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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

March 11, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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Have you ever seen so much happening week to week?
Now it’s changing Obama Care.  We can continue to influence President Trump, CongressCongress, and his Administration by continuing to say this Benevolent Prayer OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to assist President Trump, his Administration, Congress, state legislators and the courts of this nation to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the United States, the citizens of the world, and planet, thank you!”
Notice I added a little bit more this week. Give this new one special attention.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Dee writes:
I have a few questions for Theo.
Did President Obama wiretap Trump at any time? If not, why is Trump making all these crazy allegations? Is he trying to deflect attention?
Will anything ever come of the investigation into Trump and his cronies’ Fiber Optic Wire Tapping Equipmentinvolvement with Russia prior to the election? Any kind of punishment?

Theo, was Donald Trump ever wiretapped during the political campaign?

Not at all, Tom. It was not done by any government agency nor what you would call private eyes.
Would that hold true for his representatives such as Paul Manafort or Carter Page or others?

Paul Manafort and Pres TrumpBoth men have been subject to being included on wire taps done on foreigners who spoke to them. This would be under the auspices of the NSA and/or the CIA. And yes, the leaks about them will continue. Use the old saying of “where there is smoke there is fire.”
So, you’re saying that more information on their meetings will come to light in the future?

Quite so. This storyline or sequence of events will continue to haunt Mr. Trump.
Marine Le Pen is a French far-right radical running for their presidency.Marine Le Pen Here is more about her. 
Click here.
Theo, what is the probability of Ms. Le Pen winning the election in France?

She will make a good run for the office, but the French people will compare her to Mr. Trump and will reject her hard-right ways and philosophy. That is the highest probability at this time.
Sandy writes:
In many areas frogs are dying from a fungus, this is causing many extinctions of amphibians. Gaia, can you please explain why this is so?
Gaia, are frogs going to be staying with us?

Yes, frogs will be here always, Tom. There are and will be many lakes Bull Frogsand streams for them to enjoy themselves, and as you slowly clean up the planet they will thrive in first cleaner water and then eventually crystal clear water free of any pollutants.
The water will someday reach that clean, even with so many billions of people?

Quite so, Tom. As we have explained before, there will slowly be fewer people to plunder the land and forests. This will not occur overnight, but is in your future—distant as it might seem today. You are learning, but the numbers of humans seem as if you will never shrink in size, but you will. Families over time will be smaller and smaller. Whole cities will be abandoned—some with the help of the rising ocean levels. Yes, you can add natural calamities to the list of ways the population will be reduced.
Gaia, how long will it be before time ceases to speed up?Time Speeding Up

Look for this in the next two years. It will have reached the maximum speed we feel humans can operate on in that time period.
So, two years and not five or ten years?

No, Tom. I understand after all this time it would seem as if time will speed up forever, but we are nearing the maximum speed at which we feel you can operate and continue to create and invent. After that, there might be small adjustments to either slow or slightly speed up, but they will not be noticeable. Yes, you could call it tweaking.
Laurie writes:
I was wondering if you could ask some questions about Chakrasthe energy components of our Earth bodies — such as the astral, etheric, and emotional bodies.
1) How many do we have? (I’ve only read about having astral, mental, etheric, emotional, and causal).
2) How many of these energetic bodies are our ET friends taking readings of? All? Some?
3) Are all of our energetic layers active, or are some of them dormant?
4) Do the Adam & Eve bodies have more, or less, energetic bodies than the earlier versions, such as Neanderthal or even as far back as Australopithecus?
5) Do all other embodied souls in the universe have energetic bodies or “layers” like we do?

Gaia, how many energy components of our bodies are there? Astral, Astral Body departing at deathetheric, emotional, mental, causal? Any others?

You are quite close, Tom. Go with that number although you might say there are subcategories. The crystal grid you are thinking about is not part of the makeup of your bodies, but simply assists in your development.
I think Antura answered this before, but do ETs take readings of all of the above?

Quite so. You must understand that there has never been a race of people in the universe or other universes that could work with negativity, so the uniqueness of what you are doing and have done is of great interest to scientists from not only this universe, but all the other universes.
Do we have any dormant energy bodies?

No, not at this time. Does that mean all are quite active? Yes, but at Meditationdifferent levels you could say. That’s part of the reason for the studies by the ETs.
Do the Adam and Eve versions have the same number of energy bodies or more?

More, but here we get into an area that you would need more knowledge, so let’s leave it there for now.
Do all embodied souls in the universe have layers as we do?

