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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you


Gaia, please update us regarding the terrorist attacks you said would occur in Europe around this time.

Plane CrashIt is almost time, Tom. I know you question your reception, but in this case you did receive correctly. Just send love to all the people who will transition soon, including those who believe in their hearts they are doing this for the greater good. In a way they are, as there will be great sympathy and love generated by everyone around the world. The souls that signed off on this event know their actions will be bring about another shift in society to love after the initial feeling of hatred and despair. This event will assist in raising your vibrational levels. So be sure to say prayers for all involved.

So here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone to say out loud: “I ask any and all beings to assist those transitioning from any terrorist event in the world to be wrapped in love, and for all those affected by any terrorist event to send love and forgiveness to all those whose soul contracts are to be connected in any way, thank you!”

PrayingDave writes: Okay, I'm going to ask you what may appear to be wacky idea. This may be a question for Theo. If we can benevolently create, can we also (theoretically) - if enough people believe that it can be done and participate - most benevolently "un-create" a specific event on our time-line? That's assuming that enough of the over-souls can be convinced to delay the signing out of their soul fragments until another lifetime and, again, if enough of the readers are willing to give this a try as a test? What do you think about this, Tom? Has this been tried before? Would it have a chance of working if enough of us believe it will work and put as much emotion behind this one as we can?

Theo, if 1,000 people are born with a soul contract to be killed in some event, but then several thousand people pray that this does not occur, are not those people interfering with the soul contracts of the people who need this form of death?

Yes, I understand this is confusing to understand, Tom, but love conquers all and if Prayingenough people are praying prior to the final sign off by their souls, the event can be mitigated or removed. It’s as if they are praying to forgive those who have this on their soul contract. In actuality it might be the very people who were slain by those people in a past life. They don’t remember the events, but are drawn to pray for those unknown people. Here it can become quite complicated as there are souls who feel the need to balance and those that will change the soul contracts to die another way, or even peacefully in their sleep. There is no one answer.

So don’t feel your prayers do not work, because they are very powerful—so powerful as to change soul contracts through love. This will be done much more in the future, thanks to your and others’ efforts and will eventually bring peace all over the world. So please keep up your efforts as this will grow.


Lee writes from Florida: Tom, as we have entered the month of May, for those of us on the east coast and along the Gulf of Mexico, we are a month away from hurricane season. May we have an update as to what we can expect this year as far as hurricanes and landfalls and how long the active season will last? Will it go into Hurricanethe late fall like some years have done? Thank you for any information you can share at this time.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the number of hurricanes to strike the United States this year?

Three, Tom. Again, one on the East Coast and two in the Caribbean.

What will be the categories of these storms?

At the present time they are listed, shall I call them, as Category 3 for two of them and a Category 4 for the third. As I might remind your readers, Tom, you can decrease their intensity through benevolent prayer. Your readers, along with other people, have been successful in doing this in recent times.


EconomyMarie writes: What will the economy be like in 2017 - 2019, after we elect a new president? Some say it will tank, that it will be worse than the last Great Recession.

Theo, what is the highest probability for the USA’s economy over the next two years after the next President takes office?

The highest probability, Tom, will be a period of general stability as the market reacts to the stability of knowing what path the United States will be taking. There will be some growth, but with normal dips depending upon events in the rest of the world.


Sam writes: I watched the movie Deep Impact last week, had seen it many years ago, but was drawn to watch it again. It is the story of an asteroid that hits the earth, at least one smaller part of it does, and causes a tsunami that wipes out the East Coast of the US. I got the feeling after the movie that an asteroid would hit the Earth this summer in the Eastern Pacific and wipe out the West Coast of the US. I verified my feelings by asking my pendulum questions and I got affirmative answers that verified my feelings.

Would you ask Gaia; what is the probability of this happening and will it happen in Asteroidthe next three months, six months, or longer?

Also, will the tsunami trigger earthquakes along the fault lines on the West Coast of the US?

Thank you for your newsletters and the work you do. They have changed my life and my outlook on life and helped me understand why I am in this life.

Gaia, what is the probability of an asteroid causing a tsunami anywhere in the world in the next year?

AsteroidAlmost nil, Tom. Just as you latched on to a low probability of an earthquake several years ago, this is what occurred for this person. So the answer is so low it does not even register.

If we take the probability out five years?

Again nil. This will never happen in your lifetime nor for almost all the people living on Earth today.

Folks, that’s why I ask for probabilities all the time now. I wrote a whole book titled THE GREAT QUAKE OF 2008—catchy, except it did not happen. I left it up on my website in case anyone wants to adapt it into a movie, and also to remind myself to ask the probability of any event occurring.


