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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 15, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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May I wish Christians who celebrate Easter Sunday a most benevolent day, and all those of the Jewish religion who take part in the eight days of Passover, ending on Tuesday, a most benevolent celebration.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Theo, what is the probability of Assad no longer being the leader of Bassar al-AssadSyria by June 1 of this year?

Quite high at this time, Tom. Over 80%. Certain events have to occur for that to increase higher. It all depends upon other people—other countries such as, you well know, Russia brokering the deal for him to step down.
What about the void that will be left? Will it prove to be even more chaotic for the country?

Not as much as is feared by those who study this country’s political landscape. There will be a moderate who will emerge that all but the most radical will accept. ISIS will remain a problem, but will not be able to fill the void. Their numbers are dwindling with time as they are attacked on all fronts by multiple countries. They will not disappear, but their control over parts of Syria will greatly diminish.
Gaia, is the probability high of the Katla volcano in Iceland erupting in the next three months?

That’s correct; I will soon have Katla erupting. The probability now for it Katla Volcano previous eruptionto erupt in the next three months is over 90%. I need to release pressure, while melting the deep ice cover, plus it will add more land, and that in itself will displace water, while the melting of the snow will also add to the world’s ocean level. When I told you before that the oceans would rise 12.5 inches, it has a great deal to do with climate change, but also an event such as this can assist in achieving that rise.
Here is a short CBS Video story on the dangers of the Katla eruption. 
Click here. 

OK, that’s all my questions for today, Gaia. I do thank you and wish you God speed as we have said many times before.

You would be amazed, Tom, at how many times we have ended our King William IV with me behind himsessions with that phrase.
I’m sure I would, my dear. I assume it was more times than just the life in England?

Oh yes, many lives besides that one. You are veiled, Tom, as you should be, but I can assure you we are old friends, since you have worked on Earth so many times. You still have much work ahead of you in the coming years. We will take advantage, shall we say, of your long life this time.
That’s fine, Gaia. Just keep sending me energy for the task.

Stephanie writes:
Follow up question with Gaia and Yellowstone. Will the Yellowstone event happen after the visit from our alien cousins or before? So, when Yellowstone happens, will this trigger the earthquakes on the West Coast? Will it be immediate? Timing? Thank you for all that Yellowstone Calderayou do.
Gaia, will the Yellowstone eruption trigger the earthquakes on the West Coast?

No, they will be separate events. If you recall, we have repeatedly stated that the West Coast earthquakes will follow or be triggered, to use your terminology, by the major earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan. That is when those who wish to leave must do so, or they will experience the event.
Gaia has also previously said the eruption will be in the next 10 years—not five. That will be after the ET visits.

Melody writes:
Love the newsletter. I've read them from the beginning. Thanks for your time and effort to bring this information to us.
Could you ask Theo about negativity. My definition of it is pessimistic, Dissapate Negative Energynot hopeful, etc. Since we are the first ones to successfully live with negativity, how does Theo define negativity? Certainly, other worlds have wars, etc., which is negative. What happened to the others that tried to live with negativity? Or is it the ratio of negative to positive we have here in our lives on Earth that makes the difference? You mentioned that there are other souls that would never have a life on Earth due to the difficult ones we have here. Does being in the Earth Experiment really speed up our growth that fast, relatively speaking?

Gaia, I’m asked again if you can bring more understanding of negativity.

This is a very deep subject worthy of even the most knowledgeable quantum physicists. It is one of those building blocks that other societies have never been able to work with. They have ignored it for millions, and yes, even billions of years. Your souls volunteered for the Earth Experiment to learn how to handle negativity with the promise of fast-tracking your vibrational levels rising many times faster than what has been considered normal.
So, it is an energy, but one in which only you Homo sapiens have been successful in learning how to balance it. As has been pointed out many times, that has attracted observers from not only all over this universe but from others because everyone wants to see exactly how you are coping with this energy. That is the best we can show as they study and make millions of calculations. What seems normal to you is anything but normal anywhere else in the billions of other universes. So just continue with your lives and enjoy the notoriety is my best suggestion.

