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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you


This was in my March 26, 2016 newsletter:

Gaia, what is the highest probability as to whether Hillary Clinton will be Pres. Obama & Hillary Clintonindicted for her emails?

The highest probability is that she will not be indicted. You were told previously that her staff’s hands would be slapped, but the FBI will determine that none of the emails sent or received were labeled classified at the time. You do understand that the FBI has been pressured to investigate by those who would wish to derail her candidacy, right? There is the old saying, Tom, “All’s fair in love and politics.

Did she make a mistake? Quite so. There is an overzealous attempt to classify many communications in your government, even years after the fact. She will address this should she become your next president.

So, the highest probability – well over 80% – is that she will not be indicted for sending classified emails.

Then in a session on July 2, I asked for an update not knowing that the head of the FBI would so quickly announce that there would be no charges filed against her (and, I might add, he is a Republican):

Gaia, I’ve asked before, but what is the probability now of Hillary Clinton being indicted?

It is still quite low, Tom. Contrary to all the news reports, they do not have Pres. Obama and CLintonenough proof that she willfully attempted to break the law through her use of the private email server. As we said before, that was a poor choice on her part, but also as she has said before, she is human and humans make mistakes, which they learn from. So the probability is still less than 10%.

When I put this on my Facebook page, did I ever receive very hard comments about her! May I remind everyone that we have the power of Benevolent Prayers to effect change in the most benevolent way, so here is a BP for everyone to say out loud:

"I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the next President of the United States in making decisions in the best interests of the citizens of not only the United States, but for all the citizens in every country of the world, thank you!"


Mike writes from the UK: RE: Donald Trump

It goes without saying Mr. Trump will never, ever be President in this lifetime (thank God!). I don't normally like giving this imbecile any attention, but I had to ask the following two questions:

1. After Hilary Clinton has won the Presidency, will Mr. Trump's future Donald Trump Campaigningcareer(s) in business and as a TV personality (The Apprentice, etc.) be in tatters?

2. Will he continue to be in the public eye for the rest of his life, but with more focus by the media on his idiocy?

Mike came on a little strong there, but I asked the questions.

Theo, what is the highest probability for Mr. Trump’s career after the elections? Will it be real estate, the media, or politics?

The highest probability will be for Mr. Trump to return to the world of business and media, as he loves the spotlight. He still will have a desire for politics, but the Republicans will reject him after the highest probability of a major loss for them in November.


This question came from Peggy.Lionfish

Gaia, why is there an imbalance of too many Lionfish in the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico and, I understand, in other places of the world?

Yes, as good stewards you will come up with ways to limit this fish’s expansion. These problems come along continually so that scientists will always have problems to solve.


Heather writes: I just found another section that Theo said our soul contracts are based on several potentialities, which may or may not happen, so there is a soul contract for each probability.

My original question was if you took an alternate path with another person Marriagethat you didn't originally have a soul contract with, then would a new soul contract be "made" with this new person and path?

Theo, if a person goes off their soul contract and decides to marry a person that was not on the soul contract, how is that handled?

Somewhat easier than you might think, Tom. That other person was taken into account prior to birth, and is a member of one of the soul groups that work with that person’s soul group. There will be learning, just not to the extent had the person stayed on their soul contract. All possibilities are covered when a soul contract is laid out prior to birth.


This question came from Mantej in the UK.

Theo, why are there soul contracts for a person to own something, but not be Antique Singing Birdboxaware of its worth?

es, it is as if they are the caretaker of the object. It is simply not on their contract to know the true worth of the object. They are on a different soul contract for the object to go through them to benefit the next person.

There can be a number of reasons. They could be afraid of wealth on a subconscious level, as they had a bad experience from being wealthy in a past life. Perhaps they had mistreated people when they were wealthy, or perhaps they died at the hands of someone else because they were wealthy and were killed for their money and/or possessions. So, there are many reasons not obviously seen.


For my new subscribers and readers, Antura is my soul “fragment” brother First Contacthaving a life back on our home water world planet in the Sirius B Star System. He’s an amphibian and member of a “first contact” team that reaches out to evolving worlds. Read more about him, his planet, the original Star Wars and much more in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.

This question came from Jackie.

Antura, was the round cloud over Cartagena, Colombia real, or produced by an ET craft, or was it CGI?Cartagena Cloud

It was CGI, Tom. That would have been a little too much for the residents of that city, so no, was simply well done CGI.

