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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from all over the world. 

I’m writing this from snowy Dallas.  We set a one-day record for snowfall yesterday—12.5 inches (31.75 centimeters for all of you in metric countries).  And there have been record yearly snowfalls all over the East Coast of the USA, and of course winter is far from over yet.  But if you’ve been reading the newsletter for awhile, you were told this was going to happen back in the October 31 newsletter when I printed the predictions Gaia, soul of the earth, and Theo, my Guardian Angel gave me in meditation during October.  Here is what Gaia said:

October 12, 2009

Gaia, do you have any more predictions for 2010 for me today?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom.  There will be a harsh winter this year across much of North America.  It will seem as if it will not end, but of course it will.  People should stock up on their heating supplies and work to have their homes fully insulated.  This cold will extend even down to the lower states as you call them, but just not quite as severe.    Yes I have my reasons for doing this.  Everything must balance. 

What about Europe?

Again, it will be a severe winter for them too Tom, as the storms that begin in North America sweep across the Atlantic to the British Isles and into Europe itself.

I do have a favor to ask of everyone who has read my second book, THE GENTLE WAY II:  The Story Continues.  I’m going to be on a radio interview before long, and one of the questions will be which two stories I received from readers of this newsletter (and subsequently included in the book) were the most memorable.  What stories do you remember?  Help!  Now for lots of information, and if you like this newsletter, please forward it to your friends. 


Charlene writes:  The northern California coast, Eureka specifically, has experienced a couple fairly serious earthquakes this last week.  It sits on the Gorda Plate (see info below). Thought you might like to ask Gaia what's going on in that part of the state, specifically in reference to these future earthquakes.

Gaia, Charlene asks if you are planning a major shift in the Gorda Plate in Northern California in the next two years let’s say?

Yes, Tom there may be one or more shifts in this plate in the next two years.  It is connected to the other plates I’m moving, so as one plate moves, so will it put a strain on the others to move as well.  The Gorda plate will not move as significantly as say the plates I’ll move in southern California, but they will move.  People there should understand that the relative calmness of these Pacific Coastlines will not last, as I will slowly start to change things, where before it was all going to be at one time. 

So what level of movement using the earthquake Richter scale.

Yes, the tremors or earthquakes associated with this movement will be in excess of 6.0, depending upon the timing, as there will be more than one. 

What will be the top end would you say?

In the 7.0 range Tom, as these will be significant movements in the plates.  Again, when these movements begin, there will be the beginning of a mass exodus off the coastline, as these movements will not stop. 

OK, but again for Northern California and that region, the movements will not begin until at least next year?

Somewhat on that time line I suppose Tom, but that may change a little.  As you get into your fall period we can revisit some of these questions.  Keep in mind what I have previously told you.  I don’t wave and wand and “poof” things move.  I have to move magma and increase the pressure on these plates to begin to move, so days and weeks are not so important or exact.  But that is my plan you see.


Theo, do many people send white light to the other lower Time Line earths?

Yes, they do Tom, but this is mainly in the upper Time Lines as you may have guessed.  Very few people send white light to these lower time lines in say your time line or time line number 5.    But by sending this light you do make a difference Tom and assist them in raising their vibrational rate too.  So each of these time lines is making significant progress shall we say in raising their vibrational level.  You should encourage all your readers to do the same, as it will speed up the process to “open those doors to the 5th dimensional focus. 

So when I meditate, I always send white light to all 10 other time lines (after sending light all around our earth), release it to go where it is needed most on each time line, then I send extra white light to time lines 1 to 5, as they need it the most, and I release that to go where it is needed the most.  Please add this into your own meditations, or if you don’t meditate, then just remember to do this each day, or whenever you remember.  This is like a Benevolent Prayer for the world, Theo says.


Rocky writes:  How would you re-phrase the Benevolent Prayer to include all animals of every species, or do feel that it already does that?

For Rocky and anyone who wishes, you could change the Benevolent Prayer, which I say each morning to:  “I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and comfort of any BEING I’ve ever harmed….."

For the whole Benevolent Prayer, go to .  Here’s what Theo said about the Benevolent Prayer:

Have I ever said the Benevolent Living Prayer I say each morning in any other life?

