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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Well, we made it to 2013!  Did you have any doubts?  Not if you were reading this newsletter.  And as Theo predicted the House Passes Billfiscal cliff was avoided by the "hair of their chinny-chin-chins."  I'm sure I was like most of you, sitting back and thinking that they would never pass the bill, but still having the knowledge that somehow it would happen.  Thanks for all of you who said the Benevolent Prayer.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


I’ll start with a quick story from my house.  My wife baked five pies for Christmas—two lemon pies, two chocolate pies and a pecan pie for me.  She baked the lemon pies first, then the others.  My daughter and her husband came over for Christmas dinner and took home with them one of the chocolate pies.  Pecan PieThe next day they started to eat it and called and said they had gotten the lemon pie instead.  Dena checked and rechecked and double checked and said it couldn’t possibly be a lemon pie—but it was!  Again, she checked and rechecked, and to make a long story short she asked me to ask Theo what happened to the lemon pie.  So here is the question and response.

Theo, Dena wants to know what happened to her other chocolate pie.  Did she actually make it, or did she somehow miscount when baking them?

No, Tom.  She actually baked that chocolate pie, but it did slip into, yes, the 5th Time Line where she is equally perplexed at having too many chocolate pies and not enough lemon.

How could that possibly happen, Theo?  And I’ll add, will we see this more now?

Yes, Tom.  These frequencies are fluctuating, we could describe them, so more people will not be able to find some object—glasses, caps like your friend, Frank, and other items, and then they will reappear, or sometimes not if they are taken away from these mini-portals, we will call them.  The Time Line walls are thin at this point as everything is compressed in a way.  So these energy walls waver just a bit, and when they do objects, let’s say that are sitting in your Time Line and time Line 5 and, yes, even Time line 7 at certain points, will be vulnerable to slipping back and forth.

Pies in OvenSo Dena did make that pie, Tom.  Because the pie was moved, it will not return.  Had it been left in the exact location it was when the wall wavered just a bit it would have returned, but not now.

Dena sampled the lemon pie, and she said actually it was better tasting and had a lighter crust than the other lemon pie she baked!  Theo had previously said that all the time lines would be compressed together while we are in the energy tube “bridge” to the fifth focus.  My friend, Frank, lost his cap and it reappeared right on the shelf where he had left it a few hours before.

Theo, what about the report I heard last night from Tazz that she thinks she is somehow able to see her own aura?

Again, that’s part of this whole energy matrix you’re in.  Sensitive people can see things they could not before, and, yes, this will extend into the  5th focus.  Just as your ability to receive these messages more clearly, there will be others who are suddenly able to see and hear things they have not been able to in the past.  And, no, it’s not because Tazz lives in California per se.  It is occurring all over the world.


Ring of FirePlease update me on the West Coast, Japan and Florida as we near the end of 2012, Gaia.

Yes, certainly as I have mentioned several times in the past year, your souls asked for first one delay and then a second for Japan and Puerto Rico, Tom.

So, would you say the probabilities of these events happening changed, Gaia, or is the probability still high?

Still almost 100%, Tom.  Yes, you are receiving me correctly I can assure you.  That time has almost arrived.

Then the fact we’re in this tube of energy going to the 5th focus does not affect you in any way regarding earth movements?

Not in the least, Tom, I’ll say again.  You see the reports of earth movements world wide each day and these are my normal movements.  But when it comes to a populated area such as Japan, Puerto Rico, or the West Coast, then it becomes more complicated, as many soul contracts are involved, so there must be coordination of the events to occur at the perfect time for each soul’s growth.

Puerto RicoBut to return to Japan and Puerto Rico, look for these to occur quite soon—yes I’ve said this before, but there have been no delays requested to extend, let’s say, months or even a year in the future, as occurred this year.  That is over, or I should say the requested delay is almost at the end.

So you’re not preaching the “party line,” shall I call it, Gaia, in order for those who have not prepared do so now?

Certainly that entered into the equation just a little, Tom, but let’s say that was a minor consideration compared to other factors.

