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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

May 7, 2022

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to The Gentle Way Book and then click on the link in the WelcomeBlue Box on the right side of the Home page. If you are reading this for the first time and enjoy it, please share with your friends and family.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accuracy. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


My editor Ralonne is out of the hospital, and recovering at home. Thanks for the many BPs for her!

Here is a link to my interview with Amy Gray-Cunningham on Butterfly Kisses. Butterfly KissesClick here.

I realize there are several Benevolent Prayers to say listed below. PLEASE TAKE THE FEW SHORT SECONDS TO SAY EACH ONE OUT LOUD. Remember, the human voice is much more powerful than people in this time period realize. I’m told there is a crescendo effect when hundreds and thousands say the say BP out loud.

Notice how the war in Ukraine slowed down, since we began saying our BPs? Let's say this Benevolent Prayer for the people of UKRAINE:
"I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and assist the people of Ukraine to remain safe, for the economic sanctions imposed on Russia to work even faster and be more successful than we can hope for or expect, and to return the Russian soldiers home, thank you!"

We are making a difference!

Have you checked out my newest book—
THE GENTLE WAY WITH PETS: Pets bookAngelic Help for Your Animal Companions? It has a complete review of The Gentle Way, plus great tips on our lives with our lovable animal family members. And I interview several Group Souls to learn where they came from and why. If you have already bought the book, please do write a review.

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Many of your questions are taking at least four weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning, just as I do: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans Atlantis & Lemuria bookand seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of the world, thank you!”

My previous book,ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters, click here: Sample Chapters.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Sue writes: Now that Musk's purchase of Twitter has been approved, how will this affect social media? Will it fuel our political divide by flooding the internet with trolls posting lies intended to promote an agenda? Will it open doors that allow countries like Russia to meddle in our democracy? What is most likely to Twitterhappen?

What challenges will the upcoming astrological alignments, aspects and eclipses present us in the second half of 2022? How will it affect our elections in the fall?

How much longer will the January 6th investigation continue? Will the findings shared with the public be complete or will we get a "redacted" version leaving us in the fog?

Please ask Gaia what to expect in our 2022 hurricane season. Any possibility of grand scale Katrina or Harvey storms in our near future?

Gaia, how will Musk’s purchase of Twitter affect social media? Will there be more division? More interference? And what will be the benefits? Does this have anything to do with the free energy machine?

Lots of questions. We’ll cover them all. Overall the purchase of Twitter will Elon Muskinsure that everyone feels they have a voice and can express themselves verbally and not through violence. There will be fact checking established to correct those who make wild claims. Better to have someone spewing off deep seated hatred than actually taking action. Regarding the free energy machine, it will allow those that have developed the machine to show its benefits without fear of retaliation from the oil and gas industry.

How will astrological aspects effect the fall elections?

Changes would be the easiest description. I would suggest looking at the placement of planets in November.

When will the January 6 investigation end? Will the report contain redacted sections?

As you have heard on news reports, the committee is under pressure to finish and release their findings in June before Congress goes on their summer break. There will be a few redacted sections having to do with national security, but overall, most of the information will be available to the general public, with many analyses by news organizations—left, center, and right leaning.

Will there be any large hurricanes for the U.S. this year? You said before that Hurricane surgethey will “linger.” What exactly did you mean by that?

The hurricanes that reach the coastal areas will not be huge, but still will pack destructive winds and flooding. Linger means they will not be fast-moving, but moving slowly and will cause more flooding and destruction.

Sandra writes: Again, things are twisting and turning and going sideways and up ways and every which way in the world!

The latest one is Elon Musk? Has he been dealing with very powerful people in business and government in other lifetimes? Anything from Gaia on this?

Gaia, did Elon Musk deal with powerful people in business and government in his past lives?

Yes, Mr. Musk is a catalyst, along with having a brilliant mind. He has had lives on both sides in order to understand the workings of government, and as part of his lives he has dealt with leaders in businesses—from small to large.


Chrissy in Wollongong, Australia writes: With the prayers and compassion being felt for the people of Ukraine, the people of Russia who do not want war and the soldiers who do not want to fight, does that raise our general vibrational levels or compassion levels of humanity? Hopefully the more people saying your Benevolent Outcomes and praying can only bring the close of these atrocities Kremlinsooner.

