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Good day everyone and welcome to The Gentle Way Newsletter!  As a number of people signed up in the last 10 days due to an article I was commissioned to write about Meditation for, I’ll try and have a few extra questions and answers today to show you the wide range of subjects you can ask your own Guardian Angel about during Meditation.  And be sure to read my Appearance section as I have more information about the upcoming workshops and retreats.  I’ll be in Las Vegas this coming week for an international TV and DVD market, back on Friday.  Let’s begin.


BG writes:  It has been a busy week but wanted to point out something that came up for me after last week's newsletter.  I understood you to say that repeating an MBO shows a fear base and lack of faith.  I want to share my viewpoint here.  As part of my morning prayer time, I say an MBO every morning for good health in body, mind and soul, for a productive and pleasant day and for financial stability.  I also say one just about every time I get in the car that the car will operate efficiently, be mechanically sound and the trip be enjoyable and safe while all beings on the roads are protected.  Each day is a new unit of time and as such, I am certain the MBOs need to be reiterated.  I do so from a place of faith and helpfulness.  Perhaps it would good for your writings to pose a more positive stance on this point.

BG brings up some very good points, and perhaps I did not explain well enough when I said that Sandi and Jim (1/9/9 newsletter) should have only requested the protection from Identity Theft one time.  I felt that by requesting it daily attracted this negative energy to them, resulting in the ID theft—although everything worked out in their favor in the end—a MBO.  BG suggests some good requests, so may I direct everyone to read the rules in the 1/17/9 newsletter.  It says that you are to request something SPECIFIC FOR YOU.  That’s what BG does each day for that day, and for her drive to work, etc.  These are positive requests in my mind’s eye.  Still I thought I should pose the question to Theo:

Theo, does requesting a benevolent outcome each day for protection from identity theft actually attract that energy, or in the case of the couple that wrote me were they picking up a coming event on a subliminal basis?

That’s a good question Tom.  Yes, you can attract an energy by concentrating on it, whether this energy is a good energy, or a negative one shall we say.  Obviously you should concentrate on good energies of abundance and love, as this will attract these energies to you.  Concentrating on negative energies will do the same and not be benevolent for you.  In the case of the couple, they were attracting this energy, but it was good for you to consider the other possibility of tuning in to an upcoming event.  I think that answers your question Tom.


Diane writes:  Can you ask if Shambhala (also spelled Shamballa and Shabala) really exist in the mountains of Tibet?  They always had rumors and some people have tried to look for it.  Now that China owns the area maybe they have discovered it and destroyed it since they don't believe in religion.  
Also what are the sacred spots on Earth, that have some strong energy?

Another reader wishes to know if there is a place in Tibet that is hidden away called Shambhala?

No, as you guessed Tom, this place is at a different level or Time line from you.  So this is a yes and no answer.  There is a place called that, but it does not exist on your time line.

What are considered the most sacred spots in the world?

Certainly there are energy spots in the world that could be sacred Tom.  Most of these are well known, such as the pyramids and the area around Sedona, Arizona, but there are other sacred spots or energy centers, some of which I’m not supposed to mention for the public.  Seek and you shall find.  I realize this might not satisfy your reader, but there are a number of sacred spots or areas in the world, each with a different energy that will attract those that are vibrating on that level, or who are ready to vibrate on that level. 


David from St. Louis writes:  Can you ask Theo if (he) can explain something about how the geometry of snow affects us, especially as it's falling.  Over the years I've noticed a strong sense of peace and a heavy spiritual feeling when the snow is falling, especially when the conditions allow for the large flakes to fall.  I suspect that it's something about the higher intelligence present in the geometrical patterns in snow.  Can you find out more?

Theo, is there some energy in the snow that seems to give a sense of peace and tranquility—a heavy spiritual feeling, especially when it’s falling?

Another good question for today Tom.  Yes, the snow crystals have this energy about them that radiates a peaceful aura or energy.  More studies should be made of these crystals and measurements of this energy.  It will surprise your scientists.  Eventually their instruments will be sensitive enough to take even better readings and there will be more understanding of what snow does—the calmness and peaceful energy it radiates. 


Rhavda writes:  Your newsletter is wonderful and a great accompaniment to your book. I have been working with MBOs since last March when you appeared at Satori in Ft. Worth, and this Christmas I have given away 10 books to friends that needed to work with MBOs.

My question for you is: Have you any MBOs that we can use for our military people who are stationed around the world? This Christmas I gave my son, who is a Marine, a copy of your book but I feel I need to give him something shorter that will catch his attention that he can use. I am going to send him a portion of today's newsletter in hopes that he will read and pay attention to it. Our soldiers need this type of inspirational information to help them through their darkest hours.

Thank you for all of your work that you have done on your newsletters. I tell people all the time to go to your web site.

Here's what I've suggested in the past for those serving in war zones (and I know it worked at least with one Marine I was given information about):
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive (trip etc) to __________, thank you!"
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my return from this patrol safely, thank you!"

