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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

August 5, 2017

Tom T. Moore



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Dena and I celebrated our Anniversary on August 1, so I posted this Tom & Denaphoto on my Facebook pages.
Here is the interview I did on Virtual Light Broadcast on Espavo TV for Steve Rother. It is approximately 28 minutes long.
Click here.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Donna writes:
I am an avid reader of your newsletters. I subscribe to Natural News as I follow Ty Bollinger in his campaign "The Truth About Cancer," and Mike Adams has been spotlighted a lot in his newsletters. I read the following article today and I was wondering if you could ask Gaia about the validity of this report.  
Click here.
Gaia, are scientists faking temperature reports of global warming? And Average Mean Temperaturewhat about the NASA report of the seas going down just a little in the last couple of years?

These temperature reports cannot be “faked” as they call it, because they are recorded by meteorologists all over the world who are very dedicated to their job. Could someone take these readings and alter them? Of course, but they are so easy to verify, as most are on computers, so they are available at the touch of a button. Here you have a fake news story purporting to be real news. You need to look at the source to see that person’s motivation.
Regarding NASA’s statement that the seas have gone down a couple of millimeters in the last two years, again, look at the source. Where did they obtain this information? You notice that not one oceanographer has made this same statement? They know the seas are rising, just as Hot Weatherevery person who lives on a low lying island that is considering having to move their families to other higher level islands, and even this will not be safe.
In summary, there is a lot of misinformation being released right now and for what purpose? Follow the money trail is always a good place to start, Tom. Who benefits by delaying the news of the oceans rising? As I have said before, there are billions of dollars invested in ocean front properties and certain high level owners are becoming quite uncomfortable about the news they are privy to, through certain back channels we will term them. So the temperatures are rising, along with the seas. That’s the bottom line. Take that to the bank.

Here is an interview from Wednesday on CBS This Morning with Al Gore. Click here.
Connie writes from Arizona:
I found some information on the internet which I hope you can verify for me. If true this September 23 will be a very important day?
Gaia, will September 23, 2017 be a significant day, and if so, for what events? And is there any accuracy in modern times for the Book of Revelations?

Yes, I will be having some events take place close to that date, Tom, due September 23, 2017 Planetary Lineupto the various planetary alignments. These will consist of more earth movements with higher magnitudes, along with the effects on the human populations of the world. More study needs to be done and is being done in these modern times to understand the various transits and how they affect human beings.
Will the Earth movements be in excess of the 6.8 you mention in a previous discussion about August 8?

Yes, Tom, a couple. Between those two dates don’t forget the August 21 solar eclipse, which in itself will cause a number of movements, so there are three time periods where there will be movements. And yes, as you are thinking, that can include violent storms. You are entering a time period of very strong transits by your planets, sun, and moon.
Jen writes:
- Since gender is such a huge identity marker, is it challenging for our soul fragments to transition between male and female over different lifetimes? Do we go through phases of lives in one gender for a stretch to ease that?
- Did our soul fragments ever ensoul dinosaurs? If not, where did those Dinosaursdinosaur soul fragments come from and did they leave the earth due to their preference or the creator's?
- Do all insects have the same group soul and does it include spiders and praying mantises?
- Do all birds have the same group soul and does it include owls?
- Do horses, mules, donkeys and zebras have the same group soul?Horse
- Is rapper Kendrick Lamar an older/more experienced soul and is part of his soul contract to help raise vibrational levels, particularly in blacks and young people? He grew up in poverty in Compton and yet he sings about deeper issues like depression and realistic standards of beauty (no offense to all the beautiful, strong souls in Compton). In his interviews, he is so kind and humble and talks about feeling energy. I grew up in a very white environment and am exploring rap and hip hop as an adult and find this artist to be and feel distinct from the others. Here's a video from where he visited a high school where his lyrics are being taught in a hip hop literature class:
Click here.
In terms of his music and art, this one is probably the most moving and demonstrative of what I'm describing (don't worry the darker themes earlier in the video transform beautifully):
Click here.
Gaia, is it challenging for our soul fragments to transition between male Different Lives and females over different lives?