Gaia, how will religions change when they come to know the real history of the world?World Religons

There will be great changes as you can guess, Tom. Those religions that have taught that the Earth is only 6,000 years or so suddenly will have to rewrite all their books or writings on that subject. Their followers will suddenly be questioning all they have been taught in the past and there will be a great desire for more information about their history, and the history of the world.                                   [Image link www.]
This will be an unsettled time until more information comes forth—and of course a portion of that will come from your documentaries, as you well know. That is a major reason why you, whose soul interest is religion, will be telling these stories. You will assist these religions in coming closer together.

For my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet.” A member of my soul “cluster,” he is taking a break from having had 800 Abe Sapien of Hellboy Movieslives on Earth, mainly as an explorer, to have a life back on his home planet Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System. He continues as an explorer—this time as part of a “first contact” team and specializes in “grass roots” contacts when they contact a new planet that is emerging.  The Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy movies (depicted) looks slightly similar to him, but there are major differences. 

He will be on a huge mothership coming to Earth around October with a crew from 37 different planets to relieve a Sirian ship now on station. Then I’m supposed to meet him sometime in 2018, as long as people don’t freak out when the Pleiadians reveal themselves publicly to, first, the Russians and then the rest of the world. You can read much more about him in my
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are more questions I posed to him this past week.

Antura here, Tom, waiting in the wings for my appearance.
I hope you were not too lonely, buddy.

No, not in the least. I have several conversations going on at the same time.
You must be like the good host, jumping from group to group at a party.

That is a good analogy, but instead of moving physically it is a mental jump, we can say.
Antura, do the ETs that come here to take readings already know what UFOfrequency to set to be invisible or are they provided this information by Federation ships?

Yes, they are given these frequencies, we shall call them, plus a whole list of do’s and don’ts that they are told are strictly enforced. They are more than happy to stay within the boundaries that are set, as they understand you are not to be disturbed in your daily lives. They marvel at the results.

And, as you were thinking, don’t compare yourselves to the anthill being observed. These are serious people trying to learn how to improve their lives eventually and to understand how their lives will change in a few short universal years when you begin to travel to the stars yourselves. It may be over a thousand years to you, but for us and everyone else in this universe and beyond it will only be a little over 100 years. When you have races of beings that live 1,200 to 1,500 years as an example, this is right around the corner.

Sarah writes:
I was introduced to your web page via a friend, she is a medium, who is trying to help me with, for lack of a better word “a transition” I am experiencing.
I have been doing energy work with Tibetan bowls and tuning forks for a Pleiadianswhile now. I have had spirit communication and even visions of past lives. However, recently things have changed. I paint and my paintings seem to be showing me a being, I know this being is not of this world. When my friend came to visit, she took a look and right away said “Pleiadians.” I can also point out at this time that since I have been painting these beings, I wake up at 2:38 every morning being pulled outdoors by stars.
I don't believe in coincidence; I know there is a reason she sent me your link. Do you know anything about why this is happening, I feel I am blocking the information?

Antura, is Sarah connecting with Pleiadians for some reason?
Yes and no. She is connected with Pleiadians and will be learning much more about them in the coming days. She feels a strong connection with a group, and she should not be afraid to open the connection even further if she desires. Just do the normal surrounding herself in a bubble of white light and see where the path leads.

Antura, do the Arcturians have a ship on station?UFO

Constantly, Tom. They are a major contributor to the Federation and protect and serve just as we and the Pleiadians do.
Is their ship the size of yours, smaller or larger?

Not larger, but almost the same size, with a crew that would be in the general size of ours, along with their families, although their numbers of family members are just a tad smaller. You will be able to learn more about their differences in makeup as we go along.
Bernie writes:
Thanks again for your dedication to helping all of us. A while back I had sent a letter about seeing UFOs with my sons. You explained that we had been abducted by the Zetas and we were returned as our blood type was not what they were looking for. However, one of my sons has developed over the years, and especially lately, powerful chakra enlightenment to the point of developing a desire to become a Zeta Depictionhealer and has been taking classes. He has also been finding (out of thin air) others with likeminded qualities. He has also been visited by various entities and light beings.
He recently decided to once and for all find out what happened during our abduction and found a well-respected regressionist in this field. During his session, she developed a severe headache and my son had to put his hands-on healing to revive her. She told him she was “blocked” from the truth. We all want to know why. Not just for the heck of it. This incident has haunted all of us for years. We would like to put an end to it.

