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November 12, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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"...What do you expect next? What situation do you expect from people around you? What are you really concerned about? If it happens on schedule, "your order is ready!" I love to work with the concept that author Tom Moore presents so well in the Sedona Journal of Emergence: Think "Most Benevolent Outcome" – even if it seems impossible. That's my order for the day.” Lee Carroll Kryon website:
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
I might as well recognize the “elephant in the room” (quite an appropriate metaphor). When our son woke us up last night at 12:46 am, I first considered not even putting a newsletter out this week as I could President Elect Donald Trumpnot get back to sleep for two hours. I take putting out a newsletter every week, 52 weeks a year since 2007 seriously, and they are all archived on my website for anyone to see where I’m correct and when I miss. This was a big whiff!
Nine years ago I had predicted Mrs. Clinton would be the Democratic Nominee, but Barack Obama won the nomination. I asked why and was told our vibrational levels had raised sufficiently for the first Black President to be elected, and that she was elected on the lower time lines. I did get his re-election correct, but that was not that contentious as I recall. I’ll be interested to hear the explanation. I understand that I’m in the 80% to 90% accuracy level, but I certainly asked a number of questions. I’ve learned a lot more about probabilities, but obviously there is more to learn. I was told that Trump was a younger soul and did not have the “seasoning” to be the President of the United States. Time will tell on that last comment.
Here is an excellent article by Dr. Mercola about politics and our power.
BREAKING NEWS—11/10/16:  Here is what I received just this morning.
Gaia, what happened regarding the election? 

It is quite simple Tom.  As you guessed the lowest probability occurred Electionand Mr. Trump was elected.
Yes, but that does not go far enough it would seem, as all the guides and Guardian Angels would have been aware of their charges decisions to vote long before the event occurred?

True to a certain extent Tom, but there were so many people wavering “should I vote for her or him” until the last second before they entered the polling station booth, it was that close on their decision. 
So isn’t there some way I could have been more aware of the final probability?

No Tom, this was just one of those times that a low probability Probabilitiesoccurred.  You had previously mentioned that a low probability occurred when Mr. Obama became the Democratic nominee less than nine years ago.  It was the same thing, but you might say in reverse.    You and many of the people that follow you are correct in thinking that the USA took a step back.  That can be good or not depending upon the decisions that are made by those who will govern you for the next four years. 
Please understand, Tom that on our side there is no time.  We know on the surface it seems like a setback, but from our perspective there will be many learning opportunities placed before your population as to what happens when too many people with a conservative viewpoint have control of a government.  Certainly you will not go down the path the Russians have gone down regarding having a virtual dictator, as the American public will not allow that.  But now you will have several years of backtracking. 

What about your previous comments regarding the maturity of Mr. Trump’s soul fragment?

That is entirely correct Tom.  This will be a great learning experience for Schoolhim.  Remember our previous comments about very young souls in their first lives being put in circumstances beyond their knowledge and told to sink or swim and many times they sink, but are great learning experiences for the future?  It will not be that extreme in Mr. Trump’s case, as he will have many experienced people in government to advise him. 
In a way he is a figurehead, as there are so many moving parts to a government, yet the direction your country will take in the next four years will obviously take a very conservative turn.  You can soften his direction and that of your government through Benevolent Prayers.   You can do this if enough people join in and say the same BP Tom.  This will be a good test for your group to assist in changing from what you perceive as the direction of this country to one that is benevolent for its citizens—all of them.  So join together and you will see a difference, we can assure you.

Congratulations to those of you who voted for Mr. Trump. Be kind to MBOthose who did not.  I would ask that everyone say this Benevolent Prayer
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist President Elect Donald Trump, plus the Congress, to make decisions in the best interests of not only the citizens of the United States, but also the whole world, thank you!”
Please share this Benevolent Prayer with all your friends, family, groups, Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you post. 
Below are more questions I posed and the answers I received. I am in service to each one of you, and as I always say at the top of the newsletter, to
"give you a different perspective.”
Cathy writes:
I have a question about energy healing. If a person went to see an acupuncturist and then later went to get a session with another form of energy healing (such as reiki), would the reiki interfere with the treatment they got from acupuncture or vice versa? Are there any combinations of energy healing that does not work well together or can they be used together without affecting each other?
I would also like to ask about smoking and drinking alcohol. Can either Reiki Healingharm your spiritual health/development in anyway? And if so, how?

