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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from around the world.  I had a number of new subscribers after my interview with Rebecca Jernigan on Journeys With Rebecca on Saturday night (I mistakenly listed Tuesday).  That interview (1 hr 50 min) is now archived on my website.  The link is:

I was also notified yesterday that my Benevolent Outcome Blogs for people just learning about requesting MBO’s have been approved to be on Facebook.  You can also add me as a friend there if you have not already. 

I’ll be in Las Vegas attending a TV market (and naturally I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the results will be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!), so I’ll let you know if I had any interesting stories to relate.  In the meantime, please send this newsletter to your friends.  Let’s begin. 


Linda writes:  A Big Thank You to you and to everyone else for the Benevolent prayers that are being said for me. I have made such wonderful progress and am recovering from the injuries I sustained 2 weeks ago with the shard of glass in my leg. Stitches are all out and there is practically no scarring, and I am slowly gaining the strength back in the upper thigh muscle. Walking is no longer painful for me. So I am pretty much back to normal and loving practicing my MBO's! How simple and yet how powerful! Also thank you for mentioning my story in your current newsletter so that others may be inspired to make MBO's a part of their everyday life!  Expect great things! WOW"

We work fast, everyone!


Sandy writes:  I've had a question about the government in Bolivia and wondered if Theo had any insight into what's going on there? It’s a country in which 60 percent of the population is indigenous and has mostly been operating outside the political structure.  Then as a result of reforms, economic conditions and efforts to bring them into the main stream, the majority elected a populist president, Evo Morales. Evo previously had been the leader of the coca (plant used to make cocaine) growers union.

Now of course, many of the more prosperous families are unhappy and leaving. In addition, I am seeing more articles about Evo being the "drug trafficing" president - alluding to deals he's supposedly making with the Andean drug cartels. This country is often compared to Haiti in terms of its poverty. Does Theo see any chance for improvement in this situation?

Theo, will Bolivia improve or will it continue on its path of poverty and drug connection?

Bolivia will not improve in the near future Tom.  Yes, it is or has extreme poverty, and with that comes the drug trade, which supports literally thousands of people at this time.   They have no other source of income.  So until measures are taken to give these people decent work, then they will continue on this path.  In the future there will be efforts by the United States and their neighbors to make it harder and harder for them to make a living this way, and along with millions of dollars in aid money, they will slowly move in the other direction.  I believe you have the term “carrot and a stick” to describe what must be done. 


Gerry writes:  I recently saw a disturbing episode of J. Furman's Conspiracy Theory in which he alleges that the government is building huge underground bunkers all over the US for the "elite" in preparation for 2012 solar flares which will disturb the earth's grid and cause a permanent power failure all over the world.  Would you please ask Theo or Gaia to comment on this, especially the possibility of power failure.

Theo, “J. Furman” claims that there are bunkers being built all over the USA for the “elite” to inhabit during the time of solar flares in 2012.  Your comments.

Tom, this is another example of fear being sown with the masses.  The idea of the bunkers being built is utter nonsense.  It is but another way to turn people against each other and against the government.  No such bunkers are being built, nor are there plans to build them.  Building these would require a great amount of money, and yes, there will be some wealthy individuals that might get caught up in fear as 2012 comes closer, and will build their own, but those will be the exception.  I’m sure the bunker builders in construction would love to have the business, but it is a ridiculous statement. 


Susan on Facebook writes:  Hey Tom, I just saw a fantastic photo on of a rescue in Haiti that shows beautiful orbs front and center! What a wonderful way to show the world their presence!  Check it out:

That’s a great picture Susan!  Are you a Facebook friend as Susan and I are?  Just type in my name in the search box and you’ll find me.  I do post updates as much as I can during the week.  As I mentioned above, Facebook just approved including my Blogs on the Blog section of Facebook. 


