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Tom T. Moore


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

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We drove to North Little Rock, Arkansas this past weekend for my high school reunion. We’re having them every five years now since we’ve already lost at least 142 of our 514 graduating class. We had a great time seeing old friends, plus we were able to see my brother and his wife who still lives there and designs houses. Five out of our class are authors, so we signed books on Saturday before our dinner and dance. As we had $6,000 left over from our last reunion, we had “surf and turf”—steak and lobster—and the band (Terri & the Executives) rivaled any house band we’ve heard in Dallas. On Sunday we wrote messages to our departed friends on balloons and released them in their honor. That’s the photo you see here. Be sure to attend your high school reunions and reconnect.

MicrophoneHave you written a metaphysical book and wish to become more well-known? My friend Ken Cherry is losing two of his hosts for their radio show on Monday nights due to illness and moving to another country. Contact me with your bio if you would like to host and interview people. Don’t delay—one reader has already contacted me.

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THE GENTLE WAY I: Carolyn wrote: “I attended a workshop in Sedona that Thomas was attending, and he was called up to give a brief explanation of this book and what it was about. I found him to be very kind and sincere, and I purchased the book. I did an experiment where I told myself, “I am going to Gentle Way I & IItry requesting most benevolent outcomes for a few months while recording my results. Then, if it really does work, I am going to share it with others.” I didn't have any expectations for it to work or not work. I just tried it.

“Oh, my word!! I could not believe the results!! Every potentially discordant event on which I tried this method was absolutely transformed into an overwhelmingly positive event! Everything from events leading to the perfect job change, to meeting just the right people at the right time, to having negotiations that I thought were sure to go sour turn out fabulously, to allowing difficult conversations to work out “benevolently” have occurred while using this method. It's so easy, and I'm so grateful for it, and for the assistance I have been receiving from my “counterpart(s).” I am hereby requesting a most benevolent outcome for getting enough money to buy a mess of copies of this book and hand them out to anyone who seems to be having a tough or stressful time. I got to thinking what this could do for homeless people, soldiers, rescue workers, firefighters, EMTs, in addition to helping with everyday events.

“Much gratitude for your work, Mr. Moore, and if you are out there wondering if you should get this, quit wondering and buy it. It will change your life. I guarantee it!”

THE GENTLE WAY III: Katiedid wrote: “The Gentle Way III -Master Your Life” is truly fantastic and a reinforcement to Tom Moore's two prior books of this nature. I have been doing MBOs and Benevolent prayers for over two years now, they have become automatic and like breathing for me. I have now The Gentle Way IIIcome to expect miracles and maintain a sense of awe on a daily basis. The Gentle Way has truly changed my life in so many ways I can't even begin to list them all. Reading The Gentle Way III was like a family reunion because it was so full of success stories from people just like me who are experiencing miracles in their lives. And I really appreciate all the new insights and tips offered on how to use MBOs and Benevolent Prayers in ways I hadn't previously considered.

“This book is like living water for anyone who thirsts for more access to their full potential, who is tired of working so hard and seeing so few results. MBOs are essentially effortless, and the results will blow you away. All I can say is give it a shot - what have you got to lose? If you buy one book this year, let it be The Gentle Way III. You will not be disappointed.”

FIRST CONTACT: Yvette wrote: “Excellent! First Contact: Conversations with First Contactan ET was excellent. I could not put it down. Easy to read. Thought provoking. This book made me realise that ETs are not something to be frightened of. I am now looking forward to the future. I am also looking forward to Tom T Moore's next book.”

ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Aravind wrote: “This book tells the story of two continents, which existed more than 50,000 years ago and their technological and cultural achievements. It is the painstaking result of years of channeling by the author Tom T. Moore who asks questions of his guardian angel “Theo” and the Earth's soul “Gaia.” Moore tells the story in a question and answer format.Atlantis & Lemuria

"Both Atlantis and Lemuria are revealed to have been seeded by extraterrestrials as part of an experiment to develop the human race. While this is happening, the ETs help the two societies achieve a level of technological progress that would be considered advanced, even by present-day standards. Star-trek type ray-guns and flying machines were commonplace during a largely forgotten era.

"In one of his past lives, Moore's journey from Atlantis to Egypt with twenty-five thousand of his followers forms one of the most memorable chapters of his work.”

I was asked where to go to write the reviews. The most popular place to go (they sell more books than anyone else) is and then just enter the name of the book you wish to write a review about in the search book. Then click on “Reviews” and there will be a box that says “Write a review.”

Would you PLEASE write a review for any of my books that you own on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else you purchased the book? I would appreciate your support!! Given that I don’t charge for these newsletters, this is one thing you can do for me.

