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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

March 4, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And keep sending me your MBO stories. I need at least four to six each week for my Saturday Blog.

Did you hear or read that President Trump is reconsidering his stance Pres. Trump Speaks to Congress NBC Newson deporting millions of immigrants? This is a benevolent move, so let’s do continue with saying our BPs.
I think our Benevolent Prayers (BPs) are working. Let’s say it again OUT LOUD:

“I ask any and all beings to assist President Trump, his Administration, and Congress to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the United States, the citizens of the world, and planet, thank you!”
I generally will joke with my GA Theo when I ask to speak to him after I speak (communicate) with Gaia. Here was an enlightening exchange this week. He always says,
“Right by your side...” to let me know it is him.
Right by your side, Tom, guides in tow.
Tell them to row a little faster so that I can progress a little faster with Whisper in your earmore questions.

Be careful what you ask for, Tom. They have been light on you.
There is always the second page [of questions], Theo. If I get submerged in questions I can always ask to have them back off a little.

Check, Tom.
Here he’s saying they’ve been “light” on me when I’m doing a 12-page newsletter each week. I found that interesting.
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Another video recording of a talk I did just this last November for the Satori group in Ft. Worth, Texas has just been posted on YouTube by LemuriaDaniel Alan Jones. The first 17 minutes of the talk (this section on Telepathy) can be found at Click here. Here is an 11-minute section of the talk on Weather and 2017 Predictions. Click Here. And next here is the section of the talk on UFOs and Alien Disclosure. Click here.
video recording of a talk a year ago (just after the release) about my book ATLANTIS & LEMURA: The Lost Continents Revealed! was also posted on YouTube by Daniel Alan Jones. Here is the link for everyone who would like to learn more about these two societies that both existed for over 50,000 years. Click Here.
My series
THE TELEPATHIC WORLD OF TOM T. MOORE is on YouTube. First one is located at: Click here. Please keep in mind that these episodes, at around 25 minutes, were a one-take for me and could have been more professional. The second episode is on the Origin of The Gentle Way. Click here. The third episode regarding Past, Present, Future, and Parallel Lives is located at: Click here.
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You can read SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at
And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:

Gaia, are any of the planets circling or orbiting Trappist 1 inhabited by intelligent species?

Yes, but at this point just a couple.
Are they ahead or behind us in development?

Behind you and will be for many thousands of years as they are not on Trappist 1 Seven Planetsthe same schedule as the Explorer Race.
Are they humanoid?

So, they do not have their own spaceships yet, nor will there be any of them on Federation spaceships?

Quite correct.
Do all the planets rotate their sun facing it from one direction or do they rotate as we would normally assume?

Your scientists are correct in saying they continually face the same direction.
With billions and trillions of suns in the universe I would assume this is not unique?

Correct, Tom. Some have been rotated using those large tractor beams Antura has mentioned before.
This question came from Jackie.
Gaia, what is the highest probability of when opioid abuse will no longer be a problem?

You and your readers, Tom, must understand there are many people—and we are specifically talking about Big Pharma executives that do not wish this problem to go away as their companies are making millions on the backs of opioid-addicted people. So, the fight is not Opiod Deathsgoing to be easy. Therefore, the highest probability will be a gradual reduction over the next five years and at some point in that time period there will be a breakthrough in controlling the opioids.
There has to be new leadership in Congress for laws limiting the use of opioids and that means new blood in Congress that will push for opioid restrictions that will make it harder for people to obtain multiple prescriptions. This will happen, but, again, may we mention that this can be brought about even faster if your readers say a benevolent prayer. There are many more people than you might imagine that are now saying these BPs, Tom, so don’t doubt their power.

So, here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone to say OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist members of Congress to pass laws that will protect the citizens of the USA from opioid addiction, thank you!”
Paul writes:
Tom, any information you may to share on the abrupt transition of Bill Paxton would be appreciated as "complications from Bill Paxtonsurgery" just doesn't cut it. My wife and I were quite enthralled by his performance in Training Day.
Theo, I’m asked why was there the fast transition of the actor Bill Paxton?

Just as we have explained before regarding other people, Tom, his soul felt he had achieved all the goals of his soul contract and it was time for a new life. The transition also affects his family and friends who grieved at his transition. And it is a reminder even for the general public to be kind and considerate of others as your time on Earth is limited, so do your best.
Gaia, will there be any major discoveries on the moon in the future such as the monolith in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey?

No, nothing so dramatic, Tom. We have already covered in the past that ET Crash on Moonthere is that derelict spaceship that crashed during the star wars and there is an ET base on the back side of the moon. Other than that, there will be many scientific studies that will produce interesting information about the makeup of the interior of the moon and other geological discoveries. You have much to learn even about your closest neighbor.
Why is there an ET base on the moon?

