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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 16, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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I was able to catch up on a lot of questions sent in recently. If you have Bloga question, just email me. I have a hard time finding questions on Facebook, as it normally takes a couple of weeks to get to them, and by then the question posed is far down the list.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.
Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:
Gaia, did the total eclipse assist you with the intensity of Irma and Harvey?

Yes, Tom. Scientists are not really linking these events yet with the Mexico Earthquakeeclipse, but they need more study as to what happens to temperatures along with both bodies being aligned with each other. And yes, to your next question regarding earthquakes, that is a little easier for people to see, such as the 8.1 earthquake off the Mexican coast.
But as I mentioned before, it is not only Earth events, but these eclipses that do affect humans in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Will we see any more hurricanes make landfall on the U.S. coasts this year?

Yes, Tom. There will be one more, and yes, Jose will come back to cause havoc on the East Coast. We, again, return to my statement to move away from the coasts. Areas that were flooded before will again be flooded.
So, there will be no more after this next one?East Coast Hurricane

Correct, Tom.
I could be off on that last reception, as I struggled to concentrate early on that morning.
Tania writes:
Can you ask Gaia, when she mentions moving away from the coast, how far inland does she recommend?

Gaia, how far away from the coasts should people move?

That’s an easy question to answer, Tom. Far enough away so that you do not tax the coastlands as you’ve been doing for thousands of years. Yes, there still has to be ports for shipping, I understand, but the vast Hurricane Irma Destructionmajority of people do not have to live on or near a coast. Move back to the hills and valleys away from the coast.

This is for your protection, safety, and for your livelihoods as you are seeing not only here in North America but all over the world that the storms and storm surge have increased in intensity; and as was demonstrated recently, large earthquakes can occur just offshore from my tectonic plates moving and the earthquakes spawn tsunamis.

Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced by all these events and would not have suffered financial loss had they been farther away from the coast lines of the world. As you have explained to your readers before, Tom, have them request benevolent outcomes to choose the perfect, safe place for them to live.

Emily writes:
An interesting thought came to my mind so I am asking you about it.

This morning when I was saying my BPs & MBOs, my female cat Munch made a vocal sound after I finished and had said thank you. The sound she made is the same acknowledgement sound she responds to me when I tell her I am going to meditate and invite her to join me. She is Catvery talkative by nature, however, this was the first time she spoke after I finished my prayers. I always say them out loud so my cats always hear me. Munch is very intuitive to me so I feel as if she was confirming my prayer requests.
The question is do cats or any other animals pray or put in requests as we humans do, like MBOs or BPs?

Theo, I wish to speak to Cat soul.

Cat soul here, Tom.
Good life, Cat soul. I’ve been meaning to speak to you, but now I have a question from one of my readers.

I’m always available, Tom, so for those of your readers who meditate, just ask to speak to me and I will immediately respond.
Cat soul, are you the soul for all felines on Earth, or is there another Catssoul for say tigers, or lions, or panthers, etc.?

Yes there are, Tom. I know you thought I would be the soul for all felines, but we decided to split the work, you could say, between more than one soul. There are great differences and we felt the various breeds needed a more personal touch you could say. I’m the soul for all those sweet cats that spend their lives with humans.
Would bobcats, which we have in our area, be under your oversight or ensouling?

No, again, I am just the soul for domesticated cats as you call us.
Is your planet in this galaxy or another?

Another, and pretty far away, but as Dog soul stated, one day the Explorer Race will come calling as we have been an important part of Cat Sleepingyour lives.
Cat soul, do you pray in a way or put in requests as we do?

Not the same, Tom. Yes, cats do meditate in a way. Dreamtime to us is quite important as I’m able to communicate with my soul fragments and remind them of where we came from.
OK, Cat soul, I’m sure I and my readers will have further questions, so good life for now.

Theo, I was expecting to feel a much more powerful energy from FilterCreator, but did not. Did Creator filter Its response to my questions through you? [See the 9/9/17
Quite so, Tom. I am intimately familiar with what your body can stand, so Creator relies on me to be the conduit.
Ronald writes:
In 50 years of reading about Sasquatch, this is the clearest, most ethical and spiritually understanding of all I have ever read.
Do enjoy this perceptive window into another species.
Click here.
Gaia, there seems to be more Sasquatch people than was previously Sasquatchbelieved. Would that be a correct statement?

