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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

APRIL 30, 2016

Tom T. Moore



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ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Helen wrote: "Unique! Provoking! Stimulating! A Atlantisfascinating read! I recommend this book to anyone who is interested to know that there is more to know than what we are conventionally taught. Tom Moore has channeled answers to over a thousand questions asked to him by his readers about the ancient lands of Atlantis and Lemuria and to Earth’s history before written records.
“It’s like the child who looked at a map of the world and intuitively knew that the continents of South America and Africa must have been one continent – way before the scientific minds could come to an agreement of such. The channelings of Tom Moore will resonate with you on an intuitive level about the beginnings of these two continents - Atlantis and Lemuria. They were once filled with life, culture, humanity.
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun“Now, there is little physical evidence of human history before 8,000 BC and most scientists call this period, the Stone Age. Yet, pieces of pottery found in Japan (Jōmon Period), the existence of the Bosnian pyramids, the Rock Wall in Texas, and other artifacts suggest that we do not know everything that there is to know. There are partially exposed roads and ruins under the ocean’s sand that scientists scratched their heads as to the how’s and why’s of their makings. Even the cause of some of the past climatic events evidenced from ice cores are in the realm of speculation by scientists; yet these events coincide with the final continental destruction of both Atlantis (10,000 BC) and Lemuria (5,000 BC).
“Tom Moore’s book gives us a timeline before the “Stone Age,” which shows civilizations similar to, and in some areas, more advanced to what we see today. The Atlantean and Lemurian societies lasted approximately 50,000 years. His channels tell the tremendous advancement humans have accomplished in the medical, scientific, and philosophical fields during this time period.
Atlantis Distruction“Yet, with all its great technological wonders, both civilizations eventually collapsed, erasing their entire history - leaving what we call today as the “Stone Age.” What caused the obliteration of two advanced civilizations? Why? How?
“Tom Moore’s channels reach into a deeper understanding, of these events; telling us that with all their knowledge, humans could not learn to live together, resulting in chaos and wars. Just as today, where thousands are leaving their homes from the Middle East area to travel to countries that provide safety and stability, there too was a group that migrated from Atlantis to Egypt for the same reasons.
“Finally, Tom Moore assures us that we will not end up destroying ourselves – as we are our own ancestors - have agreed on a soul level not to go down that road again. Although conflict will continue, instead of total destruction, these hostilities are learning lessons for our souls to grow with wisdom and act with compassionate action for our fellow human beings."

ReviewI was asked where to go to write the reviews. The most popular place to go (they sell more books than anyone else) is and then just enter the name of the book you wish to write a review about in the search book. Then click on “Reviews” and there will be a box that says “Write a review.”Atlantis & Lemuria

Would you PLEASE write a review for any of my books that you own on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else you purchased the book? I would appreciate your support!! Given that I don’t charge for these newsletters, this is one thing you can do for me.
My new book,
“ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Read the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each.
You can read
SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at
And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.
Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:

Theo, Donald Trump received over 50% of the vote in New York after I was told his numbers would remain in the 30% to 40% range. It appears he will be the nominee. Comments?

Donald TrumpYes, Tom. Of course you’re aware that he is from that state, so the numbers would be higher, just as were Hillary Clinton’s numbers. As the field has been reduced, his numbers have been growing. Your souls are writing new pages. As you might notice, there are some positive things that have come from his campaign. How Presidential nominees are elected is a somewhat rigged system, where the Republican and Democratic nominees must court the local super delegates—wining and dining them to obtain their votes. It should be based strictly on voter numbers, but it’s not. This will slowly change in your future.
Still, it was a low probability for his nomination and he has significantly raised those numbers. His showmanship has been superb.

So what is the probability of him becoming the next U.S. President?Hillary Clinton

Still quite low, Tom. As we told you months ago, the Republican nominee will give Hillary Clinton a run for the money, but will fall short in the end as this is the highest probability. These are soul contracts and Mr. Trump is learning a lot. He still needs more seasoning of lives—that has not changed. So, whether he is the nominee or not, the probability of him becoming the next U.S. President is still quite low. If he were to win the presidency, he would flounder. You would be taking two steps back in your relations with other countries.

Martha writes:
Tom, will you please ask Gaia about a timetable for that earthquake in Central America that she mentioned?
My daughter is living in Costa Rica near Cartago (along with a large team of Ecuador Earthquakewonderful Peace Corps volunteers throughout the country).
Thank you, and thanks for sharing your gifts with the world! Saying MBOs has helped me immensely, and even ensured my safety, I think!

Gaia, what is the highest probability of a 7.0 or higher earthquake happening in Central America before January 1, 2017?