Yes, a simple explanation is that there needed to be a clearing house for all the ET societies to compare their information. As you were previously told, it is lightly manned now as those studies mostly involved information that would eventually lead or did lead to the creation of the Homo sapiens’ body.

Bob writes:
Thank you for the response, but what happened to the four men who were never seen again? There was literally no trace of them? Some blamed wild desert animals, but there was no trace, bones, etc. UFO over DesertDistraught family members and friends were interviewed to confirm disappearance. What were the ETs doing here? Were they on the ground as the movie depicts? If so, why?
Theo, what happened to the four men reported missing in the Phoenix Incident?

Our best advice, Tom, as you have not seen the film, is to not believe everything you hear. If you wish to ask more questions, we suggest watching the film and reading more about the alleged incident.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” First Contact bookintroduced to me in 2008 by my GA Theo, who takes care of us both during our lives on Earth. In this life, he’s back on the water world planet Nommo in the Sirius B Star System working as part of a “first contact” team. His specialty are “grass roots” contacts, where others on the team specialize in governments and scientists. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACTS: Conversations with an ET.
He’s coming to Earth around October on one of those huge three-mile-wide and 20-stories-tall motherships with a crew of 900 plus their families, as a number of the crew members live full time on these ships. There are normally 25 to 30 of this size ships orbiting the Earth using a slightly different frequency so as not to be detected or scare anyone by their presence. All these spaceships take millions of readings as we progress, since we are the only race of beings in not only our universe but the billions of others that have been able to work with negativity. Here are more questions this week.
Antura, you mentioned historical events before. Would the 
assassination of JFK be far enough back that it would not interfere with JFK in Limosineanyone’s soul contract?


Yes, there are one or two people connected to the event who are still alive, but to see such an event would be easily in our capabilities to show you. If the event was too close to this period and would change soul contracts, we would tell you.
Is the Lake Superior area now of interest to ETs and if so for what reason?

It can be a good place to remain out of view, but still get readings. And yes, being under water does not hamper our studies.
Are all your spacecraft capable of submerging underwater, including the mothership?

Quite so. These space craft are capable of diving to great depths if UFO over waterdesired.
Do your spaceships collect space dust or even earth dust?

The metal exterior, we will call it, repels any dust particles from attaching. That’s the best I can describe, as I cannot or am not allowed to go into greater detail.
Jim in Florida writes:
I read once the water from Mars was transferred to Earth, is that correct?   What happened to the people who lived on Mars and were they humanoid?   What happened to the planet that became the asteroid belt?
You are the best and I look forward to Thursday's letter. It makes my

Antura, is there any truth to the story that the water from Mars was Marstransferred to Earth?

None whatsoever, Tom. As you were told previously, the Earth was moved here for the Earth Experiment and already had an atmosphere and water. The planet could not stay in the Sirius System as there were too many planets and way too many spacecraft that would be easily seen by the early humans. Creator wanted you to think you were the only intelligent species in the universe as part of your process of discovery.
What happened to the people of Mars and were they humanoid?

This is part of your process of discovery and I’m not to interfere with you learning about Mars.
What about the planet that used to be, but is now the asteroid belt, or Dawn Spacecraft in Asteroid Beltwas it always an asteroid belt?

No, it was a planet that destroyed themselves. We can cover that in our digital files should you wish.
Antura, has Disclosure happened yet in Russia on the upper time lines?

Yes, we can say this has occurred just recently. It was slightly later than we thought it would be, but the very upper time lines are now starting that process. We are quite pleased that the response has been so positive, and are sure this will have the same trickle-down effect when they disclose on your time line.
That’s great news if I’m receiving correctly.

Quite so, Tom. Take that to the bank as Gaia says.
Douglas writes:
Since so many of us have read and re-read your books. Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind MovieRegarding 2017 and Antura and the gang landing. Is there any chance that those of us around the Planet could arrive and send good energy to the Group? We don't have to be a part of anything, just a support presence. Good Vibes are a great welcome mat. Hahaha! What I have in mind would be as follows:
Say, Antura and group land in Russia and those of us in and around area could arrive and just experience the experience. Same for those in other parts of Asia, Europe, South America and of course here in good ole U.S.A. Just wanted to run that by you, have been receiving messages for over a month regarding sending this to you.

Antura, I have been asked many times about people wanting to show up for your landing and/or takeoff. They wish to wish you well.

Yes, that is still up for discussion shall we say, Tom.
Wouldn’t that help to move things along and show your peaceful intent Abe Sapien -- Hellboy Movieto a larger audience?

Yes, that is under consideration. Things seem to be falling into place on several fronts. We do also have a conservative faction that I have alluded to who think we are rushing things a bit, but we keep seeing positive responses and not fear, only more curiosity.
I would think that the appearances of the Pleiadians and then the Zetas would pave the way for a group of “grass roots” people like ourselves to view your spaceship landing and taking off.

