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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 30, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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Lots of questions coming in and I’m getting to them as fast as possible. If your question was sent in over a month ago please “rattle my cage,” as it might have gotten buried.

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Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:
Zena writes:
Please thank Gaia for the wonderful wet and cold winter we California Central Valley Mapexperienced in California last year, especially the San Joaquin Valley. Can you please ask her about the upcoming winter season, temps & precipitation for California, especially the Central Valley? How will this year’s climate impact local food growers?
Gaia, what will the weather be this winter for Central California?

Cold and rainy at times, Tom. Quite dry for most of the winter. There will be systems that will come and go, so not a calm winter by any means. There will be little to no flooding. More of a typical winter for those who live in this area.
Elsa writes:
Hi Tom, could you ask Gaia if there will be a major earthquake in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago within the next three Trinida Floodingmonths? This has been spoken by someone who claims this is a warning sent from heaven. Thank you and your guides for all the help to us.
Gaia, what is the probability of a large earthquake in the islands of Trinidad or Tobago in the next 3, 6, or 12 months?

No, Tom. They will not have any earthquakes, but farther on out they will see a very large hurricane come their way again. The rising ocean levels and the warm waters will all contribute to very destructive storms, just as has been seen this year. It will repeat again and again.
This question was asked by Psiologa on Facebook, but I can’t find it.
Gaia, what is the probability of a large volcanic eruption and/or a large earthquake of 8.0 in Mexico during the next five years?

Certainly almost 100%, Tom. This area will have both the eruption, a Mexico Volcano Eruptionvery large one I might add, and several earthquakes above the 7.0 level, and yes, one or two over 8.0. This is an unstable land, especially where Mexico City is built. I would recommend moving farther to the north for those living in that area. There are much safer places to live.

Of course, many of these people have earthquakes and even volcano eruptions on their soul contracts for this round, so they will try and resist moving. As I mentioned some time ago, Tom, the world population will slowly decrease as many of these cataclysmic events unfold. Already you are seeing various rescue groups strained to their maximum capacity, but they have not seen nor will they be able to prepare for the events to come. This will be a very active time during the next 10 years and more.

I would recommend to your readers, Tom, to request benevolent outcomes for the safest and best places for them to live.

Eileen writes: Tom, both of my children and my daughter-in-law and lots of friends and relatives have had one form or another of gastric bypass surgery to lose weight and avoid diabetes, as well as lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Both my doctor and cardiologist have strongly suggested that I have the surgery for health reasons. It seems Gastric Bypass Surgeryridiculous to me for people to mutilate their bodies because we have so much bad food in our country (USA).

I know I have not been able to control my weight because of the foods I choose to enjoy, but this seems like such an extreme measure. Will you please ask whoever is most appropriate if it will be found in the future that this is not a good way to gain good health? I do not wish to do it, only to find later that it was an unnecessary disaster. Thank you and whomever answers the question.


Gaia, how far in the future is the highest probability for better ways to lose weight without gastric bypass surgery?

This, again, will take time. This is a very complex problem. It will not be DNA strandsolved by just one person, but a group of several. A team if you will. This will take years, and a better way to handle obesity will not be found for some time. There is a part of the DNA strand that causes this and it will take time to discover the culprit. In the meantime, the gastric bypass is but one of the ways people lose weight. You are not to recommend any above another, Tom, as we have cautioned you in the past.
You can, of course,
request an MBO for the best way for you to lose weight. Or if you choose surgery, you can say a BP for the surgeon, nurses, and staff to perform their jobs PERFECTLY and may the results be even better than you can hope for or imagine. That’s exactly what I did when I had the heart ablation for my congestive heart failure.

