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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers around the world to this F.R.E.E. weekly newsletter!  I’ll certainly be glad with Mercury turns back direct on January 15, as I keep being delayed in getting this newsletter out.  I had so much material, I had to move some to next week’s edition.  And there is a real Potpourri of topics this week to be sure (most are brief), so let’s get started--but don't forget to forward this to your friends!


Audrey writes:  Hi Tom:  Who is Gaia and how did you start using that individual to answer questions.  I note Gaia was in Greek mythology.

Who is Theo and I note that sometimes you ask Theo for answers?  Why use Gaia one time and Theo for another?

For Audrey and all my new subscribers, I contact, in meditation, my own Guardian Angel Theo (your GA is your best friend and is most closely "tuned" to you), and Gaia, the Soul of the Earth.  If you notice, I normally ask Gaia questions about earthly matters. 
In the Appendix of my first book, I give the meditation that I do, which I call an "active" meditation.  I also teach this in my workshops, as it's something everyone can do.  If you wish to try it yourself, go to and purchase his SPIRIT GUIDES CD.  It's really excellent if you've never meditated before. 


Tammy writes:  Hope your new year is wonderful.  I use MBO'S and am so excited when I get one like a parking spot or something small such as this.

My question is this----Can we have blocks against bigger MBO'S working for us when we ask other than the little MBO'S like parking spots?  I wonder because I use them and love them and am thankful for them but they don’t seem to work for larger requests.  Thank you. 

For Tammy and anyone requesting MBO’s (Most Benevolent Outcomes), the reason I suggest that you start with the smaller requests is that the larger ones—jobs, homes, mates, etc. can take a lot longer.  I’ve told many stories about how things have taken longer than I would have preferred to manifest, but they eventually do, unless it’s not in my soul contract to go down a particular life path.  Requesting MBO’s keeps you on your soul path, or “contract” as my Guardian Angel Theo calls them.  So trust in your own GA to provide what you asked for at the most benevolent time according to the path you’re taking in this life. 


Diana writes:  Received the second book from Light Publishing.  I am grateful for the new materials.

For example, you requested (the sometimes lazy and forgetful) to send white light all over the planet.  Wonderful idea.  Even though I found you thru The Sedona Journal of Emergence, I think readers of that Journal don't always remember automatically to do this.  But I will, from now on, try my best.  And if you remind it again in the newsletter maybe many more people will too. So, thank you again.

I can't say I have finished reading the book from the beginning to end in word details, but I did flip over quickly and not so quickly over the many chapters.  It does truly complement the first book.

Wish you a very Happy New Year.  Expecting great things on earth and above for 2010.

So consider sending light and love to the whole planet every chance you get.  Then release the light to go to where it is the darkest and needed the most.  It works like a Benevolent Prayer, Theo says. 


Marie writes:  I’ve had many MBO experiences lately that has me believing that the MBO’s I say for my son’s safety will keep me believing they will be safe.  I had my son visit during Thanksgiving, and as we were out shopping we decided to stop at my favorite fast food place. The whole day I was saying my MBO’s where my family does not believe in it.

We stopped to get my favorite Whopper at Burger King; after we ordered, I decided to say out loud an MBO as I placed a quarter in the "Win a Whopper meal". I felt good about the quarter landing on the pedestal, and so it did! I said another MBO for the quarter to land on the pedestal again with another MBO, and again it did! Thanking the angels each time. My son wanted me to try a third time, but I felt it wouldn’t happen, and it didn’t.

Since my son was not able to use the free meal, I gave one to a homeless man, and holding on to the other for my opportunity to give it to another.


Lynn from Oregon writes:  Hi Tom.... I got my friend Debbie in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to use MBO's... Sent her your book and am sending her your NEW one....which I got and LOVE!  Could be part because I am in it...LOL!  Anyway, here is an MBO adventure that Debbie sent me I thought you might share..  Maxine is her 85 year old mom.

Debbie writes:  I have to tell you my MBO tale of yesterday. Well, I gave my mom a nightgown....too big, so went back to store myself for exchange. As I pulled up to parking I asked for MBOs for the whole experience of returning it.   I found a perfect parking spot even in the season rush.  Also I had a most favorable outcome in the lingerie dept(2 fold request!).