All good points, Tom. I cannot give you a definitive answer at this time. We need to see the reaction of people to the other prior landings first.

William writes: I’d like to follow up with what Antura said in the Feb. 25th newsletter – our friendly ETs “can instantly access any record you desire or can imagine” for us to view. This is amazing for learning about our history and solving many mysteries. Like seeing exactly how the pyramids and Stonehenge were built, viewing all aspects of JFK’s assassination as you mentioned, watching what really happened to Amelia Earhart, reviewing the events of 9/11 (like how building 7 actually fell), etc.
But I would think this idea that anything can be accessed and viewed UFOwould be very frustrating for many people. For example, our law enforcement officials, parents who have had a child abducted and never found, people like Steven Avery from the Netflix series Making a Murderer, or for anyone on Death Row who is actually innocent. Knowing that any crime or other negative situation could be solved or resolved by having the events played back, but being denied that privilege, will be hard to take.
How will the question of what is allowed to be viewed and what is not be justified? Especially since most of the general public does not understand (or necessarily believe in) the concept of soul contracts…

Antura, one of my readers expressed the concern that people will want to know what happened to a lost loved one and will ask to see those records.

Yes, we will explain that we will not interfere with your modern times—that we are forbidden from doing so. The events have to be old ET Spacecraft over Pyramidsenough so that no one living today will be affected. That would be interference and we are under the Earth Directive to never interfere again.
That will take some explaining to do.

Yes, I understand, Tom. When we access those records I will give that explanation.
Jo in Seattle writes:
Another very informative newsletter enjoyed greatly! I love understanding more about what 'readings' are being done and appreciate your asking.
Question: I am wondering if the beings are drawn to certain people or places and if RH negative plays a role? I ask because I hesitated to tell my mom of my experience and with great amazement, she claims to have witnessed something that night too in Southern Illinois. I found out she too is RH negative. Did my mom, Sharon, experience a sighting or visitation, and if so, who were they and what readings were they taking?
What piques their interest to interact with specific people? Does having a strong Pineal Gland help them to connect to or with us?

Antura, does a person with RH negative blood attract study of them by UFO over CityETs and what about an active Pineal Gland?

I think your reader is asking if we specifically target these people for study and I would say no, as we can cover thousands of people.
Aravind writes:
I came across this interesting report from The Sun. These are real documents, I guess. Click here.
Antura, what is the factual story of the UFO shot down in Siberia in 1993 and five ETs turned 23 Russian soldiers into stone?

Not so dramatic. The UFO was an older model and did have to be UFO Crash in Russiaretrieved, but no soldiers were turned to stone. That was an embellishment. Again, I will show you what actually happened in the archives on board the ship. The soldiers were immobilized as if they were stone, but they were not killed.
Antura, as of today, how many times lines have experienced the Russian Disclosure—11 and 12, 10-12, or 9-12?

So far it is Time Lines 11 and 12, Tom. Time line 10 will be quite soon, then 9, then there will be a little lull before the time lines, of which you are a part, start having disclosure. As I stated before, so far so good.
Time Line 10 has not had Disclosure yet?

No, but, again, although this seems that it should happen overnight it does not. Time Line 10 should have Disclosure in the next couple of weeks we estimate. As I explained before, there is this bleeding over between time lines so 11 is bleeding over to 10.
I was personally hoping that Time Line 10 already had disclosure by the ET DisclosureRussians. And I was afraid there would be larger degree of waiting time before Time Line 8 discloses, and Antura confirms that. As Theo says,
“Humans are impatient!”
Will the Zetas also remove the implants that I assume all the abductees have?

Yes they will to any who request. They are dormant and, as I previously strongly suggested, they are so sophisticated that it is wise to leave them there and not try to remove them. There can be complications if they do.
Scotty in Kauai writes:
My question is this: is it encouraged by yourself and the ETs coming to visit that we humans share the information that you are sharing with us? For instance, I often tell folks I come across that there is a huge mothership over Earth right now as well as many, many other smaller ships circulating planet Earth all the time. I also tell UFO Depictionthem that there will be a visit most likely later on this year. Is that something I should continue to do? I would think so, but I'm wondering what your guides tell you.
Antura, you do wish my readers to share the information you relate to me as part of preparing everyone for our trip or for what reason?

Yes, certainly we do. There are many activities going on all aimed at preparing you for not only our eventual visit, but also by the Pleiadians and Zetas. As you ask questions, you fill in the great gaps of knowledge by the average person out there who might read what you have received. You cannot do the job yourself, so we encourage everyone to either share your Newsletters with their friends, or copy and paste the information we give you about the Sirian ship and crew.
So, share everyone!

