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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

November 11, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been “off” with my reception, and it has mostly to do with the probabilities of some event or events happening. I’ve been told in the past that my reception can be affected if I’m tired, or planetary alignments can even affect reception. And I was quite ill 59%recently with a bad stomach virus. But I wanted to know more, so here are some questions I asked.
Gaia, have I only been given the probabilities for a certain belief system as nothing I have been told recently has been happening?

I realize, Tom, that this does appear to you to be the case, but I assure you we—Theo and all the souls you have communicated with recently—are who we say we are, and we are giving you correct probabilities. You have been somewhat off in your reception, going down paths that are lesser probabilities that you do not realize at the time. We have to respond to those probabilities on those pathways. This is extremely difficult for you or anyone doing your work to understand. Other channels, we will call them, have had similar problems, but you have at least asked for probabilities, yet in some cases you presuppose an Telepathyevent that takes you on a certain pathway.
So, how do I correct that?

As difficult as it seems, you can by blanking your mind and not allowing your mind to interfere with your reception. Then your accuracy, as you call it, will increase as to the proper probability for any given event or series of events. And ask everyone to say a Benevolent Prayer for you to receive answers without any interference.
And I do request an MBO to receive these thought packets perfectly, Gaia.
Yes, we know.
Here is a Benevolent Prayer to say:
“I ask any and all beings to assist TelepathyTom in receiving these thought packet answers to the questions he poses, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”
(Later) Theo can you add anything to what Gaia told me about my reception?

Just do not presuppose anything, Tom. I know that seems difficult as you do not realize you are presupposing, but it is an easy path to drop into and we have to respond to that probability.
What about the terrorist event in Germany? Did I presuppose that?

In a way, but that is still on the books shall we say—just not the time period. You’ll see.
 Washington State Earthquake Zones
Keep in mind, everyone, that right now there is a 59% probability of there being large quakes on the North American West Coast sometime between 2022 and 2027 and 41% that there will not be huge quakes but some other probability. But I’ve received several questions regarding this probability so let’s cover them all now.
Rita writes:
Just finished reading the latest newsletter, and always glad to see more info on the coming West Coast catastrophes. I live just to the east of I-5 in southern Washington, in a little town south of Olympia, named Chehalis. I am wondering if I need to be even further east to avoid being effected by a major earthquake or tsunami. My only grandchild is in north Seattle, with my only daughter, and my sons live in Renton and Kent. Is it possible to get any information on how far east the West Coast of Washington will be effected?
Gaia, how far east in Washington State will be affected by the probable upcoming quakes in several years?

All the way to the Cascades, Tom. They have fault lines in this area and there will be great movement and flooding. At the very least, move over the mountains and away from Mt. Rainier.
Laurie writes:
I also remember hearing on the news after the Fukushima tsunami that their seawall didn’t stop the tsunami because the LAND HAD SUNK. It had dropped down far enough to allow the tidal wave to go over the seawall. I wonder if Gaia has plans for this to happen again, Japan Tsunamiin certain areas of the world, so that sea levels will reach the heights she’s told you about. Maybe that a question you could ask as you try to learn more details. Click here.
Gaia, what is the probability of the land sinking instead of chunks of land falling into the ocean on the West Coast on the 59% probability of this happening in a few years?

There will be little sinking of land, Tom. It will appear as if a large amount of land will simply break off along one or more fault lines. It will not be a slow roll-out, shall we say, although with the aftershocks more land will break away. And yes, the land will push away the ocean, but it will roll back in. I am giving fair warning, Tom. You are not the only one who will be given this message. You are just one of the first.
Randy writes from Canada:
Re: quakes in Vancouver area. If you could tell me and others in our area how far inland we will need to go. Would Kelowna be far enough away? Please check a map of our area and ask your contacts. And thanks for all you do.
Gaia, is Kelowna far enough inland from Vancouver to move?British Columbia Canada

No, I regret that this area surrounding this town will have extensive flooding. The safest will be over the mountains.
Jan writes:
Thank you for your service. Love the books, love the newsletter and look forward to it each week!
When the ocean rises 62 to 80 ft. above current levels in the future, what does that mean for the overall water table and the effect on the majority of rivers and lakes, and in particular the Great Lakes? Do most ALL bodies of water rise with a rising water table? The Great Lakes, like the ocean, have all been higher than usual now. Is this the new norm and higher still for all near lakes in the future as water continues to rise? When you say move from the coastlines, do lakes count? Or perhaps just huge ones?