Sandy writes: When I was a small child, perhaps still a toddler, I think I saw an alien. I woke, walked to a partially curtained window, and looked a being in its very large eye. I remember feeling no fear despite it being one strange form. We looked at each other a bit, then we went our own ways. Me to bed, it who knows.

Would you please ask Antura what exactly I saw out my window that day?

Antura, what one-eyed being did Sandy see out her window as a child and for what purpose?

Yes, the being was curious to see the inside of a house, and when she awakened, he got to see a human up close. He was admonished for causing her to be frightened, but at the same time they knew she would one day relate the story. There was no intent to abduct her, only curiosity, as she was or is at a higher vibrational level than many around her.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

Barbara writes:
First, thanks for sharing your gifts and teaching about MBOs. Art StudentsI have been trying these with success, but the biggest one was for my new teaching certification and position. Here's the story:

It started with a conversation with a new friend after a holistic fair. She asked me if I had any regrets with my teaching career. I relayed that I always wished I could teach art at the secondary level. All I had to do was take the test to get certified and then wait for an opening. She challenged me to let go of my fear and go for it.

Later that week another random conversation with a co-worker intimated that the current art teacher had resigned, but it was not being announced.
I started saying an MBO for direction and talked with my principal that week. I Art Educationknew I was too late in the year to request a transfer to another campus, so this was my only option for the next school year. She pretty much gave me the job if I could pass the certification test before school was out.

Here's where I kicked the MBOs into high gear. I shared my MBO with my fellow Reiki practitioners on a Facebook group:
"I request the Most Benevolent Outcome for Barbara as she studies for the art certification and that her guides, assistants, and angelic beings bring about the best possible outcome for her future and an opportunity better than she could hope for or expect. Thank you." I hadn't studied art history or practices for many, many years. I had one shot to pass the test to secure the position at my campus. My friends and I continued saying the MBOs out loud up until the test and I'm excited to report that I passed the test with a very high score and was given the position of my dreams.

Again, thank you for all you do. Love and light.


Katherine writes: Had to return equipment to the Xfinity store. While looking Xfinity Storeup what time they open, I read some of the reviews. Most were awful, for all kinds of reasons. I was determined to have a good experience, so I said a Most Benevolent Outcome prayer for "ease and speed" and got 'er done in seven minutes. I got there before they opened, 4th in line. The lady behind the counter asked me how my day was going so far. "Fantastic." We did our business and chatted.

Before I left the counter she squeezed my hand and said I made her day. And that made my day. Maybe chatting made the wait a little longer for those behind me, but I left her in good shape for the next person. It's gonna be a good, good day, hummed to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas' "I Have a Feeling."


Dena and I saw the “Free State of Jones” movie this past weekend, and although reviewers found it a little “preachy,” we found it significant on several layers as an historical film detailing the life of Newton Knight who fought against the Confederate Army in Mississippi as he did not believe in slavery Newton Knightand was for the Union. He also married the former slave of his grandfather (not mentioned in the movie where she came from), which as you can imagine was unheard of in that time period. So I thought I would ask more about him.

Theo, had Newton Knight, who was portrayed in the film Free State of Jones by Matthew McConaughey, a life in the future or just a life as a slave?

Both, Tom. He had to have a life of a slave in order to feel the pain of captivity, and he needed a life in the future when mixed marriages are acceptable to be drawn to marry the black woman, who we both know had been together with him many times in the past in all sorts of relationships. They had a very strong soul connection. Obviously he knew on a soul level that what he was doing was quite significant.


Aravind in Australia writes: Hope you are doing well. There's a bit more questioning needed and clarification based on previous newsletters.

Q1. About the woman question:

If the Explorer Race (Earth beings) is balancing all the actions of the planet Amazon Womanwhere women are dominant, are women still “torturing” men on that planet? As women are on course to becoming equals on Earth, is there a noticeable change of attitudes on the other planet between men and women? If so, what has been this change?

Q2. Will the Explorer Race ever visit this planet during their travels to the stars? What will be the outcome of this visit, if it does happen?

Q3. The world population will also decline to over 3 billion after 3000. In the interim, which years/century will be the time there's a universal awareness or necessity to reduce population?

