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As you have read in other newsletters, I receive emails from all over the country and even from the UK and Australia where my articles have been published. Here’s one from Jacquie condensed a little for space.

“So, quickly I tried (requesting Benevolent Outcomes) and noticed things in general seemed better. It was more a case of, did I do that, or would that have happened anyway, because it seemed so seamless. Things just flowed. But, then I did notice a big change. I experienced an internal shift so marked I could feel it physically. The concept "Benevolent Universe", as best I can describe it, dropped fear and limitation belief structures from me. I didn't realize they were there. Then, they were gone. The only way I knew of them was by their absence. When I looked up things had changed. "Possible" was very prominent. It seemed to be everywhere and still does. Thank you from my Benevolent Universe.”

What she describes is exactly what happened for me in requesting MBO’s (as I call them). Fear was reduced down to almost zero and I had much less stress. Even when I faced really major challenges, like the time I was sued for one million dollars which I described in my book, I had no fear. I KNEW it would work out all right and it did. I was the only defendant in the suit that did not have to pay anything. One footnote I might add for those of you that read that story. Just this past week when I was in Las Vegas for a TV and Video market, one of the producers involved in that suit came to my suite and offered me 60 movies to sell for him. Isn’t that interesting! Still a Benevolent Outcome is happening from my original request!

This week I’m going to cover the questions I asked my Guardian Angel Theo about FAMILIES, SEVERING EMOTIONAL CORDS, and WORKING WITH THE BAD GUYS. Email me if you see some questions I should have asked. Thanks to Laurie for sending me more questions to ask about Atlantis. I already have over eight pages of Q & A’s, so it’s progressing. I hope to share these with you in the future.


Theo, what about the souls in a family? Are they mostly from the same soul group, or closely associated, and take on different disguises so to speak in each life for learning?

Yes you are correct Tom. This is generally true, but like anything there are exceptions. Sometimes a soul, such as yours needs to be in a certain time period so your soul will arrange with another soul grouping to have you born during that time. There can then be great differences between you and the family soul group, so it does seem as if you are the odd man out, but it is necessary to assist your soul in its plans, but also you can have challenges created by the differences so that you can grow some more too.

Are young souls and old souls mixed in a family or are all of them mostly the same age so to speak?

There is a great mixing Tom, as how else can a young soul learn, but by being thrown in the pool so to speak and told to swim. Some do fine and others sink, but with lots of learning so that they can improve the next time around.

Theo—the mixing of young souls can be even as a parent of an older soul. Does the older soul give them problems as a teaching or learning aid?

Exactly Tom. Or they can be almost be the parent of the parent, which you’ve heard about many times. The parent is at a loss to know what to do and how to care for the child, so the child, which is normally an older soul but naturally not always, takes over as it matures. There is great learning for the young soul parent, or parents. They sort of have failed in their goals, but learn greatly from the experience.

When we speak of young, medium and old souls, is that only in relation to their earth experience?

Quite so, Tom. Souls are actually timeless beings, but when they start having lives on this planet of free choice, it is so different from any other planet in the universe that they must have had numerous lives elsewhere in order to have lives here. This is a planet that, as we have spoken about before, is like a masters degree program in a university. You must have had physical and spiritual mastery on other planets before you are allowed to have lives on earth.


Can you handle a benevolent request to cut the energy cords to other people that are not needed in one’s personal life?

Oh yes, I can—in fact any guardian angel as you call us can handle that request and act upon it. It’s actually something everyone should do, especially those that were in a difficult union or marriage. These cords need to be severed and we can make this severing a benevolent outcome—severing only those that no longer are needed or that are harmful to you.

So this is what you say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that all emotional cords to other people, that are no longer of benefit to me, be severed at this time, thank you!"


How do Guardian Angels and guides work with people that incarnate to be the “bad guys”—people who rape, kill or leaders who order such things?

We are able to see them for what their life plan says Tom, and we work with their higher selves to keep them on the path they chose to take in very difficult lives. Keep in mind that many of these people have families that they love and love them, even though they must do horrible things as part of these life plans. If they stray off the life plan and do more than they are supposed to, then Karma enters the picture and they have to pay a price either in that life or in subsequent lives. But yes, you and everyone has led lives that balance you so to speak from being squeaky clean to use your vernacular, as Gaia says, to being on the wrong side of the law and doing what are considered very bad things. It is your soul’s goal to have all of these experiences eventually for their knowledge and growth; so therefore you must follow their directions shall we say. This is a very complicated subject that few people can understand, as you wish everyone was nice and benevolent to one another, but then there would be little growth and the negativity that you have worked with would continue to a point where it would be impossible for you to live on earth. That will not happen, as you know, because you are the only beings in the universe to have found a way to work with this negativity in a beneficial way. When you go out to the stars you will take this knowledge with you and create small amounts of negativity in other cultures so that they can begin to grow again, as they have absolutely no negativity at this time; but they will and as the Explorer Race this will be your great contribution to the universe.

(If you wish to read more about the Explorer Race read Robert Shapiro’s series of books—“The Explorer Race.”)

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!


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