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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 29, 2017

Tom T. Moore



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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Leslie writes from Hawaii:
Would you please ask Gaia or Theo, what are the chances of a North Korean attack not only with us here in the U.S., but specifically hitting Hawaii (that's where I live right now)? The state is taking precautions right now, however, I have also listened to an interview with a political historian who feels that it truly won't happen North Korean Missile Launchbeing that China is keeping N. Korea in check. My concern is that Pres. Trump is gearing up for a war and is being influenced by the NWO. Dr. Simon Atkins felt he would do the same. Saying lots of MBOs for this. If you can write one out in your newsletter that would be great as well. Thank you, Tom and Gaia or Theo for the answers. Much love to you all!
Gaia, what is the probability of North Korea attacking any other country, including the United States and Hawaii, South Korea, or China?

Before that would ever happen I can assure your readers that the probability of this occurring is almost zero. The North Korean leader is Kim Jong Un  CNNusing all this for propaganda purposes and to feed his large ego. As we stated before, his time as their leader is limited.
What is the probability of him being deposed by August 1 this year?

Quite high, actually. Certainly over 80% at this time.
Here’s a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone to say OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to protect all the people in South Korea, North Korea, Hawaii and the rest of the USA from any possible attacks and may the transition to new leadership in North Korea be as benevolent as possible, thank you!”
Gaia, what is the probability of Macron winning the election for French president?

As you guessed, it is quite high. It is over 90%--yes, that is a correct Emmanuel Macronfigure. It will not be as close as they are currently predicting.
Why did I receive that Macron would not advance when I “felt” that he would (and said so at the time)?

Yes, there is a thin line between receiving something correctly and not and most of the time you receive well, Tom. In this case you were hearing one thought, but your reception was telling you that Macron would be in the final two. It is good that you were able to recognize that you had crossed over that line. This is all progress towards perfecting your ability. It is another step along the path.
Andy writes:
In the last two years, my family and I have been lucky enough to visit beaches on the east coast and west coast of the U.S., and we just got back from a Florida beach in the Gulf of Mexico. I have not yet noticed any change in the level of the oceans – there doesn’t appear to be any less beach area. I’m curious how long it will be until people on the coasts see their beaches start to disappear. Will it be this coming summer, the following summer, or sometime later?
Gaia, when will the general public notice and be aware of the rising levels of the ocean?

There are already people who not only notice but have been already Coastal Floodingaffected by the rising levels. This is especially true on low lying islands and ocean frontage where storms bring in surges farther inland than ever before.

Again, we harken back to what you were told before. Those with access to this information are keeping it from public view as long as possible as they working to have the governments of various countries pay for barriers to protect their investments, or they quietly put these properties up for sale and let the next poor schmuck take the loss—and for the large properties it will be groups of investors that are so pleased to own oceanfront property, until they see the waters cover the coastline.

By the end of this year it will be much more noticeable. I refer to what I said previously about requesting MBOs as to the perfect time to sell a property. If you request an MBO, then listen to that whisper in your ear that will grow louder should you ignore it.

Carol writes:
I tried to find in the Newsletters if you mention Ohio with reference to the upcoming eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, but couldn't find anything. I'm in CA, but worry about friends there. Also, would this incident be considered one of the seven seals?
Gaia, how will the upcoming volcanic eruptions at Yellowstone affect Ohio Winterthe state of Ohio, if at all?

Good question. The effect will be at times the ash cloud depending upon the prevailing winds. As Ohio is farther to the east away from Yellowstone, it will not have such a drastic effect on it as the ash cloud will have around the western part of the Great Lakes. They will not have the problem of the mini-ice age, as the ice and snow will melt in the summer. They will still have colder winters and summers as the winds flow over the ice and snow to their west. The people will still look upon themselves as being fortunate compared to their neighbors to the west.
Are any of the upcoming cataclysmic events part of the “Seven Seals” of Revelations or are we just getting into beliefs?

