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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 17, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Theo, what is the probability of the newly appointed Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson with PutinRex Tillerson, performing his duties in the best interests of the citizens he is to represent?

He will do a better job than most people expect with his baggage, shall we say. His ego is such that he wishes to be remembered for his service to the country. His contacts and relationships will serve him well, as he knows many of the people in these governments, but now he will also have intelligence on these people never before available to him.
What about Putin specifically, as there are great concerns there?

Again, he is not blind to Putin’s character. His job at Exxon was to negotiate on behalf of his company, and he knew full well that billions of Rex Tillersondollars were being siphoned off by Putin and his cronies. That is not the only country where this is being done, we can assure you. He is not naïve. He will be able to use this knowledge to his advantage. Mr. Trump has made other choices that will give him more problems than Secretary of State. We can discuss them further in the future if you wish.
It sounds as if we are having some success with our Benevolent Prayers, so let’s keep up the good work and say this BP again:

“I ask any and all beings to assist Mr. Trump, his Administration, and Congress to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the USA and citizens of the world, thank you!”

Lee writes:
My question concerns this Pizzagate. First, I was surprised that no one asked any questions for this week’s newsletter. I have read several articles pro and con on this subject and each one seems more outlandish than the next one. It also seems to be polarizing people with the believers and non-believers equally passionate.
My question, is there any truth to this pedophile ring and child Comet Pizzaria Washington DCtrafficking going on from inside this pizzeria? One article I read had almost the entire block in on it with secret rooms and tunnels. I am having a hard time believing any of this. I am not naive and am aware that things like this exist and sometimes right under our noses, but this just seems a little too far out there. Please ask Gaia if there is truth to this controversy, and if so is it as far reaching as some articles would have us believe? Thank you and thank you for all the information that you unselfishly provide to us every week without fail.

Theo, is there any truth whatsoever to the story about the pedophile ring being in the vicinity of the pizza place known as Pizzagate?

There is not one shred of truth in that fake story, Tom. Does that mean there are no pedophiles or even a ring of men who abuse children in that city? No, but they have not been identified yet. Again, this could be assisted by a BP from your group to identify the pedophiles and their victims.

Here is the Benevolent Prayer to say OUT LOUD: “I ask any and all beings to assist in identifying not only those children that are victims of pedophiles, but the people who commit these crimes, and to assist in the children’s rescue, thank you!”
Please share this Benevolent Prayer (BP) with your friends.


Maggie writes:
Thank you for your interesting and insightful newsletter. Some astrologers have predicted that, whatever the outcome of the US election, some hidden secret will be revealed around New Year's Day that could be explosive. If this is true, will the information be about one of the candidates or his/her family? Or will the Pleiadian ship finally arrive?
Thanks again for the time you spend on the newsletter. I look forward to it every week!

(12/7/16) Theo, what is the probability of some explosive information New Year Explosionbeing released around the New Year?

There are always incidents around the start of a New Year. There are a number of people that decide to transition at this time and there is also great uncertainty in the world. To categorize the incidents as explosive will all depend upon one’s perception, just as the event of the fire in Oakland, CA, killing 36 people made a greater impression for some people than it did for others.
In a way, Theo, that seem like a wish-washy answer—covering all the bases.

Yes, it is partly your reception today, Tom, and partly that if you view events as we do, there will not be a massive loss of life, shall we say, Syrian Refugeesbut there will be events here and there that will be more important to the people living there than it will be to someone in another country. As you’ve continually seen, there is a war of attrition going on in Aleppo, with thousands of people dying either by starvation or killed by the fighting. Yet, no one is stepping in to say this is enough and it will stop. It does not interfere with people’s lives in other countries, so it seems to go unnoticed. You can say a BP for those people affected by the fighting. You will see a culmination of that event soon.
We really need to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD for those in Aleppo:
“I ask any and all beings to comfort and assist the citizens of Aleppo and to protect them as they leave their homes and become refugees, thank you!”
Renee writes:
Could you ask Theo about this?
Click Here.
Gaia, is our planet unusually vibrating, or is this something that is just being noticed now?