Quite high, Tom. It is part of the Ring of Fire and there are more major movements ahead for them—including one just a little above the 7.0 mark.

Aravind writes:
More questions:
1. When will time travel be officially discovered and how many years before it is accessible to the general public?
2. How long does it take for a time traveler to make a single trip from 5000 years to the present era?
Time Travel3. Is there a risk of time travelers changing the past? Have there been any instances of changes that happened either deliberately or accidentally? If it happened in our past, have they been corrected? Who is the “someone” that Antura mentioned monitoring travelers’ behavior? Is it an angel, ET being or authority?
4. Are time travelers aware of reincarnation? Who a subject was in past lives? Or do they rely on ETs for this information?
5. What are the other interesting centuries explored and researched? (For some reason, the bubonic plague in the European middle ages comes to mind - was this a subject widely studied - what were the travelers’ conclusions? Such a theme has been in sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek - is this based on fact or fiction?)
6. Has any time-traveler fallen ill or died in the course of duty?
7. What if a time traveler was attacked by a person, animal, virus, dinosaur, etc., won't the traveler be injured or killed?
8. Do time travelers have a greater awareness of their soul contracts - and soul contracts of the subjects they visit?

Past, Present, FutureTheo, in the future will time travel be limited to just anthropologists, and if so how can they prevent travel by, let’s say, unauthorized people since I would think these ships would be commonplace?

Even in your far future of over 4,500 years in the future, Tom, they will have limits. The population will be much smaller then as the world population is beginning to peak. They will not have the radicals you have today.
Do these time-travel craft make the switch to another time period instantaneously?

Quite so, Tom. That should tell some of your readers how time is constructed.
Who monitors them?

They have their own regulations they developed fairly rapidly after testing. The regulations are quite detailed regarding what they can and cannot do.
19th CenturyAre they familiar, by that time, with reincarnation and past lives, and are they drawn to time periods in which they have had lives?

Yes, that is a good observation. Even in today’s time period people are drawn to certain places where they’ve lived before. Reincarnation will be much more acceptable by the whole Earth population. Therefore, the time periods they choose will be influenced by their past lives.
What other time periods are most interesting?

Anywhere you have lived a past life. But the good anthropologists are also drawn to areas that will be future lives. You cannot think linearly as you are influenced by all your lives.
TribalWhat other time periods would they be drawn to?

It really depends upon their historical interest. The farther back they go the more difficult it is to fit in. Their disguises become more elaborate and their knowledge of that time period is less accurate. They must observe from a distance at first.
Do any of them visit Atlantis and Lemuria?

Of course, those two would be of high interest as the anthropologists would want to see why they obliterated each other.
Are they aware of soul contracts?

Much more so than today.
Did any of the time travelers die during their visits?

No, they are in much better physical shape, and they are quite cautious when they travel to danger zones such as wars or where there are wild animals. They also do Strabohave instruments that can stun if need be, but that happens only in extremely rare situations. They have protective force fields by that time, just as the ETs have.
What life did I meet a time traveler in?

It was your life as Strabo. You encountered one during that life as you traveled around the Middle East. It was a fairly brief encounter.
Strabo lived 2,000 years ago and his writings about geography of that time period are still read today.  His writings on the history of the world have been lost forever.  You can read more about him at

PrinceDiane writes:
With the sudden death of Prince can you please ask if Prince was Mozart or some famous musician? This man was so talented I just feel that it was his past lives that created the genius of today! Thank you as always.
Theo, was the musician Prince well known in another life?

He has had more than one life where he was well known, just not to the extent as this life. It should be quite obvious that he has had many lives because he was self-taught in this life and was mentioned in news reports that he could play 27 instruments.
Will the hundreds or thousands of songs of his be released one day?

Certainly some of them, but not all. Like any composer, he had his good days and days where the music compositions just did not come together. He was able to explore this quite well in this life.

Abe SapienAntura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls it, and after 800 lives on Earth, he’s back on our home water world planet working as part of a “first contact” team. I’ve asked hundreds of questions about ETs, but to learn more about their lives you can read my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions.
Antura, just to touch on this subject again, Valiant Thor was a real person—a Pleiadian?

That’s correct, Tom. It was not a fragment of someone’s imagination.
I should think he should have the honor of being one of the first people to meet with the Russians.

Actually that assignment will be done by those who have been in contact with the Water PlanetRussians before. There has to be a familiarity. He has continued to follow Earth’s progress since his departure.
Shelby writes: I was wondering if Antura communicates with his planet’s soul and what is its name?
Antura, do you communicate with your world planet’s soul?

Yes, on occasion I do. I always try in my daily life to honor the soul who takes care of our planet.

