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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers from around the world.  Please feel free to forward this F.R.E.E. newsletter to your friends.  Each week I never know what will be in the newsletter, as it’s all predicated on the emails I receive with MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) stories, and the questions you send for me to ask my own Guardian Angel Theo and Gaia, the soul of the earth, in meditation.  As I showed in the Appendix of my first book, anyone can do this, and Theo says I’m supposed to encourage everyone to try, as he says it will be like a leak in a dam that suddenly gives way with everyone meditating one day.

As I mentioned last week, we went to Las Vegas for a TV program market.  The trip was smooth to Las Vegas.  I had requested a MBO for going through Security with ease, and it was easy—so easy that I forgot to put my briefcase on the conveyor belt.  Naturally a gentleman behind me put it on for me, and kidded me about it afterwards.  It was 6:00 am in the morning, but I made sure everything went through on the way back. 

I requested MBO’s for each of my meetings.  I had one lady from Brazil email to tell me she broke her kneecap and would not attend, and another person from Venezuela made an appointment, but canceled their trip at the last minute.  The people that appeared for our appointments, although only half the number as last year, were for the most part serious and seemed to have budgets to spend.  I’ll know more in the next week or two, but have several very promising deals working, which could potentially bring in three times the money the contracts did last year. 

The trip back was a real Odyssey.  We flew on American Airlines, and have never been one of their real fans, as I think they could do a lot better with their people skills.  I must complement the captain of our plane, as he was very frank and informative on a flight that was eventually delayed four-and-a-half hours due to bad weather in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  We circled around Texas and Oklahoma for a while until we ran low on fuel.  He then took us to Wichita, Kansas to refuel the plane.  One MBO was that the crew were already by this time “illegal” having gone over the hours they were supposed to fly, so that gave us priority in getting lined up to land at DFW when the skies cleared enough for flight operations to resume at the airport. 

We took off from Wichita and flew around the Lubbock, Texas area for another 45 minutes or so before being cleared to head for DFW.  After landing we spent another 15 or 20 minutes waiting for the gate to open for us, and then another 45 minutes or an hour for the luggage.  We had landed at the ‘C’ terminal and our car was at the ‘D’ terminal, so I requested a MBO for the shuttle bus to be there when we walked out the door with our luggage, and one was about to leave when I knocked on his door, so we had absolutely no wait outside in the wind and rain.  It was pouring all the way home.  The next morning I checked my rain gauge and it read 3.15 inches of rain.  Since September we’ve had over 25 inches of rain at my house.  Gaia says she’s changing the weather patterns on a permanent basis and my rain gauge agrees. 

So let’s begin with this week’s questions and stories.  For people new to requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your lives, go to my website and click on the Blog icon at the bottom of the page to read many more stories of people successfully using this simple spiritual tool in their daily lives.  I also record a Podcast of this newsletter for those who don’t have time to read, but might listen in your car or on the train to work.


Pamela writes:  Thanks for the "Gentle Way Newsletters."  I LOVE them.  I would like to try the "Expect Great Things" mantra which you mentioned in the most current edition, however where exactly on your website is it located? 
For Pamela and everyone else who would wish to begin saying this great mantra each day, the link is: , to print out the sign.  Here’s what Theo says about saying this each day: 

This phrase does open the door as you say Tom, and acts as a Benevolent way to clear the passage for good things to happen.  It does act like a Benevolent request, but in a slightly different way.  It would be similar to you requesting in a Benevolent Outcome request that the results are better than you hope for or expect.  It allows us—meaning your Guardian Angels as you call us, to cause events to happen that you would never know to request.  And yes it does push aside one’s deep-seated restrictions that many people have for good things to happen to them.  This phrase should be said every day if possible.  Your readers will be amazed at some of the good things that will occur in their lives after saying this a few times.

Besides the Expect Great Things mantra, you can also print out the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning, along with the Daily Affirmation, which reminds you who you really are. 