Daphnee in Vienna writes:  Gaia is right when it comes to the ties. For example I read your newsletter every week and I am directly from Haiti and still have lots of family in Port-au-Prince. Although none of them perished (thanks GOD) I would have probably tried to alarm them thus possibly causing a buttlerfly effect.

I would of course appreciate any other information Gaia and Theo have on Haiti, specially regarding the potential for the future. I hope for a better structured one. Some channelings I have read mentioned Haiti being a Portal, a sacred place and that it will become a paradise again.... How much can we trust that.. how does the potentiality looks like?

To read an informative description of the “butterfly effect,” read this:

Here’s what I asked Gaia:
Gaia, did I fail to ask or you did not mention the great compassion shown by the world towards the people of Haiti?  This did not seem to be the same situation as 911, yet there was a similar outpouring of compassion.  So my question is, did the souls of Haiti volunteer for this to evoke this compassion and possibly raise our vibrational level, or was this more a Karmic event?

A good, thoughtful question Tom.  Yes, it had elements of both.  These people inhabiting that island had soul contracts to experience a natural disaster, as it’s called, but also were aware that their plight would hopefully cause the world to respond, therefore raising the vibrational rate.  One really did not outweigh the other.  On a soul level, they are pleased that so many people became involved in their prayers and actions and the outpouring of compassion from around the globe.  As I mentioned before, this is a complex event with many ramifications for not only the people of Haiti, but for their families and friends, and the whole world that must come together unified in peace. 

Gaia, are more earthquakes and hurricanes in Haiti’s future, and will they ever recover?

Yes, Tom, more earthquakes and hurricanes are in this island nation’s future, unfortunately.  The island’s placement puts it in the path of more hurricanes in the future, and sitting on the fault line also makes it a prime location for more severe earthquakes in the future.  It will partially recover, but this place is a very unstable place to live on.  But of course all of this is in the population’s soul contracts you see.  So I cannot be uplifting in response to the question.  It is what it is. 

Daphnee also sent me another email I thought should be included here:  I was just reading this morning about Haiti in the news, how they are relocating people, about the great aid from all over the world, how they are planning a Nation Rebuilding. I am so touched, so moved that while writing you this the tears of hope are coming out, and love is filling my heart. Your "EXPECT GREAT THING" email came exactly after I was reading all that and somehow those simple but deep words are making their ways into my heart and my trust. I AM expecting great things for this country.

I have found a new mission for myself: when people ask me about my country and if there is something they can do, I know now to say:  YES, Practice GRATITUDE, do not compare yourself nor what your every day problems may be to others. You have the right to complain but after that say THANK YOU to the Universe or God or whoever you believe in for all you have. I would like to attract people's attention to daily practice of gratitude as a tribute to all who have given their lives. I want this opening of the heart to stay, not like the other catastrophe, after 3 to 4 weeks people who are not affected go back to their daily routine and forget all the purpose behind such great suffering. THIS time I would like to help that opening of the heart stay open.

I had that sudden "mission" feeling and I don’t think about if this is going to make a difference or not, Ii don’t care how many people I can reach or not, some give their time to collect money. This is my part to do. I am on a "Practice Gratitude" mission. Even if it sounds crazy to some, I feel this is what I can give, as Gratitude, in my own experience, leads us to learn forgiveness, happiness and joy, tolerance and somehow the beginning of unconditional love.

Now that I am writing those words, the doubts are coming up and NO I am expecting great things so I am transforming the doubts in TRUST.

I herewith ask for a "Most Benevolent Outcome" for me to practice gratitude and to also continue my mission every day. (hope the wording is correct).  Looking eagerly forward to reading your next newsletter.

Well, at least Daphnee reached all my readers!


Theo, when we set up our soul contacts, do we at the same time set up the “Plan B’s” knowing there will be times when we may take another path, or is this just done during the sleep time?