Antura, why has Bernie’s son developed healing powers since they were abducted? Did I misreceive they were only taken once?

You did not misreceive, Tom, but the Zetas’ actions, or probing if you will, opened up what would have remained dormant for some time. He acquired his healing ability all at once instead of working into it over a period of time. You could call it a side reaction to their tests on him. He now must learn to control the energy in order to be of service. When the Zetas come, they will be able to adjust him so that he has more control.
Norm writes:
I have some questions.
1. From a star chart reported by Betty Hill, Marjorie Fish, an elementary-school teacher and amateur astronomer, located the home planet of these beings in the Zeta Reticuli star system (allegedly the fourth planet Zeta Reticuliof one of the stars of the Zeta Reticuli binary system). Question: can you ask Theo or Antura to talk more of the Zeta planet(s) and if Zetas breathe oxygen or some other gas, and do they have an olfactory? Do they only communicate by telepathy? Why was the Zeta race dying out? How long has their race been in existence? What was the illness or disease; was it the planet killing them, or their sun? What was the success rate of the hybrids living and how long did they finally get them to live?
2. Did Zeta hybrids come and live on Earth, and are there any living hereBetty and Barney Hill now? Earth humans have no unusual powers, what powers would Zetas have that humans do not? Do Zetas see color? Do Zetas have morals, do they know right and wrong? How do Zetas Procreate?
3. Are humans the only creatures that meditate? Do Zetas meditate and what do they manifest in their visions of creativity? If they are from the past, with the human souls’ permissions to be abducted, (this is very weird and hard to comprehend) what is real?
4. Current vs. past Zetas needs to be explored with questions I cannot formulate. More info needs to be retrieved.

Antura, how many planets are inhabited by intelligent species in the Zeta Reticuli Star System?

This is quite a large system, Tom, so there are several planets with a Betty Hill Sketch of Zeta Shipgreat number of different species of beings. The planets are not oxygen-based atmospheres. There is a fairly wide range of atmospheres, just as there are in this solar system.
Do they have an olfactory?

It depends upon the planet and species. That is a yes and no question.
Do they only communicate telepathically?Betty & Barney Hill Zeta ET Depiction

For the most part they find this easier, with such a difference in species. As you have learned yourself, Tom, it is something that you can learn to do.
Why was the Zeta race dying out?

As has been explained before, they were cloning only. They were not reproducing according to what their bodies were capable of. It was decided by those that decide such things all the way up to Creator not to ensoul the bodies to force them to find a way for the race to survive.
How long has their race been in existence?

Quite long. Let’s say, as you were thinking, over a billion years. That is close to the number.
What was the success of the hybrids living and how long are their lives?

Yes, at first they had their disappointments, but they were able to adjust Zeta Depiction from Barney Hillquite quickly to the hybrid that would live, and therefore, their lives are quite long now—just as most of the universe. You have the shortest lives for reasons previously explained, but the hybrids would be in the medium category of 1,000 to 1,200 universal years.
Are there any hybrids living on Earth now?

No, they would not be able to live on Earth without protective devices.
What powers do the Zetas have that Earth humans do not have?

A keen mind, not veiled as you are.
Do the Zetas see color?

Yes, their ability so see color is more acute. As you were told before, humans would rank in the lower quadrant of beings who see.
Do the Zetas know right from wrong?

They certainly do now. They were desperate back then.

Do other races of beings meditate?

Yes, in many forms, but certainly much more than humans do.
What do they manifest in their visions of creativity?Zeta ET Depictions

That is difficult to answer as we are speaking of multiple races. Creativity is much slower paced.
hese Zetas were what would be termed from the past because there are now Zetas much more advanced. Remember that you are in a space-time continuum. Real is real, but so much more complex than we can explain at this time in your existence.
Please keep in mind Tom, that it will be a short time before the Zetas return and much will be explained then “straight from the horse’s (or in this case Zetas’) mouth. It is almost impossible to give you some comparisons since they are so different.