Definitely you might have two or three lives in a row as one genre, but the average soul fragment, don’t forget, is living all these lives at the same time, so you are constantly influenced by all your lives, both male and female. The switch is easier than you might imagine.
Did we ever ensoul dinosaurs?

An easy no, Tom.
What happened to the soul that acted as the group soul for these creatures?

It still is connected to Earth, Tom, but now ensouls other reptilian bodies. It understood that I could not have humans constantly in danger of either being eaten, or the food source constantly being eaten by the dinosaurs who ate plants. There was too much competition that would not allow the Explorer Race to grow.
Gaia, do insects have the same group soul or does each one have its Egg Fllyown?

Yes, Tom, each insect, with its own personality, has its own group soul. There are a few exceptions to this general statement, where there are few of one species, one soul might create several different varieties, but the insects with larger populations have one soul ensouling each. They are all part of the circle of life on Earth, as they act as food for many birds and animals, and even as food for humans as you’ve seen in documentaries.
Is this the same for the birds on Earth—do they each have a group soul, with the exception of small populations where one soul will have several?

Exactly, Tom. Perhaps you are starting to see a pattern here? All the Plant Diversitytrees, plants, animals, birds, insects and so on are all ensouled by group souls as you call them. You understand, but I will mention this for your readers, that these group souls are called this simply to note that they ensoul millions of different beings on Earth. Their souls are no different than yours, they just have a different interest compared to your souls, Tom.
This brings up a question—does a soul with one interest ever become bored with that interest and shift to another?

No, they are imbued by their creator with that interest, so they stick to that interest and don’t go off sampling entirely different ones—at least that has been my experience in this universe. I cannot speak for all the billions of other universes, but I suspect that is the same everywhere.
Do horses, mules, and donkeys have the same group soul, or do they have different ones?Kendrick Lamar

Different ones, as there are obviously huge differences between them.
Is Kendrick Lamar an older, more experienced soul?

Here we get into personalities and we feel that each person should decide whether the information being given resonates with them or not. This is part of your learning on Earth, so we cannot give you all the answers. You must decide for yourself. We could go farther with this, but then your readers would not have the desire to judge for themselves.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” and has lived 800 lives on Earth. He says he’ll return for more lives in the future, but he’s back on his home water world planet Nommo in the Sirius B Star System. He’s an amphibian and part of a “first contact” team with Abe Sapien from Hellboy movieshis specialty being “grass roots” contacts. There are others on the team that specialize in governments and scientists when they first contact an emerging society.

In my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, he described first going to a desert world to contact sloth like beings several thousand years before they will go into space, and even going to another universe that is adjacent to ours. Here are more questions this week.
Good morning, Antura. Running behind, so first question if you don’t mind?

Not at all, Tom. As you know, I do multitask with many times multiple conversations going on with different time lines.
Karen writes:
I go to my parents' house in Port Townsend every May for Port Townsend, WAmy birthday. It normally takes about five hours to go one way and about a half tank of gas. Got there, no problem. Coming home, I filled the tank up, yet when I got home I still had 3/4 of a tank of gas. What happened?
Antura, anything unusual happen to Karen on her way back from her parent’s house that would cause her to have ¾ of a tank of gas left after a five hour trip?