No, not all would be the simple answer at this time.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” who was introduced to me by my GA Theo back in 2008. I was quite surprised to learn he did not look just like us, but was an amphibian slightly similar in appearance to the Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy Abe Sapien Hellboy moviemovies. He has taught me, and the many people who have read my
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, so much about ETs, not only on his planet and the Sirius B Star System, but also about our galaxy and even the other universes adjacent to ours. Plus, he went into detail about the original star wars that took place one million Earth years ago. More about that below. Here are more questions this week.
Antura, how many assistants are there to your Captain of the ship?

Several, Tom, as the ship naturally has to be guided and run constantly. So, there generally are 20 and sometimes more to perform all the tasks. And these are simply the heads of departments, we will call them for purposes of this discussion.
Are there assistant captains?ET Depictions

Yes, but only three. Yes, that is the number.
How long will your ship remain on station before returning and another ship takes its place?

That has not been quite determined yet, but our best guess would be over one year of Earth time. Keep in mind that is not too long in universal time, but we are extremely busy during that one Earth year—much busier than, say, we would be on a first contact mission to another planet where life is much slower than on Earth.
I would have thought it might be more as you seem to have scheduled possibly multiple visits not only from us, but from the other time lines.

Yes, and it could be extended another year. We just don’t know as this may well be the most important mission to Earth in the last few thousand years. I can assure you, Tom, there is excitement for all of those taking part in the mission.
In a 24-hour Earth period of time, how many missions by scout craft are flown to take readings?

The easiest answer, Tom, would be dozens. There will be multiple scout craft taking readings every hour of the day and night. This is not just a one or two times a day. We have a large territory to cover with millions of people. Busy bees, you could say.
Jo writes:
Did my mom, Sharon, experience a sighting or visitation in UFO VisitFebruary, and if so, who were they and what readings were they taking?
Antura, did Jo’s mom, Sharon, receive a visitation by ETs in February? Was this for readings?

Quite so, Tom. Home planet visit to see how she was doing in the later part of her life.
Antura, what is the temperature kept at in the common areas of the ship?

Slightly cooler than what you would consider normal, but as you guessed you will not feel anything but the temperature your body feels most comfortable at, as you will have those combination atmospheric and translations devices on at all times. These will allow you to visit any part of the ship where there are wide variances in atmosphere and temperatures in, say, the personal quarters of the crew and families.First Contact book
Why won’t your family come with you since other families will be on board? [Much more on Antura's family and life on his water world planet in my book.]

As you guessed, Tom, I will be extremely busy, and they would see me very little. I will be up at all hours compared to what we normally have as a schedule back home.
That brings up the question of how long do you sleep?

We are not on any particular sleep schedule as you must be on, Tom, as our lives are so much easier than yours. Yes, we have waking hours where the children are learning and playing, but our schedules for adults really depends upon what work we enjoy. In my case, my days are filled with preparation at this time so I am working much more than normal. So, our sleep time can be fairly short or long. We do not have to have eight hours of sleep as you do.
Raymond writes:
You made a remark in your recent blog about ETs not being able to see our Akashic Records. The association of ETs and our Destiny is something that has never occurred to me.
Do ETs have a mission in their lives like we do? Is there an Akashic Reptilian ETsRecord for Nordics, Reptilians and Greys?
Do ETs have a Heaven and a Spirit World where they originate or are they actually living in it and just visiting our physical world?
I think I have seen you say that ETs worship a “Source,” but do they celebrate Him with holidays and Rituals (church services, Baptisms) like we do?
Do aliens have Spirit Guides like Humans or are they tuned into Source at such a high level that they don't need them?
Is there a chance that Gaia can give us an idea about how the crystals ETswere charged that you recently mentioned in your blog? Was it something done electronically, or can it be done at home today using commonly available resources?

I’ve covered this a little in the past, so let me answer a couple of questions. There are very few ETs that volunteered for the Earth Experiment compared to the number living on their planets. Most are happy just having one life after another and can’t imagine why anyone would want to go through all the stress of our lives. Our souls are different. They are “go-getters” who wish to fast-track the raising of their vibrational levels. Even in order to take part in the Earth Experiment they had to have reached a certain vibrational level.
They are physical beings as we are, but at a typically slightly higher focus (5.5 or so). Crystals can be charged with materials on hand, but we have to rediscover how to do this.
Antura, are humans the only ones with Akashic Records?Akashic Records by Virginia Rosenberg

That’s correct, Tom. Every other being we know about can easily access their past lives, so there is nothing that needs to be stored somewhere.
Do ETs equate what we call the spirit world to different non-physical dimensions?