Joanna writes from the UAE: I have a question for Gaia.
This year there have been many cases (eight times more than last year) of cloud seeding in the UAE. The article claimed that existing clouds are being gathered together and salt crystals were used to cause rain, which was much more present here than previous years.

Cloud SeedingCould Gaia comment if cloud seeding has any negative effect on the climate? Or is it maybe beneficial for this part of the world (the desert)? Is the quality of rain water coming from cloud seeding, lower or the same as rain water caused by natural forces?  Thank you so very much!

Gaia, is cloud seeding safe in desert areas such as the UAE?

Yes, it is safe. Cloud seeding of different forms has been used for thousands of years.

Is the quality of the rainwater the same?

Almost, but it is still quite drinkable.

When I was 11 or so, my Dad was transferred to Arkansas by his company. A couple of years later, an ex-military officer (I think) decided to give the kids of the Little Rock area a white Christmas, so he stoked up his cloud seeding machine resulting in about a foot of snow, paralyzing the cities. He was asked to stop the seeding; on TV he stopped the cloud seeding and the snow immediately ceased. I was a very impressed young guy!


Mike writes from the UK: How many lives has Jennifer Lawrence had already (is she a young or medium soul?)

Jennifer LawrenceAnd was she a famous actress in a past life (I seem to pick up she may have been Katharine Hepburn)?

Theo, is Jennifer Lawrence a young, medium or old soul and was she a famous actress in another life such as Katherine Hepburn?

She is almost a medium soul in terms of Earth lives, Tom. She has a long way to go, but of course this would be considered a “significant life” for her. She has never been as famous before, but will be again in the future as she will continue to work on her artistry.


Steve Harvey had a show about twins this past week (I was babysitting our three-month old granddaughter) and they all talked about the telepathy between twins. They all say it is quite common to the extent of feeling when the other twin is hurt.

Here are more questions about telepathy.

TelepathyTheo, in order to achieve telepathy between two people, must their pineal glands “tune” to each other, or how does this work?

Yes, there is a tuning, Tom. As you have suggested to people before, they become more tuned to each other by having relationships—be it husband and wife, siblings or just two people who wish to put in the time to achieve this. And as you have pointed out before, it is easiest when you go into a light trance or Alpha state. Some people are able to do this much faster and more easily than others. One has to have the desire.

Marie writes:  My questions are about "knowings and other dimensions."
As my second child was being born in May 1959, a dark cloud appeared over me; I felt dread. "Your child is going to die" it seemed to say. I told my husband about this, but he said "That is ridiculous!" However, the dark feeling of dread persisted. My son was the picture of health. A daughter was born the next year. There was no change in the feeling, not better or worse. I had another little girl in 1961. Still no change. All this time everything is going just fine. I have the perfect family, two boys and two girls.

PremonitionsOne day, as I was changing the youngest, I experienced myself changing her in what seemed another dimension.

Then, on a Saturday, the day after my younger daughter's well-baby check-up, she became fretful at a family gathering. On Sunday, she was congested. I put a vaporizer in the crib with her to help her breathe. On Monday morning, I called the pediatrician in a panic. He said, "Bring her in." I had a neighbor watch the other three little ones. My husband drove us into town; I was holding the baby, no car seats yet. The doctor listened to her little chest. His face turned the color of her white dress. "I'll meet you at the hospital!" As we drove to the hospital. I felt my fear mounting; the dark cloud became more intense. "This is the one. This is the baby who is going to die!" I began to mourn. In the hospital, I knew just what was going to happen before it happened; who would say what... She made her transition the next day, October 31, 1961

My questions:
1. How did I receive the initial message that my baby was going to die - two years before she was born?
2. How did I know exactly what was going to happen before it happened at the hospital - like the doctor coming to the door of the treatment room where we were with other people? He knocked. When someone answered the door, the doctor asked for my husband. Then the doctor said to my husband, "I'm sorry to tell you, but your baby has died."
3. Of course, the dark cloud vanished.
4. Did Betty Ann live in the parallel Universe?

PIneal Gland ActivationNote; I have been told by medium friends that Betty Ann had come so we could form a bond. Then she left so she could be with me in spirit to help me thru the horrible times that were to come. That feels right. And yes, I do know before other family members are going to die.

Theo, why was Marie informed in advance about the death of her daughter? Plus, all the details?

This is a sample of telepathy—in this case it was her higher-self informing her so that she could prepare and not be as devastated as she would have been had she had no prior knowledge. This was a gift, Tom, although it might not seem as such.

