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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Newsletterwelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

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The Roku TV channel had to go off the air when they lost their one editor due to medical problems.  They have now posted the first episode of my series THE TELEPATHIC WORLD OF TOM T. MOORE on Youtube at  Please keep in mind that Telepathic Worldthis episode at around 25 minutes was a one-take for me and could have been more professional.  When they put the second episode up I think I did a little better.  But I do discuss the Gentle Way and how it works.  

Recently I was interviewed for two hours on the
Epic Voyages radio show. Here is the link to the podcast if you wish to listen. We covered a LOT of subjects over the two hours.

On Tuesday, August 9 I will be back with Dr. Simon Atkins on his Skyaia Show at a new time—6:00 pm CT.

Arkansas LakeLast chance for a vacation with me and other like-minded people where the Atlanteans used to dig for crystals. I’m going to be speaking at a Harmonic Crystal dig in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, the weekend of August 19-21. Please email if you’re interested in a weekend of digging for crystals, listening to my presentation along with others, and a beautiful weekend on Lake Ouachita in the Ozark Mountains! 
You DESERVE a vacation!

TorontoI have also just been invited to speak at a UFO convention in Toronto, Canada on both my FIRST CONTACT and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA books from June 22-25 of 2017. On the day before the convention, I want to speak on THE GENTLE WAY books somewhere in the Toronto area. Do you know a good location that is not too expensive? Please email me. I will also need help in getting the word out there, so do you have any access to local mailing lists of people who might wish to learn about requesting MBOs?

And do you have any contacts with Metaphysical or UFO expo events Man Speakingthat have featured speakers? There are so many, but most just have locals. Please let me know. The big ones work many months in advance.

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THE GENTLE WAY I: Rafferty wrote: Empowering and inspiring! Gentle The Gentle Way I & IIreading and thought provoking.

Maxi-Babe wrote: Best book I've ever read. Produces miracles every day for me.

ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Kimberly wrote: I liked this book very much and resonated with much that the author said.

I was asked where to go to write the reviews. The most popular place to go Atlantis & Lemuria(they sell more books than anyone else) is and then just enter the name of the book you wish to write a review about in the search book. Then click on “Reviews” and there will be a box that says “Write a review.”

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you


Gaia, regarding a deranged person who murders a number of people, would you say a soul volunteers its soul fragment, who is already scheduled to kill three or four people as part of balancing, to expand the role to add in others who need to balance too even though they had done nothing to this person?

Yes, Tom in a way you could say that the soul volunteers a fragment for this Nice France Terrorist Attackduty. The soul knows that on a wide scale this will affect many people with compassion, which assists in their growth, as you can see by the hundreds and, yes, many thousands of people who pray for the families, leave flowers and other tokens of remembrance and so on to people who on the surface do not seem affected but are. This has a ripple effect on thousands and thousands of people across the world. It generates love.

But what about the deranged soul? Doesn’t it affect the soul fragment, which in turn affects the whole soul?

Again in a way, Tom, but not as badly as you might think. The soul volunteered and there will be great love given to the person who is the mass murderer and the soul fragment will be given lives where friends and relatives are killed and they suffer the same heartache, plus there will be physical problems such as heart attacks to balance. They will also have lives of great service. The soul gains much from these balancing lives it needs as part of its learning. The soul fragment is not scarred forever as all your lives must balance at the end.

Raymond in Arlington, Texas writes: Thanks for your newsletter. I look forward to reading each issue.

I was wondering about the recent events (Dallas; Nice, France; Turkey) and had a few questions. I did a brief search, but did not see anything specific to my questions.

When multiple lives are lost at one time, do they “see” each other when they Soul Leaving Bodyascend towards Heaven? What if family members or loved ones die simultaneously, do they go together or does everyone ascend as individuals? If someone dies unexpectedly at the hands of another and they both die, do they see each other ascending? I was just wondering if the victim gets upset with the offender or asks them why?

If time does not exist and we are living all of our lives in one instant on different time lines, do we share the same soul? Or does each life we live on each time line have their own soul? Do the souls ever communicate with each other about the different “me”s? In other words, does the soul occupying Raymond in 2016 ever look over and chat with the soul occupying Raymond in 1800 or 2150, compare notes with each other, and rate my progress and lessons learned? Many thanks for all the time you give to the newsletter.

