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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E!
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I had computer program problems last week, so sent the newsletter as text.  I'm ordering a new router and hopefully will get this one out on time!  

FacebookI do wish all of you a MOST BENEVOLENT 2012!  As you’ll read below and in upcoming newsletters, this is going to be an exciting, and at times turbulent year.  So send lots of LOVE and white light to earth and her keeper soul, Gaia.  

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:

                                                                                                                             SEVERE WEATHER ON THE WAY?

Severe WeatherGaia, you had previously said we would have a winter similar to last winter, but so far it seems milder than usual for North America.

That is about to change Tom certainly for the northern half of the United States and Canada.  The winter will last a little longer than people will prefer in that section of North America.  But the southern half will also experience some work and school stoppage due to inclement weather.  It just will take a little longer to arrive.  


Gaia, are we at 100% probability of the earthquake and tsunami occurring or was the 6.8 earthquake the only one we will see or hear about?

Good question Tom, but yes, it is still on my books shall we say.  Nothing has changed, except yes the probability has increased to maximum.  The souls in Japan have signed off on this event, as they must experience this on their soul contracts.  This was the major reason they chose to be born in Japan during this time period in order to experience these events.  These souls, most of them anyway, had not experienced Atlantis nor MU, so they signed up to use your analogy for this experience.  


AlaskaPat in Oregon writes:  I continue to enjoy your newsletters ever since I have read your book.  Of course I use MBO daily, and continue to be uplifted by the daily affirmation.
My question is related to the earthquake about to hit the west coast.  I have been working with my sons who live in Portland, Oregon, and Salem Oregon (50 miles away, where we also live right now) to prepare for a possible disaster--saving water, etc.  We plan to be visiting our daughter in Fairbanks Alaska in April through Sept.  (Live in RV)   They are all young, and tend to discount what I am telling what are the chances of Oregon being devastated by this quake, as well as Fairbanks Alaska?  It is difficult to store up 3 months of food in an RV, but I want to be available to help people if and when this quake strikes.  Could you ask Gaia more details on this so we can be advised as how to best be prepared?

Gaia, what is the probability of a large quake in Alaska in 2012?

Very low at this time Tom.  Their turn will come in 2013.  So right now the probability of a strong quake would be less than 10%.  

What about Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia?

Higher—certainly as high as 50% at this time, but certainly nothing will happen until the second half of 2012—after the earthquakes in California, assuming your souls sign off on that scenario.

                                                      APPLE VALLEY CALIFORNIA

Apple ValleyLucky writes:  I have a quick question for Gaia regarding the California quakes whenever they may happen. We have some extended family in the Hesperia/ Apple Valley area of California inland from the Coast.
They both have health concerns and I wonder if that area will see strong enough movement that will knock out their services for an extended period of time? Asking so we can assist them with making arrangements in advance for medicines and anything else they may need. You can never be too prepared:)

Thank you for all of your service. I imagine it must be difficult on some level.

Gaia, will Hesperia/Apple Valley California be affected by any earthquakes you bring to Southern California?

Yes, Tom, but not to the extent of those living closer to the coast. They will see power outages and other infrastructure problems, not to mention a number of refugees streaming into that area from the coast. People will be forced to move to areas where there is electricity, food, water, and functional water and swage facilities. These earthquakes will cause havoc with these services as I have already previously spoken of Tom.

At times it may be difficult (when I have computer glitches), but this is my passion and my soul contract to do this work.  

                                                           VOLCANO ERUPTIONS

Mt. FujiTheo, will Mt. Fuji erupt this year?

Yes, Tom, Gaia says the probability of this occurring is rather high— certainly over 80%.

Mt. Shasta?

No the probability is low there.


Again fairly low, but will grow larger towards the end of this year.
Mt. Rainier?

A little higher Tom—perhaps 20% to 30%, but again this may increase towards the end of this year.  

                                  AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND 2012

Australia & New Zealand

Theo, what’s in store for Australia and New Zealand this year?

Yes, Tom. Christchurch will continue to see movement in the crust near them.

They will have some strong storms nearby which will affect them both. They will have their share of floods and bad weather and yes cyclones, and even perhaps a tsunami of small proportions. But these countries will see a year about like last year. There will still be some strong movement of the plate near Christchurch, and this will continue for some period of time into the future.


Theo, what about Indonesia in 2012?

Yes they will have some strong earth movements Tom, as they are part of that Ring of Fire.  Political stability will be an issue, as various factions try to obtain power. 
Indonesia & The Philippines

And the Philippines?