Anyway, a good spot on end so I didn't get my car pinged.  And in the store I found a better nightgown in the proper size.  To top that, in line a woman ahead of me turns and asks if I could use a coupon for a was for 10 bucks off. As I walked to leave I saw a robe that had "Maxine" written all over it (not literally!).... Used another lesser amount coupon for the robe purchase and then I had an extra I offered to the guy behind me.

Upon delivery, all fit perfectly and she excitedly modeled them for me.  Mission accomplished! 

Lynn writes:  Loved the “Pass it on” coupon too!


Madeline writes:  I love what you're doing, how you present others to our world, magic is in the air.  For those who have their hearts open, it is felt.

Seems this year rolled into one MBO.  At this time I don't know where to start.  I will consider and ponder and get back to you.  The inspiration at this time to write this is about Avatar.  To me, it is NOT Science Fiction, it is Fact.  The powers that be have no regard to destroying our forest, rendering the animal world homeless.  Being this isn't in our neighborhood, the old saying,  "out of sight out of mind."  It’s not out of my mind, this movie shot straight as an arrow, to the heart of the matter.

When we stand up collectively, we, as the people living on Pandora did, in the face of 'losing' some of their Kin,  they stood their ground, and prevailed. YEAH!


Susan writes:  Just read your newsletter and couldn't agree with you more about Avatar.  I had chill bumps the whole time I was watching it.  Could it be that these tall, very connected beings be a picture of the Pleiadians? I remember reading that they were blue, along with many of the humans at one time. 

Theo, are there any blue-skinned Pleiadians?

Yes, there are a few Tom.  Not many in number but a few.  Most of the blue skinned people live elsewhere in the universe.  There are many exotic ski colors of humanoids throughout the universe, as I have said many times that the Creator likes variety. 


Di writes from the UK:  I just also have to tell you that I introduced a cousin to The Gentle Way and MBOs earlier this year. Well, her beloved Mum (My Aunty, of course) passed away rather unexpectedly just before Christmas and we attended her funeral just this past week.  My cousin's eulogy to her Mum during the Service had everyone laughing and sobbing at the same time. This from one of the quietest of people - it was an amazing tribute to an amazing woman and testament of her life.  

After the funeral, at the reception, my cousin beckoned me over to say that without MBOs and The Angels she could never have got through the past week or so. I said how moved we had been at her eulogy; how it had captured her mother so perfectly and how wonderful that she had been able not only to compose it but also deliver it so beautifully at such an emotional time. Again Tom, my cousin said that it was all down to MBOs.  Beautiful, eh?!

That was nice!  I’m glad it reduced her stress and sorrow.  I have a whole chapter in my second book about the passing of a friend of ours—Joy.  It has a lot of information in it about transitions and the “other side.”


Annette writes:  Happy New Year! May 2010 be a divine, blessed, infinitely abundant year for us all!!

I have a question for Gaia concerning mining.  I come from a region of Eastern Kentucky where coal mining is a way of life for many.  I am concerned how mining is impacting Gaia. Removing of coal deposits from deep inside her as well as precious minerals (gold, silver, diamonds) and drilling for oil. Are these methods of extraction harmful to her or part of her plan for supporting life on the planet?

Gaia, how does the mining of coal affect you?

Yes, Tom.  Certainly the mining of coal is not good for the earth, but on the bright side, this is quickly coming to an end as you develop more clean methods of energy.  These coal mines are a blight in and on the earth, but I can repair them in time, which I will do as you give up your need for this substance.  It won’t be too long until extremely cheap ways of producing the power you need will be found and brought to the surface shall we say. 

This is all part of your learning to be Junior Creators that I have allowed, as it is with The Creator’s will for you to relearn how to do everything that other societies in the universe learned millions of years ago.  So don’t fret.  Just keep pushing for better ways to heat your houses and power your cars and so on. 

I forgot to ask about the other precious stones.  I’ll ask soon.


