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·    END OF THE WORLD MAY 21, 2011?

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.  

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The two major topics I received emails on this week were the dead birds and fish, and the “non-event” as I’m calling it.  I think you will find the messages I received from readers just like you interesting, and the responses I received from Gaia and Theo equally so.  

Please send me your questions and especially your MBO stories.  Quick note:  I’ll be appearing on Tommy Diamond’s show tonight at 9:00 pm CST.  See the APPEARANCES section below for details of how to tune in.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Dead BirdsI’ve received at least 25 or 30 emails and Facebook messages this week asking about the thousands and dead birds and fish.  Here is what I have so far:

(January 3) Gaia, why did 1,000 blackbirds fall out of the sky—I think in Arkansas?

Yes, Tom.  There were forces at work here that caused their systems to fail, you see.  There is a great magnetic shift going on in that area, and the birds flew right into that zone of activity and became quite disoriented and fell to earth.  It was a blast of energy Tom that happened to occur at the wrong time.  Naturally this also gives scientists something new to study, but they will not find any serious health issues.  

Dead Fish(January 6)  Gaia, when I asked the question, I had not heard of the piezoelectric effect where crystalline solids might have been impacted.  Is that what happened, or can you better explain what you meant by a great magnetic shift?

Yes Tom, I understand.  No it was not the piezoelectric effect, although that was a good intelligent guess by the person who offered it.  It was a magnetic force that was released from my interior and caused the birds to fall dead and fish along with them in yes, several parts of the world.  It was partially the effect of not only the lunar eclipse, but other astrological effects, along with my movement of the crust you see.  

Why weren’t humans affected?

They were, but to a lesser extent Tom.  It would have taken a much more massive magnetic charge to have truly affected humans.  You have a built in resistance to such magnetic changes.  


White Wolf Woman:  It seems about 7 or 8 years ago that I came across the interactive "Seismic Monitor" website:

Joining HandsIn recent months and days, I have paid more attention to it and in the last week or so have noticed the pattern of much activity around the "Rim of Fire" yet very little along the Pacific Coast.  Wherever there is an earthquake, I take this opportunity to say a living prayer for assistance and divine light for all those experiencing earth changes and climate changes.  

It would seem that Gaia has indeed done her best to keep earth changes at a minimum and it occurs to me that perhaps a significant portion of your readers and others around the world have shifted consciousness enough to bring about some of this tranquility on the West Coast.  That said, North American and Mexican coastal earthquakes could still be in the picture.  Thank you for your faith and courage and sharing information that you have received from Gaia, Theo, Sun and your readers, as well.

Dawna writes:  Interesting about the west coast.  Is it possible (of course it is) with all our MBO’s being asked for regarding the earthquakes that we as creators have changed the outcome.  Aha ...some food for thought.  We can change anything.  Each day I would check an earthquake site and again ask for a most benevolent outcome for all in the quake zone you have been talking about in your newsletter.

It did bring up fear and also an opportunity thanks to MBO’s to change what we were focused upon, to a happier result.  I'm sure that I was not the only one asking for this area.  Collectively we are even more awesome.  I enjoy your newsletter each Saturday morning.  It has given me many awesome ideas, so once again thank- you kindly.

Hands TogetherKaren writes:  It came to me tonight that it's possible that you are an information exchanger and that by sharing your information about the California earthquakes and it not happening, each of us has the opportunity to fine tune our own inner knowing.  Personally, that is where my biggest wounding has occurred and I've been working to regain my ability to trust my own instincts.  Had your prediction come true in the timing first expressed, it would have reinforced my tendency to put my faith in others, that others know best, and not on my inner knowing.  

Another interesting awareness is that about 3-4 days before Christmas I recall having the inner feeling that we were all going to be okay and that the quake was not going to happen as of yet, but the fearful part of me still wondered.  I decided to relax a bit and this is good.  Thank you.  I hope this sharing brings you some comfort.

Pam on Facebook writes:  I can't wait for the newsletter. I keep saying MBO's for California.  

Leslie on Facebook writes:  I have been praying for a calm non-event in CA!!!

Dana on Facebook writes:  I too have been saying MBO's for CA for a non-event.