No, not really.  This is your first life to recognize the value of saying this prayer.  That’s why it is so important that you continue to say this prayer on a daily basis, as it truly does erase much Karma as I have explained before.  So I am telling you the complete truth here Tom.  Do not doubt this statement, as I know doubt can creep into your mind.  This is a true gift to yourself and all the other lives you’ve lived and will live on earth.


Ruthie writes on Facebook:  Ordered pizza from local shop, bread & cinnamon sticks, sodas to. Order delivered as promised, in our 3 1/2' of snow except for sodas. Driver said I'll be back. I said to myself yea-right, so I said MBO for driver to bring back our coke-a-cola. Much to our surprise he came back and gave us 2 liters of soda. MBO's-work. (yeh)

As I wrote to Ruthie, MBO’s make even the more mundane parts of life easier. 


Dianne writes:  I recently subscribed to your newsletter and I am enjoying it very much as well as your Blog. I love to read about uplifting and empowering stories. Your work is most beautiful and creative, thank you for what you do. Theo, feels very loving.
I have a question and I feel you and Theo are absolutely perfect for this one. I love movies, specially the kind that touches my soul deeply. Avatar, has become my very favorite. So far, I have seen it 6 times and I still want to keep seeing it...I can't wait for the DVD to come out and watch it as many times as I want to from the comfort of my home. I feel James Cameron was divinely guided to make this movie and it had to be ready for this time. It has profound messages and what I liked the most is that it involved beings from another planet.

Tom and Theo, do the Navi people exist or the personification of them, and did they communicate with James? was the purpose of this movie to awaken a dormant code within our DNA? it's fascinating to see how much it has touched the world. I feel something within me was awaken, but I don't know exactly what this feeling is about. It feels like deep love, like a remembrance from home in another galaxy. Some insight to this will be most appreciated.

Dianne, the Navi are a combination of peoples.  Check back in January and you’ll see some newsletters with that answer and others. 

Theo, was James Cameron “divinely guided” to make Avatar?

Not in the sense your reader asked, but he was assisted by his trusty Guardian Angel and guides to create a masterpiece of science fiction filmmaking.  He was able to draw on past life experiences, along with the other writers who assisted him, and along with the CGI people who as artists are able to tap into these worlds from their past life experiences.  It was a great group effort of artistry and creativeness that opened the door for many people all over the world to “remember” who they really are—souls with thousands of other lives having an earth experience.

Does he communicate with any ET’s?

Good question, but no, his is only in a subliminal communication with his GA and Guides.

Was the purpose of the Avatar movie to awaken something in us?

That was not the purpose when James began.  He wanted to use all the existing technology to create a whole world and tell a story about that world.  He loves science fiction and so he set about creating something he had dreamed about for many years.  It was part of his soul contract to do this, you see.


Tryggve writes:  Thank you one more time for the inspiring and interesting letter. I have a few questions to Gaia that I'm hoping to be answered. I want to find out how the earth's interior is structured, but trouble arises because science really don’t really seem to have a clue what's beneath us. I've read David Pratt's article Inner Earth Mysteries ( about what we know and don’t know, which is very interesting, but I figured I might as well could go to the source:

What is inside the earth, how is the earth's interior structured? Is it the same structure all around the globe, or is it major variations ( for example one continent floating on lava, one continent with solid rock down to the core)?

What truth holds the current theories about how the earth is built up with a crust, mantle inner/outer core and so on, and what truth does the plate tectonics theory hold?

Tell us more about the core of the earth, what's there? Is the core on the physical plane a symbolic representation of the energy or is it actually physical structures down there where humans can exist? Can we come down and visit?

Gaia, scientists keep putting out theories on the interior core of earth.  Have any of them gotten it right or what is the core really composed of?  And do continents float or are they attached?

OK Tom, let’s see if you can receive it.  Yes, some of the scientists are fairly accurate regarding the makeup of my core.  Certainly it does have an iron core, naturally molten, but as you go farther out, there are misconceptions as to what layers there are.  There is everything from water to caverns to more lava and magma, to great open spaces, and certainly more rock and sediments and layer after layer of various minerals, some of which have not been discovered yet.    The earth is unique in its makeup Tom, so there will be many, many years of discoveries ahead of your scientists, and yes there will be expeditions into my interior many years from now.