There you have it. We have a complete understanding of the difference in focuses or dimensions and understand the ones that are non-physical. These you call the spirit world, as you have not learned about them. This will happen in the future for you.
I would assume there is no need for spirit guides as we call them, or what form would they take?

We do receive advice from the higher dimensions. We just know where it is from.
What do the children of the crew do to occupy their time?ET Kids

The younger children are cared for by their parents and by child specialists would be the best way to describe it. The older children have their special studies, but with much free time to enjoy the company of other children. Life, may I remind you, Tom, is much slower.
Were children allowed on the ships during the original star wars?

As you guessed, it was much too dangerous. Only crew members. Many were lost when their spaceships were attacked. This went on for thousands of universal years, so being a crew member was lonely. They tried to keep the missions as short as possible.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and Uber CarBP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Severine writes:
1. MBO to arrive on time at work this week worked. 2. We live in area that is not well known by the Uber drivers despite the GPS, so if I don't say an MBO and BP for them to find my location, they will miss our complex entrance. This week I made sure to request an MBO “to find the right driver who will find our place easily, thank you,” plus I asked a BP for them to find us easily and, obviously, it worked each time. MBOs are mandatory.
 EarringLaura writes:
Good Grief. I MBO everything. From a lost wallet showing up this week, a lost earring, an answer to a lost memory and for everyone and everything I come across. I seriously need to find ways to give back because I AM the biggest beggar and the most Blessed. I Love and Thank you, Tom, for teaching us about how MBOs work!
Rikki writes:
I have one -- well my roomie did, anyhow -- we asked a BP Lost Keysfor the return of lost keys -- the next day they showed up in another lady's car. She said she would NEVER have looked under the car seat -- but something kind of told her to -- yup, there were the keys that cost money to replace -- like a mailbox key -- ya know?? Thank You.
Melissa writes:
I hope all is well. I had a question for you regarding crystal skulls. I recently watched the show Ancient Aliens where the episode discussed crystal skulls. It said that there are 12 or 13 (?) skulls Crystal Skull British Museumthat have been found all over the world in ancient cultures. The legend, supposedly, is that at some point in time in the future they will all be aligned and great knowledge will be revealed.
I've read in your newsletter how important crystals were to our ancestors and was wondering if there is any truth to the legend that beings from other worlds brought the crystal skulls to us to share knowledge and the way to access it has been temporarily lost to us. If you have covered this in the past, let me know as I have only been reading your blog and newsletters for almost a year. Thanks for all your information and service to others.

Gaia, will the crystal skulls ever be assembled to give us unknown information?

The probability, Tom, is almost zero. Even if they were to be assembled there would be little revealed.
Marge writes:
Hi Tom, I am sure there have been gay people and cross dressing in every tribe and culture through time, and would like you to ask about the aspects of sex changes by surgery.
There is more public talk about it now. Help us to understand why someone would do such a drastic thing as have surgery/drugs to change the body they were born with. Is it karmic, mental, or what? The Sex Change Operationarticles about this are saying that they suffer greatly emotionally.
I recently heard about a distant relative who is having this done. I barely know them and have no one to ask this.

Gaia, can you give my readers more information on why people would have sex change operations.

Yes, the old saying about walking in my shoes would be appropriate here. These people are born with the physiology of the sex opposite theirs. Naturally, this is done by soul contract. It is part of the Earth Experience. So, they are wired that way to use simple language.

These are difficult lives, but with much growth potential. They also play a part in teaching people to be tolerant of others. This is a very big lesson to learn for their families and then for people in general to love unconditionally.

Mike writes:
I have something that I need help figuring out. Late last week I very unexpectedly lost one of my dogs. She decided not to eat Thursday morning and her expression seemed a little reined in too. That evening after work I took her to the emergency room and learned she Dog in Vet Treatment Roomhad bleeding in her abdomen. The vet prepped me suggesting that most likely there would cancerous growth in her abdomen. I said, “let's try anyway and clarify if that's the case.” They called me with news that confirmed matters and I let her go Thursday night. I really expected a few more years with her. Anyway, I was devastated.
Sunday, I sat with a psychic medium and it was a very good session. She didn't say much on the dog front, however, she told me to check out Abraham Hicks and the Law of attraction. I never looked in that direction before, but had heard about the Secret. I thought the package the Secret came in was a little limited. Anyway, I looked for videos and tapes of Abraham Hicks online and listened to them Sunday and more so Monday. Something immediately clicked in me and I felt my vibration rising to the point where I could have peace. I really felt that my vibration had risen to be able to view what happen with some sense of calm.