Atlantis & LemuriaMy new book,
“ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Read the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each.

You can read
SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you


Meredith writes: Your newsletter is one of the highlights of my week.

There is talk of an independent entering the presidential race. What is the probability of this happening and what are his/her chances of winning?

Libertarian Gary JohnsonGaia, what is the probability of an independent candidate running for U.S. President that has not yet declared?

Yes, low at this time regarding any major name, Tom. There are always those who wish publicity that might declare, but I’m sure your reader was interested in a name that would take away votes from Mr. Trump, and that is a low probability at this time. He’s doing a good job of doing just that himself.

Regarding Mr. Trump. Was the panel at MSNBC correct that his exhaustion from running non-stop hurting his health and causing bizarre behavior?

They are very close to the reason his comments are 180 degrees from what MSMBC Morning Joehe had proclaimed why he could see the Republicans lost the last election, Tom. His racially charged comments will in fact sink his ship. The run for the presidency requires one to be in top physical condition and he is not.

Jen writes: For the current U.S. election, are the nominees the same on both the lower and upper timelines? Is Hillary Clinton the next president on all other timelines as well?

Theo, on the upper and lower time lines are the GOP and Democratic Mrs Clinton and Pres Obamanominees the same?

No, they are not as was explained before a few years ago. The soul of Mrs. Clinton stepped aside to allow Mr. Obama to become the first black President of the United States as your vibrational levels allowed that to happen, whereas on the lower time lines she was the nominee and then President. Now she is the nominee and has the highest probability of becoming the next President, while Mr. Obama on the lower time lines has the highest probability of being the next President there.


Mitch Battros in his Science of Cycles newsletter wrote: “Could this be signs of a 400,000-year cycle along the Taupo Caldera Zone? Scientists say they've discovered a magma buildup near a New Zealand town that explains a spate of recent earthquakes and could signal the beginnings of a resurgent volcano.

New Zealand Volcano"Geophysicist Ian Hamling said that since 1950, enough magma to fill 80,000 Olympic-size swimming pools has squeezed up beneath the surface near the coastal town of Matata, about 200 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of Auckland.

"A paper published Saturday in the online journal Science Advances outlines the findings. Hamling, the paper's lead author, said that while other parts of New Zealand have active volcanoes, there have been none near Matata for at least 400,000 years. This is a very unusual occurrence to discover magma buildup in an area with no volcanoes anywhere on Earth.

"Using GPS data and satellite images, the scientists say they discovered an area of land about 400 square kilometers (154 square miles) has risen by 40 centimeters (16 inches) since 1950. A period of quick uplift between 2004 and 2011 likely triggered thousands of small earthquakes. Scientists had previously thought tectonic shifts caused the quakes.”

Gaia, are you building up magma near New Zealand and if so for what New Zealand Volcanoespurpose?

The scientists are correct in their assessment, Tom. I am moving magma there.

Will this cause a volcano to erupt in that region since I’m not familiar with New Zealand’s topography?

Yes, but it also signals a buildup of earthquakes too, as they oftentimes go hand in hand.

What is the probability of a 7.0 or higher earthquake in New Zealand before the end of the year?

Quite high, Tom—almost 90%. They sit on the Ring of Fire and have been unstable for many years.

What about the probability of a volcano erupting?

Again, quite high. I know you thought I would say much lower, but that’s not the case here. So look for volcanic activity nearby.


My friend Frank was recently explaining to me that scientists have DNA proof that the Cherokee Indians originated in Greece! So, naturally, I had to ask about that as I had never read anything before that the Greeks beat Columbus to the New World.  See the May 28 newsletter for the first questions I asked. 

Gaia, how long ago did the group of Greeks travel to the upper Great Lakes Cherokee Indiansand merge with the Indians? Was it 1000 years ago or longer or shorter?

Look at the Greek history, Tom. Certainly it was shorter – much shorter than the last sinking of the Atlantean Islands after their war. These were adventurous men who sailed the northern route and they kept hearing about a land to the west. This was, as you can guess, several hundred years before Columbus and the landing at Plymouth Rock. As they never returned to Greece, their ship was presumed lost.

Did they travel up the St. Lawrence or did they travel overland?Map

They would never have traveled overland, Tom. They finally landed near the Indian encampments and started trading, but they never left. They all were given wives and found the living was easy, you might say.

Of course these were soul contracts to stay?

Oh yes, they all followed their soul contracts. None of these men had ties to families, so resettling especially when they were so readily accepted was a no-brainer.

So, again, what time period?

Just a short time before the actual known exploration of the western world. Ask me on another day, Tom.