So I would imagine that the Chinese leader is watching to see how or if the world will react to what is happening to see maybe if he can just take over other countries. Will the "power of the people world-wide" be enough to keep these mad men in line?

How soon will the Russian people find out the number of their people lost in the war? I assume most of the news of the war with Ukraine is hidden from them. Will the Russian people be able to protest against what Putin is doing and possibly have him moved out of office? Big ask, I know!

Gaia, prayers and compassion for all affected by war—does this raise our vibrational levels?

Absolutely, Tom. For those who have been reticent in joining in when you ask them to say these benevolent prayers, it will simply take you longer to lift your vibrational levels—that is a fact. You have a great chance in this life to raise your vibrational levels at a higher rate than almost any other life. Take advantage of this!

When will the Russian people learn the truth about this war?

Sooner than most predict at this time. As Russian soldiers are brought back for Ukraine Destructionburial, and the wounded return to their families, word will spread about what actually has been happening.

What, if any, effect will it have on the Chinese leadership?

They will be more cautious with their dealings with Russia, and aspirations with Taiwan.

I had previously posted that Putin should be gone sometime next year—we’ll see!

Now for questions on conspiracy theories.

Vicki writes:
Is Putin clearing out the tunnels in Ukraine of child trafficking. It is said Ukraine is the prime home of the CABAL.

THE CABAL killed the real Putin but the look alike has flipped to the ALLIANCE and is not at war with the people of Ukraine.

Is totalitarian CENSORSHIP in the future for the world as we know it, MEDIA AND INTERNET?

Gaia, was Ukraine a center for child trafficking at one time? And is totalitarian Child Traffickingcensorship ahead for the world?

First, the child trafficking. There was no more child trafficking in Ukraine than there is in the rest of Europe or the United States. That is not to say that it does not presently happen, it’s just that this is a world problem, not just one country as some conspiracy theorists have conjectured. They make money from their broadcasts and writings.

Regarding censorship, it is in full display in Russia at the present time, although slowly but surely the truth will leak out, just as a hole in a dike grows larger and larger. You can say a benevolent prayer for the people in Russia to learn the truth even sooner than you can hope for. The rest of the world has factions that make up stories for their own benefit. One must be discerning to sift through these claims and recognize lies—some just barely off the truth and other boldface lies. This is all part of your learning during your Earth lives.

Younger souls have more of a tendency to believe false claims than older souls with more Earth experience. You can request MBOs to recognize the truth and lies when you hear or read them. That will bring in your own Guardian Angels to help you sort out what you hear or read.

Let’s say the Benevolent Prayer out loud: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the people in Russia to learn the truth about their country’s invasion of Ukraine even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Diane writes: How much longer will California, Arizona and other states suffer Wildfirewith the wildfires that keep happening? Gaia, will this end soon?

Gaia, will the wildfires subside one day, or will they continue for the Southwest and West Coast?

They will continue for long into your future, Tom, as this is the way that I clear out old decaying forests and replace them with new growth. That is why I have continually told you that those people who wish to live in a forest setting need to have houses that will withstand what you call wildfires. It is that simple. They can do this, or replace their houses and possessions every few years.


For my new readers, Theo introduced me to another member of my soul “cluster” back in 2008. His name is Antura, and after 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in exploration, he’s taking a break from Earth lives and is an amphibian from the water planet Nommo in the Sirian B Solar System. He’s part of a “first contact” group specializing in “grass roots contacts.” Right now, he and his three teammates are orbiting overhead in a huge Sirian Mothership that is three miles wide and twenty stories tall, with a crew of 900, plus their families totaling 1,500. Many of the crew live their whole lives on board as they are sent on missions across the universe, and even to the universe next to ours. They are taking millions of readings everyday as part of what’s called the “Earth Experiment.” You can read much more about him in my book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are some more questions I asked this Black Cube UFO Near Sunweek.

John posted a photo on Facebook and asked for information.

Antura, what is the massive black cube photographed near the sun—an ET craft or perhaps a Photoshopped image?

It was an ET ship, Tom. Again, one of those massive ships that was allowed to be in this special space-time continuum where it can take readings, but are not allowed to come closer.

Where did it originate?

Another galaxy—not a Federation member.