For my newer readers, Theo has explained in the past that there are billions of creators and billions of universes they created, some as small as the head of a pin and some larger than ours. He also says the Creator of our universe would be rated in the top five. Here are more questions I asked last week.
Jen writes:
Questions for the Creator:
Did you originate from a melding of souls like we plan to do or were you Ancient Orbsoriginally birthed as the being you are now?
Do you provide input into what our soul interests should be or are those entirely chosen by our higher selves?
If you want to create a planet that contains certain minerals, do you need to source the minerals from elsewhere in the universe or can you create them independently, perhaps atomically?
Do you have any sort of a partner? Or any family type beings or even pets that you keep close to you?
Do you bounce ideas off of other creators or do you all create independently and observe each other's work?
Do you feel different emotions like humans do?Soul
Have you ever ensouled a humanoid type being or are you having that experience through the humanoids in your universe?
Do you create the energy that you send to us or do you source it or gather it and then send it on?
What can we, Tom Moore's readers, do to assist you further with the goals you have for this planet?

Theo, may I speak to Creator, as I have a lot of questions today.

Creator here, Tom. Good morning.
Good morning, Creator. I do send all of my love this fragment of a soul can send.

It is appreciated, Tom. What are your questions today?
Creator, before birth, did you experience individuality, or were you Creator of Creators depictionmelded together until the moment Creator of Creators birthed you?

Good question, Tom. No, there was a time before my creator released me that I was like a cell with millions of other cells kept together in what I will describe for your readers as a birthing bay—a place where we recognized our individuality and how different each of us were. That was very exciting would be my description of it—the anticipation of birth. Your soul fragments experience this too in a much smaller way as you were in the womb and waiting for the time of birth. I want to impart that to all of you.
Do you impart to our souls the thousands of soul interests we have, or Soul Interestsis that left up to our souls?

Yes, that is left to your souls to decide as they at that point know their own soul interests and the different interests they must have as part of their own soul interests.
Is it correct that 10% of the souls taking part in the Earth Experiment were created by you?

Quite so, Tom. I wished to have a portion of me take part in my own experiment we will call it.
Was each individual soul birthed by you or did you birth larger portions Arch Angelof yourself first and then those souls that would take part in the Earth Experiment were birthed by them?

Yes, the latter. Again, I remind you, Tom, that I could have created each one myself, but I wish to involve as many different souls as I can out of love. These soul entities—yes, several of them are called Arch Angels in Earth terminology, but, I will add, not all—still exist and perform many other duties for me and for themselves.
Will those souls you birthed directly or indirectly rejoin you when you depart this creation, or will they meld with us?

A very good question, Tom. Some will meld with me, but the majority may well choose to meld with the rest of you, as they have become your close friends, you might say, working together in hundreds of lives on Earth and then thousands of lives elsewhere in the universe.
Do you need a source of minerals when you create a planet or sun, or Universedo you just create that?

At this level, I am able to completely create whatever I desire, or need.
Do you consider another creator a partner, or just sort of brothers and sisters to you?

As you know already, Tom, the Creator being you know as Zosh was attracted to this creation and has assisted me. Beyond that, there are no other creators that were attracted to this creation, but certainly I view all the others, as you said, as part of my family.
Do you all consult with each other and perhaps share ideas?

Much more complicated than that that, Tom, but yes, there is constant communication far beyond your, or for that matter, anyone else’s understanding on Earth. When all of you meld together to become a creator in the future, you will connect to this network or grid you could call it. That is one of the major reasons that you have visitors here to Earth from other creations, as they all want to see how you have been able to work with negative energy while no other creation has been able to do so.
Is there a Council of Creators?Council of Creators Book

Yes, that is correct, Tom.
How was it determined who would be part of this council and what are their duties?

We could discuss this for hours, but these creators, you could say, have been in existence the longest and are available for consultation on a moment’s notice.
Is it true you had to run your idea of the Earth Experiment by them?

Let’s just say there was a discussion about this, as it had never been tried before, or in the few times it was tried it did not work.
Do you create the energy you send us?

Not in the way you describe.
What can we do to further your goals?

Just keep doing what you are doing. Send white light to Earth and all White Lightthe planets as you do, and you will continue to raise your vibrational level. That’s what I wish for you.
That’s all the questions I have today, Creator. Thank you and good life and I send my love as best I can.

It is appreciated, Tom; so as Gaia says, good life.
Back to Theo.   How are you holding up, buddy, after being the conduit for creator?