This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

WarehouseLee writes:
I was at a Liquidation Warehouse yesterday, and if you have ever been to one you know there are piles and piles of "stuff" and people rooting through looking for a bargain. A woman had just checked out and realized her car keys were missing. She walked around looking for them, but to no avail. There were many of us looking around for her keys as we were looking through the merchandise. I didn't hear any more, so I figured she found them.
About 20 minutes later I ran into her and she was still looking.
I quickly said an MBO for her to find them quickly. I then felt an urge to tell her to look over in the corner near us. She was looking in all the bins and between boxes when the woman next to her who was looking yelled out "found them!!" Took about two minutes from when I said the MBO. Everyone was happy and she was very happy! Wish I had thought to do it earlier, but the outcome is the same. Thank you for this handy tool. And the moral of this story is I said an MBO to remember to say an MBO immediately in all situations and not be distracted by my surroundings. On another note, I got some very good bargains because I said an MBO before I went!

Ann writes:
Aloha Tom, I have several.
Las Vegas Apartment Towers1. I moved into an apartment in Las Vegas. We had very loud obnoxious neighbors who would fight in the middle of the night, and all day, and slam doors, etc.
This is an MBO that "took a while." But it was resolved in a very dramatic way - one of the women was arrested for hitting someone with her car and leaving him to die. Horrible! But now I have said an MBO for the new neighbors. That is already working, another apartment filled up with wonderful people.
2. A $2,000 check I didn't even know I was receiving was sent to my old HI address. HI was not forwarding my mail, even though I submitted a forward request.
One MBO and two weeks later, the check arrived. Yea Universe!
3. I moved across the ocean with very little stuff because shipping is so expensive.
I have been saying MBOs for house items. I was gifted with a new microwave by my boss, my place came furnished with stuff including bed - so no big purchases on that end! And I rescued a table for much needed horizontal surfaces. Yea MBOs!
UNLV Campus4.
Before I left Hawaii I asked MBO to live near a park so walking my dog Sweetie would be easy and safe. We got a place on the edge of the UNLV campus and the dog walking is supreme! Lots of shade, grass, and endless places for her to explore.
I have been focusing on using MBOs not only for the urgent, but for my own improvements. I ask daily for my job that I be what they need, and receive what I need. One of the results is that I am much more grounded and able to handle what comes up (fast-paced customer service at a spa) and the owner and her husband have both noticed. That is a BIG DEAL for someone who works so much in the etheric realm.
As a professional psychic, I have encouraged clients to use the MBOs and they have reported more calm in their lives. Of course!
Thanks, Tom,
I am interested in more experiments with using MBOs in my own personal growth development. 

I also suggested to Ann that if she is not doing so already
to request an MBO to receive the messages perfectly each time just before she does a reading. 


Daralyn in Galveston, Texas writes:
If you are in need of a story for your blog, here is one: My daughter and her fiancé came to visit us last weekend. Since they both worked for Boeing in Seattle, I suggested that we go to see the Houston Space Center, which has the 747 shuttle carrier, and they agreed. Because much of the display was outdoors, and there was a major storm system on the way, I said an MBO for no rain that morning.
Houston Space CenterWe had a delightful visit to the center, and the rain held off long enough for us to drive into Houston afterward for lunch at a highly popular restaurant.
I said an MBO for a short line and no crowded conditions, which was what we got. We even got a handicap parking spot (which I need) right in front of the restaurant, even though I forgot to ask! Thank you, angels! It didn't start to rain until we left the restaurant and were well onto the freeway. Afterward, Houston experienced its ferocious rain/flooding event. The visit to the space center was the highlight of their trip, thanks to the MBO. I had previously asked for a BP for their flights, so the day they left was NOT the day that all flights were cancelled due to flooding at the airport. It was the next Texas Lightning Stormday.
Tuesday night in Plano, Texas where we live, they were predicting severe storms with 80 mile per hour winds, hail, and possible tornadoes.
Both my wife and I went outside, held our hands out to the side and said, “I welcome gentle rains” three times, facing the direction of the coming storms. I also said a BP for our daughter’s house not too far away.
The storm came through, but the meteorologist on TV this morning said we “dodged a bullet” as the storm formed behind the dry line and not in front of it. They had predicted the reverse.

Gaia, did Krishna have over 75 lives as Krishna, and did they began more than 30,000 years ago?

Yes, as you were previously told, it was slightly more than that—77—Tom. Use that number. It was a little more than 30,000 years ago—more on the order of 32,000 years ago; again, use that number.
HinduismHow many lives did I actually have with him? Was it, say, over 10?