Lynn writes:  Hi Tom.... It is a full blue moon tomorrow night and it is driving me a bit crazy!  Being a moon child anyway and living on the coast...  As one friend said she is feeling very "unsettled"... Good way to put it....  I have learned over the years that it really is a proven fact that the pull of the full moon on peoples and animals is strong and can have strong effects.  So I read that the blue moons are the hardest on us... Between there first full moon at the beginning of the month and then this one on NYE is supposed to be hard on us... Unrest, depression, things happening that would not usually happen to you, losing things... And on and on...   I have been experiencing all of them. 

I know the Xmas holidays are hard on people anyway...   Several people I know are feeling really unsettled... I even felt ill a couple of days.  As have some of them.  I did do a bit of research on blue moons and how they affect us.  And one site said it really affects those of us that live on the coast.   So I guess here I am a Cancer and always been affected by full moon, and then living on the coast.   It is wearing me out and I hope that after the 1st it calms down for sure!  Trying meditation and other things.  MBOs all day long also!  Funny several of my Tuesday coffee friends and I were talking about it yesterday and we all are having rough nights of sleep then sleeping in later than any of us do.  Ok... So my question is... Does Mother Earth agree with this?  Or is all in my head?  Thanks Tom.

Gaia, was the Blue Moon especially strong this year?

Yes it was Tom.  It coincided with other strong aspects astrologically to make this time intense for all those who reside on this planet.  This was necessary to effect changes, which will be ongoing you see.  This was but a small part of the process, but a necessary one.


I regret that I lost the email from the reader who asked.

Gaia, after your “Harsh winter” that certainly is proving true (see October 31 newsletter), will Europe and North America experience a normal, cooler, or hotter summer?

Yes, Tom.  The coming summer for both continents will be a little cooler than normal.  There will be more rain, and for Europe certainly cooler than normal. The North American Continent will experience certainly dry spells, but then copious amounts of rain will fall; and that certainly includes the Southern part of the United States and Northern Mexico, as I will send some tropical storms and one or two hurricanes your way.  So yes, the answer to the question is a cooler, wetter summer than normal. 


Tryggve writes:  Thank you (I mean it, Thank You!!) for taking your time to do all the work your putting down. There's so much I'd like to share and ask you but here is one quick question to whomever who can answer it best: What is going on with peoples throat chakras these days?! Every one I know has trouble with their throats right now.

Theo, can you tell me if people are having trouble with their throat chakras, or is this simply seasonal?

One does not always include the other Tom, as your throat chakra is an energy center.  So the answer would be that it all depends upon the individual regarding throat chakras.  So in this case, the problems people are having with their throats generally are due to seasonal maladies. 


Paul in Australia writes:  I have been reading The Gentle Way newsletter 12/12/09 and was interested in the section (among others like beloved teachers Mary Magdelene & Jesus) about the base numbers of 12 and the 10 that we currently use.
12 correlates to the 12 houses in the zodiac, 12 months in a year etc, and also to the 12 tribes of Israel of which 2 were lost leaving 10 tribes of Israel. Likewise there were originally, I believe, 12 commandments, which only came down as 10. The 2 missing commandments I believe were, the golden rule of do unto others as you want them to do unto you, and, do not follow Baal (ie, in a new religious dispensation, do not retrograde back to follow the old outdated dispensations).
Because there was then 10 tribes of Israel (and 10 commandments "that Moses brought down")  there is a correlation to the base number 10 that we now use. Perhaps one day the remaining 2 tribes will be restored at which time we possibly will then be able to appreciate the base number 12.
My question, Tom, for your comment is, is there such a correlation between the 10 tribes and the base number 10, likewise 12 tribes and the base number 12, or is it my imagination?

Theo, is there a correlation between the 10 tribes of Israel and the base number 10 and the original 12 tribes and the base number 12?  I’ll stand out of the way on this one.

Yes, Tom, as this person has guessed, certainly the Tribes of Israel, the Jews are certainly tied to the base mathematical numbers.  As has been recently communicated, the Jews are the fulcrum that balances all the great religions of the world.  Therefore, there is a connection to the base numbering system.  More will be revealed in the future, and I will not spoil the excitement for those who will reveal more. 


Carla (I think in Hawaii) writes:  Aloha, Happy Holidays!  Love your book and your newsletter.

I am new to your newsletter and I wanted to not bother you because you may have touched on the subject of whales, but I did not see a search area in which to type in my question, so here goes to Theo please and thank you, "Why do whales beach themselves?"