Doing well, Tom. Creator sends me only a sliver of Its energy, or else it would be too much for me too.
Zena also writes:
So glad to read this week’s question for the Cat Oversoul. I have a few questions to add. I have been blessed with a number of lovely cat friends throughout my life. Please ask about the Girl with her Catdynamics that causes a cat to pick a particular person. What is the rhyme or reason to their choice? Do people have past life connections with specific feline beings/souls? Does the soul/spirit of a deceased cat hang out with their living person? Does the soul of our past feline friends reincarnate into another cat that will find us? Do living cats see dead people? Pretty much all my cat friends hung out during my spiritual practices, but not all cats have this orientation. Do humans ever reincarnate as a cat for the experience?
Is there a “universal” animal soul that might incarnate into multiple animals, especially domestic? Might a single animal soul incarnate as a horse or a dog or cat or other mammals to be with us thru different life times?
Cat soul here, Tom. Good morning.
Good morning and good life, Cat soul. At some point if I speak to any of the other feline souls I may have to number you or identify you in some other way.

That will come in time, Tom. We of the feline souls are always willing to assist you to answer questions from your readers.
Cat soul, how do you choose humans? Is it similar to how Dog soul Cat with Peoplechooses?

Quite so, Tom. We choose our humans many times because we have been their companions in past lives, or in this life, as long as we have been loved and cared for. This is all part of the learning experience for the Explorer Race, and we are happy to assist in your learning and relearning during each life. We see the progression even though you are not able to. Just always feed us, love us, give us shelter and we will return to you over and over again.
When you transition, Cat soul, how long do you remain, before heading for a "staging" area?

Good question, Tom. Yes, we do linger for a while. Our human family can feel us or even catch a glimpse of us out of the corner of their eyes. There is that period of grief and then slowly they move on with their lives and we can jump to our next life, hopefully again with them, or depending upon the person’s age, in their next life on Earth. There is no set time. We are able to judge when that time is right.
I’m asked do cats see dead people?

Yes, we are much more able to see ghosts as you call them, but also the Orbsorbs of your guides that are around you all the time. We know they also give comfort to you, as my soul fragments love to watch them hover, along with those who have recently departed, as a fragment of them stays to learn how they affected the other humans in their families. It can get pretty crowded in a room, you might say.
There are no other souls that can ensoul cats, are there?

No, I am the only one to ensoul your domesticated cats, Tom. Very rarely would a human, preparing for their first life on Earth, request to ensoul a cat to dip their toe in the water to sample life on Earth. Normally that is done with the wild cousins of mine, just as you did before your first life on Earth.
That’s all the questions I have for you today, Cat soul. Thanks for all the explanations.

My pleasure, Tom.
This week was probably the first time in several years I did not have a question for Antura, a member of my soul “cluster” dating all the way back to the planet Nommo, one of over 20 planets astronomers have yet to discover in the Sirius B Star System. Theo introduced him to me in 2008, so I know the connection is good and proper. You can read much more about him, his planet, solar system, the thousands of space shipsFirst Contact Book they have in their system, and how they have been keeping watch over us since the start of the Earth Experiment Creator wanted to try eons ago (which as you know has been successful). Title is
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here is a tiny excerpt from the book:
Before I ever began asking Antura about portals, or as some people call them “star gates,” I asked a number of questions to Gaia, the soul of the earth. As I’ve been told, each planet and star has its own soul to run things. So, first are questions addressed to Gaia, then Antura.
Gaia Are there portals on or in the earth to other dimensions or across vast amounts of space?

Yes, we do have portals for those beings to transport themselves without fear of interruption or worse, to and from the earth and to other dimensions and realities. They are able to cross the time lines into other time lines and into and out of this one, plus they can physically move to and from their ships that are hovering nearby, cloaked so that they are not seen in your dimension. There is a vast amount of traffic as you would call it to and fro. A good question for an early bird.
Are there many of these portals or just a few?Portals

There are a number both under and above the surface of the earth. I have allowed these to be constructed by very advanced beings that have your best interests at heart. We do not allow the dark beings to use these facilities, to answer a possible question you might have asked. They must be safe for all to use without fear of running into something that would be detrimental to them.
Is there still a portal in the Sedona area?