Gaia, does reiki interfere with acupuncture?

Not in the least, Tom. They can be used together and there are those who do, as part of their healing practices.
Are there any healing modalities that do not work or work at cross purposes?

No, you humans are meant to explore the modalities and see which ones work the best for each individual. May I remind you and your readers, Tom, that soul contracts are at play here, so sometimes the best a healer can do for a person whose soul contract calls for them to experience a certain malady is to make them more comfortable. You are supposed to learn how to heal yourselves, and that will come as more people learn the advantages of meditation, which even your doctors are now recommending.
Theo, does smoking or drinking harm your spiritual development in any Wine Glassesway?

Certainly smoking has been proven detrimental to your health for many years. Yet, it becomes an addiction due to the nicotine. So, as an addiction, it is something you need to experience to understand its power over you. You could say it is on your bucket list for one or more lives.
It is the same for alcohol. Drinking moderate amounts, it is and can be enjoyable and even has components that are good for your body, but in large amounts it is harmful to not only your brain, but can and is addictive if you consume too much. So moderation is the key here, and for some people even small amounts can be harmful to their bodies, or perhaps they do not even enjoy the taste as they remember on a soul level having problems in past lives with alcohol. These are all experiences each person has over the course of hundreds of lives.

Leanne writes:
Could you please ask Theo the question about the Catholic Saint's BodyRoman Catholic Saints called the Incorruptibles? Some are in glass coffins where the public are able to view them and they appear to be "untouched" by decay and with pliable limbs.
I would love to know the truth about these Saints please?
Theo, I realize we are treading on beliefs here, but can you explain why some of the Catholic Saints’ bodies do not seem to decompose?Catholic Saint's Body

Yes, when so many people pray near or at the locations of these bodies, Tom, it gives off an energy that keeps the body of that person from decomposing. If you can imagine that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of those who are Catholics praying near these bodies and if you could see the energy they impart, you would see an energy glow around these bodies. Someday there will be instruments that can record this energy transference shall we term it.
Laurie writes:
I have some more questions about the prehistoric continent of North America.
Did the Neanderthals live all over the continent of North America, even Neanderthal & Cro-Magnonin small numbers? Have any of their remains been excavated?

Gaia, did the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons live in North America, and if so how large were the numbers?

Yes, Tom, there were a few groups of each, but not too many—not like the numbers in Europe. Your ET uncles and aunts wanted to see the differences in geographic settings. So, the answer is yes, but few in number.
I’m still confused as to whether there were homo-sapiens seeded in Native AmericansNorth America?

Yes, there were, Tom, but, again, few in number. We naturally knew that the indigenous people from Asia would migrate across the land bridge and down the West Coast and on into the interior.
What about the East Coast?

Yes, there were a number seeded there, but their numbers were reduced as were all the people when the oceans rose three times, as we have discussed in the past. Some were led by their shamen deeper into the interior and were spared.
Gaia, I had a dream in which I saw a floating sort of truck or container of lumber for a construction site that was up in the air about 100 feet with men moving about on top. Was this all a symbolic dream, or did they deliver materials and even all sorts of loads via crystal power or the other energy in Lemuria?

As you guessed, Tom, this was a combination of symbolic and memory, Spaceship depictionsall mixed together in the quantum arena.
What was the symbolic meaning first?
Yes, the lumber was in disarray, so more work needs to be done and there will be delays along the way.

Regarding the floating aspect, yes, you tuned into a method of delivery that for the most part was much more efficient than today in Atlantean times, when they had ships or aircraft that would move through the sky using crystal power. Why clog up the roads with trucks, as is done today, when you could have all sorts of cargo floated across great distances using this free energy? It required fewer -- much fewer large highways.