Gaia, will the Great Lakes and, for that matter all lakes, rise with a dramatic increase in ocean levels?

The Great Lakes will rise, but not significantly, along with a few other lakes. But the water table will not rise as your reader suggested.
How high will the Great Lakes rise?Great Lakes

A couple of feet, Tom—more so closer to the Atlantic Ocean.
Pat writes:
Could you please ask Gaia about the Sedona/Flagstaff area where earthquakes, floods, and property damage are concerned as she mentioned people should move as far east as Albuquerque. Also time frame of any potential upheaval. Thank you.
Also, can you tell me what energy was used on Bell Rock as I live in the VOC and am trying to repair my eyes and vision? Was it the energy of Bell Rock?

Theo: “No, Reiki has great benefits in using this energy, but reshaping the eyes requires using another energy available to you. You touched on it in Sedona when you meditated at the top of Bell Rock and felt yourself go into the rock. Afterwards your eyes had slightly improved to where your long vision was better.”
Would you say that our opportunity for increasing our ability of psychic intuition is now more so than other times? Thank you, Tom for your service.Sedona Arizona

Gaia, will the Sedona/Flagstaff area be a safe place to live in the future?

Fairly safe. They will not be flooded with water, so much as being flooded with an influx of people escaping from the West Coast.
Was it just the energy of Bell Rock that corrected my eyesight just a little, or did I somehow attract another energy?

Bell Rock was the catalyst, shall we say, Tom, and the energy contained there did the rest. You were not the only person who experienced an energy transformation there. This energy should be studied.
Lost the email from the lady who asked this question.
Theo, a psychic in early January had predicted a worldwide recession Recessionbeginning this year and continuing for several years. Did he latch onto a small probability since he said it would last until 2038?

Quite so, Tom. As you were told before, there will be no worldwide recession, but the typical ups and downs of the economy during the next few years until the catastrophic events occur in a few years’ time—and I might add that those are stronger probabilities and not just small ones.

As you have experienced, it is quite easy to focus on a small probability, even with asking what probability the event has. It is a delicate line and on this time line you and others who do this work must sift through shifting sands to view the probabilities. Your upper time line selves do not have such an arduous time.

Jan also writes:
You have described old souls, seasoned souls and new or young souls. In the last newsletter, the soul of Colonel Han Von Luck was described as an “early quadrant” soul. In the definition of old, medium (seasoned) and young souls are there subdivision quadrants?? QuadrantsCan you explain in number of lifetimes, or some other way, how this categorization and quadrants work with regard to lifetimes of experience?
Theo, would the description of the number of lives divided into quadrants be just a figure of speech or are they viewed in that manner?

More in that manner, Tom, from our side. It is simply a way for us to describe—using this in the future, you see—as to how many lives a person has had or is in the process of having. Saying that a person is a new soul, medium soul, seasoned, or an old soul in terms of Earth lives is very general, and we can be more specific if we denote quadrants.
Learned something new to ask in the future!

Jen in Helena, Montana writes:
I know I've written to you about my daily walk before, but I have a question that I was hoping you would ask Pine Spirit about.
I have been sending a lot of love and energy into this one particular Dead Pine TreePonderosa Pine that had been killed by pine beetles, but for some reason I have been sensing life in him. I have adopted a "him" for this tree because he always felt masculine to me. This tree was incredibly unique and enormous. It had a marking that I'm not sure was put there, or just grew there, that looked a lot like an anchor. I would usually place my forehead on him and whisper my love to both Gaia and him and always felt something come back from him. The smell of his bark would change and would sometimes smell like vanilla, caramel corn, or even the smell a church has when it gets old. There was no outward sign of life in this big guy, but I always felt awareness from him.
Well, on Tuesday, on my evening walk, someone had cut him down. I was incredibly upset by this and even did a Cherokee war yell in my grief over him. I took a piece of his body that had been left behind and have it on my altar. I still stand on his uneven trunk and raise my arms to the universe and send my love that way, but I'm still pretty upset by his loss and a wee bit angry at who killed him, I know the neighbor who did it, but am trying not to let any vengeful feelings surface.
My question to Pine Spirit is this. Was this my friend's choice to go, or Firewoodwas it an act of callousness by my neighbor? Is my friend back on his home planet now, or will I discover he has reincarnated again? I feel some answers surfacing, but I think I'm too close to this to really understand which answer is the "real" answer. Please tell Pine Spirit that I really loved getting to know his spark and I really miss him and love him to the depth of my soul. I would be thrilled to hear that he is back and is waiting to pick up where we left off. One thing that I did glean is that trees aren't technically "dead" until they have completely decomposed, which would explain why houses have the spirit of the wood that had created them, they retain that spark a lot longer that we thought, so fascinating!
Thanks, Tom. I really appreciate your answer.

