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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 8, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to  Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
I hope you are enjoying these newsletters. Have you told your friends about them? And keep sending me your MBO stories. I need at least four to six each week for my Saturday Blog.

May I wish Christians who celebrate Palm Sunday a most benevolent Palm Sundayday, and all those of the Jewish religion who take part in the eight days of Passover a most benevolent celebration. I have questions below pertaining to both religions.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Jim in Florida writes:
Questions: Yellowstone volcano: When is the projected timing of it to blow? When it does explode, is it scheduled to Yellowstonebe a full blown super volcano? If so, then the entire world will be affected. How much will it reduce the population of the United States and the world as a whole?
Next question: The large pyramid known as Khufu is thought by many to be a tomb; however, it seems to me it could not be as there are no tomb paintings as there has to be in every other burial chamber as their belief system has to show for their afterlife. What is the true purpose of the pyramid? When was it built? By whom?

Gaia, when Yellowstone volcano erupts how many soul contracts are there to transition?  Would it be 10,000, 100,000, one million or more?

Much more, Tom. This will be the start of a series of events that has not Volcanobeen seen on Earth before in modern times. Your next question was to ask about the Italian volcanoes and I cannot make them a separate event since they are all part of the same, given that they are connected. So, the true answer to your question will be that several million people will transition due to these events. And yes, there will be earthquakes that will be generated at the same time. You were told in the past that the earth’s population will slowly be reduced and this would be considered one of the major events. It will take all the resources of many countries to respond and there will be years of recovery.
Now I have to ask, what is the probability of this happening, as I have in the past latched onto a low probability?

Yes, and at this time the probability is over 50%. I have, naturally, been Volcano Eruptionin touch on a constant basis with your souls, and there are a number of soul fragments that need these events. So, take it to the bank as I’ve said before that this will happen. The number of souls that will actually experience these events has yet to be determined.
Gaia, what was the true purpose of the building of the Egyptian pyramids, and to confirm, they were built by the Egyptians and not by ETs?

Your last question first, Tom. They were, as you were previously told, built by the Egyptians and not by ETs, but the ETs assisted the Egyptians by giving them the knowledge of how to move the stone. You Khufu Pyramidwill be able to see this when you visit Antura and review Earth’s history.

Regarding their use, again we go back to previous discussions where they were not burial tombs, but act as beacons that go across the universe.
Would they somehow be involved with the 60 Earth portals?

Yes, but indirectly and not directly. You could say they help anchor the portals in a way. That really gets into a discussion that would have your quantum physicists scratching their heads, so we must leave it here for the time being.
I had previously asked when those pyramids were built and vaguely recall it was six thousand years ago, but do a search on the
Articles and News page, where all my newsletters are archived.

Theo, what is the probability of General Flynn being given immunity  General Flynnfrom prosecution in order to testify?

The highest probability, Tom, is that he will not be given immunity. His hands were in several pies shall we say.
Then what is the probability of him being indicted?

Paul ManafortActually, quite high. Let’s say over 60%. You can ask later in a few weeks to see if this climbs higher.
What is the probability of Paul Manafort being indicted?

Higher still, Tom. Over 70% at this time.
Theo, are the Jews the balance or fulcrum just between Christianity and  Jerusalemthe Muslim religion or are they the balance for all religions?

Good question, Tom. The Jews balance all religions. It may not seem that way, but if you could see religions of the world as we do, there has to be a fulcrum for all of them. Yes, there are other religions that assist in balancing such as the Sikhs as you were just now thinking about, and as hard as it may seem to understand, this energy needs balancing.
The “Master of Love” was never known as Jesus during his life. Most scholars seem to agree that his name was Yeshua ben Yosef, and his name was translated into Greek and then Latin as Lesous, and then English as Jesus. Click here to read more about his name.
He was a rabbi (teacher), and as a rabbi, it was expected that he marry, Jesus--Yeshua ben Yosefand he did to Mary Magdalen. During his life, he was addressed as Rabbi, Master, and by his family and friends as Yeshua. Here are the additional questions I asked:
Gaia, when were the four children born of Yeshua ben Yosef and Mary Magdalene—before, during, or after their trip to India?