OK that’s all for now Antura. Hope I got most of this down.

Yes, you did, Tom. It is difficult to make comparisons when you have no basis for comparison.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Gerry writes:
Just wanted to thank you again for introducing your Severe Thunderstormreaders to the power of MBOs. My granddaughter called me about an hour ago to tell me to turn on the weather channel. She said there was a severe thunderstorm with damaging winds of 60 MPH and the possible touchdown of a tornado about 10 minutes away from our area of the county. I immediately did an MBO for a circle of protection around our property and the entire neighborhood. The wind got a little heavy for a few minutes then faded away and then just a steady rain. Now our county is not even listed for a severe thunderstorm, just rain. It's so comforting to know the power of MBOs for the protection our GAs provide. Thank you again.
For all of you in tornado prone areas, you too can request MBOs for your protection. I also go outside and face the direction of the coming storm, hold out my arms, and say, “I welcome gentle rain” three times. That also keeps the hail size down.

Daralyn writes:
Several years ago, my older sister was scheduled to graduate from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ with a master’s degree, and I was invited to attend the ceremonies. The problem was, I Family Reunionknew that my younger sister would also be there, and at the time I had an unresolved issue with her. I didn't want to create any commotion at the event; I only wanted peace, but the thought of having to interact with her made me feel uncomfortable. So, I requested an MBO for having a delightful time in Tucson.
We siblings got together for dinner at a restaurant, and Little Sis even sat right next to me and talked to me a little. I felt nothing but peace, and the evening went smoothly, and I had a delightful time.
Thank you, Tom, for showing us a way to deal with awkward situations!

Kathy writes: In the years since I bought your first book
and have been requesting MBOs daily I've had wonderful successes and surprises in how powerful they are. Here's a recent one:
The "Low Tire Pressure" warning came on in my truck, so I stopped at a Low Tire Pressure Sensormini-mart to check the tire pressures and ended up using their air machine to add air to one of the tires. The next day I drove to my favorite tire store to have this problem fixed
and on the way asked for a Most Benevolent Outcome that the cost to fix this issue cost less than $100. I'd had this happen on a previous truck and it was a defective sensor, which cost over $100 to replace.
One of the mechanics at the tire store checked the tire pressure on all tires. They were all low and he added a bit of air to each to bring them up to the recommended pressure. Then he reprogrammed the sensors to remove the warning message. The cost? $0. That's a whole lot less than $100!! Thank you, my angels, and thank you, Tom,
for bringing us the wonders of MBOs.
Daralyn in Galveston, Texas, writes:
After reading about the benefits of Man with Beardpubic hair in the March 25 newsletter, I had to wonder about beards on men, which seem almost universal. And they seem prominent (and fancy) on Babylonian sculptures, so did ETs program us for that too, and do beards serve any practical purpose? I'm sure that men would love not having to shave daily.
Gaia, is there a practical reason or reasons for a man to wear a beard in modern times other than aesthetics?

Yes, a couple, Tom. They are already known. In severe winter climates, a beard can help keep a man’s face from frostbite. Other than that, of course, it can be for religious reasons, but that falls under the category of personal choice. It can also somewhat protect a warrior in battle, but again, more of a personal choice.
This question came from Michelle.
Gaia, was the 2005 Thailand tsunami influenced in any way by Tsunami Striking Coastastrological events?

Not by any astronomical events, Tom, but as I have said before, I utilize the astrological placements of the planets and, I will add here, other bodies to assist me with my earth movements. Astrologers have already analyzed this event, so you can simply search on the internet to read what the lineup was at that time. They typically will leave out other smaller bodies, but even those can assist me with an event such as this.
Marion may have posted this on my Facebook page, but I can’t locate it. There was a dog lost that we were asked to say a BP for, which several people did, but the dog was found frozen to death. I was asked why.Dog on Frozen Lake
Gaia, with people saying BPs for the lost dog, why did it freeze to death?