Linda on Facebook writes:  I know Tom you are right!!  I also know time is an infinity on the otherside! So our today is whenever!! On the otherside!so I think it will definitely happen but "whenever" and I think it will be when folks have put it out of their minds!  And no mbo's! So none of this is Toms fault folks! Tom you are a very good man! And you are doing what you are supposed to be doing! Hang in there! Blessed Be!!

Another Point of ViewShe asked me to change her name so Jenny writes:  Thank you, Tom, for all you've gone through in the last few years of your concern for us and your home, the Earth. More than anything else, we have learned to step outside our comfort zone and take another point of view, a great feat in and of itself. In doing that, you've exercised your power as a human being to create strong and good effects in the minds of many across our planet. Not all of us are aware of the value of those effects -- of how important it is just to step outside our comfort zones with another as our guide -- but we will realize it sooner or later.  In the meantime, keep up the good work; you are more powerful in preparing mankind for inevitable great change than you may have so far realized... or maybe you have.  (I hope so.)

Karen writes: I really admire how you are handling this situation. If you like this idea please use it.  
We are all responsible for our reality.  When I heard your message while living in California, I knew there is a chance that the big earthquake would or would not happen.  It was my decision to move.  You did not make me....
Was it hard to move yes! We had a brand new house.
Moving VanDid I lose money? Yes.
Did I know I would? Yes.
Did I make it up when I bought another home? Yes. 
Did I decide to take this move as an opportunity to live somewhere I would like better?  Yes, (but that was hard to find California is so nice.)
If I were in your shoes, my decision would be the same as yours.  Tell everyone with the risk of being wrong. At least you can live with yourself if the Big earthquake does happen. If it did and you did not say anything I believe life would be unbearable for you as it would for me since you are so caring of a person.
Those who complain about this message are just processing their fears.
 No one likes to get angry at themselves so why not get angry at you!  Another great thing you are doing giving people an escape goat--you.
So Tom thank you again for the push I needed to move.  For me life is so much sweeter not having the impending earthquake over my head.  My nervous system is so much calmer...My husband thanks you for that too!

She asked me to change her name so Dorothy writes:  Happy New Year!   And it is fantastic that we have not had any quakes in California!  I do wish that you would ask Gaia if perhaps all of this is a major misunderstanding and whether it is serving anything we all might not be aware of.  I don’t understand the value of creating such an emotional disturbance for all who follow your newsletters - and it certainly influences an issue of credibility for new followers.  I do not wish to appear to be critical or unkind, Tom.   I simply do not understand the purpose of this information exchange with Gaia if it is not designed to be accurate.  My apologies if this communication offends you - I mean no disrespect. 

No problem Dorothy.  You’ll see Gaia’s and Theo’s comments later. Here’s another one.

DisagreeNancy in Texas writes:  Is anybody but me starting to wonder about Theo’s reliability or even if he exists?  He only relays information and analyses that CANNOT be validated, such as the Shroud of Turin, the return of the black Scottie, and things of the spiritual world.  Anything of interest seems to be a “ticklish situation” that he “tiptoes around.”  Or. . .something is true “to a certain extent,” or “not too much information now” or “don’t want to spoil the fun” by telling us more at this time, and “I will not discuss it at the present time,” etc.  The questions that he DOES answer relates to something thousands or millions of years ago that are interesting but likely can’t possibly be validated. 

What was of interest to me and would prove something to me was the predicted earthquake in California the week after Christmas.  (I don’t wish that on California, but you relayed it to your readers.)  I told some of my family about that and was particularly concerned because corporate headquarters of the company my son works for is in San Jose and he travels to California periodically.  They’re starting to think that one or both of us is nuts!   Have you ever considered just writing your books and giving up the publication of your channeling!?  I don’t mean to be unkind, but your newsletter, although interesting, is pretty much a waste of time.  If you continue, I suggest you give up the “that’s a good question, Tom.”  And “as you call them.”  And “you see.”  And “shall we say.”  And “an interesting point.”  Those phrases don’t add anything and become annoying after a while.

I do apologize for being inconsiderate and non-appreciative of your channeling work, but I do like your books.  Most of my MBO’s work for me and I’m so glad to have learned about this gentle way of making requests and talking to my angels.  Thank you for that. 