No you are correct in this thinking Tom.  All possibilities and probabilities are analyzed and these are all considered during the life planning session shall we call it.  As you can tell, this is a much more complicated process than you can imagine, as there are thousands of probabilities and potentials which may or may not come into play.  All must be considered you see.  So after a different path is chosen, there are still plans already in place to go forward with that change.


Gerry writes:  2009 has come and gone and still no disclosure about 911 as discusssed in an earlier newsletter.  Can we still expect the truth to come out or has the person involved decided to keep quiet.  Just curious.

Pam writes:  I was reading recently about a man Gary McKinnon who hacked into US government computers and will possibly be extradited to the US (he is in Britain).  I am curious if he is part of the whistle blowing about what really went on about 9/11.   One of his points is that “McKinnon believed that the destruction of the three buildings on 9/11 was an inside job citing that despite FAA directives that fighter planes must investigate any aircraft deviating from its fight path for five minutes, no fighters were sent up even though these planes deviated for up to one and one half hours.”
Could you ask Theo or Gaia (whichever is most appropriate) what role Gary plays in shining the light on the darkness for our planet, and any areas specifically such as 9/11 and UFO’s also?

Theo, what happened to the 911 disclosure, and will Gary McKinnon, the hacker, be involved?

No Tom, Gary is simply one of the people who are pushing for the truth, you see.  Yes, there has been a delay—not completely unexpected—in the disclosure.  It has been tabled for the present but will arise soon again, as more secrets will be revealed.


Heather writes:  Hi Tom, still loving the newsletter. Thank you for continuing to put it out. I have a question and I don't think it's been in any of the newsletters so far. Could you ask Theo what the soul contract of Jonbenet Ramsey was and who killed her? Was it really an intruder as her parents claim or was it a family member? This case still seems to keep people confused and I thought Theo could set the record straight once and for all.  If Jonbenet’s parents are not guilty then why the cover up on their part.. were they protecting someone like her younger brother?

I was also thinking maybe someday you could do a series on unsolved mysteries? Maybe people could write in with questions that we all want to know.

Theo, was Jonbenet Ramsey slain by an intruder or family member,, and why does it seem as if there was a cover up?

There was no cover up Tom.  This must remain a mystery as to who did it, you see, as I am not allowed to give you that information at this time.  There are soul contracts involved here you see.


(Edited for space) John from Texas writes:  In your most recent newsletter (January 16th), Gaia indicated that she didn't disclose to you the Haiti earthquake in October because to do otherwise would interfere with existing soul contracts.
Later in the newsletter, Theo says, ". . . certainly there will be problems and disasters as there has been in the past - just not something of a world calamity, you see . . ."  My question is whether Theo also "pulls his punches" in answering questions as to certain information that could impact how a reader responds in his or her life and affect soul contracts?
In this regard, my question is whether in the near future, there will be one or more "nuclear events" in the world?  As there is "free will" in the world and quite a lot of "bad will" in certain parts of the world, if a nuclear event were to take place, the results would have a material impact on the world in general, and destruction and loss of considerable life in proximity to the event, not unlike the Haiti earth quake.  While the Haiti earth quake is isolated to Haiti, a nuclear event could have a material collateral effect on the rest of the world (nuclear winter).  Such an event could be considered to be something other than a "calamity" - natural disaster, in terms of Theo's response.  Further, we have had nuclear events in the past, and as such, Theo's statement that ". . .there will be problems and disasters as there has been in the past . . ." greatly qualifies his response to your question.  Thus, I request that you have a more pointed, direct discussion with Theo regarding this subject. 

Theo, will there be any nuclear events in the future, or would you be prevented from giving me that information?

I can assure you Tom there will be no nuclear events as you call them.  Cooler heads will prevail in these matters.  And yes there are certain things I’m not allowed to give you nor anyone else, but they are fairly rare you see, as in the instance above, involving soul contracts.