Keep in mind what I said in the last newsletter. The request must be benevolent for all those involved in the request, so it would not work, for example, if he said he requested a MBO for killing someone before they kill him.  What actually would happen with the ones I gave before is that if he's on a patrol, the "bad guys" might have just left that area, gone to eat, were called back by their commander, or whatever.  He comes back safe, but with no action.  It is truly a benevolent outcome for everyone.  

And it has what I call in the book the "Radiant Effect" as those close by normally are in that "bubble" of energy surrounding the person who requests the MBO.  It might be a boring tour of duty, but he doesn't pick up any Karma that has to be balanced later in this life or another.  That's why I had to experience congestive heart failure in this life, Theo explained; I had killed some people in a war in another life and brought "heartache" to their families and friends, so I had to experience "heartache" this time around to balance the scales.  
He can also say a Benevolent Prayer for his comrades:
"I ask that any and all beings assist and aid us in safely reaching ________, thank you!"
"I ask that any and all beings assist and aid us in returning safely from this patrol, thank you!"
Remember, his Guardian Angel handles the MBO requests and a whole set of "whole souls" that we call Angels INSTANTLY responds to the Benevolent Prayers. Theo says there are a little over 1 million of these souls handling all types of prayers around the world.  They're great "multi-taskers" Theo says. 


Paula Anne writes:  The residents here at the nursing home are acting weird... more confusion more deviation from their normal routines, behaviors.
 A few hours ago I saw a robin here, about 6 weeks too early and there is snow everywhere and we just got out of a cold snap that broke records.... is it possible the magnetic field is switching... why am I observing behaviors that should not be happening?  Why Is a robin here in the "dead" of winter???

Gaia—Why are Robins showing up in the dead of winter in some places?

Yes Tom there have been some changes in the magnetic field as you have been reading, so that there is some confusion with the bird and animal populations of the earth, giving them the signal to return too early to their spring habitats, you see.  These adjustments will be modified for their benefit a little, so that we do not lose these populations.  It is all part of the great changes coming to the earth in the next three years or so, as is now being reported by certain channels.  Your readers can read more about them should they take the time or you can give them the direction to seek a better understanding.

Theo, is there any reason that people in nursing homes seem to be acting a little more weird than usual one of my readers asks?

Certainly this goes back to the changes that are happening to your world at the present.  Suggest that they read what you’ve read in the Kryon and The Group channels.  They go into much more detail than we have time for.

Folks you can read more about the earth changes by going to and and read their channelings. 


Kryon, said that the recovery from this recession or depression will be faster than we thought.  Is that your take on this too?

Yes, Kryon was correct on that.  There will be much creative thought that will come up with solutions to your economic problems and the old energy will be swept away to a great extent.

(One note:  In this month’s Sedona Journal of Enlightenment where I have a monthly column, Robert Shapiro channeled that other nations would forgive our debts in 2009, as we did in the past for them.)

Kryon also said that a soul contract was only good for one day at a time, which does conflict with what you’ve explained before about soul contracts.  Please correct me or explain.

Yes, Kryon was trying to tell you that a soul contract is only good for one day at a time because of free will.  You do have that plan that we have spoken about at length, but each day, you have the free will to change that soul contract if you wish, and as I have said before, many, many times the normal average person does change the soul contract and off you go down another path that was not the one you planned to take originally before birth.  The soul contracts are then revamped or redone during sleep periods as so many people do not listen to their inner voices—those “whispers in your ear” we call them.  The more you listen, the less deviation from the soul contract you will have.  

I just wondered this morning.  Were my two writer guides both normally men in their past lives spent writing?

Yes, you can assume that, although they did spend lives as women writing too, but their most successes came as males.

So do they have names they prefer?

Not really.  When they are on this side of the veil, shall we say, they are neither.  I know it’s nice to have names, and if you wish to use names you certainly may.

I understand.  Tell them again thanks for all the writing assistance.  I know they are helping me a lot although I don’t think about it during the process most of the time.

Yes, Tom.  They are quite pleased you see, and are ready to assist you in writing the forward and first chapter of that next book.  Just open to them, as I know you will.


Just a little update for those of you interested in earthquakes.  Both Yahoo and AOL this past week had stories about a new fault just discovered by scientists in the eastern section of Arkansas.  For those of you who read my Great Quakes book online on the website, you’ll remember that in Chapter 4 I was told by Gaia that there would be a chasm created that would be so large that the Arkansas River would have to fill it up before continuing on to merge with the Mississippi River.  The scientists claim this is not connected to the New Madrid fault, but I think they will eventually discover that it is.  I don’t think anyone has discovered the large fault line running under Kansas City yet.  If you wish to read more of this story, here is one link.  There are several if you just Google “Arkansas fault.” .


Marie writes:  I have a question. I watched the inauguration on TV. I went online and on CNN, they captured a UFO by the momument, near the White House. Is there a reason for that to happen? What can Theo tells us?