Antura, for my new readers, is an ET with whom I communicate on a weekly Abe Sapien Hellboy Moviesbasis. He’s a member of my soul group or “cluster” and was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. He’s had 800 lives on Earth mostly as an explorer, but is putting these experiences to good use in this life as part of a “first contact team.” You can read much more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions.

Fortune writes:
Did the Zetas abduct women only or were men also included and did they want a specific race or all races? What was it about the DNA that made one a candidate?

It appears the Reptilians were allowed rule or manipulation on Earth for a long time, if so why. When exactly did they become “kissing cousins” with other beings?

I’ll answer the first question. The Zetas were a dying race unable to Zetasreproduce with bodies ensouled. So they came to Earth looking for DNA signatures that were compatible with theirs to create a hybrid. They abducted 25,000 people, Antura says, some just once if their DNA did not match and others as many as 100 times. The Federation of Planets forced them to stop.

Antura, did Reptilians ever rule the earth, let’s say, prior to 10 million years ago or any time after that?

No, they never did, Tom. It was only the Nibiruans who took advantage of the population. They are not Reptilian, and as has been explained before, they used nuclear type weapons fighting among themselves and are currently banned from stepping foot on the planet. Your stories or ideas became crossed due to the Star Wars one million earth-years ago because there are many on this planet now who had lives during the original Star Wars.

And, again, I’ll answer part of the question on the Reptilians. Antura said that the original Star Wars happened about one million years ago Earth time, and after thousands of years of conflict they agreed to peace. One of the major reasons they did was because they were allowed to take part in the Earth ReptiliansExperiment, which supposedly I suggested during one of my lives on the water planet Antura and I come from.

This question came from Mantej:

Antura, how do beings such as the Arcturans and possibly the Reptilians known as warriors not attract negativity? And what about souls having Earth lives whose soul interests are as soldiers?

This is too difficult to explain in terminology you and your readers could understand. We have described this before as negativity being swept under the rug. Obviously this is a highly simplified explanation of a very difficult subject to gain an understanding of. They have been able to keep negativity at bay, but it still exists and that’s where your Explorer Race is working to incorporate it and, shall we say, tame it for positive use to raise everyone’s vibrational levels in the universe. And those with warrior soul interests having lives on Earth greatly contribute to solving this problem.

Mantej writes: Stunned Residents See UFO Near Military Base!

Antura, what was the blue object floating near the Wright Patterson AFB? Was it an ET craft or some sort of experiment by humans?

UFOIt was an ET craft, Tom. You as humans are starting to see the many varied forms of space craft that exist in the universe and I might add from other universes.

Was this one from here or another universe?

Another, Tom and was allowed to park itself you might say near the air force base to see what was being worked on with their back engineering. There was no danger to anyone on the ground.

That was truly an odd shape.

Yes, but those beings liked that shape and felt it best served their purposes.

On Quora someone asked what was the most unique alien we could imagine. That made me think of the questions I asked Antura about the plant being that will be on his mothership when they come to Earth. I don’t believe I ever put all the questions together, so here they are:

Antura, can you give me more information and description of the plant beings? Are they hominids, or do they multi-tentacle for movement?

Yes, Tom. They would be more multi-tentacled, but let’s say with a hominid Plantbody. This is very difficult to describe to you as you have nothing like them on Earth.

Do they have a face of some sort?

Not exactly a face, Tom.

You say we have nothing on Earth to compare them to?

That’s correct, Tom.

So my questions are really going to be in the dark here.

Yes, although we’ll try and inspire you.

Do they have eyes?

Yes, of a sort.

Not like your eyes or most of the eyes of beings in the universe?

No, quite different we could say.

Would you compare their limbs to, say, a stalk of celery on Earth?

Yes, perhaps a little, but perhaps more transparent and filled with their substance and obviously strong enough for them to move about.

So, are there limbs or just small tentacles to move about?

A combination, Tom, is as close as I can describe for you.

Do they have exoskeletons?

No, Tom, they do not.

An endoskeleton?

Not the same as a human, Tom. There is a substance, which acts as a skeleton, but is not made of bone, you see.

How many appendages does the plant being have? More than four?

Yes, let’s see if you can receive this, Tom. More on the order of six to eight appendages.

And their skin is transparent? Does it have a color?

Yes, it is transparent and does have a reddish green tint to it.

You said it had six to eight appendages. Was it six, or eight, or both depending upon the being?

Yes, it would be more on the order of six, Tom, but some of them do have more appendages, so I gave you a range.

So, would their eyes, which you said they have of a “sort” be more of a sensitive light source as compared to a human eyeball?