Yes, a few more. Closer to the 15 you are thinking, Tom.
As the Hindu religion, I’ve been told, is the oldest religion in the world, did it begin over 50,000 years ago?

Yes, again slightly more than that figure, Tom. You could say it was created about 57,000 years ago. You, of course, had a life then as a student of the man who began the religion.
But this was not Krishna?

No, he came much later and, as you were told before, gave the Hindu religion structure. So, as you can see, this is truly an ancient religion, but greatly changed over many centuries as stories became legends.

Lura writes:
As always, I highly appreciate (love) your weekly newsletters and your kindness in sharing them! I have a single question that, perhaps, has already been asked/answered before. On any one of the 12 timelines did Jesus suffer crucifixion---actually die on the cross? In your newsletters, I know it's been stated he lived a long life, traveled to Asia, etc. Thank you for clearing this up for me!! Do Jesusincarnating advanced souls (like him) purposely undergo physicality, but only need to do so on a single timeline? Thank you.
Theo, am I to understand that Jesus was not crucified on any of the lower time lines of the 12 total?

That is correct, Tom. There was little difference in the time he spent on Earth on any of the time lines. He brought light to all of the 12 time lines.
I was previously told that he had more than one life prior to his life in preparation. Do a search on the Articles and News page for much more information on Jesus.

Mandal writes:
I’m Mongolian and I like to read your readings and channeling messages. I have few questions from you.
1. There is Key to Secret Facebook group, where Mongolian spiritual people get information and share their experiences. I put there your message about terrorist attack could happen in Belgium and France. Together we prayed for better situation. Do collective prayers from this group have any effect?
Mongolia2. Recently, many infants had died from measles in Ulaanbaatar. Could you please ask Gaia or Theo, if there are any other secret causes than these infants’ health situations? Could it be vaccine-related business or planned action?
3. The Mongolian Parliament election will be held in June. Right now political situation in our country is very chaotic. Please tell us is there any hope for better situation in near future on political platform?
4. Does world illuminati group influence our politics and today's economic crisis in Mongolia?
5. Please tell us what danger could we have if our country will be united to the International Nuclear Conventions? Together we prayed hardly against it. Did it have any effect?
6. What is Mongolians’ role to World's new age development?
7. Please tell us why in Mongolia so many shaman people? How they influence on today's Mongolia?
Thank you so much for your help, Tom. We all will be happy to hear from you.

Your Benevolent Prayers, along with everyone else’s does make a difference. Even if it was just your group saying BPs it would make some difference, but the more people I was told, the more powerful and better results.
Child with MeaslesGaia, did the children who died of measles in Ulaanbaatar die of a reaction to the vaccine or what?

Yes, the vaccine was not manufactured correctly and did not protect the children from this disease, which—again—I must remind everyone were soul contracts for the children and their families to experience. On your bucket list, as we have called it, is to die of disease in one or more of your lives.
Gaia, what is the highest probability of the upcoming Parliamentary elections in Mongolia resulting in improvements for its citizens?

There will be some beneficial changes, but the progress will be slow. There will still be corruption in Parliament, just as there is in governments around the world. The members of the Mongolian Parliament would be considered as minor league versions of those in a country such as Russia where billions of dollars are being siphoned off by people connected with the government.
Mongolian ShamanismMongolia has ties, of course, to the Chinese, so look for the trail of money. Because of its more remote location, you could say, corruption is less there than in many countries. Still, there is infighting among clans, so progress seems quite slow. There will be a leader coming in Mongolia’s future who will lead them in the right direction.

Does the Illuminati influence in any way Mongolian politics or the economy?

Only very indirectly. As said before, the Chinese would have more influence.
Will any good come from Mongolia joining the International Nuclear Development Committee?

Yes, Mongolia will be recognized as a more developed country than previously thought. Its citizens should not be alarmed by its participation. There is certainly more good that will come from its participation. Just say Benevolent Prayers that the benefits will far outweigh any detriment.
Mongolian WarriorsWhat is Mongolia’s role in the new age development?

Mongolia does have a role to play, as its citizens are more grounded, you could say, than those people in western societies.
Why are there more or many Shamans in the country?

Again, it is this grounding that these people have to the energy of the mountains. They have not been so corrupted in their thinking compared to the western religions. They are more connected to the earth. It comes back to the energy of this ancient land.

GiantismGaia, how far back in time did a race of giants exist on Earth?

Quite far back, although as photos show there have always been some people who would be abnormally large compared to their fellow men and women. That should tell you there is a mostly dormant gene in the human body that has the ability to make you larger. The giants were a peaceful people and one of your ET experiments. It was decided that as the population grew they would require too much food to sustain their bodies, so they were allowed to die out. This happened well over 60,000 years ago.


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