Not unusually so, but the planet does have cycles where it may vibrate, Earthas you term it, a little more than what your instruments have been able to pick up until now. I have spoken before that there will be many instruments that must be invented in the future to give your scientists a clearer picture of this planet and its inner workings.
Then, do these vibrations signal unusually large earthquakes coming, or what is the reason?

I will not answer that at the present time. It would spoil the thrill of discovery by one of your scientists. Let’s just say that it gets into the area of quantum physics. I realize that is a very broad area, but you do not have the scientific background to delve much further. You could say it is a tuning mechanism to align all in the interior of the earth.
I’m struggling I think, but wanted to try and receive something.

You’re doing fine, Tom.
Raymond writes:
Scientists suggest that Space is expanding, there is no end to Space; we don't know how it began, it 'just did'. If you were to Remote View the edge of Space and Time, what would you see and feel? What is Space expanding into? Is there a clear delineation between Space and what it is expanding into, like wet spots and dry ones from water spilling across a table? Or is it more obscure like fog rolling in or the colors of the rainbow with multiple transitions?
When someone reincarnates, do they have the same soul and Guardian ReincarnationAngels that they had in the previous lifetimes? Do you keep the same Guardian Angels from one life to another or do you get a new 'personal adviser' with every incarnation?
What exactly is a Soul? I get a mental image of a soul being like those Russian Stacking dolls where one slips inside the other and our soul is a life form living inside of us like a stacking doll. Is it a life form from Heaven or is it an energy source for the body like gas for a car or electricity? Do souls have consciousness and 'see' what we see and feel what we feel?

Gaia, what would we feel at the edge of time and/or space?

This is quite difficult to explain in, shall we say, 3D terms today. There is no visible bubble. Keep in mind that you exist in a dimension. Therefore, everything is on this level of experience. Even when you go exploring the stars, you will stay in this bubble of time.
Is the space different between universes than within?Universe

Yes, there is a difference, but, again, you will have to have instruments you have not invented yet to note the difference. Remember, you have been previously told that there are three universes adjacent to this one, only one of which you can perceive in your night sky, and that one you think is part of this universe. The other two are on the other side of your universe, so they are not visible to you.
Is the universe we can see larger or smaller than ours?

A little smaller, but not significantly, Tom.
What about the other two?

Smaller still. Your universe is one of the larger ones, but there are ones that are much larger, and many that are smaller, and in some cases tiny compared to this one. May I remind your readers, Tom, that there are billions of other universes, and as stated in the past, some are the same size or larger and some are as small as the head of a pin. It all depends upon that creator.
One question not asked before—do any of the creators have more than Parallel Universesone universe?

You could say technically there could be no limits, but in reality the creators of each universe put their full attention into one universe.
Gaia, do souls feel what we feel and hear what we hear?

Not in the same way as your physical forms do. All the information about your lives is instantly available to your souls, so they have the ability to experience and feel all of your Earth lives that are all going on at the same time. Only you are veiled. We have stated before that your souls can be having a half million to over one million lives going on across the universe for the soul’s learning. That is extremely hard to understand for most people, Tom, as most people have never thought of themselves as simply a fragment of a soul contained in your bodies. This is too hard for most people to grasp, because you are veiled, and it would seem to you that each body contains the whole soul.
It is even harder for people to accept all these other hundreds of lives you will have, and have had, on Earth in order to fast-track the raising of your vibrational levels. To use some old terminology, your souls are “go-getters.” They do not wish to sit around as most souls do and slowly raise their vibrational levels. Again, may I remind your readers, Tom, that the end goal is to meld together and become a Creator, which Soul Depictionhas never been done before by any group of souls. You will then take over this universe allowing the Creator to go to another level itself.