Kathy writes:
I know this is going to sound very bizarre, but I just experienced something I can’t explain. I live in a city that has a very large Air Force Base; I’m retired from the federal government and I was a C-130 Special Operations Supervisor so I’ve seen every type of aircraft you can imagine on the flight line and flying overhead as well and I’ve even flown in a C-130.

With that being said, I was driving home today and off to my left about 200 to UFO300 feet (I’m terrible about measuring distance) in the sky over a mall parking lot I saw an airplane that looked similar to a C-130 but smaller just hovering in the sky (absolutely not moving at all)…I was in complete shock because it was so low to the ground. I had to blink my eyes a couple of times to make sure what I was seeing was real. I immediately (no more than mere seconds) turned left to go into the parking lot to get a better look and take a picture for evidence and it was completely gone...totally vanished!! Tom, am I hallucinating or crazy or both…did I really see what I thought I saw, and could the plane be going through some sort of time warp, if not, what did I actually witness?

Antura, what type of craft did Kathy see—ET or U.S.?

This was a test craft. It will be seen again in that area.

Mantej in the UK writes: Dinner is served!

Whilst filming on the mothership for the Sirian documentaries. Since their ET Depictionmachines are capable of creating any meal:

1. Will they wait for you to verbally ask at breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or will they just provide you with your favourite meal dishes from scanning your memories?

2. Will the machines creating the dishes be filmed and shown in the Sirian documentary as well?

How have you handled food requests by the other timelines? Orders to go?

They just simply asked for their favorite foods and the ship prepared them.

Were the machines that prepared the food filmed by the timelines?

Yes, although there is not a lot to see. Again, these are far advanced.

That’s all my questions today, Antura. Atah and lots of love to everyone.

Atah, Tom, and we all do send you love and light and adieu for now.

Oops. Forgot to ask one question. Do the Pleiadians tune into our sessions?

Yes, one person is typically assigned. You can say hello if you wish.

Good day and good life, Pleiadian.

And he sends his greetings to you, Tom.

[Next session]

Antura, did the Time Line 8 crew have a trip to the moon and back as we discussed long ago?

Yes, they did, Tom. Each Time Line got that experience.

Gail in Sedona, Arizona writes: UFO? My husband saw this Saturday, April 30th, at 5:00 AM. He was heading up Oak Creek Canyon and pulled over to take this video. He travels up Oak Creek Canyon several times a week before sunrise and has never seen anything like this before. Does anyone have any idea what this might’ve been?

Antura, in Oak Creek Canyon on 4/30, 5 am—was that an ET craft or a planet, or what?

Yes, that was one of many ET craft that take readings in that area of not only the energies, but how it affects the population that not only lives there, but the tourists of all descriptions.

I may have misreceived on this one, as Mercury and Venus, I think were in conjunction.

Antura, is the Pleiadian assigned to “monitor” my sessions a male or female?Pleiadian

Good question—male in this instance.

Does he have an appearance similar to a Homo sapien, or one of the other varieties of people I assume inhabit the Pleiades?

Quite similar to Homo sapiens.

Have you had a personal meeting?

No, we just chatted over a video device.

Did this person cringe when you talked about them dragging their feet?

Yes, we are all smiling, including the Pleiadian.

Will I be allowed to ask them questions directly?

Yes, this person will do so with a little reluctance, since their job has been to simply monitor the conversations and questions.

I’m fading, so it will not be today. Atah and good life, Antura and friends—and Pleiadian too.

Atah and good life and adieu from us all until next time.


This story, and the next three, originally appeared last week in my BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES BLOG. Please go to to read hundreds of more stories that are archived there from people living THE GENTLE WAY!

Siddharth in Mumbai India writes: This story is from my wife.        Mumbai School   

My daughter recently started attending her school in offline manner (by actually going to school) as COVID restrictions have been removed. For this, now we have shifted to Mumbai. My wife was struggling to get details and materials of what has been taught from fellow parents as we are new to this group.

She was asking for couple of days, then she said an MBO, and in the next hour she got a response from a parent that they will share the course materials details. My wife made a point to let me know that she was quite happy with the result of this MBO, and it solved her problem very quickly.


Michael writes: My wife is from a southern European country. She had to get back to see family; due to COVID, it’s been electronic visits only. Soooo, we had to have COVID tests. Of course. And we had problems getting the results. MBO’d it, and we had them. Had to get QR codes for not just one, but TWO European beachcountries. It wasn’t easy, but we finally got them to work. MBO’d it.