Gaia, where there are multiple transitions at one time, are the soul fragments able to see each other, including the soul fragment(s) who caused their death or are they contained in what has been described as a tunnel of light?

This is an excellent question. Yes, at times they can see that person or Bodies on Battlefieldpersons, but this is when those whole souls you call angels (and we have suggested you call them transition angels) take over and, shall we gently say, forcefully direct them into a tunnel of light. If they are soldiers, they still feel they should be continuing to combat those who caused their deaths, but this only lasts for a short time as the transition angels are quite adept in directing them away.

Those that are killed in a terrorist attack are quite confused, but again the transition angels transmit great love as they gently direct their charges. They are also assisted, may we remind you, by their own guardian angels whose job was to have them there at the right second so that their soul contract to transition at that very second is completed. They do not just stand on the sidelines, but assist the transition angels, so there are many times the person transitioning sees two angelic forms, or more if that person’s beliefs warrant it.

So, am I to understand this is somewhat a division of jobs or are we separating something that should not be separated?

There you have it, Tom. We are all connected on this side of the veil, which is quite hard for humans to understand, but we all have different tasks we have volunteered for and there are those souls whose soul mission is to assist thousands of soul fragments all transitioning at the same time, for whatever cause—violence, sickness, or old age—back to their own soul group or cluster.

I think there may be some confusion here regarding the question of mixing Parallel Earthstime lines with multiple lives in different time periods going on simultaneously. There are 12 time lines for each person’s life with 12 “you”s all having different experiences and making different decisions for the learning of each whole soul.

We have been told previously that in the quantum dream state you do look in on other lives and even other time lines. This might be done because there was a lesson learned or a similar experience in one of your other lives. That’s why I encourage all of you to have a notebook and pen light next to your bed to try and remember your dreams each night. Sometimes I don’t remember any and the largest number of dreams I’ve recalled in one night is nine.


Maggie writes: I have a question about the potential for Elizabeth Warren's Elizabeth Warrenfuture. I read somewhere that she is a very Aquarian person and will be someone to watch, especially in 2023 when Pluto enters Aquarius. The timing would seem to fit that after a successful eight years as Vice President she would run for President at that time. I'm wildly speculating, but what is the highest probability of those events happening?

Thank you for all the time you spend bringing us the Gentle Way,

Theo, what is the probability of Elizabeth Warren running for President in 2023?

Very slight at this time, Tom. It would be less than 10%. She will find other duties will present themselves. That time Michelle Obamaperiod is quite some time away in the scheme of things, so you can ask again in the coming years, but the probability of her wishing to run is very low at this time.

What is the probability of Mrs. Obama running for office—including the presidency—in the future?

She will stay actively involved the rest of her life in things she cares about, and will make a great advocate for those, but the probability at this time of her running for office is fairly low—under 10%. This could change, as keep in mind that we are talking about eight or more years in the future, but this is her soul contract at this time—to make a difference in certain areas she deems worthy of contributing her voice and talents to.


Lynda in Ojai, CA writes: As I write this on Sunday morning July 17th, there is news of the Baton Rouge, LA. killing spree.

In light of this summer’s continued onslaught of domestic and international violence, has H.R. Clinton’s chance of being elected decreased? Thank you,Crazy Polls as always, Tom!

Theo, has the increase in violence affected the Presidential race?

Only slightly. Keep in mind that there are many undecided voters who are swayed one way and then the other. Your polls will show both candidates rising and falling in the polls numerous times until election day presents itself. Our recommendation is to detach yourself from these day-to-day fisticuffs and not become embroiled in debates. That is easier said than done for many people, but you will find you lead a less tumultuous life if you can.


Lynda also writes: WAS Russia behind the DNC hacks? Why is WikiLeaks releasing this injurious-to-Hillary material, now? Can we still look ahead to a Hillary presidency in 2016 and beyond?

Thank you, Tom. You must be inundated with political questions this season!

Theo, were the reports correct by the FBI that Russia was behind the DNC Cybercrime Unithack, and if so what was their motivation?