Regarding the West Coast, I’m sure you wish to know if the souls have signed off yet.  That has now happened, Tom.  I repeat, your souls have signed off.  Does that mean it will happen tomorrow or next week?  No, but I have been given permission now by all of your souls to make these movements in coordination with millions of soul contracts—a very complex maneuver, shall we call it, as there are soul contracts of people on the West Coast to be in specific locations when I make these movements.

JapanBut Japan and Puerto Rico will occur first?

That is correct, Tom.  But not so far in advance, shall we say.  Again, movement on one part of the Ring of Fire causes an equal reaction elsewhere.

Therefore, can you say, Gaia, that 2013 will be the year of great earth movements affecting millions of people, or will we slide into 2014 without that occurring?

Good question, Tom.  2013 will be the year, you’ll see.


Pam asked me about the Dakotas in the USA. The Dakotas

Gaia, will the Dakotas be affected by the earth movements and possibly volcanic activities to the west?

Not in the least, Tom.  The Dakotas are a safe place to live for those who enjoy a more rural life and are able to cope with harsh winter conditions.  The people who live there are a hardy lot, Tom, as they have to be with extremes of temperature from below zero in the winter to above 100 at times in the summer.


U.S. Drought MonitorJess writes:  I have been a reader of your Gentle Way newsletter for a short time.  I have a request to see if there is any info on the extremely severe drought that we are having in western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle.  We are about, combined, 37 inches down for the past 2 years and which puts us in a very deep dry hole.  I have been doing MBOs for rain and any other form of precipitation and am working on my patience as I wait for this cycle to change.

Gaia, any chance of changing the drought conditions of western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle, and I’ll add in North Texas as we are behind over 5 inches of rain?

Yes, it will come fairly soon, Tom as I change the weather patterns for the spring and summer.  You will, and I include all the areas you mentioned, receive copious amounts of rainfall, almost to the extent of localized flooding.  I needed these patterns as part of my cycles.  But this particular cycle is almost over.


Theo, please explain the relationship a little more about Time Lines 11 and 12.  Eleven would seem to be almost the odd man out, as it is connected to the non-physical 12.

Yes, but that Time Line, Tom, is at such an elevated level that there are just small changes between the idealized life of 12 and the actual life of 11.  You have no concept, being at a much lower Time Line, of how different 11 is from you.  Of course, those upper time lines just do not have the difficult challenges you do on the lower time lines.

OU ROTCPlease verify for me for the book that on Time Lines 1-4 I also earned a degree in business at TCU, and served two years in the Army as a Lieutenant, including the last assignment teaching ROTC at the University of Oklahoma.

Yes, almost identical, Tom.  Yes, you did serve in Korea and not Vietnam, and you did teach ROTC as your last assignment.  I know you had a question as to whether you might have gone to Vietnam, but you did not.  Certainly you had perhaps a harder life in Korea, but the essential facts were the same.


Tom writes:  I just read the most frightening report about the long-term harmful effect of microwave ovens on the human body. It described things like minerals, vitamins and nutrients being reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or turning the minerals into cancerous free radicals.  And prolonged eating of microwaved foods causing cancerous cells to cause immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations, not to mention loss of memory, concentration, etc. etc.

Microwave OvenShould we really just throw our microwave ovens in the garbage, or will a safer microwave system be developed, or is the truth finally going to come out about these machines?

Gaia, should we discontinue the use of microwave ovens?

There is a little health risk here, Tom, but not so much unless you’re standing in front of the machine all day long as, say, a professional cook.  They should step away from the machines if they must use them in their profession.

For the general person, these are safe to use, but they do scramble the molecular cells and nutrients, Tom, so the food is not as healthy for you as if it were cooked using a normal stove or oven.  This has been known for some time, but they’ve not taken the next step to discover how they can be used and still keep the nutritional value of the food being cooked.  This will come about in the next 20-odd years.