Yes, Tom. These gentle people, as you might have guessed, are not part of the Explorer Race. They are more connected to inner Earth, but love the forests too.
How are they able to be invisible most of the time?

As you guessed, Tom, they are able to raise their vibrational level and to Sasquatch Infrasoundbecome invisible to those around.
How many Sasquatch are there, as I thought they were fading away?

There are thousands, Tom, but are not directly a part of the Earth Experiment. They are here to occasionally interact with Homo-sapiens and cause you to think and ask questions.
Are they capable of producing Infrasound?

Yes, one of their many abilities.
Philip writes:
As a daily meditator, I was wondering if Theo or Gaia Meditationcould tell us how many people around the world meditate at least once a day and what effect it is having on the planet. Could you please ask?
Gaia, how many millions of people meditate daily, and does that just affect them or the planet?

It does affect the planet, Tom, as it affects their daily lives—making them more calm and attuned to the world around them. They are able to glimpse for a few minutes that light within all people. This is but another reason why we have encouraged you to show people the great benefits of meditation—that they can ask questions if they wish, or just chill out, shall we use the vernacular of the day.
I find that Theo can be a little more specific sometimes than my buddy Top SecretAntura.
Theo, what is the probability now for Disclosure by the Russians in the next three months, since you gave me incorrect timing before, or I misreceived?

You did not misreceive. There has just been great resistance to releasing the information. Right now the highest probability will be in the next six weeks. Yes, you received that correctly, Tom.
For my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet.” He’s a member of my soul group or “cluster” and was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. Keep in mind that under the rules that I must go by, I have Abe Sapien Hellboy Moviesto ask very detailed questions. I can’t ask, for an example, “What appearance do you have.” I have to ask specific questions.

I was quite surprised to learn that he’s an amphibian in this life on his home planet Nommo in the Sirius B Star System, after 800 lives on Earth. He’s a member of a “first contact” team that goes to different planets to introduce themselves thousands of years before the beings on the planet are capable of interplanetary travel. They’ve even visited the next universe adjacent to ours to see how different that universe is from ours. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions First Contactthis week.
Emily asked this question.
I’ve been curious and now one of my readers has asked how much progress has there been after disclosure on Time Line 7?

Steady, but not spectacular progress, Tom. There have been two more disclosures since the first one. Things are proceeding as we hoped on that time line.
Just to verify, was the disclosure on Time Line 7 around June 1, or later?

Just a tad later, Tom. But as you have seen, there has been a larger gap between the disclosure on Time Line7 and 6 than there was between Time Line 9 and Time Line 8. But that is about to change, although you have heard this before. To use Earth vernacular, the dam is about to spring a leak. The Pleiadians have been trying to be civil about this.
Cathy writes:
Now that the Russians are a few months behind in making their ET disclosure, does this mean that the Pleiadian visit that was scheduled in December will be postponed until next year?
Will the delay in Disclosure push the public landing of the Pleiadians on 2018into 2018?

Unfortunately yes. But hopefully not too far—just a month or two.
Antura, what happened to the vehicles of the people who were abducted or “checked on?” Were they lifted into the scout ships or left there, or dematerialized and rematerialized in a new location?

Some vehicles were left where they were if the person or persons would be returned into them close to the same time. If the people were dropped off, shall we call it, closer to their destination then their vehicle would have been lifted, or in some cases dematerialized and then set down and the people inserted. Generally, it was felt that the people would be happier to see that they were closer to their destination. Naturally, the people would question how they got there.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Erica writes from Australia:
MBOs and BPs are part of my daily life and Australia Farmhouseused now as naturally as breathing. When any little thing comes up for the family from stress to health or other issues, and as I move around the farm with any of the animals that may need help I say them and things work out fine. Thank you so much for your work.
I speak to my own GA and ask that she (the name Leiah came to me.....maybe there is no gender with Angels?) speak to the GAs of others who may be making decisions re: my family (like the bank people who are still deciding the final outcome on our home farm). And I ask that they look favorable on my proposals and kindly on my family.
It feels ok to do this.