Most certainly beliefs, Tom. As you have been told many times, ALLOW. It will not be too long before there will be changes in many beliefs. Until then allow people to believe however their souls direct them at this time.
Auntmommie writes:
Am I correct in assuming this:
I AM = Me to the twelfth power.
The me who is writing this is only a fragment of a whole soul. There are Parallel Lives11 more me’s living similar lives on the 11 different time lines, except maybe the 12th which is one we usually bypass. As I understand it, all 12 of my fragments are different because of the circumstances and choices we make during our lives. Do we all 12 have different contracts and things we would like to experience that don’t necessarily match our other selves? ( For instance, Tom, you have experienced vastly different things on your different time lines… married different women, have different careers and on one line you no longer exist.) Is that simply because of fragment’s fragment choices or because of fragment’s fragment contracts?.....or is it a way for one fragment to experience a such a vast variety of things with each one having a different conclusion….like it’s almost too much for one fragment to experience and that’s why there are 12?
Does my whole soul participate in this Experiment or only fragments of it?
The Creator of the Earth Experiment is not my Creator or any other soul’s Creator participating in this project…is that correct? The reason I ask is that I’d like to think that when I am praying, I am praying to my Creator who created the soul that I am a part of….but there are so many creators. So when we say our prayers to Our Creator, are we praying to the Creator of the Universe or our own personal Creators? If we are praying to the Creator of the Universe, do our own personal creators think we have forgotten about them, or do they understand our limitations here on Earth? Or…do our angels and guides send the prayers to the appropriate beings? It’s a trippy concept and hard to wrap my brain around all the information you have made available to us.
2. And it leads me to wonder about these things as well:
You have asked Gaia how many souls are participating in this Soul Depictionexperiment, and I think she said millions. Since Gaia has told us that more than people have souls, how many of those souls living on Earth are not people…like animals, rocks, plants, trees? Are these separate souls from other planets also volunteering in this experiment, or do they belong to the Earth?
Are our insects from another planet? It seems like Earth will always need vegetation and insects in order to maintain its ecological balance…are they part of the Earth Experiment or do they belong to the Earth? Are there any souls who belong to the Earth?
We have been told that our pets have come to this planet from other planets to participate in this experiment, as we have. I know you have said that we can experience a life as a cat or a dog if we wish to…..can we also have a life as a tree or a rock as one of our lives here on Earth if we wish?
Will our pets merge with us, or will they have returned back to their own planets by then?
And another thing about the cats and dogs….did their creators have like Adam and Eve experiments with their physical models to best get the ones to survive the limitations of Earth?
Will the larger wild animals have gone back to their own planets by the Tigertime we merge? Are they just here to introduce themselves to us so that we aren’t afraid of them when we visit them in space? Have some also volunteered to be part of the Earth Experiment and will they merge with us while the others wait for us to come to their home planets?
3. And a few more: What percentage of souls involved with the “Explorer population” are our angels, guides and helpers, you know, those who are mostly invisible to us and….Will they merge with us?
What is the ideal amount of humans Gaia wishes to have on Earth? She has said that the world is over populated right now. Gaia has said that about 80% of all souls participating in the Earth Experiment are here on Earth now. As the population decreases, do the extra souls in the Energy Soup hang out and wait for their clusters to join them so they can all get their next Earth assignments or do they go back to their home planets and tell their friends about how the Earth Experiment is going and spread a little negativity at home? Or both? I do realize that time is nothing on the other side, so waiting for us is like the blink of an eye to them.
See what you do to me, Tom? You fill my head with questions.

Let’s begin with some of the questions to Gaia:
Gaia, did the ETs that provided the animals have to experiment with the bodies as did the ETs that provided the bodies for the Homo sapiens?

Yes, there was some experimentation. There are many more animals Chalicotherium Extinctthat were on Earth in the early days as compared to now. They are even now still finding skeletal remains of animals that are no longer on Earth. So to answer the question, yes, there was experimentation resulting in the animals you see on Earth in the present time period.
Gaia you have mentioned that the human population will be decreasing in the upcoming years. What would you consider the ideal Homo sapien population for you—short of having no humans on Earth in the fairly far future?

Yes, as you have been previously told, Tom, Earth will become a tourist destination for folks from all over the universe after the Explorer Race leaves. Until then I can easily handle one billion or so humans, but above that it puts a strain on all my resources to provide shelter, food, One Child Familyand water. It will take quite a few years to achieve that workable population and I hope it will be through limiting births, although as you know I’m capable of having events to quickly reduce the human populations.
Therefore, each of you can contribute in the meantime to recycling, as that eases the strain on my resources. As you control that to the best of your ability, hand in hand should be to limit the number of children in a family. Gone should be the days of having large families. In western society there is no need to have multiple children in the hopes that a few will survive. This is a mental block that must be overcome—a past life memory when large families were a necessity. They are not now. Honor those who decide not to have children, or adopt children.