Yes, everyone has on their “bucket list” the pain of loss of loved ones. You still remember your dog that was run over by a car when you were only five. Not only the family will grieve, but so will others and there are teaching moments in this too. The dog will return in another form and will be loved. When there is grieving at the loss of a beloved animal this raises your vibrational level too because you are showing compassion.
Therese writes:
I've been reading your newsletters for three years and this had led me to explore other information. What I really get curious and worried about is how many people there are nowadays channeling various beings. It seems to me that there is very little questioning of the nature of these beings. I wonder if you have ever questioned whom you speak to, to discern their benevolence.
It seems to be taken for granted by some channelers and their followers Channelingthat because they say wise and knowledgeable and loving things therefore they are benevolent. Yet, what I think is that without directly questioning the motives and the sources of these beings we can easily be fooled. It just doesn't sit right with me anymore that angels, guides and channeled beings are always the light we believe they are.
I mean how do we really truly know without meeting them and experiencing their input over time? It doesn't sit right with me anymore to take for granted that alien beings truly mean us no harm or have no other agenda except to trade, exchange knowledge and advise us on our history. It bothers me that we are so gullible and that I have been too. But maybe I'm just a big cynic.
Can you talk about the Anunnaki and what, if any, influence they had on Barbara Marciniakour genetic development? Can you ask about Barbara Marciniak and if whom or what she channels is truly a benevolent race?
How do you really know that Theo, Gaia and Antura are beings that have your best interests at heart and are not misusing you for an unknown agenda? I really don't mean any offence to you. I'm just a regular person with no psychic ability but a very active and questioning mind.

Let’s go over some of the cautions I’ve mentioned in the past. Whether it’s books, articles, channelings, telepathic communications as I do (which is different from a trance channel), Theo says that you have to decide if that information “resonates” with you, or do you get “heartburn” or a tightness in your gut that is telling you something’s wrong with that information? If it does not, continue on your search for information that does resonate with you. Some information may not resonate with you now, but as you grow you return to that information and then it does.
If you recall, in the past I’ve encouraged everyone to connect with your White Light Bubbleown higher self, Guardian Angel, or any other being in the universe, but to take precautions when you do.
Each time before I put myself in an altered Alpha state, I request an MBO to receive these messages PERFECTLY. Theo says this gives you added protection from your own GA. Then I also surround myself with a bubble of white light, and I even go an extra step of surrounding that bubble with a bubble of gold light.
Another way to know if you are communicating with a benevolent being is that being never tells you to do something. Theo and Gaia are very emphatic that we are on Earth in these lives to make decisions on our own. They will not tell us to take this path or that path. If some entity does, Theo says to run the other direction.
That’s why I recommend starting to communicate with your own GA, as your GA is your best friend.
Remember that Theo introduced me to Antura. I did not just one day ask Soul Clusterto speak to an ET. After getting over the shock that someone else was tuning in on what I thought was a private conversation, I began what you’ve seen as asking hundreds and then in the thousands of questions. As it turns out, he’s one of the eight members of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls them. Keep in mind that these ETs are MILLIONS of years ahead of us in development. They are all at peace, and hopefully that is something we can learn from them. If they had nefarious intentions, it would have happened a long time ago.
Look to the future with anticipation and not fear is my best advice. That’s, of course, if what I said above resonates with you!
I think I’ll end this newsletter with a question I asked Theo.
Theo, will the questions I’m asking be widely viewed in a few years or far in the future?

Both, Tom. How is that an answer? As your predictions become fact, Newslettermore and more people will start not only reading your weekly newsletter, but all those that came before and are archived. Your readership has the highest probability at this time of doubling, then quadrupling several times over. If you think you are busy now, just wait. We will be there to assist you all along the way.
Regarding far in the future, as we have said in the past, there will be people who write books about the questions and answers you have received and will receive. They will point out the consistencies, and yes, inconsistencies, as they analyze what you received from us. And, of course, it will encourage others to do the same as you in the future.
In summary, your period of relative anonymity is about to end. But this is what you signed up for.


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