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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Questions & AnswersI do appreciate everyone sending in questions. It makes this the most up-to-date newsletter.for what’s happening in the world.  But please ask questions that would be of general interest to everyone, and not personal questions.  Most of the time I’m told either they can’t answer it, as we’re veiled for a reason—to make decisions ourselves.  That’s why we have this great tool available to us of requesting MBO’s in our lives.

Speaking of questions, I’m almost finished with compiling all the questions we’ve asked Antura for my upcoming book CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.: First Contact! Last week I had over 150 responses on my Facebook page for people voting on which book title to use, and First Contact was preferred by 4 or 5 to 1 over the other possible book title.  If you have any questions for Antura, this may be the last week or two you are able to have one answered.

Keep in mind I’m trying to send the newsletter out a day early in order to work on my 3rd book on the weekend.

Do you have a MBO or BP story? Just send it to my email address and you may see it published in my blog and possibly Pass It Onthe Sedona Journal of Emergence where I’m a monthly columnist.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


North American Storm SystemGaia, what is the outlook for the spring and summer for North America?

Yes, Tom, the spring will be typically turbulent as the warm air masses and the cold air collide with each other.  There will be a larger than normal number of tornadoes this spring, as there will be quite a number of low-pressure systems marching across North America.  Spring will arrive late in the Northern Latitudes, while the southern part of the continent will see these turbulent conditions I have spoken about.

Then for the summer the Northern Latitudes will experience this same turbulent conditions, which would normally be normal for them, but this summer the storms will be more significant and turbulent.  “Batten down the hatches,” I believe the term is.  The south will swelter in the heat of summer, but more typical, perhaps not so above normal with perhaps a couple of exceptions.  But overall a typical summer this year for the folks living in the South.

Will it be wetter than normal in the South or just normal?

More on the normal side, Tom, and yes even those areas which have experienced extreme drought will have more normal conditions, which should alleviate the drought to some extent, as they will have received copious amounts of rain during the springtime.


Brisbane WinterGaia, what is the outlook for the fall and winter in Australia?

Much more normal there for them.  Definitely storms and rain, perhaps a little above normal for the southern half of the continent, Tom.  The Northern half will see its share of rain along the coast.

What about temperatures after such a hot summer?

Much more on the mild side, Tom as conditions turn much more normal for the whole continent.  You can describe it as a typical winter for them.


Diane writes: Someone mentioned the other day about Korea and how they North Korean Leadermay be sending a missile here.  Do you and Theo feel that we will have a war between us and Korea? What about between Israel and the Middle East?

Things just seem to be crazy and hopefully that this will not happen.

Gaia, what about North Korea’s nuclear test that seems imminent? Is a war in their future?

Yes, Tom, they will test a nuclear device quite soon.  But no, as the young man who took over as their leader matures, he will begin loosening the chains around his people, and they will slowly allow communication with, first, South PalestineKorea and then the rest of the world.  His military advisors will be put in their place.  They will not attack South Korea nor send any missiles towards the United States or any other country.

Gaia, will cooler heads prevail in Israel?

Yes, with a little help from the United States and the European Union.  There are hard liners in Israel who want to keep the West Bank, but this problem will be dealt with and the Palestinians will have their freedom, although not in the next year or two.  It is coming.


Michelle in Baltimore writes: I have a couple of questions.  I did search the archives!
The first question is regarding the properties of stones.  Will the healing properties of stones change now that Gaia has moved into the fourth dimension? Is there something we need to do with our current stones and crystals to "recharge" them if needed?

California WelcomeMy second question is more political.  Since California is our largest state and always votes Democrat, what will happen in the next election? Will the opposition party be able to discount CA vote because there will be fewer people? Not worrying in advance, but there are so many things being rigged/gerrymandered on a state by state level to steal the next election - losing CA would be a disaster (for us progressives).

Thanks Tom for all your hard work.  Thank you Mother GAIA!

Gaia, does the healing properties of stones change in the 5th focus and do they need to be recharged?

No, Tom, if nothing else, their healing properties do increase some—some more than others.  There is no need to recharge them.

How will the political landscape change in California when there are fewer people there?U.S. Red, White & Blue States

Yes, an interesting question, Tom.  They will certainly remain a Blue state as they are called, as they will see all the resources the Federal and State governments provide the citizens, many of whom will have lost all their earthly possessions.  If anything they may be more liberal.

Then, for those who must leave California altogether, you will find they will affect other less liberal states, in some cases providing the tipping point to change a state from a red state to a purple or blue state.