Yes, she was snatched, if we can use that word, but benevolently, by her UFO over Carplanetary people. This is happening more these days, as we’ve discussed, since you are in the period of time past when you could have either gone down the path of self-destruction or on the path you’re on now of peace—eventually. Everyone is super interested in checking on their volunteers for the Earth Experiment. She was not kept long and was deposited back down much closer to home. She could have hypnosis if she wishes to see what happened or recall it.
Margaret in New York writes:
Hi Tom-Thank you for your great work; your books and your newsletter are so helpful. My question -- (this has plagued me for many years) in the late 1990s, I visited Las Vegas and as a goof me and my friends took a ride to try to find AREA 51.Well, we did ET Ship Over Personnot find it, which I was happy about, but about a month later I was watching a TV show about ALIENS and when I went to bed that night--I got sleep paralysis--and an ALIEN head appeared in a smoky mist next to my bed with no body. The next thing I know I felt some pressure on the left side of my head & in my left ear--I kept screaming in my head "No, No, No!!”

I did not sleep the rest of the night and my head and ear did not feel right so I went to the doctor in the morning. He said he didn't see anything in my ear, but I think he gave me a prescription for congestion. Tom, can you ask Theo or any one of your guides if this incident was real and if anything was implanted in my ear/head? And if I was ever abducted? I've had a recurring dream a few times in my life of me running from a ship in front of my house. Thank you, Tom, if you can shed any light on this subject I would truly appreciate it.

Antura, was Margaret ever abducted, and if so, when and what about 1990s and the alien head?

Again, yes she was, but not by Zetas. I have been asked not to give more information at this time. She can explore more about this in the future.

Hmm, sounds as if, similar to other reports lately, she was contacted by her home planet to check on her. She could always do what was recommended for Karen—be hypnotized to recall the full event.
Antura, have you been told if by the 3400 era the Earth Starships will be UFO Underwaterable to go underwater as ET ships are able to today?

It is my understanding that even though the ships will have this capability it will not be put into use for many years. They will prefer to either land or remain above the planet and smaller craft will be sent down to explore or greet the many societies waiting for your visits. Then you will move from there to exploring worlds where you will be ahead of the development of those societies, but you will be under strict Federation Rules by that time just as we are when we contact emerging societies. And, by that time, you will understand why these rules are in place and will abide by them.
Emily writes:
The question is: I watched the documentary "EXTRAORDINARY: The Stan Romanek Story.” How factual is the documentary? How much of it actually occurred? Why was he abducted and apparently mistreated by his ET captors? I was under the impression that the cause of any harm to humans had been put a stop to. Am I mistaken?
Thank you for any light you can shed on this subject.

Antura, was Stan Romanek mistreated by the Zetas? Stan Romanek

Here is one of those convoluted stories that has some truth and a lot of fiction, Tom. He was contacted and treated as many of the abductees were—probing, etc. But so much of the rest of his story is fiction.

There is a report of him being caught with child pornography. He claims it was planted.

We must allow that to play out in your courts, but I can say that it was not planted by your authorities.
What about the photo in the window—real or fake?

Not real, Tom. You originally misreceived on that one, my friend. Again, I remind your readers that no one is perfect, and we all know you do your very best, especially on this somewhat lower time line, where the frequency is lower. You are applauded for your efforts, along with your Time Line 5 self.
[Next session] Good morning and good life, Antura, to you and your family. Ours shrunk a little in the past week.

Yes, we are all quite aware of your loss, Tom, but as the Dog soul told Soul of a Dogyou, they will be back before too long. Over my many lives on Earth I was fortunate to have the company of many dogs and enjoyed their unconditional love. Dog soul will again supply me with my old companions when once again I have another life on Earth.
[This answer caused me to ask more questions of Dog soul. See below.]
Christine writes:
For whomever is best suited: Will our growing tension with Russia impact disclosure? Did Steven Bassett's recent visit there have an impact?
Antura, will the growing tension with the Russians affect disclosure and did Steven Bassett’s recent visit have an impact?