The Philippines will see some strong typhoon type storms, along with some earth movements.  The ocean level, as I have mentioned before is rising and this will affect them in the next few years Tom.  There will be some political unrest in this region too.



Solar FlareDonna writes from Canada:  Do you think there will be a lot of technology problems this year with the "solar flares" ie. computers, banking systems etc.?  Also, would it be necessary to avoid sun exposure this summer because of these flares?

When will you release the first X-Class CME of the year Sun?

Sun, will we experience a lot of technology problems this year due to solar flares, and how many X-Class CME’s will you have?

Yes, you will experience some technological problems this year Tom—meaning the whole world when I say this, due to the solar flares.  It will not shut down all your systems, but will cause havoc at times, so I do recommend constantly saving your work on your computers so that if you lose any data, will be easily recovered or the work you have to do to replace it will be minimal. So my advice is to save, save, save.  

Regarding the number of X-Class flares, there will be over 10 this year.  Let’s see if you can receive the number—yes 14 might be closer.  This will be a very active year for X-Class flares, but do not forget that even the M-Class ones can make an impact shall we say for your lives depending upon the properties we have previously discussed.  

Good question Tom.  Yes it will be in the next few days—perhaps within a week shall we say.  

                                                             JUPITER’S CORE DISSOLVING?

JupiterJaffra writes:  How might this affect its position of influence in its astrological and astronomical relationship to Earth?  What is the probability that it will grow stronger or weaker in its influence as a result of this type of change in its core?  I'll be very interested if there is an answer at this time.


Sun, is Jupiter’s core dissolving?  Will any changes in its atmosphere affect us?

An interesting question Tom.  Jupiter’s core is not dissolving, but its atmosphere does affect you in a way, although in a very subtle form.  It’s quite well known that the position of the planet in relation to the earth and other planets does have an affect on you.  This was decided—your orbit and Jupiter’s and the other planets billions of years ago by the Creator itself, as part of the Creator’s plan.  Yes, he works far in advance you see.  But I digress.  

The emanations from Jupiter’s atmosphere does have a subtle affect on the earth, just as Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus.  This will be studied by your scientists fairly far in the future Tom.  It is not something to be too concerned about in your stage of development.  After all, your scientists still have not deduced how I affect you in many different ways yet you see.  So Jupiter’s affects would be considered minimal in relation to how the gases and other properties I give off affect the earth.  

So that was an interesting question, but again the core of Jupiter is not dissolving, although the dynamics of the planet certainly changes over the course of many years for you.  This will be an interesting study for your scientists, as you have more spacecraft to explore the solar system.  Right now you are having to concentrate most of your efforts to achieving space travel to Mars, with a few missions of robotic craft to the outer reaches of the solar system.  It’s as if you have only scratched the tip of the iceberg to use that analogy.  Your scientists have so much to learn in the next few hundred years Tom.  

                                                                          THOUGHT PACKETS

ChannelingDonna in Canada also asked:  Also, how did your first messages come to you?  I have been inviting loving energies to use me as a channel for sometime now, especially my "star familiy".  I have never felt comfortable having a human experience and at times feel "homesick".

I would love contact with my Pleiadian family then maybe I would feel more comfortable.  There was an article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence this month (Dec.) on this and it gave me hope that I will make possible contact.   I talk to them and tell them I am here and open to them, but that any and all beings must come in love.

I had what I thought was a message from one of my native/indigenous lives the other day.   I have always loved the call of the "Loons".  And a song came on with loon calls, and I started to weep.   The messenger said that "my tribe lived by a lake where the Loons called every morning and my tribe was massacred, so at least now I know why.
Tom, do you get your messages in "thought packets", and are they always there 24/7, when you ask questions?  Maybe I will never receive but am so fascinated by channeling.  I keep hoping.
Thanks Tom for your newsletter and sharing your MBO and BP knowledge.   It has made a big difference to the lives of a lot of people including myself.

                                                                           SHAVERS &I’ve written about this before, but I’ll repeat for everyone who missed it.  I go into a light meditative state (explained in the Appendix of my first book), staying in an Alpha state.  I request a MBO to receive the messages perfectly (which also protects me), and surround myself with white light.  I have a whole list of questions on a notebook pages I’ve written down, sent to me by many of you.  

I generally start with Gaia, as I send her lots of love and white light from the central sun Alcyone.  Then it might be the Sun, or Theo.  I’m sent these “thought packets” as Theo calls them and I type them on my computer, as I would never be able to read my writing, as I keep my eyes closed while typing.  Then it’s just trying to get the thought packets as perfectly as I can.  I think I may be slightly off on the number of X class CME’s Sun gave me, so I may go back and ask again.  