Gaia, are there 12 different soul contracts for the 12 different time lines?

Quite so, Tom. Each soul fragment has a slightly and quite often a significant difference in soul contracts, as each soul fragment is put into different circumstances, such as marrying completely different people than they do on a parallel life. Don’t forget that the souls wish a wide range of experiences for each Earth life. They achieve this through Parallel Earths Depictionhaving 12 parallel Earths.

This is complicated and beyond many people’s understandings since lives are difficult as it is without wondering what the next time line over or one farther away is up to. Yet, in dream time you all share your experiences to assist one another as you move forward in each of your lives. In most cases, the lower time lines must have the strongest soul fragments in order to handle the lower frequencies. Many times the lives are shorter like yours was on the lowest two time lines.

Now, to answer your other questions based on questions previously asked. As I was told before, our souls may be having 500,000 to one million lives going on all over the universe for our souls’ learning. Keep in mind that the reason our souls chose to take part in the Earth Experiment was to “fast-track” the raising of their vibrational levels instead of doing it the slow way as Theo and the other “golden light beings,” who act as our Guardian Angels, did. These are hard lives, but with great growth potential in each life we live veiled from knowing about our true identities.
The Creator of this Universe (one of billions of creators, but Theo says Universewould be ranked in the top five) has about 10% of the souls IT created taking part in the Earth Experiment. They will have the choice of melding together with the other 90% and becoming a creator one day to take over this universe and allow the Creator to go to another level, or go with the Creator. On a soul level we all share our learning with the creators who created us. The Creator responds to our prayers through our own GAs and other “whole souls” or angels as we call them.
If everyone recalls, I was told that besides the soul of the Earth we call Gaia in modern times (Earth Mother among many others), she has four million other souls assisting her with running the planet because of the huge diversity not only of plant and animal life, but in the variety of the topography.
My understanding is that all the living beings on this planet have group Dog and Catsouls. Some may leave to return to their planets and some will come. It is all by choice. Our pets will not merge with us, as they are not the souls taking part in the Earth Experiment—only supporting it. I was told that a number of us did have a life as perhaps a tree and then an animal as part of our preparation in the Earth Experiment to “dip our toes” or “get the lay of the land.”
There are supposed to be a little over one million golden light beings acting as our GAs and around the same amount of souls—a little over one million—that respond to prayers from all over the world. Theo told me he had not decided what he will do yet at the end of the Earth Experiment. Our guides are fragments of our soul fragments.
You are applying Earth time to the souls when you speak of them “hanging out.” Keep in mind that ALL our lives on Earth are going on at the same time. That’s really hard for most of us to understand, but that’s why I’m always told that all of our lives are affecting each other. And that’s why I say the Daily Benevolent Prayer listed on the website.

Theo, are there one or more planets in the universe where the people Magicuse magic?

Quite so. In one way, you could compare it to a religion as it can fall into that category in some places. In others, they have learned to work with all the energies of their planet and do things that would seem absolutely magical, but in reality is something the Explorer Race will learn to do in the far future.
For my new readers, Antura is an ET and is also a member of my soul Abe Sapiengroup or “cluster” as Theo calls them and was introduced to me back in 2008 by Theo.  He looks slightly like the Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy movies seen to your right.  Since then, I’ve asked thousands of questions about him, his family, his water world called Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System, the other planets there, technology and his work as a member of a “first contact” team. Besides me, he is in contact with a man in Asia and a lady who lives in Saint-Paul de Vence—a beautiful medieval town near Cannes, France that I visited before I knew about her.
First Contact Book CoverHe’s coming to Earth in one of those humongous motherships around October to replace the one from Sirius that is on duty taking thousands of readings every day. They cloak themselves by changing their frequency just slightly so as to remain invisible, along with 25 to 30 other motherships doing the same work from other worlds and even other universes. I have a great more detail about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET that was published in 2013. Since then I’ve asked hundreds, if not thousands of additional questions. Here are more this week.
Antura, what about one of your other Earth contacts or one of your colleagues’ contacts contacting me on Time Lines 3 and 4 to instruct me to start requesting MBOs? I have heard of similar stories in the past.

That scenario is being seriously discussed, and as I have explained before, these decisions seem to move at quite a slow pace compared to Earth decisions. It helps that you are the one suggesting this action.
Where are your colleagues’ contacts located in the world, and what will Ready to Ride?you and they be trying to accomplish with them?

