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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

August 19, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And keep sending me your MBO stories. I need at least four to six each week for my Saturday Blog.
Lots of information this week on the eclipse, plus North Korea. Here is a Diplomacy for North KoreaBenevolent Prayer for everyone to say OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to assist those working on diplomatic solutions to the problem with North Korea, thank you!”
And just an additional note.  When I’m told that a major Earth event will occur, I pass the information along, knowing there is a chance I did not receive the information correctly.  But I would rather be wrong nine times out of ten and on the tenth I help one or more people in some way.  This week I went out on another limb and emailed the New Zealand Herald newspaper and posted on a New Zealand travel Facebook page. 
Here is the interview I did on Virtual Light Broadcast on Espavo TV for Espavo TVSteve Rother. It is approximately 28 minutes long.
Click here. MP3 Click here.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Gaia, will the New Zealand quake happen before, on, or after August 21?

It will happen just a tiny bit before August 21, Tom. Take that to the bank, shall we say.
That sounds to me like August 20, but that is a guess. Plus, I was Christchurch Floodingpreviously told it would be right off shore from Christchurch.
May I remind everyone that Gaia was right on the mark when she said there would be one or more major quakes in Asia on August 8, and there were two—one of which killed 19 people and injured 247. She has previously said that there would be “several hundred people” killed by this one.

Therefore, if you know anyone in New Zealand, pass along that if they Christchurch, NZfeel an earthquake, head as far away from the coast as possible. If they don’t feel a quake, then they will not have to do anything. Gaia has said the tsunami could be as high as 15 feet (5 meters) and 6 feet (2 meters) as far north as Wellington on the North Island. Would you want to just sit there and see friends or family die from a tsunami? Just watch the video of the one that hit Japan.
Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to assist in getting all the people and animals in the path of the New Zealand tsunami to safety in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!”
Tanudja writes:
For Gaia: Given that the timings for the Russian disclosure have not come true and human free will has been exerted, I am nervous about North Korea now. We were told the Pleiadians (I think or Antura’s ship) would never allow a nuclear war, but what if Kim asserts his free will and Trump keeps egging him on? What is the probability of a nuclear weapon being detonated by North Korea? I'm North Korean Missilescared for the first time ever.
Gaia, what is the probability of North Korea using a weapon against a United States possession such as Guam or the state of Hawaii or the mainland?

Zero, Tom. As you were told before, the days of being in power for the North Korean dictator will soon be over. He is too much a threat to world peace. I will not say how this will come about, only that it will happen soon.
Will this be assisted by the eclipse event?

The eclipse is the instigator of change, both by such events as the New Zealand quake and tsunami, other movements that will not be as severe as New Zealand, and then changes in governments not only on the Korean peninsula but elsewhere.
Next session I asked:
Gaia, will the North Korean military or someone in North Korea initiate Kim Jong-unthe replacement of Kim Jong-un or will it be the Chinese or Americans?

Tom, let’s see if you can receive this—yes, the Chinese will have a hand in it, although it will not appear so. They would not want to be blamed, you see, by the other governments of the world – especially the smaller ones that would fear they might be next. Therefore, it will appear to almost everyone, except those involved in clandestine activities, that it was North Korean people who orchestrated his removal. That is on their soul contracts as well as his.
Then my friend Frank said I might not wish to include this information in my newsletter, as it might get back to the wrong people, so the next session I asked:
Gaia, I assume you would not have given me the information on North Korea’s change of leadership if my publishing of that information would alter soul contracts?

That’s true, Tom. That may not be the case sometime in the future when you have many more readers. Then I will have to tell you I cannot answer a particular question.
I have tried to take the high road on this by suggesting a BP for diplomatic efforts be successful to diffuse the situation in the NOTES section at the beginning of the newsletter.