Now, I wish to speak to Pine Tree Soul.

Good morning, Tom, I am Pine Tree soul.
Good day and good life, Pine Tree Soul. I assume you are from Oak Pine Tree ForestTree’s planet too?

Quite so, Tom. There is a whole group of us that handle all the trees on Earth. We had a number of souls that volunteered, as we liked Creator’s idea of having millions of trees on this planet.
How did you choose the pine needle as your leaf structure, and in fact the shape and height of your trees?

An interesting question, but to put it succinctly, Tom, it has to do with the environment my trees exist in—many are in more mountainous areas, and I could have more trees that would not block out the sun for the smaller trees to grow. Also, there is beauty, I’m sure you’ll agree, even when my needles fall to the earth and make a carpet upon the land. So, there are many things I enjoy—height, number of trees, even the bark structure. I could go on and on.
I do have a question from Jen in Montana. She grew attached to one of Pine Needleswhat would be described by humans as a dead tree, yet she felt an energy and was heartbroken when it was cut down. Was it just its time to go?

We understand, Tom, that our dead trees, although they, yes, do retain an energy, are to be used by humans to keep you warm. That is part of our service to the Earth Experiment, as you call it. I sincerely appreciated Jen’s love and my whole forest in her area sends our love to her and to all the people who love and honor my trees. She will be attracted to another living tree that will send lots of love her way.
Ok, that’s all I have for now, Pine Tree Soul.

Good life, Tom, and thank you for bringing everyone’s attention to us. When you walk in the forest, send your love to us and we will respond ten-fold.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” and was introduced to me in 2008 by Theo. After 800 lives on Earth he’s back on Nommo, a water world in the Sirius B Star System, working as aAbe Sapien -- Hellboy Movies member of a “first contact” team. Read much more about him, his planet, all about motherships and scout craft, and the original star wars in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.
Aravind writes from Australia:
During a dream today, I received images of a star-chart indicating a planet in the Regulus star system just slightly adjacent to Vega that is home to "shark-like" people.
Several centuries ago these shark people acquired a sample of the human DNA from Earth for 'study' - but (and this is where it gets interesting) I also saw a colony of humans on that planet as well. These humans warned me to stay away from the planet. Not sure why.
Can you ask Antura whether such a planet exists? Or whether it was Regulusjust a symbolic dream?

Antura, does a planet exist near Vega in the Regulus star system and are there shark-like beings, plus a colony of what appears to be human beings, that live there?

Aravind has correctly seen what he describes as shark beings. But he mixed in the humans as the colony is humanoid, but do not have the appearance of Homo-sapiens. The Explorer Race will one day travel to this planet to meet these people. But it will be a long time in your future.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Emily writes:
Here is an MBO for you. My 13 year old female cat Munch Sick Catstarted throwing up about two weeks ago. Small matter (fur balls) in the beginning, two days later on Saturday night it was serious. She was not keeping anything in her system including water. We realized how serious it had become when she was lethargic and her eyes looked glazed over with pain.