Our goal is to spread the word that ETs are not some alien invader and that we come in peace. This will be demonstrated in several different ways, which will add together to form an overall impression of our sincerity and that we come in peace.
Are you going to give them rides in the scout craft or trips to the mothership?

Both we think. It just depends upon how they react to our appearances. The other contacts may not be able to adjust to seeing ETs that look nothing even similar to what their own appearance, as we think you and your family will be able to accomplish.
Antura, how did it happen that the bodies the Zetas were cloning stopped being ensouled?

Creator made that decision, Tom. IT wanted the Zetas to reproduce naturally, and they had not for thousands of years. The Zetas had stopped in other ways in their development. They were languishing with no progress.
Antura, am I correct in stating that the 60 portals on Earth connect to Portal Simulationother planets and not to each other?

You are mostly correct, Tom. Obviously, there is a portal to your moon, and yes, even a couple of portals to moons of other planets in your solar system. But for the most part these portals connect with others to allow other societies to easily traverse from their star systems to Earth in order to study and take readings. It’s as if you were a huge train station with tracks running in all directions.

Who constructed the portals—they weren’t originally here when the planet was moved to its current location, were they?

No, they were not. Yes, the portals were constructed by those who are capable of creating the openings in the fabric of the universe. This will be something you will learn to do, but not for thousands of years.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Angie in Manila, Philippines writes:
MBO for Painful Hand. Hi Tom, I Pain in left handwoke up this morning with pain in my left hand. I know that it was caused by holding my iPad mini for long periods of time while lying down. I was just surprised that it suddenly ached so much that it bothered me a lot. I use a healing method to remove all kinds of pain and I used it this time. After many repeated applications, the pain was still there and it was getting worse.

I decided to say an MBO to remove the pain and it was gone! I'm observing it and it hasn't returned. Thank you, Tom, for sharing with us your knowledge of BPs and MBOs. They are really effective and work all the time.
Nancy writes:
Here's a happy, kinda sad MBO. I adopted Jasper, a little Dog on Bedterrier mix a few years ago. Before I formalized everything I took him to my vet for a check-up. Sure enough, he had a major health issue -- a heart murmur and congestive heart failure. After talking with the vet about the diagnosis and treatment, I decided to adopt him anyway. Two years later Jasper was definitely declining. I made the difficult choice of taking him to the vet to be euthanized. The night before the appointment I requested an MBO for Jasper. The next morning I woke up to find that he had died peacefully in his sleep right next to me. It was the perfect ending for both of us!

Angie writes:
Three months ago, all the music files in my first generation iPod Nano suddenly disappeared when I charged it using a IPod Nanodifferent charger than the one I normally use. I needed one particular meditation music in there that is no longer available anywhere. I said an MBO for all the music files to be restored, but nothing happened.
From time to time, I would check it and still no music whatsoever. I tried to get the meditation music from the person who gave it to me in a CD and after many tries, emails, text messages, I got it by email, but it wasn’t the original one that I really like. During this process, I had to attend a meditation group meeting from which I got the meditation music. I haven’t been attending this group meeting for three years.

While there, I was able to help a friend who needed information that only I could provide her. After this, I suddenly got the insight to check my iPod Nano and lo and behold, all the music has been restored, including the meditation music that I needed.
Truly, the GAs and all beings have a purpose in what seems to be a delayed prayer answer.
Ron writes:
When do you see the Canadian housing bubble bursting (i.e., Vancouver and Toronto)? What will cause this and by how much will it drop?
Gaia, what is the highest probability of when the Canadian housing Toronto Row Housesbubble will burst?

Soon, but not immediately. You have already experienced a housing bubble collapse and for the Canadians this is coming. The highest probability would be for it to occur within the next year. I would advise those of your readers in Canada to consider unloading a property soon, or plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. These are actions for which they need to request MBOs to choose the PERFECT time to sell. That should be advice to all your readers, Tom, when they are contemplating selling anything of value.
Gaia, how many people that are incarcerated in the USA at the present time are innocent—1% or more?

Yes, under your present system of justice—your present laws, this total Prison Inmatesis slightly more than 1%. It is closer to 1.5% --that is over 30,000 people. That does not include those sentenced for minor offenses where they should have only experienced a slap on the wrist, but instead have been sentenced to many years of incarceration. This will change within the coming five years. Better ways will be implemented to treat first offenders or those with minor crimes where much longer sentences were meted out than should have been.

