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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 21, 2017

Tom T. Moore



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I discovered that the North American West Coast will not only experience severe earthquakes in a few years, but will also lose land, which will greatly increase the ocean levels. See the questions below.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
The following is some really disturbing news. If you have read my
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed book, I was told there were three major times in world history where the oceans of the world rose dramatically. The first was when a line of volcanoes, located Atlantis Continenton the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on the Atlantis continent all exploded at the same time and broke the continent apart, leaving only a few islands here and there. The oceans of the world rose around 160 feet.
The second occurred when the Atlantean people living on Aryan and five smaller islands attacked Poseidia with laser-type weapons, Poseidia retaliated, resulted in all of the islands sinking, raising the ocean levels 41 feet. This was the origin of the Noah story.
The third great increase occurred 7,500 years ago when the Lemurians Mu or Lemuria Continentblew their continent apart using hydrogen bomb-sized weapons, raising the ocean levels 160-170 feet.
Gaia has been saying there are going to be enormous earthquakes on the North American West Coast sometime between 2022 and 2027. I kept having a gnawing feeling that I should ask if any land would be lost should this occur. Here are her answers.
Gaia, in 5 to 10 years when you have said you will have large earthquakes on the West Coast of North America, will any land be lost Collapse of Coastlineinto the ocean?

Quite a bit, Tom. Now you will start to understand a major reason for me telling everyone to move away from the coasts.
Then how much land—more than, say, was lost when Poseidia and Aryan sank 12,500 years ago?

Yes, much more.
Then, will the oceans of the world rise more than the 41 feet experienced back then?

Quite, so, and I know you will ask the probability and at this time it is already over 50%, and just under 60%.
The the ocean levels rise over 50 feet?Rising Seas

A little more, Tom. Let’s see if you can receive this—62 feet is close. We will work on that figure.
So, I don’t wish to say something that is incorrect, Gaia. A large chunk or several sections of the North American West Coast will drop into the ocean?

Absolutely, Tom. Take that to the bank. As you know, you must ask the questions. I cannot ask for you. I have been waiting for you to connect the dots, shall we say, for quite some time.
Yes, it is easy to understand a tsunami, since we’ve seen those, but parts of the coast sinking, none of us living now has really ever experienced that even on a small scale.

True, but I have repeated over and over again to move away from the Tsunamicoasts. Now, there is another important reason. Even if just the equivalent of Cuba, which Poseidia was the size of, and Hispaniola—the size of Aryan—dropped into the sea (and look how small they are compared to the whole west coast)—that resulted in a 41 foot rise. This will be much more.
Obviously we will have many more discussions about this, as I do not wish to do as I did before and latch onto a small probability.

I can assure you, Tom, that this is not a small probability. I gave you the percentages and you received them correctly.
(Next session) Gaia, please explain why there is a 40% probability that there will be no loss of land and earthquakes on the West Coast?

Ah, Tom, when you get into probabilities, there are thousands out there as you have been told for any moment in time. As you get closer to a specific time, these probabilities slowly reduce until the greatest probability for that moment in time emerges. It has to do with many Tsunamifactors, but obviously the greatest factor will be what your souls can learn from any probability. If there is great learning to be had, that probability will grow. If there is better learning from a lesser probability, then that is the experience you soul fragment of your souls will experience.
I understand your consternation that at this time the highest probability will be for there to be a loss of land and a great loss of life on Earth. As we say, that is not set in stone, and during the next few years you will see if that probability grows, or remains the same. Can it decrease? Yes, but that probability, I will say, is quite small at this time. As I have explained to you many times, I wish for people to move away from the Floodingcoasts. Some will, due to the hurricanes and storms that will cause flooding and loss of homes. But the majority of people around the world will remain in place in large cities sitting on the coastlines of the world.
I will have storms that will flood these cities during the next few years and one would hope that more people will choose to move to the interior. Looking ahead this will be a smaller percentage—perhaps 10% or so of the population. Therefore, I will work with your souls on the best course for all of your learning as I stated above. The loss of land and a great sea level rise is not set in stone as I said, but is the largest probability at this time. It will lessen only if there is a large population shift to the interior. We have several years in front of us and numerous hurricanes, typhoons and such that I will create to see if the probability for the large event will grow.