We started MBOs immediately and asked a friend to say BPs. We had to find a pet emergency room in our area. We found one...drove down and continued with our MBOs asking for the very best results and for a quick fix for whatever was causing her so much pain and for her body to be fully restored to a perfect healthy place.
After blood work and X-rays were taken, then came the waiting for the results. About an hour later, the results were: her white blood count was very high and it appeared there was a small blockage in her intestines. The vet was not sure what it could be; his guess--most likely it was undigested food. She was given an injection of antibiotics as well as Cat at Vetone for anti-vomiting. We came home with a week’s supply of liquid antibiotics and four days of anti-vomiting meds. We were instructed to watch her closely to make sure she drank lots of water and to watch for that blockage to pass through her system.
She didn't really eat for the next two days, but drank lots of water.
MBOs were kept up till she not only started eating but till she passed the blockage, which took 4 days. Munch is now back to her old self and feeling great. I am beyond grateful for her life and her perfect health. She has been a loving part of my life since she was four weeks old. Having her healthy brings me joy. MBOs and BPs work. I use MBOs all day, every day for so much, however, this time it is worth sharing. That is how important Munch is to us. Thank you, Tom.

Margaret writes:
Often on Halloween, trick-or-treaters skip my house Trick or Treaterbecause my entrance is around a corner. Over the years, I have posted a dayglow orange sign with the words “Goblin Food” and an arrow pointing to my doorway into the lawn. This year as I hammered my sign into the grass, I said a BP, that the sign’s energy would attract each kid to my house.

Within minutes, seven young teens came to my door, and to a person they said how much they liked my sign. Little ones came up asking their parents what the Goblin Food was for. I told them it was for them. The sign evoked much fun, and I had more kids come for treats than in all my years here. Thank you!
Freestone writes:
Dementia and Alzheimer's.
On the surface; seems such a waste of life. Why would someone choose this as a life task, especially for the early onset types, which sometimes happen at age 50 or so? Egads....20 to 30 years of nothing and being dependent upon everyone for everything, and not even being able to thank the caregivers for this! In fact, one might be ornery and Lady with Senior Citizenmean, the bitter old man!
I live in a senior home where there are a lot of Alzheimer’s and dementia residents. Some of them have the "early onset" versions where they begin to lose memory in their 60s. Here, I know of several college professors and other professional people who now cannot keep a sentence in memory and cannot even watch television as they cannot keep track of the progress of the program! Often they cannot even know what meal they are eating.

I learn a lot about this condition, living here. I belong to a caregivers group too, to understand more about the stress of caregiving. Sixty percent of the caregivers die before their charges, they tell me! The stress is so, so high.
But I wish to know the Spiritual background as to why these people Assisted Living Centerhave this terrible condition! What karma, what Agreement? Why would a lawyer or some other talented person have this?! I have known of a gentle minister who was very giving and helpful to the poor and the spiritual needy, now he has to be hand fed and every single moment is "now"; anything told to him he will forget in a second, and he might live another ten to fifteen years!!
Why...why?! Past life karma? A predilection for heaven? Thus, what do you know, from the spiritual standpoint, about the whys of people getting this condition?! Thank you.

Theo, why are there soul contracts for dementia and Alzheimer’s and Assisted Living Centerwhy for some people at an early age?

Yes, we have covered this somewhat before, Tom, so we encourage people to read your previous newsletters with this subject matter. But, basically, it does give souls in your circle of soul clusters the ability to be care givers, while it also gives the soul fragment experiencing these diseases to be cared for out of love, while eventually succumbing to the disease. It is a bucket list item for you to experience in at least one life on Earth.
Regarding contracting it at an early age, again, these are soul contracts Assisted Livingto be cared for and balances in many cases have cared for those family members in other lives. It can also result in suicide, as you saw recently (a friend’s husband), which is, again, a soul contract for those loved ones to experience and grieve the loss of a family member.

There are so many people that are affected not only by these diseases, but in many ways who do not contract these diseases. This naturally includes doctors, nurses, assisted living center employees and so on. It allows for growth for all of these people who treat the afflicted people with compassion and love. Cures will be found for these diseases in the next few years.