Do the continents float, or are they attached?

In a way they do float Tom, as these great landmasses must move over time.  This has been well documented – their movement.  It ‘s fairly easy even for a layman to see where and how they were attached to each other at one time. 

Why were they altogether and not separate in the first place?

Ah, an excellent question Tom.  They had form, but not a mission shall we say.  They had to separate in order for different cultures to be developed as part of the earth experiment Tom.  This separateness is all part of being separate and then learning how to reintegrate the world to be as one again.  It is part of the master plan you see. 

How far down are the caverns where people live?  Are any 3rd dimensional?

Good question Tom.  The caverns are at various depths, but the closest ones to the surface are down approximately one mile.  They range from there down even 10 miles deep into my belly shall we say.  And yes there are those that are living lives in the third dimension, but for the most part are higher in focus than you—fifth dimensional focus for the majority.  Then there are a few with even higher focuses—7th to 9th.  There are a wide variety of peoples inhabiting my interior, and most wish to be left alone to their own pursuits, and I allow, as they are most of a higher dimensional focus.

Did they take over caverns that were already in existence, or did they work with you to ask for space?

A very good question Tom.  In most instances they simply asked to use certain unoccupied spaces within me that had light—which you’ll discover the source one day, plus rivers, streams, lakes and so on needed for their sustenance.  They, for the most part, live much more simple lives than you do on the surface, as they are not part of the Earth Experiment. 


Dave on Facebook writes:  My question is this. George Green, a credible whistleblower featured on Project Camelot channeled 3 books from the Pleiadians. They are "Handbook for a New Paradigm, Embracing the Rainbow and Becoming.” These all are available on his website free of charge. My question is, are these credible teachings? Some of it appears to be fear based yet he does include Love, light and the law of attraction. I would really appreciate Theo's input on this.

Theo, should I ask you or Antura about the accuracy of the 3 books which George Green has channeled about the Pleiadians?

You can ask me Tom, and I will say that again, his messages are for a certain part of the population, and are not always accurate in the total scheme of things.  They are “slanted” shall we term it to a certain vibrational rate of people who are attracted to this knowledge and messages at this time.  But the books do have some good information, along with a number of inaccuracies. 

Well, this statement concerned me, as I wish to give you the best information I can receive, and as best I can, not slanted.  So I asked Theo:

I have a little concern about the messages I receive being completely neutral Theo, as compared to some others where the messages they receive are for just one set of people and are obviously quite slanted or untrue.

Yes, there are reasons beyond your knowledge Tom why this must be so, but your messages will in time be more pure and correct and not just for a small portion of the people, but for the masses.  You’ll see.

So, will I use this in any other possible ways I haven’t thought of yet?

Yes, there will be a time when this ability will be quite important, opening the door for many to learn and have or gain a basic understanding of their purpose here.  You will be looked upon as a visionary.

Theo, do you see me receiving messages from you in the middle of the day before 2012 or after 2012?

Yes, it will be soon after 2012 Tom.  Things will go much easier, and it will be easier to find that wavelength which will allow me to do the same with you that Kryon does with Lee Carroll.  He’s just had many more years of practice than you have, so he’s ahead of you in that development in this life on this time line.  This is why I continually urge you to practice, as it makes it easier and easier to contact you not just during these meditations, but at any time of day or night. 

So I assume I’ll be doing this publicly, or just privately, or what use?

Yes, certainly you will be able to use this publicly the way Lee Carroll does now, but your messages will be different than his, as you like answering people’s questions about who they are, and for what purpose are they having these earth lives.  Your messages will tend to be less esoteric shall we say than other channels.  You have a good future in this portion of your work—this field.  I know you’re frustrated at the seemingly glacial pace, Tom, but soon there will be many more opportunities to speak on radio and even TV.  Your message will be heard, and widely I can assure you. 


Time for me to pose more questions to Antura, my soul brother on the water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  One of these days I’ll combine all these communications with him into a book, but you get to read it first here in my newsletters.  If you’re new to this newsletter, below under the SERIES list will be all the newsletter dates you’ll find these questions and answers.  They answer many questions about ET’s.  You’ll see there is no negativity or aggressiveness in these communications—just respect for us. 