Jesus the RabbiFaith writes with these questions:  1.  Christ was born an Essene in the so-called Jewish/Hebrew faith.  He became a Rabbi, which seems to explain why He was so intent about chasing the moneychangers from the Temple.  While a Rabbi, is it not correct that He practiced the ceremonies/religious services of the Jewish faith?  One practice was the "Day of Atonement" and there were others as well.  During this time did He teach spiritual Love and if so, was it a Hebrew teaching at the time or did He introduce it to the congregations which would make it new to them?  If it was something new to the people, did they accept His teaching or hold it against Him and if they held it against Him, what were their reactions and reasons?  Thank you very much.

2.  In Christ's later years when He was skilled in projecting Himself anywhere in the world to teach spiritual Love, did He continue to attend Synagogues in the areas He visited and where He lived or was this dangerous for Him if the people were not accepting His spiritual Love teaching?  Thank you very much.

Priest & Communion3.  How does Christ feel about the Communion service practiced in the Roman Catholic Church?  Does He see it as correct and valid and if not, why not?  (I have an idea, but not certain if it is correct.)  Thank you very much.

4. Edgar Cayce stated that Mother Russia would be the salvation of the world.  Another source confirmed this.  However, it was never revealed what is to occur; how is it to manifest; what persons will be responsible for this event and when will it occur?  What is there about Mother Russia that makes her any different from other countries?  Thank you very much.

Theo, did Jesus perform, as a Rabbi, the ceremonies of the Jewish faith during his whole life?

Certainly he did, Tom.  It was his responsibility to perform these functions and he continued to do so in Jewish communities.  But don’t forget he also preached to people on the street and anywhere he could pull a group together.

Edgar CayceAnd to answer you next question, yes, he preached love no matter where he was.  This was his message, you see.  The people loved his parables—those stories he told, so they were quite receptive.

Did he continue to visit Jewish congregations in later years?

Yes, he did, although he was careful to give the appearance of just a traveling Rabbi.

What would he feel or think now about Communion?

He understands, Tom, that there must be ceremony attached to religious services.

Will Russia be the savior of the world as Edgar Cayce predicted?

Not in the way he projected, Tom, but this returns to the predictions about Russia being the first to be visited by the Pleiadians.  He was not able to make that connection at the time.

Diane writes:  I am curious as to why Jesus visited Joseph Smith, founder of Joseph Smith & Angelsthe Mormon Church?

Theo, why did Jesus decide to appear to Joseph Smith?

Yes, Tom.  Joseph prayed for assistance, and Jesus responded.  Jesus knew this would be the start of another Christian sect, just as there was for the Protestants.  It was the defining moment for Joseph Smith.  And if one studies the Mormon religion he was given some information he misinterpreted and some he did not.  Jesus knew Joseph Smith’s soul contract and wished to point him in the right direction.


RageAnd speaking of love, Maryanna writes:  Why do the Lanzas of the world have to go to such extremes to express their anger/rage imbalances?  How can we reduce this energy in our society-as we clean out our own emotions?

Theo, how do we reduce the rage some people have?

By sending love out to the world each day, Tom.  Say a benevolent prayer for peace on earth and good will to all those people.  It will make a difference and will raise your vibrational levels.


Verde Valley from JeromeKaren writes from Sedona:  I heard it and felt it and have waited for an explanation; no one can figure out what this big noise of a boom was. Do you have time to help and ask?  It was big.  Here is the information:

Gaia, what were the loud booms heard in the Verde Valley, Arizona?

Yes, an enigma for them, Tom.  Again, it was deep movements of magma below the surface and, as it made its path, it caused a boom to occur through caverns beneath the surface and echoed out through the mineshafts quite prevalent in the valley.

Why is magma running beneath the surface there?

Magma is always moving, Tom.  You could compare it to the veins of blood in your body.  You still have much to learn about your own planet, Tom, and what goes on under the surface.  This will come in time, as scientists learn more about core movements.  I certainly do not plan any volcanic activity in that area.  They just experienced the loud booms associated with this movement—nothing else.  It was not some alien activity as some would surmise.


Brigid writes:  A couple of mysteries have surfaced recently that I wondered if you could shed any light on them:

First this one about dog suicides in Scotland.