Yes, they were behind it as reported. This goes on all the time by both sides. Most of the time it is just for intelligence purposes and never sees the light of day, but in this case they felt that Mr. Trump will be easier to deal with than the known quantity of Mrs. Clinton who they have dealt with before. They like his ideas of reducing the United States’ role in NATO, and look upon Mr. Trump as much easier to manipulate possibly than Mrs. Clinton.

People with absolutely no political experience have a huge learning curve if they take over running a country—any country—and they make many mistakes during that learning curve. Mrs. Clinton will make far fewer mistakes, having a former president at her side as her advisor, along with Mr. Obama and other experienced diplomats. As we have said before, and we realize there are those readers who like some of Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, but he is too young a soul in terms of Earth lives to handle the job of running the largest and most powerful country in the world.


Shelby writes: Weird question xD. I was wondering if there is still going to be Eating Ice Creamice cream in the year 3000 and later?

Theo, will people still be eating ice cream in the year 3000?

Oh yes, a healthier form, but still will have the taste people have enjoyed for much longer than there are records, Tom. You could say it is ingrained in your taste buds.

Theo, in the year 3000 how fast will be the trip to Mars?

Mars ColonyQuite fast at that time, Tom. Just a few hours. By then you will have a different way of traveling that does not use rocket fuel. We will leave it to those who will discover other forms of energy, but it is not anything you are using now. Of course, it will not be portal hopping, which, as you were told before, will not be discovered until around the 3250 era.

How large will the colony on Mars be at that time?

It will never reach over a million until the atmosphere is able to be changed one day, which will occur, but not by then.Astronaut

What other colonies will we have on other planets?

Certainly there will be one on your moon, as you guessed, as there will be minerals and such you will discover you can use. But limited, shall we say. There will also be small outposts on the moons of some of your larger planets as they will not be hospitable to being on the surface. Yes, there will even be an outpost on Mercury to assist in studies of the sun, but small in comparison. Even Pluto will have an outpost for study of that planetoid.


For my new subscribers and readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” First Contactand my Guardian Angel Theo introduced him to me in 2008. He’s an amphibian and a very seasoned soul in terms of Earth lives at around 800. He’s back on our home water planet using what he has learned on Earth as an explorer. He’s part of a “first contact” team headed for Earth possibly next year. You can read much more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, but below are more questions this week.

Antura, why were the abductions by the Zetas allowed on a soul level?

The souls involved were compassionate and felt that the negative aspects could be overcome either in this life or another. There will be many who have been abducted that will start to come forward and undergo hypnosis as they discover that their memories were wiped, and wish to find out what actually Alien Abductionhappened to them. It will take another life for some of them to get past the abduction, but you see, that is also another reason. They had abducted people in a past life, so this helps to balance those lives.

Do the Pleiadians who look like us have a higher IQ?

Their IQs are higher simply because you have not discovered yet how to use a large portion of your brain. This will come in the future and your IQ, as you call it, will eventually be quite close to theirs. You just have so much more to learn in the next few thousand years that we can’t begin to tell you about.

And I assume your IQ would be larger too?

Yes, but, again, for the same reason. We have 18 million years of technology growth and you have so much growth in such a short time. It will come.

Drea' writes: I came across a recent video. You would please ask your guides if this is real, and also who is it, and what are they doing?

I love your newsletter and look forward to it each week.

Antura, was the video of the UFOs passing by the satellite real or CGI or light reflections?

No, they were real, Tom. There are many spacecraft going about their duties UFOsin your upper atmosphere and they are captured quite often by cameras. Most of these never are seen by anyone, but the personnel on the ground of whatever country owns the satellites.

Antura, what is the largest ET ship you are aware of? Would it be the size of a small planet like Pluto, smaller, or larger or that size?

Actually, it would be larger, Tom, since there are some ET spacecraft that have several thousand people or beings who have duties beyond your imagination. We don’t like to talk about these craft very often as we don’t wish Star Wars Death Starto scare those people on your planet who would think you would be attacked. We can assure you that will never happen. You are under the protection of the Federation of Planets in this sector of the Galaxy, and those who wish to study you are limited in the size of the spacecraft they can bring into this part of your solar system.

