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NewsletterWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


I’m off next Wednesday for Denver, Colorado. Gaiam TV is flying me up to record two Boulder Theatreone-hour interviews in their Boulder studios. Naturally, I’m already requesting MBOs for good weather, good flight, and for the results to be even better than I can hope for or expect! Say a Benevolent Prayer for my trip if you wish. If you are not familiar with them, they are a Netflix type company, which has nothing but inspirational, paranormal, UFOs, Yoga and new interviews they add each week. You can find them at They charge $9.95 per month for unlimited viewing.

If anyone in that area wishes to have breakfast with me on January 24 in Boulder before I leave for the airport, please email me.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, in meditation (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


CMEM.J. writes: I have a specific question for the Sun. Nearly every day, I go on the internet to and check on the sunspots and predictions for coronal mass ejections (which are produced by many sunspots), and fireballs headed toward earth. The web site shows that the sun began having a massive amount of sunspots beginning in 2011 where there were only two days without sunspots that year. For 2012 and 2013, there have not been any days without sunspots. In 2010, there were 51 days without sunspots and prior to that year, the days without sunspots were 260. Here is my question: Are these sunspots, and the coronal mass ejections that many of them produce, assisting the earth to move into the 5th focus? How about the fireballs that head toward the Earth? Some days we will have maybe six fireballs and other days there will be over 100 fireballs. Do those fireballs assist in our journey to the 5th focus as well?

Also, I have a general question for Gaia regarding the occurrence of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Does Gaia have much more negativity to deal with, being our “Mother Earth” than the souls of other planets because of the negative forces that hang around the earth for the Earth Experiment?

I thank you for all you do to help us understand our world during these challenging (but very exciting) times we live in.

Winter BlizzardGaia, is the unusual winter weather North America is having right now a normal cycle for you or is there some other reason?

No, Tom, it is a normal cycle that even you have observed of your TV weathermen speaking about other times years ago when the weather was just as cold and the snow accumulations were around the same. Humans tend to forget these events as they go about their lives. Naturally, there are also soul contracts at work here for those to experience extreme cold and snow and ice for literally hundreds and, yes, thousands of reasons when you include all those who must work in these conditions. It is one of your “bucket list” events all souls must experience one or more times. So yes, it is a cycle for me and not a harbinger of another full ice age as some “chicken littles” would exclaim.

Both Gaia and Theo have extensively discussed how earth experiences the only negativity in the universe, as part of the “Earth Experiment.” Somehow negativity is sent away from other worlds and societies because they could not figure out how to work with and within it. That’s why we have so many visitors from not only our universe but others, all studying how we were successful. This will be our contribution to the rest of the universe—and, I might add, many others.

Michigan SnowPeggy in Ann Arbor writes: Here in SE Michigan a tremendous amount of snow arrived overnight. Does a major snowfall like this have the same kind of cleansing effect for Gaia that a big thunderstorm has?

Gaia, does snow have the same cleansing effect as do thunderstorms?

Yes it does, Tom, as the snow melts it acts not only to replenish the nutrients in the soil, but to wash away negativity. It is a rest period as can be seen for my lands. I am happy humans have found various forms of recreation during these rest periods, as many learn to appreciate the forests, mountains, rivers and lakes as they take on this dormant state. So humans will discover more and more about this period of time in the future. I will guarantee your scientists do not know everything about these cycles, but will as they continue their studies. Obviously it will take many years and there will be many “ah-ha” moments for them.


Australian Bush FireGaia, will the number of bush fires in Australia be normal, below, or above normal this year?

Yes, Tom, this year the fires in the bush, as the Australians call it, will be quite intense, above normal, as I need to recycle the growth. I regret this means that there will be many who lose their homes, as they have built them in areas where I need to recycle at times. As I have continually told you, Tom, if humans wish to live in and around my forest areas, they must build their houses to withstand these cycles of fires or they will lose their homes.

Naturally, they can request MBOs for their houses to be spared, but many have not heard about these requests yet and must suffer the consequences of enjoying life there only to see their homes consumed in flames. Naturally, there are soul contracts here at work. So again to reiterate, it will be a fire season with more fires and acreage burned than would be considered normal.


Helen writes: I have a few questions about the beings under the Shasta mountain:

Mt. ShastaFrom your articles, I understand that the beings who live under the Shasta mountain are from Lemuria. So, that means they are human, but since they have not had physical contact with the rest of the human race, they evolved differently from us. I am of the understanding that they are in the 5th focus or higher (?), they are not veiled like we are, and that they communicate with ETs.

The population on the Lemuria continent was part of the Earth Experiment like Atlantis. However, if the beings under the Shasta mountain were originally from Lemuria, when did their ancestors leave Lemuria?