As you were told before, Tom, few people owned cars. These were more for government types. People used public ground transportation, but cargo was shipped using aircraft of a type. People accepted this and the people carrying the cargo much more enjoyed their jobs compared to today’s truck drivers driving for many miles on paved highways.

So, just so I got this correct, Atlanteans used crystal power to transport Futuristic Traincargo by air and not by trucks and trains as we do today?

The Atlanteans also used trains. It all depended on what the cargo was, and its final destination.
I had previously been told that crystals were transported by air from where the Atlantean miners mined them back to Poseidia and Aryan. I just did not put two and two together to imagine that there would be many more cargo ships floating along acting as flying container trucks.

Theo, what are the differences in time line families? How are the differences handled when on one set of time lines a husband divorces and marries another person, who did not marry him in an upper time line, but had a child with another person?

Yes, it would seem quite complicated. But we are talking about soul Parallel Time Linesfragments here, so it all equals out. There might be different fathers and mothers, but the soul fragment is born when it is supposed to. The differences in the time lines are known literally millions of years in advance.
Using my family as an example, in the upper time lines is my daughter Shannon in the photography business and my son Todd working in computers?

Quite so. They just have an easier time—not so many challenges as those of you on the lower time lines. Both are successful in their own professions.
Did I remarry on the upper time lines and have children?

Quite so. And, as previously pointed out to you, one of your children is in the film production business.
Do I still live in Colorado?

Yes, you continue to live there.
Gaia, is there a place on Mars called the “Caverns or Caves at Brownstone,” as I dreamed of that name, and that it would be explored on the second expedition to Mars?

It will be so named, Tom, by the astronauts that explore the cave system. They will find that it will be perfect to set up operations there.
Will they at some point wall off the entrance with an air lock, or will the Cavecaves prove too porous where the oxygen would not hold?

The caves will not be too porous and, yes, they will use native materials to wall off the front.
Is there sufficient oxygen in the caves, or will that need to be generated by one or more machines?

I know you thought there might be sufficient oxygen at some level of the caves, Tom, but a generator will be needed to pump the level of oxygen needed by the colonists who will set up their buildings, and will eventually construct whatever they need.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” First Cotnactwho was introduced to me by Theo back in 2008. Like all of us, he’s an ET that volunteered for the “Earth Experiment” and has already had 800 lives on Earth. He’s back on our water world planet in the Sirius B Star System and works in a “first contact” team that reaches out to emerging worlds. His lives on Earth were primarily as an explorer, while my soul interest is religions. You can read much more about him in my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.  Here are more questions.
Emil writes:
I truly love and appreciate everything you are doing; your newsletter has greatly helped my journey.
I have a question about Ashtar. Two years ago a man walked into my life and gave me the information that I once knew (about mother Earth, space, star people and the energy of life), but have been pushing away because I did not think people would accept this kind of thought at the time. Much has changed and improved since then. He also mentioned the Galactic Federation and Ashtar.
After hearing that name, it's as if something clicked within me. I started to experience this pulling sensation whenever I look at the stars at night, and feeling a presence whenever I go into meditation. This presence is warm and of light, but the moment I feel it, the thought and image of Ashtar presents itself in my mind. This presence, realization, thought or whatever you might call it, has reminded me to be patient, observant and grounded during both stressful and joyous moments in life.
My question is, are there galactic groups out there working with Earth? If not, what is it that I am experiencing?

Antura, can you comment on Galactic groups that work with Earth people, including Ashtar?

Yes, there are a number of groups who benevolently guide those with Pleiadiansdifferent beliefs. They fit what they tell them into the belief system they have. As you were told before, some people need a commander type being to guide them, and still others want it to come strictly from a heart center. Here we get into Earth people personalities, as you know there is a huge range depending upon their religious beliefs, their education, and so on. One size does not fit all. ETs, as you call us, are so advanced that we have the ability to engage on any level and with any belief system. All of us try to do so in the most benevolent manner possible, may I assure you and your readers.
Therefore, you could say that the number of groups is quite large that wish to, and do volunteer to assist.
What departments are there on the mothership, Antura, as it would UFO Mothership Depictionseem that we would wish to cover those departments and those who work in each department in doing a documentary, as compared to just sitting there for hours on end interviewing crew members?