I have previously been told that we can imagine souls as electro-magnetic balls of energy—tremendously more powerful than we can imagine—able to have 500,000 to one million lives going on simultaneously across the universe for their learning.
And we have the same Guardian Angel (GA) in each of our lives that are all happening at the same time (and don’t forget each life has twelve parallel lives). Even when we become mad at our GAs and “fire them,” they simply take on a different personality, and when we transition, we all laugh about it. Theo is taking care of over 17,000 souls with six to twelve soul fragments in each cluster and their 12 parallel time lines each having 600 to 800 lives on average all going on at once. That just leaves me breathless thinking about the work involved!

Mike writes from the UK:
Questions on Stonehenge: As you'll read below, I'd like to cover it thoroughly and in depth. As I recently visited it and I know every reader of yours would like to know more about one of the world's biggest mysteries. Please note I also included information at the bottom for all of you readers who wish to visit Stonehenge, please also include that in the newsletter.
I'm surprised that I can’t really find anything really concrete and thorough in back issues of the past newsletter about Stonehenge.
STONEHENGE IS ONE OF THE WORLD'S BIGGEST ENIGMAS. So I'd Stonehengelike to cover it thoroughly now in depth, as I recently visited Stonehenge. All we know from back issues of your newsletter is that it was built by the people of that time period with help from Aliens.
1. When was Stonehenge actually built, 10,000 years ago or 15,000 years ago?
2. Which race of Aliens built or help build it?
3. How physically were the stones erected, via sound chanting and them floating through the air like the blocks of the Pyramids in Egypt or how else?
4. As they were assisted by Aliens, was the whole of Stonehenge Stonehengeerected in a few minutes or a few hours?
5. How did the Aliens make contact with the people of that time period to convey to them that they wanted to assist or help them build Stonehenge?
6. What was Stonehenge's actual original purpose and how was it used on a daily basis?
7. Where have all the missing stones disappeared to over the millennia?
8. What will be revealed to us about Stonehenge in the near future from the Pleiadians if they ever do make contact with us?
Special Note for The Gentle Way readers: If you want to visit Stonehenge I would ONLY recommend the SPECIAL "STONE CIRCLE ACCESS" ticket that costs £31.80. This enables you to actually physically go inside of Stonehenge and get up and close with the stones. These tickets are highly sought after and sell out months in Stonehengeadvance. They are only on selected days before or after general admission opening hours. You get one full hour within the Stonehenge monument up to a maximum of 30 people in each session. You only can get this special access ticket by requesting a place through their website (URL link below)… If you just turn up on the day as a tourist and buy a general ticket, you'll only get to see Stonehenge from a long distance away and from BEHIND a barrier rope.

Link to book the Special Access visit: Click here.
Gaia, when was Stonehenge built—10,000 years ago, 15,000 years ago or how long?

Let’s see if you can receive this, Tom. The 10,000 mark would be closer, Stonehenge Spring Equinoxas the Druids were an ancient people. They used the stones to create energy that could be felt within the circle of stones, but was also enhanced by another circle of stones.
Which ETs assisted them in building Stonehenge and why?

It was your friendly Sirians, and not the Pleiadians as you thought. They simply took on the image of a human, which you have previously been told they are able to do. There are two reasons why they did this—three, if you count that the Druids felt this was part of their religion. First the ETs would know they were creating a mystery and they wished for this mystery to exist in modern times for you to solve. Then, there was the energy created by the stones, and you will not learn more about this until you understand sacred geometry.
Were the stones moved by sound chanting, or did they use some sort of Stonehengeenergy lifts, or was it all done by dragging the stones?

You have not relearned the power of sound in modern times. This was intentionally lost, so, again, this is part of the mystery you must solve. Your Benevolent Prayers (BPs) will be the impetus for someone to delve deeper into how sound can be used to literally move objects, as their sound wave signature is identified in order to lift and move these heavy objects. How do you think the yogis are able to levitate now in modern times? They have identified the sound wave that allows them to levitate.
How long did it take for Stonehenge to be built?

Even with the ET help, it still took a number of years to cut and then a group would chant the sounds needed to move each stone many miles to the building site.
Was this over 50 years?

Even more. But just a little. These stones were not moved every day, as Stonehenge 1885they had to tend crops and live.
Did the ETs use the universal translators describe to me by Antura?