Yes, more on that order, Tom.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

Sara writes:
I say MBOs all the time. Quite a few this week, but can't recall Apartment Complexthem all. My apartment complex recently came under new management and I was needing to pay on pay day, which is just a few days after the first. So I did an MBO asking that I could still safely pay that day without any penalty, so I could also pay the bills that are due on the first and will incur late fees if not paid on time. Thank the angels, there is still a five day grace period!! Thanks as always for this great tool!

I had said an MBO two days ago or so for some money to show up so I could get rent paid on time; this was before I asked about a grace period. I went to get the mail after I got home, and had a check from my doctor’s office reimbursing me for the bill I had paid a few weeks ago! I guess my insurance finally did cover it, if a bit later than they would have liked! Thank you, angels!!


Ann writes from Las Vegas: Aloha Tom, hope all is well with you. Here are the answered prayers I remember:

1. An ongoing one, I had a heavy smoker live behind me when I moved into Airplane over Las Vegasmy apartment in January. It took a couple of months, but he left.
Also, I said MBOs for good, safe happy neighbors moving in, and the results have been very good.

2. I did a networking event, and requested that I make the contacts I need for this step in my business. I also asked for wonderful surprises. Well, I met someone who gave me the next steps, AND I won $200 Sonicare toothbrush. Wowza!

3. I live under the flight path for McCarran Airport. I never noticed before living here that planes taking off are MUCH LOUDER than landing planes. You can't talk or hear someone, that loud.
So I asked for the winds to shift and experience landing planes much more often. It worked! For several weeks now.

4. Yesterday on the way to work our bus just stopped. The electrical went out.
I said prayers for the bus, calling in her guides, the driver's guides, and an MBO for better than expected results. She started within 90 seconds and no more problems. Yea MBOs!


John writes: I would like to contribute some MBOs for this week's blog that make life easier:

MBO1. I request the most benevolent outcome to have amazing good luck in all endeavors today and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect, thank you!

2. I request the most benevolent outcome for my guardian angel to bring me peace, love, tranquility and to sooth my emotions today, and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect, thank you! (This works great when you're having one of those terrible days.)


Doug writes: Before 2017 and our friends off planet arrive, would like some advice.... What can be done now to conceal our thoughts from others? I remember Antura saying that thoughts can be read by all. Have also read that before long we will be experiencing telepathy and since that is just around corner, what steps can we take to focus or curtail random thoughts from being read by others? Hope this makes sense to you and thanks.

Theo, will we ever have the problem of others being able to read our private thoughts?

There will come a time when telepathy will be taught on a general basis, but Telepathyat the same time they will be taught to only communicate with others when they are acceptable to communication. As an example, your soul fragment brother as you call him tuned into your communications with me and Gaia, but only by soul agreement.

You can read other people’s thought now, but you don’t physically control it. Most people don’t believe it is possible, so they automatically reject anything that hints of reading someone’s thoughts. Those that take the time to learn only do so with entities like ourselves or with others willing to try. Belief systems play a big part in this, as you can imagine.

When I had just typed the first sentence on the Cherokee Nation topic, Frank telephoned me. I told him his “ears were burning” as I had just typed his name. Dena and I are each claiming we were the first to think of something when we were both thinking of a subject at the same time.

And as was mentioned above, I was shocked when I learned that Antura had been tuning into my conversations with Theo and Gaia per soul agreement. It was as if you just discovered you were on an old “party line” and not a private telephone conversation.  But I got over it quite quickly.  What I am still amazed at is if I start writing about Rosicrucians one of their obviously highly advanced members can tune in to see what's being written about them. 


These questions came from Mike in the UK:

Theo, is it because some people are young souls that they are not assertive, or is it just their soul contracts?

It is a combination, Tom, as certainly you do have soul contracts to be in a Be Braveposition to exert your influence or power over others and then experience it from the other side where someone has that power and are able to control your actions. It all must balance in the end, you see. Of course, it is much easier to influence and control a soul fragment when they are considered a young soul in terms of Earth lives than you would be with a more seasoned soul. Again, each soul fragment must have lives as controlling lives of others and then of lives where you are at the mercy of others. So if you are in a position of authority, and I’m speaking of your readers, just keep in mind that the more kindly and gently you treat others, this will come back to you in a future life where you will be treated kindly and with respect.

RespectIs it the same with not feeling respected?

Partly, but it can also be a soul contract to believe you are lesser than you can be. Again, these lives are for your learning, I must remind everyone reading this, and to have a feeling of low self-worth is but one of hundreds if not thousands of feelings that you must experience as part of the Explorer Race.

Theo, why were men subjugated on a planet back in the past by women?