Electric BlanketMichael on Facebook writes:  You covered the radio signals given off by the smart meters recently. Good to know since we just installed them throughout our water district. Our meters only transmit a signal once a month, duration of less then a second. I was wondering about the use of electric/battery razors and electric heating blankets. Does the continual exposure to these EM fields constitute a risk to health? Thanks.

Theo, do the use of electrical batteries in shavers and the use of an electric blanket constitute a health hazard?

Certainly the prolonged use of an electric blanket can affect your own electric grid shall we call it, as you are under this blanket for normally 6 to 8 hours each night.  
There is little danger to you using electric shavers, as they are only used a very few minutes per day.  But it is better to sleep with more covers than an electrical blanket.  

                                                                            CELL TOWERS & HIGH VOLTAGE LINES

High Voltage LinesGunnar writes:  I am not sure if this has been covered before.  I have a question about cell phone towers, why some people are affected by them and some people not, and if it is possible to protect oneself from the effects.

Theo, are all people affected by cell towers and high voltage electrical lines, or are there just a few people who are sensitive to this?

No Tom, almost all people are affected by the high voltage lines, and I do not recommend living close to them.  They interfere with your electrical circuitry we’ll call it.  The cell towers do have some affect on all people Tom, but especially on a smaller percentage of people –in the 10% to 20% range.  It is better to be safe than sorry, as you’re not able to determine your vulnerability to these emanations, so again I would recommend that you do not live in close proximity or next door to these cell towers.  Lots of radiation does go out with these signals.

                                                                           EMF RADIATION

Sam writes:  Tom, I have a follow up question for you on the smart meters and the effects on humans.  Is it possible that the energy put out by smart meters and other electronic devices that
EMF Radiation emit EMF radiation are effecting the Etheric Energy (Orgone) and thus changing it to DOR (Deadly Orgone) which has a negative effect on Humans?  

This would explain why organite cancels the effect of EMF radiation.  Thank you for your newsletters and the insights I receive from them.

Theo, do electronic devices that emit EMF radiation affect Etheric energy in a negative way, and would orgonite cancel the EMF effect?

This does relate in a way to the previous question of the cell towers and high voltage lines Tom.  Orgonite only has a partial effect depending upon the source.  If it is small, such as a computer, then yes orgonite is sufficient to handle this, but larger emissions it cannot handle.  Smart meters, as we have covered several times in the past, do not affect humans.

                                                                                    CHANGES IN CHILDREN

Rainbow ChildrenNancy writes:  I just wanted to say thanks for all that you are doing, and for teaching MBOs.   They are the best!   Happy New Year-2012!   
I also have a question for your newsletter.   How are children changing as they are being born in these tremendous energy shifts of the last few years and this year?   What advice would you offer those who teach them?
Also, MBOs can be said for Mother Earth and all of my relations, right?   We could all say “I ask for a Most Benevolent Outcome for Mother Earth and all my relations (that includes all other life forms) to truly prosper and grow in light and love in 2012, and may the results be even more amazing than we can imagine-Thanks!”   It would be so cool if we all said it right as the ball dropped and we entered 2012!
That’s it.  I ordered your books for myself and for a friend’s early birthday.   Glad to hear that lots of other people did so too!

Theo, are the children being born now and after December 21 different, and if so how, and what are rainbow children?

Yes, the answer to the first question is yes, they are different Tom.  The souls being born now are those that know you have passed the mark shall we say and are prepared to enter the fifth focus after a short stay in the 3rd focus.  Many who have left the planet are now returning to experience these lives.  They will make many contributions to bring peace to the world.  The Rainbow children are just that—many lights they emanate, which they will need to use in the fifth focus.  

MBO’s are supposed to be requested specifically for you, so for such a wide request I would change it to a Benevolent Prayer and say, “I ask any and all beings to bring healing to Mother Earth, and our relationships with other people and beings for them to grow in light and love in 2012 and may the results be even more amazing than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

You can request a MBO for your relationships with your family.  

                                                                          OBAMA’S CHOICE OF HIS VP

Theo, will Obama change his Vice Presidential running mate this year, and if so what are the probabilities of this occurring?
Pres. Obama & Mrs. Clinton

Yes, he will Tom.  And yes, Mrs. Clinton will be up for the job.  The probability of this happening is quite high—certainly over 80% to 90%.  Yes you are receiving that correctly.  

                                 VAN GOGH COLOR BLIND?

Antonia writes:  Did Van Gogh have some form of color blindness?

Did Van Gogh have color blindness Theo?