A couple of these craft have been photographed close to your sun taking readings, but, again, they are not allowed any closer. There is so much you (meaning Earth people) will learn in the coming hundreds of years, it will make this time period seem quite antiquated in comparison; but you can see this when you compare your time period to one 300 or 400 years ago. It is hard for anyone to imagine all the advances you will experience in just the next 100 years, much less 500 or 1,000.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

Marion writes:
This is about a Most Benevolent Outcome that worked USB Stickovernight. My niece-in-law lost her USB stick with all her baby daughter’s pics on it. So I asked my brother to say it with me, asking for a Most Benevolent Outcome for her to find her USB stick.

Guess what, she found it today and we just asked yesterday. I love these prayers for me and others. So many have come about. Every day one of my requests appear. I use these daily, written and oral. I have them all written down with the dates. Thank you for all you do and your amazing books. Still reading First Contact and loving it. I have lent your other books to my brother and he is saying them every day and amazed at how fast a lot of them work and how they work even faster when we both say them together. My brother lives miles and miles from me.


Linda writes: Hey Tom, Thank you for all of your work. I have a classic MBOATT Repair Service story. My internet and landline phone service just quit one morning. I had several calls in to ATT, but they could not figure out the problem. After two days of no service, ATT said they would send out a technician in another two days. I was scheduled for a Saturday from 8-6. That meant I had to be stuck at home waiting on them! My grandson's birthday party happened to be on that same day.

I said several MBOs for early arrival and speedy repair. My daughter was upset that I couldn't make the party because of waiting for ATT. WELL --- The repair truck shows up at 8:30 am and discovered a severed line. Needless to say, I sent out a prayer of gratitude! No more worries of missing the birthday party. I say an MBO every time I get in my car and for numerous occasions. They work!! Namaste!


Here is a request by someone who asks that her name not be used: Please Police Officersay an MBO for police officers to be safe. My daughter and her husband are police officers. They have an 18-month old son who I take care of while they work. Please do not use my name, but I ask for these attacks be stopped. They are good people and only want to do their jobs.

Benevolent Prayer to say out loud: "I ask any and all beings to keep all police officers safe in their duties and for them to treat all citizens with respect and kindness, thank you!"


Raymond writes: I was reading through some of your old blogs and on 28 Jan 2012, you answered a question about the Creator. You said that there were billions of them. I have always thought that there was one Creator, but apparently not. Is there one that is older and more senior to the others and is each universe confined to one Creator? Are they all alike or do some Creators have special qualities that another one does not? Is this where the ancient gods of ancient Greece and Rome originated? If each Creator has infinite knowledge and capabilities, and time does not exist on a linear line, why is it necessary to have more than one?

GalaxyIn your newsletter of 26 December 2013, you said that the Galactic Alignment is that point where we line up with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Is there a massive star, a super planet, portal or black hole? Or is it just a point in space? Is that where we would find the origins of our Creator? Does the Creator “occupy” a single space like a sun or a planet? In other words, if we wanted to meet Him and see where He lived, is there a certain place we would travel, like following the yellow brick road to see the Wizard of Oz? Is there a certain direction (generally speaking) we should look to see it (the Pleaides?)?

You have said several times that prayers and MBOs are powerful and influential. Are they any more powerful if they are said in a group (like a church) or if a group is geographically distant, but agrees to say them at the same time? Or is it just the intent of the person saying them without regard to the numbers...quality vs quantity?

In your issue of 26 March 2016, you made some remarks about Spooky2. I did some research on its site and it suggested a few frequencies for meditation and reaching one's Guides. I was wondering if you had any idea if this would be successful and help jump start someone to raise their vibration?

UniverseLots of questions to tackle. I’ve been told there are billions of creators and billions of universes, some as small as the head of a pin and others that created universes larger than ours. So they all have their own ideas and interests. I have communicated with a Creator by the name of Zoosh, who was originally channeled for me by Robert Shapiro, and was the one to tell Robert that people could request benevolent outcomes in their lives, which rang a bell in me. Zoosh is in the creator class, but was drawn to the creation of this Creator because of what all he was trying to accomplish. Theo says the Creator of our universe would be ranked in the top five of all those billions of creators, and when we meld together one day and become a Creator and take over running this universe, IT will go to a higher level such as the 32nd dimension.