Southwest AirlinesAs I have mentioned numerous times before, I’ve been recording my dreams since 1979.  I have a couple of boxes of dream journals I have printed for me at my local Kinko’s.  You should record your dreams, as these are messages from your soul, and a window to where you go and what you do during sleep time.

I’ve had two dreams recently of planes crashing—the first since I dreamed of planes crashing before 911 when I had three dreams.  The second was the most detailed, as I saw a Southwest Airlines plane that crashed on its way back somewhere from the Super Bowl.  It crashed into a wooded ravine with low-lying surrounding hills.  Dreams like this can be symbolic of something else, so I asked Gaia about the dream.

Gaia, I dreamed about a Southwest Airlines plane crashing after the Super Bowl.  Was that a symbolic dream or an actual look into the future?

More a look into the future, Tom, as you will see fairly soon.  Naturally I cannot give you the details, as that would cause all the people on that plane to cancel, who are supposed to experience this as part of their soul contract.  It may or may not involve a Southwest Airlines plane you see, but I can’t tell you which one, and you know there are many planes of this company and others flying.


Drug UsePam writes:  What impact does use of drugs like pot, LSD, mushrooms, peyote have a person's karma or their future lives?  I know people who smoke pot think it's the same as having a couple of beers, it's a social event and they feel it enhances their life.  For the more chemically involved drugs their opinion is that it's mind expanding for them.  What would Theo respond to this? What kind of balancing is there, if any, and what result occurs in future lives?  Does Antura have any similar habits?

Gaia, does there have to be balancing in a future life for the use of drugs, or is it one of those experiences that people must have on their soul contracts for one or more lives?

Yes, it is one of those experiences, Tom, but balancing must be done if they affect other people, such as their families, friends, and others they encounter with their drug use.  They might induce someone to try drugs, which causes them to become an addict too.  Then balancing must be done.  And they will have to experience a family member who becomes addicted to drugs and the hurt and problems it causes families.

So typically an addict does not live in a vacuum, and there will be balancing done in the future, as you must experience all the earth has to offer and see everything from all points of view.

Antura and his friends do drink some form of alcoholic beverage made from seaweed.


Antonia writes:  300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia.  Experts Say Aluminum Gear Not The Result Of Natural Forces, may Be Extraterrestrial.

300 Million Years old

Theo, where does that piece of what appears to be a machine found in coal originate from?  Was it here before the earth was moved here, or is that from some past civilization that existed 300 million years ago?

Yes it was from an ancient civilization, Tom, and, no it did not originate prior to the transfer of the earth.  You will continue to find bits and pieces of their existence.

Then they were not part of the Explorer Race?

No, they predated you, shall we say.  But you have taken on a couple of the problems they could not solve before events caused their downfall.


Future CommunicationsGunnar writes from Iceland:  Somebody asked about DECT phones recently.  They do affect me, they do disturb my sleep.  I want to ask if there will be found a safer way of wireless communication?  Different ways of working with microwaves or a completely new technology - I know there are people who are severely affected by these technologies.

Theo, will wireless communication change significantly in the future?

Quite so, Tom.  The way you communicate today will give way to a completely new way of communications without the need for what will one day be considered antiquated systems.  Those changes are not too far in the future—let’s say, within 50 years.


Eleanore writes: I recently saw a program on drone aircraft and other robotics with a discussion of the pros and cons.  Some of the cons were the accurate precision of the drone aircraft to be able to survey inside a structure through a single window.  Also, the use of them by the general public world wide for possible nefarious intentions.  If there was mass usage, for all purposes, the fear is the number of them clouding the skies.

RoboticsThe major pro, right now, is their usage in confrontations that saves many lives. The conclusion is that we are now at the birth of the Robotic Era and how we will deal with this.  Would you be kind enough to pursue this subject with your entities?

Theo, what will be the progression for the use of robotics Theo?
As has been noted in your news programs robotics is one of those “fast-growth” industries as more and more jobs, it will be discovered, can be done by simple to very complex machines.  Any repetitive job you can think of will be handled by robots in the future.
They, naturally, will have to have handlers capable of repairing them if they do not work properly.  Even in homes there will be simple robots to do cleaning, washing, prepare meals, and yes, even feed the dogs and cats.  There will be ways to clean clothes instantly, along with the dishes, pots and pans from dinner.  All these things are being developed at a rapid pace, so certainly your younger readers will see many of these put on the market in their lifetime.  Not all at once, but step-by-step.


For my new subscribers and readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet” with whom I’ve been communicating since 2008 when Theo introduced him as part of my soul “cluster.”  He’s part of a First Contact team coming to Earth in 2017, two years after the Pleiadians make first contact in Russia.  My book is almost complete.  I’m working on the last two chapters.  None of my questions in the last few weeks are included here—only questions from YOU!