Daphnee writes:  I have another question for Gaia regarding Haiti and the region again. Gaia has stated that there will be more hurricanes and floods and also more earthquakes to hit the entire region of the carribean. My questions are: 1) Is this region part of what Atlantis used to be? 2) Will the Carribean eventually disappear and submerge or the contrary, is the land going to be pushed up from the movement of the tectonic plates? I hope she will be able to shed more light on the subject. I know that all souls who are there have a contract and I respect each's path but I was wondering what good it will be to rebuild exactly on the same spot when this spot is under the fault. I hope the humans will be more intelligent this time and build more up north away from the fault.

Linda writes:  Could you please ask Gaia if the earthquake in Haiti is in any way related to the Edgar Cayce prediction about the evidence of the rising of Atlantis in the Bermudas Triangle area near Bimini?

Since I have started requesting most benevolent outcomes for each day, life has become magical. Things happen easier.

Gaia, is the island that Haiti and the Dominican Republic contains part of the remnants of Atlantis?

Yes, Tom, part of the far remnants to be sure, but these Caribbean Islands did exist at or during the time of Atlantis, and were lightly populated with the red skinned Atlantians.  All traces of this population have been buried underneath many feet of dirt and sand. 

Will any ruins or remnants ever be found?

Perhaps in the distant future, but not in your near future.

Will these Caribbean islands in general sink beneath the ocean one day, or will they be pushed up by the tectonic plate movements?

A good question Tom.  Some will rise a little higher, and some will be covered by the rising ocean as the poles continue to melt further.    There will be great movement in that area, as that island in particular sits right on the major fault line, and as I previously told you, there will be more major earthquakes as the plates continue to move.

What about Jamaica a person asks?

Jamaica will remain in its present form for the time being, but eventually it will see its coastline inundated.  There will be no severe earthquakes in its future, at least for the time being.


Daphnee writes:  The other day my washing machine started going grazy and i though oh no I have to buy another one so i asked for an MBO so that it works again and 2 days after a friend came to me and told me that the machine was not broken but that i had to empty a filter and that is the reason it was beeping and not working properly. I am sure that if I had not requested the MBO, I would have continued using the machine and really break it. So this is my little MBO story for the week. Maybe I should keep a record...!!!???


Sandy writes:  The story about the blue skinned Lemurians underground in Arkansas reminds me of another story I heard.... from people who were building a Hindu community in the mountains of North Carolina. When local workers who were hired for construction were asked what they thought about the buildings - many commented they thought it was real interesting and would come up with comments like.."but who is that monkey man on the roof over there? (apparently he was seeing Hanuman but had no knowledge of Hindu lore so of course just stated what he saw).  Another asked about the "blue man" or people walking through the woods around the property. The people who heard it thought he might have seen Krishna or some other Hindu deity but now I wonder if they were "blue skinned Lemurians"?

Theo, who were the “blue people” seen in North Carolina during the building of the Hindu Temple?

Yes, these blue people as they were called were a couple of their deities blessing the temple for them.  These spirits do have the ability to appear physical, just as I do. 


Pam in Arizona writes:  Three or four years ago a friend almost died from complications while being treated for Cancer. Every time I thought of her I prayed. I night I woke and started praying for her. My eyes were closed but I saw some kind of light so I opened my eyes. In the top corner of the room where the walls meet the ceiling was a red pulsating ball. I laid with my eyes open watching it as I prayed. The a calmness came over me and I knew she would be alright and went back to sleep.

Last night I think around  3-4 in the morning I awoke and opened my eyes to see this red pulsating light again. It's the size of a basketball. It was a comfort to see it so I went back to sleep.

Can you please ask Theo or Gaia who this is and why. Could this be my guardian angel but I never respected them to appear this way.

Theo, Pam asks what is the red pulsating ball she sees in her room at times?

This is her higher self, Tom presenting her with an energy force, which she can see.  She can send white light to it and after surrounding herself with white light she can utilize this energy.  But tell her to be careful, and always surround herself with white light.  It acts as her protection as she explores this energy. 