They were born before the trip there. I realize you thought they might have been after their departure, but in those days births occurred at earlier ages, so she had conceived all of them well before their forced departure.
That brings me up to the next question, why did they travel all the way Basilica of Bom, Old Goa Indiato India, since both he and Mary have both studied there before?

Yes, they considered India to be a safe haven, and far away from the tentacles of the Roman Empire. They had friends there, so they knew they and their children could spend time there until they felt it was safe to return. Then after a few months they returned and boarded the ship to France.
(Next session) Theo, I was told before that in those days 2,000 years ago, women bore children at earlier ages. How early did Mary Magdalene begin having Yeshua’s children, as it would seem that since both had gone to India to study they would have both been a little older?

True, Tom. But she actually began having the four sons while still a Jesus and Childrenteenager. You are correct that there were many who bore children from the age of 12 or 13, but she and Yeshua were a match, which of course he knew, so she began bearing his children well before her 20th birthday.
How many months did the family stay in India, before returning and boarding the ship for France?

Almost a year, Tom. It was then felt, and keep in mind that Yeshua was given the timing—that it was safe to return long enough to locate the ship—and he knew exactly which one—for their voyage around the coast of the Mediterranean stopping at ports for trading, which allowed him to continue his teaching. He touched many people along the way.
Deida writes:
Tom, thank for your newsletters. They are a highlight of my week. I have a question I hope you can ask your guides for me. Are all of our soul fragments in our soul cluster from the same planet? Since I feel drawn to different cultures, for example Ireland, Mexico, and Native American, did I have past lives in these cultures and places? Since some of my genetic ancestors are from France have I lived a life Planetthere? Do genetic lines have any relation to reincarnation?
Gaia, are all soul fragments in a soul cluster from the same planet?

Yes. If you recall, we have stated in the past that souls must have reached a certain vibrational level in order to take part in the Earth Experiment. So, hundreds, if not thousands, of lives on another planet provides the soul fragments with the opportunity to reach that certain level. So, in a roundabout way, your question is answered. Your cluster has had lives on the same planet. As was previously taught, the clusters are comprised of six to twelve soul fragments.
What about the lives going on all over the universe by a soul that I was told could be 500,000 to one million? Do all of those lives involve soul clusters?

Excellent question, Tom. Yes, they do, with very few exceptions, shall Soul Group, Clusterwe say, for this discussion.
Are all the clusters the same size as the one having lives on Earth?

Not necessarily. It all depends upon what the soul needs to experience in order to raise its vibrational level. Lives are much slower on other planets, so it may take 100 or 1000 times more lives to achieve than it does on Earth.Reincarnation
Has Deida had lives in Mexico, France, Ireland, and as a Native American?

Those and more. There are hypnotists, CDs, and MP3s for anyone to explore their past lives. Even a person who would be considered young in total lives on Earth in the 200s may have already had lives on every continent. Most of those lives might have little to do with this life, so certain ones stand out that may have had or are having more influence on this present life. These studies of past lives can help you understand yourself.

Theo, what is the probability of the Pleiadians landing at the Russian spaceport by October 1?

Fairly low at this time, Tom, but again if you stretch this out another one Russian Spaceportto two months—there are things that have to happen for this date to be set in stone shall we say--then the probability jumps up over 80 percent.
So, we are then speaking about the first of December?

Quite so. The Russians are used to the cold weather, so that will not bother them, and the Pleiadians have uniforms and the devices we have spoken about before keep the temperature close to their normal body temp for them.
That really shoves everything else on over to 2018, correct?

Quite so. There are steps previously described to you that must occur before you meet Antura. You must be patient. In the meantime, we will be working with the upper time lines as the Pleiadians will have started their visits several months prior to Time Line 6.
For my new readers, Antura is an ET, originally introduced to me by Theo in 2008, and I was to find out that he’s a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls them. There are eight soul fragments that make up my cluster. You might be in a cluster of six, or as many as twelve. Antura has given me more detailed information on life in the First Contact BookSirius B Star System, and even across not only this universe but about the three other universes adjacent to ours. We can only see one of those on this side of our universe, and we think the stars we see are part of our universe.
Antura is part of a “first contact” team headed to Earth around October to take over or relieve another Sirius B mothership on duty now. It seems they rotate, as they have a heavy work load while here, taking millions of readings, along with the other 25 to 30 motherships. We are quite the popular destination in this universe! Read more about Antura and other ETs in my
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here is another set of questions for this week.
Antura, do the Pleiadians have grass roots-type first contact people, or are they strictly concentrating on government people?