These questions are from Jim:

MothershipAntura, do the motherships ever land or do they just hover?

They are so large, Tom, that it is easier to keep them in the air, than to find a mile wide landing strip for them.  They do have the capability, but rarely exercise it.

How do the occupants of the scout craft know they are being watched and photographed in any way?

These readings are taken, Tom, and are very accurate down to an individual person, so the scout craft pilots are quite aware from their instruments who is watching them, or will be in a position to observe them.  The instruments can read feelings and thoughts.

Can a mothership heal itself if the hull is punctured, and, I will add, has the hull of this mothership ever been punctured?

Never in its whole existence, Tom, has that been a problem.  Potential dangers are seen so far in advance through the instruments that those dangers are avoided, or a force field is put up.

ZetasJason in Dayton, Ohio writes:  In the 12/29/12 newsletter he stated that the Zetas will be the 2nd group of ET's to arrive after 2015.  They will profusely apologize for past 'alien abductions' they had done on people of Earth, and will even trot out the Zeta/human hybrids they created as a result of these abductions to show the success of the project to save their society.

I wonder if they are prepared for the negative emotional response of the people they abducted.  Have they considered that these people may think they are entitled to some sort of compensation for being taken against their will and having their DNA 'stolen'?

And what about the raw emotions these people will have regarding the hybrids?  We humans have a very strong emotional attachment to our families.  These hybrids were created using human DNA (whether in raw form or from the use of human egg/sperm cells), so some abductees may think of them as relatives or even sons/daughters of a sort.  How will the Zetas react if some people want to meet and stay in contact with the hybrids related to them through DNA?

Antura, how will the Zetas be able to handle the negative backlash from people who feel they were abducted and abused, plus those who recall being either the father or mother of the hybrids?

Yes, a complicated matter, Tom, although the Zetas will say the right things, and will ask for forgiveness.  They will volunteer to have these people open up their memory banks and remember details, which were frightening at that time and they will show why they had to alter their memories.  Few will want to see who they were the father or mother of, but those requests will be taken into consideration as they appear.

Futuristic City & Space CraftJill writes:  Question for Antura:  How does it work with flying in craft, swimming or generally getting around without bumping into people or crashing like we do with our cars?  We have rules, different colored lights, green, red, yellow, etc.  Do you use telepathy and think that, "I'm going to turn right at the fish shaped rock," and everyone stays out of your way?  Are there blinkers on your suits or vehicles to tell people what you want to do?  Can you explain it in detail what the process is?

Are you never near a planet with a great deal of space traffic, and if you are, how are you able to avoid the other spacecraft?

Yes, there are our worlds, Tom, where there is a great deal of local traffic, but we have no need of a Traffic Control as you do.  These computer systems are so far advanced that they choose the perfect route to take, avoiding not only the spacecraft in that area we’re headed to, but also all the spacecraft it knows will show up through portals and headed for that area or landing spot.  It may make 90-degree turns if it sees some small local craft wandering about on a pleasure trip.  As you have been told, we don’t notice the motion, thanks to these advanced hulls and magnetics.


This MBO story and the next two appeared last week in my BLOG, which you can find at  You can also sign up for it by clicking on RSS on the right hand column.

Automobile WreckThis is something new I’m going to suggest.  I’ve noticed for sometime that you can request MBO’s for a continuing action.  As an example, I’ve given this MBO request a number of times:  “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that my identity in all its forms be protected now and forever, thank you!”

Each time I climb into my car, I always request a MBO for the drive, even if it’s just five minutes to the local supermarket.  So recently I began thinking, why not do a similar request, but for all time?  So the MBO I came up with is:  “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to never be involved in a wreck from this point forward and forever, thank you!”

I will continue to request MBO’s each time I’m in a car, as this also keeps me requesting MBO’s as a habit.  I have said many times you have to request MBO’s all the time, even for the mundane requests, or you’ll forget to request a MBO when perhaps someday your life is in danger, or some other urgent event is occurring.

So say this MBO now.  I think you will find that it makes you much more aware when driving—more alert.


Louise writes:  I had to travel five hours with my horse in a trailer to a clinic and before I left, I requested a MBO for safe travel there and back.

Horse and TrailerOn the way home, I was feeling some vibration of some sort, but kept going.  We arrived back home safe and sound.

The next day I took my truck to the mechanic and he said I shouldn't drive the truck other than getting it home.  I had a separated belt in the tire and it could blow at any time.

The MBO had worked to get us home safely!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Since my husband has been out of work for the last couple of months, I asked any and all guardian angels to help us with the tire situation since new tires would be around $1000 and my husband wanted to change the type.  My husband just phoned and said he had found a used one of the same type that will get us by until he is back to work!  DOUBLE YAY!