Galati Mamertino SicilyCould it be some unseen power playing some kind of trick, the way some spirits can do, by getting the dogs to jump?

Also, a friend of mine lives in Galati Mamertino, near Messina, in Sicily, and she says that although the air is pure, the food is often grown by the people themselves, the water is clear,  that there have been an unusual amount of people dying with various forms of cancer, usually by the time the person is in their 40's, 50's, so relatively young. She fears they may be something in the soil. Would there be some radioactive chemicals in the soil, either being dumped there by the government or for some experimentation, or something else entirely?

Gaia, why the dog suicides off the bridge?

Yes, a peculiar energy here, Tom which humans cannot feel, yet the canine population can.  It gives them the feeling that the water is just below the bridge – in a way an optical illusion for them.  The easiest solution is to keep dogs away from this bridge.

Then this is not some sort of portal?

No nothing like that, Tom.  Scientists will one day take readings of this to see the difference.

Why are people dying in Galati Mamertino, Sicily—is there something in the soil?

Yes, in this case a very toxic substance left over from hundreds of years ago.  This is not a safe place to live, as the soil is permeated with this substance, but, of course, the population will not move on its own.  Soil samples should be taken and analyzed.  They will be quite surprised at their findings.


NumerologyAlan writes:  Good morning, Tom, and thank you for the wonderful information.  I noticed that the storm was  named Sandy and now the shootings were at Sandy Hook.  The name Sandy seems to be evident, what is the significance?  Could Theo comment on this please?

Gaia, any connection between the names Sandy the storm and Sandy Hook the school?

Not in the least, in this instance, Tom.  They had similar names and certainly your numerologists will see a small connection, but the numbers do not add up for both names.  It was, in this instance, a coincidence.


This MBO story and the next one appeared last week in my Blog.  You can read over 150 blogs at, with nothing but MBO stories in each blog. 

Gentle Way IStephen writes:  I bought your Gentle Way book and started using it immediately. Unbelievable results! I normally use Sanskrit mantras for abundance and they are effective, but yours seemed to be real time. I will be posting often on your blog.

I have a question about asking for benevolent outcomes for others.  How?  Exactly?  Couldn't find it in your first book.  I'm guessing it is as simple as, “I request a most benevolent outcome for [name] [request], thank you."

In my first book, I called the requests you make for other people “Living Prayers.”  MBO requests are supposed to be specifically for you, and are handled by your own Guardian Angel (GA).  By the second book, I was “inspired” to simplify the request and renamed it Benevolent Prayers (BP’s).  These are handled by a second group of one million whole souls we call “angels,” which handle all the prayers on earth.  So you say the requests slightly differently.  You say, “I ask any and all beings to …. (i.e. bring aid and comfort) to _______, thank you!”

I have many examples of these in my second book, plus you can read these archived blogs for many more uses.


$100 BillSharon writes:  Hey Tom, I’ve got another testimonial for you! See, they keep coming!!  At the beginning of the week, I asked the most benevolent outcome for receiving a $100 by the end of the week in a fun, easy, joyous, and unexpected way. Wednesday evening, I received an email from a FB friend. Her daughter played sports with my daughter a few years ago and I haven't seen her in about a year or so. She tells me she wants to write me a check to help me out. Long story, she wrote me a check for exactly $100! And she gave me a big bag of food, and a gift bag with lotion and candles. Oh my goodness! I love asking and seeing this work in such magical ways! Thank you Tom for sharing this prayer! Thank you! More testimonials to come! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


For my new subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster.”  He’s coming to see us in 2017, and I’m currently writing a book about him with the tentative title of CONVERSATIONS WITH AN ET.  I hope to have it out before June.

These questions came from Antonia.  I am not including any of my own questions, as they will be in the book.

Andromeda from HubbleAntura, can we see the next closest universe in the night sky, and if so what do we call these star systems we see?

The first answer is yes, you can see that universe situated not so far away.  You think of them as specific star systems, not understanding that your night sky shows not only this universe, but the one next door.  That’s why your scientists are puzzled by those that seem expanding and those that are not or are retreating.