BridgeI would like to first say don’t dish on Nancy, as being a good Texan she’s just speaking her mind and saying what a lot of other people are thinking.  Let’s look at Nancy’s comments about the repetition of certain sentences or phrases in what I receive.  To me they are “bridges” or “door openers” to further “thought packets” as Theo calls them.  She didn’t mention a couple more—“Let’s see if you can receive this today Tom,” and “Yes, an interesting question.” (Although that last one I like to think is also directed at the person who asked the question to let them know they asked a good question.)

Some of you may remember Theo’s comment sometime back where he said connecting with me at times was like working your way through a minefield.  I have thought numerous times about deleting these “bridges,” but this was exactly how I received and typed them (with corrections for typos, as I type with my eyes closed).  If this is too distracting, then you the readers need to let me know.  You can go through some of my newsletters and you’ll not see one of these phrases, so it just depends upon the astrological placements, whether I’m tired if I did not get enough sleep, if I’m rushing through a large number of questions, and so on.  I do squeeze this all in while running a business.

Stephanie on Facebook writes:  Channeling is a very delicate business, and I've seen really strongly psychic people go off the deep end because they were being sent on wild goose chases by various "spirit guides." There are a few possible things going on here:

Ghost1. The channel is not entirely clear and messages are being interfered with by lower spirits.
2. You aren't actually talking to Gaia or Theo but lower spirits are impersonating them.
3. Your own personality/ego is getting in the way of hearing the messages clearly.

Timelines are also tricky. I'm fairly certain a big quake is coming to the Los Angeles area but I would not say when, it could be a few years from now.

At any rate, I'd do some clearing of your general energy and ask your higher self to make sure you are only connecting to entities of the light. Ask your higher self to filter information so only true information gets through. I filter everything through my higher self first, because I figure if my higher self is against me I'm pretty much screwed anyway. :-)

Even then, I have to be really careful my ego is not in the way when interpreting intuitive information.

PS I have to say I have always been concerned that your MBO language invites "any and all beings" to help out, as you really don't want to invoke "any and all beings." If there are angels, there are demons. You want to invoke "any and all beings from the light" ONLY.

LightI'll take up Stefanie’s last comment first. Theo has explained to me, when someone asked this very question, that when I ask for any and all beings--they all come from the light. Lower level entities "need not apply".

Now when I meditate, I learned MANY years ago to completely surround myself with white light and I even go a step further and put an extra layer of gold light on top of that (after asking Theo). I also request and demand to only speak to those entities who either vibrate at a higher level than I do, or at the same level. I send light to any and all others and instruct them to head for the light of their own GA's.  To test my reception I even at one point did ask for entities only from the light and I still wound up communicating with both Gaia and Theo with no difference.

Certainly as Theo has explained before, no one doing this is 100% correct. The "thought packets" are filtered according to our beliefs, education, feelings etc. If I don't feel I may have gotten the correct answer or a complete one, I go back and ask again. You see an example of this in the newsletter today about the dead birds and fish.

I also reported sometime back that I was contacted by a lower level entity in the middle of the day and distinctly heard "Hello Tom" in my ear. I immediately surrounded myself with white light and sent white light. Heard nothing else. Theo later said the entity was "not in my best interests." So I'm as cautious as I can be when doing this work.

And I also believe that if I can't trust my own GA, who can I trust? We have a relationship that dates back literally millions of years, as Theo says I was one of the first souls to incarnate on earth. He says I've done this work hundreds of lives, although only five years in this life.

Now for some responses from Gaia and Theo:

Gaia, please explain why you said California would quake and it did not.  Why did this probability not happen? 

Yes, Tom.  I know this is frustrating and for your readers.  Yes, those were my plans, but in the middle of those plans, yes your souls intervened.  There were thousands of people who through their prayers and meditations asked that the event not happen, or at least be lessened in intensity.  As your souls do control my actions, which are a result of your desires, then I did not cause the coast to quake at this time.  Your people—the people that read your newsletter Tom and those that do request MBO’s, as has been told to your before, are or have become what is termed a Junior Creator in Training.  Your group does not realize how powerful it is yet.  Yes, you can even change my weather systems to give you sunlight on cold, cloudy days.  So preventing an earthquake, you must understand, is in your power to do so.  The side benefit of these predictions was that people were compelled to move out of California that were supposed to, as they would not have had to impetuous to do so had they not believed there was a good chance these earthquakes would occur.  Some have written you already, happy to have moved and are thriving in their new locations—away from the coast as I wish. 