Let’s start putting out the following Benevolent Prayer to say OUT LOUD:

“I ask any and all beings to aid, assist and convince the people of the world to move away from the coasts in the most benevolent ways possible, thank you!”
 Earth Rotation
This question was posed on Facebook, but it is difficult and time-consuming to find who asked.
Gaia, has the Earth wobbled, and affected climate change?

It was but one of several factors. So, to answer the question, yes, there was a slight wobble, but did not represent the end of Earth days. As I have preciously explained, there will be many catastrophic events in the next few years—more than has been previously seen in modern times.
Kathy writes:
The horrible shooting in Vegas, was he off his contract? What drove him to this? This one affected a lot of people. Loved the prayers and so many awesome people that helped. Did he act alone or thought this through a long time?
Pam writes: It’s obvious that Stephen Paddock was angry and mentally Las Vegas Shootingill to have murdered and wounded 500+ innocent people.
We need to know why was he so angry and mentally ill so that we can do more to prevent situations like this. And for him to lead a double life where the people who knew him and loved him and had no idea is reprehensible/just wrong. Obviously, he was extremely disconnected from anyone.
I have several questions for Theo:
1) What was really going on with him that he was so disconnected?
2) Did he have a terrible childhood? An event that cut him off deeply from others?
3) Why was he so angry?
4) What can we do to identify people like this and to help them?
5) What can we learn to really connect with people?
Thank you, Tom – you and Theo ARE the BEST!!

Theo, was Paddock on or off his soul contract in the Las Vegas mass Mandalay Bay & Concert Siteshooting?

More on than off, Tom. I realize this is hard to understand, but if you noticed the nationwide and even worldwide effect, it was to show compassion and love. Sometimes it takes a large event like this to bring out the best in people. Obviously, he will have much balancing to do, but he was born with that personality disorder, so that should tell you something there.

It sometimes takes a major event for people to start changing their beliefs not only about such things as firearms, but in the basic goodness of people. On a soul level he will have to balance much in future lives, but he will also be a very decent person in those future lives, too.

Did he act alone?

Yes, that is hard for people to fathom, but he made detailed plans and  Stephen Paddockthen carried them out.
Besides being in his DNA, did he have a terrible childhood?

No, it was generally normal.
Why was he so angry?

This was in his mind, Tom—in his head. Any small rejection was amplified.
How can we identify people with this problem?

It will be easily identified in the future when DNA testing becomes the norm for the population. They will keep records of his DNA to see the differences, just as they will for thousands of other differences.
How can we connect with these people?

In a way it is out of your hands, as some things are soul contracts. You can send white light and love out to the world each day and with thousands and then someday millions of people doing this, there will be a great change. It does not seem as if you are accomplishing anything, but I can assure everyone you are making a difference when you do this.
There has already been one terrorist attack in Somalia (after I received the below information) where they blew up a truck bomb and killed 300 people.
Gaia, what is the probability of a large terrorist event in the next 7 days?Munich at Night

Very small, Tom, but as you are going to extend that out, the probability is over 90% in the next two weeks. I will not give you an exact date, as there are soul contracts at play here, as you well understand.
Yes, but they will not be influenced by my FB or newsletter.

True, but when.
What continent will the event take place on—North America?

No, Tom, Try Europe.

Will this be involving a plane, or something on the ground?

Ground, Tom, but good question.
Will it be guns or explosives?

Both, Tom.
France or Germany?Frankfurt At Night

Germany, Tom.
I would have thought France.

No, you’re receiving correctly.
Single person or group?

This is a high probability?

Quite so, my friend.
There is always the chance I did not receive accurately.

Cynthia writes: T
om, are the California fire storms geoengineered? They California Wildfiresure seem like it! Click here.
Gaia, are any of the California wildfires geoengineered?

