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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

June 17, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And naturally, I’m waiting to see if Russia starts hinting about their meetings with ETs or Aliens! I don’t know if it will occur, but please say this quick Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in having the Russians begin Disclosure of their meetings with Extraterrestrials, and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!” More on this below.

Linda wrote: “Great, interesting book. It's an eye Atlantis & Lemuria Bookopener on how the human race began. It all makes sense now. Really enjoyed reading this book.”
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Fain writes:
This is quite an amazing article on what stem cell therapy Harvesting Stem Cells from Fatcan do now for so many physical problems! Can you ask Gaia or Antura if this type of treatment will remain and expand in our future for medicine?   Click here.
Gaia, will harvesting stem cells from body fat become more common in the future and covered by insurance, or will there be something better in the near future?

Something better will naturally come along, Tom, but farther in the future. For now, this would be considered a breakthrough of sorts and they will discover much more as they analyze data. The probability is that the insurance companies will come to the table eventually as they see the long term benefits that will cost them much less in the long run.
Suzanna writes:
I absolutely love your newsletter and all your books. Have been saying BPs and MBOs daily and with wonderful outcomes. Thank you for this life changing experience. It's the only way to live. I Energy and Planethave a question. We hear a lot about "the shift" and I want to understand more about it. Is this a shift in consciousness that affects the whole planet? How long will the shift take? I know changes in human nature happen slowly, but I really would love to be here to see it happen. I'm 73.

Also, I want to meet our brothers and sisters from the stars so I hope the October 2017 visit is still on schedule. This is so thrilling and you get to go on board and meet all these wonderful beings. I can hardly wait to hear all about it. Thank you so much for all the work you do and for sharing it with all of us.

The first visit by the Pleiadians is supposed to be around December 1.

Gaia, can you explain the “shift” a number of people say is coming, or has it happened already?


There is a shift and still more in the future as you shift more into the Earth Energyfifth focus. As was explained long ago, Tom, there will be more and more changes as you settle into this fifth focus. Some do not notice it at all while other more sensitive people notice it quite a bit, as they are tuned to a higher level already. And we have mentioned that there is more energy sent your way again to help you make these changes.
So, in one sentence, you can say there was a shift and there still will be other shifts to assist you in raising your vibrational levels. Trust me when I say these things as I realize there is so much information out there from so many sources, Tom. And yes, as you were thinking, I told you not too long ago that we are in a portion of space with even more energy.

Sandy writes:
What I'm wondering is if the low or down energy many of us are feeling is also associated with this shift? Maybe it’s all related to our age or current politics (!), but I was curious especially since others who are also on a spiritual path mentioned feeling this way.
Gaia, why are so many people feeling down or depressed these days?Depression

It’s your bodies working to adjust to the speeding up of time and to the new energy. It feels as if you are climbing a steep hill, but you will adjust in due time—not too long now. This is all part of the process that your souls decided in order to move along at a very fast pace. You will adjust, I can assure everyone.
Jenny writes from Washington State:
I would like to know from Gaia whether it is beneficial at this time to send white light through all her Ley Lines, in addition to sending white light around the planet and into the interior of the earth?
Also, I would appreciate knowing from Theo if it is possible for individuals to reach a point in their soul’s growth where they no longer need or choose to have any balancing lives in which they do harm to other humans, animals, or the planet? I do say benevolent prayers daily, but the idea of inflicting harm or suffering on another for balancing causes me much grief and concern.

Gaia, does sending white light through all your ley lines assist you?

I prefer sending white light all over and throughout the planet, as that Sending White Lightcovers my ley lines as well, but each person can make their own decisions, and if they feel sending white light through my ley lines, it is much better than sending no light at all. Sending light to me, Tom, does as much for the individual in a way as it does for me. It is yet another sign that you are becoming a universal human and think of others besides yourselves. I, in turn, send my love back to each of you who includes me in their prayers and/or sending light in any form to anywhere on or in the interior of Earth. It does radiate and comes back to you a hundred fold.
None of us likes to think about having lives where we rob, cheat, and cause bodily harm to others. But Theo has explained that we do this out of love for all the other soul clusters we work with for their soul’s learning, and they do the same for us. It was explained to me that it’s like a theater company—in one play we’re the good guys and the next we’re the villains. All of our lives have to balance at the end.
Peter writes from Canada:
I see changes in eating habits of more and more people around me. In my case, I became vegetarian one day, not sure why. Then I started eating only raw fruits and vegetables. I’ve heard that there are more and more people on the internet who nourish Raw Fruits and Vegetablesthemselves only of light. Before it was only in far hidden regions of Tibet or India. Now, it seems that more and more people feel inside the need of major changes in their eating habits.
I do not judge those who eat in a traditional way and I tend to keep secret my way of nutrition, except on occasions where I’m invited to restaurants or otherwise. My family and relatives have accepted my way of life and we all adapt. Not judging helps very much.
I make jokes like in a past life when I was a meat-eater and everyone laughs since all is in fun. Can you ask Theo if it’s the effect of being in the fifth focus, or is it only me who has the impression of seeing changes in human consciousness with nutrition?
And if so, those first ones in the changes, does it affect the rest of humanity? Thank you for the wonderful mission with your newsletter and of course all your great books!