You’re correct there. Naturally, we have a navigation department, but beyond what you can even imagine at this time. We do have a medical infirmary to use your term. We have an engineering department, but again much different than imagined on Earth. We have a department that makes sure everyone is fed according to what they eat on their home worlds. Then we have our scientific department, as we have a number of people involved in studying Earth. The pilots that go out on missions to study you on Earth are not just pilots but scientists in their own right. There are more departments that are involved in propulsion, so you see they might seem similar, but I can assure you they are quite different.
Technical question. Will we need reflectors to bounce the light or can the ship provide that?

The ship can provide light from anywhere at just the right amount for filming purposes.
Are the upper time lines planning for a two camera or three camera shoot?

That has not been completely decided yet, but they are leaning towards a three camera shoot. The third camera would be for more of a behind the scenes-type of effect.
Antura, I’ve used the term “mile-wide” when describing your Mothershipmothership, but is it larger and if so by how much?

Yes, we let that term be used, Tom, as that does sound immense to the average person. It is considerably larger than that, but is masked most of the time so as not to scare anyone too much. When you have a crew of 900, with compartments needed for each one from the tiniest to the largest, you need a lot of space, and then there are all the working parts of the ship. So, it is easily twice that size and more.

How many Federation Planets is the crew from?

Primarily from the Sirian system as you might guess, as this is a Sirian-sponsored expedition. But, totally, there would be representation from a little under 40 planets.
What are the duties of the two Reptilians you said would be on the ship, Alien Reptilianand I assume they are not Federation members?

No, they are not. They are part of the crew, shall we say, to check on and monitor their own soul fragments taking part in the Earth Experiment. We welcome them with open arms.
Was there any negotiation for them to be included in the crew of your ship?

Just a little, but not much. There are other reptilians on board other Federation ships that also monitor their charges.
I assume Reptilian ships are not allowed near Earth?

You are quite correct there. That’s why accommodations were made for them to be included on Federation ships. None of their ships are allowed close to Earth. That was all part of the extensive peace agreement signed 100,000 universal years ago.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Ellen writes from North Dakota:
Tom, my life is blessed because MBOs guide me to instant blessings, all the time. This one was a doozy.
This week, I served as a holistic healer with The Medic & Healer Council, Standing Rock Reservation, North DakotaNoDAPL Oceti Sakowin camp, Standing Rock Reservation, Cannonball, ND. I was tasked in the moment to assist a young Native American woman with urgent need. She was stranded in camp, a deadline fast approaching for returning to her drug treatment doctor, 300 miles away. Her panic was clear as we walked to find tribal elders who would announce her need over the camp PA system.
We said an MBO together, "to any and all, seen and unseen, who would assist, may her ride home appear more quickly and easily than we can imagine!"
Not one elder manned the loudspeaker, gone from camp. But to my shock, another tribal elder invited me to broadcast this need. Hearing my own voice ring clearly around sacred fire, I asked for help on behalf of her. Within five seconds, a young woman appeared at our feet, offering a ride immediately to my charge’s destination. It was such a stunner, we all giggled and gave thanks.

I am still in awe of MBO power! Whoof!

Paul writes:
I have never found my MBO requests to be significant enough to relate to you until tonight. I have had so many MBO requests answered within such a short time frame that others might say I am favored by someone.
My black cat went missing last night, and being the eve of Halloween, I Black Catbegan to worry about 1:00pm today as his food had gone untouched.