Q4. If people will live gradually up to 125-150 years due to medical advances 100 Year old Personand lifestyle changes, will they have opportunities to contribute to social life and will there be government support/pensions? How will this nature of support evolve from 2017 to 3000? Will there also be a unified system of government by 3000?

Q5. There are currently attempts to introduce “universal income" in various countries, but it was mentioned in a past newsletter there would be a 'hybrid' system. How will the concept of this system evolve till 3000 and/or beyond? What is the eventual catalyst that will call for such a system? How will the value of a person in society be determined? And by whom, based on what factors?

Have a good day!

Gaia, do females on the planet where males are dominated still do so today?Planet

Yes, things have not changed so much yet, but to answer your next question yes, the Explorer Race will visit them one day and things will greatly change after your visit. They will see males in equal positions to females. What you are doing now is to solve the imbalances of many worlds out there by working successfully with negativity. In the future this will spread across the universe, not just by your visits to other worlds, but by the thousands and yes, millions of other ET vehicles that roam across the universe. No other planet in the universe, and that includes the Vegans and Lyrans, will have as much influence as will the Explorer Race.

When will we decide upon some positive action to begin reducing the population?

There will be a worldwide campaign to reduce the family size with benefits to those who do. Still, in the meantime the population will be reduced the “old fashioned way,” we will call it—war, starvation, contraception, cataclysmic events, among a whole list of things. So, the big push, we’ll call it in your terms, will not take place for another two to three hundred years. Such institutions as the Catholics and Mormons will slowly change their rules to have fewer children, along with all the other major religions, when they see the rise in the ocean levels and what that brings.

Gaia, how will people who live to be 100 to 125 years of age still be able to Hands off photocontribute and/or be taken care of by society?

Yes, that is the crux of the matter. You cure most of the major diseases and many more people will live much longer. In the future there will be developments in how to keep the body stronger for a longer period of time, so those of that advanced age will still feel like contributing to society, and will work many more years contributing their talents. There will also be advances in how to care for much older people. Advancements will come along as they are needed.

Gaia, how will “universal income” evolve by the year 3000? Will there be a catalyst?

There will be a continuing desire for everyone to have a basic income that allows them to live in an apartment or house and have enough to eat. Wages, as you can see now, will rise so that the bottom rung of income will rise. All of these things will slowly but surely evolve as first the more robust countries tackle this issue and then the smaller, poorer countries will. There will be no wand waving with this one.


Fortune writes: Thank you very much for the time you take to answer our questions. I have more.

1. This one might be controversial, but personally I really would like to know Slavery in USAwhat happened to the Black man. I do understand that as souls we make choices that include race, but what is meant to be learned or balanced through the Black race? Of all the races, the Black man is the underdog. I have watched the movie Goodbye Uncle Tom and, although it might sound like mockery, a lot of what is said seems to be true, mostly by the Jewish man in his lab. This has always been used to downgrade Blacks to animals in the past and even their IQ. This was also used by the Ku Klux Klan against Blacks.

When White men first came to Africa (South Africa), they came across an ethnic group of Black people in which the women had such large hips that they actually took one woman to Europe for “study.” They even kept her private parts after her death up to now. Africa is considered a third world country and it is the most exploited. So, what is to be learned or
balanced through the Black race?

2. I have watched movies in which people escape from one time line to Parallel Worldsanother. They meet the people they left, but in different circumstances; the problem is they never meet themselves. Are you not likely to meet yourself if you jump from one time line to another and would you not find yourself in a different age as well? Does moving from one time line to another create an imbalance? Did the Zetas ever use time manipulation in their abductions?

Gaia, why does it seem that the Black race is looked down upon by the other races?

Certainly on the surface it has been the case that so many people from that continent have been enslaved, along with the fact that so many have remained in spartan villages with seemingly no desire to advance. This is now changing. There is a change, albeit very slowly, for them to raise themselves out of poverty, thanks to many innovations such as bringing power to remote villages and, with it, computers. This will open the floodgates for education of the masses.

Was this part of Creator’s or the ETs’ plans?

Yes, to a certain extent. There had to be one or two races that would lag Chinese Villagebehind in development. You can include the Chinese here because for many centuries, and even still today, there are many remote villages that live the same way they have lived for thousands of years.

But as I mentioned before, there is great wealth beneath the surface in Africa, including needed minerals that you have no knowledge of as yet. There will be great stories in the future of whole villages living in poverty that suddenly become billionaires. That’s how dramatic it will be.