Gaia, are more people shifting to vegetarian and raw fruits and Vegetarian Pastavegetables and is this caused by the 5th focus?

There you have it, Tom—the root cause, to use some humor today. As your bodies adjust to the fifth focus, you vibrate automatically at a higher level. All of your bodies will in the future desire more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Some shift in that direction faster than others.
Does this affect the rest of humanity?

Keep in mind that most of your readers are shining beacons in a Lighting Up the Darknessproverbial darkness, lighting the way for others to follow by all your actions, but certainly assisting in raising the vibrational levels of all you come in contact with.
Gaia, does playing a game where there is a winner and loser create negative energy?

Yes, it does in a way, Tom. I realize you are struggling with understanding positive and negative energies, but you do generate a negative energy with games. You create a yin and yang—polar opposites in a way. Your readers will come up with more questions in the future, Tom. It may be next week, next month, or years from now.
Eileen on Facebook asked how soon free energy devices will be introduced.
Gaia, what is the highest probability of when the free energy devices will be introduced, and when they are, will we be able to use our electrical devices?

Yes, Tom, those free energy devices are coming quite soon—yes, within Generatorthe next five years, and perhaps even a little sooner than that. You can have your readers request a BP for this to occur even faster and I guarantee that it will assist the person who will introduce the device to find the solution sooner and not later. And yes, you will be able to use all your electrical devices as this energy will be compatible with the electrical energy you now use.
With that development, it will not be too long until someone will also rediscover how to use the crystals. There will be some more limited uses for these. Of course, as we have mentioned before, this will be a giant turning point where the most remote areas of the world without electricity will be able to have it, and will raise the standard of living for the most remote villages on Earth.

Here is the Benevolent Prayer to be said OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to assist in the discovery of free energy devices, and may they be discovered and developed even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
For my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet,” who is a  First Contact Bookmember of my soul “cluster” and was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I asked this past week.
Good morning and good life, Antura, to you and your family, and all of our Nommo friends.

Yes, Tom. You would be surprised at how many you will recognize one day in the future.
Why did you say that I would recognize many of the people when I have my next life back on Nommo?

Yes, you picked up on that. It is because you have had thousands of lives there and have had lives where you got to know almost everyone on the planet. You are much more well-known than you can imagine at this time, Tom. You are considered a great spiritual leader, and yes, who helped save everyone Abe Sapien Character from Hellboy Moviesby coming up with a solution that brought peace with the Reptilians. We will all welcome your return one day, but we understand you have much work to do here for now, so we would prefer, and have been told, to downplay that aspect. You are to concentrate on all that is still before you.
Antura, who told you to downplay my Nommo past lives?

You did, prior to this incarnation, Tom. I’m following your instructions. You did not want to be distracted from doing what you are doing now, and you would have spent much more time and effort in learning about your prior lives. You wanted your full concentration with few distractions, coming in so late to begin this work. All people are naturally inquisitive of where they originated or came from.
Antura, I can’t recall if we covered this in the past, but how large in UFOdiameter are the bus transporters on the mothership? Would they be, say, 300 feet, more or less?

A little less, Tom. That size is not needed in order to transport a number of Sirian beings or people, shall we say, down to a planet for a large meeting.
But are not they also considered life boats or escape modules in a way?

No. There is no reason for life boats or capsules or any other type of escape modules needed with these ships. Therefore, the size would be less—more on the order of 225 feet.
Did I receive that correctly?

Yes, right on the number.
How many humans would one hold?

Yes, close to the 100 figure, perhaps a few more if we were to seat them like your passenger airplanes in use today.
I know you think it would be grand to have one land for everyone to tour, and that may happen one day, but not in the early going. There would be too many people who would be frightened to see such a large craft land, even in a rural location. As I said before, since the Pleiadians will have a scout craft visit Dr. Greer and some of his followers, that should open the door for us to do the same in the near future. All is predicated on how well things proceed with the Russians.