I also often ask the Angels in BPs to gently use their fingers to work in Australia Farmand around our animals who experience injuries and even when friends complain of a pain or soreness.
My gut and heart tells me that asking this way is fine and helpful and my intention is also for the best, so I figure that's the best indicator I guess.

Another BP that I have used and noticed immediate results has been at funeral/memorial services when people have been delivering their eulogies and it's obvious they are doing it tough. I ask that they are given strength and light from any and all beings to be able to deliver their important words. It seems to be almost instant and they are able tospeaker get through with grace and ease.

I also have done this when I have noticed speakers being very nervous in front of a large crowd, for example, with good results.
I just speak the words very quietly so only I and the Angels can hear!!
It feels good to be able to help from wherever I am standing and the BPs just flow naturally the moment I become aware there is an issue for someone or creature.
It's marvelous, Tom!! Thank you so very much for your work.

Erica has discovered new ways to use MBOs and BPs in her daily life. This all works! And the “whole souls” we call Guardian Angels (GAs) have no gender. I call my GA Theo, which is recognized as both a male and female name.

Donna writes from Florida:
With Hurricane Irma approaching Florida, I've been using numerous MBOs for stuck accordion shutters. There Storm Shutterswas one shutter that I couldn't do by myself, so I said "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to receive help from my neighbors to close the bedroom shutter. Thank you." I just "happened" to go outside when my neighbors were in their garage. I asked if they could help, and they said "that's what neighbors are for." It only took a few minutes for them to close the shutter!

I am so grateful! And just a few minutes after that, their garage door was shut and they were gone. Perfect timing and perfect outcome, thanks to asking for Angelic help! Thank you, Tom!

Pete in New Zealand writes:
Following on from the delay from Gaia, for the Major New Zealand Earthquake in August, I was wondering if it may be delayed to later this year?  Can you please ask?
And, if so, given the unusual alignment of Planets around the 20th of October 2017, would this be the approximate date?

Gaia, I would prefer not to ask this, but what is the highest probability South Island, New Zealandfor when you have reset the New Zealand earthquake and tsunami—this year or next and what month?

I realize why you do not wish to ask, having appeared on the surface to have been incorrect, Tom, but as I told you before, you had many more hundreds of people than you could possibly realize praying either your Benevolent Prayer or something similar for it not to happen. Therefore, it caused me to reset the timing, as I have to show all of you that prayers make a difference.
That said, the reset will be next year, but not too far into it I will say at this time. It will not be in October as was suggested to you by your reader. There will be other events around that time, just not New Zealand. I will give you sufficient warning and a date much closer as we approach the beginning of 2018.

I may have written this before, but this reminds me of 2010 when I was told that Japan would have a major earthquake and tsunami around the first week of September.  I emailed all my film and TV clients in Japan to warn them—did I lose face with my Japanese clients!  It did not occur until March 11, 2011.  As you have previously read, Japan is supposed to have another, slightly less, but still very destructive earthquake and tsunami sometime between 2022 and 2027. 

This question was posed by Sunny Ann on Facebook.
Click here.Teotihuacan Pyramid
Gaia, why was liquid mercury found in the chambers at Teotihuacan?

This had to do with their contacts with ETs, Tom. This is something that you can and will cover one day with Antura, so let’s just say it was needed as part of an identifier beyond Earth.
Jean in Tamworth, UK writes:
I find orbs very interesting because over the last 12 months I see them all the time in my house. I see white ones out the corner of my eye, also orange streaks darting everywhere. Sometimes they follow me around the house.

Few months ago I saw an enormous blue orb. I was preparing for bed, Blue Orbthe room was in darkness, and the front of my body appeared to be lighted up. The light moved; this beautiful orb moved along the headboard and just disappeared. Strange because I was due for an operation on my arm. It was very painful. Few days later all the pain had gone, the operation was cancelled. The doctors were baffled. I feel I was healed by this orb. It's all so amazing.