No, they are not that sophisticated. These fires, they will discover, began in a variety of ways, including some man-made. Still, keep in mind that even an arsonist has a soul contract to perform. They were also born with that behavior pattern in their DNA.
This question came from Eleanore in Florida.
Theo, what is the probability of the Trump Administration remaining in chaos until the mid-term elections in 2018?

Actually quite high. President Trump and Congress will remain at odds Rex Tilerson Being Sworn Inand the two sides of the aisle will finally be forced to work together in order to accomplish anything. More people will leave his administration. At times it will look like a revolving door, and each time someone leaves there will be a time when the next person will not be able to accomplish much until they get settled in their job.

Therefore, in percentages, the probability would be over 80% at this time, but that does leave a little room for benevolent change if your readers can continue to say the BP for decisions to be made in the best interests of everyone. This will result in some good legislation coming about.

So, again, let’s say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to assist President Trump, his administration, Congress, and the Courts to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the United States, the citizens of the world, and the planet, thank you!”
For my new readers, Antura entered my life when he was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. Theo said he was an ET, and as I heard that all of our initial contacts would have our same appearance, I was shocked to Abe Sapien Hellboy movielearn he was an amphibian that looked more like the Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy movies. Over time, I was to ask him thousands of questions, resulting first in my 2013 book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and since then with many, many more questions. He says that soon he will be arriving in one of those huge three-mile-long and 20-stories-tall motherships with a crew of 900 plus their families totaling 1,500. They represent 37 different planets with many types of beings we cannot yet imagine. Here are more questions I asked this week.
Joan in Sedona writes:
Blessings to you for all you do. I was wondering if you could ask about something that happened to me in my childhood. I had to be 3 years old....or younger. All I remember from that time about this subject is that I had reoccurring nightmares....the same dream which to me seemed similar to a Hansel & Gretel dream.
Then my mom told me I had spent some time in a children's hospital in ET Ship and ChildConnecticut for pains in my legs.....all of this I do not remember. Fast forward to Sedona around 2012 or so. Went to a healing class given by a well-known person who was a channel and healer who had previously been in The Sedona Journal of Emergence. Loved this. During the three-day class, I had an emotional breakdown of sorts when I asked why I could not finally let go of back pain I had experienced for years due to an old injury. I could not stop crying....and was immediately surrounded by love from all in the room....and the channeled being told me it was something that happened to me as a young child which I did not remember.
I went home and I first thought of some sort of abuse.....but knew in my heart it was not that....from any of my family. A few years later I had a reading in Sedona and I asked about this. She told me I had been abducted as a child and that they wanted to erase my memory because of what I knew or something like that. Wanted to know if this is true. UFO DepictionAlso, when I first got to Sedona I remember one night in bed where I was awake...but could not move for a while. All this came up today because I was watching Ancient Aliens about abductions. I have no bad feeling about this whatsoever....was just curious. Also I have RH negative blood type. Thank you!!!!!!!

Antura, was Joan abducted as a child by ETs or humans or is she just blocking the leg pain?

She was abducted by ETs as a small child. This was, as you might suppose, a traumatic event.
In this month’s
SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE, where I have a Sedona Journalcolumn each month, they published a channeling by Robert Shapiro saying there would start to be more contacts by the Zetas in 2018; so I asked about this.
Antura, are Zetas starting to make their own contacts?

Yes, but it will still be limited. These are mostly people connected to the Zetas as part of a soul cluster. The main contact is and will be controlled by the Pleiadians. The information about the Zetas is, as you can imagine, limited to a certain number of people.
Antura, are the Zetas’ eyes as large as they are portrayed in drawings, or are they enlarged because they seem large to those who have encountered them, or are there Zetas with big eyes and some not as large?

More the latter, Tom. Most of the Zetas these days have larger eyes, yes, Zeta Depictionbut not to the extent portrayed in the drawings. Those accounts were from people under duress when they were abducted, so to them the appearance of the little three foot or so people seemed out of proportion.
Not sure if I asked this before, but how many planets in the Zeta Reticula system?

Quite a few, Tom, which is why there are several varieties of people that have been portrayed—both humanoid and otherwise.
Are there over 50 planets?