Here is one of those “what if” questions, Antura. If we visit the moon after Time Lines 7 and 8, if, say, Time Line 7 “me” picked up a rock for a Tracks on Moonsouvenir, would that same rock still be there when we arrive?

Good question, Tom. Yes, because everything is at the same frequency for 7 and then 8, that rock will still be there if you wish to retrieve it too. You will not see the footsteps that 7 and 8, and for that matter all the upper time lines made, if we visit the same location on the moon. Those footsteps were not made on your time line, so they do not exist for you.
How long did it take for our people on Nommo to develop the ability to live outside of a water environment, or was this an adjustment of your DNA at some point?

There you have it, Tom. We were naturally assisted in this by civilizations more advanced than ours when we expressed an interest in being able to live on land or in the sea, as we wished to be able to explore, and were prevented from doing so, just as any other fish in the sea. So, we did not evolve, but had a simple adjustment to our DNA and children born from that time forward had the ability to breathe air. This was less than one million years after we decided to settle on Nommo.
Gillian posted on my FB Author page but can’t locate it.
Antura, why has Gillian had a number of UFO experiences over the years?

Yes, she has been contacted numerous times, but she does not Alien UFO Abductionremember them, or she would be frightened. She should undergo hypnosis to regress back.
How exactly did souls volunteer for the Earth Experiment, Antura?

It was done directly with Creator, Tom. Instant communication. The only time we were really actively involved was with the Reptilians, and that was done through our spiritual leaders like you were at that time.
Why wouldn’t all the spiritual leaders of the future Federation worlds do the same at the beginning?

They were involved in acting as facilitators. Everyone is much more connected. This is hard for you to see, as everyone seems so disconnected on Earth, but one day everyone on Earth will be connected too. But that is, I’m told, far into the future.
Antura, was the spaceship that crashed on the moon during the star wars always in that location or was it moved there in order for it not to be readily seen by people with telescopes on Earth?

Good theory, Tom, but no, it was always at that location. They were Crashed Spaceship on Moonattempting a crash landing of sorts, but broke apart on impact.
Were those people from what is now a Federation planet, and if so, one of the top four or so?

Yes, they were allied with us, and are members of the Federation now, but no, they were not a space craft from one of the four major groups of Federation planets. We can go into detail as to who they were when we visit the crash site.
Norm writes:
Does Antura try to explain to the locals or those on his planet the lessons he learned on Earth about negativity and how he dealt with it? What was their response?
Antura speaks to his children of his experiences, does he teach what he Water Planetlearned about negativity and how he dealt with negativity? What did he tell them?

Antura, what do you tell your children and others on Nommo who have not experienced the negativity that you have experienced on Earth?

Yes, it is very difficult to describe to someone who has not had the same experience. I try and relate specific stories where I compare how the negativity influenced decisions, and in general life. Keep in mind that my children, and yes, my mate and me too, will experience some negativity when the Explorer Race comes to visit us not too long in our future—just a little over 100 universal years or so from now. Yes, it will be your ship that visits in your next life on Earth, Tom.
Daralyn writes:
About 30 years ago, I was outside one night with my four-year-old son Mark, who pointed up at the sky and said, "Look, Mom, the Pleiades! Isn't that the Pleiades?" I was so startled that a little boy would know such a thing, that I didn't ask him how he knew that. I UFO and Childasked him recently, but he didn't remember the incident. He later told me about one night he heard a noise outside, went to the door, opened it up and saw a "vehicle" on the lawn, then "floated" to it, was taken inside, and went on a ride into the stars. On the dashboard were the words, "To the Pleiades"; even though he was too young to read, he knew it. I am wondering, what is his connection with the Pleiades, and what was the purpose of the "ride"?
Antura, was Daralyn’s son Mark picked up 30 years ago by the Pleiadians and if so, why?

It was all benevolent, Tom. Again, we go back to the difference between one’s own people needing to make an adjustment, or check something and the Zetas’ abductions where they were searching for DNA matches. We can discuss this in more detail as we go along, but this was benevolent and pointed him in the right direction, I will say.
Sandy writes:
Thank you for all you do. Several years ago we had an experience with a UFO in our yard (we lived in the country with no homes nearby). At the time, my husband worked at Wright Patterson Air Base and worked in what was known as the “black world.” He said that he had no knowledge of the air force having such a vehicle.
Our oldest daughter, who was 16 at the time, tried to run toward the craft and wanted to get in it. Our other daughter was terrified. Our dog UFOhid under the couch. The craft was triangular and had a light in each corner. There was no sound and it hovered above the ground for several minutes before leaving. Was this a true UFO or something from our military?