Now, I am an advocate of MBOs. I have used them many times to help deal with situations that were out of my control. I say the MBO provides empowerment. But different tools for different circumstances, I think. Hence my questions: The Law of Attraction has been around for eons I imagine. Esther and Jerry Hicks brought it to the table in recent times and I believe it has a very valuable message. I feel it gets the credit for Law of Attractionrescuing me.
However, I think the message was perhaps corrupted a little by the messengers. I mean that in a nice way. Instances given are where it was said that a one-year-old is responsible for their thoughts and that is the reason they might be abused and/or murdered. Also, I find no credit being given to karmic balancing or experiencing. The delivery of Abraham has changed since Jerry Hicks died of cancer too. Death by disease was said to be because of faulty thinking and beliefs. Yet, the premier advocate, Jerry, contracted cancer. I was very enthralled by watching the performances of Esther Hicks voicing Abraham early on. It was very powerful and for me seemed to open a door.
So, I am wondering, did the ego get in the way of the messengers? Is this a case of discernment for the individual to sort out what is valid and what is not? The core of Law of Attraction feels very legit, especially the early presentations. Was it sincere then and it gradually lost its way in its delivery? Or did I just hook my wagon to the next available hitch and talk myself into some kind of position?

Theo, was the Law of Attraction better at first and then lost in translation by various people, or is it still the same?

It is still exactly as it began. It is a modality that works to a certain extent, but as you were told many times, requesting MBOs is the most simple and effective. When you use the principles of the Law of Attraction you work to visualize what you want. This may or may not be MBOon your soul contract, such as visualizing winning a lottery. Then you start questioning why you did not win the lottery, or in your case years ago, you visualized and even had a photo of a jet plane behind your desk assuming if you had the money to own a jet plane you would be successful in your film distribution business. But owning a jet plane was not on your soul contract. So, in conclusion, the Law of Attraction works sometimes and at other times not.
In contrast, when you request an MBO, you are turning it over to your GAs or whomever you believe answers these requests, and we work to positively answer the request if it is within your soul contract. We can look far down your soul path and know if a request is in your best interests, or something else even better is awaiting you.

Douglas writes:
Since 2012 and the Ascension Process, have been Aurawondering how all of this is affecting our Chakras. Realize we have 12 and some of those are in or around and others span above the Earth to other points within the Universe. If everything changed in 2012 and our bodies are mutating into Light bodies, what’s going on since 2012 with our Energy fields?
Theo, has our light bodies changed since 2012?

Yes, you could say they have lightened a bit in this new energy. They do not have the cloak of the heaviness of the third dimension. This gets into quantum theory, so it is something you are not too versed in.
Teresa in Austin writes:
I know the Earth Experiment life is much more difficult for humans than life on our home planets would be. We, of course, did volunteer for the Earth Experiment. Is life much harder for the animals here in the Earth Experiment than it would be on their home worlds? Did they volunteer to participate or were they just asked by our Creator and did not want to refuse? As there is less food and more habitat loss and more chemical and insecticide pollution, will more animals be allowed to return to their home planet? Thanks once again Animal Kingdomfor the invaluable service you do for the Earth Experiment!
Gaia, did the souls of the animal kingdom on Earth easily volunteer for the Earth Experiment or reluctantly and will more souls withdraw from the Earth Experiment?

Yes, they had a great curiosity of what the Creator was trying to do, so they agreed, but not every soul you understand on those other worlds are taking part. They asked for volunteers and with love there were those souls who in many cases have been contributing for thousands if not millions of years. And yes, there are some souls withdrawing and others that will take their places to ensure that the experiment continues. This is all part and parcel for their learning too, you see.
Colleen writes:
I’ve been attempting to grow a regular, old southern style garden in the ground using fertilizer applications like we did when I was growing up in Arkansas and I noticed three years ago that we do not have the same sun stimulation that we had when I was a teenager in Plantsthe 50s. Plants don’t produce as much, they don’t get as large, they seem to lack the level of nutrients even if heavy applications of fertilizer and organic material is applied.
Gaia, any truth to the premise that plants are not producing as much as they have before, getting as large, even with fertilizer?

That is difficult to generalize, Tom. It all depends upon the plants, condition of the soil, and fertilizer being used. If the soil has been over taxed over a period of time, yes, you will find this to be true. Any farmer knows that crops need to be rotated to obtain the biggest yields. Climate change means plants are growing earlier in the cycle than before. So, there is truth to any statement about the health of plants.


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