At what point in time, did this present group of beings no longer become part of the Earth Experiment? Would their DNA now be different from ours? Why did they leave Lemuria? How long do they live? What is their population? What home planet are their soul fragments from?

Theo, when did the Lemurians leave MU for Mt. Shasta?

They left not too long before the two factions blew up the continent. These were gentle people and could see where it was headed, and were advised in their meditations to leave forthwith.

How many migrated?

LemurianJust a very few, Tom. Not more than 100 or so souls made the trip.

Were they in the 5th focus or the 3rd when they moved?

They were in the 3rd focus, Tom, when they migrated. But through energy work they raised their focus to the 5th focus. They were quite adept at energy work and were ahead of the rest of the Lemurians in this area. It is somewhat the same now. You have certain individuals who vibrate at a higher level than the rest of the population. These people, as we have discussed before Tom, are Yogis and other spiritual men and women, such as Shamen, who can access the 5th focus at will. But it takes much work and a lifetime of dedication to achieve such results.

What is their population now in the 5th focus for the Lemurians in or under Mt. Shasta?

Yes, they have kept their population at a steady few hundred, Tom. As you are about to ask, they have extremely long lives at their level of the 5th focus and they are not taking part in the Earth Experiment, so they do not have the stress and difficult lives that you as a human have—and I’m speaking about earth humans as a whole. They are not the only ones living on this planet, who are not taking part in the Earth Experiment. As you have been told before, there are over 20 other groups in the interior of earth who live at different focuses and are not part of the Earth Experiment. They should be of no concern to you as in many cases they do not even have human form. Gaia welcomes these people as they do contribute in their own way.

Is the DNA of the Lemurians different than earth humans I’ll call us?

Certainly, Tom. It is quite different. They do not have the genes that cause diseases like the earth population. They long ago handled any problems with genes though their energy work.

LemurianWhat is their home planet?

Again, not from one of the Federation planets, Tom. They do assist us in energy work by holding energy classes during your sleep time for those who wish to take them. You have done this as we discussed quite some time ago. But to interact with humans will be down the way. It will just be a little at a time as they are able to lower their frequency to this one when they so desire to walk among you.

And they are quite tall as we have discussed before.

Yes, both the females and males are around 7 feet tall.

But what about the instance when I spoke with a lady who was married at a Kryon conference and was told a Lemurian appeared at the foot of her bed one night and asked her to marry on that stage?

Yes, again this was part of their assistance to us by creating an energy for all those who were in that audience at that time, Tom. If you could have seen that ceremony from out prospective it bathed the audience in a higher level of energy, plus you and your wife were in the audience and you were there to meet those two. We naturally knew you two would sit near them at the conference.

What planet are they from? You say they are not from a Federation planet.

No, but one we have energetic contact with, Tom.


Helen writes: In E. Cayce’s book, he never actually described what the “thought forms” looked like. He just states that the thought forms hardened into bodies.

AtlantisAnyway, I was just wondering since these thought forms were some sort of spiritual being without actual physical shape, I wondered if they could be compared to orbs which, in your article, “Understanding Orbs,” says that “Orbs are spirits in many different forms. They are energy with consciousness.”

Theo, were the “thought forms” described by Edgar Cayce in his writings about Atlantis in the shape of humans, orbs, or what?

Yes, the “thought forms” had a variety of shapes as you can imagine, Tom, as they were just that—thoughts. They were not physical yet, so there was no need to be a certain shape, although as they grew closer to being physical they did take on the completely humanoid form. Certainly in the early stages they would have looked closer to an orb, but again as they took on the thought forms of humans their images grew closer and closer to that of a human being.

If you have not read my article on Orbs, here is the link:


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster.” As we all come from other planets to take part in the Earth Experiment, we return at times to put into use what we’ve learned. He’s back on a water world in the Sirius B Solar System having a life as part of a “first contact” team whose job is to contact emerging planets to introduce themselves. You can learn much more by reading the hundreds of questions I asked him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.

I'll call her Jane writes from Canada: I have been following your newsletters for numerous years and appreciate all of your time, energy and love you put into them. My teen daughter now requests MBOs and says the Daily Living Prayer. I am working on learning to listen to my Guardian Angel, however, I was introduced to a woman who channels. I had a session with her, which involved my Angel speaking to me through her. In my conversation it was mentioned my daughter is of a Pleiadian descent. My daughter could speak at an extremely young age, would frequently talk of how she wanted to go back home. We had always lived in the same city and same residence.

A few years later I took my daughter with me to a group session with a Shaman healer. Immediately she came to my daughter and said she knew how her heart longed for her home and explained to her it was where she came from before residing on earth and how frustrated she was with having to live the life of a child before she could do what she was to do. I am wondering if she meant the Pleiades?