It is my understanding our Creator was created by the Creator of Creators, so can you imagine how powerful a being that would be! There is no way to “visit” Him as he exists on a different dimension, but keep in mind a piece of our Creator is part of each of us.

Representation of Milky Way galaxyIf you look at a representation of our Galaxy, it is on a plane with millions of suns rotating about the Central Sun Alcyone. The center point of that plane of suns is what we passed. We are on the outside band of suns. Not sure if I can find an image of that for this newsletter.

I have said over and over again a Benevolent Prayer can be said all in a group, whether in a church, synagogue, temple or what have you, or over the space of a short time such as when most people read this newsletter all over the world. It was described to me as a crescendo effect. Scientists will one day in the future discover the power of the spoken word when hundreds or thousands of people say the same benevolent prayer.

The Spooky2 is well worth investigating. It is tremendously helpful to some people and not so much to others. Check it out!


These questions came from Ken who has been told several times in the past he was General Sherman in the American Civil War. He also feels he has had to fight Reptilian influences in this life.

Theo, why is Ken feeling he is fighting Reptilians?

It is so much easier to lay the blame on outside forces, Tom, than to General Shermanacknowledge the balancing of one life against another. As has been explained to you many times, each of you has soul contracts with challenges. If it is easier to associate difficult times with a far past life when you actually did have to fight reptilians, that soul memory can make you strong enough to conquer those challenges you agreed to before birth.

The Reptilians, due to their history of being the aggressors during the period of time you call Star Wars, became steeped in your psyche as that was a horrific time that extended over thousands of universal years. This will never happen again. The reptilian souls that were allowed to volunteer for the Earth Experiment will and have learned a great deal that will be a benefit not only to their society, but also to all of those in this universe. It would be difficult for you to fight someone you have shared a trench with during a war on Earth.

Was Ken General Sherman?

Yes, and therein lies the challenge for him in this life as he must balance a number of actions he took during the Civil War. This will be just one of several lives in which he is balancing that life. In the future he will again be a leader, but a gentle one—not a warrior.


This question came from Helen in Hawaii.

For those of you who might not know, the first person I communicated with back in 2005 was an American Indian shaman by the name of Reveals the Mysteries. In my first conversation with him in Sedona, Arizona, he told me I was a shaman living at the same time in the mid-1600s, my name was Still Water, and I had decided to incarnate in the 20th and 21st centuries to “reintroduce people to The Gentle Way.” I got the name for the first book the first time I ever spoke to him.

As I related in a newsletter several years ago, he transitioned and is my main Indian Shamaguide in this life. So here is the question from Helen to which I asked for his response:

Now I wish to speak to Reveals the Mysteries.

Good morning, Tom!

Good morning, buddy. Thanks for being my main man, shall we say.

My pleasure, Tom, and it is nice to see your development in this life.

Yes, each time we start over again and I feel I have so much still to learn.

There will still be many learning opportunities coming up in the future, Tom, that will be exciting and will greatly contribute to society, I can assure you.

Reveals, was the knowledge of reincarnation and all lives happening at the same time general knowledge in your tribe and other tribes, or was this restricted to Shamans?
Indian Shaman
Yes, there you have it. The normal tribe member—whether male or female—was much too busy trying to survive in those conditions previously described to you as being quite difficult, whether it was summer in the mountains or winter towards the south where it was a little warmer. The knowledge you and I had, had been passed down from one Shaman to another over centuries and we each passed it on to the Shamans that came after us. This was rigorous training each of us experienced over many years.

So no, this was not of general knowledge. This was for us to understand and interpret in our work with the tribe members to keep them on course, guiding them to the best of our abilities.

So, where did the information originate? Naturally our friendly ETs, Tom. They knew from the very start who would be Shamans. The skills of telepathy and long vision were passed down from there and are still taught today. And as you once saw a few years ago, even the tribal leaders do not have any of this knowledge. The Shamans are considered wise men and are consulted about decisions.


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