I received a number of questions about the August 21 eclipse.
Pamela writes:
I love the information you publish from readers’ questions, it keeps us on tenterhooks every week waiting to see what treasures are forthcoming!
I have come across recent predictions from various sources that have high percentages of success, which seem to indicate that around the time of the eclipse the Madrid Fault line will become active, so does New Madrid EarthquakeGaia have any update on that situation?
Also, any new news about the Yellowstone caldera, which continues to cause concern, with NASA doing daily flights over it to monitor the rising heat levels. There have been reports of Old Faithful becoming erratic (blowing twice at a time) becoming black, and animals leaving the area, etc. Could Gaia give us a more specific, up-to-date timeline?

Gaia, will the Madrid Fault line activate or become more active around the time of the August 21 eclipse?

No, Tom. That was a good guess by your reader, but I do not wish this fault line to rupture at this time. For the United States, it will have more of a subtle effect that will last for many weeks and months. It is a catalyst, if you will.
I have been told several times that Yellowstone will not erupt during the next five years, but will in the next five after that.
Gaia, do you have any plans to activate any of the 95 volcanoes Antarctic Volcanodiscovered underneath the ice sheet of western Antarctica?

No, Tom, this whole area will remain dormant for many years to come. There will be great melting of Antarctica in the coming years, but this is due to the warming world temperatures we have discussed before.
Gaia, the total eclipse of July 29, 1878 went right over Dallas, Texas. Was there any lasting effect on the city and eventually the surrounding cities such as Ft. Worth and the smaller communities that have sprung up since then?

Good question, Tom. Yes, as I explained about the coming August 21stJuly 29, 1878 Total Eclipse eclipse, which you were naturally going to tie in, those eclipses act as catalysts in a subliminal way. In the case of the 1878 eclipse, it acted as a magnet not only to the region around Dallas, but also to such places as Denver, Colorado. It was as if an invitation was burned in the ground.
For the upcoming August 21st eclipse, its presence will act as a catalyst too, but not so much as a magnet, but as a harbinger of changes in attitudes about such things as religions and political beliefs—although this will not be noticed at first, except when there is disclosure by the Russians—and yes, it is coming—people who have believed you are the only intelligent beings in the universe will have those beliefs shattered. Notice how the eclipse swings close to your southern states? Your history will record this time period as having a great shift in your beliefs, and that will find its way to your legislative bodies.

Please caution your readers to not look at the eclipse directly or even through a telescope with the protective glasses on, as there will be several thousand people who will have their eyesight damaged permanently.

Star asked these questions on Facebook and Theo responded.
Theo, how will the August 21st eclipse affect the Presidency of Donald Trump?

There are some juicy challenges coming along for this administration President Trump and groupafter the eclipse.
The eclipse will instigate changes that have not been seen so far. There will be a change in personnel, scandals, outing of spies and a continuing diatribe with Congress. The coming few months will see drastic changes all over the world. It is almost like the birthing of a new child. You (meaning the general public) will see this all play out in the coming months. As I told you before, this eclipse will act as a catalyst especially in the southern part of the USA, but that will be just a small part of what will happen. You will in the future be able to ask me about certain events.
Should people remain indoors? Certainly, if they do not have the right sunglasses they should just watch on TV, so as not to become part of the group whose eyes will be permanently damaged by looking directly at the eclipse.

Simon in London writes:
With us now very near to the predicted earthquake and tsunami event for New Zealand, I would appreciate it if British Islesyou could ask Gaia about the possibility of similar events occurring 'soon' to the British Isles and the many other nations which have coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean.
Many years ago there was much speculation about this possibly being caused by a mountainside on one of the Canary Islands slipping into the sea, however, there is much that we do not know about the sea bed and the likelihood of tectonic activity here causing a tsunami event.

Gaia, any chance for any earthquakes accompanied by a tsunami in the British Isles or, for that matter, anywhere in the world in the next five years?

Yes, this will occur on the Ring of Fire.
Does that include Japan?