Yes, quite so, although not all are inhabited; just as your solar system has planets that are uninhabited, so do they. Removing those from the list we are left with a little under 30.
OK, I assume no movement on the Russian front?

Not yet, Tom, but although nothing seems to be happening, I can assure you that date will soon be here. I know I sound like a broken record, but that’s what the Pleiadians say.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Linda in Auburn, New York writes:
Every morning I ask for an MBO for a happy surprise and my guides always come through. Sometimes it’s a butterfly that comes up to me or a deer in my back yard or a post season white rose on my rose bush.

Yesterday, I asked for a big happy surprise as of lately times have been Triangle UFOa bit challenging. I got into the car just after 6 am to go to the gym and while on the highway I saw a triangle shaped ship with multi-colored flashing lights just flying slowly over the city like it was taking readings. I pulled off the road to watch it to be sure and there it was plain as dawn.
I then sent blessings to the beings in the ship for their work and thanked my guides for a happy surprise. Much needed! I also sent blessings to you for your wonderful work. Thanks for all you do.

I also want to note that during my morning prayers I surrounded the city with white light and asked that any negativity be moved on to its next level of its evolutionary process. I did ask if that was noted in their readings and got a yes.
Marsha writes:
From my heart, thank you for all you are sharing with us! My life has opened like a flower since I started saying BPs and MBOs so many years ago....

A notable recent experience happened after I said an MBO before Half Price Book Storeentering a used book store. The store was packed floor to ceiling with rows of bookshelves, but I had asked for just the right book to speak to me. I found the metaphysical section, turned the corner, and was staring at it, eye level!
The channeled book was called Ascension by Serapis Bey, and in an obscure footnote I found the answer I had long wondered about: why God would put so much evil on this planet. Here is the footnote in part:

"The answer is that the children of God as a whole have not asked for Half Price Bookshelp enough-- they have not invoked the assistance of the heavenly hosts in enough numbers to counteract the forces of evil that have been allowed (by humanity's misuse of their free will) to run rampant on the world scene." (Pages 183-4)
So, I ask everyone to join in the following B/P:
"I ask any and all beings to help bring about world peace, and effective ways to eliminate terrorism to be made known and implemented, and for a safe and just resolution to the North Korean conflict, and for the contact by the ETs to go with ease and that we may learn all we can from them, and all to happen soon and quickly, under grace, and in a perfect way, thank you!"

Pam writes:
There’s a new show on A&E about the murder of Laci Scott Peterson in PrisonPeterson and her unborn child, Conner. They are proposing that her husband, Scott, who is on death row, did not kill Laci. Can Theo comment on who actually killed them and the motive?
Theo, was Laci Peterson and her child killed by Scott Peterson?

Yes, Tom. That is well documented and will not change. Scott will balance in an upcoming life. He is not balancing her causing his death in a past life, although that might seem to be the case.
Pam in Houston writes:
There has been a lot of “scuttlebutt” on whether or not “parabens” are carcinogenic. Reportedly, they are used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products to prevent growth of harmful bacteria and mold in order to protect the product and consumers. In  Sun Tan Lotioncosmetics, they are known as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben. They supposedly mimic the activity of estrogen and estrogen is associated with certain forms of breast cancer and parabens have been found present in breast tumors.
Since they can be absorbed through the skin, how can we be sure if certain moisturizers and sunscreens that contain them are ok for us to wear daily?
In your July 2017 newsletter, Theo said
“the occasional use of sunscreens during the day when you are out in the sun is safe for use.”
I drive to work 30+ miles each way at least 5 days a week in Houston, so Houston Drive Time TrafficI am in the sun for at least 40 minutes a day and wear sunscreen daily. (I use a moisturizer for anti-aging and it has sunscreen.) Is that too often to wear sunscreen with parabens since Theo said “occasionally?”

Theo, are parabens carcinogenic? Are moisturizers and sunscreens that contain them safe to use on a daily basis?