I had begun my MBOs last night before I went to bed, those being; “I ask any and all beings to return my beautiful black cat, Moon Kitty, to me as soon as possible, safe and sound and in great health, so that I can love on him.”
At 4:00 pm today, dark forces descended upon me presenting all manners of reprisals to be used if my cat did not return. I must admit my frame of mind was also altered as my cousin transitioned this week, and the demands of school prevent me from attending his funeral tomorrow. Just after 7:00 pm, I enlisted the help of my mother and her MBOs, by relating the story of my missing cat, and as I was typing this letter to request your assistance as well, my cat arrived, unharmed.
Thank you ever so much for having presented to me, the Most Benevolent Outcome prayer.


KB writes:
I was wondering if you could ask the following questions of your guides as they relate to the death of Max Spiers. He was in Poland to give a talk on UFOs and was found dead, they say, of natural causes. He texted his mom days before “your boy is in trouble, if anything happens to me investigate!” Was he killed and will his mother ever get Max Spiers being interviewedthe truth from those who are conducting the post mortem?
Theo, did Max Spiers die of natural causes, or because of his work on UFOs, or for another reason?

Max knew his time was coming to depart, so he decided to make one last contribution to his study of UFOs and that was to have those question his death. He wanted to have people look and seek answers. But he did die of natural causes.
Dalai LamaIn a previous newsletter, I was told that the Dalai Lama has been contacted by ETs during one of his meditations and has continued to communicate with them, which led to this question.
Theo, was the Dalai Lama visited in past lives by ETs?

Yes, of course this happened. But he, like everyone, is veiled from knowing about his past lives and must relearn some things each life.
Denise writes:
My question today is for Gaia: What is the best way to build a meditation pyramid for maximum benefit to our health and elevation of our consciousness? I realize that belief systems may also have a role to play. In your newsletter dated 5/7/2016, Gaia confirmed that pyramids do project energy either inward to her core or outward toMeditation Pyramid the cosmos, so I do know they are powerful structures energetically. Is it preferable to build a frame or would it be more beneficial to build walls on at least three sides? What materials should be used and what are the optimal dimensions / angles for a meditation pyramid so that you can sit inside?
According to Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock, a meditation pyramid should be tetrahedron with a square base, 72 degree angles, and it is vital that it not consist of any type of metal (including no screws, bolts, fasteners, etc.). When assembled for use, it must be facing true North. Unfortunately, there is so much conflicting information regarding what materials to use. Many people have made meditation pyramids from copper and other metals, but I've read that using metal of any kind can have devastating effects on our health.
Thank you in advance for your help and for Gaia's clarification of the above. It is greatly appreciated.

Gaia, does it matter whether personal pyramids are made out of metal, wood or stone?

What matters the most is the alignment, Tom. Then it gets into beliefs. Metal itself is a conductor just as is any material.
Are nails and/or screws all right to use in the construction?Meditation Pyramid

Again, we must stress that alignment is critical. If you do not construct the pyramids in a north-south alignment, along with the angles that you can see in all the other major pyramids of the world, the personal pyramid will have few benefits.
Are the angles 72 percent?

Yes, that is close to the number, Tom. Again, check the notes or facts on the large pyramids.
Giza Pyramid Angles:

The 5 angles of the Great Pyramid are:
edge to edge of face at apex =76:17:13.2 (degrees - minutes - seconds),
edge to diagonal edge at apex = 96:3:0.0, dihedral or
face to face parallel to base = 112:25:39.4
edge to base = 41:59:50.5
face to base = 51:51:14.3.

This question came from Shirley about the Yellowstone eruption in ten years:
Gaia, how will the Yellowstone eruption affect Idaho?

Certainly, it will affect them some depending upon which way the winds blow. It will not be to the extent of the areas previously mentioned where there will be no sun for months at a time and therefore much colder even in the spring, summer and fall.

Gaia, it would seem that there would be no way that the Yellowstone Yellowstone Calderaeruption would only affect just the northern tier of states in 10 years, as the winds would blow from the north, northwest, and perhaps even from the south at times.  Would not this be a low probability instead of a high probability?
No Tom.  Keep in mind that I do control the winds and therefore yes there will be times when the winds will vary, but not for long.  This is a high probability at this time and will cause the mini-ice age, along with the “perfect storm” as it is called of the right winds and the right time and large weather systems just at the right time.


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