Antura, was the triangular craft Sandy and family saw an ET craft or military?

Not military, we can assure you, Tom. It was similar to the one you saw in the video of Afghanistan, but could not be seen that well by the family. It was not exactly the same, but in the same nomenclature.
[Edited for space] John writes:
I wanted to ask you to ask Antura about something that happened to me in March of 2012. I woke up one day in the beginning of March with 2 scratches on my left arm. They were two parallel lines that were slightly off-set, and after looking closely at them, Scratches on Armactually seemed to be almost like very small scoop marks.

Long story short, I could not figure out how I got those scratches while sleeping, then through a series of synchronicities I found an article online about people who received scratches like that when ETs come to visit you. I asked my pendulum about this and found out I did indeed have an ET visit and they made those scratches on my arm. I asked if it was the Pleiadians and got a "yes" from my pendulum and also wanted to know why, but had difficultly using a yes/no chart, so that's why I thought I would ask Antura
Antura, why did John receive a visit from Pleiadians and why the two scratches on his arm?

This was a little more invasion than we would have preferred, but there was a procedure they needed to perform. It will never happen again.
How many were there?

Did they come into the apartment or was he taken to their ship?Alien in House Depiction

Apartment was all that was needed, Tom. Again, as happened in the past, they were admonished for not being more careful. As you can see, people have had more visits than we have discussed in the past for a variety of reasons. Other than the Zetas, they involved one time visits, not multiple ones as the Zetas did with most of the people. Most were unobtrusive, taking readings, or slightly correcting a problem that would have interfered with their life, or simply taking a closer reading. It is allowed under the Earth Directive, as long as the person is unaware of it happening. For a small percentage, they become aware and they receive what we call “cautions.”
Antura, why does it appear that many more thousands of people have had contacts or were abducted by ETs beyond the 25,000 abducted by the Zetas?

Yes, there are several thousand more, but these were, as I have said UFO Depictionbefore, benevolent assistance so that each person that was taken was for a purpose of assisting them in achieving all they could in these very important lives during this time period. This is not like any other recent time period. Therefore, their soul fragments having lives on their home planets are making these adjustments to assist in pushing you onwards.
How many more thousands of people have had some form of intervention to fix their bodies?

You can easily double the Zeta figure, Tom, but these were one-time instances where the Zetas abducted those that fit the DNA profiles many times.
Then is that figure 50,000 or much more?

Go with the figure of 60,000. That is close to the actual number.
Last time when I asked about Peter and his wife, did the ship take the whole car since they arrived at their destination two hours earlier than UFO Depictionnormal?

Yes, the car was lifted too. They wanted Peter to question why they had arrived earlier. It is as if you are giving little hints for someone to discover the contact. And they knew that Peter would contact you asking about what had occurred to his wife and him. Time is growing shorter until the time we can come out of the closet.
Then what type of adjustment would he need that could not have been done, let’s say, when he was either in the womb or as a baby?

The adjustment needed to be made when he was an adult, but also because the adjustment was not needed at an earlier age. Now that humans are past the Harmonic Convergence day where you will no longer destroy yourselves, everyone is excited and these adjustments are being made that would not have been done had you not reached that vibrational level. To go on would be difficult at this time, as these adjustments, I regretfully have to say, are quite esoteric. They are beyond even your most knowledgeable scientists’ understanding. But trust me when I say these adjustments were all made in a benevolent manner and will allow each person to fully achieve their soul contracts.
Any update you wish to give on the Russians?

Yes, as Theo said, any day now, although I understand we are coming Putin Russian Protest CNNup on the 15th, it may or may not happen right on that date, but certainly it could occur even tomorrow. The Pleiadians are using these [Russian] protests to suggest that this would be a good time to disclose.  CNN Photo
How can the Zetas be part of the Federation when their race was dying and it sounded as if only the hybrids would survive?

Yes, the hybrids, over many thousands of their years, added their DNA and developed into what they are today. Keep in mind that it was a Zeta race thousands of years in the past that came across this space-time continuum. Very confusing I know, but the Zetas of today, who are part of the Federation, are not the same as the ones who abducted those people. Don’t forget that the Zeta Reticula Star System has many planets.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Diana writes:
Hi Tom, my husband Rory requested MBOs to get a new, Employment Applicationgood job, quickly as his current job was really driving him crazy. He said the MBO daily for about a month. He applied to job ads as he saw them during this time.
When he applied to X company, he got a Monday morning interview the next week, and received an offer two days later! That’s really super quick, and only one interview!
He also got a 25% raise, and that’s not counting the potential bonus. He had applied to this company in 2014, for the same position, and didn’t hear anything.
Thank you, Tom, for your work teaching MBOs.