Fortune writes:
I have a few, very intriguing questions.
1. In the Bible, we read about the God of the Jews who was very People fleeing deathdemanding and imposed his will on the Children of Israel. This God seems far different from the Creator or God of this universe you have talked to, so who was this God who from the looks of it decided to later leave?
2. The story of Alfred Bielek is very interesting, considering that most of what he said has been verified by other people. Where there might be a conflict with Theo is how he was regressed from Edward Cameron to Alfred Bielek and then thrown in a different timeline of 1927. How did Edward Cameron become Alfred Bielek?
3. How far advanced were time travel and teleportation when Alfred was Time Machineat Montauk, and today?
4. According to Alfred, his brother Duncan had a premature death and they had to have him reborn again.
a) Did the process of bringing back Duncan happen as described by Alfred?
b) Why was it important to let both Alfred and Duncan die natural deaths and not be silenced as has happened to most people who have talked?
5. How much are we able to manipulate time and space here on Earth, considering that other civilizations elsewhere have mastered the technique?
Thank you very much, Tom.

Theo, explain why there are stories in the Torah and Old Testament that portray Creator as vengeful?

As you just recently read of quotes from your life as Strabo two Sodom and Gomorrahthousand years ago, these stories were created to try and keep people in line – to keep them doing good and not bad. There needed to be some sort of frightening retribution for those who did not lead lives that were gentle and good.
Theo, did Al Bielek create all the stories or did he mix fact with fiction?

The majority was fiction, Tom. He got carried away to give people what they would pay good money for.
How far did the Montauk experiments go before they were shut down?Montauk Experiments

Too far. I am not allowed to go too deeply into this, as it will be hundreds if not thousands of years before you will have progressed far enough not to be a danger to yourselves and others. Best left alone.
Was Alfred’s brother reborn?

No. Total fiction.
How much are we capable of in manipulating time and space?

Here we get into an area where you are safe in experimenting. We have explained many times that you can manipulate time by requesting MBOs to have more time to get to an appointment or finish a project, and as long as you do not consult a clock or your watch, you can compress time. So, never say you don’t have time to finish some task or get to somewhere on time as long as you abide by these rules.
I'll call him Sam writes:

ORMOS Atomic Gold.
Accidentally discovered in the 70s by a chap while spraying with a Ormos Atomic Goldchemical, he discovered this substance, apparently used by the elites, it cures/repairs DNA and longevity. One of the experiments was when they turned it to white powder and put it is a dish to weigh, the weight was actually lighter. Is this one of the big discoveries of humanity for amazing benefits, and what’s your opinion?

Gaia, does ORMOS Atomic Gold repair DNA and add longevity?

Let’s just say it can be beneficial, and a lot more needs to be learned about the possible benefits.
Sam also writes:
I was with a very powerful channeler named Gerry McKeller whom I’m very close with. She channeled RA, and spoke to me saying I must continue with my pyramid endeavor and get pyramids out to the masses. I am on a mission with healing and especially with pyramid torsion energy and water.
My 1st question is, what was my connection to Gerry in the past life Sphinx and Pyramidsand  what is its purpose now?
2nd question: Why did RA come to me and what’s my past connection to pyramids?

Theo, what is Sam’s connection to Gerry McKeller in a past life?

They have had several together. Their soul clusters work together quite often.
Why did RA connect with Sam’s connection to the pyramids?

He was one of the overseers of the building of these monuments we will call them. They worked together. He has time invested in them, you could say. He understood their importance at that time, which has been lost but will be rediscovered in the fairly near future.
Busi writes:
Can you kindly ask your Guides about Shaka Zulu. I'm interested to know:
1. Whether it is true that dark forces influenced and directed his birth King Shakaand the subsequent bloodshed that marred his rulership;
2. Did he have a son and what happened to him and his mother?
3. How many lives did he have to live to balance the killings?
4. And lastly, is he incarnate at this time, and if so who is he?
Also Tom, my daughter sees a blurred layer around people and objects when she adjusts her eyes at will. What is she seeing and why?

Theo, was Shaka Zulu’s contract to be the leader of his tribe?

Quite so. His soul contract was to be the leader and not only of his tribe but of others for their soul growth.
Did he have a son, and if so what happened to the son and mother?

Yes, he did, and both were slain during the wars. This made him a ferocious and unforgiving leader. He had much to balance from this life.Map of Shaka's Conquests
How many lives is it taking for his balancing?

Over 80, as he went beyond his soul contract and was quite cruel to his enemies.
Is he incarnated in this time period?

No, but he will soon be, and will be balancing by being a gentle, loving leader.
Your daughter has a gift of being able to see Auras. Here is a link to read more about them, but you can also Google. Click here.


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