Yes, there is, in Boynton Canyon and another location in one of the Boynton Canyon, Sedona AZother canyons nearby.
How do portals work?

Ah, a difficult question to answer as it is steeped in knowledge that you as the human race are still at a stage to not understand it. A simple explanation will be that people and obviously spaceships, etc., go through these portals and wind up in another place. Several portals can be used to make your way across the universe.
Why can‘t one portal take you all the way?

Yes, it is like having to make stops in various cities in an airplane that is not a direct flight, Tom. There are no portals that can take you from here to the end or other side of the universe. These portals connect specific areas of a galaxy so that you do not have to travel through what you call the vacuum of space.
Lee writes: I live in Florida about 40 miles north of Marco Island where Hurricane Irma Trackthe hurricane made landfall a second time after hitting the Florida Keys, and
I believe, because of the strength of MBOs, I was safe from any hurricane danger. We were able to evacuate to a safe home in plenty of time that was very hurricane ready. Their power stayed on and there was plenty of support with food and compassion for my family and pet.
We returned home to no power, but have a generator and no major damage to our home or property.
I am confident that with MBOs said, again, my power will be back on soon and our minor damages will be resolved quickly, at a low cost and with very competent construction companies. Thank you, Tom, MBOs have truly helped to make a very stressful situation less stressful!

Stephanie in Ohio writes:
I continue to use MBOs all day long with Electric Fanmagical results. Now I have a 'middle of the night' life-saving MBO. I awoke at 3 am smelling something burning. It smelled like a burning electrical wire. For a few moments I panicked and went and got my fire extinguisher, carrying it around the house, heart beating intensely. Then I stopped for a few moments more, taking deep breaths, trying to get out of panic mode. Then I asked for an MBO to find the source of the odor. My eyes immediately locked on to a fan that was not running. When I unplugged the fan the odor ceased!
Not sure what would have happened if I hadn't stated my immediate intention to find the source, but am just grateful for your cheerleading skills in reminding us All of the help available from our angels and guides in our moments of need.

Mary writes:
Can you please speed up the information required to heal people of many major conditions such as cancer, kidney and liver problems, etc.?
Also why is the Earth receiving so many hurricanes one right after the Hurricanesother at this time? I know you want people to move away from the coastline because of high water, but is there not a more calm way of doing that, like just raise the waters so people gently move away?
I would like to be able to connect with you as well as Creator, how can l do this?

Gaia, why does it take so long for people to be “inspired” to create cures for diseases? Why can’t this information be downloaded at a faster rate?

Ah, a good question, Tom. It certainly partially has to do with these Stem Cell Potential Cures for Diseasediseases being on the “bucket list” of experiences each person has to have in one of their lives. Don’t forget that the population of the world was much smaller in the past and there were many other experiences such as wars, earthquakes, floods and so on you all had to experience.

That’s another reason for the upcoming “natural disasters” as they are called. Millions of people have not had those experiences yet either. So the cures of these diseases could be downloaded or inspired at a faster rate, but your own souls have chosen to have these cures roll out on more or less a steady rate. Cancer, as an example –the many forms of it—cures are being announced almost every other month. Those will be coming online or available to the general public within a very short time period. If every disease was cured overnight, there would be no work left for those whose soul interest is science. There is great structure in all of this—just not noticed by everyone, but a few. And, I will add, that compared to those in other worlds you are finding cures for diseases that it took hundreds, if not thousands of years to discover on other planets.


Gaia, why not raise the ocean levels to force people away from the Hurricane Destructioncoasts? Why accompany it with so much destruction and misery?

You can even see the answer in your news programs, Tom. So many of the people who live in houses barely above the ocean level are planning to rebuild. But as I said before, once they have been flooded another one or two times, they will finally give up and move farther inland. Irma will accomplish for me what Harvey did on the coast of Texas. There will be thousands of people who will have their homes flooded. There will be people who will not rebuild, but will move on.Answers From Spirit Dick Sutphen
Regarding communicating with me, that’s easy—just email! Regarding Creator, I suggest starting with your own Guardian Angel (GA). As you have read, Theo acts as a conduit to make sure I’m not being blasted by Creator’s energy. But you have to start meditating—putting yourself into an altered state to receive the “thought packets” as close to perfectly as possible—and Theo says NO ONE is perfect. I suggest going to and buy his MP3 or CD SPIRIT GUIDES. He uses the right procedure to put you in that altered state. It may take several times listening to it to feel “comfortable,” but it has worked for hundreds of people. Then it is practice, practice, practice as Theo told me over and over again. Just ask to speak to your GA. It works!

