowly pass from the scene as new children are born who are a little higher in their vibrational levels and can take Jamaica onto the next level.

And yes, they will have the same problems brought on by the rise in ocean levels as will all the other islands in the world. Great parts of their coastline that are low lying will disappear, taking with it parts of cities and beach resorts. That’s all part of their soul contracts to experience this too.


Chip writes: I love your weekly newsletter and hoped you would ask Gaia if these wind farms will be used in coastal areas in the future to serve as a dual-purpose for both abating hurricanes as well as powering cities:

Wind FarmGaia, will wind farms on the coasts have any effect in abating the force of hurricanes in the future?

No, Tom, not in the least. They would have to be miles high in the sky to have any affect on a storm that is many miles high in the atmosphere. No, the best way to reduce the level of the storm—and some of your readers and others are already doing this—is to request MBOs and say BPs that I lower the intensity of the storms and I will do that.

Again, this is earth school, Tom, and your readers need to understand how powerful these prayers can be if said out loud—auditory prayers. As we are approaching hurricane season, if you see a hurricane on the horizon -shall we say- headed to a specific area, then you can request that the power of the storm be lessened. To the average person, it will seem as if the storm suddenly dropped in intensity for no reason, but you and your readers will know why.

Perhaps thousands and thousands of turbines might lower the wind force a little, but notice what a simple solution Gaia presents, and much less costly.


HempJohn writes: If you have the time, can you ask Gaia if this statement by Dr. Masaru Emoto is true? And also what are the implications of this?

"Plant a lot of hemp in the land of Fukushima. Hemp's vibration has the potentiality to purify the contaminated environment made by radiation."

Gaia, would planting hemp around the Fukushima power plant purify the contaminated environment?

Yes, Tom. There are properties in this plant that can absorb the radiation. But then the hemp needs to be disposed of in a manner that does not release any of the contamination. It is something to look at and this type of thinking will be what eventually will allow people to inhabit this area again. Hemp does have a certain ability to transmute the radiation. Again, this is for your scientists to explore.


Theo, are we there yet?

Not quite, Tom, but oh so close now. It will be soon, soon, soon, I can assure you.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2013, JANUARY 18, 2014, FEBRUARY 1, 2014, FEBRUARY 8, 2014, MARCH 1, 2014, MARCH 8, 2014,  


BLOG:  For those of you who are just learning about requesting Benevolent Outcomes, I have a weekly Blog now with information and stories sent from all over the world about using this amazingly simple, yet powerful spiritual tool.  The link is .

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BOOK EDITOR:  Need an editor for your upcoming book?  Email me.  Ralonne edits my newsletter and edits books.

Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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