Thank you to you, Tom, for all that you do in helping us discover that there are, in fact, guardian angels that will help us in situations like these!


Apartment HouseCarell writes:  For four years I've endured an upstairs neighbor who tromps about, especially at night between 10:30 and 1 AM.  As soon as I shifted my MBO's from wanting her to move to China and did the MBO for nothing but peace, quiet and happy vibes coming from above, she's changed her lifestyle; she is only home 2 days a month! And I now get real sleep! Wooo Hooo and thank you!


Jean-Marie writes:  There is a Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi in Israel, a seer (verified by the Aswan Dambible code).  He made reference a few times, again last 18/1/2013, that Egypt will be in an awful lot of water from something happening to the Aswan dam.

Do you have anything on this possibility?

Gaia, is the Aswan Dam safe from collapse?

Yes, Tom.  This dam will hold for a few more years, but eventually must be replaced.  It is getting old.


Laurie writes:  I was VERY interested in the portion of your 1/5/13 newsletter that described Dena's missing pie shifting into the 5th focus.  It reminded me of the incident of the missing embroidery hook that my friend and I experienced (published in your 9/15/12 newsletter).  Parallel Time LineI think these occurrences may also explain something that happened to me back in 1997 or 1998.  I was walking from my kitchen to my living room and suddenly everything went blank.  A second later I was back, but the incident caused me to fall.  I wasn't dizzy.  I didn't black out.  I just BLANKED out.  What did I experience?

Theo, what happened to Laurie when she blanked out in 97-98?

Let’s see if you can receive this, Tom.  She did walk into a null zone, we will call it, in between Time Lines.  The wall thinned for just a few seconds and suddenly she was in the space between.  She quickly exited as it shifted back, but it left her discombobulated—confused.

This seems to happen—this shifting of the Time Line wall—many more times than we realize, doesn’t it?

Yes, that’s why there are beings whose job is to repair the walls if there are tears or, shall we say, the frequency wavers a tiny bit.


Martin Luther KingMegan in Washington State asked me about Martin Luther King’s and President Obama’s next incarnations and if MLK had incarnated into this time period.

Theo, is Martin Luther King incarnated again in this time period?

No he is not, Tom.  He did his work, paving the way for more equality, and has incarnated into his next life—this one a more normal one, shall we call it, with a much longer time on earth.  He will still be involved in assisting those who need help, but not on the national stage, shall we say.  It will not be a significant life as these are termed such as the one during the 20th Century.

Just a reminder everyone that as all of our lives are taking place at the same time (time is an illusion for us), Reverend King has incarnated again, but not into this time period.  We can incarnate both backwards or forwards in time from this life.

What about Obama’s next round?

Again, not a significant one, Tom, but still of service to the country he will be born in.  Quite often one will have an easier life after having been on the world stage.  He will have other significant lives in his future, along with the soul fragment you knew as Reverend King.


Pam asked me what’s in store earth-wise for the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic

Gaia, will there be any earth movements for the Dominican Republic in 2013?

None, Tom.  This is a fairly stable island for the time being.

What about hurricanes?

Naturally their location will put them in the path of perhaps two or more hurricanes later in the hurricane season.


Olaf PalmeSarah in Sweden writes:  I hope all is well with you and proceeding well with your coming book.

One evening in February 1986, Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered outside a movie theater; this case has never really been resolved.  I wonder who was the killer and does this killer still live among us, and I also wonder if the government was somehow involved in this case?

Theo, is the assassin of Sweden’s Prime Minister still alive, and if so will he or she ever be brought to justice?

The person is still alive, Tom, but no, not in his lifetime.  It was a soul contract slaying, I might remind everyone, to balance a past life.


Carol writes:  I have just adopted an older cat.  According to some things that I have been reading on the internet, dry food is bad for cats.  I am trying to feed my cat wet food, but sometimes he won’t eat it.  Would you please ask Theo if it’s safe to feed ½ dry and ½ wet as long as the dry food has good ingredients?

Cat EatingI really enjoy your newsletter; I look forward to it every week.  I use the Benevolent Outcome Prayer every day.

Theo, is dry food all right to feed a cat, and if so what %?

Here we get into the great differences between cats, Tom, so there can be no definite answer.  Each person should request a MBO to choose the right diet for their beloved members of their family, whether they are dogs, cats, or some other animal or bird or fish.  Then listen to that whisper in your ear I so often suggest.

Carol was also referring to the Benevolent Prayer on my website.  The link to the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning and an explanation of why you should say it to is located at:


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, 

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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