That’s correct. Those translators as you call them (keeping in mind that they have other uses, including as a protective force field) have been around a very long time.
What was Stonehenge’s original purpose?

It was presented to the simple people, who are called druids, that it would make them closer to their Gods and goddesses. The complete explanation about the energy it generated was not explained, as it Stonehengewould not have been understood.
Where are the missing stones?

They were taken away and buried because the ETs did not want the energy created to be misused.
Will the Pleiadians reveal facts about Stonehenge?

Yes, if they are asked. It will be up to humans to ask historical questions, which they will be happy to discuss. My advice to those who will meet with the Pleiadians is to have a number of questions ready to ask. Much more will be accomplished in this manner.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” of eight soul fragments, and has had 800 lives on Earth, mostly as an explorer, where my soul interest is religions. He’s a member of a “first contact” First Contactinterplanetary team and his specialty is “grass roots” contacts. I asked him what qualified him for that job and he jokingly responded it was his “gift of gab.” You can read much more about him, his planet where he is back putting what he learned on Earth to use in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.

Antura here, Tom, in the wings.
Good morning, buddy. I seem to have bogged down this morning in my group of questions.

Yes, some days will seem like that, Tom, but persevere. You are asking questions that need to be asked. Gaia and Theo cannot answer every question, but you will continue to gain knowledge.
Antura, how many worlds are represented on your ship. Would it be 37, 38, 39, as you said there were slightly less than 40?

Thirty-seven would be the correct number, Tom.ET Depiction
Then would there be multiple people of the same type on the ship?

Quite so. There are a few of us that have no one but us representing our people, yet for the most part, you will see several of the same type of species. They operate this ship on a full time basis and therefore even have their families on board. So you will see children and not just adults.
What would be the number of types of ETs represented by the crew?

Here the numbers will be higher, as you can imagine there would be more than one intelligent species on a planet, where on Earth you are veiled and have not yet been able to communicate with the other intelligent species on Earth such as the whales. On other planets this has been accomplished millions and billions of times. Therefore, there might be three or four different species of ETs all from one planet.
[Referring to the story in my FIRST CONTACT book about the Federation ship that was destroyed by a Reptilian ship during the original Star Wars] Antura, will we be able to visit the crashed space Crashed ET ship on Moonship on the moon to film?

Yes, but it will be limited. It would be too dangerous for you to try and explore the ship’s interior, and I might add, not too pleasant to see bodies, as they have not deteriorated over time. It will be enough to satisfy the interest.
[The first time Theo introduced me to Antura, as described in the book, he said I would be shown some Sirian ruins on Earth] What about the Sirian ruins I was told you would show me one day?

We will make a pass over those before we continue to the mothership.
How many planets were destroyed during the original Star Wars?

Quite a number. It was well over one hundred, over thousands of years of fighting.
I was thinking someone asked me this question, but I forgot to write down who. My apologies.
Antura, is astrology used in any way in the Sirius B Star System?

Quite so, Tom. Just not in the typical ways someone on Earth would Sirius B Star Systemstudy the stars and planets. Our studies of planets and suns and how their energies relate and affect us has been known for thousands, and yes, millions of years. Honestly, they are far beyond your understanding at this time. Astrology was given to humans in its basic form as one of the tools of coping with being veiled. So, to summarize, yes, but on a greatly larger scale that would be almost unrecognizable to you at this time.
Are all of your friends, Antura, part of the team that will be coming to Earth, or do your friends have other interests?