So I will not say that the earthquakes will not occur in California in the future, you see, but I will say that those who are compelled to move will move when they feel the time is right.  That is the best explanation I can give you at this time Tom, with your understanding of these quantum mechanics.  To reiterate, your souls are very powerful, and if they request MBO’s that an event such as a quake not happen, then I am obliged to follow your wishes and work on other ways to bring down those mountains to allow the deserts to be beautiful again with much more rain in the future.  I’m already doing that to some extent, as you and your readers have noticed with the flooding rains Southern California has experienced of late. 

So this is an explanation that will be hard for some of your readers to accept or understand, as you do not realize how powerful you are until your begin requesting MBO’s to change weather patterns and such.  Then you have an inkling of just what might be possible by working with spirit.  You as a people or souls do have power to cocreate your own realities.  That is not an empty statement Tom.  Your souls are powerful.  You are veiled from knowing just how powerful you are, but this veil will soon lift just a little more, and you will gain insight, or at least an inkling of what you are able to accomplish.

Thank you for the explanation Gaia.

Theo, so give my your explanation as to why the earthquakes did not happen.  One theory is that I was not really communicating with Gaia.

Yes, I understand that certainly questions are raised about he purity of the communication Tom, but in this case, your readers were shown that they have the power to change any event in front of you for the better—to be more benevolent shall we say—by simply requesting MBO’s.  Then your own GA’s and your own souls actually in conjunction—do change the event or events planned as probabilities for you to take this path or that path.  So you chose the most benevolent path, which was to have Gaia continue with low level changes and earthquakes and not with powerful 7.0 and above earthquakes AT THIS TIME. 

You have now passed the point of no return or backsliding back into the lower third dimension Tom.  You have gone over the proverbial hill and are on the backside, gathering momentum for your change of focus.  It will still be a wild ride for you.  So my advice to you and your readers is to continue to request MBO’s as this will raise your vibrational rate that much more and will point you in the direction of being quantum mechanics.  And that may not mean anything to most of you now, but you will see more of what that means in the future. 


New Madrid FaultGaia, another question has arisen just in the last couple of days.  Is the New Madrid Fault line going to become more active in 2011?

Yes, it will Tom.  The people in that region will see much more movements and more intensity of the earthquakes.

I have to ask, will there be a major earthquake in this region this year?

No, but again, the region will start to shake more.  I am continuing to move my crust, just as I’m doing on the west coast of North American and all along the Pacific Rim of Fire it’s called.  Things will remain quite active as I find ways to working around your desires that I do not have massive earthquakes in or along that coastline.  There will be some fairly major movements there Tom, just not all at once as I had planned.  You could say it is inevitable, given the plate tectonics.    I still wish humans to move away from the coastline—not only because of the plate movements, but also because I am going to raise the sea level two feet now within four to less than five years. 

Speaking of that Gaia, I saw a NOVA documentary about what they are finding in Antarctica. 
AntarcticaThey have found a one or two degree difference in world average temperatures can cause quite a bit of the ice to melt in Antarctica.  Will you be raising the temperature of the world at least one degree during this four year time period?

Exactly Tom.  That will cause a great melting of the ice sheets in both the North and Southern latitudes, which will cause the water level to rise a quick two feet.  But it will not stop there.  It will rise another foot within the next five year after that.  People need to movie away from the coastlines or they will be inundated.  It is best to plan now and not be caught with water in your house or apartment. 

Will the ice pack reported in Siberia continue to grow in 2011?

SiberiaYes, to some extent Tom.  As was described in the NOVA show you viewed, it’s like opening the door of a refrigerator.  There is cold air that allows the ice pack to grow in a few place where it was already in existence.

So the ice pack in Greenland and Iceland will continue to shrink?

Yes, that will happen with the rise in temperature Tom.

Gaia, I’ve been asked what the temperature of Florida will be in January, February and March of this year.

Yes, they will have some unseasonably cold weather coming up Tom as they receive a cold winter blast or two as they call it.  Then things will moderate back to their normal winter seasonal moderate weather.  This is not the best place to live with the encroaching water Tom.  Eventually, as was shown in that NOVA animation, great parts of Florida will be under water as the temperature of the world continues to rise.   And yes, those estimates of over 20 feet are quite correct. 

Australia FloodingGaia, will this be the end of flooding in Australia, or will they continue to receive enormous amounts of rain?