Theo, why and how did the blue orb heal Jean’s arm?

Yes, a unique occurrence for her. She asked for assistance in her dream state and it was granted.
Was the blue orb part of her guides?

Oh yes. I know you were thinking it might be a being from her home planet, but not in this case. It was a healing by her main guide. It was within her soul contract for the healing to occur. This should also be a hint to your readers, Tom. That was the other reason this occurred as it was known she would ask you.
Diane writes:
Is there any direction on how to heal claustrophobia? ClaustrophobiaSince it is related to abduction is hypnotherapy/regression my best option?
Theo, do you have any suggestions for treating claustrophobia?

As we have said many times, you are not to prescribe treatments for ailments in this life. I will say that if she will find a good hypnotist, she can be taken back to not only where this occurred in this life, but why it occurred in a past life.
George writes:
Did the actor Daniel Day Lewis have a life with AbrahamDaniel Day Lewis as Lincoln Lincoln (to model his performance on, as he played Lincoln in the Spielberg 2012 film)? Click here.
Theo, did Daniel Day Louis have a life with Abraham Lincoln?

No, Tom. He is just a brilliant actor able to capture the essence of the person he is portraying. But that is not always the case, as there are historical figures portrayed by people who had a life during that time period and were connected with the famous person in some way. Just not in this instance.

Aravind writes from Australia:
I came across this article recently: Click here.
It says in the article:

“The molecular structure of gliadin, the protein portion of gluten, Gliadenclosely resembles that of the thyroid gland. When gliadin breaches the protective barrier of the gut, and enters the bloodstream, the immune system tags it for destruction. These antibodies to gliadin also cause the body to attack thyroid tissue… This means if you have AITD (Auto-Immune Thyroid Disease) and you eat foods containing gluten, your immune system will attack your thyroid.
Several studies show a strong link between AITD (both Hashimoto’s and Graves’) and gluten intolerance… The link is so well-established that researchers suggest all people with AITD be screened for gluten intolerance, and vice versa.”

1. Does this mean that gluten is the main reason for increasing Thyroid Problemsprevalence of thyroid disorders? Or are there other reasons?
2. Apart from sugar, is gluten another main cause of obesity?

Theo, is gluten the main cause of thyroid disorders?

Yes, it is one of the main causes, but not the only one. Much more is being learned by your researchers.
Is gluten the main cause of obesity?

Again, it is one of the components, but a number of other factors contribute to obesity. Taking gluten out of a diet doesn’t simply solve the problem. There are many breakthroughs still to come to fix the problem of obesity. You can’t just say one thing is the culprit.
Mike writes:
I do see someone asked a general question about Bitcoin back on 12/21/2013, but a lot has happened since then. The price has risen from $600 to $4400 since then, plus a lot more technical innovation. So if possible, I'd like to ask for an update and perhaps a Bit Coinmore specific question:
Will Bitcoin (or some other cryptocurrency) and blockchain technology in general play a chief role in the future of the world's monetary systems and financial instruments overall? It does seem to have the potential to be quite revolutionary, bringing truth to the financial world for a change.

Theo, will Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) and blockchain technology play a chief role in the future of the world’s monetary system?

Not for quite a long period of time. It is already playing a role, but will it become (or something similar) the chief monetary system? No, that’s still down the road quite a ways. It has its limits, as can be seen as your reader pointed out with bitcoins increasing in value because of the limited supply. The other forms of currency will continue their role in world trade for a number of years.
Charlie writes:
Don King
1. Is Don King's soul interest Entertainment or Business?
2. Is this life, one of his bad guy lives?

Click here: 

Theo, is Don King’s soul interest either entertainment or business?Don Kink

More on the entertainment, artist side. This life was to explore the business side of sports and entertainment.
Would this life be considered that he was or is a good guy or bad guy?

A mixture of both. He more or less followed his soul contract, but he will have balancing to do in the future.
Would he be considered a young, medium, or old soul?

More medium, as he has had previous lives with many of the people he has worked with.


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