No, it is a little farther out for them. Look to South America. I can give you more information as we get closer to the event, but your reader was most concerned with England, and they will remain relatively quiet, but not so for the rest of the world.
For my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet” who lives on the planet Nommo that the Aborigines have in their history. After 800 lives on Earth, he’s back on his home planet working as part of a “first First Contactcontact” team that goes to emerging worlds to introduce themselves. He’s coming to Earth around October in a large mothership with a crew of 900 and their families totaling 1,500. They will relieve the Sirian ship overhead right now, hidden from view so as not to scare the wits out of us Earthlings. There are constantly 25 to 30 of these spaceships overhead from all over the universe and a couple of other universes taking tens of thousands of readings each day—far beyond our scientific knowledge at this time. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions posed this past week.
Joe writes:
I've read the Gentle Way and First Contact and use Benevolent requests daily. Here is my question:
In the early 80s my mother and I were in a car traveling down our street (in New Jersey) and I looked and saw what looked exactly like what I called at the time, "the Jesus star." I pointed the star out to my mother and as we were watching, the star dulled to just a dot in the sky and then shot upwards at an incredible speed and was gone. Needless to say, we were dumbfounded. Did we see a UFO? If so, where were they from? Why were we allowed to see it?

Antura, was the object in the sky that Joe and his mother saw in the UFO1980s an ET craft, and if so, what was the reason they saw it?
By now you have seen that the ships they quickly see are ET in origin and may very well have a desire for you, or they, to see them. They do not want to intrude—just enough to put it in your memory bank to go over and think about it many times as Joe and family have done. They may not be allowed to actively contact you, but doing a flyby is allowed.

Cathy writes:
In the following articles, there are some people that believe that there are some things found in certain old religious paintings, as well as ancient cave paintings, that depict ETs or a space ship. While a few of those supposed ET and space ships may be more of a stretch of the imagination, others do look like it could be an ET or a space ship. Could you ask Theo or Antura about this - if they were ETs and UFOs?
If those were ETs and UFOs, then did the artist actually witness a Painting with ET Spacecraft Depictedspaceship in the sky at some point during his life?
Click here.
And, if Russia does not disclose soon and the Pleiadians decide to give the opportunity to another country, which country will that be?

Antura, is the ancient artwork that has been photographed and has been published in books mostly depictions of ETs and space craft, or very little of it is?

Yes, without taking up every piece of artwork that seems as if it is ET in origin, we can say that the majority are. Keep in mind that there have been visitations for thousands of years and were done specifically for the artists to depict, as photography had not yet been invented.
Do the Pleiadians have a backup Plan B for a second country to Disclose if the Russians continue to drag their feet?

No, we realize from your side it appears stalled, but from our side we see quite active negotiations and talks taking place behind the scenes and they will be successful, that I can assure you and your readers.
Will the August 21 eclipse assist in that?

No, we are hopeful that the Disclosure will happen before that date, but yes, if it has not it can be the catalyst.
I have several questions that have arisen about the Earth star ship that Suspended Animationwill depart before we learn how to portal hop in the 3100 era.
How will the people on board that spaceship be rescued, as I assume there is no portal in the middle of space?

Quite true, Tom, but by then they will be fairly close to their destination, so the rescue ship can portal hop to the nearest planet to them and then backtrack just a little.
Are those people going to use suspended animation for the majority of the trip?

Yes, this is a long voyage, even at half the speed of light and will take years to complete.
How many people on board?

Between 300 and 400 people. It will be a fairly large ship, but not to theSuspended Animation extent of the movie you saw where they had a mammoth ship with over 5,000. That is science fiction.
Speaking of the Passengers movie, did the writer have a life in the future so he was aware of that flight?

Quite so. It was covered extensively—or perhaps I will say it will be covered extensively. As Theo has explained previously, you can have lives thousands of years in the past, such as Dena will have for her next life, or thousands of years in the future. It all depends upon what you need –what our souls need– for their learning. And you were told that after your lives far in the future that are coming up you will have at least a couple of lives far back in time for the beginning of two more Planetreligions. It is quite common for a science fiction writer to have had a life in the future where he or she can experience those events and then write about them.
What exactly is wrong with the planet the people will head for in that 3100 era?