February 4, 2010

Good day to you Antura.  When you are breathing through your gills, what intake are you receiving—oxygen, nitrogen, or what?

Good question Tom.  We are not oxygen breathers.  We do take in a combination of substances shall we call it for your purposes that do contain nitrogen and hydrogen, among others.   Again, it ‘s a little difficult to explain, as you’re not a chemist nor have a scientific interest in these matters.  But we did cross one off the list, yes?

Yes.  Thank you on that.

Does the land on your planet have the same makeup as land on earth, or is it completely different?

Good question.  It is different, being composed of other substances and molecules and such Tom.  So perhaps it will be similar to earth, but just not the same composition. 

So do you have such basics as iron ore?

Yes, but not in significant quantities.    I would describe our landmasses as being more porous in appearance. 

So the grainy substance that makes up your beaches would not be the same as anything on our beaches, is that correct?

Yes, there you have it. 

And the ocean.  I believe I might have asked this before, but it is heavier or lighter than our water?

Somewhat lighter Tom. 

Am I receiving that correctly?

Yes, you are.  The molecules that make up our water are different. 

OK.  You said that you have no other humanoids on your planet except yourselves, is that correct?

Yes, Tom. 

So do you have birds?

Yes, a waterfowl you might call it, plus some other bird creatures that inhabit the land masses. 

Are you able to communicate with them?

Yes, but on a lower level.  Keep in mind that we have the capability to communicate with almost every creature in the universe, as we have developed these capabilities over millions of years, as we branched out to the other worlds in our neighborhood shall we say. 

February 10, 2010

Antura, please explain more about the wispy beings that are sometimes seen and/or photographed in space, which have the appearance of wispy clouds.

Yes, these are actual beings Tom who spread themselves over several focuses or dimensions.  They are souls, but their own interests are in experiencing this space—this substance, which your scientists will discover and learn about in the coming years.  Each soul has its interests Tom, and they have theirs. 

So do you communicate with them, or just leave them alone to their own pursuits?

There you have it.  We can communicate with them, but they have little interest in our affairs, and we have little interest in theirs, unless we need to ask a question.

You have stated that there is a difference between Universal time and Earth time.  Would you say that Earth time is 2, 5, 10 or more times faster than Universal time, or can they not be compared at all?

Good question Tom.  Yes, Universal time is much slower than the artificial time you have here on earth.  So certainly it would be a difference of 10 times or more.   This is a little difficult to answer, as you can imagine, since when you go to space you will begin experiencing Universal time as you move away from the earth, but Earth will remain in this loop of time created for the earth experiment.  Time was speeded up so that you could learn to make these quick decisions and advance at a rapid rate, although at the same time handling massive amounts of negativity.  This is something that the whole universe and even other universes are amazed at how you’ve adapted and overcome such great barriers.

There seems to be a contradiction about space portals.  I’ve been told on one hand portal jumps can only be made in space ships and on the other that individuals can portal jump.  Please clear this up for me.

I’ll try Tom.  The answer to both is yes.   Spaceships do move through portals, but some types of portals can be used with the right kind of equipment for individuals to move through them.  If they were naked shall we say, they would not be able to make a jump.  It requires equipment far beyond your knowledge and understanding today.  It does still have to do with magnetism. 

How are souls manipulated into spaceships, even though they agree on a soul level?

Yes, this is a sophisticated maneuver Tom, which again is far ahead of you in time.  Once you go out to the stars yourself, you’ll see this in action with various societies.  The souls are guided by not only their dream angels as you call them, but by people on the ship in a meditative state shall we call it—which can be almost instantaneous to move them to the ship and be able to work on their esoteric bodies shall we call them.  But again, keep in mind that this is with their soul’s full approval, or it would not be done. 


There’s a new book out titled "Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat."  It’s about a cat in Providence, Rhode Island who lives in a nursing home, and is reportedly 100% accurate in predicting the deaths of patients there; he climbs up in the bed with the patient and snuggles with them during their final hours.  Here’s the article about the book and cat: .


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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