No, he did not.  He just used colors differently then.

                                                                                  THIRD FOCUS

Fifth FocusJohn writes:  About 6 months or so ago, I asked you to ask Theo about where we were on the dimensional scale, as we approach the 5th focus.  At the time Theo said that "soon" we would be at the 3.8 mark and even pass it.   I was wondering if you could ask Theo for an update, have we passed the 3.8 mark yet or are we just about to enter 4D?  We do we stand in all this right now?

Theo, where are we in the 3rd focus—above 3.8 yet?

Yes Tom, you are at about 3.85 and climbing I might add.  

We will actually (according to what Theo told me previously) be going straight to the Fifth Focus from the Third Focus.  



Mike writes:  I guess it's possible to jump timelines? You may find this story interesting.  Apparently a woman woke up to a life similar, but not the same, as the one she went to sleep in.

Parallel LivesWould Theo care to comment?

Theo, explain what happened to the woman who seemed to wake up in another time line.

That she did, Tom.  There was a tear or ripple in the time line and voila here she was.  

But what happened to her other self who occupied this space.  

Actually Tom they switched places.  So that part of her self is as bewildered as she is.  

Why in the world would this be allowed to happen?

Yes, on her soul level it was agreed for this to occur Tom, as part of a teaching device to show people that there are different Time Lines.

So was it a simple transfer from Time Line 5 to Time Line 6 and vice versa, or a more complex move to say Time Line 4 or Time Line 7?

Yes more the latter Tom.  Although your Time Lines 5 and 6 or closely attached, the differences between the time lines are not as great and noticeable as going from Time Line 6 to Time Line 7.  But the changes she was able to notice and experience are an interesting study in the differences in Time Lines, so I encourage your readers to read the article from the standpoint of understanding how there can be differences in Tim Lines.  

Was this a rare occurrence or will we see more of this?

Yes, quite rare Tom.  Again, this was decided on a soul level as a teaching device for people to ponder and speculate about.  A good mystery!

                                                             MBO’S FOR FINACIAL CHALLENGES

Mortgage ReadingRenee writes:  I can't stop talking about my recent success with MBOs, and just had to tell you about what happened recently.  Last October I got hit all at once with three financial challenges.
The first one was they cut my hours at work from 30 to 20 hours per week.  At the same time, our tenant next door gave notice that they would be out by the end of October.  At this point we didn't have enough to make the mortgage payment for November unless we could get it rented before the payment was due.  
And last, but definitely not the least, I have another rental property that is waaay upside down, meaning I owe twice as much as it is worth.  The monthly mortgage payment was raised over $350 more starting in November, and I was in the process of working with the bank to get a modification on it.  (Which, by the way, I tried over a year ago to be approved for modification and they denied it back then, saying it was investment property and not primary residence.)  Well after many phone conversations and faxing documents to them, I flat out told them I did not have the money to make the payments.  At this point, I did not make the November payment and was planning to just walk away from it all.
Well, once again my MBOs have come to the rescue.  Here's what transpired:  In the first week of November, and less than 24 hours apart, we found the perfect tenants that needed to move in right away, and not only did they pay for November, but through the end of December's rents too.  And the next morning, I accepted another part time job to supplement my existing one, which I started the following week. Yahoo!
And now for the best part!  By the last week of November, I received a packet in the mail from the bank.  When I opened it up - I could not believe what I was seeing.  In short, they cut my monthly payment in half AND they nearly cut the loan balance in half too.  They offered me a 25 year fixed rate at 2% interest on the remainder loan balance with a balloon payment at the end.  And, if I choose to sell the property, they would receive only 25% of the appreciation.
I was so shocked.  I quickly signed the documents and made a payment as directed by December 1st. to seal the deal.  I shared this information with my friend/real estate agent, and his exact words were, "This is the best news I have heard in three years!"  
One of the Universal laws is The Law of Belief--to know beyond doubt.  That is what a Most Benevolent Outcome means to me-to know beyond doubt that they work.  And work miracles for all that use them.  Once again, Tom, thanks for giving me this very important tool in my toolbox.


Russian Alien Hoax BodyAnne-Marie writes on Facebook:  Hey Tom, not sure if you've seen this video of alien bodies found in Russia.

These guys stumble upon what appears to be an dead alien body in Russia's Siberia region. It's the same area where multiple UFO sightings were spotted a month ago. Is this real or fake?

Theo, is the dead alien in Russia a fake?

Quite so Tom, and you did notice a similarity to the one we covered some time ago.  They are quite similar in appearance.  This one just appears a little more real.  But an elaborate hoax shall we say.  


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!


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