No, this will be the end of the flooding for the time being Tom.  They will have much cleaning up to do after whole towns along that coastline have been inundated. 

Will they flood again next year?

No, that is not in my plans at this time Tom. 

Gaia, what about the flooding in the Philippines and is this from torrential rains or is the land sinking?

No, the land is not sinking Tom.  The flooding is simply from rainfall.  And it will continue there for a little while more. 


DreamingDoreen on Facebook writes:  Hello Tom, just read your newsletter and LOVED the conversation you had with Theo!! It was very interesting to say the least and would love to read more conversations like this!!

Also, atm, it seems everyone I speak to is having very weird dreams that seems to make not much sense, would you please ask/find out why this seems to be happening right now and if there is a 'change' in vibration.

Theo, are all people having strange dreams in comparison to before, or is this just a few people percentage wise?

No Tom.   Certainly everyone is having some strange dreams that may not make any sense to them.  Most people don’t attempt to remember their dreams, so they wake up feeling strange or a bit off, but those who do remember them are more affected shall we say here. 

Is there a specific cause?

Yes.  They are feeling the changes in the earth’s vibration, along with the eclipses and astrological aspects at this time.  All add up to dreams being quite different than are normally experienced.  This will diminish in the coming weeks.  This is your body’s way of adjusting to new energies. 


TeaSue writes:  Tom, an absolutely great newsletter!  The information given by Theo is a wonderful dialog that has filled in the blanks of many questions I had also.

In regards to Rick, 4-Herb Tea ?Caution?  This confused me for as I purchase most of my herbal remedies from her.  I don't understand why "Caution" on the 4-Herb Tea?  This tea reduced my breast cancer tumor and also got the cancer out of my lymphatic - 3 nodules infected.  By the time the chemo and my use of the herbal remedies, especially the tea, was finished, the tumor was reduced to calcification and gone from the underarm lymphatic. 

There are many, many uses for the 4-Herb Tea, many!  It's an American Indian Recipe.  Dr. Cassie did not create it.  Since he put in a word about the homeopathic HCG formula, I also am on it.  I actually am now on the Phase two which is the 3 week up-keep to set the weight.  I lost more inches than weight, which has me ecstatic!  But for sure, it is very easy to over step and by golly you will gain quick as snot!  Over night actually.  I'm holding steady until I can do it again in 6 weeks. 

Rick is right, one must seriously READ the manuscript first.  There are many ailments that are helped with this diet.  It's serious though!  Once you start it, once that HCG formula is in your system, you have to go through the 3 weeks, and then another 3 weeks of maintenance. 


Bosnia PyramidMy friend Robert sent me information about the Bosnia Pyramids which were first discovered about four years ago by Dr. Sam Osmanagich, who lives in Houston, Texas and is of Bosnian heritage.  Here is a link to more information:  (Houston TV station report)

Gaia, are the mounds or hills in Bosnia that have been reported to be pyramids actually pyramids or are they natural formations?

No, certainly there are pyramids Tom that the gentleman discovered.  They are overgrown through thousands of years of neglect, after they were abandoned.  Slowly they are discovering more about this complex of pyramids, as he has much assistance from the local area.  These pyramids do date much earlier than they currently believe, so they have much left to discover over the next 25 years or so. 


FluorideMichael on Facebook writes:  I work in a small utility. Water utilities across the country add fluoride to the water supply, supposedly for the dental health of people. Most of this fluoride is an industrial by-product and not a naturally mined mineral. Is there any benefit to adding fluoride to the water, what would the ideal ratio be if it can be beneficial or is it simply toxic to do this?

Theo, is fluoride in the water good or not, and if so, at what percentage level?

Fluoride should not be in the water system at all Tom, and if it is, it should be in as low an amount as possible.  Scientists are still learning about the effect of fluoride on a person’s entire body—not just the teeth.  If fluoride is in the water naturally, that’s all right, but not to add artificially.

For a doctor’s view on fluoride go to this link on The Douglass Report: 


John P. WheelerPenny asked me about the murder of John P. Wheeler, a former government official with a Top Secret clearance whose body was found in a landfill this week.  You can read more about him at:

Theo, what happened to John P Wheeler, whose body was found in a landfill?