Linda writes:
I wanted to give you this MBO story. I have had a significant weight problem my whole life, and have tried so many programs including Weight Watchers. A Weight Watchers program was Weight Watchersbrought to work at lunch time, and I decided to give it a new try and the company agreed to pay half the cost. I said an MBO for the perfect weight for me, and I said an MBO for success in the Weight Watchers program as well as said a BP for success for all participants in the program. I also say daily MBOs to eat healthy and balanced and aligned with a weight loss of at least two pounds per week.
I have been in the program 10 weeks and lost 22 pounds. My last Weight Watchers experience I didn’t even stay in that long. The group itself has been super successful as we are all supporting each other and sharing recipes, and the group as a whole has lost over 400 pounds. Amazing!
Thanks for your wonderful newsletter and all that you do!

LaMiskey sent me this. Click here.
Gaia, is there some sort of microwave energy coming out of Antarctica Antarctica Mysterious Wave of Energythese days?

Yes, experiments are going on there that are hush-hush, shall we say. They will be “outed” in the not too far distant future. It is much harder, as you and your readers have observed, to keep secrets in this time period.
Are these microwave bursts harmful?

They would be if one were close by, but the energy quickly dissipates.
Jerry writes:
The Hall of Records is a mythical and ancient library rumored to be located under the paws of the Great Sphinx of Giza, which is in the Giza pyramid complex. A.R.E. founder, the so-called Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce (1877–1945), had predicted back in 1932 Sphinxthat this alleged Hall of Records would be rediscovered by the year 2000.
This chamber could be the supreme archaeological prize, the jackpot of Egyptology that may by far surpass the discovery of Tutankhamen's intact tomb in 1922. The legendary “Hall of Records” of a civilization long lost in the midst of time.
Were there clandestine attempts by Egyptian authorities (or other organizations) to uncover the entrance to the Hall of Records? Were they successful? If not, when will the Hall of Records underneath the Sphinx be opened? What caused Cayce to be incorrect when it comes to the opening date?

Gaia, when, or will the rumored Hall of Records underneath the Sphinx Sphinx Hall of recordsbe opened?

It has already been visited, Tom, but the Egyptian government is quite concerned that the information contained predates the Islamic version of creation. There would be those who would try and destroy the records in a perverted sense of loyalty to that version.Edgar Cayce
Why was Edgar Cayce off in his prediction that they would be discovered in the year 2000?

He was not off. It’s just that the information has been kept under wraps.
What is stored there—papyrus, or more advanced things such as audio, video, or light recordings?

No, these were simple papyrus, containing ancient history.
Bill sent me a long email about American Indians who were used in MacArthur & American IndiansWWII as trackers. They were exempted from having their hair cut, as it was discovered it affected their abilities.
Gaia, is it true that the longer your hair is the more intuitive you are since the hair acts like an antenna?

Quite true, Tom. But in this day and time it is not so needed, where in the past it could be a matter of life and death.

Does that include facial hair, or just hair on your head?

Facial hair, to a much lesser extent than hair on your head.
Daralyn writes:
There is much controversy surrounding the disappearance of the first colony to settle in Roanoke Colony, which included Virginia Dare, the first child of English parents to be born in Roanoke Colonythe New World August 1587. Her grandfather John White returned to England for fresh supplies, but when he came back in 1590, the settlement had disappeared without a trace. In 1937, there were some stones found (known as the Eleanor stones named after Virginia's mother, Eleanor), written in Elizabethan English, stating that 7 colonists had been killed by "savages" and the rest of the group had moved on. No trace of them has been found. The stones were pronounced fakes by some authorities, and the subject seems to have been dropped.
I am wondering what actually happened, and will we ever find evidence Roanoke Mapof it? Are the stones genuine or fake, and if fake, what was the intention of the carver, who would have had to study Elizabethan spelling and grammar to get it right? And there was no guarantee that the stones would ever be found?

Theo, what happened to the colonists who disappeared around 1590 from the Roanoke Colony, and are the Eleanor stones real or fake?

Fake, Tom. The colonists tried to flee, but were murdered by an Indian tribe. They had encroached on what they considered to be sacred grounds—the lands of their forefathers. That would occur hundreds if not over a thousand times as the immigrants carved out their settlements on lands where Indians hunted and roamed.


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