This question came from Emily.Meditation
Theo, is it possible for a soul to choose a life without the ability to contact their GA, even if they wished?

No. That’s the simple answer. Meditation for most people is not something you learn overnight. It is something that takes work, just as you would work on learning a new language or skill. It takes lots of practice, but as you’ve seen in your talks, when you put people into an altered state over half will receive at a minimum something, with several people receiving complete answers to a question you had them pose.
Some people try and resist opening up that channel to your pineal gland, so you have to keep working on it.
Margaret from New York writes:
Thank you for all your good works. I have a question for Creator or for any of your guides that can help with an answer. In meditating, is there a clear and concise way to access our own Akashic Records? Is it meant for us as spiritual beings to get to access these records in order to help ourselves understand and carry out our life's purpose/contract in this life time? Or does Creator or Spirit Old Librarynot want us to discover these records? Is it against Spiritual or Universal Law?
Theo, is there a clear and concise way to access our Akashic Records?

Doing so really requires working on it in more than one life. There are valid reasons for being veiled and not knowing about your past lives. There are people that can give you insight, but even they are limited as to what they can see.
When you have a past life regression you are in a way tapping into your Akashic Record. But to see the records of 300 or 400 lives, as an example, would open the door not only to your accomplishments, yes, but also to your many failures and deaths. Too much information would overwhelm you.

May I suggest going to He has Past-Life Regression videos, CDs, and MP3s.

I'll call her Jane writes:
Can a soul be erased if they so wish? And if so, how would they go about it and what would the effect be upon the soul? (Actually there should be none if it is erased).
I’ve had two similar questions recently. The other person wanted out of Running out the doorthe Earth Experiment and asked how to do so.
Theo, would any souls ever wish to cease to exist?

No, Tom, that is a human idea or false assumption. Souls are created out of love and they do not experience the pain of many of the lives you live on Earth in order to raise your vibrational levels. They exist for eternity.
And as I explained to the other person, don’t forget that you are a fragment of a soul which may be having 500,000 to 1,000,000 lives across the universe taking place right now for its learning. You are also a fragment of a “cluster” of fragments of that soul having Earth lives. On average there are six to twelve fragments per cluster, and it’s “one for all and all for one.” We have been given MBOs to help make our lives easier. Use it!

Jen writes:
I was observing some fires in the Los Angeles area this Smoke Cloudssummer and found the smoke clouds to be so beautiful at times. Are the same artistic souls who design rain clouds also designing smoke clouds?
Gaia, do the same souls that design clouds have anything to do with smoke clouds?

Not so much, but after they reach a certain height they do become under the domain of the artists that design normal clouds. If they can use these typically dark clouds in some way they will. But the smoke clouds have to rise up into the atmosphere before this occurs.
John writes:
Can you ask Theo what's going on with our ascension? At DNA Strandthis point in time, can he give us any idea when our third strand of DNA will be active? Perhaps in the next year or longer? Will there be any "signs" when we do have this third strand of DNA up and running that we can look for? More abilities or which ones would be more active?
Theo, when will our third strand of DNA activate or has it, or is this an incorrect statement to make?

Not incorrect, Tom. As you raise your vibrational levels more parts of your DNA strands align with your rise in level. Here we would have to get deeper into a discussion of the DNA strand and it would require an expert in the field.
Emily writes:

1. What is Pocahontas' soul interest?
2. What about her life was so unique that we still remember her today?Pocohontas Saves Smith

Click here.
Theo, what was Pocahontas’ soul interest?

An interesting question. Exploration is the easiest answer. It was also a demonstration of the strength and fortitude of women.
Why do we still remember her today?

For those very reasons cited above. That resonated on a deep level.


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