Were there or are there problems that other planets could not resolve regarding differences in race?

Yes, and there you have another reason. There are planets where one race will look down upon others, so as part of the Earth Experiment you have taken on this problem as one of those you will solve. Each race will be looked upon for its unique talents. But as acceptance grows, so will the integration of the races until finally there is only one Earth race.

Is it not true, Gaia, that it is almost unheard of for people to cross Time Lines?Parallel lives

That’s quite correct. There have been a few reported instances, and a few more that were never reported where there were holes or a merging of time lines. When there is a merging for a short period of time, there is great work done so that everything appears normal. When someone accidently plops into an adjacent time line, the souls in charge of maintaining the barriers spring into action to return the person back to his or her time line and repair the breach.

Does anyone ever stay?

No, that cannot be allowed.

I have reported before that the Zetas would bring someone back to almost the exact time, or close to it, in which they were abducted. This included the women who would be impregnated and lived on the spaceship for nine months (later four months as they improved their methods) and then put back at or very close to the time they were abducted.


Pam writes: Wonderful newsletters, as always!Hypogeum

Could you please ask about the mysterious underground Hypogeum in Malta? I lived in Malta and used to go to visit it, one of the most amazing places.

* Who built it, and how long ago? Was it the Pleiadians or Sirians? Or the local population?
* How was it built, with ET technology?
* What was it used for? Sound seems to be a major part of its use.Hypogeum
* Were the elongated skulls found there from the people who built it, or local people, or ET visitors?
* What happened to the skulls, were they taken to the Vatican?
* Was Malta at that time part of a larger landmass? There are many underwater stone structures near the coasts of Malta.
* Some say Malta was part of Atlantis, but I think don’t think it’s in the right geographical place.
* What were the mysterious “cart ruts” all over the island carved into the rock used for; they sometimes end in the sea, or are disturbed by geological land movements, so are very old, were they the same era as the Hypogeum?

Here are the links:

Thank you, dear Tom.

Gaia, does the Hypogeum on Malta date back to the 3300 to 3000 BC era, or Hypogeumdoes it date back farther, and who built it and for what purpose?

Yes, it dates back much farther than the archeologists have been able to determine.

Was it back as far as 10,000 years BC?

Quite so, and even a little farther than that. There are other clues to assist in dating it. There are parts of the area under water with streets and buildings. That should tell you that the last time there was a dramatic increase in ocean levels was at the time the continent of MU broke up during their cataclysmic war 7,500 years ago raising the sea levels around the world over 160 feet. Malta was settled hundreds, and yes, thousands of years before that, as it was a thriving center of trade. The archeologists just have not dug deeply enough to find older settlements.

For what purpose was the Hypogeum built?

Hypogeum Lady SculptureIt was an exotic temple even during that time period and was built to honor their gods, while at the same time it had a practical purpose as it was always cool in the interior. It was also a place of artistry as one can see the sculpture of the lady lying down.

Why the elongated skulls? Were they ETs or people trying to possibly look like the ETs

There you have it. The ETs were looked upon as gods and so the people tried to have a similar appearance. And yes, the Vatican does have these skulls, Painting on Ceiling Photo by Sheia Trahanalong with many more artifacts that would point everyone to ETs.

Any special meaning to the painting on the ceiling?

Yes, it was more artistic than symbolic.

Keep in mind, everyone, that the oceans of the world have risen over 200 feet in the last 12,500 years—first with Poseidia and the Aryan islands sinking and raising the seas 41 feet and then Lemuria sinking and raising them another 160-170 feet. Study the depths around Malta to see how far it once extended.


Mike in the UK writes: Another question for the newsletter.

RE: Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile?Michael Jackson with children

It's been in the news recently that a video and information has been released about the 2003 raid of Michael Jackson's home. It has been alleged that there was a sick collection of images of so called “pornography” of naked teen boys, and supposedly (as described by one of the investigators) “sick images of child torture.” Also supposedly images of animal torture.


(1) Was Michael Jackson a pedophile, did he physically molest or rape or have sex with underage children?
(2) Was Michael Jackson straight, gay or bisexual?

Two Articles detailing the raid of his home:

Theo, was Michael Jackson a pedophile, and was he gay, straight, or bisexual?

He most definitely was a pedophile. More information has been covered up that will come to light in the future. He also was bisexual, so he had many conflicted feelings and desires.


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