Was there the existence of a parallel universe from which she came?

No, there was not.


For my new readers, Antura was introduced to me in 2008 by Theo as a member of First Contact Front Covermy soul group or “cluster.” After having 800 lives on Earth, he’s back on our water planet in the Sirius B Star System putting to work what he’s learned from his Earth lives before returning to Earth for more experiences and learning. I’ve asked hundreds of questions, which resulted in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. I have continued to ask questions, since my book was published, such as the ones below.

Pam writes:
Could you ask your upstairs team where this craft came from? Or is it CGI?

UFO AfghanistanThank you, dear Tom.

Naturally I thought this was CGI, but I asked.

Antura, was the UFO real or CGI on the video shot in Afghanistan in 2014?

Quite real, Tom. They were obviously showboating, I think you use that term.

So it was not CGI. I thought it had to be.

Not in this case, Tom.

I hope I’m receiving this correctly.

You are. It was one of the best videos ever captured.UFO Afghanistan

It was the best I’ve ever seen, so in my session on May 3, I asked again:

Antura, I wish to verify that I received correctly the UFO in Afghanistan was an ET craft and not CGI.

That is correct, Tom. As I said before, it is one of the best videos of an ET craft ever taken. Take that to the bank, as you say.

I assume by showboating you meant that the pilot demonstrated that he did not need to keep the spacecraft pointed in one direction, but he could rotate it?

Quite correct, Tom. Actually all the spacecraft can do this, but it is much more noticeable with the triangular-shaped craft than, say, our Sirian craft. That should also tell you that it was not a Sirian spacecraft, but from anther Federation system.



The Pleiades? UFO Afghanistan

No, but closer to the origin, shall we say.

I noticed that it did not have smooth sides.

Yes, that design has specific uses or reasons for it to not have smooth sides. And as you noticed, they like to have colorful spacecraft.

Can it change color?

Some can and some cannot. 

Folks, you really should view this video.  I have several times!


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

ScamConnie writes:
Thank you for all the great work you do. The MBO this week saved me a lot of money. The short story is that I got caught in one of those "shady" deals on the internet where you pay for the "trial" and get billed for the full amount. I think the term is "bait and switch." I said an MBO for my money to be returned, and with intervention of the bank, I did get it back! Another MBO is helping with my first book being published. MBOs are not just magical, but they also bring a great peace of mind knowing that we can ask for help and that we WILL receive it.


Ann writes: We said Benevolent Prayers for my friend AB who has parasites and was not getting help from the medical community. ANSWERED! Her illness is not fully cured, but her outlook has shifted 180 degrees and she is much happier. Thank you everyone!

[We did this on my Facebook page.]

SpaAs reported last week, I am saying an MBO each day before I go to work. I work to keep them as simple and short as possible for the ongoing issues. My work MBO is "May I be what the spa needs today, and may I receive what I need." Two things I have noticed:
1. It is standard practice to get payment from clients before their service. Twice I have not done that, but both times the clients were honest and paid after. Whew!
2. Yesterday, as I was saying the prayer and meaning it, I felt like I haven't been getting what I need. So, I said so to my guides. About 10:30, my boss texted to ask if I wanted to go to Red Rock Spa with her that afternoon, her treat! Had a great time. I also received some unusual signs, confirmations, and "treatments" from Mother Mary and St. Germain. So much experienced, received, and encouraged from all. Thank you, Tom, and MBOs and all who assist us.


I'm changing her name for privacy: Hello Tom…I was introduced to your books and website over a year ago and have been an avid follower. My MBOs work so well that I break out in a smile every time and give thanks.

However, there is a question that has haunted me for a few years now and every spiritual leader I turn to gives me the same answer and really don’t respond to my question. Which is:

Painting of Homer with Two LesbiansIf indeed our “ET aunts and uncles” experimented with various versions of a human being and settled on an Adam model and an Eve model with body parts that connect for the sake of procreation, how do you explain homosexuals? True, they can adopt. But what about transgenders, etc.? One therapist told me they are all an aberration of the human race, and to just love them. Well I love my lesbian daughter, but can’t stand the idea of her marrying another female. She led us down a heterosexual path for 25 years, so I am baffled. Is there a genetic problem? No one in the family tree was a homosexual as far back as we can go.

Are these people an experiment gone wrong and allowed to continue to live through multiple generations? I know they go back to very ancient times but what was the point? Is this a test for us heterosexuals?

Many of our backgrounds included the religious teachings that homosexuality is an aberration.