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
I’ll start with one of my own. My son-in-law, Matthew, went for a haircut BIllfoldlast week. Upon his return home, he changed clothes. At some point he discovered he had lost his billfold. He and my daughter searched the house, but it was not to be found. He returned to the place he had gone for his haircut, searched the parking lot, and still no billfold. She called my wife Dena to tell her the news.
Both Dena and I said Benevolent Prayers (BPs) for them to find the billfold. I simply said,
“I ask any and all beings to assist Shannon and Matthew in finding his billfold, thank you!” Not too long after that Shannon called to say that she had found his billfold on the floor of her car where he had dropped it while putting our grandbaby Brynna in her car seat!

Severine writes:
MBO/BP for dealing with a difficult customer. He Shaking Handscalmed down and accepted my proposal. :) “I request an MBO for dealing with (customer name), may we find the most benevolent agreement, thank you.” Plus “I ask any and all beings to surround (customer name) with divine love and white light--may he calm down and may he accept the proposal and may the outcome be better than expected, thank you.” I recommend this to anyone dealing with customers; I use these daily.

Cathy writes:
When we are asleep and in our dream-state, are our guides watching over us during those times and do they have the ability to see what we are dreaming? Do they have the ability to protect us while we are dreaming/asleep, if we need their assistance?
Theo, do our guides interact with us during dreamtime?

Yes, they do contribute at times. It all depends upon what dreams you Dreamsare slated to have.
Is it the ‘dream angel’ we call the souls who assist during dream time that also protects us, or is this also done by our own guardian Angels on our sojourns across the universe?

There are souls with that responsibility—your protection—that we hand the etheric body over to for safekeeping as you at times will go to the far reaches of our universe. It all depends upon where they determine there is a need for your special skills in assisting other soul fragments on other worlds.

Then, of course, you have those dreams in the quantum state that are symbolic for your own learning and the learning of your other time line selves.

Aravind in Australia writes:
You may like to read these:
Click here.
Click here.
Was this continent attached to Lemuria?Zealander

Gaia, is it not correct to say that the continent dubbed Zealandia sank millions of years before the Earth Experiment began?

That is quite correct, Tom. This was a continent lost or submerged as I formed what you know as the separate continents.
Was it ever inhabited?

Only by many exotic types of animals, Tom.
Someone may have asked this, but couldn’t find the email.
Gaia, am I correct in stating that the Great Lakes were formed by the Great Lake Formationglacier, and that this occurred some 10,000 years ago?

Yes, a little off in the years, but close enough for this discussion.
Then, what was that part of the continent like along with any humanoids that lived there at that time? Were there Homo sapiens living in that area?

No, there were other types of beings for the most part, as the prior Cro-magnonsexperiments were allowed to quietly fade away.
Gaia, was the part of the earth around the Great Lakes ever warmer than it is now?

Yes, just a tad warmer before I shifted the poles. It was cool, but not quite so cold in the winter as it is now.
This was before the glacier I assume?

Quite so. Its formation came relatively late.
Was the concave that formed Lake Superior already there before the glacier arrived, or was it formed by the glacier?

There was a slight depression there—a valley, but the major part of the concavity came with the movement of the glacier digging out the valley even further—much further than before. This was a huge glacier as would be measured today, Tom, with great weight.
Was Lake Superior formed mostly from the melting ice, or was it formed Glacier Retreator rather filled by the many streams that empty into it?

Because of the depression left by the ice, it was already partially filled. The rest came with the many streams flowing into the lake.
Did the retreat of the glacier create the 300 streams flowing into the lake?

Yes, they were formed at the same time the concavity was widened.
How many centuries did it take for the glacier to retreat until it retreated past the lake?  Was it more or less than 20 centuries?

More than that, Tom. Add several onto that.Early humans
Weren’t there early versions of humans living in that area prior to the glacier forcing them to leave?

Yes, it was a place with an abundance of water and food and materials for rudimentary dwellings, so it was one of the places chosen to host the early versions of humans.
Then came some early Homo sapiens, but not many.

Gaia, why am I having these health challenges right now?

They are temporary, Tom, as you will find solutions for these problems, I can assure you. You have requested MBOs and both the sciatic nerve and the most recent challenge with your swollen salivary glands. Just keep requesting MBOs to solve the problem. You had many people praying for you and we on this side must respond accordingly.
Thanks, but what am I balancing?

Yes, small issues now, but they would not have been had you not been Benevolent Prayersaying the daily BP. You had hurt someone in a past life quite severely and you need some balancing, which was lightened.
Here is a perfect example of how saying the Daily Benevolent Prayer can lighten the severity of balancing past deeds. Please go to my website and click on SIGNS to print out the BP to say each morning as I do. None of us knows what may be on our soul contract to balance in this life.
If you wish to say a BP for me, here is one:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist Tom and Dena to find the best treatments for Tom’s health issues, thank you!”


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