Went to the airport - they decided they’d take our larger carry-ons, and check them - free, though they are charging now - they said. Transitioned to the next flight; same issues; MBO’d our way through. Met family, had a great time, on the MBO train.

Came back - only needed one set of QR codes that printed out well. Again, our larger carry on was checked at no cost.
Flight out was delayed a little; MBO’d it, and we made our connections with 15 minutes to spare. Got home; had to call our cab guy, I don’t trust cabbies off the street, not in Newark. Cell phone worked, well. Cabbie showed, we got home, no problems. Had a GREAT vacation, and her family was particularly nice.


Lee writes from Florida: Hi Tom. It was pouring rain last night at work. My shift ended in an hour with no letup of rain in sight. I said an MBO that the rain would end when I had to leave work. The rain didn’t end, but it was very light so I was able to walk to my car without getting drenched. Thank you!

Peggy writes: Cars used to be very basic. Now, newer cars, you have to put key in one way, flip switch twice to unlock door, etc. So I was at a gas station filling my newer car and car would not start. Tried over and over. Would not start. I said an MBO and car started. Thanks, angels.


Gaia, would you compare the apartment blocks we’ve seen in news reports on Ukraine to what was common in Atlantis and Lemuria? And if so, how tall were Apartmentsthey and how large?

Good observation, Tom. Yes, you could compare the general makeup of those apartments to what existed thousands of years ago. As you were told before, most people lived in apartments—not houses, which were generally for those in governmental positions. There were fewer people, so there typically was space for children to play, and fields for ball games.

The apartment buildings were not so tall—there was no need. The apartments were not large, just sufficient for a family’s needs. The people spent more time outdoors. They were not glued to their TVs as you are these days. As was told to you before, they had free electricity—the Atlanteans from the crystal “posers,” and the Lemurians from another source given to them by ETs.


Mantej writes: Two chicken or the egg questions.

1. Inventor of Shopping Carts

Did inventor Sylvan Goldman have a life in the future to invent shopping carts Shopping cartback in 1937? Or did he just use them in the shops in Atlantis?


2. Flat Pack Furniture

Swedish draughtsman Gillis Lundgren is credited with creating Flat Pack Furniture in 1956.

Was it required he have a life in the future to create it, or was there flat pack furniture in Atlantis?

Gaia, did the inventor of shopping carts have a future life or did this date back Flat Pack shipping containerto his Atlantean days?

More to his Atlantean experience, Tom. That was one of the many advancements they had in their stores.

The same question for the inventor of the Flat Pack (aka ready to assemble) furniture.

That inventor simply had a Eureka moment, which started on the upper timelines and worked down to your timeline. Trucks could carry these wrapped so that they would not have “dings” and have to be sold at second hand prices.


Diane writes: I read years ago that we all go through each race on this planet, but do we come back in the same race a couple of times for the different experiences?

Will the vortex in Sedona, AZ lose their power such as the Oracle of Delphi and Airport Vortex Sedona Azthe Oracle of Dionysus since a lot of people visit? Or is the vortex different than the vibrations in the two Oracles of long ago?

What are the chances of Colin Kaepernick getting to play again in the NFL this year?

I was just wondering, do you think that the Queen will pass before the end of the year? Her health has been going down and she has had to cut back on so many things. I do believe she does miss her husband and perhaps wants to join him?

Gaia, do we reincarnate in the same race for different experiences?

May I remind this questioner and your other readers, Tom, that the average person has 600 to 800 lives on Earth, so naturally you will revisit each race a number of times in order to experience everything on your “bucket list.”

Will the vortexes in Sedona keep their energy or fade away?

These energy centers, we will call them, are connected deep within the Earth, and will continue to emit this energy long past the time the Explorer Race returns back to your home planets. There is still much to learn as to their function.

Theo, what is the probability of Colin Kaepernick playing in the NFL this Queen Elilzabethcoming season?

He will be invited to sign with a team.

Since Pittsburgh just lost a quarterback, would that be the highest probability?

Not necessarily, since there are a couple of other teams who are considering hiring him.

Theo, what is the probability of Queen Elizabeth transitioning in the next twelve months?

Yes, she is starting her decline. She misses her husband and has a desire to see him again. She has taken her nation as far as she can. This has been a very significant life for her. She will be remembered fondly by her British subjects.


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