These were soul choices. It was in their DNA to control and subjugate, which is why the Explorer Race took on this problem that could not be solved. Your souls have taken on every unsolvable problem in the universe. Yes, you could call it heavy lifting. By being veiled, you continually come up with ways to solve problems no one else in the universe, and here I might add other universes, have been able to solve. I, again, point out why there are so many Amazon Womendifferent spaceships parked around the Earth taking readings because they are amazed at what you’ve been able to accomplish. Earth is truly under thousands of microscopes, to use your terminology.

Was there any love between men and women on that planet?

None. The only love was between women. The men also found comfort with other men.

Was there segregation there?

Not so much segregation as domination.

What are men to learn today?

It is not only men but women too. It is to love everyone, with no exceptions, just as your Master Jesus taught 2,000 years ago. You are slowly heading in the direction of loving and honoring each other no matter the gender, race, religious beliefs, and so on. You will attain that one day in the future.


Texas FloodingPam writes: I have a BP prayer to share. I had posted a BP request that a forecast of rain for a week for Houston be only a gentle rain or dissipate and that all of our bayous, rivers, creeks, streams, reservoirs, and gulleys stay within their banks. We had horrible flooding on April 18 and many homes flooded including my brother's home that had two feet of water all throughout the first floor. They escaped in the middle of the night with the help of their daughter who came by raft to get them and their cats. So, it was very scary when we got this forecast not long after April 18. Well, the prayers worked!! We had only moderate rain or none as all the rains withered out and either passed us or dissipated. This was awesome!! We are continuing to have horrible rains so I keep posting and it helps, but I forget about all the areas.

Scales BalancedAlso, for the next newsletter, could you ask Theo about the 11-year old boy who was stabbed to death in Houston? It is such a tragic story - no one knows who the killer is, but they think it might be a homeless person. I am curious as to who it is and why they would kill this little boy who was walking to school. I am sure there are soul contracts at work here, but the story just breaks my heart. I would love for everyone to say a BP to catch the killer:

“I ask any and all beings to assist in catching the killer of little Josue Flores, that we learn why, that the killer is forgiven by the family and serves proper rehabilitation time for the crime. May the results be better than we can hope, imagine, or expect, thank you!!”

Theo, what was the soul contract for the 11-year old boy who was stabbed to death in Houston, and will the killer be discovered and arrested?

As you know, there are no restrictions on when someone is killed, just as it was for you as the 5-year old Jewish girl who was shot, along with her parents, at the early part of WWII in your last life. That balanced the life where you killed the German soldier in a previous life. It is the same circumstance or similar situation for the 11-year old. He had killed the person in another life, so he balanced that life in this one.

Will the person ever be caught? The highest probability is that he will, but not before stabbing someone else. He was high on drugs at the time. That’s not an excuse, but a statement of fact.

The whole point of this discussion, Tom, should be to point out to your readers that this was on the boy’s soul contract. It was not happenstance. He has balanced and will move on to his next life.


Jim writes: Thank you so much for The Gentle Way. Your Thursday email is a Prince Charleshighlight of my week.

I'd like to ask Theo a question regarding his forecast that Prince Charles will not ascend to the throne of Great Britain. Does this then mean that one of Charles' siblings (Anne, Andrew or Edward) will succeed Queen Elizabeth II to the throne, changing the succession to one of their children, and bypassing the successions of Prince William and his son, George?

Gaia, will one of Prince Charles’ siblings become the reigning Monarch of England?

Yes, that’s how their succession works, Tom.


I recently had a dream that was very vivid, but was completely symbolic. I asked Theo about it.

Theo, please explain the dream where I came upon children catching fish in a Children Catching Fishditch. It seemed these children were being kept in a place near a heavy part of an ocean with waves, and in a camp where they stayed for around 90 days before moving on?

Yes, Tom. Although that dream seemed especially real, it was quite symbolic in nature. The small fish in the ditch represent small sales, but continuous, and the large waves simply represented the turmoil of the world heaving to and fro. The camp simply represented the present for you before you move on in the future. It was quite a vivid dream, Tom, as dreams can be at times, but again. symbolic. The fish are small, but continuous—keep that in mind.

Theo was letting me know we would be continuing to make sales in our film distribution business while waiting for a buyer for our film library.


Buddy Holly was from Lubbock, Texas and I used to play his Volume 2 over Buddy Hollyand over again. Great music from the early days of rock and roll!  This question came from Mantej.

Theo, what was the soul contract of Buddy Holly?

Exactly as he lived his life. He was a catalyst for music at that time period, but that being said, he had to move on. He will live a normal life in his next one, which will come fairly soon. He had to balance a life where he was the cause of someone else losing their life.


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