My guardian angel also mentioned I should get in contact with Tom Moore’s wife. Prior to this channeling session, I meditated on questions I wanted to ask my GA and at no point did I actually discuss any of this with the channel. I was surprised when she mentioned your wife’s name. I also wonder about what my interaction in the past was with Greys. I would appreciate it very much if you could ask Gaia about my daughter and my experiences.

Antura, can you check to see if “Jane’s” daughter is from the Pleiades, and why she longs for her home planet, whichever one that is, so much?

PleiadesYes, another younger soul, Tom, who on a subconscious level understands she needs this experience, but really enjoyed her lives on her home planet.

So yes, a Pleiadian she is, but she does have a purpose to be on earth, and she must discover this on her own.

Antura, it does not appear to me that there will be any disclosure by the Russian government until after the Olympic Games?

Correct, Tom. Again, they have been dragging their feet and we had been trying to get them to disclose prior to Sochi, but it appears that is off the table. Still we do have a strong indication that they will disclose after the games.


These questions and the next MBO story originally were in this past Saturday’s blog you can read at There are some really good stories this past week, so check them out!

Elisabeth writes: I have bought and read your books Gentle Way 1 and 2, and am looking forward to reading the third in the series soon. I have a question which I don’t recall seeing in the books, or in the MBO blog since I began reading it. (If this question is already answered in a past blog, you don’t have to address this – I’m also reading the MBO blog archives and will get to it eventually! J Ditto if it’s in Gentle Way 3.)

Request SignAnyway, my question relates to canceling, correcting or re-starting an MBO (assuming the outcome has not yet occurred.) For example, if –

1 – I have requested an MBO for something that I no longer wish or need to have happen. Either things already came to pass in some other way, or I no longer need the MBO due to a changed circumstance.
2 – I have requested an MBO, but realize the verbiage I used was not the best, or was unclear. I wish to correct it, either right away after saying the original MBO, or a bit later.
3 – I have started to request an MBO, but became distracted or interrupted (i.e., driving, household crisis, daydreaming!) and never finished the usual verbiage. I wish to “erase” the MBO fragment and start over – think “Ctrl-Alt-Del” as in restarting your computer.

I guess I could always wing it and say something like “Cancel MBO” or “Do-Over” or the like. However, this might be similar to saying MBOs and BPs, where specific language is preferable. Do you have any suggested wordings for the above three scenarios? Thanks for your interesting and helpful writings!

Remember, when you request a MBO, you put it in the “hands” of your Guardian Angel (or whomever you believe Starting Overtakes the request) and your GA decides if it is in your best short term or long term interests. So if it is not needed, they KNOW!

If you wish to change the MBO request because you did not like it or were distracted, then just change it! This happens quite often to my wife and me. We just start over and request what we want to request. I just say, “Let’s start over…” Something to that effect.


Nancy writes: I say MBOs and Benevolent Prayers all the time. A friend expanded my view of them with her ability to incorporate everyone into an MBO, as in this example: “I ask any and all beings for a Most Benevolent Outcome for traveling safely and easily on the roads today, and may everyone travel safely and easily on the roads today, and may it all work out better for everyone than can be possibly expected or anticipated. Thank you!”

I have walked across the street to teach at a school for 10 years, and since I was laid off I am teaching at Early Start, a version of Head Start for younger children, downtown. I was driving, and I said the above MBO as I took Tim to work and then planned to return home before I needed to go to my job. It had been snowing, and the roads were Driving in Snowslushy and not in bad shape, but not great either. As I took the exit into town, going from one 3 lane highway to another 3 lane highway, I lost control of the car and began to slide. I turned the wheel this way and that trying to gain some traction, but then remembered to turn the way the car was going. So I did, and ended my spin by facing oncoming rush hour traffic.

Unbelievably, all three lanes had slowed down and STOPPED for me-with not a police car in sight! I got myself turned around correctly, and then finished driving Tim to work. He was upset with me for going too fast, which I had been, given the conditions of the roads. I was mad at me too, as well as upset and scared!

Afterwards, I remembered that it has been 10 years since I had to deal with rush hour traffic in snowy weather. I also remembered that I had said that particular MBO. Talk about a Most Benevolent Outcome! When I talked to Tim about it later, and he realized that I was way out of practice in driving in the northeast in wintry weather too. Then I reminded him about my MBO, and how it included everyone. And really, what were the odds of all 3 lanes of morning traffic being aware enough to all stop for me without anyone else getting hurt? I don't think they were good!

So I thanked my Guardian Angel May all day long for that amazing second chance that that an MBO gave me. You can be sure I have been WAY more careful since then! This MBO saved my life, my husband's life, and probably many other drivers’ lives too. I am infinitely grateful to you for teaching me about them! It has also caused Tim to take MBOs seriously.