It is just not suitable for a long term settlement of Earth-type people. One of those places that is interesting to visit, but you would not want to live there. We are not allowed to go into specific detail, as this will be something that will be discovered when a ship portal hops to that planet and reports, “uh-oh.” Then, when they contact the ship, they will describe the problems and suggest that they just visit the planet for themselves on board the portal hop ship and then return to Earth.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Kathy writes:
Here's an MBO story for you.
A couple of days ago the voicemail function on my cell phone quit Cell Phoneworking. I called Tech Support for the cell phone company I use and after 45 minutes we got it working again. When my husband came home from work I had him check the voicemail on his cell phone, and sure enough, it wasn't functioning. So I called the cell phone company, after asking for an MBO that the problem would be corrected quickly and easily. I was connected to a tech support guy named "Angel." YES! Angel!
And he was an angel. He was kind, patient, and knowledgeable. He corrected the problem quickly and easily, and then sent a voicemail to my husband's phone so we could be certain it was working properly. Afterwards, I giggled that my Guardian Angels had connected me with my very own Tech Support Angel!
I'm forever grateful to you for sharing MBOs with the world so I could become aware of them.
I use them all the time, and always with good results, sometimes with amazingly good results.
Peter in Canada writes:
Summer is always a tight time financially for my music career.  So this time I decided to do an MBO to help me out. PeterSuddenly, I guess it was by my GA, I felt inspired. It said inside that I just need to take off $20 on personalized music composed by me and that it will help.
I felt inside that it would also help those who need it. Once I put the post on my wall on Facebook, I started getting music orders of all sorts. It kept me busy and not only paid my bills but I got extra money to put in the bank.
It showed me to never underestimate an MBO.
Once again, it proved to me that being informed of MBOs by Tom not only helps me but also helps many others all over the world. Thank you, Tom, for taking your time to teach us all this. I feel inside that it’s making a big difference in preparing a wonderful future for our children and grand-children. Like Tom would say, expect great things!
Linda writes:
My MBO is requesting a perfect pet for me. I also asked Maltese Dogmy dog Gandy to return to me. My first dog, Gandy, died over two years ago. In my search, I almost got a German shepherd and changed my mind, then I almost got a red heeler and changed my mind and then gave up. I put a message out on Facebook for a Bichon Frise and a lady emailed me with a picture of a Maltese. He looks like my Gandy and I really believe he may be. I get him Monday and I feel very lucky indeed.

Thanks for the MBOs. I'm even getting my son to start saying them.

With the school year fast approaching, may I remind all the families with students to encourage them to request MBOs before each exam? They will find they make much better grades.

Emily writes:
Sending White Light on Autopilot?
I would like to send white light to all those I encounter on a daily basis. Such as those of whom I walk past down the street or in a department store. Or even people who drive past me. Is it possible to send white light on autopilot just by requesting an MBO that your GA handle the sending the white light from you to everyone you come across? Or doesSending White Light it have to be a conscious effort on our part to actually mentally send the white light to each and every person? If so, how do we quickly send the white light to a person, who we are only going to walk past in a second or two? Is there a method to the madness?

Gaia, how can we send white light to everyone we encounter each day—one at a time or perhaps a blanket request?

A good question, Tom. Yes, it is better each day to take just a minute and send white light to all those you will meet or interact with during Sending White Lightyour day, not only humans but of course all living things, including animals, trees, plants, grass and so on.
Then during the day if you feel the need to do so, send extra light to someone who appears to be feeling despondent or for any reason you think needs extra white light and love. And that includes those with whom you have a difficult relationship. You will find over time that this relationship becomes less difficult. They will not know why, but you will know. Become that beacon of light and it will be returned to you in spades.