You can have your readers say a BP for those incarcerated unjustly and for all those incarcerated at this time. Send these people love and you will see changes in the judicial system too.

Here is a BP to say OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to assist those unjustly incarcerated to be freed, and for the present system of justice to become more benevolent, and may the results happen even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
These questions came from Jean Marie on Facebook. Here is the link to the article he refers to. Click here.
Gaia, would you please comment on all the changes going on in the solar system:
1. Sun’s magnetic field is 130% stronger.

This will not affect humans in a bad way, Tom. The Sun goes through  Suncycles just as I do. This is part of a cycle. Scientists have so much to learn not only about this sun, but all the others as as the scientists will discover great differences. This is all part of your learning that is going on for the next thousands of years. Enjoy.
2. Moon—6,000 kilometer deep layer of Natrium.

The moon is not building its own atmosphere. We are going through space where these particles are located. You understand that with your limited knowledge of sciences it is difficult to explain. Natrium is a word that is unfamiliar to you.
3. Mercury—polar icecap?

Yes, for a planet so near to the sun you would think it would be too hot, Mercurybut it is the side facing away from the sun that scientists are just discovering more about.
4. Venus—2500% increase in Aurora brightness.

Again, caused by the space that the solar system is traveling through.
5. Jupiter—200% increase in brightness of plasma clouds.

See the answer for Venus.
6. Saturn—decrease in equatorial jet stream and increase in x-rays.

That I will leave for your scientists and their robotic probes to discover in the future.
7. Uranus—changes in brightness and more global cloud activity.Uranus

See the answer for Venus and Jupiter.
8. Neptune—40% increase in brightness of atmosphere.

Same answer.
9. Pluto—300 % increase in atmospheric pressure.

Conditions in this part of space are good for this to occur.
10. Earth—magnetic field erratic last 20 years.

This is simply a phase in conjunction with the sun.
OK, Gaia. Difficult subject for me to attempt, but did my best.

That is OK, Tom. There will be others in the future that will build upon what we have discussed. Keep in mind that the planets have a symbiotic relationship with each other and with the sun. To adapt a phrase you’re familiar with, when one planet coughs the others feel it.
Severine writes:
Here are some questions:
Question 1. New Age teachers discarding their teachings to go back to religion.
Recently two people that I used to follow closely: 1 ) Adrienne Dumas who introduced me to your teaching through her previous Facebook. I am very grateful I have discovered your work thanks to her; 2 ) Doreen Doreen VirtueVirtue. They both encourage their audience to give up on anything New Age and come back to religion. One of them completely changed her business and now talks about evil demons that only Jesus is our savior, etc. I love Jesus, but this negative wording about evil everywhere is very off putting for me and backwards in my opinion as it also encouraged staying away from clairvoyance. These changes disturbed me a bit. It almost scared me to ask BPs, which is my favorite modality of all times, because "we ask any and all beings" instead of asking Jesus. Then I said no to all this. I will keep practicing what works for me and MBOs and BPs absolutely do.
Can you ask Gaia: Are these two ladies’ soul contract to go back to Religion? What is the future for New Age? Will it decline or grow? I understand there are good and bad things in every teaching.
PS: I was born Catholic, still believe in Jesus and mother Mary. That said, as you have explained, the Bible has been written over and over and sometimes the authors embellished the truth.

For all the followers that were moved by this change is it a lesson for us to learn to trust our own guidance? I strongly believe it is. I'd like to have Gaia’s or Theo's input.
Theo, are Adrienne Dumas and Doreen Virtue’s soul contracts to return to what would be considered more mainstream religious views?

As we have explained in the past, your soul fragments seek as much knowledge as possible in these lives. There are those that are hardline Spiritualityfundamentalists in any of the Earth religions that may soften their beliefs and then there are those who waver and find they are more comfortable espousing the beliefs of more mainstream religions. This is all part of their learning, but may seem quite radical to those of their followers who seek universal answers not restricted by rigid beliefs. So, we say ALLOW and honor their choices while continuing on your own soul paths.
Theo, what is the most probable future for more spiritually-oriented beliefs?

As we have mentioned several times, there are going to be coming great changes in the world religions when the ETs do confirm their existence, requiring a number of the religions to rewrite their histories. You will also be involved in this stirring the pot we will call it. It will eventually bring them all closer together. Those with more spiritually-oriented beliefs will be able to accept the changes much faster than those who are more fundamentalists.


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