Theo, why do whales beach themselves?

There are a combination of reasons Tom.  Certainly their souls feel this is a time to depart.  Then there is the change in the magnetic coordinates of the world that scientists are currently tracking. 


John in Virginia writes:  Is there any good that will come for this train wreck of a Health Reform bill racing through the Senate and how can it be of any benefit to the elderly if the government is going to cut the funding of Medicare?  Is the karma for the elderly?

Theo, will the Healthcare bill being passed by Congress be beneficial for all, including the elderly?  What are the probabilities?

Yes Tom.  This bill certainly has it’s limitations and drawbacks, but in the long run, as this bill is tweaked shall we say, it will be beneficial for all.  Certainly, the elderly will be taken care of, along with those who have had no insurance before. 

Keep in mind Tom, that there was huge opposition to this bill by the insurance lobbyists, so for any bill to be passed was a huge undertaking and a great uphill battle, as many congressmen and senators have these insurance companies contributing great amounts to their campaigns, and giving them other perks, which the general public does not see, nor is recorded on any books.    So the answer is that the current bill is flawed, but it is a first step in a long process.


Leanne writes:  Hello Tom, I am a long time reader of your newsletter and a first time Emailer as of today..........I long to read each of your newsletters and I practice MBO's in my daily life now.

Today I received an email from a spiritual group who claim to have information re Madeline McCann, who was abducted in portugal in 2007 whist on holidays with her parents. I'm sure the much of mainstream society has heard of this case. I'm not sure if you have spoken of her before in any of your newsletters, but in case you haven't, can you please ask Theo if she is still alive and if so, will she ever be reunited with her family?

Theo, Is Madeline McCann still alive, and if so will her parents be reunited with her?

Yes, Tom, she is still alive, but it will be some time before they are reunited, as her soul contract and theirs are to experience this separation.  She will be found though sometime in the future, which is yet to be quite determined.  Benevolent Prayers should be said for her and her family as they go through this trying time. 

So be sure to say a Benevolent Prayer out loud, such as “I ask any and all beings to reunite Madeline McCann with her family as soon as possible, thank you!”

Keep in mind that Theo is giving me the highest probability.  This can change, as humans have free will.  And YOU can speed up the process by saying that Benevolent Prayer above!


Greg writes:  I have an aggressive form of cancer. I wrote you some time ago asking for a benevolent prayer or healing. I was told that I had a very short time left. Which lead me to believe that I might only have a few months to live? It has been about a year since that time and although my treatments have been overall unsuccessful, I am still well enough to get out and about and live a fairly high quality life style level.

Now I suspect that the benevolent prayers that I have been saying for myself, and that you said for me Tom, were altogether successful. I suspect that somehow time has been folded over for me to stretch time for a longer living experience.  I wish to give you my thanks, however it was done. It now appears that I may have another year left; this is not what was originally projected. I will take whatever extra months that hold a quality living experience. Again please remember me and mention me to Theo if you would be so kind.  Thank you again.

I wanted to put Greg’s email in here to give other people hope.  Requesting MBO’s and saying Benevolent Prayers can bring results that are amazing.  I don’t have to mention Greg to Theo.  His own Guardian Angel is doing a great job, according to his soul contract.  So let’s say a Benevolent Prayer for Greg:

“I ask that any and all beings make Greg’s life as easy and pain free as possible, and to give him a quality time here, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”  Please say this out loud.


For those of you who received money as part of your Christmas presents, don’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is NOW AVAILABLE for delivery!  It has twice as many pages as the first book.  Call 800-450-0985 (1-928-526-1345 outside the USA) Monday to Friday and tell Light Technology I sent you.   Hopefully the new book will be up soon on the website.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occassions!  The first book is also available on  Either or both books can change lives!


For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008
CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008


BLOG:  For those of you who are just learning about requesting Benevolent Outcomes, I have a weekly Blog now with information and stories sent from all over the world about using this amazingly simple, yet powerful spiritual tool.  The link is . --Great resources:  Sign up here for the newsletter.  Sample Chapters of the first book, videos, Signs, Articles, Archived Newsletters, and more!

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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