With just a few exceptions, such as with Dr. Steven Greer, they are Pleiadians Depictionsconcentrating on governments from heads of state down to those people who were sworn to keep the secret of ET contacts from even their families. Those people are not used to the spotlight and they will struggle on how to handle people knowing their mission and work. They will wish this will all blow over, but it will not.
Can’t recall for sure, but did you tell me the Pleiadian ship size was just a little smaller than yours?

Yes, about two thirds to three quarters the size of our ship.
How large is the crew of their ship?

Several hundred, along with their families, totaling a little over 1,000.
How many planets are represented on that ship?

More than 20, but less than 30.

No, just a tad under.
Do those 24 planets have more than one race of people on them?Pleiadians Depiction

Some do and some don’t. How is that for an answer? They do not all look like the people that will be seen publicly for some time. They will be introduced a few at a time.
Antura, besides the desire to explore, what other goals do you have in going to the far limits of this universe?

It is not all exploration. We all are constantly looking for trading partners as we need certain materials that over time have grown scarce due to the maturity of our civilizations. In these barter situations, we can provide those planets with things they covet or need. It is not all a one-sided exchange. Some of these worlds have great negotiators, so both sides feel happy with the results. On Earth, you have been learning for thousands of years how to negotiate, and these skills will serve you well in the future.
Virgil writes:
I couldn't help but wonder if the materials that are asked about being a part of the mothership, are given a choice of being a part of the navigation system, for instance, or part of the plumbing. Or if it even matters to them.  :-)
Just an oddball thought. Thanks again for all your work. My wife and I really look forward to each week's newsletter.

Antura, are the individual parts of a ship asked if they would be a part of ET Ship Depictionthe ship—such as plumbing, the skin of the ship, etc.?

Exactly. I know how strange that seems, but when you can do that in the future, you will find that the parts of your spaceships and even back on Earth your other devices will work much better and for much longer periods of time if the materials agree.
Any updates on your plans to visit the lower time lines of 1 to 4?

I still have my grass roots people – the other two. We have been working to see if there is a possibility of contacting you on 3 and 4. As we see the progression of contacts on these upper time lines, it bodes well for attempting basic contacts with you on 3 and 4. It is still too early to make any decisions regarding contacts with lower time lines, other than those previously contacted over the past few years.
Antura, do you have machines or devices that can measure taste buds?Taste Buds

Certainly, that is a simple thing, Tom, as don’t forget that humans were created so that they had different taste buds. We (speaking for the Federation scientists here) did not want your taste buds to be the same. They needed to be different. Your scientists still have a long way to go before they can analyze the difference in one human’s taste buds compared to another. As you are thinking, we could tell you the most perfect wines for you to drink according to price – low, medium, and high. And it would the same for the thousands of different foods that each culture enjoys. Your tastes vary on Earth much more so than for other races or species.
Antura, what types of medical events are handled by the medical unit on Alien Doctorboard your ship?

It is capable of handling anything, Tom, but generally the births of the children of the crew would be the most widely occurring. And we are speaking here of the “Heinz 57” varieties of ETs on board the ship. After that, small injuries that might occur. And there is the occasional transition due to old age, as you were told before that the crew families live their whole lives on board the ships. So, the idea of the medical bay being empty all the time would not be accurate. There is enough to keep the medical staff somewhat busy, but not to the extent of your medical centers on Earth.
Antura, how large is the Zeta ship that I assume is overhead and how many planets?

The Zeta ship is also quite large. It would be in the same size range as the Pleiadian ship. It has fewer than twenty planets represented on board, and yes, as you are thinking the “praying mantis” type species, along with the small bodied Zetas usually depicted, are included. They are only allowed to take readings along with the rest of the Federation ships.
Speaking of readings, why does the Federation find it necessary to take Spaceship Depictionconstant readings and not just periodically sample?