We are seeing a coming shift finally manifest itself. We have explained to the Russian government that it is time to publicize these meetings. They are also hearing of or are being told about the meetings other governments are having and there should be an announcement any day now. I know I have said this in the past, but that is what the Pleiadians are telling us. The tension you mention is but another reason for them to begin disclosure.
Kathy writes:
Thank you for the wonderful Newsletter. I so enjoy getting Lake Musselsit and feel blessed. I have a question for Antura. The article was on the ocean animals. Antura told you about the large whale-like animal that he learned how to deal with and sent it on its way. Just curious how that was accomplished? How could we get rid of mussels that took over our lakes here in Montana? Do we just live with them or can we get rid of them?
Antura, can the same methods that the people of Nommo use to send the killer whales on their way be used to rid some lakes of unwanted mussels?

Yes, of course, but your scientists have not yet discovered how to do that. That discovery I’ve been told will not happen for many years. It will first be used to protect your swimmers from sharks, as you want the sharks as part of your ecosystem, you just do not want them gnawing on humans swimming near your beaches. A number of methods will be tried before one is found that does the job. From there, it will be widely used even for your mussel problem. That is years down the road, as you might guess.
RJ writes:
Is this for real?
Bizarre diamond-shaped 'UFO' in Yakutia. Click Here.UFO at Yakutia
Antura, is the bizarre diamond-shaped UFO real? It appeared to me like an opening on the bottom of the space craft?

You are quite correct, Tom. The rest of the ship was cloaked and only the bottom hatch, we will call it, was open and could be seen.
Was this ship from this universe?

Quite so, but unlike our motherships in design.
Antura, I would like to clear up something. Did the Anunnaki help in Anunnaki Illustrationcreating humans? And were they from Niburu?

They did not assist in creating humans, but they were quite good at subjugating humans for digging in their mines. The historical reports of them showing up every few thousand years and using whatever type of humans from the early models all the way up to Homo-sapiens is correct. They were also responsible for the many lives lost during their war fought by the two brothers on Earth. As you were previously told, that is the reason they are on probation and are forbidden from setting foot on Earth.
But did they contribute any DNA to improving the human model?

Again, no. They were not part of this process. They only took advantage of this. You must understand that by claiming to have created you, this was simply part of their attempt to control the population for their own benefit. That will never happen again, I can assure all your readers, Tom.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
RJ writes from California: In brief:
Sister Angele's cat, Bobcat, who is Sleeping Catnormally ravenous for his daily feedings stopped eating last week. Since he was getting on in age, she was convinced it was due to possible kidney failure or some similar kind of life threatening ailment. While waiting a couple days for vet appointment and subsequent blood test results, I kept requesting BPs that Bobcat's condition would result in something that wasn't life threatening and could be easily cured. Said multiple BP prayers towards this end... Blood tests came back that it wasn't kidney failure after all - it was just a bladder infection. So thankful to GAs and spirits that answered my BPs!
Barbara writes:
My daughter asked me to meet her at the mall a few weeks ago, as she was going to be going to Italy for two months, singing some concerts and auditions (she is an opera singer) and wanted to look for some clothes for that. I said I would bring some coupons that I had for a store at the mall. Before I met her there, I Opera Singersrequested an MBO to find the perfect clothes that would be flattering on her, and very reasonable to buy.
As we went thru one large major department store, we couldn’t find the normal departments, they had shifted the locations for some reason. As we wandered through the clothes, I would just turn to a rack and see something interesting, and I saw about 4 items of clothing in various places that I thought could look well on my daughter. They were amazing, and if one size was off, the most helpful clerk helped us find the item in another store (in even another state!!) and had it sent right to my daughter. We were given discounts, and some were on a good sale. The clerk looked at our coupons, and picked the most advantageous to use for each item of clothing! We couldn’t believe how it happened,
but I know it was my asking for an MBO!!
I give your books to friends and family constantly! Thanks for all you do!

Sunny Ann writes from Florida:
The weather report for Tampa was five days of rain... I requested an MBO for good weather and we got just a sprinkle and double rainbows... love MBOs!
Dog soul here, Tom.
Dog soul, do you supply the soul fragments for wolves, too?Wolf

Yes, of course, Tom. They were the predecessors for dogs, and have basically the same makeup as dogs. They are just imbued with being able to live in the wild without any or very little human contact. I realize you thought this would be the case, and I am confirming.
Dog soul, have any of my dogs in this life been with me before in other Earth lives?