No, it would be perhaps a little boring to talk shop, I believe you say, when our friends get together. We (my mate and I) enjoy hearing about what is going on in our friends’ lives.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Jan writes:
I use MBOs so often. Quite likely as many as 10 a day. Starting with your recommended prayers.
But the speed to little ones still shocks me.
I was lured into ordering a trial of a product for $12 in shipping. I then found out I had mistakenly signed up for a recurring charge starting 14 days after the first $12. Barely time to try, one is unopened still.
I called the company to tell them STOP any recurring payment charges as I have not finished my trial. They tried to offer me a discount. I stood firm in asking for full stop/cancel.
Three days later I was charged a whopping $ 97.62. I called the company to ask WHAT happened? I canceled three days ago. I was informed that when I had called, the person had given me a 50% discount not a cancel. WOW $97.62 was a 50% discount?
I told them I wanted a full refund. I had intended and know I said a full Free Trial Examplecancel. I was put on hold, delayed, told I agreed to this recurring charge, put on hold again, told I had no recourse, put on hold, told I now get a 30% refund of $97.62, then a 50% refund. Thirty more minutes of arguing and holding on phone. I gave an ultimatum I will call the credit card company to refute the charge and let them deal with you if you do not give me a full and complete refund and full cancellation.
More holds, more % off, I held firm; this time while on hold
I remembered to request an MBO. “PLEASE HELP, I REQUEST AN MBO FOR ME TO GET A FULL REFUND AND FULL CANCELLATION AS REQUESTED MONDAY.” When he returned, no more arguing about my accepting terms w/$6 trial, just the full refund.
MBOs to the rescue. And a warning to all of you, my MBO friends… Watch the free trials (tiny print says you will get expensive charges not in 30, but in JUST 14 days from agreeing to “free trial); that’s about seven days after you get it you get refilled, hardly time to try it! Don’t fall for it to begin with. Bless MBOs for helping me out of that poor choice. There are seldom, if any, “free trials.”
Lee writes:
Just left the post office, which is busy any time of the year, but more so this time of the year. I said an MBO to get in and out quicklyPost Office with little or no wait. Walked in and right up to the counter! Had a pleasant exchange with the employee and out the door in under a minute. Oh, did I mention I got a parking spot right out front? Good stuff! Thank you for encouraging us to take charge of our outcomes in the most benevolent way!
[Tom] I also had to visit the post office this past week.
I requested an MBO for a parking spot at the Post Office and it was next to the front door. Also requested an MBO for a short line. Line was short, but got even shorter when a couple of people were assisted by an employee with a bag full of supplies standing by the counter we were lined up at. Plus, they had four postal service people, where normally there are two.

Lee writes from Florida: What does Gaia have to say about this? I have Julian Assangeseen several posts about Julian Assange lately and several psychics, including Michele Whitedove, have said he is dead. Click here.
Theo, is Julian Assange still alive?

Quite so, Tom. Those are just rumors of his demise. His soul contract is not at an end yet. The old story or proverb that “rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” would apply here for Mr. Assange.
Raymond in Arlington, Texas, writes:
Why did the USS Scorpion sink in 1968? It was a nuclear submarine on a patrol mission near the Canary USS Scorpion WreckIslands and a week before it was due to return, an explosion occurred and it sank. The explosion was detected by underwater sonar. They never concluded exactly why an explosion occurred, due to the limitations of technology in 1968.
Theo, did the nuclear submarine USS Scorpion sink in 1968 from a disaster on board, or was it possibly sunk by a hostile action by another nation such as Russia?

Yes, Tom. The Scorpion sank due to a hostile action by Russia at that time. The U.S. could not prove it, so the retaliation, you might say, was scaled down. The story will eventually be told, but not for many years.
Mike writes:
Some people feel that they don't have a welcoming home. Meaning that friends, relatives and others never end up visiting or perhaps make excuses not to come over.
1. Is this due to a house being "cursed" or influenced by "negative Ladies Visiting and Talkingspirits" that wears on potential visitors?
2. Or is it a soul contract for the inhabitants of the house to not having a welcoming home for visitors?

Theo, would there be reasons why friends and family would avoid coming to a house for a visit, or is this a soul contract issue?

There are many reasons why this would occur. It can be the house needs to be cleansed both in a normal cleaning, but possibly a spiritual one since there are people more sensitive to old vibrational levels. Then, you have personalities which can range all over the board. That might include people of totally different spiritual beliefs or political views. There are just too many possibilities and each one would have to be studied.


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