On the other hand, Theo says this is a soul contract to experience everything on Earth during the 600 to 800 lives most people live.

Homosexual SymbolsTheo says that in about 10% of my 1005 lives on earth (I keep coming back to act as a "catalyst" to help people raise their vibrational levels), I was a homosexual and in one life a transgender. These are "bucket list" experiences we must have.

Your soul contract this time is to be accepting of your daughter and love her, and if she decides to marry another woman accept her into your family. Again, you are simply reacting to teachings.

This is a good time for me to give you some of my previous receptions on this topic.

This was in my 5/10/14 newsletter:

Allan in Bangkok writes:
I was wondering the other day, does an unnatural birth vs. natural birth influence in any way the outcome of a person’s sexual preference? For example, being gay. Or does it have no influence whatsoever? Thanks, Tom. Lots of love, light, peace and joy to you and your family.

Theo, I think I know the answer to this one, but can an “unnatural birth” influence Lovein any way sexual preferences?

Absolutely not, Tom. There are soul contracts and there are thousands of babies born each year with any form of childbirth practiced on Earth whose soul contracts are to be a homosexual in this life for the soul’s learning. What is unnatural are various religions’ attempts to convert these people to heterosexuality. Our advice to everyone is to accept and understand that your souls must experience everything as part of this Earth Experiment. And that includes homosexuality. Everyone should put a sign up that reads ALLOW!

This was in 11/3/12:

Theo, in how many lives have I been a transsexual, if any?

Yes, only one life, Tom. And a homosexual in just about 10% of your lives, Tom.

LoveThis was in the 7/4/15 Newsletter:

Theo, who added the statement in the Christian Bible, along with, I assume, the Quran and perhaps the Torah, that a union was between a man and woman?

Yes, you can thank men for this, Tom, as I must remind everyone that there would be no homosexuality if the Creator did not wish it so. The Creator wants every soul to explore all forms of love, whether it be lives as heterosexuals to others of the many combinations, including love for children, other family members and so on. Love is Love, Tom, and don’t forget Jesus was the Master of Love—unconditional love with no exceptions.

I hope this helps you to ALLOW and LOVE.


Gaia, is there a Planet 9 entering or already in our solar system’s energy field?

Tom, it’s already in the solar system energy field. It just has not been discovered yet, due to its angle as it rotates around the sun and its lack of reflectivity. But the day will come when your scientists will discover it.

PlanetWhen will this probably occur?

Within the next two years would be the highest probability.

Is our Sun part of a system of two suns?

No, Tom it is not. It was chosen for the Earth Experiment for that reason—a single sun on the outer rim of the galaxy, and in reality the outer rim of the universe, although your astronomers do not think so. That will be a major revelation one day in the far future. This will not be confirmed for several hundred years. As I have spoken before, Tom, all your scientists must continually have new discoveries—those ah-ha moments in time. This revelation will be one of those.

Won’t this be discussed when we start having contact with our ET uncles and aunts?

No, that information will be kept from you and your scientists. Again, Creator wants you to discover things on your own.


This question came from Marina.

PyramidGaia, what effect do pyramids have on people?

Naturally, it all depends upon their proximity to the pyramids, Tom. If they are far away there is basically no effect. If they are on top, or perhaps in its interior, then they can feel the energy the pyramid projects. Someday, Tom, people will learn why there were pyramids built all over the earth. They will discover that they project energy not only out into space, but all the way to my core. Depending upon the type of pyramid, as you know there are many, some project energy to the surrounding area and others far out into space. All are sacred in my view. They assist in balancing my energy too.


Gaia, why would we still have a latent gene in our body for gigantism?Andre the Giant

Here we get into the complicated subject of DNA, Tom. This gene is part of the Homo sapiens DNA. This particular gene is then activated should a person need this experience as part of their bucket list. You have thousands and thousands of genes that lie latent in your bodies. As an example, it is the same for a person to be a midget. We could go on and on, but suffice to say your scientists have their work cut out for them to discover what each gene is for.


MagnetosphereSonja writes: What does Gaia say about this? Is it true and what does it mean?
Thank you.

Breaking News: Earth’s “Magnetosphere” COLLAPSED in space TODAY (April 23) for Two+ Hours!

Gaia, is there any truth to the story of the Magnetosphere collapsing for two hours on April 23?

No, there is absolutely no truth that claim.


World Population EstimatesNot sure who sent me this question.

Theo, will the world population be the same, higher, or lower in 10 years?

A little higher, Tom, as the population is still growing, but at a slower rate than before. It will take a few years more for it to completely stabilize.


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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