Quite so, Tom. You have had and loved many dogs in your past lives, but this is the first one where you asked this question, so I am happy to report that I have supplied the same soul fragments in those lives that have been a part of this life and will again.
But what about Dena?

The same answer, just a little more complicated, as they have been with Dog Soulyou and her in other lives. Remember that their lives are shorter, so having lives with both of you and even others that you both have known and loved is quite within my capability.
OK, that’s all my questions, Dog soul. Thank you so much for responding and opening my eyes and I’m sure those of others who will read this information.

My pleasure, Tom. Please treat your dog friends with love, as they will return that love to you many times over.
Christine writes:
I am very interested in your discussions of time. Here are some more questions:
1) Would you say that time is infinite within the confines of this tubular structure? (I know - sounds nonsensical, but I feel I can 'see' this.)
2) Does the ongoing nature of the unfolding of time exist within a fixed, Spiral of Timebordered place? (A metaphor for this might be a perpetual motion machine existing inside of a bubble?) If so, is it possible, as an explorer soul, to move in and out of it? If so, is this what is happening when we are born and die?
3) If the latter is true, would a variety of bubbles existing side-by-side be an accurate earth-bound metaphor, picture, of how the dimensions look or work?
4) Is time coming from us? Do we create it from within as a race? As creators? Or is it 'put on us' or we are placed 'in it'? If the former, are we in agreement at some level about the rules of it? Are we part of the changing of its nature, the speeding up, that is happening now?
5) Is there anything important about this line of questioning that I/we need to know that I'm not asking? If so, what? A hint?!

Theo, is time infinite within the tubular structure?

It would seem that it is, but keep in mind this space-time continuum was Tubular Timeset up specifically for the Explorer Race and Earth Experiment, so it will not be needed after all of you leave Earth for your home planets. It is a structure and that denotes form, but in a quantum way is the best I can explain it for you and your readers.
Then you could say there is a border to time as we know it?

Yes, all part of the Earth Experiment. As just one example, your friend Antura is outside the space time continuum. He has said before he is on universal time and not on Earth time.
Can we move in and out of it? Does this happen?

No, you stay contained within that structure or bubble, or however you wish to describe it, even as you will travel to the stars one day. This is extremely complex and will not be understood for thousands of years.
Then we move into it at birth and out of it at transition?Birth of Baby

Yes, there is no time, as you have been told before, on the level you go to upon transition.
Would bubbles existing side by side be an accurate description or metaphor of how dimensions look and work?

That is one way of describing something that is almost indescribable even to a quantum physicist.
Is time coming from us? Do we create it?

Your souls created this space-time continuum for the Earth Experiment, along with a little instruction from the Creator, as you might imagine. Then all of your lives as part of the Earth Experiment are within that structure, no matter where in the universe you may travel.
What else should we be asking?

There will be those who are inspired to ask more questions in the future, Tom, so let’s leave it there.
Sharon writes:
I had two lovely mature white oaks in my front yard of a previous property come down during a severe thunder storm. I did make sure their wood was salvaged and used for good things. Was there a reason this happened at that time? Was there something else I Fallen Oak Treecould have done to save them? I think about them often and wonder if the one remaining is healthy. Thanks for your work as always!
Oak, Sharon had two mature oak trees that came down during a storm. Was there a reason for the timing?

It was their time as part of the cycles of my trees, Tom. And also, do not forget that we also act as teachers for humans. That loss is a reminder to you that we are here, and there are cycles of life, plus lessons of loss.
Is the lone tree in good health?

Yes, for the time being. I know she will nurture it, now that she has experienced the loss of the other two.

Thanks, Oak.


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