Here we get into an area where we have told you we will not give you medical advice during this life, Tom. Parabens can be carcinogenic, especially with prolonged use. That said, it is up to the individual as to when and for how long they may use these products. We have said in the past that they can be used. We suggest requesting MBOs as to which products to use and for how long. People are all different and what may work for one person will be highly toxic for another. That is why you have the gift of MBOs.
Emily writes:
What is the Soul Interest of Bonnie and Clyde? Click here.Bonnie & Clyde
Theo, what are the soul interests of Bonnie and Clyde?

Yes, two adventurers in one of their balancing lives where they were what is considered the “bad guys.” They enjoyed those lives just a little too much. Yes, they were balancing lives where those they killed had killed them in other lives, but as so often happens, they played their parts too over the top.

So, they will have more balancing to do. It, of course, started with their deaths at the hands of the police. So, again, the answer to this question is that they would be considered explorers and will have many more lives together, as they are pretty young souls in terms of Earth lives. They will have lives where they become well known for their explorations.

Deborah writes:
I was not a groupie, nor sexually active at an early age, and am certainly not advocating changing laws that protect children from sexual predators!
During my youth I was exposed to exceptionally strong-willed, young Groupiesteenage girls who fiercely, very aggressively, pursued much older men in the music/entertainment industry (1960s/70s "Free Love" era) and most importantly, vehemently opposed anyone who felt they had a right to censor their behavior; the source of that censorship being irrelevant. They reminded me of stalkers, frankly.
These females weren't groomed; they came from loving/stable homes; they went on to fulfilling lives. Some have fondly, and proudly, reminisced, "I had my rock star experience years ago!" They certainly don't feel victimized. In fact, they view their experience as an item checked off their "Bucket List." I couldn't relate to it then and I don't relate to it now.
My question is this:
As repellent as the behavior is to me, aren't older individuals and Groupiesconsenting underage girls (as described above) engaging sexually, mutually benefitting in terms of their souls' desire for that specific experience? Can it be that both met their goal and no one crossed a line? Can't imagine one shoe fits all in any part of the universe.

Theo, is having sex at an early age with a musician/singer/entertainer a bucket list item for women in one or more lives?

In a way, yes, Tom. They are exploring their sexuality and although in modern times it is frowned upon, or even against the law for both the musicians and young women, it is a life experience. It can be on their soul contracts, or it can be that the young girls are manipulated into having sex. Then, that has to be balanced. Puberty is experienced in many ways. It can be the first sexual experience is with a boy they have grown up with, or it may be the desire—the fanciful desire—to have sex with an idol of some sort.
Ashlie writes:
I was hoping you could ask about the sightings in Chicago these days. It's being compared to the Mothman. There are documented cases and much of them are in public areas. Are there many of these beings? Are they here for a good reason or not? Does it Chicago at Nighthave anything to do with secret projects and portals?
Thank you for all you do and thank you to your support groups. Much love and light to you all.

Theo, what are the sightings of the creatures in the Chicago area?

Mostly people seeing shadows, Tom. There are also dark entities that are attracted by all the violence—murders, etc. They feed off these negative energies. People there, and in fact anywhere, can send white light to the Chicago area. The light will drive them away.

Here is a BP to say out loud: “I ask any and beings to send massive amounts of white light to the Chicago area and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Wendy writes:
I have always been fascinated by the way leaves change colors during fall. No tree is the same, even each tree the leaves have their own timing. I wondered if you could ask the tree contacts about this wonderful annual phenomenon.
Good morning and good life, Oak Soul. Just one question for today. Oak Tree Leaves in the FallDuring the fall, trees change colors in beautiful ways. Can you give us more information on this process?

Yes, but just a little, Tom, as this information will be fully explored by botanists and we want them to have their “ah-ha” moments as has been told to you before.
Different chemicals, we will call them for your use, are released through our systems. Some trees might turn all one color, a mixture of colors, or there will be tree after tree that are the same type tree but all have different colors. It is our chance to express ourselves artistically, you might say, as we prepare for winter hibernation. That is just a little misnomer, as we are alive and are preparing for springtime during the winter period. It only appears there is no activity on the surface, as the dead leaves fall slowly or at times virtually all at once. Botanists will discover these different chemical compositions in the future.

That’s all I have for now, Oak Tree.


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