Theo, Marie says a TV camera captured a UFO over the Washington monument during the inauguration.  Your comments please.

Yes, there was some activity around the Washington DC area, as there was a tremendous amount of benevolent energy being broadcast from the enormous assemblage of people that came to see the inauguration.  They were taking measurements and such that are beyond your understanding on a 3d level at this time Tom, but yes, they were there, and yes, something was captured on TV for an instant or so during the event.  This event lifted vibrations around the world Tom.  As I have told you before, Barack Obama will be a great peacemaker not only in the United States but around the world.  He will have a great legacy.


For those of you that are unsure whether there is life in the universe, just read these multi-part conversations I’ve been having with a member of my soul group who’s having a life on a planet in the Sirius Star System.  And for those of you that would be frightened by this idea, please don’t be.  These beings are millions of years ahead of us, and yes they had their Star Wars way back in the past, but are a very peaceful and benevolent people now, and his planet is one of 200 in a Federation of planets that we will join one day in the future.  Someday all of these conversations will be turned into a book, but you get to read them now!

July 19, 2008
Anturara—My son and I saw a science-fiction fantasy movie (Hellboy) last night that featured an amphibious person, who naturally was one of the good guys.  Does that character resemble you closely or not, and if so, was someone from your world feeding the creator of that person an image or did it come from a past life memory?

A nice question to start the day as we say Tom.  Yes, that amphibian person is not too far off from what we look like.  We only have one set of gills and not three as the character in the movie has.

So do you have one skin color or are you different hues?

Yes, more like the movie character—different hues that I might say are strikingly beautiful.  At least we think so.

So what colors?

Yes, the blue naturally as we are more blue than portrayed in the film, and softer shades of blue too. 

Any white?

Yes, a little.


No, not actually.


Yes there you have it.  These helped us blend in with our surroundings at an early stage of development you see.

OK, how tall are you?

Yes a little shorter than the typical earth human Tom but not much.  Naturally there are slight varying degrees in our height too.

Do you have a nose or it is more like the character’s nose in the movie?

Yes, we do have a nose, although not as prominent as the character portrayed.

Are the eyes the same or larger or smaller?

A little smaller but not much.

Do you have eyelids?

Oh yes, that is quite necessary.

Back to the first question.  How did the creator of the movie come up with the character?

Yes, that was given to him during his inspirational process as he was creating the series.

So is there a race of people that look like the main character in Hellboy II?

Not exactly, but certainly there are humanoids with horns in the universe. 

What is the most unusual intelligent being you’ve met during your travels?

Oh where to start Tom!  That’s a difficult question, but there are some enormous beings shall we call them that are part of the landscape, if you will, of a world.  That was pretty unusual.  There are so many others, we can cover more of them at a later time.

How many fingers and toes do you have?

Four on each hand—we don’t have a need for thumbs, and we have four toes on each foot.

Anturara, what do you eat—assuming you do?

Yes, certainly we do eat, as we are mostly vegetarians in your terms.

Do you eat the equivalent of fish in your world?

No, we have no need to kill our brethren for food.  We gain all the vitality and energy we need from our plant foods.

What is your formal greeting and then the one for your friends?

We do greet people—other beings—in the manner they are accustomed to Tom.  So we are quite adaptable that way.  For our own friends, we do embrace and there is a special touching of hands.

What will we be able to contribute to the Federation?

Ah, you have much to contribute Tom.  Your Explorer Race has made great progress in an area that everyone else has failed at—working with negativity.  And though that sounds simple to you, I can assure you my friend it is not.  You will introduce games and small amounts of negativity as you have already been told that will cause all of the societies you encounter to begin growth again.  You will be the catalysts of the universe.

Will there be any chance of a ride in your ship when you come to earth or will that not be allowed?

No you will be one of the first to enjoy that experience Tom.

That’s fantastic Anturara!



The following appearances are being set up at the present time.  I will have more information up on the website hopefully in the next day or two. 

MARCH 28—HENLEY-ON-THAMES, UNITED KINGDOM.  A one-day workshop where I will cover first other tools you can use, then requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth; and in the afternoon I will conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  Cost is 75 GBP and includes lunch.  For more information on places to stay you can contact Val Stoner at [44] 1491 414 344 after March 8. 

MAY 1-3—EAGLES NEST, NEW MEXICO.  A weekend retreat with a meditation and greet Friday evening, my workshop on Saturday, and on Sunday Terrie Cunningham, who channels Ashtar will have a workshop and channeling.  Cost is $160, plus $75 for meals, and a great price on rooms of $69.00 a night.  Contact Deb Smith-Bartou for more information at 575-377-6813.  You will soon be able to sign up on the website.

JUNE 15—SEDONA, ARIZONA.  A one-day workshop after the Kryon Conference.  I will be doing a similar workshop to the one March 28.  More details as I can give them.  Tentative cost is $75.  

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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