Leanne in Australia writes:  Lucky me, my newly built Reiki studio opens on the 4th February, and I wish to ask for an MBO for continual healing for my clients, for many clients to come and see me, etc.  But what I want to know is - do I ask this as an MBO for myself, or ask for a Benevolent prayer for my business, for the room, for future clients?

I would like to know your thoughts if you have time, Kind regards from Sunny Oz.

For Leanne and anyone else that has a healing business, I would request a Benevolent Outcome for the success of your business, and you can each day request a MBO for assisting others and may the results be even better than you can hope for or expect.
Then you can also say a Benevolent Prayer ("I ask any and all beings to assist my client in continuing to heal in the most benevolent way, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!") for each client.  It will become a habit and I think if you say this in front of them they will appreciate it, and it will reinforce on a subconscious level.  May I remind everyone that Benevolent Prayers are for all faiths and beliefs, so you shouldn’t be “stepping on toes.”
Each day I also recommend saying the EXPECT GREAT THINGS mantra that I say each day--and you can print out that sign on my website.  Theo says it opens the door for your GA to bring in business that you never expected. 


Gaia, have you changed your mind about Yellowstone?  There have been over 1,000 small earthquakes reported in the past week.

No Tom, I have not changed my mind.  You are receiving this correctly.  I am simply moving a lot of magma under the surface, and when I do, it causes these eruptions in Yellowstone Park.  The magma is quite close to the surface, as you know, and scientists have even been able to plot the locations of the magma deposits and tubes. 

Is there a reason you’re moving this magma?

Yes, but it is something more normal for me do to at certain times.  But the question you asked is will there be an eruption in Yellowstone and I will say not at this time.  The residents there will have to be patient that things will quieten down eventually in the coming months. 


The Mamas and Papas once sang:
Seems it never rains in southern California

Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before

It never rains in California, but girl, don't they warn ya?

It pours, man, it pours.

Well, I think those words were prophetic, with the deluge Southern California and Arizona the past few days.  So I decided to ask Gaia about this.

Gaia, now a question about the great amount of rainfall in Southern California and the rain and blizzards in Arizona.  It made me think about how you wish to make the deserts verdant again after taking down the mountains on the California coast. [Note: see the Great Quakes e-book on my website.]  Is this your way of doing it—by washing away the hills?  If so it would seem that it would take a lot more water—almost Biblical proportions to do that.

You are quite correct dear Tom.  I am beginning to move more weather systems to the south so that I can bring the deserts more rain and turn them into more verdant places in my scheme of things. 

And yes you are correct that it would take a lot more water than what I have sent to take down those mountains, but it is a start.  And when you see the hillsides green with vegetation, and then the fires will come and denude them again so that the winds and rain will take more soil and rock down, it is a process that will become easier and easier through the years.

I see an image of almost a gap in the mountains Gaia.  Is that possible?

Yes, along with some centralized earthquakes along the way Tom.  I may have put off the great shift, but I can certainly have smaller ones just as I did on the island where Hiati is located.  I have sufficient faults in the Southern California region to begin this process of lowering the mountains during the next few years. 


Carol in Hawaii writes:  Since Theo’s comments to my question in October, I’ve been reading – and re-reading  -- your previous newsletters, and came to a question Daphnee wrote to you in your 9/5/09 newsletter, “Daphnee writes:  …. I wanted only to let you know a funny and short thing that happened to me.??After I started reading your book one night, I had a dream, I cannot remember the dream but I do remember one thing, while dreaming I was requesting an MBO for something. I was amazed that while dreaming I was still able to request one.  I cannot explain it, and I was wondering if you ever heard of such a situation?”

I’ve scoured your subsequent newsletters to see if anyone answered her question, and could not find any response, so I hope you don’t mind if I answer her question.?   In the late 1970s?a spiritually-oriented dream expert came here and visited a small meditation group I attended.  She sounded fascinating, so 4 of us had a “discussion class” for a few weeks, in which she taught us about dreams, such as recording our dreams and remembering them.  One of the things she taught was about lucid dreaming, in which you are an observer in the dream, and you consciously know you’re dreaming, and/or you’re like another person watching what you’re doing in the dream.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?     I believed her, but I knew I’d never be able to do stuff like that while I was asleep!  Never heard of such a thing!