Is there a common definition for defining intelligence in Federation protocol when you do a first contact?

Yes, I suppose you could say so, Tom.  Again, we hearken back to those measurements, which can also measure the intelligence of the beings on planets we are studying.  It is quite easy to measure the IQ, using earth terms, of all the beings on a given planet to know in which category to place a particular species.  You are just in the beginning stages of doing this and I can tell you that your scientists have a LONG way to go to learn how to measure intelligence.

These questions came from Jim:

Does the force field protect you on other planets against any diseases?

Yes, they completely block out any harmful spores or plant life or any types of germs, which would be harmful to our bodies.

What about on your planet?

We are quite healthy, Tom, and need no special devices, as our bodies are quite compatible with our environment.

Are there healers on your planet?

No, not in the same sense, Tom.  Certainly if there was an injury we have many ways to treat the patients—from healers to specialized equipment.  The injury would be healed immediately.

Robotic SystemThen do you have doctors, or just people who are healers?

No doctors per se, Tom.  Just people who can attune with a person’s body.

Do you have manufacturing companies on your planet?

Yes, small ones, which manufacture that for which other planets wish to barter with us.
Most of this work is robotic in nature.

How do you request the metal for spaceships, which want to be spaceships?

Again, this goes back to attunement.  We attune ourselves with the ore and certain parts of the ore respond to our request.


Mantej asked about why there were skulls elongated in Mexico.  Most people Elongating Children's Skullsassume it was just a religious practice.

Theo, why did people elongate their skulls in Mexico?  Was it just a religious practice, or were they trying to appear more like some ET’s?

Much more the latter, Tom.  They were being visited by aliens with elongated heads, so naturally the population assumed that the way to be as smart and knowledgeable as the aliens was because they had larger heads.  So this was a primitive attempt to match the aliens’ appearance.  As was pointed out, it was quite dangerous and numerous children died while undergoing the procedure.  It finally fell out of use when there were no results, and with the ET’s finally convincing these simple people that knowledge had nothing to do with the shape of your head.


John writes:  When things settle down after the holidays, please check in with Gaia about the so-called "Roman dodecahedrons."  They are found all over Europe and so far escape identification.

Roman DodecahedronMore about them follows:,

Gaia, what is the Roman dodecahedron found in Roman archeological digs?

Yes, they’re enigmatic objects, Tom.  These were used in their religious practices, as they did represent the 12 phases of life, we’ll call them, which are tied to astrology.  They are not games as you might guess, but were turned and gazed upon by the oracles of that time period.

But there you have it.  The knobs were thought to be receptacles of information as they were turned by the person using them.


Theo, a little more on having a life in Atlantis after this one.  You said it would be less than 10%.  Would it be less than 5% of the population that would have a future life in Atlantis? 

Yes, Tom.  It would be that low, but even lower – 3 to 4 percent. Atlantis

So what type of lives would they need or decide to have during that time period?

The possibilities are endless, Tom, as even 3 to 4 percent of the population is quite huge.  It encompasses every possible scenario.  I can’t just narrow the possibilities down.


Princess DianaTheo, I neglected to ask if, even after her next life or several others, will Princess Di be one of the children of William and Kate?

Yes, that is a nice thought, Tom.  But again, no.  Certainly that could be a probability but the souls coming to Kate are unique and have no connection to Princess Di.  They will have their own soul contracts to follow.


Milton writes:  Would you please ask what happened to the 5 pilots who left Fort Bermuda TriangleLauderdale in November 1945 and allegedly disappeared without a trace in the so-called Bermuda Triangle? What really happened to them?

Gaia, what actually caused the planes to crash in 1945 in the Bermuda Triangle?

A combination of instrument malfunction due to the magnetic conditions, along with pilot error, Tom.  They became confused and flew in circles until their gas ran out.  You still have much to discover about this area known as the Bermuda Triangle, and it will not be completely solved or understood for several years, although certainly theories abound.  Therefore I will leave this question of why the area reacts this way for those “ah-ha” moments for your scientists and investigators.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, 

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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