For those of you who have not done this before, just close your eyes and imagine sending beautiful white light from your heart to the world, to people you will meet during the day, or to a specific person.
Kathy writes:
I have a question on the gang MS13. Do they have a MS13 Gang Membercontract to be in a gang or off their contract?
Theo, are the members of gangs in general, and MS13 in particular, on their soul contracts or off them?

We have touched on this before. Generally, you could say that these are quite young souls and being part of a gang gives them a feeling of protection from the big bad world out there. These are soul contracts, and when they stray off the soul contracts, they typically have to balance these lives in the future due to actions they take beyond their soul contracts. There is even balancing involved where someone has killed or hurt them in any way.
Someone on Facebook asked me this a while back.Immortal
Theo, are there any people on Earth right now that would be considered immortal?

No, Tom. There are some yogis that have extended their lives, but there is no one that would be considered immortal –hundreds of years old. And for those that extend their lives there is a price to pay. All things must balance.
George writes:
Questions of Beautiful Women.
1. Eastern European women are considered to be amongst (and sometimes at the top of the list) of the world's most beautiful women.
Are Eastern European women so beautiful because it's part of the creator’s plan to make them so sexy so that men in the Western world Katrina Kaifmarry them to meld the races together?
2. Many men say their perfect woman is the Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes-type woman. As this has been a "dream girl" type of men's seemingly forever, where did this desire for that type of woman originate from?
3. Contrary to the above question, many men have been heard to say that they really prefer brunettes more for a partner. This is because they believe Blondes to be untrustworthy. Where did this idea originate from, is it because brunettes have been around for much longer before blondes came on the scene or why else?
4. How many lives does it take for a woman to be able to handle her beauty, if she is to have multiple lives as a stunning woman?
5. Why is it that so many "confident men" who are adept naturally with Shy Manpeople, almost pulverize when they are confronted by a beautiful woman? It can't all be from the time before the Explorer Race when women subjugated men.

Theo, is there a reason Eastern European women are considered beautiful, so that Western men will marry them and meld?

That general statement can be said all over the world—not just for the Caucasian race. As you were told before, by the 3400 era there will be only one Earth human—all the races will have combined by that time. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and not to mention that people fall in love as part of their soul contracts.
Many western men consider blue eyes and blonde hair perfect. Where Blonde Haired Beautydid that originate?

Again, this is part of their DNA ingrained to find certain women more attractive than others as part of their soul contracts. Blue eyes and blonde hair were considered perfection in Northern Latitude societies.
Why do many men find blondes to be less trustworthy than brunettes and brunettes to be better partners?

Because of this perception, blondes had many suitors. The women would use their beauty to get wealth and power, knowing their suitors would do anything for them.

How many lives will we have as beautiful women?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This may sound like a cliché, but it Beautiful Modelis a true statement. As far as a recognized beauty for that standard during that time period, it can be several lives or just a couple, depending upon soul contracts. There are lessons to be learned by being considered beautiful under that society’s standards.
Why do so many men find it difficult to be normal around beautiful women? Does it date all the way back to subjugation of men by women in that world across the universe?

Tongue-tied is the word your reader was thinking. No, it does not date back that far. It is simply an insecurity of a person’s worth. This is all part of learning and part of one’s soul contract—to be dazzled by the perceived beauty.

Ray writes:
The game of Darts is an incredibly hard and difficult sport, taking extreme precision and skill. With quite a few lives under your belt, I wonder how good you are at it, Tom?!
1. How many lifetimes does it take to get good at playing darts?Dart Board
2. As it more of skilled game, what is the soul interest of the professional darts players? 
  Click here.
Theo, is the game of darts more part of the soul interest of an athlete or what? And how many lifetimes does it take to become really good?

Yes, Tom, this would be more of the soul interest of an athlete, as it requires skill and concentration—all part of the makeup of a person whose soul interest is athletics in all its forms. A really good skill level can be obtained in as few as two lives, but there are those who so enjoy the game that they may spend several trying to perfect it. It all boils down to desire, Tom. That same concentration can be used to hit a baseball, in cricket, and other athletic sports.


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