This is a very heady subject, Tom, that we can go into more deeply in the future, but suffice to say that with billions of people living on Earth at the present time, it is a monumental job to keep track of your progress. It is quite exciting for everyone to see how you have progressed since that time you call the Harmonic Convergence when your vibrational level passed the point where you will never destroy yourselves ever again. That was so monumental it is difficult to describe, since to you on Earth it was just another day, but not to the universe, I can assure you.
Did the Zetas dematerialize the people in their houses as they abducted Alien Abductionthem, or was it the houses or both, or did they simply slightly change the frequency to accomplish pulling them up through the roofs of their houses?

There you have it, Tom. It was simply a slight frequency change that allowed them to easily and safely move the abductees up to their ships. That will be one of the memories restored by the Zetas when they come to Earth after the Pleiadians.
Sam writes:
Tom, I have been following all of the political stuff about the Trump campaign and Russia. I saw a piece where General Flynn would tell what he was talking to the Russians about if he is granted immunity. It occurred to me that the communication could have been regarding Aliens and the pending disclosure by the Russians. I can see where the general could have been involved in these discussions, but the info would have been classified, and if he divulged it without immunity he could go to jail. This would be an interesting way for the Alien info to be disclosed. Would shake up everyone and hopefully get them off of President Trump’s case.
Antura, I’m asked if General Flynn would have any knowledge of the Russian Disclosure?

Not in the least, Tom. That knowledge has been kept quite hidden from anyone except the very highest officials of their government, as they think they are ahead of everyone, although as it was previously explained we have told them they are not.
Antura, how large are the ships that come from other universes or other Planetoid Size Spaceshipgalaxies? The same as the Pleiadians, or yours, or are they smaller?

It really all depends upon where they are from. Keep in mind there are actually planetoid-sized ships that are not allowed to come close to Earth. They will send out a large ship—not our size, but more on the size of the Pleiadian ships—to take readings. Then there are so many others—some come here to take readings for a few months and then leave, and then others may stay here several Earth years taking readings. The ones that stay only a short time, again, may be much smaller than our Federation ships and at other times around the same size. I know this answer tends to bounce around, as you say, but I’m attempting to answer it according to what their purpose is.
The ships from other universes will share their findings with those in UFOthe other universe from which they originate. The same with those from other galaxies. But even those in the other galaxies must see for themselves. You might say it beats their normal missions of just exploring and contacting other civilizations. You are the star attraction, you might say. So, to summarize, the majority of the ships that visit here are Pleiadian size, we will call them for your purposes. A very few would be close to our size, while more would be of a smaller size.

How many of what we would call scientists are on board your ship?

A large number. You could say fully one third of the crew would be ET Scientistclassified as scientists, but that term is also an ancient term for us, which is, in itself, difficult to explain since their knowledge is so advanced. Their specialties are far beyond anything on Earth.
How many Zeta hybrids now exist?

Quite a few thousand as keep in mind that these abductions went on for several years, and enough time has passed for them to grow and start having children of their own on their world.
So over 50,000?