Yes, Mr. Wheeler was the victim of an assassination Tom.  Much will remain hidden about this for some time, but eventually the story will be told.  He became caught up in events he was warned not to be involved in.  I can answer more questions should you have time to read more fully about him. 


End of WorldDiane on Facebook writes:  Tom, have you seen the new WeCanKnow.Com? This group of people are saying that the end of the world will begin May 21, 2011! What makes them think it STARTS on this date?

Theo has previously said that the closer we get to December 21, 2012, the crazier it will be, as the fear-mongers will have a field day just as they did with the oil leak in the Gulf (world was going to end then too).  I think these people just wanted to get a jump on the rest of the pack.  They cloak themselves in scriptures from the Bible, but read more about who is behind the scenes.  Perhaps we should schedule a party for October 22, 2011 to celebrate that we’re still here the day after they say the world will definitely end. 

It can even be stated that we have already crossed into the 5th focus, as astrologers have noted that the astrological aspects were much more pronounced on December 21, 2010 than they will be in 2012. 

Bottom line is, don’t buy into these types of predictions.  Yes there are going to be earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes erupting and so on, but nothing that will destroy the world. 


Money TreeAA writes:  I have a question about money-related MBOs. Is it, uh, "kosher" to ask for wealth/abundance/prosperity-related MBOs, as opposed to those relating to paying the bills or for specific profits? I would have thought it would be, but MBOs are generally for "specific" things, and asking for "wealth" isn't terribly specific.

In my business I ask for MBO's all the time.  This week I was informed by my agent in Spain that the national TV station in Cameroon is trying to back out on an Agreement for 40 movies and TV series.  I requested a MBO for the contract to go through.  We'll see how it comes out, but that's just one example of many that I request--for a phone call or email to result in business.  Yesterday I sent out an email blast to 75 pages of email addresses around the world and asked for a MBO to have better results than I can hope for or expect.  As you see, those are "specific" MBO's, but the results are profits.

Have you started saying the EXPECT GREAT THINGS "mantra" each morning as I do?  Theo says that opens the door for your GA to bring you things you never would have thought to ask for.  Go to my website and click on SIGNS. 


Angela wrote and asked me to ask Theo several questions.  Here they are. 

Theo, where do individual desires come from—our GA’s, our soul contracts?  How does it come into being?

A nice question Tom.  Your desires are implanted in your DNA system, so it is your soul contracts.  Your friendly GA’s constantly remind you, along with your Guides, to point you in the direction of what your soul contract is in a given life.  So these desires are buried deep within your psyche if you will, and our job in to create opportunities for you to flower and be all that you desire to be in a given life.  This is certainly a simple explanation of a very complex process, but hopefully it gives you a little understanding that your soul desires these experiences for its growth, so your DNA is aware of this, even though you are not on a conscious level.

I think you answered this but how is the energy formed?

Yes Tom.   Read the answer above and you’ll see that this energy is within you, but my job as your GA is to work to have you recognize your soul path.  Again it is so much easier when you request MBO’s.  Your antenna shall we call it goes up, and you are open to what we whisper in your ear, plus events happen as if by magic to move you along with your soul’s desires. 

CreatorHow many Creators are there?  How were they Created Theo?

Yes, as has been reported before, there are billions of creators and billions of universes or creations.  Some are the size of a pinhead and some are much larger than this universe.  It all depends upon the interests of the creator. 

These Creators were formed by the Creator of Creators shall we call it Tom.  They were birthed from its womb of creation in love.  It is a beautiful process and continues all the time.  The Creator of Creators wishes to know more about itself too, so what these creators learn does go back to source.

Is there more than one Great Central Sun?

Yes, of course Tom.  This generally refers to the Great Central Sun of each galaxy—not of the central point of the universe. 

When we pray, do we pray to God, our own Creator, or to whom?

Yes, Tom.  When you pray, you can direct it to whomever you wish, and they will respond, although filtered through your own GA according to your belief system, soul contract, knowledge and understanding and so on.  Requesting MBO’s is a form of prayer, as you are cocreating with spirit when you begin to do this. 


January 7, 2011--Friday, 7:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm MST, 9:00 pm CST, and 10:00 pm EST.  SPIRIT JOURNEYS RADIO NETWORK hosted by Tommy Diamond.


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ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008, OCTOBER 2, 2010
CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010; OCTOBER 31, 2010
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009, JANUARY 8, 2011
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore


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