So the ball of energy is ok with limitations?

Yes, there you have it Tom. 


A “Concerned Citizen” writes:  Can you ask Theo how the Supreme Court's decision yesterday allowing corporations to contribute unlimited amount of money to politicians & politics (whereas individuals are limited to only $5k contribution) will do to Obama's Health Care bill?  Also, what this will do to the American politics in general?  I am very concerned that we the people have just lost out to the voice of the corporations.  What can be done about this?

I'm also concerned that a Republican was chosen to replace Senator Kennedy.  It feels like everything is stacking up against us getting national health care.  What happened here?

Sandy writes:  I, like others I'm sure, am getting concerned about the hard time our President is having now. Does Theo think we'll be able to get the health care package passed? We all know its flawed but if we can at least get something started despite all the opposition from the insurance companies etc - then hopefully over time we can get something real.

Theo, how will the Supreme Court decision affect politics in general by allowing corporations to contribute to congressmen and senators?

It will have a detrimental effect, but this will be a priority piece of legislation, which will be passed to correct this error in judgment by the Supreme Court of the U.S.

How will the Health Care Bill be affected now with the lost vote in the Senate? 

It will be initially drastically affected Tom, as it will be very difficult to find a compromise between the two parties.  But the people’s voices can be heard, certainly if enough people contact their own representatives to request this bill be passed. 


Heather writes:  I'm curious to hear what you know or can find out about a certain conspiracy theory.I watched a show with former Gov,Jessie Ventura called Conspiracy Theories.This show was about a group of high powered people in a group known as the Bilderberg Group.I have heard this theory a few times over the last few years and I was wondering if you have ever gotten any info on it before or if you can get any now.

Theo, can you give me any more information or update on the Bilderberg group?

Not much Tom.  Their power is in the waning stages.  Their ability to control the world is slipping through their fingers as you write this.  The banks they control are under attack, and will have much less power in the future.


Annette writes:  I am learning how to communicate with nature and Gaia. I have a question for Gaia for clarification purposes because I want to know if "I" am getting the right "message".

A few years ago we made some changes in our home, took down some young
evergreens in our back yard (that were planted too close to each other & tearing up the fence) and built a garage . I asked permission and got the indication that the changes we were making were alright with the other trees and Mother Earth.

We began having some "changes" in our life and we meditate, etc in our backyard. One evening my husband was sitting in the backyard, looked down found a four-leaf clover. We took that as a positive affirmation/sign. Later that same year, he found a geode coming up from the ground in the backyard and it was opening. He pulled it out and brought it to me; it currently sits in our kitchen window.

I "felt" that the message of the geode was a gift from Mother Earth; a positive sign that we were in the right place, on the right path and our communication and treatment of Mother Earth and plants was appreciated. We have always had wonderful song birds, but since the geode was found we have had a corn snake come to live in our yard, a Peregrine falcon that appears periodically, squirrels (including an albino squirrel) and tons of cardinal, blue jays, crows and sparrows -
in abundance. Living in "town" in an older subdivision near a busy
intersection and close to Calumet Farms, we feel we are being blessed
for our efforts and will be safe here.

I was curious if I am getting the right message or if this is all in my head.

Gaia, Annette asks about the proliferation of birds, snakes, and other creatures in her yard.  Was this due to the geode being unearthed, or for some other reason?

Yes Tom, she and her husband have attracted a number of creatures to their yard, as they radiate out love and compassion, which the geode magnifies and strengthens.  It’s as if they were broadcasting out via radio—come to this yard, as you’ll be safe here.  They should be pleased that their vibrational level is such to attract these creatures.  Certainly, any that they do not wish to have they can ask the Deva’s to remove them, but my recommendation is to allow.  This is a gift to them. 


One of our subscribers sent this to me, and I would have given credit, but there was no name.  This is really neat.


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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