Yes, but not by much. That may seem a small number to Earth humans, but that is a sizable figure on many worlds.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Larry writes:
Tom, I have been enjoying your writings for a couple years Baseball Opening Daynow, and I can't thank you enough for being the source of positive thoughts and info in an increasingly negative world! I started using BPs & MBOs in my everyday life with great results, but Saturday caused me stop and realize how big a part of my life BPs have become. I regularly say BPs and ask for MBOs, but last year something made me see the power, and confirmed it to me this year!
For the past nine years, I've taken my great nephew to a spring training baseball game. I started taking my grandson three years ago when he was old enough to enjoy the game. We were rained out a few times and
last year I decided to say BPs for good weather and a great game. Last year, while watching the game, a man came up to me and asked if I would like to watch the rest of the game in his box seats! These seats were so close to the field we were able to put our feet on the dugout! I have never had tickets that good in my life because they have already been bought by the time single game tickets go on sale. Not only was there no rain, we got to enjoy the game from the best seats in the house!
I didn't really put it all together, until yesterday when we went to this Baseball Club Seatingyear’s game.
I started my BPs for good weather and a great game a couple weeks ago. During the game, I went to get ice cream for the boys. I was talking to a man in the line when I realized we were in the wrong line for ice cream, and I moved over. The man I was talking to also wanted ice cream, so when he saw me move he realized he was in the wrong line too. When he moved to the line I was in, I told him to get in front of us since he was originally in front. He was so impressed, he asked me if I would like to see the rest of the game in the new Loge seats they just opened. He explained that his son-in-law couldn't make it, so he had an extra ticket. The loge section is kind of like a skybox, with all the food, beer and wine you care to eat and drink! He got me a wristband that allowed me to get anything I wanted! He also made sure my grandson had a wristband.
So, after two years of consecutive rainouts,
I have to feel the BPs I said not only provided good weather but helped to make my experience great! Thank you, Tom; you have become a great source for me, and your words and thoughts improve my life daily!
Jackie writes:
I overspent and had people coming the next day to add Installing Attic Insullationattic insulation. I did an MBO for all the money to work out and to not bounce any checks. I talked to the installer about canceling and they offered to have me break it up into three payments. So, I kept the appointment. The next day they did the installation and told me they overestimated initially and it was going to be a lot cheaper. So, not only could I break it up, I was able to be 40% less on top of it. Talk about 'even better than I can imagine!'
Gaia, does praying out loud activate the throat chakra, or does talking in Throat Chakrageneral do the same?

Yes, your throat chakra is in constant vibration, shall we say, but when you pray it reaches a whole other level, especially when certain notes are reached and, needless to say, in conjunction with other throat chakras emitting the same sound. We have suggested that much more study remains here, and we will not take away the ah-ha moment of discovery.
Vince in Lake Tahoe writes:
I have two questions for you. First, has the soul fragment of George Washington returned many times since he was our first president? Did the fragment receive any notoriety in lives since?
The second one concerns Moses. Did he cross the Sea of Reeds or the Red Sea, and are there any artifacts out there to be found to prove it? Thank you for your newsletters. They provide clarity for many situations George Washington and Familythat have occurred.

Theo, has the soul fragment of George Washington returned several times for more lives since that one, and are any of those of notoriety? Plus, is he incarnated now?

He is not incarnated at the present time, Tom. Yes, more than one life since then has been as a leader, both as a “good” leader and to balance as a “bad” leader, to use your phraseology. These lives have included lives prior to that notable life and after that time period. This is not something that should be high on Mosesyour priority list to study. Each soul has many lives for your learning in all sorts of roles.
Theo, did Moses cross either the Sea of Reeds or the Red Sea, and do artifacts exist that can prove the crossing?

The Jewish people that were fleeing traveled light with nothing but the clothes on their back and cooking utensils. It would take many years to find even one or two remnants of their flight. People have studied this for many years to the point that it takes on a religious meaning, so we have to say, “allow” and let people choose where they think the crossing was.
For my newer readers, just a reminder that I’ve been told there are twelve “Time Lines” or parallel worlds for Earth—and we are the only ones in the universe to have that, as this gives our souls the most knowledge and learning about each life we have on Earth.
I was also told that I died of congestive heart failure on Time Lines 1 & Parallel Worlds or Time Lines2, and never left the tour business on Time Lines 4 & 5. I have only written a book on my experiences in that business. Here are some follow up questions.
Theo, is there any hope of the requests of MBOs and BPs spreading to time lines 4 and 5?

Yes, there is. Obviously, they are quite behind you, but we are working within the dream scape and to inspire you to start requesting MBOs. You can ask everyone to say a BP for that to happen. The old saying that you are never too old applies here, Tom, as you are alive and your work on writing about your travels has assisted you in being open to this modality.
Please everyone say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud to assist everyone on those time lines to learn about MBOs and BPs and I’ll add in 1 & 2:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist Tom Moore on Time Lines 4 & 5 to be inspired to create The Gentle Way modality of requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes and Benevolent Prayers, and to inspire others to do the same on Time Lines 1 & 2, thank you!”  Show compassion to those less fortunate and it will raise your vibrational level!


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