Well, one night I dreamed I was following some people up a steep cement walkway, and watched as they got to the top, stepped down some cement stairs, and entered a building below.  As I followed and stepped off the last stair, there was no building – I stepped off into the air, and found myself falling straight down through the air from the top of a mountain lookout.  I don’t know why, but I was not afraid – just curious.  I thought, “Oh, I’m falling – where am I, what’s down there?  Looks like little black ants, and it looks like Kaneohe (a certain place here).  As I keep falling, I see the moving ants are cars, and the stationary ants are houses, and then I think, “What in the world am I doing on this side of the island?”  Then I woke up.

At our next class, I told about my dream, and that I didn’t know why I was falling in it, but strangely, I wasn’t afraid.  Then, rather than interpreting it, the dream expert, Alice Ann, said, “Why don’t you go back into it and make yourself some wings?”  I said, “Really? I can do that?”  But I was thinking, “No way, I’ve never been able to go back into a dream.”  Impossible.
 By the time I was going to bed that night, I KNEW I wouldn’t be able to go back into the same dream, but I was really curious, and figured I should at least try it.  So I programmed myself to go back into it before falling asleep (all the time knowing it wouldn’t work!)  Sure enough, amazingly, I found myself back in it, and starting my fall.  As I discovered I was falling, I suddenly realized I consciously KNEW I was in my dream and that I was falling again, and I suddenly thought, “Wait!  Alice Ann said I could make wings --- so I will.  So what kind of wings should I make, turn my arms into wings?  And what kind of feathers?  My fingers can be feathers.  But no, when I land down there I’ll need my hands and fingers to hold things with, so I can’t turn them into wings.  So maybe I should have them growing out of my shoulders, or my back, but what part of my back?  How big?  They have to be big enough for my size.  What color feathers?”  Tom – are you laughing your head off by now?

I’m still falling, and the ground is getting close below me.  Now, since I’m analyzing everything and can’t decide on the wings, the wings SUDDENLY sprout out by themselves (I’m shocked!), and spread out, and I start gliding down safely.
 Now I’m me as a bystander, standing in front of a small old wooden building alongside a certain WWII airstrip.  I watch me as I glide down (with my wings), and I wonder how I’m going to land, since I’m flying down too fast.  After all that, am I going to crash?  Then I see my feet touch the ground, and my legs suddenly go really fast, and end up looking like they’re cartoon “wheels”.  I slow down and stop safely.  End of dream.

When I woke up, I remembered the entire dream, and remembered that I KNEW I was dreaming, and THINKING IN IT, and that I was BOTH the person falling and the person watching me land on the ground.  But how did I get the wings?  I didn't do it.  I then decided that, since I was so “mental” about analyzing my wings situation, it must have been my angels who just gave me my wings so I wouldn’t crash, 'cause I couldn’t even decide on my own!  How nuts is that?!!
 I laugh every time I think about that dream – so dumb!  But it caused me to decide to stop over-analyzing and “yes-but(ting)” everything after that.  I was super-practical and super-analytical about everything in those days.
Tom, I hope my silly story has given you a good laugh and brightened your day.

This is about my dream, and not an MBO, and is too long, so it’s not for your newsletter, but can you just please tell Daphnee that, yes, it is possible to say MBOs in your dreams – it’s called lucid dreaming, and people do it all the time once they know about it.  I hope this helps.

And I can add (since I've been recording my dreams every morning for over 30 years) I recently dreamed about teaching homeless people to request Benevolent Outcomes for their safety, food, and shelter.  Not sure if that's something I'll do in the future, or you my readers will do.  And I thought everyone would like to learn more about lucid dreaming.


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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