Sharon in Spokane Valley Washington writes: Watching "Ancient Aliens" on the history channel tonight, I have a few questions:

Ark of the Covenant1. Is the original ark still located under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem?
2. Is it actually in Ethiopia or was it ever there?
3. Was there more than one ark built?
4. In 2011, a very visible, and filmed, UFO ship flew straight down from the sky, over the Temple Mount and stopped right over it. In a few seconds, an enormous flash of white light occurred. There is speculation that our ET family re-energized the ark, still below the Temple Mount, at that moment. The ship quickly rose straight up and disappeared.

At the end of the show, they referred to some prophecy about an earthquake occurring in Jerusalem, whereby the ark would rise from below the ground. This event and the "second coming" are attributed to that event. I believe all and each of us are the "second coming," but am interested in Gaia's or any other appropriate entity's comments on these questions.

Keep in mind, everyone, that TV shows and actual events don’t always make good companions. Many shows speculate and don’t often get it right. That’s a comment from someone who’s been distributing films and TV shows for over 25 years—me! Let’s see what Theo says.

Ethiopia ArkTheo, is the Ark of the Covenant located in Jerusalem, Ethiopia, or someplace else or was it destroyed or never in existence?

Yes, Tom. As we have stated sometime in the past for you, it is located in Ethiopia through a series of events long ago in order to protect it. It is well guarded there. Obviously some of the myths, which grew out of the story, have been exaggerated, but beliefs can fuel energy as we know.

Is there more than one Ark?

No, just one.

Was there a UFO over Temple Mount which flashed, and if so why?

Yes there was, Tom. It was taking readings of the energy in the area.


Peggy writes: As always, I enjoy your newsletter and the wealth of information you deliver.

I’m curious, however, about the recent comments about radiation. It seems a lot of information about radiation exposure is hidden. In this commentary it seems that radiation might actually be beneficial.

Radiation SignCan you ask Gaia to comment a bit more?

Thank you for all you do.

Theo, is “Chronic Radiation” harmful or beneficial to our bodies, or do we just adjust?

Yes, Tom, it is more an adjustment by your bodies, although there can be a little benefit. But your bodies can adjust to many conditions you are not even aware of yet as they were created to withstand many different energies. Your bodies have the ability, as you have already discovered, to adapt to extreme cold and extreme hot conditions. That should tell you something about your adaptability, which your scientists still have not fully explored as of yet.


Mantej in the UK writes: Questions for the newsletter.

Near Death Experience(1) This may have been answered in a previous newsletter although I'm not sure, but it’s about - Near Death Experiences. The question is "Can/do people have Near Death Experiences by accident or are they all part of the person’s soul contract ?"

(2) The second is about a "Ghost" in my aunt's house.

My aunt was taking off her slippers; she took one off and kicked the other slipper off and it landed about 8-10 feet away. She then went to sit down on the sofa. A moment later the next thing she saw was her slipper dragging itself slowly 8-10 feet all the way back across the room and aligned itself right next to the other slipper.
Could Theo comment on if it was a "ghost," or what was it that moved her slipper all the way across the room?

These last two are about China's First Emperor and his Terracotta Warrior Army built to protect him in the afterlife.

(3) What was the soul contract of "Qin Shi Huang" (the first Emperor of China) and was he any one else we recognize in other lives?

(4) He also had the famous "Army of Terracotta Warriors" built, thinking they would protect him in the afterlife; experts believe that there were over 8000 terracotta warriors built. So my question is, how many were built and will anymore or anything else be discovered in the same area in the future?

Theo, are NDEs always part of a soul contract?

Quite so, Tom. The NDEs serve several purposes. They are quite significant in that person’s life to say the least. It is a large reminder to not only that person, but to many others as to your true nature. So the simple answer, as we have discussed NDEs before, is that they are part of a soul contract.

What moved a slipper back 10 feet?

1st Chinese EmperorYes, that was a reminder to that person of one of her close guide’s presence.

What was the 1st Emperor of China’s soul contract?

A little more complex than it would appear of the surface, Tom. The people needed a leader and this soul needed the experience of leadership and the trials and tribulations of leading a country. The soul gained great experience in this area, but did have to balance that life with several others as a subject of a ruler, and the consequences of actions taken by a ruler, which affected that soul fragment.

Will more terracotta warriors be found besides the 8,000?

No, Tom. These were created to protect the ruler in his next life, under their belief system at that time.

Will anything else be found in that area?

Not to the extent of the 8,000 warriors. Certainly there are more finds to be made by archeologists in the future, just not on the scale of the warriors.


This question came from Aare.   Boston Bomber Suspect

Theo, was the Boston Bomber a victim of “Master Mind Control”?

No, Tom. He was not. He was a victim of mind control of a sort from his own brother who brainwashed him to take part in the bombings. Again, this was a soul contract, but he will have to balance in the future due to the number of people who were affected.


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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